Maou-sama no Hanayome ~ Shu no Chouten Chinpo ni Soku Ochi(?)shita Zako Manko wa Kyou kara Maou-sama Senyou desu ~

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Lucifer (ルキフェル)
CV: 熊本賢

The Demon Lord’s Bride ~ Starting Today, the Nobody’s Pussy that Surrendered Instantly (?) to a Supreme Dick is for the Demon Lord’s Exclusive Use ~

You are a white mage in the hero’s party as a healer on a journey to defeat the demon lord.

Despite challenging the demon lord of enormous strength many times, no one was able to defeat him.

At one of those times, when the whole hero party except for you collapsed as usual, the demon lord suddenly asked you, “Are you interested in being mine?”—

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! R18 warning. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. Don’t worry, the insanely long light novel-esque title is cracking me up too LOL.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1 ***

*thunder BGM; battling*

Lucifer: Hahaha! Weak as usual. Did you think you could win against me as a human? Foolish heroes!

L: *drops down* Now then, white mage, the hero you rely on has lost consciousness under my magic. The only one who remains is you.

L: Oh? Even still, you say you will not give up? However, the hero, the swordsman, the martial artist, and everyone else is collapsed on the ground. What can a single frail female like you do?

L: To date, I have stood off many times against you and your group’s dogged persistence and, to say nothing of others, have you ever injured me a single time?

*heroine casts magic; he dodges*

L: I’m telling you it’s futile. However, you still have such a strong spirit despite being in this predicament. White mage, are you interested in being mine?

L: I mean it literally. There aren’t many females who can stand before me without crying or falling unconscious. How about it? I will not treat you terribly.

L: I see. An expected answer. In that case—! *raises arm* Sleep for a while under my magic. *casts magic*

[02:42] *scene skip; clipping nails*

L: Is it enough to clip my nails like this? I can imagine long nails would injure her, but I don’t know how much I should cut… ow!

L: Hm? You’re awake? This is my room. I’m not so much a brute as to ravish a female before the gate.

L: I ordered that in order to welcome you. It’s a bed that humans use. How does it feel to sleep on? Demons do not sleep, you see. I didn’t know what would be best. I placed fabric made out of bicorn manes, but perhaps it is slightly stiff. Ahem, well, who cares about that.

L: Heh, I cast a charm spell on you. One so that you would desire me unbearably.

L: *leans in* How is it? You can’t think of anything but copulating with me, no?

L: I see, I see. You burn for me so much that you will embrace me and look at me with eyes full of pleasure. Heh. However, I worry about a mage who has such a low resistance towards magic. *kisses*

L: Haha, weak, foolish… and lovable.


L: Are you sure? At this rate, you truly will be disgraced by me.

L: … I suppose that was a silly question. You always opposed me desperately, yet now you wish to offer your body and heart to me. In that case, allow me to teach you how demons mate.

L: Haa… hagh…

L: Haha, the flesh of a female is so soft. It’s as if it clings to me. *kisses* These breasts are also soft and truly feel comfortable. Hngh…

L: Your nipples are quite hard. They’re so swollen as if they’re begging, hehe… How adorable. Nngh…


L: You’ve been frenetic in pushing your hardened nipples against me. Are you aching for them to be sucked on? Nrgh… mm!

L: Mngh, haha…

L: What is it? You can’t wait anymore? Haha, then there is an appropriate way to beg, no? Hahaha.

L: Yes, that’s right, spread your genitals open with both hands and show me that moist red place. Then… use your words firmly to tell me what you want.

L: Oh? So that is what humans call their genitals? It has quite a vulgar and indecent sound. Moreover, it appears as if you prefer to be stoked by obscene words. I like it.

L: And? What is your pussy like right now?

L: Haha, you’re right, it’s drenched from mere caresses, longing for my cock, and waiting eagerly to be fucked. Hahaha.


L: Keep it wide open. If I slip due to its wetness, then I won’t be able to enter you.

L: Haha, very nice. You’re a good girl—ngh! *thrusts in* Haagh… hah…

L: You’re tight… and hot… It’s burning and enveloping me as if to melt me. It is the most wondrous feeling ever.

L: Haa… hah… and you?

L: You don’t appear to be in pain. Haha… is it alright to show me such an enraptured face?

L: For you humans, the demon lord is a detestable bitter enemy, no?

