Kare ni wa Kimyou na Seiheki ga Aru ~ Case3 Iroke ga Afureru Danna-san ~

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Nozeki An (野関 杏)
CV: ワッショイ太郎

He Has Some Strange Habits ~ Husband With Overflowing Sexiness ~

Every night, you’re in the palm of his hand.

Won’t you spend a sweet and heady time with him?

Thank you to Yunfa for another commission again! R18 warning and he’s a gentle sadist, who likes to see the heroine embarrassed, so there’s things like light bondage and squirting. You can grab this on the JP DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: An’s Feelings ***

An: Ah… Hm? I see. Mm-mm. Heh… hehe. I can’t believe it.

A: I can’t believe… that I would come here. So, what Kaito said was the truth. I didn’t believe what he said, but when I heard about this place from Tomoya I didn’t think I would experience it too.

A: Hm? Oh, right. This is inside my head. In other words… a dream? An illusion? Hm, meaning… even if I talk about the things I like, there will be no one around to rebuke me, right? If this is a soliloquy, then it wouldn’t hurt to talk without constraints.


A: As someone answering my own strange questions, expressing my problems to another person is quite difficult. But this is a rare chance… so let me talk about things that I cannot let my wife hear.

A: Um… regarding my problem… what is it, right? Mm.

A: Hmm… this is a very difficult question. To a certain extent, there’s a problem within my marriage but, if I talk about it here, will it get resolved? Hmm, let’s see… with respect to my beloved wife… how do I say this… hm…

A: She gave me a difficult test. That test is quite painful. Even if I’m asked to put it simply for those who don’t know her… how should I put it… My wife is always trying to seduce me.

A: Even someone like me is extremely troubled. Whenever I’m turned on in front of people, it’s honestly a battle for my reason. It’s because my wife has lips that tempt men. Extremely, you see. When those sexual lips turn to me… my reason flies out all the time and I end up wanting to devour her lips on the street.


A: Whenever I look at those lips… it gets dangerous. I want to forcefully pry apart those cute lips… with my thick, hard, and large co—[CENSORED].

A: AHEM. Oh, excuse me. Ladies will get angry at me for such extreme words. I need to change this to a softer expression, haha.

A: Um, where was I again? Ah, right. Um, in other words, I love her lips.

A: Of course, it’s not just her lips that are wonderful; however, if you were to ask me about my favorite part of her then, without any hesitation, I would choose her lips. Hm, why is that, right?

A: Strangely enough, by the time I realize it… I’m touching her lips.

A: As for my wife, she seems to maintain them so they don’t become rough but, for me, you could say it has the opposite effect. Under normal circumstances, they are alluring lips but when she puts on the slick lipstick? Uh, gloss? When she puts that on, they become even plumper and they look glossy.


A: Just the other day, she put on new lipstick. In actuality, she put it on to show me but… her happy and sweet smile was so lovable… that I brought her into a nearby unisex washroom and her lips were so enchanting that I couldn’t let her go to the point where she couldn’t stand afterward.

A: Ah, to think they’re enchanting to the point where I can’t control myself outside. Aah…

A: You see, my wife truly makes the cutest expressions. When I thrust in my tongue deeply… she goes limp. There, I trace her secret place which isn’t damp yet… and force my finger inside. She puts on a teary look at that tease and she tries to reject the intrusion of my finger.

A: But that reaction of rejection… fans my flames and opens the door of sadism that I was suppressing. Reflexively, I want to push her against the wall and force my length inside her… and then, as she clings to me, I want to thrust… deep… SO VERY DEEP…!


A: Oh my, excuse me again. This time I got a bit too heated, right? Hahaha… um, it just slipped out. Right now, in reality, I’m in a place where I can’t touch my wife and I’m putting up with it, so I went a bit wild in my mind.

A: When I see my cute wife, you could say I react no matter what. I end up… being turned on.

A: Naturally, I’m standing up. On my two feet… just kidding. I’m talking about my lower half. Especially in this closed space where I can’t speak out loud… I can’t help but feel like my reason is being tested.

A: When dishes are brought over, it gets noisy with utensils, right? Under that timing, I want to touch my wife’s hidden spot… and I want to swirl my finger inside her and make her cum repeatedly. I want to press adult toys to her sensitive spot and, even if I’m not touching her, I find this irresistible. Unfortunately, when I was still preparing my toys, they all got confiscated.

