Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 4 ~

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Chapter 4 ~ First Game Pt.4 ~

The female player, who had been confused, reacted after a few beats.

“You mean our game’s missions have already been prepared and it’s just waiting for us to trigger them? Our playing and doing missions is to let God watch and please God. That also means our fundamental mission is to please God! Are they the devil? Watching us run around like idiots as if they’re watching a show…”

Gu Yian agreed with what the female player said at the end.

What she said was quite right. This so-called God was more like the devil.

However, one could think these things in their heart but couldn’t really say it out.

Judging from the fact that this God only liked to hear words of praise, it was very likely they were narrow-minded.

Gu Yian placed her right index finger in front of her lips and quietly spoke.

“Shh! God is watching you.”

This God, with a bad personality, was always watching them.

The female player’s original panicked and irritated emotions were immediately dampened.

Her eyes grew lifeless and she didn’t speak again.

The other players felt the same about what the female player said, but they didn’t dare to say this and could only remain silent.

Gu Yian didn’t want to look at these crestfallen faces.

She looked elsewhere and happened to see the little boy holding a tray with six cups of tea with difficulty, carefully stepping over the threshold of the door.

“Let me help.”

Gu Yian stood up and stepped forward.

The boy stared at the six cups of tea on the tray, moving with small steps.

“Sister Gu, I can do this.”

His expression was resolute and he slowly inched over to the side of the stone table.

Gu Yian also watched him, just in case.

Brother Zhang and the most talkative male player, upon seeing the little boy come, also stood up and went forward to ask him to give it to them.

The boy’s expression, which had been distant towards these two, eased slightly.

However, he was a stubborn person. The six cups of tea on the tray were clearly swaying and sliding and it was obvious he was out of strength, but he still wouldn’t let Gu Yian and the two others come over to help carry them.

There were three players still sitting, one male and two females. One of the female players had blank eyes, her soul frightened out of her body, while the other two players noticed the little boy carrying the tray.

Finally, the boy carried the tray over to the side of the stone table on a road full of near misses and just needed one more step to place the tray on top of the table.

Crash! Clang, clang, clang.

The little boy’s hands weren’t stable at the very last juncture and the tray crashed into the stone table, causing the tea in the six cups to splash out at the same time.

Upon seeing this, Brother Zhang and the others immediately stepped back. So, except for the female player who continued to be out of it, everyone else avoided it right away and she was the only person splashed with tea water.

Gu Yian, who had been standing a long time ago, was behind the boy at this moment and she promptly pulled him over to ask.

“Hu Zi, did you get hurt?”

The boy shook his head and then pointed at the sitting female player, saying, “That sister might be hurt though.”

The female player who had been splashed with tea water tugged at her clothes and saw the liquid stains. If this was normal, she definitely would have been unhappy but she went through too much today and wasn’t in the mood to bother with this, so she just sat there and didn’t say anything.

Brother Zhang looked at this scene and thoughts crossed his eyes.

He moved away from the edge of the stone table that was dripping water without an expression, not letting himself touch a single drop of the tea water.

Gu Yian was always paying attention to Brother Zhang, so she sensed his small movements immediately.

The little boy answered Gu Yian’s question and then began to clean up the messy table.

Gu Yian hesitated for a second and then stepped forward to help set the tea cups upright.

Brother Zhang, seeing Gu Yian’s actions, sent her a look of disbelief again.

His eyes were the exact same as the time he saw Gu Yian go over to help the old grandma who had fallen onto the ground.

Brother Zhang’s eyes flickered and then he suddenly spoke.

“Do you need my help?”

The timing of his words was when the little boy and Gu Yian were almost done cleaning up.

Gu Yian, with two cups in both hands, sent Brother Zhang a glance before retracting her gaze immediately.

In contrast to Gu Yian’s implicit contempt, the boy was much more direct and, holding the plate, he glanced at Brother Zhang with a strange look. “Everything’s done, so where would we need your help?”

Brother Zhang’s skin was thick and he said, without any shame at all, “I spoke too late.”

