Ryou ~ Whereabouts of Sin ~ Pre-release Ryuuji

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Eclipse ~ Whereabouts of Sin ~

Part 2 thanks to Mirai for this commission! R18 language warning and dub-con themes. This is a short story released before the CD.

Note1: Because the kanji can mean many things, I just took a stab at the title. This character can form the verb for surpassing, excelling, or eclipsing someone. But it can also be part of the word for being humiliated and assaulted, so I chose eclipse for the way it can be used to mean a loss of status or reputation (ex. eclipsed by someone).

I Love You

Didn’t children who mature early say things like “I wanna be so-and-so’s wife” in kindergarten?

But I’d just go “Oh, really” and let it go in one ear and out the other, looking around at everyone with pretty cold eyes.

I wasn’t a cute child, if I do say so myself. But since I was born there, well, I would like it if you gave me a break.


That being said, right now, I was really in a pickle. I didn’t know how to win someone over. Up to now, I managed somehow with my good looks but that wasn’t gonna work this time. After all, we met through rape.

If I thought about this normally, I was really fucked. There was no decent way to be liked. So, every day, I was pretty anxious.


Well, it didn’t show on my face though.

Aah, if only I was a normal playboy at the start.


There were times I thought that but regretting the past was a waste of time. If you were troubled over things that had passed, then it was tens of thousands of times better to use that energy effectively on something else. That was my opinion.

Yeah, for example, pampering the girl nodding off in my arms with all that I had.



“It’s cold, right? That’s why I told you to put on this blanket. You’re a stubborn one, Fawn.”


Fawn—named by Kotetsu—was watching a movie with her back against my chest and she curled up her body, sniffling. When she did that, she fit even more snugly in my arms.

Cute. Somehow, I didn’t care about the movie anymore.


“Because if I’m cozy I’ll feel sleepy…”


Huh? She was really going to use a word like cozy?

Hold on, I wanted to think about the impression of this word for an hour.

How would I explain this… the sound of the word made me feel secure. Also, it was gentle, cute, adorable, lovely… anyway, wasn’t it too cute!?

Although she could more or less be at ease with the contract, there was a limit to how defenseless one could be to struggle against drowsiness in the arms of a man who raped her.


“Ah, I’m worried about your future, Fawn. I’m certain you’re gonna be caught again by a terrible man like me.”

“I really learned this time.”


“Mhm. Also, I think it’s about time to call me by another name…”

“Are you OK with your real name?”

“My real name…”


Fawn hated her real name. When I saw her mumbling over her words with an unhappy twist to her mouth, I thought it was sad. Even though I’ve never felt bad for a girl before.

Jeez, humans were really things that could change like this, huh. I was moved despite thinking about myself.


Hiding my self-derisive smile, I kissed her hair whorl, which happened to be in the right position, and spoke.


“I think you know already, but if Kotetsu calls someone a fawn then they’re a fawn even if they were a bear-like woman. And if they were bastards or pig-like then they’d be pigs.”

“His naming sense is off.”

“But I think the name, Fawn, suits you.”

“I’m not young enough to be called that and my physique isn’t that tiny either…”

“Hrmm, it’s not body type but inside.”


I pressed down right on the center of her chest with my fingertip.

Her wide blinking gesture was so cute I reflexively kissed her eyelids.


“See, don’t newborn fawns do their best to stand up even though they’re all shaky? But maybe, if they stand up and walk, there’s a carnivore at the end. Maybe staying still like that would have let them live longer, even if it’s just for a few seconds.”

“Mm… maybe.”

“But they stand up. That’s the instincts of a deer but, if we change that to a human, then I think that requires a shit ton of courage. Fawn, I think you have that sort of strength. You’re weak, but also really strong.”


“Really. Like Kotetsu said, at first you were shaky like a newborn fawn but, in order to protect what’s important to you, you’ve braced your legs and planted yourself. It’s exactly like the strength of a fawn and I’m impressed every day.”

“Hmm… I’ll keep this name a little longer then.”

“Haha, alright.”


In truth, I wanted to use her real name. But if I did that then Fawn would shrink into herself, so I swallowed my wish.

For some reason, I felt overwhelmingly sad and squeezed her tightly from behind.

It’d be nice if she could be trapped in my arms forever like this…

I was about to say that and so I whispered one more emotion into her ear.


“I love you, Fawn.”

“J-jeez, this is the third time today. Either way, you say this to all girls, right?”

“No way. I’ve never once said I love you to a girl other than you, Fawn.”


I just thought they were good if they had a hole to stick my cock in—but I wasn’t going to say that.

When I stared at her and smiled, the cheeks in front of me lightly stained red.


Ah, she was embarrassed. She got embarrassed at my words.

Aah, what was I going to do with this feeling of wanting to thrust into her right now, turn her into a mess, and make her moan?

I overdid this action earlier.

In any event, I had to leave a little more time or else Fawn’s stamina was gonna give out.

Hmm, at most I should have kept it to two rounds.


Amazing, it was rare for me to regret my past actions. Anyway, I gently gnawed her ear in order to calm my feelings.


“Nngh, you do this a lot.”

“Mm. I feel the illusion of sweetness.”


When I did this, the good-natured Fawn wouldn’t resist. Because she felt sorry for my situation.

Honestly, she was easy to understand.

I chuckled to myself in my mind and enjoyed her soft ear and neck.

After I engrossed myself like that, without realizing it, the movie was about to reach its climax.


“Now then.”

“Ah, is it almost time to eat?”



I grinned. Yes, it was mealtime.

It was time for the pitiful and innocent “Fawn” to be devoured because the movie was over.

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