Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 11 ~

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Chapter 11 ~ Second Game Pt.2 ~

Gu Yian did her best to keep smiling, “Thank you for your feelings.”

Thank you for your practical joke, you really are a demon.

Gu Yian placed her gaze onto the thief card in her hand.

She didn’t speak anymore, but the eyes of the other six players continued to move between her and Mr. Demon.

One must know that gossip was the most interesting in the world and a commotion was the best thing to watch, to say nothing of the two parties where one was a young and beautiful woman with an ethereal temperament and the other was a man whose background was extraordinary and mysterious. The other six players were naturally happy to watch something interesting happen between the two.

However, as Gu Yian just played with the card in her hand, the other players didn’t dare to rashly speak either and so the round table was also very quiet.

The silence didn’t last long and Mr. Demon knocked on the table through their black robe.

The black robe on their body concealed them too securely.

“Alright, no one has any questions.”

When the players heard this phrase, they exchanged glances.

Everyone had their own thoughts after the scene where Gu Yian asked Mr. Demon a question.

Mr. Demon would not answer their questions seriously and they may be the same as God, only here to watch the show.

“Presently, it is the morning of the first day and the game will end on the eighth night. When the first night arrives, let us witness the death of the butcher.”

There was pleasure in Mr. Demon’s voice.

In this moment, there was only the sound of a chair scraping against the ground from the Butcher’s seat.

The fierce-looking Butcher had suddenly stood up.

“I’m gonna see what sort of thing you really are!”

His seat was the closest to Mr. Demon, less than one meter away.

The Butcher swiftly and violently shot out a fist, aiming for Mr. Demon’s head.

A scene that astonished everyone happened.

Mr. Butcher’s fist passed through Mr. Demon’s body without any obstruction. It was as if what was in the seat was a perfect projection and there was no actual entity.

But it was clear that, just earlier, Mr. Demon had knocked on the table through their robe.

The Butcher’s face froze and his tone became humble as he withdrew his hand, “I sincerely apologize for offending you. I respect God too much and was worried that someone was falsely claiming the name of God.”

No one could see Mr. Demon’s current expression.

The mask on their face only let people see their eyes.

They were a pair of limpid eyes.

They glanced at the Butcher and said in an upset tone, “There are too many people. I do not wish to look at someone who offends the eye.”

Mr. Demon sighed and said, “Several may as well die first to have things be more interesting.”

The players who were present wisely kept silent.

Then everyone saw how the Butcher was like a marionette, turning around stiffly in place.

When he was turning around, Gu Yian saw the nervousness and panic on the Butcher’s face.

The Butcher was controlled and made to walk forward step by step in spite of himself.

In front of him was a window.

Under the gaze of several players and Mr. Demon, the Butcher slammed into the window.


The window glass responded with this sound, shattering, and at the same time the Butcher pitched through the window.

The Butcher’s death was a foregone conclusion with this fall.

“The butcher died, thus the first night ends,” Mr. Demon used their gentle voice to announce the Butcher’s death.

Their voice carried pleasure, “Does everyone understand how to play The Death List?”

Everyone’s line of sight returned to Mr. Demon again.

This time everyone coincidentally had the same fear towards Mr. Demon mixed in their eyes.

An unpredictable being, who could control life and death, was to be feared.

Gu Yian listened to Mr. Demon, turning her thief card with her right hand.

This Death List game could be understood in this way.

Mr. Demon was playing a game.

They, as seven players—no, six players now, were being played by the game.

Mr. Demon had set down the time of death for the seven players and would watch them die, one by one, according to the time on the death list.

How a player was to avoid the death of the death list was now a problem everyone had to face.

The pressure Gu Yian had now was not small, because she was the second death on the death list.

The thief died on the second night.

It concerned her own life and death, so Gu Yian could only ask a question again.

“Mr. Demon, may I ask how long we have until the second night arrives?”

This game was played by the demon and so the time inside the game was probably determined by Mr. Demon.

Gu Yian wanted to know how long she still had to look for a way to live.

“Beautiful Miss Thief, why not ask me how to avoid death?”

Mr. Demon’s tone was very considerate.

But Gu Yian wasn’t going to be deceived by his words.

She remembered that Mr. Demon didn’t answer her previous question directly.

Mr. Demon might just have found it amusing to speak to her like this. That was all. Gu Yian still had this bit of self-awareness.

But since Mr. Demon asked, then Gu Yian was not afraid to say anything.

Gu Yian asked, “May I ask then, Mr. Demon, how can I avoid death?”

“It’s very simple.”

Exceeding Gu Yian’s expectations, Mr. Demon actually answered this question very seriously.

“Let them die in your place, or you can fulfill my wish.”

Gu Yian heard this answer and had nothing to say.

The malice in Mr. Demon’s words was too great.

The answer was two methods.

The former was to incite infighting among the players and let them kill each other.

The latter was no doubt a dead end.

They dared to call themselves God and dared to say they were an abnormal being, a demon. They couldn’t achieve their own wish, so how could a player help them achieve it?

Gu Yian wouldn’t choose either of these two methods.

Gu Yian didn’t speak. The other players’ time of deaths were behind hers so they wouldn’t act rashly.

They were waiting for Gu Yian’s death so that they could further learn about the rules of this game.

