Tiny summer days

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Nakarai Wataru (半井 渉)
CV: 二枚貝ほたて

Tiny summer days

A freshman in the Faculty of Education, you belonged to a club called “Handmade Toy Research Group”.

This was because the toy exhibition at last year’s school festival left an impression on you.

The club leader, Wataru, flirts with you saying “Be my girlfriend” at every opportunity, but personally you feel like “Isn’t he just messing with me?”.

In order to develop toys to display at the school festival, the club ended up holding a training camp during the summer holiday.

This training camp led to an occasion that let you know the “real Wataru”—

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! R18 warning and this is super cute and fluffy except… the animate tokuten borders a bit on child roleplay gone too far. The heroine stops it in the middle but this is just a heads up.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Summer Training Camp ***

*bus stops*

Wataru: Alright, we’re at the training camp. Everyone, come off.

*bus leaves*

W: Now, I’m going to hand out the training camp warnings and guide around the neighborhood. *to someone* Hand this out in order.

W: Today, we’ll hold a meeting before dinner. Until then, everyone’s free to move around. But we have to prepare to start working tomorrow, so keep to some limits. Everyone has their blueprint for the toy they’re responsible for, right? If there’s anything you don’t understand, please bring it up as a topic in the meeting. Let’s have a meaningful training camp with everyone working together.

W: In addition, it’s not forbidden to be in a relationship in this club. For the people who want to work hard with this chance, please do your best. *everyone laughs*

W: Alright, you’re all free to go now.

*heroine comes over*

W: What’s wrong, my cute little junior. Do you need something?

W: There’s no meaning if I don’t use the word cute. It distinguishes you.

W: Hm? It distinguishes you as someone who is special to me.

W: I’m being serious. I was the one who asked you out, right? For all the times you tell me to stop joking around, you seem to be pretty attached to me though. Why?

W: Because I’m reliable? Haha, that sure is a virtue. Anyway, putting that aside, what did you need?


W: Ah, I put your plan on hold. Although the training camp is three days, the real number is one and a half days. It’s too much to make a jigsaw puzzle and wooden blocks. Choose one. For the wooden blocks, you have to use the saw to cut really small details, right? I think it’ll be a hard on a beginner. If you use it for a jigsaw puzzle then I’m sure it can be managed somehow.

W: Mm, there was one at the school festival last year. The one who made that was me, you know?

W: Really, really! At that time, the engineering department went crazy building robot toys, so I decided I had to make something with an education department air. It’s intellectual training to help develop the brains of children. It’s just right as a teaching tool.

W: Mm-mm, I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher. Compulsory education is important, you know? It’s the foundation of where you start learning before you head out into the world and society, right? Besides, half of the kanji in newspapers are taught in elementary school. The rest are in middle school. Communication requires language, so compulsory education is extremely important.

W: Right? I’ve thought things over seriously, right? I’m diligent, aren’t I? So, consider me in a more positive light. I think I’m a promising boyfriend.

W: Ah, I got ignored. Anyway, decide on one.

W: Hrm… it’s hard to give up on either? I see. You were that moved by my masterpiece? Oh gosh, I’m embarrassed.

W: Then I guess I have no choice but to help out. Let’s make both.

W: … You have a conflicted look on your face. It’s the look of someone who wants help, but can’t be honest. *leans in* Don’t worry, it won’t be a problem. Leave it to me.

W: Haha, it’s decided then. Come on, you should head in and unpack too. I have to go greet the caretaker.

*** TRACK 2: Seeing Little by Little ***

*rooster crowing*

W: Good morning! Let’s all work hard today on our respective toys. If you complete it during this training camp, then you’ll be free until the school festival in the autumn. For those who don’t finish during the training camp, you’ll have to manage on your own.

*scene skip*

W: You might not have enough materials? There’s a home center 5 minutes away by bus, so you can go over and buy some. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt, or we won’t be able to get reimbursed later.

W: *to heroine* Good morning, my cute little junior! Haha, you’re asking me not to switch over so quickly? That’s cute.

W: Oh, you already drew lines on your board? Mm, looks good. Outstanding! I just need to cut the board along this line, right?

W: *sawing* Hey, last night… around dinner, you were talking the entire time with the vice-leader, Tanabe, right? What were you talking about?

W: Mm, I’m taking pretty much the same classes as him. Our lectures are the same too.

W: Nah, I was just thinking if there was something you wanted to know about a class, then I could have taught you. That’s all.

W: Eh? You talked about me? Could it be you’re starting to consider me in a positive light?


W: You didn’t talk about that…? It was just small chat? Oh.

W: W-wait, what did you hear from Tanabe!? Eh, since last autumn I’ve come off as being a player…? Me!? Is that all you heard?