L: Gngh, haha… to think I would hear such a thing from you. It seems like my magic is quite effective. As you wish, I’ll fuck your small pussy that is weak towards pleasure. Ngh… hah… *thrusting*


L: Haha, I was worried about my huge member entering your modest hole; however, it’s completely swallowed me in. The female who is to be my wife appears to be outrageously lewd. Haa… hagh…

L: Yes, that’s right, starting today I will pour my semen into you every day. You will conceive and become my wife… haa… hah… become the empress of the demon lord!

L: Gngh! Nrgh… hagh…!

L: How is it? Are you not overjoyed? Every day, ngh, I will drive myself deep into you like this, mgh… hah… I will release inside you until your small pussy becomes pure white. No, even when you can’t take in anymore and it overflows, I will plug myself into you… until your stomach distends. Haha… ngh… hagh… mgh!


L: Haha, very well, climax! Let that innocent and composed face go slack with pleasure… haah… Climax from the mating with a demon! Nngh… hagh… mgh! *heroine orgasms*

L: Did you climax? Next is for your womb to be filled with my semen then.

L: Mm? Haha, your womb appears to be clinging to my cock under the lingering notes of your orgasm. Are you going to personally beg for my seed now? Haha, shameless girl. But I’m magnanimous, you see. I’ll fulfill all the desires of my mate—! Hngh, mgh… hah…! *thrusting*

L: Aah… hagh… mm… your pussy is hot and clenching down after climaxing. Gngh… haha… mgh!

L: In truth, you aren’t a white mage but a succubus, yes? A demon that lusts insatiably for males, no? Haha. By nature, my love is something that is poured only to demons. To have these feelings for a human… ngh… hah… Dammit, you’re contracting so obscenely and squeezing me dry, mgh! *kisses; thrusting*


L: Your neck… *kisses* your ears… *kisses* It’s as if your whole body is an erogenous zone. Mrgh… you’re convulsing deep down inside. Haha, mm, that’s a good girl. I’ll thrust into you so hard it’ll break your pussy. Grgh… mgh… nrgh! *kisses; thrusting*

L: I’m about to release… mmgh… haa…!

L: I’m… I’m releasing! Gngh! *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms*

L: Haa… hagh… not yet! Nngh…! Mgh! It’s still… it’s still releasing, no? Ggh…!

L: Hah… hah…

L: Male demons release massive quantities of semen. Ah, look, it seems like your small womb couldn’t swallow it all. It’s pouring out.


L: Why are you dazed? Was it so pleasurable you lost your mind?

L: You l-love me…?

L: … I’m pulling out.

L: Haah… what is with this emptiness? Is it truly you when you desire me under a charm spell?

L: Do you…

*scene skip*

L: There’s no need to force yourself up.

L: You still seem to be dazed. Just go to sleep like that. You’re quite disheveled and your body must be in pain like that.

L: Hm? What a strange thing to ask. I don’t need a reason to want you. Ah, I know, I just wanted you by all means. That’s all.

L: You’re full of questions, haha. I’m the one who wants to know why I removed the charm spell. For some reason, under the effects of the spell you’re slightly different from the you that I desire… is how I feel.

L: As an apology for forcing you, I will grant one of your wishes. You can ask for demon treasures, powerful magic, or… do you want my head?

L: Hm? You want me to teleport you to the inn of the hero’s party in the human world? That’s, well, I suppose I don’t plan to kill you either way. This is nothing to me.

L: Heh, you’ll come again for my head so you don’t want it…? Indeed. I see, so you will come again. Haha.

*** TRACK 2 ***

*battling sounds*

L: It’s been a w-while, white mage. How was your body a-after everything? Did you get inspected?

L: I see! That’s splendid to hear.

L: Indeed, meeting below the red sky of the spirit world feels most characteristic of you.

L: You find the red sky strange? The sky of the human world is blue? I see, that truly is strange.

L: I-incidentally, I have some excellent dragon meat. If you don’t mind, why don’t we have a meal together—ah, I will make an absolute promise not to do anything to you. The promise of a demon lord is a pledge. You never have to fear that I would break it—

L: A pledge is unnecessary? That attitude towards the lord of all demons is—*battle grows louder*

L: *turns around* SILENCE, HEROES! Do you not understand I am having an important conversation presently!? *casts magic; heroes collapse*

L: Hm? What I should say to you…? O-oh, right. Have you decided on what you want?

