Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 8 ~

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Chapter 8 ~ First Game Pt.8 ~

The moment Gu Yian saw those two pictures she could guess at what those players saw in the morning.

Like Gu Yian now, they saw the little boy’s portrait and then their own portrait.

Whoever was looking at it would see their own portrait in the second picture.

“Big sister, what are you looking at?”

The little boy’s voice rang in Gu Yian’s ears.

She came back to herself and lowered her head to look at the boy.

He was looking at her with complete trust in his eyes.

Gu Yian said, “Nothing. I was just thinking about how to pass the second night.”

The little boy heard this and immediately gave Gu Yian a large hug.

“Don’t be scared, big sister, I’ll protect you.”

Gu Yian was a bit moved when she heard this.

The boy wasn’t telling a lie and the memorial tablet in her hand proved this at least.

He was thinking of a way to protect her.

Gu Yian said softly, “I’ll protect you too.”

I’ll also protect Little Ze.

Near to Gu Yian and the little boy, Brother Zhang heard their entire conversation without missing a word.

Brother Zhang clasped his hands behind his back and gave a knowing look to Little Jiang.

Mrs. Zhao wouldn’t come again and the little boy’s parents had food so, reasonably, they wouldn’t make trouble either.

Because of this, Gu Yian and the others prepared to sleep.

The boy went into his parents’ room and found unopened toiletries for Gu Yian to use.

Brother Zhang and Little Jiang, these two players, could only stand at one side and watch enviously.

At daybreak the next morning, several people woke up early.

No one was in a state of mind to eat breakfast.

The little boy continued to let Gu Yian remain in the house and he brought Brother Zhang and Little Jiang outside to check on the situation.

Gu Yian had a memorial tablet in hand and so nothing abnormal appeared near her.

She didn’t wait long. The three returned in less than ten minutes.

When Brother Zhang and Little Jiang came back their steps were a little heavy.

The little boy ran to Gu Yian’s side.

“Big sister, all the onlookers yesterday were killed by Grandma Zhao.”

Brother Zhang took it upon himself to add, “According to the neighborhood, all their hearts were dug out.”

Gu Yian heard this cause of death and realized it was the same method of death as the female player who passed out last night.

Their hearts were probably eaten by Mrs. Zhao.

Mrs. Zhao was a dead person and her purpose in eating hearts was, in all likelihood, to increase her strength.

Gu Yian spoke as she thought about this, “She’s probably some sort of jiangshi. They should be afraid of light, so she won’t come out in the day. Since this world has unusual beings like Mrs. Zhao, then maybe places like temples or Taoists will have a way to deal with this. How about we go out to search for these?”

Little Jiang heard Gu Yian’s words and his disheartened eyes immediately lit up.

The little boy sighed when he heard this, “Big sister, the only temple we have here collapsed a few years ago. I haven’t seen a Taoist, so there probably are none. The small town closest to here is three hours by car. My house has no money.”

The boy had no money and the three broke players, Gu Yian, Brother Zhang, and Little Jiang, had even less money.

In other words, the possibility of finding outside help was almost zero.

In this silent atmosphere, the sun rose high in the sky and then slowly drifted below the horizon.

Night came.

This also indicated that Mrs. Zhao was about to come to their door with increased strength.

Gu Yian, the little boy, and the other two were sitting around the square table again.

Including Gu Yian, the three players were frowning.

The little boy sat right next to Gu Yian but instead of finding Gu Yian for a chat he was poking at a grain of rice in his bowl, looking bored.

Today, only Brother Zhang ate lunch and dinner in high spirits while Little Jiang just moved his chopsticks a few times.

Gu Yian and the boy didn’t eat a single grain of rice.

Gu Yian herself also felt this was strange. After eating the mushrooms, it was like she couldn’t feel hunger anymore.

No one was in the mood to clean up after dinner and so they just sat there.

Gu Yian looked at the little boy beside her and then glanced at Brother Zhang and Little Jiang.

Those two people whispered to each other the whole day in front of her and she didn’t know what they were plotting.

But time gradually passed and Mrs. Zhao could come at any time, yet Brother Zhang and Little Jiang still didn’t act.

As a result, Gu Yian frowned even more.

She was afraid of two things: one, that Brother Zhang and Little Jiang would harm her and the little boy and, two, the coming Mrs. Zhao.

In this moment, Gu Yian was paying attention to Brother Zhang and Little Jiang’s movements.

Time slowly passed.

Brother Zhang and Little Jiang suddenly exchanged a look.

Gu Yian noticed this right away.

She realized that the matter had finally arrived.

Only, she heard Little Jiang abruptly break the quiet. “If we want to live, there’s one good method. Throw him out.”

He looked towards the little boy.

Gu Yian raised her eyebrows and looked coldly at the two men.

Just from hearing this idea, she knew it was Brother Zhang urging Little Jiang on from behind the scenes to say this. With Little Jiang’s guts, how would he dare to suggest throwing the little boy out?

Brother Zhang was clearly aware that the results of offending the little boy would be tragic, which was why he tricked Little Jiang, who was unclear about these details, to say that method out loud.

When the boy, who was using his chopsticks to play with his rice, suddenly heard Little Jiang launching a revolt, the chopsticks in his hands fell to the table and his limpid eyes became misty.

“Everyone wants to throw me away after getting the memorial tablets?”

Little Jiang angrily said, “If it weren’t for you, then how would we have gotten into this trouble!”

He shot to his feet, Brother Zhang doing the same, and the two men came at the little boy.

The two were men with naturally superior strength.