W: Oh… *quiet* what the heck is that guy going on about?

W: Hm? You’re wondering about the reason for my image change? When you ask that… well, it was something like a change in my environment? My somewhat late debut into university?

W: Anyway, something like that. Hey, let’s stop talking about that.

W: Phew, the sample’s done. Do you want to try cutting one? It goes like this. You’re going to be cutting a cube.

W: Come over here. Put one foot on the board. Yup. Put the teeth of the saw against the line. Ah, excuse me for a second. I’m going to put my hand on yours. *sawing* Yes, yes, just like that! Push it straight ahead into the sharp tool.

W: *breathes in* Ah…

W: … Your hair smells really nice. *pulls away* Uh, no, that wasn’t my intention! It just slipped out. Sorry!

W: Ah…

W: W-what? You’re asking what’s wrong with me? Is something strange about me right now? Um, I’m really sorry. A-anyway, next is a triangle. This one’s a bit difficult.

*** TRACK 3: Square Starry Sky ***

*vending machine*

W: Oh! We must be telepathic to meet this late at night. Did you get my message?

W: Haha, that sarcastic quip was good. You came to buy a drink too? What’d you get?

W: Ooh, so you like this. I’ll try it out too then. *uses vending machine*

W: Mm? By the time I was done calculating club expenses, it was this late.

W: Mhm, I do it alone. Tanabe’s the vice-leader but he can’t be counted on. There’s quite a few freshmen this year, so my work increased.

W: Yeah, it’s gotten harder to deal with everything alone. Will you help me?

W: Eh? Wow! I didn’t think I’d get those cooperative words. Thanks.

W: Hey, do you want to keep me company for a bit on my break? Ah, I won’t flirt with you. It’s okay? Let’s drink these on the bench in the courtyard then.

*scene skip*

W: *opens drink* Woah, it’s pretty good. I’ll keep it in mind that this is your favorite drink.

W: Yeah, it’s tiring, right? You were completely exhausted at the end too, weren’t you? Haha, your muscles are sore? You must have used too much strength.

W: Tomorrow’s work won’t need strength. We just need to file the blocks and they’ll be done. For the jigsaw puzzle, we’ll need to draw something. I think it’ll be done quickly.

W: You’re looking forward to the result? Haha, I see. I’m happy to hear that.


W: Ah, you heard that from Tanabe too? Mm, I suggested a training camp last year. This one’s the second time. In the past, this club was a research club about intellectual education. But the club manager’s mind was too fixed and the members decreased. Then, after I became the representative in my second year, I said we’re going to make toys that we want to make. After that, people from other clubs, craft maniacs, and people who like manufacturing things came from here and there.

W: When girls who liked handicrafts made finger puppets, that castle enthusiast, Matsumoto, went wild. “Give me more toys” he said.

W: What I like? Haha, secret. I’m making it though. I’ll show you one day.

W: So far as it goes, I want to let children know that these are handmade toys. When something that’s bought breaks, you end up thinking “Oh well, I’ll just buy another one”, right? But you get attached to handmade things.

W: Mm, I want to go against the current age, haha. Something like letting everyone know about the awesomeness of handmade things?

W: Hm? Hey, you’ve been keeping your left thumb up since earlier. How come? You’re not trying to say good job, right? Haha.

W: Huh!? You got a splinter!? Was it then? When we were cutting the blocks. Why didn’t you say anything when you got it!? Show me. Shush.

W: … This is pretty big. Ouch… ah, I didn’t bring a first aid kit. Let’s go borrow one from the caretaker.

W: Eh?! You plan to leave the splinter alone? We’re going home tomorrow night, you know? To go to a hospital then…

W: … I wonder what’ll happen to a splinter that’s left alone? *gasps* What if it burrows deeper and injures an important vein? No way, we’re going to the caretaker.

W: They’re asleep at this time…? I see. Then we’ll go first thing in the morning tomorrow. I’ll definitely save you.

W: Uh, why are you laughing?

W: Oh… you’re right. I lost my calm. Haha… hahaha! Ah, hey, look, up there! The sky’s a square. So it’s like this when you look at it from inside the courtyard. It’s like a painting in a frame, right?

W: Mm, the stars are beautiful. I wonder if the weather’s going to be nice tomorrow too.

*** TRACK 4: Optimistic Reply ***

*door opens*

W: Thank you so much for letting us use your first aid kit. Please excuse our intrusion.

*door closes; they start walking*

W: I think we should still go to the hospital. It’s really hot, so what if your injury festers? Is a household disinfectant strong enough? If it gets worse because of my treatment… what am I going to do?

