Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 2 ~

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Chapter 2 ~ First Game Pt.2 ~

A gentle breeze blew and the black letters fluttered away like the wind.

Gu Yian was greatly relieved.

Don’t look at all those things she just said, they were just her assumptions and she had no conclusive evidence.

But it wasn’t the same now.

God responded to her.

It was very likely then that she guessed right and God felt pleased at her performance.

This was God’s Game.

Everything else was secondary, ingratiating herself with God was the most important.

Gu Yian walked out of the moss-covered alley and found herself in a slightly more spacious alley.

Compared with the cramped and uninhabited small alley just now, the new alley had people coming and going. The brick ground was dusty and doors to houses could be seen on both sides.

Gu Yian glanced at the clothing of the people and they were all wearing modern spring clothes. There were elderly people and middle-aged people and they were carrying groceries, as if they were hurrying home to make food.

Occasionally, there were people who would throw a look at where Gu Yian was standing. They looked at Gu Yian, their eyes naturally revealing curiosity.

They didn’t look long though and left, carrying their groceries.

For a moment, Gu Yian was at a loss. The view she was seeing was too normal and she really didn’t know what she was supposed to do next.

Perhaps this was the God’s sick hobby? Watching them have no idea what to do in an unfamiliar world.

Although Gu Yian believed a lot of Brother Zhang’s words couldn’t be trusted, she also approved of some of his words. For example, they had to find a place to live in first.

Gu Yian looked at the direction where most of the people were going and chose that direction, walking along the alley.

As she walked she lowered her head to look at her own clothes.

The clothes on her body were the ones she chose this morning.

Gu Yian inspected her clothing pockets but there was nothing inside.

She was completely broke at the start of the game, so how was she supposed to find a place to live?

Gu Yian recalled how Brother Zhang had used a relaxed tone earlier, saying he would bring the new players to find a place to live.

It looked like God wasn’t turning them loose and would provide them with some conveniences.

Gu Yian walked slowly along the alley but saw several figures suddenly appear in her vision at the corner ahead.

Gu Yian recognized these five people at a glance. It was Brother Zhang and the others who separated from her in the alley.

They didn’t look to be in a good state of mind. Brother Zhang had furrowed brows while the other four new players all had ugly looks on their faces. They must have encountered something quite bad.

Gu Yian stopped.

The alley wasn’t too large and, although there were people passing through, Gu Yian looked pretty and would attract attention, so those five people recognized Gu Yian immediately.

“Little Gu? How come it’s you?” One of the new male players asked, surprised.

He said what the other new players wanted to say.

But the other three new players carried some wariness towards Gu Yian, who suddenly appeared in front of them. Their eyes held caution when they looked at Gu Yian.

Gu Yian’s appearance seemed to be within Brother Zhang’s expectations.

He wasn’t surprised when he saw Gu Yian and, instead, immediately used a considerate tone to say, “Since we met up, Little Gu, just come with us. It’s too dangerous for you alone and larger numbers means we can take care of each other.”

The other new players were somewhat against this but the one speaking was the old player, Brother Zhang, who was bringing them and so they could only close their mouth and be silent.

Gu Yian looked at these five people, who were clearly in dire straits, and her mind turned. She slowly walked closer to them and stopped at a place two meters away.

Gu Yian asked, “Did everyone encounter something strange?”

“How did you know we encountered something?” It was a female player who spoke.

She regretted it the moment she asked.

She realized that the expressions of everyone here already revealed everything.

Gu Yian didn’t have much of an impression of this female player and she looked towards Brother Zhang.

Brother Zhang understood the look in Gu Yian’s eyes and, frowning, he said, “We had just come out of that small alley and wanted to find a place to stay. But when we chose a direction we ran up against a wall of air and it forced us to move in one direction. This happened three times.”

One of the male new players muttered, “What air wall? That was obviously a ghost wall.”

Gu Yian listened to them and then turned her head to look at the place she came from.

The alley had two ends and there were people entering and leaving at both ends. Both ends were exits.

Perhaps if she had chosen the other direction earlier she would have encountered what Brother Zhang and the others encountered.

Gu Yian looked at Brother Zhang and said, “Looks like God wants us to move together.”

Brother Zhang gave a carefree smile and replied, “It’s good to move together. Or else we’d have to worry about whether or not a young miss like you would meet with an accident. After all, this world is unfamiliar to us all.”

He didn’t accept that it was God who wanted them to be together.

Gu Yian listened to Brother Zhang’s words, observed the expression on his face, and was even more firm about her own guess in her heart.

She said, “Whether or not it’s God who wants us to move together, we’ll know soon.”

Since they were all here, Gu Yian guessed that they would soon encounter something God had arranged for them.

The other four new players listened to Brother Zhang and Gu Yian’s conversation, completely in the dark. They didn’t quite understand what they heard and they didn’t know who to believe.

Of course, what was most important was that they hadn’t adjusted to their status as players right now.

The only thing they could sense was that the atmosphere between these two wasn’t quite right.

The male new player from before who liked to talk couldn’t help but speak.

“What are you guys talking about? Little Gu, don’t tell me you’re an old player too? Did you two old players join up to trick us new players?”

Gu Yian calmly looked at him.

But the male player didn’t look at Gu Yian and instead, held his head and fell apart. “What sort of game is God’s Game exactly!? Are there no game rules at all?”


Suddenly, a heavy sound came from their surroundings.

The appearance of this noise was unordinary and so Gu Yian looked towards the sound.