Little Jiang roughly pushed away Gu Yian who wanted to block him and then he and Brother Zhang, each grabbing one side, dragged the little boy to throw him out of the door and then closed it shut right after.

“Both of you are crazy.”

Gu Yian squeezed her memorial tablet and then used one hand against the ground to stand up.

“We’re not crazy.”

Little Jiang glared at Gu Yian. “He can only raise ghosts and now those two ghosts are under our control. That old woman’s enemy is him and not us!”

Gu Yian walked to the door while he was speaking.

Brother Zhang and Little Jiang blocked the door and they wouldn’t let Gu Yian open the door.

Gu Yian closed her eyes and then snapped them open.

What she believed would always be her own guesses.

Gu Yian said with a calm expression, “Open the door.”

“I think the real crazy one is you. You’re so happy to walk to your death,” Little Jiang sneered.

“I’ll give the memorial tablet to you. You won’t have to worry about anything happening when you open the door.” Gu Yian simply held out the tablet in her hand.

She was too straightforward.

Little Jiang was stunned and then he immediately snatched away the memorial tablet in Gu Yian’s hand.

The door was opened.

Gu Yian could see, at a glance, the little boy with his back to the door where she was standing.

His figure was frail, miserable, and helpless.

The boy heard the sound of the door opening and slowly turned his head.

“Big sister?”

Gu Yian was just about to respond to him when she saw another small figure in the courtyard.

The moonlight was bright.

Gu Yian recognized that silhouette.

It was Mrs. Zhao!

At this moment, Gu Yian didn’t think anymore and rushed out to hug the little boy in front of her.

The door slammed shut behind her with a bang and was tightly closed.

“Little Ze, don’t be scared. Big sister will protect you.”

Gu Yian was half-kneeling on the ground and hugged the boy with all her strength.

She saw that Mrs. Zhao seemed to be deliberately playing with her prey, approaching them step by step. Her wrinkled and stiff face jerked out an eerie smile.

They had nowhere to run.

“Big sister, is kindness a crime?” The little boy’s voice sounded.

Gu Yian looked at the approaching Mrs. Zhao and gently answered the boy, “No.”

“But why do I and my parents meet with these things? Isn’t this retribution?”

“No. Kindness is innocent. It’s bad people who are too wicked.”

The wind rose and blew Gu Yian’s stray bangs across her forehead.

The world was charged with silence.

Gu Yian could only hear the little boy’s voice.

“Big sister, your answer pleases me.”

The boy’s voice was vexed. “What should I do? Your game is over, but I don’t want you to leave this world.”

She gambled right.

Gu Yian’s first reaction was that she gambled right.

Her understanding of whether or not kindess was a crime wasn’t wrong.

From beginning to end, she carried out her own kindness.

Gu Yian was behind half a beat and only now did she realize the little boy wished for her to stay in this world.

Mrs. Zhao walked up to them at this time.

The little boy directly stretched out a hand.

His hand penetrated Mrs. Zhao’s body without any hindrance and then he immediately pulled it back.

There was something extra in his hand.

It was a pitch-black mass.

Mrs. Zhao’s body, which lost this mass, collapsed like sand and then soaked into the ground right after like water. In the blink of an eye, there was only a pool of dark blood on the ground.

The little boy brought the mass to Gu Yian’s eyes. “Big sister, eat this and then you’ll be able to stay with me.”

A rancid smell blew over to her.

Gu Yian identified this mass with great difficulty.

This was Mrs. Zhao’s heart.

The little boy waited for a while, but didn’t see Gu Yian move.

“She actually fainted?” The boy’s voice was puzzled.

He shook his hand it returned to being clean straight away.

He turned around, picked up Gu Yian, and walked towards the middle building.


When Gu Yian opened her eyes, she saw the little boy looking down at her from a height.

Even though his eyes were curved and he was smiling, that sight of him plucking out Mrs. Zhao’s heart lingered in Gu Yian’s mind.

Gu Yian looked left and right and discovered that, right now, she was lying down in a narrow space.

She tentatively reached out and pressed against the board of one side.

The little boy didn’t stop her.

Gu Yian smoothly sat up.

After sitting up, she glanced to both sides and found out she was in a coffin.

“Do you like this coffin?” The boy asked.

Gu Yian raised her eyes.

The little boy smiled, “I’m missing a playmate. Why don’t you keep me company?”

Gu Yian withdrew her gaze.

The boy knew she wasn’t from this world and clearly knew about their game.

God’s Game.

God was always watching them.

Gu Yian’s thoughts turned and she agreed with a slight smile, “Alright.”

The little boy was extremely happy. He looked at Gu Yian, seemed to think for a moment, and then gave her a hug as she sat in the coffin.

Just as his embrace was about to end, he said, “Your soul smells good.”

Did he want to eat her soul?

Gu Yian acted as if she didn’t hear this evaluation.

The little boy told her, “Not everyone can keep me company. You’re unique.”

Gu Yian laughed. She thought about how she was the only one who ate that many mushrooms and, after eating the mushrooms, she didn’t touch a single grain of rice.

She guessed the conditions.

Gu Yian lay back in the coffin. She watched as the little boy slowly closed the lid and, without a trace of light being able to come in, her vision became pitch dark.

It was obvious that the air in an enclosed space would quickly turn stagnant, but Gu Yian didn’t notice any change and she could still freely breathe.

She relaxed and then gradually fell asleep.

At some point in time, light enveloped her.

Her surroundings were a pure white.

There were several lines of black letters floating in the air.

Gu Yian suddenly came to awareness.

Her sight landed at the beginning of the first line of black letters.


The corners of Gu Yian’s lips curved.

She gambled right.

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