Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 10 ~

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Chapter 10 ~ Second Game Pt.1 ~

After the person who called himself Mr. Demon for the time being finished speaking, the other seven people were so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

To dare to call himself a God in the game, to watch them in place of God, and to even dare to say he was a demon meant he must be a being who couldn’t be provoked.

Perhaps they shouldn’t even use “him” and should use “they” to refer to this being, as if they were addressing God.

Gu Yian immediately gave this Mr. Demon the label of having a disgusting personality in her heart.

The being who watched the show changed but, whether it was God or a demon, the watchers were all disgusting.

Mr. Demon saw everyone’s extremely cautious appearances and they laughed before saying, “Let us play a game. The name of the game is The Death List.”

Gu Yian heard someone unconsciously gasp.

She could understand the person who gasped.

Because she was just as shocked as them in this moment.

The Death List didn’t sound like any sort of good game.

Or more like anything linked to death was definitely not a good game.

“Now, I shall explain the rules of the game,” Mr. Demon’s voice was gentle but it landed in the player’s ears as a note that was pushing them to their deaths.

“There are seven of you. I do not want to know your names. I have seven cards here and each card corresponds to one of you.”

“These seven cards are the butcher, the thief, the liar, the witch, the sage, the merchant, and the student.”

Mr. Demon pointed out, “You are all so clever I believe you must know which card you will get. Now, starting from this moment, remember the order of the death list.”

“The butcher died on the first night.”

“The thief died on the second night.”

“The liar died on the third night.”

“The witch died on the fourth night.”

“The sage died on the fifth night.”

“The merchant died on the sixth night.”

“The student died on the seventh night.”

The following happened after Mr. Demon’s narration.

Seven pitch-black cards appeared on the table in front of the seven players.

A robust middle-aged man with a fierce-looking face rushed to flip over the card in front of him.

“Butcher? You’re letting me die first?” The middle-aged man’s voice was murderous, but his eyes continuously stabbed at the other players around the table.

Beside the middle-aged man was an ugly young man, with a mouth that stuck out and a chin like a monkey, who practically turned over his own card at the same time.

“Sage.” The young man looked at the card, his eyes shining with delight.

Seeing that they were safe and sound, Gu Yian reached out and touched the card in front of her.

Information about the card immediately entered her brain.

The thief card had an inherent ability: exchange.

She could exchange her card with any card here.

So long as Gu Yian had the intention, she just had to think about it and the card’s ability would activate and the card in her hand would be replaced with another person’s card.

In the death list the thief died on the second night.

Although Gu Yian didn’t remember the entire order of death, she still remembered the first few ones.

To be honest, this card was way beyond Gu Yian’s expectations.

After all, according to the hidden meaning in Mr. Demon’s earlier words, the cards they got would be related to their own identity.

Gu Yian thought she would have gotten the “student” card.

But the result was the thief.

Gu Yian didn’t use the card’s ability and instead she flipped it over.

This should be the front of the card.

The card was about the size of a playing card and on its front was a single gilded word, thief.

At this time, the other players all flipped over their own cards and there were mixed feelings.

There was the fierce-looking middle-aged man and the monkey-looking young man who set an example.

Everyone said out the role of the cards in their hands but, tacitly, no one said out their card’s ability.

Gu Yian listened especially to the roles of the two people beside her.

To her left was the Witch. The Witch was an elegant woman with grey in her hair who maintained her health quite well.

To her right was the Merchant. The Merchant seemed to be a man who was all smiles and he wore a suit, as if he was about to head to work later.

To the right of the Merchant was a submissive teenager.

His card was the student.

Gu Yian originally thought the student card would be her own card.

She looked again at the seat order of the seven people.

Counting from the fierce-looking middle-aged butcher man at the very far left, she was the fifth seat, and then there was the merchant and student, making seven people altogether.

Gu Yian had a bold guess in her mind.

But because Mr. Demon only gave the order of death once, Gu Yian still couldn’t remember the order of death for all seven roles.

In fact, she couldn’t even remember the seven corresponding card roles.

The possibility of her guess was very low.

Mr. Demon waited until everyone to quiet and then used their gentle voice to ask, “Does anyone have any questions about their card?”

“I do.”

Gu Yian lightly said these words.

All of a sudden, the eyes of the other six players, as well as Mr. Demon, all gathered on her.

But Gu Yian wasn’t flustered.

If Mr. Demon hadn’t asked that question just now then she still wouldn’t dare to believe her own guess.

However, since Mr. Demon asked that question earlier, the scales in Gu Yian’s heart tipped towards her own guess.

She was certain there was a problem with the card in her hand.

Mr. Demon asked, “Miss Thief, what is your question?”

Gu Yian smiled faintly, “Sir, please allow me to call you Mr. Demon.”

Mr. Demon gave an ambiguous chuckle and did not object.

“You said before that we would know which card we would get. Isn’t that hinting to us that the role of our cards is related to our identity? In my life, I have never done something like stealing someone’s belongings.”

Since Gu Yian could remember, she had never stolen anything, including in her previous life.

Why would she get the thief card?

Since the thief card’s ability was to exchange cards then could someone have replaced her original card?

Gu Yian calmly faced the scrutiny of the other players.