W: Uh, jeez, you’re saying it’s better already…? Well, if the person herself says so then…

W: It’s true the toy production will be delayed but, in short, we just need to make it before the autumn.

W: I’m not a worrywart. It’s because it concerns you…

W: Mm. I seriously like you. I don’t think people need a reason to like someone.

W: Eh!? I’ve never confessed seriously before!? Ah… it was so sudden after you joined the club and that’s why it didn’t work? That’s b-because… I was worried. *mumbles* I didn’t want someone else to get together with you. I’ve always had feelings for you, so if you got snatched from the side then I wouldn’t be able to stand it.


W: U-uh, um… it came to me at first sight?

W: No, no, I’m not hiding anything. It’s hot, isn’t it? Let’s go buy some ice cream at the convenience store. Oh I know, as a perk, let’s have two each.

W: Nope, I’m not dodging the question.

W: … What are you thinking about? Two ice creams aren’t enough?

W: Huh…! Um, I think my ears are broken because it’s so hot.

W: … Are you really okay with going out with me? Seriously? Wah… *covers face* crap. No, don’t look over here.

W: *turns around* Boo! Kidding. Haha, sorry, I don’t know what sort of expression I should have right now.

W: Mm, please take care of me too. Then, as a sign that you’ve agreed… *kisses*

W: … It’s embarrassing to actually do that, haha. A-anyway, let’s go to the convenience store? Can we hold hands?

W: Ehehe. Hey, what picture are you going to draw for the jigsaw puzzle? Something summer-like? I wonder what’s good. Ice cream, melons, seashells… ah, you’re right, it became a word-chain game, haha.

*** TRACK 5: What was Hidden ***

W: Hey, over here, over here!

*heroine sets lunch down*

W: Ah, it’s the cheapest meal set again. Ever since our cafeteria dates started, I haven’t seen you eat anything apart from this. Are you suffering from the heat? It’s going to be the school festival soon, so you got to hoard up some strength or it’ll be boring.

W: It’s because you worked so hard during the summery holidays on those toys. I want to have fun together! Here, I’ll give you some meat. Get some protein in you.

W: Hm? Your face looks glum. Did something happen?

W: That’s not a face that says it’s nothing. What’s wrong?

W: Huh? Oh, that? Well, yeah, my image changed around last year’s school festival. Why are you bringing that up again?

W: Eh, Tanabe? Did that guy say something extra again?

W: O-oh, that’s… not a lie. It’s true that I ended up liking someone at the school festival. No, I didn’t break up with them or anything. We weren’t dating at the time. Hey, let’s talk about this somewhere else and not here. It looks like you misunderstood something.

W: Ah! Oh, that’s what he meant? It looks like I jumped over to you right away after half a year? That’s not the case. Haah… I’ll explain, so can you pop into the club after classes? But before that…! I’m going to take it out on Tanabe. I’ll catch him before the next classes!

W: Here, I haven’t touched it yet so eat my meal too. Nope, you’re eating it all. I’ll see you later! *gets up* TA-NA-BE, YOU BASTARD!

[02:54] *scene skip; heroine knocks*

W: It’s open. Come in!

*heroine enters*

W: Phew, you came. Haah…

W: Where do I start? Anyway, sit down.

W: Erm, first, do you remember the first time you met me? On the day of the school entrance ceremony, I handed you a flyer about our club. But, you see, I actually met you way back.

W: Mm, this is my license. Gugh, this is my embarrassing past but I’ll show you. This is… me a year ago. Curly-haired and with black frames… so lame. When I saw you at the exhibition at last year’s school festival, I talked to you a bit. You said you wanted to join a club in the education department. I wanted to encourage you to do your best but, back then, I couldn’t say anything decent. I fell in love with you at first sight, so I absolutely wanted you to enter this university.

W: But, you see, before we met again I thought I had to polish myself. So, I worked hard on a lot of things.

W: Then, maybe because I became like this, female members increased and I got some confidence. B-but, when we met again, you didn’t have any distinct reactions… so I realized you didn’t remember the lame me and was disappointed. I thought it’d be better if I kept quiet about that.

W: H-huh!? Really? You remembered me?!

W: Oh… you were confused because my impression changed. Aah… not to mention I suddenly confessed to you. Anyone would pull back at that.

W: That’s how it is, so do you still… like me? *heroine hugs him* Ah! You’re hugging me. Does that mean you’re okay with me? *hugs back* Me too. I love you so much. Ever since back then… I’ve loved you. *kisses*

W: Hey… I want to go someplace where we can be alone together. Come to my room. Let’s be proper lovers.

*** TRACK 6: Tiny lovers ***

*opens fridge*

W: Sorry, I invited you to my room but I don’t have much of anything. You’ll drink this, right? It’s the type from the training camp’s vending machine. Here you go.