L: That’s not it? Oh, you have no desires. B-but, after everything, I learned about humans. I heard that female humans have a strong sense of virtue and that they won’t give their body to anyone but their mates. I apologize for my cruel force some time ago—

L: H-hey, what’s wrong!? Your face is bright red—*heroine collapses*

[02:28] *scene skip*

L: You’re awake?

L: I couldn’t just leave you before the gate and so I carried you to my room. The heroes are still left at the gate, but they will awaken on their own time.

L: No, I didn’t make you sleep this time…

L: N-no, don’t touch me!

L: … Good grief, to mount someone like me, a demon lord. In the first place, if you approach me with such red cheeks, my heart won’t be able to hold and my reason will—

L: AHEM! L-listen, after the charm spell I cast on you naturally ended I also lifted off everything but, for some reason, it appears a very slight amount of magic remains in you. Earlier, I used magic in front of the gate to knock down the hero and their party, right? You were temporarily touched by my magic and it looks like the vestiges of the charm spell reacted.

L: You must be desiring me right now because of that.

L: I don’t feel like mating with you when you’re under the effects of magic. I won’t do such a thing ever again…

L: We’ll wait for it to end naturally like last time.

L: I said no—mmph! *heroine kisses him*


L: You love me…? It truly does feel hollow…

L: I apologize, when it comes to the cause, it was my actions that invited all of this. Until the spell ends, I’ll give you as much pleasure as possible to satisfy you. Come now, over here. *kisses*

L: When I embrace you from behind like this, slowly pet your pussy… and whisper all these obscene words… then you’ll feel pleasure, no?

L: When I lave my wet tongue along the edge of your small ear… and swirl my tongue around your sensitive cartilage, how does it feel?

L: Nngh… haha…

L: This rounded edge appears to be as sensitive as your genitals. In other words, your ears are similar to your pussy. *kisses*

L: I’ll thrust my tongue in and lick you lots… in this defenseless depths…


L: Does it feel that good to have your ear ravished?

L: Enjoy yourself amply.

L: Next, I’ll play thoroughly with your real wet pussy. First, this area… I believe it’s called a clitoris? I’ll be touching it.

L: Haha, the soft clitoris is steadily getting harder as I touch it. Haa… hah…

L: Look, when I flick it with a nail, it stiffens immediately. It’s like the cock of a male. Shall I sandwich it between two fingertips and jerk it? Aah, I’m certain it’ll feel delightful.

L: Haha… ngh… haa… hagh… *kisses*

L: Mrgh… no, I won’t put myself in.

L: No, if it feels empty inside then I’ll pleasure you with my fingers. Look, compared to yours, my hand is large, right? I’m sure I can touch you deeply with this. Furthermore, I’ll taste you lots down here. Be a good girl, relax your body, and stay still. First, I’ll put in my finger… ngh…


L: Haha, don’t squeeze down like that. I won’t be able to move my finger. Haagh… haa…

L: Can you tell? That the tip of my finger is touching the entrance of your womb. Now, I’ll give you even more pleasure. Nngh… *gives oral; moves finger*

L: Hagh… haah…

L: Such an adorable voice, haha. Cry out in pleasure. Mngh… haha… could it be that you like it a little rough?

L: Gngh… ngh…! Haha.

L: Haa… hah… climax. *heroine orgasms*

L: Not enough. Climax more! Haha, mgh… ngh…!


L: You can climax over and over again to the point where you lose your mind. Nngh, if you do that, I’m sure that you’ll forget whether you want this because of the magic or yourself. Mmgh… hah…!

L: Your pussy, which just had an orgasm, is contracting violently, ngh. You’re about to climax again, aren’t you?

L: Haha, hngh… haa… go ahead, climax. Nngh…! *heroine orgasms*

L: Haah…!

*** TRACK 3 ***

L: Good grief, you…

L: Why do you come again and again, without learning, to the demon lord’s castle with the hero’s party? I told you to stop because you’ll be struck by my magic.

L: Those heroes are that sturdy, I doubt there’ll be any problems without your recovery magic.

L: Oh well, the vestiges of the harmful magic in you have lessened and your awareness seems to be clear today. However, it appears like the magic inside of you has not completely disappeared. Your cheeks are already flushed… and your eyes are damp.