Her eyes seemed to inadvertently fall on the second player at the far left.

The monkey-looking young man met her gaze without any guilt.

Seeing his reaction, Gu Yian had an answer in her heart.

Mr. Demon heard Gu Yian’s question and they eyed her with interest through the mask.

They suddenly asked, “Do you not know of the phrase, stealing someone’s heart?”

There was a small crack in Gu Yian’s originally perfect smile.

Was the phrase, stealing hearts, the one she understood?

Gu Yian looked at Mr. Demon somewhat in disbelief.

She was talking business, but Mr. Demon was joking with her?

Mr. Demon seemed to feel that Gu Yian’s reaction was extremely amusing and they said, “Your appearance has already stolen the hearts of too many people. The thief card matches you very well.”

Gu Yian could confirm that Mr. Demon was joking.

She fell silent for a second and then wanted to say something.

But Mr. Demon added another sentence.

“Including my heart.”

Gu Yian: “……”

8 thoughts on “Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 10 ~

    Yuhua said:
    April 14, 2021 at 02:06


      Ilinox responded:
      April 14, 2021 at 09:18

      EVERY SINGLE TIME. Gotta shoot his shot HAHA.

    Kitten who changed to Face-con said:
    March 28, 2021 at 03:15

    Ml you are a flirt ο(=•ω<=)ρ⌒☆

      Ilinox responded:
      March 28, 2021 at 09:48

      The way he tries to shoot his shot this entire game is hilarious |D.

    kai5404 said:
    February 3, 2021 at 16:17

    I’m guessing Gu Yian was originally the Sage? If that’s the case, then would she be able to use the Sage ability at some point or is she no longer recognized as the Sage since she doesn’t physically have the card in her hand? Is she completely bound to the Thief role until she switches with someone else?

    Tbh, I wonder how Gu Yian would even use the Thief ability. Once she uses it, it wouldn’t be hard to figure out that she did something(suddenly becoming the Thief when you were the Student?? Like come on). Will she even use it? She has too, right? Maybe at the last minute of the second night, so no one else could switch back with her/survive the second night to tell everyone else what she’s done? Pull a fast one on the monkey guy 😂😂 I wonder if she can switch back with the one who took her original identity?? Timing will be everything here.

    Would the Sage’s ability (or any of the other roles’ abilities) be able to stop her own? The Sage and the Witch abilities may have something to do with ‘Prediction’ or ‘Fortune Telling’ like seeing someone’s ability?🤔

    The author went out of their way to describe the Sage man as “monkey-looking”, so hinting at his true nature/true role?? Kinda how fox features are associated with sly and cunning??
    Also, I completely believe that he was able to determine everyone’s role before they flipped their cards and then activated his ability as soon as he touched his card; Mr.Demon’s dialogue supports that.

    Speaking of Mr. Demon, even though he’s messing with Gu Yian and shooting his shot, I do feel that he’s sort of covering for her?? He could have easily made her situation more precarious by planting suspicion in the group because of her role as a Thief, thus making it difficult for her to survive/navigate the game; especially when doing so would result in a much more juicy show to watch. Or am I talking too soon?? Is he going to start more drama later on?? Am I overthinking things??

    How much do you think Mr. Demon likes Gu Yian at this point anyways? He was fond of her during the first Game, but he was pretending to be a child so… I think he views her as an interesting and fresh change to his previously boring immortal life than an actual love partner lolol Maybe I’m just romance dense since I usually come here to read R18 drama CDs that skip the romance altogether or at least glaze over it lolol 😅

    Thanks for sharing this story with us! I didn’t know what to expect with this story, but I really do enjoy it!😆

      Ilinox responded:
      February 4, 2021 at 22:59

      First, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING, haha. I mostly translate to share things I’m already interested in but it’s certainly an additional motivation to see other people invested and/or participating in the comments.

      I’ve already read the second game while I was deciding to translate this story, so I’m sitting on my hands here trying not to spoil anything. BUT I will say you’re hot with your guesses and IMO this author does really well in giving the readers enough clues to piece things together. Their grasp of pacing makes us come to realizations pretty much at the same time as the heroine and that’s a tricky thing to handle, so I’m impressed. I never felt like Gu Yian was too dumb or had deus ex machina knowledge that the readers didn’t have access to. Everything Gu Yian notices is something we can use as a clue.

      LOL I think you’re spot on here about Mr. Demon and that’s how I’m reading it too. Gu Yian has a really stable and confident approach to life and, putting aside everything else, I actually love the themes she brought up in the first game? Like, everything she did and all the kindness she gave was just what she could naturally do and what she herself felt was right. IMO that’s the best thing you can do in life. Like, I’d rather die living to the fullest of my principles than being a hypocrite for the sake of living, haha.

      Anyway, Mr. Demon is probably in the middle of testing her out right now and just seeing if she can survive through more games / show other sides of herself. Meanwhile, he’ll play around sort of like a cat with a mouse.

    krazycrazyreader said:
    February 3, 2021 at 03:28

    That last sentence, LOL!!!

      Ilinox responded:
      February 3, 2021 at 13:07

      RIGHT? I’m just imagining the ML being like “I gotta be an adult man next time!” after the first game just so he can flirt with Gu Yian like this LOL.

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