Because there was Gu Yian carrying four cups, the little boy’s way back was much easier and naturally Gu Yian followed after him.

Brother Zhang also wanted to follow them but the boy turned around to glance at him, looking very annoyed.

The boy spoke, “If you want to help right now, then grab some ingredients from that room over there. It’s noon, so everyone probably hasn’t eaten yet.”

The little boy’s eyes motioned to the middle building that faced the wall of the courtyard.

The layout of his house was very strange but it was probably because it was self-built and these rooms were placed casually, so three buildings surrounded the small courtyard.

Every room had a door, but only one side room had windows while none of the others had any.

Brother Zhang looked at that middle room with its closed door, considered how all the players were broke, and then faced the boy, saying, “We don’t eat free meals. Ahem… we’re traveling on a budget and we don’t have any money on us, so if you have anything you need done then give it to us.”

He used the identity that Gu Yian made for them.

The little boy didn’t have the patience to listen to Brother Zhang talk. “Sister Gu, let’s go. Your friend sure talks a lot.”

He didn’t hide his volume and everyone present could hear him.

As if he didn’t hear anything, Brother Zhang turned to speak to the new players who were enjoying watching him, “Don’t be lazy. We have a job to do now.”

Gu Yian followed the little boy to the only room with windows.

The boy had brought them tea from here just earlier.

Entering the door, Gu Yian discovered that this building was actually a suite of rooms. The room after the door wasn’t big, but each wall had a door that led to other rooms.

Gu Yian was about to follow the boy to the innermost door when she suddenly heard blood-curdling screams come from behind her.


Listening to the sound, it seemed to have come from that middle building.

Gu Yian looked back and saw five players, including Brother Zhang, frantically run out of that middle room.

They looked around in a panic and there was a male player who happened to see Gu Yian in the room.

He shouted at Gu Yian in horror.

“Don’t go with him! He’s a demon!”

Brother Zhang also looked at Gu Yian. His complexion was bad and he also yelled out.

“Little Gu, come out first.”

What happened?

Gu Yian stood in place with the tea cups in her hands.

There were problems with the boy; this was extremely obvious.

This game clearly set it up so that only after interacting with the boy was it possible to trigger other events.

It looked like Brother Zhang and the others were successful in triggering something.

There was a new player who tried climbing over the wall to escape from the courtyard.

There was another new player who stuck closely to Brother Zhang, not daring to do anything else.

Brother Zhang stared hard at the little boy and Gu Yian in the house.

With the players’ movements being so loud, the boy set the tray on the only square table in the room.

“Sister Gu, put those here.”

Gu Yian naturally obeyed the boy’s words said at this moment.

The little boy saw that Gu Yian wasn’t afraid of him and also listened to him and set down the tea cups.

He took the initiative to hold Gu Yian’s arm happily.

“Sister Gu, they’re such scaredy-cats. Good thing you aren’t.”

Gu Yian’s body involuntarily stiffened when the boy approached her.

By the time he held onto her arm, she felt as if that arm had lost all sensation.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t scared, but that she didn’t show it blatantly. That was all.

Gu Yian felt as if she was very much like a seized hostage.

The little boy held onto Gu Yian and the two of them walked into the courtyard.

The five other players felt a cold sweat and retreated little by little until they reached the corner of the wall.

The boy ignored them and brought Gu Yian into the middle building, pointed at something inside, and told Gu Yian.

“Sister Gu, that’s our lunch dish.”

Gu Yian was really stunned.

The first thing she saw upon entering the room was two pitch-black coffins on the ground!

Just when her gaze unconsciously avoided them, she heard the boy’s words.

Gu Yian reflexively looked in the direction that the boy was pointing in.

She saw grey mushrooms!

Grey mushrooms growing from the bottom of the pitch-black coffins!

This was what they were going to be eating?!

After Gu Yian came back to herself, her gaze traveled up and she saw two photo frames hanging on the wall under a dim light. Beside the photo frames were candle-shaped lights that used electricity.