She saw that an old grandma had fallen down not far away from them in the alley.

The grandma had fallen backwards onto the ground and was facing upwards, crying out, “Ow ow ow”.

In this moment, Gu Yian quickly remembered the hint God gave.

Kindness was a crime.

Their mission came.

The other players looked at the scene that abruptly appeared in front of them and then glanced at each other.

The male player, who had fallen apart earlier, was very slow and, after noticing that the old grandma had fallen not far from them, he whispered timidly and with a guilty conscience, “Um, she wasn’t scared by my voice and then fell, right?”

Gu Yian didn’t think so. She guessed that this was the mission God arranged for them.

God wasn’t letting them run loose and instead was waiting for them to trigger the prepared mission.

In other words, they were kept in the dark concerning the script God set up.

Gu Yian didn’t bother with these players and looked at the reactions of the passersby in this alley instead.

She noticed that these people looked at the elderly person on the ground with a face full of surprise, then their expressions became conflicted, before they slowly walked past the old woman in the end.

Brother Zhang looked at the four new players he was bringing along and, with a voice that was somewhat hard, asked them, “What was everyone’s new player hint?”


The four new players could see that Brother Zhang’s face was a bit cold in this moment.

One female new player was terrified and honestly gave out the hint she received.

“Kindness is a crime.”

The male player next to the girl who spoke gave her a hard look, the other female player quietly breathed a sigh of relief, and the remaining male new player had a complicated look. He turned his head away so that Brother Zhang wouldn’t see his expression.

Brother Zhang’s brows pulled together tightly and then he looked towards the place where the old grandma fell again.

Brother Zhang blurted out, “You’re crazy!”

He watched, stunned, as Gu Yian walked up to the old woman and asked how she was doing right now.

Gu Yian heard Brother Zhang’s words, but she didn’t concern herself with them and instead comforted the old woman, “Grandma, in this situation right now, if I were to rashly help you up then I might cause a second injury. Hold on for a while longer and the ambulance will arrive soon.”

After comforting the old woman, who was crying out in pain, she stopped the passersby who wanted to circle around and leave and had them hurriedly call for emergency services.

Although she was questioned by the passersby as to why she didn’t have a phone on her, Gu Yian had a beautiful face and so the people were tolerant and the emergency service call was successfully made.

Brother Zhang left the four panicking new players and walked straight to Gu Yian’s side.

He asked angrily, “Are you trying to actively provoke them?”

Gu Yian glanced at him, “God is benevolent and they wouldn’t be willing to watch us do nothing to save someone.”

Brother Zhang had no way of retorting to this sentence because he didn’t dare to offend God.

He looked at the old woman lying on the ground without a shred of emotion in his eyes.

Gu Yian changed the topic. “Provoke them? Who’s them?”

Brother Zhang replied, “Aren’t you good at guessing? You can try guessing yourself.”

The four new players who were dropped by Brother Zhang carefully approached the two of them.

Brother Zhang restrained his own emotions and then said to the others, “You see this? This is the test God has given us. The key to our survival rests on this.”

The four new players were weak, miserable, and helpless.

They didn’t understand how the mission of surviving for seven days that Brother Zhang spoke of was connected to the old woman lying on the ground right now.

But the four words of their new player hint, “Kindness is a crime”, seemed to have some connection to this scene in front of them.

However, the emergence of this scene also seemed to verify what Gu Yian said about how they would know soon if God was having them move together.

Didn’t that mean what Gu Yian said was right then?

A female player looked at Gu Yian and hesitantly wanted to speak.

Gu Yian saw that female player’s intentions and waited for a moment, but that player still didn’t say anything.

Gu Yian didn’t have anymore patience and went over to give the old woman support.

The grandma on the ground didn’t stop crying out and it sounded painful.

But, in her situation, the risks were too large to thoughtlessly move her.

Gu Yian kept the hint in mind; kindness was a crime.

But kindness itself was innocent.

The crime couldn’t be kindness itself, so it could only be the consequences brought about by kindness.

Because of this, Gu Yian didn’t dare to help the old woman up and she could only wait for professional ambulance paramedics.

The old grandma shouted, “Hurts! Hurts!”

She stared at Gu Yian with cloudy eyes. “Girly, help me up. This old granny is begging you. Please!”

Gu Yian used a warm tone to console her, “Grandma, don’t worry, the doctor will be here soon.”

After the old grandma’s pleas were rejected several times, her face suddenly changed.

“You just want to see me die!”

She made a scene, yelling, “Damn you! For this old granny to meet a heartless person like you, I’m doomed.”

Gu Yian also didn’t expect the old grandma to change her tune this quickly and, hearing her loudly hurl abuse, Gu Yian thought this old woman’s body was quite amazing.

With the old woman making this scene, every house’s doors opened to watch the show and even the passersby stopped.

Gu Yian saw that this would more or less happen and her expression was very calm.

Brother Zhang brought the four new players to act as if they were part of the people watching a show.

Right when everyone was pointing fingers at Gu Yian a little boy, around six or seven years old in white clothes, squeezed into the innermost circle with great effort and saw the old woman lying on the ground.

“You’re faking again!”

The little boy pointed at the old person on the ground and spoke in a teary voice, “You killed my parents and today you want to use that same way to kill this big sister!”

Gu Yian waited so long just for this moment. She finally encountered the plot character.

T/N: Except for these two chapters coming out one after another (to give people something new to read since chapter 1 was already on NU), I’m going to try to keep to a Wednesday and Sunday schedule.

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