BWS: Last Hope ~ Soshite, Tobira no Mukou ni wa… ~

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BWS: Last Hope ~ And Behind the Door Was… ~

Rath Vogart (ラス ヴォガード)
CV: Kaji Yuuki (梶 裕貴)
Nesso Galland (ネッソ ガーランド)
CV: Miki Shinichiro (三木 眞一郎)
Mejojo von Garibaldi (メヨーヨ フォン ガバルディ)
CV: Sakurai Takahiro (櫻井 孝宏)
Zara Skeens (ザラ スキーンズ)
CV: Ishida Akira (石田 彰)
Auger von Garibaldi (オージェ フォン ガバルディ)
CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki (吉野 裕行)
Arles V. Felnoir (アルル V. フェルノア)
CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川 智之)

Thank you to Yuna for the commission. This is getting posted because I do have a BWS tag on this blog and one day… I will touch Last Hope LOL. This is a pre-order tokuten for buying the PSP version of this game (not to be confused with the combined version Rejet later released, Weiβ und Schwarz).

Here we go!

And Behind The Door Was…

*wind blowing; birds chirping*

Rath: (This once happened, when the sunlight slipped into the usual gloomy depths of Zanan Forest, on a day when the weather was clear and nice. Back when I didn’t know her yet… during a peaceful instance where I thought about many things like my own family and about Mejojo and Auger.)

*door creaking*

Rath: What was that noise just now? Ggh, what? This is strange… What is this?

Rath: (Deep in the Zanan Castle, which we were using as our base, there was something at the end of the corridor for some reason. Something that should not have been there. At least, it was something that hadn’t been there yesterday. But right now there was no mistake that it was right in front of my eyes. It was… the beginning of everything.)

Narration: Black Wolves Saga: Last Hope, the Pre-order tokuten drama CD, “And Behind The Door Was…”

*scene skip; page flipping*

Arles: A door, you say?

Rath: Yeah, there wasn’t a door there before. Brother, you know that too.


Arles: I know. And? By nature, this is an ancient and abandoned castle. A deteriorating wall collapsing and a hidden door appearing isn’t strange. It’s nothing to panic about, no? Or is there something dangerous inside the door?

Rath: Yes, but… I can’t open it.

Arles: What?

Rath: I tried to open it. But I couldn’t. It’s not locked either, but it won’t budge. It’s just an old wooden door, but I can’t open it at all. It’s strange.

Arles: Heh, absurd. Are you saying a wolf can’t break down a mere door?

Rath: I’m not lying! If you doubt me, then look at it yourself, brother.

Arles: Fine. *closes book*

Rath: Brother…

Arles: Come, Rath. Take me to that strange door.

Rath: Understood.

*scene skip*

Rath: It’s here. It’s obviously strange, right?

Arles: Mm. This is indeed a door. Moreover, it’s quite aged.

Rath: There was no door before at the end of this corridor.

Arles: Yes. But then why did a door suddenly appear? It doesn’t appear as if the wall collapsed. *door creaks*

Rath: Ggh, why!?

Arles: The door… is open.

Rath: No… it wasn’t opening at all earlier.

Arles: Rath, halt. I didn’t touch the door yet.

Rath: T-then, why did it open?

Arles: It seemed to have opened on its own.


Rath: That sound just now!?

Arles: It’s coming from behind the door. Ngh!

Rath: Ggh! I’m getting dragged in!

Arles: Gugh!

Rath: AGHH!!

Arles: I’m being sucked into the door, grgh…!

Rath: Brother! *door closes*

*scene skip; people get teleported in*

Nesso: Ngh!

Zara: Ouch, ow… what was that just now? A door that never existed in the tower suddenly appeared and, the moment we opened it, we were sucked inside. That’s impossible!

Nesso: That was a bizarre explanation. Uh, seriously, what was that? But it’s fortunate that girl wasn’t with us.

Zara: You mean the little lady? You’re right. My lady has a curious spirit and I’m sure she would have been overjoyed. She likely would have jumped into the door before us.

Nesso: Don’t joke about that! Erm, more importantly, where is this place? How do I put it… I can only say it’s a space filled with nothing?

Zara: It’s unclear but, if we were sucked in, then there must be an entrance somewhere. It may be above us, since we fell from above.

Nesso: Above!? I can’t really tell…

Zara: In any case, we need to find a way to escape. *wind blows*

Nesso: Ngh, wind!? It’s strong!

Zara: It seems very similar to the one that sucked us in earlier—oh!

*people get teleported in*

Rath: … What was that just now!? This place…

Arles: A human and rabbit?

Nesso: Wolves!?


Zara: Could it be that you two gentlemen were sucked into this mysterious space as well?

Rath: Sucked…? An unfamiliar door suddenly appeared, opened on its own, and then suddenly sucked us in.

Zara: The same as us. In other words, this place is connected to separate places… or something?

Nesso: No, more importantly, why are wolves here…?

Arles: That outfit… Are you a knight? Who are you two?

Nesso: I am the captain of the Gefrieter, Nesso Galland.