Logically, there should be pictures in the photo frames but Gu Yian didn’t see any portraits.

Strange, she ought to have noticed the shape of a person right away.

Gu Yian lowered her head again to look at the mushrooms.

These mushrooms seemed to have turned a little yellow in the light.

“Sister Gu, these mushrooms are really tasty.” The boy enthusiastically shared his own knowledge of the mushrooms’ taste with Gu Yian.

Gu Yian stiffly jerked the corner of her lips.

Mushrooms were fungi, so they should be edible if they grew from a coffin, right?

Half an hour later, Gu Yian, Brother Zhang, and the other players surrounded a square table, sitting in the only building with windows.

Gu Yian occupied one side alone while the other four players squeezed together in pairs, taking up the other two sides.

The five players looked at the one and only dish on the table, mushroom soup, and their complexions were poor.

They didn’t want to eat these. They secretly sized up the mushrooms they saw the little boy pick from the coffins, but the boy invited them to eat and they didn’t dare not come.

Gu Yian went ahead and broke the silence.

“Let’s have a chat?”

The boy went to cook rice and this gave the players a good opportunity to talk.

The other four players didn’t say a word, silently agreeing.

Gu Yian asked, “We’re missing one player. How come I don’t see him?”

She remembered there was a talkative male new player, although she didn’t remember that person’s name.

At Gu Yian’s question, the two female players seemed to recall a bad scene and their faces were especially pale.

Brother Zhang said, “He wanted to climb over the wall and resist the game. God punished him.”

“Details,” Gu Yian replied.

“He snapped in half and died.”

After Brother Zhang finished explaining the cause of death, he still didn’t forget to flatter the God. “Death was God’s mercy to him.”

Gu Yian listened, speechless. This was clearly God warning them that if they didn’t play they would die.

Using death as a threat, where was the mercy?

Nonetheless, Gu Yian copied him and said, without a change in expression, “God has always been just and tolerant.”

Everything was for survival, in order not to be like that male player who died without any bones.

Gu Yian’s eyes darkened.

She continued to ask a question, “What did everyone see in that room?”

What did they see that made them believe the little boy was a demon?

Brother Zhang and the others immediately showed a look of fear.

One female player wanted to speak, but Brother Zhang beat her to it.

Brother Zhang said, “Exchange of information is mutual. We can’t keep answering your questions for free.”

Gu Yian was very calm. “What do you want to ask me?”

Brother Zhang glanced at the other players.

Gu Yian smiled. “You can discuss among yourselves. I don’t mind.”

The other players hesitantly looked at Brother Zhang and then looked at Gu Yian again.

Brother Zhang sighed and then said, “Everyone has their own ideas and it’s hard to agree on one opinion. Ah, I guess I’ll be shameless and ask the most useful question for us to survive right now.”

The other players heard this and each person hid their small thoughts, declaring one after another that Brother Zhang could ask and they trusted him.

To be honest, Gu Yian didn’t even know when she got the information that would allow everyone to survive.

Brother Zhang casually placed an unwarranted label on her.

She couldn’t refute now even if she wanted, otherwise people would think she was deliberately holding back.

Gu Yian looked at everyone and, wearing a fake smile, said, “In that case, everyone should trust me more in order to live, shouldn’t they? Brother Zhang has a record already.”

What Brother Zhang said before about their mission being to survive for seven days was all fake.

The new players actually had a rough judgment on this matter in their hearts. That what Brother Zhang said was fake. However, in order to survive they could only hug Brother Zhang’s thigh tightly and didn’t dare question his earlier words.

When Gu Yian said this, the three new players had complaints in their minds.

Gu Yian was a girl, but looking at her current calm appearance and how the old player, Brother Zhang, believed she had a way to survive, maybe following her was the likeliest way to clear the game.

How would Brother Zhang not know the thoughts of the other players. He didn’t show anything on his face and, ignoring Gu Yian’s earlier words, he directly asked her the question.

“How do we understand the four words of the new player hint, ‘Kindness is a crime’?”

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