Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 12 ~

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Chapter 12 ~ Second Game Pt.3 ~

The girl’s voice sounded again but, this time, her voice was very light.

“I found you.”

Her voice was soft but, contrary to what was expected, all the players heard this phrase clearly among noise of the countless children.

It was as if this phrase was whispered into the ears of all the players.

All the voices came to an abrupt stop.

Gu Yian turned her head to glance at the players behind her.

They all had different expressions: some were nervous, some were calm.

“Did everyone hear that too?” Gu Yian asked.

Everyone looked at each other and saw their complexions.

Since it couldn’t be hidden, everyone admitted it.

Gu Yian raised her eyebrows.

If only she had heard it, then it meant her death was imminent. But everyone heard it, so didn’t it mean this girl and Mr. Demon were separate?


Gu Yian glanced at the end of the corridor, which was a washroom, but beside the washroom was the stairs.

She walked directly to the stairs.

Some players vaguely realized what Gu Yian wanted to do and followed along, while some players wanted to stay where they were.

One of the players standing in place shouted, “You guys aren’t waiting for the demon to appear?”

“The demon said it was free time, where are you guys going?”

“Wait for me!”

This player watched everyone leave and standing here alone gave him the creeps, so in the end he still followed them.

Gu Yian heard all the movement behind her.

Many hands made light work and Gu Yian had no reason to stop them from following her.

Some players tried to talk to Gu Yian, but she happened to be walking down the stairs and so she didn’t respond.

At the start, they chatted by themselves but later they realized that talking while going down the stairs quickly was especially exhausting and, one after another, they stopped talking.

Just like Gu Yian thought, this building was originally a school.

There were four exits altogether at the front and back of the school.

Gu Yian chose the exit that was closest to the Butcher’s body.

She intended to leave after checking the death of the Butcher, but several players rushed to the Butcher’s side ahead of her.

The man, who held the sage card and looked like a monkey, wormed his way ahead quicker than all the others.

His hand seemed to touch the Butcher’s body randomly from top to bottom, but then he immediately clutched something in his hand.

“Hey, you’ve got some guts, kid. Hiding something in front of us.”

One player watched as the first reaction of the corpse toucher was to stuff the thing he grabbed into his own clothes and called out his action.

The monkey-looking man, seeing that he caused everyone to get angry, laughed embarrassedly and spread open his hand to show the thing inside.

“It’s just a note.”

The other players didn’t believe in his words.

“We’re all veterans, don’t pretend. Only items obtained through games can be brought into a new game.”

“It’s just a piece of paper,” the monkey-looking man sounded wronged.

However, the expressions of every player were already very clear. They didn’t believe him.

Gu Yian also didn’t believe him.

Speaking of which, the coffin she brought into this game was still just a small accessory right now and lying in the pocket of her clothes.

Perhaps this note was of great use.

With so many players eyeing this note, she reckoned it wouldn’t fall into the hands of the monkey-like man.

Gu Yian didn’t want to stay here long and prepared to leave.

But a player already read out the words on the note.

“Please give me a call at 4444. I am at your service at any time.” ¹

Unfortunately, this was a ghost number.

Gu Yian turned around and walked toward a bulletin board at the side of a path.

Below the school building, there would normally be bulletin boards that would announce important notices.

Fortunately, this bulletin board had a transparent cover.

Gu Yian picked up leaves off the ground and wiped the dust in the middle of the cover, successfully seeing a paper posted inside.

It was a notice admonishing students.

“Do not make rumors, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors.”

Once Gu Yian saw this she knew that, at the time, something must have happened in this school.

How to find this specific incident now became a difficult problem.

Gu Yian looked inside the bulletin board again. The posted paper seemed to be pasted on top of the school map.

“Thief, do you want to open it?”

A voice came from behind Gu Yian.

She looked back and saw the five players were all there.

The person asking her now was a player who had always been active and lively.

Gu Yian thought for a while and remembered that his card seemed to be the liar.

