Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 6 ~

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Chapter 6 ~ First Game Pt.6 ~

Once Brother Zhang and the others were done cleaning the kitchen, the little boy pointed to a closed door on the side and said to Gu Yian, “Sister Gu, that’s my room. You can take a nap first. When you wake up, we’ll be back.”

The expressions of Brother Zhang and the others suddenly looked poor.

Everyone here was players, but they had to go with the little boy to trigger an event while Gu Yian could sleep in a room!

This treatment was way too different, right?

Gu Yian ignored the looks of Brother Zhang and the others and she thanked the boy’s good intentions with a small smile.

The little boy took Brother Zhang and the others, crossed the courtyard, and went to the building directly opposite that just had a door.

The boy walked at the front, Brother Zhang followed closely, and the three new players stuck to Brother Zhang. No one was willing to fall behind a step.

Gu Yian didn’t follow. She watched from a distance and realized that the building was too dark and, like it swallowed people, she couldn’t see their backs.

The moment Gu Yian blinked the door, which had been open a second ago, was closed the next second.

She looked at that door for a while.

Then she turned and walked to the room the little boy pointed to her.

She was still willing to believe that trusting the boy was better.

The little boy’s room had a complete set of furniture, with a desk placed close to the window. Everything was old but clean and tidy.

Gu Yian wanted to search the room for clues but, for some reason, after she entered the room she felt a drowsiness she couldn’t stop.

She remembered the nap the little boy mentioned and didn’t hesitate in this moment. She sat down in a chair beside the desk, placed her arms on top of the table, rested her head on her hands, and then closed her eyes.

Gu Yian fell asleep.

A wind that came from nowhere swirled beside Gu Yian.

The light in the room flickered.

There was the faint sound of movement and, after careful listening, it sounded like someone’s footsteps.

The footsteps approached from a distance and hovered around Gu Yian.

In a moment, there was the sound of another person’s footsteps.

The other footsteps were heavier.

The movements sounded for a while, but Gu Yian slept deeply and didn’t hear anything.

The room quieted again.

The two footsteps stopped in the vicinity of Gu Yian.

After another while, the lamp on the desk suddenly fell onto the ground.

CRASH! With an ear-piercing smashing sound, the light bulb shattered on the ground.

This time Gu Yian, who was closest to the source of the sound, reacted somewhat and her eyelashes moved.

The wind in the room immediately swirled as if alluding to the excitement of the unknown beings in the room at this moment.

Several seconds passed.

Gu Yian didn’t open her eyes.

Several minutes passed.

Gu Yian was motionless.

A dozen or so minutes passed again.

The two footsteps sounded, one light and one heavy, and this time they headed outside the door.

When the footsteps disappeared there were no more movements in the room.

By the time Gu Yian woke, the little boy and the four players were already back.

She was called awake by the boy.

“Sister Gu, quick, wake up. Something big happened.”

Something happened!

Gu Yian snapped awake.

She saw the little boy and Brother Zhang and the others behind him.

Brother Zhang, the old player, would look calm even when he happened upon bad events; but the other three new players all had pale faces and cold sweat on their foreheads. The two female players were about to cry.

The little boy, seeing Gu Yian wake up, promptly said, “Grandma Zhao’s dead body suddenly came to life. She locked onto these big brothers and big sisters.”

Perhaps it was because the boy was present, but Brother Zhang took the initiative to add onto the boy’s words.

“When we arrived at Mrs. Zhao’s house, we happened to see a funeral car parked outside. We asked the surrounding neighbors and found out that Mrs. Zhao suddenly died after she returned home.”

“We waited for a while and then suddenly heard someone yell inside the house that her corpse stood up. We poked our heads in to take a look and that old woman stood there, staring at us. She said she remembered us as the people who didn’t help her up and that she’d come find us tonight.”

Gu Yian sat up straight and unconsciously tapped her finger on the desk, looking at Brother Zhang and the others. “Why was it you all?”

The three new players shook and were frightened to death that, when they heard Gu Yian’s question, their psychological defense mechanisms collapsed.

One female player cried and complained, “We don’t know why it’s us either. So many people were there watching, but she only looked at us.”

The little boy heard the female player’s cries and silently lowered his head, waiting for her sobbing to stop a little.

Then he said, “It’s probably because I was there. I didn’t step out, but she knew I was there. The big brothers and big sisters got involved because of me.”

His voice was sad, “My parents were killed by her. After my parents died, some of the neighbors wouldn’t let Grandma Zhang take advantage of them, so every time she saw me she’d curse me and ask why I didn’t die with my parents.”

When the two female players heard this, they looked at the little boy and their eyes carried strong hatred and fear.

They hated the boy for giving them this trouble, but at the same time they were scared of the boy.

The other male new player was a bit better and averted his gaze, not looking at the little boy.

Even though Gu Yian knew that the boy was inexplicable and what he just said might not be true but, after hearing his words and seeing him lower his head and look miserable, she still couldn’t resist reaching out to stroke his head.

Gu Yian said, “Mrs. Zhao really deserves to be punished.”

The little boy was silent.

The boy’s words just now seemed to be within expectations for Brother Zhang.