W: Mm, I started buying it since then. Hm, well, to be honest, it’s not that I really love it or anything… it’s something the person I love buys, so it’s special. I want to like the things you like.

W: Gngh! I’m really happy to hear you say it clearly, but I’m not used to hearing someone say they like me so it really gets me in the heart.

W: I’m warning you in advance, I like you a hundred times more. *leans in* No, that’s wrong, I love you to the power of a hundred.

W: … I want to kiss you. *kisses* Mngh… hah…

W: So cute…

W: Hey, can I do what I want? If you really don’t like it, then you can sign it by pinching me or scratching me. I’ll do my best.


W: Hm? What is it?

W: PFFHAHA! I’m begging you, stop accepting Tanabe’s information without question. There’s no way I was popular before too. In the first place, there’s no point in being popular with anyone apart from you. *grumbles* That guy is definitely messing around with us.

W: You’re not allowed to talk about Tanabe anymore. Nope, be quiet. *kisses* When we’re alone together, don’t bring up another man’s name.

W: I’m going to take everything off. Nope, I want to do it. *removes heroine’s clothes*

W: I’ll take mine off too. *removes his clothes*

W: Mm, you’re talking because you’re nervous, right? I get it, because I’m the same. Let me hold you. *hugs heroine; deep breaths*

W: You’re so warm… so soft… It feels nice. Let’s stay like this for a moment. Until our hearts calm down.

W: … It took a long time. It was a long unrequited love.

W: Eh? That might have been your case too…? Haha, all the things you’re saying today just make me happy.


W: I see. That you joined my club was your answer. It was alright even if I didn’t change, huh. *kisses*

W: I love you. *kisses* Nngh…

W: Your ears are cute too. Mngh… hah…

W: I want to touch everything. Haa… hah…

W: This is like a dream.

W: It’s OK, right? If I kiss your breasts. Mm… ngh…

W: Cute voice… ah… I want to hear it lots. Nrgh…

W: No…? You don’t seem to really hate this though. Mngh… hah…


W: Because… I know what you look like when you really hate something. So, let me do this a little more? Nn… mgh…

W: I spy a tummy. *kisses* So cute.

W: Huh? It tickles? Haha. Mm… ngh…

W: Crap, I’m too happy. I’m going to touch you down here, OK?

W: … Hey, I can’t touch you if you don’t open your legs.

W: Hm? What is it?

W: Haha, I see. You’ve never done it before. Maybe we shouldn’t do it to the end then? I… I want to do it, but I can stop. It’s impossible for me to be pushy because I don’t want you to hate me. So, how about we stop?


W: Haha, aren’t you saying that just to get it over with? Dummy, I waited up to now so I can still wait. Let’s kiss. *kisses*

W: It’s enough to just touch you today. *kisses* I love you. I love you so much.

W: Can you open your legs? I’m going to touch you, alright? Nngh… hah…

W: Ah, you’re wet. I’m so glad. *kisses* Mngh… haa…

W: Do you feel good from my fingers? Nngh…

W: It hurts. Gngh, sorry, I’d like to compromise! I’ll touch myself so… ngh… *fingers heroine; masturbates*

W: Mgh… hagh… yeah, let me do this while touching you… Haa… hah…!

W: So cute… so cute…! Gngh… hagh… haa…! Crap, I’m so aroused. Haa… hah…

W: I’m going to come…! Close your eyes, don’t look over here. Hah… haa… ngh! *he orgasms; grabs tissues*


W: Haa… hah… Ah… you have a complicated look on your face. Are you… turned off?

W: What do you mean why?

W: Um… even if you say it’s alright to do it, there’s a big difference between being okay with something and wanting to do something, right? I want to wait until you want to do it. Yup, until you say you want to do it then I won’t do it. Girls have a hard time saying that, huh.

W: Haha, mhm, I just tried to rile you up there. Because you’re cute when you look conflicted or angry too, I end up teasing you.

W: I’m like an elementary school boy? Oh, you’re right! That’s been my mindset the entire time. I wanted you to pay attention to me like that. *kisses* Because I love you.

W: Mm? What is it?

W: Oh, you said it now. Aren’t you getting too caught up in my challenge?

W: … Is it really okay to do it? I won’t hold back anymore. Then… let’s do it from the beginning again. *kisses*

W: Haa… hah… really, you’re so cute when you’re stubborn. Nngh… hah…

W: Your breasts feel nice.