Mr. Demon didn’t hear Gu Yian speak and seemed to be very disappointed.

They acted as if it was all just business and announced without energy, “Free time now. Do what you will.”

Right after Mr. Demon spoke he disappeared from the sight of the seven players, only leaving behind that luxurious seat in that spot.

Once Mr. Demon was gone, Gu Yian simply stood up and left her seat.

“Hey, Thief, where are you going? You’re not going to talk?” One player asked.

“I’m going to find a way to live.”

Before the second night arrived, Gu Yian had to find a way to escape the death list.

She didn’t know if Mr. Demon did it intentionally, but he didn’t tell her when the second night would come at all.

Gu Yian could only make full use of every second and every minute.

She didn’t have time to have conversations with the other players that would surely waste a lot of time to be able to obtain any information.

Mr. Demon said it was free time and they could do what they wanted. Then, logically speaking, she could leave this room.

Mm, logically speaking.

Although their interactions were short, Gu Yian discovered that Mr. Demon was generally unpredictable.

This made Gu Yian struggle a lot.

She was scared a little by Mr. Demon. She always felt that even if she were to guess the answer right Mr. Demon would mercilessly overturn it the next second.

Gu Yian went straight to the window where the Butcher shattered a big hole and looked down.

She saw the Butcher’s corpse.

Gu Yian then looked up and around.

There were old buildings around her, five stories high.

In this moment, Gu Yian happened to be level with the windows on the fifth floor of an old building.

It could be seen that the place she was in was also the fifth floor of a building.

Right in front of the building Gu Yian was in was a playground and a flag tower was very close to her side, facing the Butcher’s body.

This place seemed to be an abandoned school?

Maybe this was similar to her previous game and she had to leave this room to trigger events.

Mr. Demon probably wasn’t deliberately letting them move around for no reason at all.

Gu Yian turned around and walked to the right.

From the start she saw that there was a door in this room.

She walked very quickly.

The player, who just asked Gu Yian what she was going to do, spoke again, “Thief, Thief! Come over and discuss with us. Holy shit, the door opens?”

This player’s eyes widened, seeing Gu Yian twist the doorknob easily and open the door.

Gu Yian ignored the movement behind her and glanced outside the door.

Unlike the cleanliness of this room, the hallway outside was covered in dust and the tiles of the walls were coated in stains.

Inside the room and outside the room were two worlds.

Gu Yian looked at the front of the door she had just pulled open.

Because of the age and no maintenace, a lot of the paint at the bottom of the door had fallen off and there were several cracks and lines through the wooden boards. However, the numbers of the plate that was nailed to the top could still be recognized.


Gu Yian stepped out of the room.

The moment she stepped on the ground outside eerie music rang through this world.

An odd matter appeared.

Gu Yian was quite relieved now.

Being able to trigger events meant there was a path to survival.

This music seemed to be a piano score.

But its rhythm was too weird. It cycled through several notes and drifted through the silent, open, and empty air of the abandoned school.

Gu Yian saw birds flapping their wings in the distance, avoiding the area of this sky greatly.

Gradually, the innocent laughter of children mixed into this music.

In this sort of place these laughs were clearly abnormal.

A girl’s voice then sounded right after.

“Heehee, let’s play a game together.”

“Today is the second day.”

The voices of countless children repeated this soon after, “Today is the second day.”

Of the players who followed behind Gu Yian, one of them shivered upon hearing these voices.

He said to himself, “What is this? What game are we playing?”

The other players ignored him.

Everyone tacitly agreed to stand in place, quietly listening.

Immediately after these sounds a girl laughed, “Someone’s going to die again.”

The childish voice paired with terrifying-sounding words and combined with her pleasure raised a chill in the hearts of all the players.

Right after, countless children cheered, “Finally, someone’s going to die again.”

The girl was extremely pleased and curious. “Let me see who’s going to die.”

The sound of countless children chattering resounded.

“Who is it?”

“Who is it?”

“Who is it?”

Their voices grew louder and louder. At first, the players could only hear this sound but now it felt like their own eardrums were about to be shattered.

It was as if the distance between them and the children was shrinking and they were getting closer and closer.

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    Duadein said:
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    First of all, thank you so much for translating this LN! I find it really interesting and enjoyable to read. The chapters end at just the right moment to keep you interested in what’s going to happen next.

    And this Death Game… is quite interesting. I wonder if this is where Gu Yian will have to use the coffin she was given? After all, its description mentioned it’s “peefect for storing a corpse”. Is there a way to trick death that way?

    Also poor Mr. Devil, it sounded like he truly wanted Gu Yian to ask about what his wish was ,D
    Although it most likely would be something ridiculous in the eyes of the heroine.

      Ilinox responded:
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      Thank you for reading and commenting! It’s also the perfect length for me to maintain a consistent schedule of updates, haha.

      Ooh, that’s a good theory. If she “stores” herself into the coffin then the second night could pass and count her as “dead” and then the list keeps going. If only there was a more detailed instruction manual that came with the coffin LOL or is it just a regular old coffin.

      I bet he gets excited every time Gu Yian shows interest in him or converses with him, so when she didn’t continue on the conversation he was like “:< this is boring. Goodbye!" HAHA.

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