L: It’s my responsibility that you are like this and so I will pleasure you today as well. *kisses*

L: Be at ease, I won’t touch your lips. Female humans only kiss the male that they love, yes? I’ll set this aside for the male you fall in love with.

L: *kisses* Ngh, why are you sullen at that? I don’t understand you. Aah, did you wish for me to touch your breasts? You enjoy it when I lick your breasts, don’t you? Haha…


L: How do I put this… your breasts are a nice size that fit in my hands.

L: As if there’s anything I could feel displeased about! *kisses* At times, there are female demons who have breasts the size of watermelon, but I don’t prefer those. However, yours are soft and the perfect size. Heh, I want to touch them forever.

L: Now then, next… Since earlier, you’ve been rubbing your legs together. *whispers* Are you anticipating something that makes your pussy throb? *kisses*

L: Spread your legs a bit more.

L: Haha, you’re beginning to get wet. Nn…

L: It seems like your underwear has lost its meaning. When I think about how this is proof of your pleasure… ngh…


L: Are you feeling impatient? I’ll taste you directly then.

L: Haha, syrup is spilling out from your depths. Mmgh…

L: Haa… ngh… haha…

L: You have an expression of unbearable desire. I’ll make you climax soon. I’ll caress this charming and hardened female cock lots, alright? Nngh…

L: Hagh… hah…!


L: Haa… you truly are lovable. Let me hear more of that sweet voice. Mrgh… hngh…!

L: Gngh… hagh… more… more! *heroine squirts*

L: She lost consciousness?

L: Exposing your body to me, your bitter enemy, and letting me do as I please… Why won’t you say a single wish or express your hate? Should I no longer appear before you…?

*** TRACK 4 ***

*battling; zapping noises*

L: I’ve asked you many times already why do you keep shamelessly coming!

L: Grgh, enough already. This barrier was made by my subordinates behind me. It’s not my magic, which is why you are unharmed.

L: That again? What I should say to you… what exactly is it?

L: I don’t understand human etiquette. Without any great strength, you are nothing but a healer for the hero’s party and yet, each and every time, you join the party to come to the demon lord’s castle to defeat me… Before I knew it, I started to want you.

L: I wish for that kindness, which heals the hero, to be directed at me. Every time the swordsman touches you, I think about killing him! I cast a charm spell on you that day, didn’t I? But your passionate words about desiring me… felt more empty than any sort of remark you heaped upon me in the past.

L: Love…? This is… what you call love?

L: I… love… you?


L: Aah… ah, I see! My heart hurts when you glare at me. I’m overjoyed when you speak to me. When you smile… my heart twists. Because I know a human like you wouldn’t smile at me, a demon lord… and so it’s heartwrenching. But if you don’t come here… then I’m sad.

L: This… is what they call love?

L: … I love you. I love you! I’m… in love with you!

L: Huh? What’s with you all of a sudden? Of course I know that charm is under the branch of white magic. That’s precisely why a demon like me isn’t well-versed in charm spells. That’s also why you failed in dispelling it, no?

L: I’m mistaken?

L: White magic is amplification magic, but what about that? It just means that it strengthens the natural qualities and properties that are already there and it supplements those by magnifying them to several degrees.

L: Things that are already there…?

L: S-so, at that time, I should have amplified your hidden desires…? Back then, when you said you loved me…

L: Do you… love me?


L: U-um, no, but…! T-this is strange, right!? I’m a demon lord! In what world is there a human who would fall for the lord of all demons!? Our race, the world we live in, and common practices are all different!

L: Y-you… l-l-lo…

L: Nnrgh!?

L: You love me? Those words when we mated for the first time… were serious? Is this why you forgive my outrageous actions?

L: Because you didn’t hate it…? W-wait, hold on, wait! Humans believe the demon lord will end the world, right!?

L: Certainly, I don’t feel like doing that whatsoever because demons will be just as troubled if the world ends. Demons eat animals, so if the world became devastated then food will disappear… On that note, why in the world do humans believe demons eat them? Honestly, they’re hard and disgusting and I’d rather have cows, rabbits, or even dragons—

L: T-that’s…! On the whole, the people who declare to go on a journey to defeat the demon lord and come to the castle are endless. If I kill every single one of them, then cleaning up afterward will be a headache, right? Moreover, I’m glad I didn’t kill them.