W: Open your legs again? Nngh… mm… ah, don’t struggle. It’ll be bad if I bite you. That was a joke, I wouldn’t bite you. I’m just going to taste you with my tongue. Nn… mm…


W: Juices are spilling out… right, because you said you wanted to do it. This is normal. Nngh…

W: Haa… hah… wow, you’re so wet. Your body is saying it’s okay, but it’s your first time, right? I’ll try putting a finger in only. Mgh… it’s soft. Hagh… haa… how is it? It doesn’t hurt, does it?

W: I’m going to stretch you a bit more with my finger, alright? Here, open your mouth. Keep your legs like that. *kisses*

W: Nrgh… hah…

W: It looks like you’re okay. I think it should be alright? *grabs condom*

W: Try taking in a deep breath. Then, slowly let it out. *kisses* Relax just like that. Nngh… *kisses*

W: Hagh… hah… wait, the angle… mrgh… Are you… OK? Haah… haa…

W: It’s inside. Haha, what’s with that stunned look?

W: Oh, it feels strange? Just strange? It doesn’t hurt?

W: It might hurt if I move… I can’t tell as a guy, so you have to let me know, alright? I’ll do my best to my utmost ability. *kisses*


W: Cute… *slow thrusting* Mmgh… hah…

W: How is it? Does it hurt? Haa… hagh…

W: Really? Phew… ngh…

W: Hey, you’re starting to moan. Haa… can I do what I just did again? Nrgh… hngh…! Crap, it’s so good… it feels so good…

W: Your voice and face are really driving me on… it makes me want to go hard. Maybe I should pull out for a moment? Mrgh…

W: Haah… sorry, could you lie face down? *kisses*

W: Haha, the pillow smells like me? Really? I like how you smell too. *inhales*

W: Back then, when I smelled this scent, I felt really dizzy. You were really surprised, right? That was embarrassing. *kisses*


W: This time, I’m going to put it in from behind. Can you raise just your hips a little? Yeah, like that. Nngh! Hagh… ah, this feels a bit different… mrgh… *thrusting*

W: Good… this… is also making your voice… Hey, it sounds like you’re really feeling it, but can you try to keep it down a little?

W: It comes out no matter what? What the heck… are you a succubus? Ngh… mm…! I’m going to lose my mind. Haa… hah… so good… crap…! I can’t…!

W: Haah… hagh… is there even a word for this feeling?

W: I just called you a succubus too. You want to see my face? I do too.

W: Here, turn a-ro-un-d. Haha, mm… little succubus, you’re actutally a sadist, aren’t you?

W: Mm, I’m just a little bit annoyed. *heroine kisses him* Oh! I got a kiss. If you give me more, then I won’t sulk anymore. *kisses* More and properly. *kisses* Nngh… mm…

W: I’m going to do it, alright? *thrusting* Nngh… hah… you’re used to it now. Gngh… hagh…!

W: Hey, let’s hold hands. I want to be connected everywhere. Everywhere. Haa… hagh… I like you. I like you so much. I love you. Haa… hah…!


W: Hagh… haa… I’m coming…! Hngh…! *kisses; he orgasms*

W: Ah, wait. Nrgh… hah… *kisses*

W: Haah… haa… I’m so ridiculously happy.

W: Sorry, I got a little too into it at the end. It wasn’t tiring, was it?

W: Really? You aren’t trying to act tough, right? You can act more spoiled with me. You can be selfish and tell me to pamper you. Oh, I know, how about I bring over another drink, like the one you just had, from the fridge?

W: No, that’s wrong. I’m not taking care of you because I’m your school senior, but because I’m your boyfriend. I want to spoil you lots.

W: Hey, on that topic, are you going to continue calling me your school senior after this too?

W: Good point, what do I want to be called, hm. Watarun or Wataru? Haha, I knew you’d say it’s too hard right now. We’ll put this on hold for now. What should I call you though? I kind of like little succubus though, how about that? Then, little angel? My honey? My sweet?

W: They’re all no good? No way, I want to call you those.

W: I love you, my precious little angel. *kisses*

*** TRACK 7: Your Voice ***

W: The bath is filled. Let’s take one together.

W: Oh, you ended up finding it.

W: Yup, this is the toy I made at the training camp. It’s finally done. This robot is equipped with AI and can hold a conversation. Actually, that was a joke and, as someone who quit engineering, I don’t have that skill. But, you see, it can talk a little. If you press these two buttons together, it starts recording. Then if you press this button, it plays it back.

W: It’s a toy that used to be around lots in the past. Right now, it has my voice in there. Try pressing.

*heroine presses button*

Robot: Good morning. Welcome home. You worked hard, didn’t you? I love you. Good night.

W: The recording holds about ten seconds in total. You record over it to erase the other ones.

*heroine presses button*

Robot: Good morning. Welcome home.