A: Yesterday, while she drenched a new vibrator and rotor, she clung to my neck and kept cumming. After being shown that sight I found her so dear… I wanted to bring them on our trip too.


A: But, in the end, I’m not so much a beast without any manners who would say “Right now!” and ravish her inside a plane. I plan on holding myself back until we reach the hotel. Plus… as my wife knows, I have a constitution where I stay hard for a long time the more I hold myself back.

A: I knew it was the right idea not to schedule anything for the first day. Because then I can make love to her without reserve for an entire night.

A: Ah, I want to hurry up and check into the hotel.

A: What should we do while we’re staying here? I want to see sides of my wife that I’ve never seen up to now and I’m looking forward to it.

*airplane descends*

A: Ah, my wife beside me just woke up. Well, I should return soon. I’ve been wanting to tease her for the entire flight. Now then, excuse me.

*** TRACK 2: Cottage on the Water ***

*ocean waves BGM; door opens*

A: Merci, haha. You’re still energized?

A: Since we arrived at the airport, you’ve been looking around. Even in the town, your eyes were caught by so many things I wondered if they were going to spin around, haha. Ah, you’re right, you can’t help yourself since it’s your first time abroad. Plus, the scenery here really is wonderful.

A: Ah, that reminds me! You should check your suitcase, just in case. So that it isn’t someone else’s even though it looks the same. *heroine runs to check*

A: Haha, well? Is everything accurate?

A: Hehe. *comes over; grabs heroine* Rawr! Haha. Surprised?

A: We’re finally alone together. It was painful while we were on the plane.

A: Huh? Because I couldn’t hold you like this. I also couldn’t ravish you.

A: Hm? Haha, but of course, if you’re that close then I’ll naturally get aroused. Ah, did you notice? That’s right, I’m hard.


A: Since I decided that, the moment you entered the room, I would ravish you. Mmm…

A: Your breasts really feel nice. I can touch them forever like this…

A: Um, I have a request… could you make me feel good with your mouth? Yes, I’ve wanted to be engulfed by your lips this entire time. *removes belt* Look, it’s this erect. Please take in my length with those glossy lips.

A: Your knees don’t hurt, do they? Mm, good then. Nngh… hah… *heroine gives BJ*

A: It feels extremely good. Aah… haah…

A: Your lips, haha… they’re so seductive. When I look at them, I end up wanting to slam my member to the back of your throat.


A: Haha, I’m a pervert? I suppose so. I’m aware of it myself. Ngh, I become aroused no matter what whenever you’re around. Mngh… ah…

A: Ngh, haha, do you hate me like this? Haha! That makes me happy, but please don’t shake your head with me in your mouth. Hngh, it’s a lot of stimulation. Haha, thank you.

A: Mm? I just want to stroke your head. But… ah… nrgh… haha, the way you look up at me through your lashes is nice. Ungh… mgh…

A: I want to grab your head and move my hips.

A: Ah, I won’t do anything unreasonable so could I move a little too? Mm, thank you. Haa… hah… gngh…!

A: Amazing… mrgh… it feels nice… in your mouth. Hagh… hah…!


A: Hngh… is it getting hard? I’m about to cum with a little more… ngh… mgh… please endure it for just a little bit more… I’m going to hold down your head a bit. Ngh, ah, feels good… Haa… hagh… haa…!

A: Your… face like this… is cute. Ngh… hah…!

A: Mngh… hah… I can’t… it’s coming…! Ungh… mgh… I’m cumming! It’s… coming…! Let go! *he orgasms*

A: Haa… hah…

A: I’m… sorry. I got everything on your face. Haha, you’re right, it’s sticky. You have to change.

A: Ah! Please wait. If you’re going to change, then I have something. *goes to bag* If I remember correctly, it’s in this bag… Ah, there! Here it is. I thought this would fit you and prepared a present. Please open it.


A: How is it? Cute, right? Haha! This is a product my company’s going to manage next time. You know how to put it on, right? It exposes quite a bit but, shape-wise, it’s a one-piece camisole. So you can just slip it on.

A: Huh? That’s not it…?

A: Yes, of course, change into that right now. Don’t tell me, you want to spend your day in clothes covered by my semen?