L: Because I was able to meet you… and get to know you.


L: I’m gentle…!? Is that something to say to a demon lord?

L: Do you… seriously… have feelings for…? You love me. Love…

L: I… love you too, huh…

L: I see. You’re… right. Mm. I love you.

L: And you too, you love me, right?

L: Haha, what’s the matter? Your face is bright red.

L: O-oh, your cheeks become flushed not just when you’re embarrassed but when you’re happy as well. This point about you is also adorable, haha.

L: Hahaha… haha… um, the kiss I set aside… can I do it? I left it alone for the male you would fall in love with. But you love me, right? Haha!

L: *kisses* Mngh… hagh… haa…

*** TRACK 5 ***

L: *kisses* Nrgh… haah…

L: Do you really intend to be the mate of the demon lord?

L: Haha, I see. Tonight is the bridal night then. Demons treat the females they take as mates preciously… they cherish them in order to make their bride their own. *kisses*

L: First, I’ll kiss your entire body…

L: You always used to long to mate under the effects of the spell, but do you desire me of your own will today?

L: Haha, ah, yes. That’s what I wanted to hear. Then I need to respond to that, yes? *kisses* To your soft breasts, ah… your cute demanding nipples… haah…


L: Your stomach too… and your waist… ngh…

L: Your drenched and erotic spot… mngh… Desire me with your entire self of your own volition.

L: Your clitoris is hard and swollen. You want me to touch it, don’t you? Haha. Do you like it when I press down on it with my tongue or when I jerk it with my fingertips? I see, haha. It’s good to be honest! Nngh… mrgh…! *gives oral*

L: Hagh… haa… so sweet. I feel like I can lick you forever. Gngh… are you about to climax? Go ahead. There’s no need to hesitate.

L: Climax! Ngh… mrgh…! *heroine orgasms*

L: Hah… haah…

L: *kisses* Is this enough? I can’t… I want to be in you now. Hagh… haa… I want to pour everything I have into the deepest part of you. I want to… make you my mate, truly. *kisses*


L: I’m putting it in, ngh… Grgh, you’re squeezing too much. Could you relax a little? Ugh…

L: Haha, are you… nervous? Charming. *kisses*

L: Haa… hah…

L: How is it? Do you feel like you can loosen your muscles a little? *kisses* You don’t have to force yourself. If there is any pain, I can pull out for now—haha, you don’t have to panic like that. If it doesn’t hurt, then we’ll stay like this. *kisses*

L: … Haha, does it feel vexing? I understand. I’m going to start moving. Nngh… mm… *thrusting*


L: Can you feel it? How my cock pushes its way into you over and over again. Feel it firmly. Ggh, this is a demon’s mating. Slowly… I withdraw to the very tip… and then DEEPLY… ngh. I’ll slowly draw it back again… HNGH!

L: Aah, dammit, I can’t bear it any longer! Mgh! Hrgh… hagh…! *thrusting*

L: My mate is lascivious and adorable! Nrgh… haa… even though you’re clenching down so tightly… it’s soft in its depths and your burning hot womb, ngh, is sucking desperately at my cock. Gngh… hah…!

L: Dammit, it feels so good, I want to be inside you forever. Hngh… mgh…! *kisses; thrusting*


L: I’m going to release once! Haagh… haa…! *he orgasms*

L: Aah… hah… it’s no use, I can’t stop my hips. Gngh… haa… I’m sorry, but just once more…! Rrgh… mgh…!

L: I’ve always… always wanted to be like this. I wanted to have you and, ngh, drown you in pleasure. Mmgh… hah… and yet, when you were under the effects of the spell, I couldn’t bring myself to touch you after that. The reason was something I couldn’t understand. Hagh… hngh…

L: Is love this much of a difficult matter? Haa… mgh… I want to cover you, a female, in everything that is smoldering in me. I want to fuck you, dominate you, and impregnate you and yet…! Hagh… ngh…

L: Yet, at the same time, mgh… I also strongly want you to be at my side, smiling. Haa… hah… these… these messy feelings, nrgh, are they what you call love? Aah, mgh…! *kisses; thrusting*


L: Aah, I’ll say it however many times. I love you. I love you. *kisses* I love you! I love you! This girl who hates to lose, is stubborn, is reckless… I adore you over everything else. Rrgh… ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

L: Haa… hagh…!