W: One day, I’d like to build one that has AI.

Robot: You worked hard, didn’t you? I love you.

W: I want to try communicating with a robot.

Robot: Good night.

W: Oh? You want these ones? Sure, I’ll give this one to you. Let’s try recording your voice.


W: Huh? You want to keep it like this? My voice is okay?

W: Ah… that’s what you mean. Then I’ll make another one! I’m going to get you to put your voice in it. Then, whenever we can’t see each other, we can hear each other’s voice.

W: Oh, but maybe that’ll have the opposite effect.

W: Because, while playing it back, I’m obviously going to want to see you.

W: Then I’ll want to do this. *hugs heroine* It’s best if we don’t have to use this robot.

W: Don’t you think so? Right? Haha.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Starry Sky Drive ***

*phone ringing*

W: *through phone* Hello! Were you sleeping?

W: Haha, still too early? Um, can you come out right now?

W: Oh, you have to change? Are you in roomwear? I wonder what you’re wearing, haha. Show me!

W: I’ll be able to see it! Open your window.

*heroine runs to window*

W: Ah! I see you! It really is roomwear. It’s so loose and cute.

W: Haha, come down. I have something to show you.

*heroine goes outside*

W: Hey! Sorry for the suddenness. Are you surprised?

W: Yup, this is my car! I was so happy I came to show you.

W: Mm-mm, it was passed down from my older sister. She said she bought a new car, so she gave me the car she had up to now and I happily accepted.

W: Hey, why don’t we go for a drive now?

W: Your current clothes are good enough. We might make a stop at a convenience store, but it’s not our destination. We’re just going to cruise around, so let’s talk in the car.

*scene skip; drive*

W: *humming* Right? It feels pretty comfortable to ride in, doesn’t it?

W: There’s gum in the dashboard compartment. Feel free to take some.


W: Yeah, it feels like I have another room. Just a while ago, I was wondering if I needed a car. Maintenance and gas would cost money. But I don’t know what place I’ll be working at, right?

W: Yup, if it’s a school in the mountains then I thought it’d be more convenient if I did have a car. Oh, an intersection is coming. Which one should I take? Asking my girlfriend navigator. I’ll proceed down the direction Ms. Navigator says.

W: Okay, straight ahead then.

*scene skip; car parks*

W: We’ve arrived! Now then, let’s see where we are…

W: Looks like if we took a right at the previous intersection, then we would have gone back.

W: Mm? I think this is the parking lot of a golf course. Somewhat. Don’t worry, we’ll use the real navigator when we’re going home. Hey, more importantly, look at that. *opens roof*

W: It’s a sun roof! We can look at the sky. Try reclining your seat back. *reclines seat*

W: There’s tons of stars. It reminds me of that night back at the training camp. The stars back then were pretty too, but I love these ones more. Because, unlike back then, you’re my girlfriend now.

W: Also… at that time, I couldn’t kiss you but now I can. *kisses*


W: Aah, cute. Mm-mm, you’re adorable. My girlfriend is the best even with a bare face and in her roomwear.

W: U-um, I can tell where your nipples are… don’t tell me, you’re not wearing a bra?

W: Eh!? Up to now, I was driving someone around who wasn’t wearing a bra!? Wah… what do I do? My pervert’s heart just welled up…

W: Mm, I want to see. Can I just take a quick look?

W: I can’t believe I can see them in a situation like this. They’re as cute as usual. Sorry, just bear with me a little. *kisses*

W: Cute… ngh… why are you so cute. Mngh…

W: Crap, I can’t stop. Nrgh… mm…

W: Hey, why did you do this? I’m not that decent of a person.

W: Ah, I see. I was the one who suddenly invited you out. But that’s your fault. I think you’re too sexy and cute. Haha.


W: Let’s take off your bottom too, alright? *kisses* Haa… hah…

W: Hey, I want you to be in the mood too. Nn… mm…

W: I can hear you being wet. It’s clearer than usual. Nngh… hah… have you gotten into the mood?

W: Go ahead and be honest. *kisses* Haha, ngh…

W: Mm, I’m carrying one. It’s in my bag.

W: Then…? Does that mean we can do it? Do you want to? Which one is it?

W: *kisses* Well said. *grabs condom; removes pants*

W: Do you… want to try putting it on? Once you become a teacher, you might have to teach students one day, you know?

W: Yes, grab the tip and remove the air. Then wrap it around… ngh, and roll it down to the base.


W: Done? Come onto my lap.

W: Try putting it in yourself. Yeah, ngh… ah…!

W: It’s in, huh. *kisses*

W: Feels so good… Put your hands on my shoulder. Ngh… hngh…! Good…! Mgh… hah… *thrusting*

W: Feels good… I feel really good… ngh… mm… *kisses*

W: Hey, I love you. I love you so much. Hrgh… gngh…!