A: A robe? The ones provided? That’s true, we have those. Hmm… but they aren’t cute. I refuse. I want to see you wearing this. So, come on, quickly now.

A: Hm? If it’s hard to put on, why don’t I help you? I love taking off clothes, you know…

A: Ah, you don’t have to cover yourself. *heroine runs off* Oh, are you changing over there? *heroine closes door* You can just change in front of me though.

*** TRACK 3: Present ***

*ocean waves BGM; door opens*

A: Ah… it’s beautiful. It’s even more erotic with only a little bit of skin being hidden. Now, come over here.

A: Haha, are you shy even though I always stare at every inch of you? Your face is so red. Your nipples are hard enough for me to see them clearly through the thin undergarment.

A: Ah, to hide them with your hands… I guess I can only let you do that for now. I’ll sit down, so please straddle me. *sits down*

A: Here, right on my lap. *heroine sits on him*

A: Be sure to hold onto my shoulders, alright? *kisses*

A: Your alluring breasts came into view so I unconsciously kissed them, haha. Mm, it feels good. This undergarment feels extremely nice on the skin, doesn’t it? Like you can touch it forever.

A: What’s wrong with you today? You have a very seductive look on your face.


A: Yes, your expression right now. You’re looking at me… as if you’re hoping for something.

A: Could it be that down here…? Haha, ah, you’re wet. When I move my finger, there’s squelching sounds. Oh, please don’t hide your face with your hand. Ah, I know! I’m glad I prepared this for times like these. Put your hands behind your back. With this ribbon…

A: There we go, this is good. You can’t hide yourself with your hands now. Not your embarrassed and red face, and not your expectant, dripping, and shameful place… Everything can be seen by me.

A: Haha, it’s useless. I have my arm around your waist, so you can’t escape. Please give up. I’ll make you feel very good. I’ll make you cum so many times, you won’t be able to stand.


A: One of the charms of this undergarment… is that the panties are tied, right? My fingers can slip in even without removing them. Hm? Don’t you find it extremely erotic?

A: Mm, if I tease your clit in this situation, you look like you’ll cum right away. Sure, please cum a lot.

A: Ah, it’s very hard. I’ll squeeze it between my fingers.

A: Please don’t hold in your voice. The other cottages won’t be able to hear anything because of the ocean waves. Just earlier, the couple in the cottage next to us were having very intense sex, but you didn’t notice, right?

A: Haha, I knew it. They were really intense under the sun.

A: *whispers* Should we try that too?

A: Haha, you don’t want to? Why? Your… erotic body… I want to show it to everyone. I’ll tie you to a chair, tape rotors to the tips of your breasts, and on your sensitive clit… I’ll tease it with your favorite bear rotor.


A: Haha, you don’t want your bear rotor that much? When you were teased by it, you writhed while crying, didn’t you? Oh? You cum easily with that though.

A: Eh? I didn’t bring it with me. You confiscated everything, right?

A: What are you relieved for? Please pay attention. Nngh… look, my finger slipped into you smoothly.

A: You clenched down. Was it twitching, wanting something to be put in?

A: Can you hear this? What a loud noise, huh. Let’s try adding another finger.

A: Aah, the second one’s inside. Your honey pours out from inside just from me moving my fingers. It’s dripped down to your thighs.

A: Why don’t we try moving these in and out?

A: Ngh… you’re squeezing down. Does it feel good inside? Haha, your legs are trembling. But keep yourself up like that for now… because I’ll make you cum like this.

A: This spot, right? Mm… it seems I’m right. In that case, I’ll also touch your clit with my thumb.

A: Ah, you can’t hold in your voice? It’s alright, cum. Haha, come on… cum! Mgh… move your hips and raise your voice.


A: Haha, no? You want me to stop my hand? Nope, we’re staying like this… nrgh… ah…

A: Go ahead, let it out. Just like this. *heroine orgasms*

A: Haa… hah…

A: Haha, you squirted a lot. You’re steadily getting better at this, aren’t you? It’s cute.

A: You’re embarrassed? Haha! Please be even more embarrassed. I… get turned on when you look like that.

A: Now then, please lie down on the bed. *removes pants*

A: Here, spread your legs. Nngh… ah… so tight.

A: Mngh, haha… You’re right, I entered you when you just came. Nrgh, did you cum again? Haha, right now, you seem like you can squirt by my length too.