Brother Zhang’s expression didn’t change too much and he stepped forward to comfort the boy. “It has nothing to do with you. We’re the ones who went to see her. Without you, she would have found us too. Mrs. Zhao is the type to get revenge for every little thing.”

When the little boy raised his head, his eyes were misty.

“If I didn’t want to go and look, then everyone wouldn’t have gone with me.”

He sniffled, “It’s because you’re kindly helping me that you accidentally provoked her.”

Brother Zhang and the others didn’t speak.

Where did they voluntarily and kindly want to help the little boy? This was because they didn’t dare to not help!

If they didn’t help the boy, who knew whether or not they would meet with even scarier events.

The boy looked out of the window and calmed down. “Let’s eat dinner first. We’ll see tonight if Grandma Zhao will really come.”

His words were ordinary but Grandma Zhang was someone whose corpse stood up today.

The morale of the players were very low.

The boy ran into the kitchen and refused to let any of the players help him, as if he was deliberately giving the players time to converse.

The five players sat around the square table again like they were reproducing what happened in the afternoon.

This time it was Brother Zhang who took the lead and spoke, “After we entered that building we only took two steps and then we reached the entrance. That building and the middle one were probably built later and were originally part of the courtyard.”

Gu Yian nodded. This was also what she guessed because the room they were currently sitting in had windows and was connected to the kitchen, living room, etc.

Meanwhile, the other two buildings on the other sides only had doors and no windows; one had coffins and the other led to the entrance.

Brother Zhang stared at Gu Yian and then said, “When we came back, we saw two memorial tablets on the wall facing the entrance.”

Gu Yian asked, “His parents?”

Brother Zhang replied, “Probably.”

He spread open his hands. “I’m done talking.”

Gu Yian knew that she should speak now and so she didn’t hide anything and openly said her speculations, “His parents’ ghosts might still be here.”

The “him” that both Gu Yian and Brother Zhang spoke about was pointing to the little boy.

The other three new players were shocked when they heard these words.

The male player was alright, but the two female players panicked.

When Brother Zhang heard this, he wasn’t too surprised and instead asked, “You saw them?”

Gu Yian didn’t deny this, “I was too sleepy at the time and only vaguely noticed unusual movements around me before I was swept back to sleep. When everyone came back and saw me, did you notice the lamp on the ground? They probably did that.”

Gu Yian’s words depressed the players even more and the three new players didn’t eat dinner even more. They were going to see a dead person tonight and their lives might even be in danger so, at this time, how would they be in the mood to eat!

Gu Yian didn’t eat a single bite, but that was because she felt like the mushrooms she ate at noon seemed to tide her over.

There was only rice for dinner and the little boy brought them sauce to put on it.

Brother Zhang saw that the sauce bottle had a logo, bar code, etc., and so he had a good appetite. Even with just this sauce, he ate two bowls of rice.

That night, because Mrs. Zhao could come at any time and a life and death crisis was imminent, the six people didn’t want to sleep and they simply closed the door and windows and sat around the square table.

The little boy felt bored and stuck to Gu Yian, asking her about the places she went to during her trip.

Gu Yian had carelessly given herself the identity of being a poor traveler and she didn’t expect the boy to take it seriously.

She could only empty out her memories of interesting places, embellish it a little, be ambiguous about the details—and told it all for the boy to hear.

The lights were dim and human shadows swayed on the ground.

Suddenly, a faint breeze moved inside the shut room.

Among the new players, the one female player that had always been absent-minded suddenly noticed there was a breeze blowing against her neck.

Her body involuntarily stiffened.

She moved her eyes and saw the other female player beside her as well as Brother Zhang and the male player at another side. They looked extremely normal and, when they happened to glance over at her side, they didn’t make any weird movements.

The female player felt like she was being oversensitive.

She had just thought this when she heard a female voice apologize all of a sudden, “Miss, my son accidentally dirtied your clothes with tea water. Let me change it for you.”

In this sort of moment, the female player’s brain activated for once and she thought, ‘Aren’t the boy’s parents dead already?

Her eyes opened wide.


Gu Yian and the others heard movement and raised their heads to look toward the source of the sound.

But all they saw was that the head of that female player, who had just been sitting at the side of the table, was gone without a trace.

The other female player turned and saw this bloody scene beside her. She was the closest and the impact was so great she couldn’t even scream.

Her eyes rolled up and she fainted on the spot.

The male new player covered his face and his entire body exuded an air of having a mental collapse.

Right now, the only people who were still aware were Gu Yian, Brother Zhang, and the little boy.

Gu Yian was the only female who was still conscious.

Actually, when Gu Yian saw the headless body, she was also greatly scared.

She was just a normal person, so where would she have seen such a sight?

But in this game world, she knew clearly that she needed to be conscious and needed to be calm. The only person she could trust was herself.

Gu Yian lowered her eyes and forced herself to be calm.

Suddenly, she felt a warmth coming from her left hand.

Gu Yian turned her head and saw that the little boy had covered her faintly shaking left hand.

The boy sensed that Gu Yian was looking at him.

He raised his head and smiled sweetly at her. “Don’t be scared. Sister Gu, I’ll protect you.”

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