W: Huh? *dog barking*

W: … You’re right. There’s a dog barking. Is someone on a walk? Ah, drop your head. Stay still. I’m going to roll us over, alright?

W: You can’t make noise. Nrgh… mm… it’s because I’m inside you. My hips will move. Hah… hagh…

W: You’re squeezing really hard. It’s contracting over and over again. Is it because you’re trying to hold back? You can come just like this. Mgh… hah…!


W: Haha, you came. I don’t think we were discovered. It looks like they passed by a long time ago.

W: Hey… I want to continue.

W: I didn’t get to move a lot earlier, so let’s do what we normally do. *kisses* I’ll end this soon, OK? Gngh… ngh…! Haa… hah…!

W: From now on, I feel like I’ll remember this every time I get into the car. Hah… haa… that you were super cute. Mrgh… you’re about to come again? How about we come together? Haagh… hah…!

W: I love you! I’m coming…! Mmgh! *kisses; he orgasms*

W: Haah… haa… *kisses*

W: Hm? What’s wrong?

W: Ah. Mm, you’re right. If I move to a different place to start my new job, then I might not be able to go to and from my current place. Are you worried about what’s going to happen to us if we’re separated by a distance?


W: I think it’ll be okay. I’ll call you every day and text you. If we meet every weekend, then there won’t be any difference from our current lifestyle, right?

W: If our times still don’t match up then, whenever we can’t meet, press the playback button on the robot. Then look at the sky. So that you’ll remember the stars at the training camp and the stars today. Is that not enough?

W: Phew. *hugs heroine* That’s what I’m saying, but I might be the one who reaches their limits first.

W: Also, if you end up thinking “I can’t go on anymore. I’m going to die if you aren’t beside me” then… will you come to me as my bride?

W: Well?

W: Hey now! That silence was long! I was starting to panic. *hugs heroine* Mm, let’s both do our best. *kisses* I love you, haha.

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Excuse me, Teacher? ***

W: Yeah, at any rate, do your best in all circumstances and get a proper grade. For your seminars, you should prioritize what path you’re going to take. In addition, you’ll have to complete the necessary courses—uh, I can only give you really obvious advice. You haven’t decided on what you want to be yet, right?

W: You want to prioritize what you’re good at…?

W: *sighs* Do I have the right to say all those previous things to you right now?

W: Even when I go over and beyond being prepared, when the moment comes and I encounter something I just want to yell, hold my head, and run away. I try so hard to understand the minds of children too.

W: Mm, my practice classes keep getting out of hand.

W: I had a class of second and third year elementary kids. It was a lesson on shapes. One that had puzzles and you sort of put together triangular shapes to make various shapes. Then, there was a kid that said this was their home and used the puzzle to make their house. Once they did that, the other kids were also like “Teacher, look at this!”. They all started making random things.

W: I couldn’t hold my lesson. I wonder how I was supposed to instruct them in that situation? After it was over, I moped over it and talked about it. But the instructor who was in charge just laughed and said, “This is how class gets disrupted”.

W: Aah, I’m so depressed.


W: There’s more. One girl, during class, stood straight up and went to the teacher who was in charge. The moment I wondered why she didn’t come to me if she had a question… it was just that she wanted to go to the toilet.

W: Do I look scary to little girls?

W: It’s possible she was too embarrassed to tell me? Is that it? *sighs* I don’t understand little girls. Ggh… oh, I know! You used to be a little girl, so tell me how you thought!

W: Mm, let’s roleplay! Be the little girl who wants to go to the toilet. Come on, do it for the sake of your boyfriend’s studies. Here, stand.

W: Three, two, one, go! First, I’ll notice her appearance. This is the important part, right?

W: Huh, it looks like there’s a kid squirming around. Then, I’ll go over to her side and crouch down.

W: What’s wrong?

W: Woah, that “Um, teacher” was great. It kind of went right into me.

W: Mm, mm, what’s wrong? If you have something you want to tell teacher, then you can say it.

W: Mhm, what’s after “Um”? Can you tell teacher?

W: Oh, I see, she’s hesitant to say the word “pee” in front of everyone. Little girls are delicate… that’s a lot to remember. Then, I’ll go even closer.

W: Mm, what’s wrong? You can whisper it into my ear, so tell teacher?


W: Haha, that tickles. Mhm, I see!

W: That’s a problem! Can you go alone to the toilet?

W: Oof, the hurdle just got higher. You’re going to stump me like this? Um… it’ll interrupt the class. The best strategy in this situation… has to be dealing with what’s in front of me. Got it! Teacher will take you. So, after that… okay, the setting is that we’ve reached the toilet.