L: Ah, I can’t… hah… I’m…! Ngh… grgh…! *he orgasms*

L: Hahaha, amazing, you’re so tight, mgh! Haa… hagh…! It’s still releasing…!

L: Haha… in the end, it seems like it’s difficult to swallow in everything. It’s overflowing. Eh? Haha, well, I suppose you’d find out. It’s true I haven’t gone limp yet, but this is hard on your body. Let’s stop things here.

L: *kisses* Mm…

L: You’re my beloved.

L: Haha, I told you I studied humans, no? I read about this in a book. Feelings of love that cannot be conveyed through the phrase “love” becomes “dearly beloved”, right?

L: Haha, yes, you’re my beloved, my mate. *kisses*

*** 500 DL Reward ***

L: Ggh… ugh…

L: Do you, um… uh, no, nevermind… actually, no, I should ask clearly…

L: Um, it’s about the first time we mated. In the end, I know we already had feelings for each other at the time but, uh, things ended without much—if any—kisses and so I was wondering if you had any… dissatisfactions or anything?

L: C-certainly, this was an abrupt question! Uh, I heard that my subordinates spoke to you about this.

L: Yes, that! The thing about watermelon chests. “Is it true that when our demon lord had his first time with the lady he didn’t even kiss you and just devoured you greedily? Our lady suffered so much” and other things like that were said, right?

L: W-well, I didn’t believe you would answer like that but I was just thinking I could have done things a little different then too.

L: Hm? Haha, I’m no match for you.

L: You’re right. As proof of my self-reflection, let’s kiss a lot right now. Come here. *kisses*


L: Stick out your tongue. Nngh…!

L: More… I’ll give you more wanton and sweet kisses… mngh!

L: Haa… hagh… does it feel good? *kisses*

L: I see. That’s good to hear. I’ll make you feel… even better. *kisses*

L: Mm… haah…

L: When we’re doing this, my feelings for you overflow… and my heart becomes disturbed. It’s a strange emotion. *kisses* Does this fall under love as well? Haha. It becomes more and more strange. *kisses*


L: It feels as if… you’re drowning, hm? Endure it for just a while longer. Mmgh…! *kisses*

L: Haa… hagh… I love you. I love you. Nrgh… mm…!

L: Haah… hah… I adore you.

Note1: I had to take liberties here because, for those with sharp ears, he actually never uses the phrase 愛してる or 愛 when saying “I love you” (until the end) but he uses every other word. Unfortunately, English fails in differentiating this and so the conversation about “love” becoming “beloved” is me trying to convey that 好き and 恋 become 愛.

If you’re wondering if there’s an actual difference… sort of but also not really? It depends on the person. But, generally, people do hold up 愛 as the ultimate form of love that encompasses everything while 恋 is romantic love and 好き is more of a like/love.

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    cryandbleed said:
    March 15, 2021 at 19:59

    I’m not Japanese, but I feel like suki and daisuki mean affectionate love like “I love you, kitty!” Aishiteru sounds more romantic like saying it to a lover. It’s just me.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 15, 2021 at 20:32

      It really depends on the person, like I mentioned in my notes. Some people’s personality may make it so that their “suki” and “daisuki” in particular is literally the same as “I love you” in English. From what I remember reading, “aishiteru” is actually a little heavy and overwhelming, especially for normal day use, so some people just reserve it for very special moments.

      TL;DR it’s totally okay to use “suki” and “daisuki” between lovers and it doesn’t mean it’s a lesser form of love or anything compared to “aishiteru”.

    It me said:
    January 23, 2021 at 03:39

    A++++ why aren’t all of these so sassy?

    This reminds me of the 3p Duke one with the servant who accidentally shoots a load on his boss

      Ilinox responded:
      January 23, 2021 at 14:38

      This much be such a nice fantasy world to live in because the demons are just minding their own business in their world and everyone can freely cross over into each other’s place. Meanwhile, even the demon lord’s subordinates don’t seem to care that she’s human (no racism HAHA).

      LOL every time I’m reminded of that scene I just crack up. It was so random???

        It me said:
        January 23, 2021 at 17:47

        HE IS CLIPPING HIS NAILS in a porno and it is VERY CONSIDERATE

        Also your title is an excellent translation and super hilarious

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