A: Mm? You don’t want to? Hrm… that’s too bad.

A: That’s true, I want to start feeling good too so, as for whether or not you can, let’s test that another time. Now then, I’ll start moving. Nngh… hah… hagh… *thrusting*

A: Haha, mgh… because you used your mouth earlier, ngh, this time I can last for a long time.

A: Haa… hah…

A: But when I see the pleasure on your face… I’ve changed my mind. Mngh… I won’t end this no matter how many times you cum. This time, I’ll release a lot into the mouth down here… so be sure to take it all in. Gngh… mgh…!

A: Are you about to cum? Hah… hagh… ngh, you’re squeezing so hard…!

A: Nrgh… mgh…! Aah… hah… you came? You’re going to have to hold on more. I haven’t even touched your breasts yet. Haa… hah… I’ll tug on your nipples too. Nngh… haah… *thrusting*

A: Haha, you came so easily. Gngh… mm…! How many times can you come in succession? Haha, let’s try it out. Hagh… I’ll go in deep… ngh…!

A: While I thrust into you, I’ll pinch your nipples… mgh! Gngh… hagh… haa…!


A: You’re squeezing down again. Mrgh… ah… ngh…! Just like this… cum… howevery many times you want.

A: Hagh… hah…!

A: Please don’t… ngh… lose consciousness, mgh…! Hah… haah…!

A: Sometimes, gngh, whenever you moan… it sounds like my name’s being called over and over again, haha… It gets me even more excited. Aah… ngh…!

A: You don’t have the energy to respond? Haah… haa… haha, it’s cute how much pleasure you’re feeling. Ngh… mgh…!

A: I’m also about… to cum… mgh… ngh…!

A: No… I can’t… gngh…! Mgh… hah… hagh…! I’m… cumming…! Haa… hagh…! I’m cumming…! Gngh, ah…! *he orgasms*

A: Haah… hagh…


A: I was a bit too rough, wasn’t I? Haha, I wish I counted how many times you came… I think.

A: Ah, it’s flowing out!

A: Haha, I was a bit too excited too. It’s all pouring out, mixed in with your wetness.

A: I wiped it off to some extent. But I think it’ll still come out, so let’s wash it away in the shower.

A: Oh, the ribbon! *removes ribbon* Ah, I’m sorry, the ribbon left a mark. Are you alright? Your arms hurt, didn’t they? I… got too excited.

A: There’s the mood of being overseas but… today, you’re so enchanting I had no composure at all. Haha, I’ll be careful next time. This undergarment looks really good on you too. I’d be happy if you wore this sort of undergarment more often though…

A: Huh? I won’t get tired of it. Hm… well, I wonder. Seeing it occasionally would be exciting because it’s fresh, huh. But I think I can get excited immediately upon seeing you in anything.


A: Yes, that’s right. Normally, I’m constantly thinking about how to please you. When it comes to underwear, some stimulation is needed but, even without anything, if I just touch you then I can get aroused in any situation.

A: Shioe-san…? Hm? The younger one…? Ah, you mean Kaito! I’m afraid I’m not as peerless as Kaito. That man’s a wild animal. To be able to have sex dozens—countless—of times… I can’t even imagine that.

A: Hmm.

A: You’re stirring me up quite a bit today. We’re finally alone together on a trip overseas but, in spite of this, you’re talking about another man in front of your beloved husband… I can’t let this slide.

A: Hehe, it’s useless to run. I don’t know if this part of me can last to the very end so, I have no choice, I can still make you feel very good with my hand.

A: *whispers* I won’t stop no matter how you cry. Please don’t lose consciousness.

*** TRACK 4: Your Lips ***

*ocean waves BGM*

A: Mm? Ah, you’re awake? *comes over*

A: Good morning. *kisses*

A: Eh? Me? I was looking at the ocean. The waves, glittering under the moonlight, are beautiful. Yes, extremely. It’s a romantic night.

A: Thank you for finding such a wonderful hotel.

A: Huh? It was your dream? To come here?

A: That’s true. You vividly remember the things you see on TV when you’re small, although there are also memories that fade and can’t be remembered. Haha, you were quite mature for your age, weren’t you? To think of how nice it’d be to come here one day with the person you love. Your adult husband didn’t think about these things.

A: Haha, that’s true, women like to have dreams they can achieve if they just work hard enough for it. Large dreams are too far and it’ll be tiring to chase after it.