W: I’m going to take off your pants now.

W: You think so? Going this far is too much? But we have to do it quick.

W: She doesn’t want to!? Is that something that happens!? You really want to stump me.

W: Huh? This is strange. Weren’t you holding in your pee? Okay, okay, let’s sit down.

W: Up it goes. Oh, cute underwear. Now, we’ll take it off.

W: Hm? How come you don’t want to take it off? You’ll wet yourself. Since you won’t do it, then I’ll have to take it off.

W: Ah, I just realized right now that I took off my girlfriend’s underwear.

W: … Uh, right now you’re a little girl but you’re really my girlfriend. I’m in trouble. Teacher… wants to do something bad now. *touches heroine* Ngh, hey, little girls don’t make such sexy noises. Teacher can’t stop himself now. Because… ngh… this place is wet.


W: Mm? You’re right, teacher’s committing a crime right now. I shouldn’t, huh. You’re a naughty girl. Haa… hah… it’s sticking to my fingers.

W: You look like you’re enjoying yourself. Mngh… hah… you’re moaning with such a nice voice. Cute.

W: Try saying “Teacher, make me feel better”.

W: Mm! Teacher will do his best. Nn… mm… *gives oral*

W: Aah, wow… mngh… haa… you’re this wet.

W: Hey, the front of teacher’s jeans has gotten tight. *removes pants*

W: We’re the same now.

W: What don’t you like? You don’t like playing pretend teacher? Or you don’t want to do naughty things?

W: Phew, if you said you didn’t want to do naughty things then I wasn’t sure what to do. Then, let’s return to being lovers. *kisses*


W: So? Are you disappointed in how your boyfriend was so troubled?

W: Haha, thank you as always for your understanding. I love you. *kisses* Nngh… hah…

W: Hey, let’s strip…

W: I’ll sit in the chair, so can you stand up and prop a leg up?

W: Hey, you’re definitely aroused too, right? *kisses* Haa… hah…

W: How about we do it in the university toilets next time? *kisses*

W: Mm, your ears are so cute. Haa… hah…

W: Doing a bunch of naughty things while keeping your voice down… mngh… then, once it’s over, returning to classes and feigning innocent. How about it?

W: Ah, you just thought about it a bit, didn’t you?

W: Liar. We’ll put this idea on hold then. *kisses* Mrgh… hngh…

W: Aah, your breasts are cute. Nngh…

W: This side too. Haa… hah…


W: This place is sopping wet. It looks like it really wants something. Nrgh… do you want me to put it in? Should we do it just like this? But we don’t have that. What should we do? Oh, I’ll stand so can you put your hands on the chair?

W: Mm, stick out your butt.

W: Mm-mm, I won’t put it in. I’ll just sandwich it between your thighs. Nngh… mgh… wow, you’re wet, so it feels super good. This is like doing it bare, ngh, it’s crazy. I’m going to touch you down here, alright?

W: Haa… hagh… hey, it feels like I might enter you if I’m not careful. It’s right at the edge. Hagh… haa… Can you try coming just from me touching you here? Ngh… mgh…! *heroine orgasms*

W: Haah… haa… you came. Did it feel good? How about we continue in bed?

W: Um, let’s see… *grabs condom*

W: I’m putting it in. Nrgh… ungh… ah… It’s hot… and tight… ngh…

W: Sorry, mgh, I can’t wait. Haa… hagh…! *thrusting*


W: It feels so good. Crap, I’m going to come… ngh… I’ll do my best, but if I come… I’m sorry…! Hngh… nrgh…!

W: Haa… hagh…!

W: I’m…! Haa… hagh… I can’t… I’m coming… I’m coming! Gngh… hah…! *he orgasms*

W: Hagh… I’m being squeezed dry. I feel like I’m still releasing… ngh… haa…

W: Haah… hah…

W: Huh? What’s wrong? You’re trembling a lot deep inside. Are you okay?

W: Eh? You came? Just now? Ngh… wow… your thighs are shaking. Is it better if I take it out?

W: O-oh, okay.

W: I see, I really improved. *kisses* I feel a bit happy and scared. Maybe it’s because I had you do something dumb with me? Maybe I was a bit too aggressive.

W: Eh!? No, I’m not interested in children at all! The person I love is a girl I live with and who understands me well. But, thanks to you, I think I might understand a little girl’s feelings more. Thank you.

W: Huh? You’ll never act with me again? Liar. You were pretty into it.

W: Haha! Teacher, you idiot…? *hugs heroine* I really love this side of you.

W: Mm, I love you so much. *kisses* Haha.

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