Arles: Galland…

Rath: Knights…!

Zara: Um, wait, Nesso!

Nesso: What’s wrong, Zara?

Zara: Nothing, nevermind. Well, I suppose you denying being a knight would be pointless here.

Nesso: Yeah. It’s natural for wolves to be wary of knights. But there’s no point to having a useless conflict in this situation. It should be necessary for us all to think of a way to safely escape out of this place. We can’t continue to remain trapped here, right? Am I wrong?

Arles: You’re not mistaken.

Rath: Brother!

Arles: Rath, you must have heard it too. Galland… that man just said that name.

Rath: But what about that?

Arles: Listen, I will explain properly later but, for the sake of the future of the wolves, we may need the blood of the Galland humans.

Rath: Huh?

Arles: For a Galland human to be here means… it is possible that, like us, a door appeared in their base too. If that’s the case…

Rath: Right now, we were sucked in without any notice but… if we can control the door and this space, then it will become an advantage for us wolves.

Arles: Exactly.

Rath: ……


Nesso: Still, I don’t see anything that really looks like an exit. Above or below… there’s seriously nothing.

Zara: You’re right. *wind blows* Huh!?

Nesso: Ggh, again!?

Arles: Again?

Nesso: Yeah, earlier, when you guys appeared this strong gust—

*people get teleported in*

Auger: Oh my, what is this? Actually, what was that just now?

Mejojo: How would I know, Auger? In the first place—ah!

Nesso: Your Highness M-Mejojo and Your Highness Auger!?

Auger: Oh? Isn’t it Nesso? The rabbit’s with you too. Hey, hey, why are you two here? Actually, where is this place? What is this?

Zara: Um… uh… that’s… We have no idea either.

Auger: Hm? Even wolves are here.

Rath: Ggh, cats!

Auger: Ooh? In addition…

Arles: You…!

Mejojo: Heh… hehehe! HAHAHA! I’ve finally… finally found you, ARLES!

Arles: I’ll settle everything here—! *buzzer*

Nesso: Huh?

Arles: GUGH!

Mejojo: NGH!

Rath: Brother!

Nesso: Your Highness, Mejojo!

Auger: Oh dear, my brother and Arles got crushed. What the heck? What’s the meaning of this? How fantastical is this place?

Zara: W-who knows…

Auger: In the first place, what’s with the huge cross mark? Where’d this enormous X come from? Still, wow, it crushed the both of them nicely. It doesn’t look like they’re injured though.

Nesso: A-anyway, we should rescue the both of them out from under this.

Zara: R-right… huh?

Rath: Paper floated down?


Auger: Hm? Let’s see, what does it say… “Violence is strictly prohibited.” Haha! This is hilarious.

Rath: Violence is strictly prohibited?

Nesso: I don’t understand the circumstances, but His Highness Mejojo and that wolf had an explosive atmosphere and, in that moment, the giant demerit mark came down, right?

Zara: For stating that violence is strictly prohibited… the way it’s stopped is quite forceful and efficient.

Nesso: But it’s also true that, if that hadn’t been done, they wouldn’t have stopped, right? It’s rare for His Highness Mejojo to lose composure like that.

Zara: Uh, yes, that… may be true.

Nesso: Zara?

Zara: No, it’s nothing. Oh!

Auger: Huh? Paper is dropping down again.

Rath: Why is it coming down like this?

Zara: Perhaps it wants to say something? Let’s see. “Combat is forbidden in this place. This naturally includes weapons but fists, fangs, and claws are also not allowed to be used. For those who try to take action, they will suffer punishment from the heavens.”

Nesso: Do you mean that huge demerit mark?

Zara: It appears so. Incidentally, while it’s nice that force is forbidden… what do they want us to do in the end?

Auger: Ah, it might be this. “Please use your intelligence in this place and not physical strength. No one is allowed to leave this place until a winner is declared.” In other words, we’re trapped.

Rath: What!?

Nesso: Meaning they won’t return us back nicely, huh. This is a problem.

Zara: Right?

Auger: Oh, really? It seems interesting, hehe. It’s lovely to lead a life that isn’t boring.


Zara: Not everyone is like Prince Auger, who can enjoy everything. So… what should we do? It doesn’t seem like we have any choice but to obey the instructions on these mysterious papers.

Mejojo: Grgh! *shoves mark* This doesn’t need any contemplation. We can only accept the provocation of that paper. I cannot remain in a ridiculous place such as this. I have things I must do.

Arles: I suppose I have no choice. Furthermore, there is a merit to whoever can control this space. I’ll accept this challenge.

Rath: Brother…! Are you serious?

Arles: Do you have any other way to resolve this?

Rath: … None.

Arles: I said it earlier, didn’t I? Either way, we need to escape this place or nothing can be done.

Rath: Right.

Mejojo: So? If we cannot use force, then how are we to compete?

Auger: Oh my, paper’s coming down again. Perhaps it’s an answer to your question, brother? If we can call this polite, then they certainly are polite.

Zara: Let’s see, “There will be a quiz competition.”

Nesso: Quiz!?

Rath: What?