A: Eh? My childhood dream? What I wanted to be…? Hmm, that’s difficult.


A: Ah, no, it’s not that I didn’t have one. It’s just… choosing one is difficult.

A: Haha, yes, first I wanted to be a pilot, a police officer, a firefighter, a lawyer, or a soccer athlete. Then it was a teacher, archaeologist, chef, and after that… Huh? That’s enough? Even though you’re the one who asked?

A: Of course, I can answer with twenty more.

A: Oh, that’s too bad.

A: Meanwhile, you were a grown-up child, weren’t you? When you met me, even when I spoke about my work, you knew more than what you didn’t know.

A: No, you’re unique. There aren’t many people who have that much knowledge. Especially so for women.

A: Huh? I’m not treating you like some sort of abnormal person.

A: *hugs heroine* I fell in love with you as you are. It’s a relief that it’s the same for you. For example, when it comes to sex, as people with different preferences and libidos, even if we put in effort a gulf ends up being formed, right?


A: I think there are also times when just skin-on-skin contact isn’t enough. Things like desiring the other more intensely, being desired, and discussing feelings… somehow, love brims over in those interactions and isn’t that lovely? Yes, you’re lovely.

A: It might be difficult for people who find this a bother, but wanting to test the other person’s feelings is proof that you really like them, right? I find your sweet pitifulness lovely. It’s like when I kiss you. I enjoy light brushing ones like this, but like this… *kisses* Nngh…

A: —kisses that try to make the other person lose their mind… I want to kiss you much, much more. *kisses*


A: Haah… haa… wrap around mine… *kisses*

A: Mngh… hah… wrap your tongue around mine more… *kisses*

A: You’re still wet, right? I’ll put my finger in you again with what we were just doing… Aah, ngh… *kisses; fingers heroine*

A: Haha, mgh… my finger went in easily…


A: Hagh… haa… just a bit more. *kisses* Mrgh… mm…

A: Nngh… ah… haah… take it in deep. It doesn’t hurt, does it?

A: Mm, I’m glad. If I move roughly like this, I wonder if you’ll squirt again? Haah… go ahead, cum. *heroine orgasms*

A: Haha, you came. You liked it that much, I see. Haha.

A: Aah, in the end, it would have been nice if I brought my company’s goods. Oh, it’s fine if my carry-on baggage is inspected. My company’s products are allowed within the country.

A: Huh? Well, whenever I’m in business discussions, I bring the original product. I’ve been asked about the contents of my case once or twice during inspections but, once I answer adult goods, they’ll understand and return it to the box.


A: Oh, but in cases where my suitcase is held and I’m asked about the contents, I can only take it out and answer it honestly. Others may be embarrassed though.

A: Really? I’m used to it. I’m not scared of it happening at all. If anything, depending on the country when I’m abroad, they’ll just be confiscated so I’ll mail it ahead and take care not to put it in my luggage.

A: Oh, I know! Why don’t we do that next time?

A: Haha, you don’t have to look like that. A silicone-based d… um, solid thing, where my fingers are right now… I just want to try putting it in you and passing inspection.

A: Eh? Why are you against it? It’s a unique chance to enjoy the sight of you fearing and being excited about whether or not you’ll be discovered…

A: Huh? It’ll be alright. If you are found out… *whispers* I’ll take it out of you, show it to the inspector, and say… “My wife is this sexual and alluring, isn’t she?”

A: You don’t have to say anything. I like your troubled expression. Even now, when you might be embarrassed, you’re clenching down inside… My charming wife is an outrageous deviant.


A: That’s wrong? Then I’ll have to make you cum again with my fingers and get you to admit it. Hehe, I wonder how long you can last.

A: Haha, you just squeezed down really tightly. Are you alright? Aren’t you about to cum already? Hehe, you’re enduring it.

A: How about this? How is it?

A: I’ll tease your ears too. *kisses*

A: … Haha, aah… you came again. Being this sensitive… you really are wanton. Haha. Are you at your physical limits? You can’t move? Since we came here, you came an uncountable number of times, so it’s not out of the question. Once you can move, let’s take a shower. Until then, please rest.

A: Here.

A: It’s a trip with just us two, so let’s enjoy ourselves a lot with both sightseeing and sex.

A: I love you. *kisses*

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