Zara: It’s written that the respondent is random and decided by everyone here. It looks like it means whoever answers quickest. The questions seem like they’ll come down written on paper. Hah… this is indescribable.

Auger: I see, I see. In other words, a quiz where someone pushes the button quickest.

Rath: Pushes the button quickest?

Auger: It’s really hilarious to do this without anything to press. How lame. Well, let’s not worry about the details, I guess. So? It’s really okay for us to decide on who gets to answer?

Mejojo: You’re quite enthused, Auger.

Auger: We can’t avoid this, so we can only enjoy it, right? Brother, don’t you think the same?

Mejojo: Well, I suppose that is the case.


Zara: For this round, the respondents are listed. “Arles, Nesso, Mejojo… Prince.”

Arles: I am to compete with him in a quiz?

Mejojo: That is what I wish to say. It’s involuntary.

Nesso: I’m with these guys…?

Zara: Nesso, my condolences.

Auger: Hahaha, this is hilarious, super hilarious!

Rath: What’s with this… seriously.

Auger: Ah, here comes the paper. Let’s see… Alright, here comes the question. “What are the three sizes of Galland’s sole daughter, the beautiful caged princess?”

Nesso: W-wait, HOLD ON, YOUR HIGHNESS AUGER! W-what’s with that question?

Zara: Ah…

Mejojo: What’s the matter, Nesso? You won’t answer?

Nesso: There’s no way I would know my little s-sister’s sizes!

Mejojo: How pathetic, despite being her brother.

Nesso: W-what does that mean?

Mejojo: Of course I am very clear about the three sizes of my fiancée.

Nesso: WHA!? Even if you’re royalty—

Zara: Nesso, please calm down.


Mejojo: Oh dear, to think Weblin’s famed Gefrieters are under his supervision.

Auger: People with sister complexes are scary, aren’t they? How gross.

Nesso: G-gross?

Arles: Whatever. Hurry up and continue. *alarm beeps*

Rath: What’s that sound right now?

Zara: It seems to indicate that time is up.

Mejojo: Che, due to Nesso’s interruption, I lost a question I knew.

Nesso: I-in the first place, why does Your Highness Mejojo know my little sister’s, um, that.

Zara: I apologize for Nesso’s rash actions. Let’s continue to the next question.

[16:02] *scene skip; buzzer*

Mejojo: What!? That was wrong?

Auger: Looks like it. Oh? But I thought we got it this time.

Arles: What is the meaning of not having answered a single question right up to now?

Auger: The questions are pretty maniacal. I’m tired of reading questions.

Zara: You’re right. I’m quite fatigued. Rath, are you alright?

Rath: … Please give me a break.

Mejojo: Heh, it brings me such joy to see wolves beaten down though.

Arles: What?

Zara: Prince Mejojo, another large cross mark will come down.

Auger: Hm? More questions? It won’t even give us a break. How spartan.

Zara: I will agree with that. Haa… now, let’s see what’s next. Huh?

Nesso: What is it? What’s wrong?

Zara: It says “Time is up”.

Mejojo: Time is up? What does that mean?

Zara: I have no idea.

Nesso: Gugh! This wind…!

Mejojo: Could it be…?

Rath: Brother!

*teleported out*

Arles: Gngh.

Rath: Ggh…! Brother! This place…

Arles: Yes, we’ve returned to Zanan’s abandoned castle.

*scene skip; teleported out*

Auger: Oof!

Mejojo: Dammit, what was that all of a sudden?

Auger: Huh, unsurprising, that space wasn’t trustworthy at all. Still, I wonder why? This is the castle, right? We’ve returned.

Mejojo: Yes. Hm? Hey, Auger, look at that.

Auger: Huh? Oh.

Mejojo: The door just now… has disappeared.

[18:10] *scene skip*

Zara: *pats wall* There’s no reaction. It sounds the same as when you knock on the other walls.

Nesso: Yeah, so the door from earlier disappeared without a trace, huh. What in the world was that?

Zara: How would I know? In any case, it’ll be unbearable if that door appears again. Nothing could be more dangerous, so let’s board up this area of the wall.

Nesso: You’re right. I get a chill just thinking about something happening to that girl.

Zara: Yes, I feel uneasy. After all, my lady has a large curiosity.

Nesso: Too true. Hah… for some reason I’m completely exhausted.

Zara: It’s because you run around every single time a problem concerning the lady appears. How embarrassing.

Nesso: Ggh.

Zara: At any rate, it’s a relief that nothing happened… although I’m exhausted.

Nesso: Y-yeah, me too.

*scene skip; page flipping*

Rath: That was the dream I had. I don’t get it.

Arles: Rath, are you tired?

Rath: No… I’m not.

Arles: Good grief, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Rest for two to three days.

Rath: … Understood.

*scene skip; wind blowing, birds chirping*

Rath: (I wondered why I had such a nonsensical dream? However, despite people who I hadn’t seen before appearing, there was a strange sense of reality. For some reason, I remembered the whole event clearly. Never would I have imagined that, just a few months later, I would end up meeting the people I had seen in my dream.)

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