The Liar was a friendlier male player, who was young, lively, and so-so looking. It was easy for people to lower their guard to him.

He saw that Gu Yian wanted to look at the school map and directly asked her whether or not to tear open the bulletin board.

Of course Gu Yian wanted this. The cover was so dirty that she couldn’t wipe it clean with leaves.

The other players had no objections.

One minute later, the six players stood behind the bulletin board and opened the entire board from the back.

Gu Yian tore off that notice paper and saw the full view of the school.

The office building was on the right of two school buildings.

Gu Yian looked to the right of the school building.

At a glance, there was an empty lawn there and there was no shadow of the office building.

Gu Yian hesitated but she still went towards the place where the office building should be.

The other five players followed behind Gu Yian and chatted.

The second night hadn’t arrived and so they weren’t in a hurry.

Everything would wait for the second night to come. After Gu Yian died and they figured out the rules of this game then they would talk about it.

The person who launched the small talk was that friendly Liar.

He said, especially frank, that he finally encountered a game with veteran players, so he wanted to take this opportunity to exchange knowledge with everyone.

Since there was that incident of searching the Butcher’s body together earlier, and these five players jointly possessed the butcher’s small note item, the distance between them was pulled closer.

From the small note incident, everyone saw that everyone else was a veteran player who had at least gone through two games.

It was rare to encounter a game full of veteran players and the things they hid and couldn’t say in their normal world could now be said to other equals.

As the saying went, no one would hit a smiling person, and the Liar warmly and honestly invited them to chat. Several other players had thoughts and hesitated a little, but they agreed under the Liar’s second invitation.

Although Gu Yian walked at the front of the group, she was curious about the game experience of other players. She didn’t deliberately slow down but she still split some of her attention to put on the conversation behind her.

Their conversation was actually quite interesting and it neutralized a bit of Gu Yian’s pressure brought on by the coming second night.

For example, they talked about the players’ novel and strange ways of clearing a game.

Some people relied on deception to live. They once met a veteran player who posed as a new player, gave out a fake hint, and bossed an entire group of players around.

Some people were original and made delicious food, forcing a thrilling escape game into a food game that even the ghosts loved to eat.

There was an infinite variety of worlds in God’s Game, therefore every game was random and the difficulty depended on luck.

A simple game may be over in an hour, while a hard game may not have anyone come out alive to this day.

God’s Game was this arbitrary.

Because God was just this capricious.

If they were in a good mood, they would throw players into a difficult game to forge the players.

If they were in a bad mood, they would throw players into a difficult game to torment the players.

But, regardless of the difficulty, players still had to praise God for being fair, just, and merciful…

After listening, the Liar concluded, “How can they be so shameless?”

The Liar summarized everyone’s heartfelt thoughts.

However, due to the excessive psychological trauma given to the players through their experiences of past game worlds, the other players advised the Liar not to say this, one after another.

Even though an unknown demon popped out in this game to watch them, when it came to God’s petty mind… ahem, God’s omniscience, they could have heard the Liar’s words.

If God heard these words, things would not end well. They definitely wouldn’t let off the Liar.

Extreme tragedy was at the end of God’s grudge. They wouldn’t let a player die; they would make a player wish they were dead.

Death was God’s most merciful punishment.

Hearing this, the Liar thanked everyone for their concern first and then said lightly, “That demon doesn’t look like something to provoke. No black words have appeared in this game and they dare to call themselves God, so I think that our God can’t hear anything.”

Every player had different expressions when they heard the Liar say this. Some players clearly disapproved.

The player holding the merchant card coughed and then said tactfully, “God loves interesting things and loves to do interesting things.”

“What interesting things?” The Liar directly asked.

The Merchant seemed to have a very good impression of the Liar and, when the Liar asked, he simply replied, “They will personally come down to play a game with us.”

“You’re saying the demon might be God?” The Liar laid it out in the open.

The Merchant nodded. “It should be an impression of God. God’s true form is incapable of descending into our world. They’re in a higher dimension.”

The Liar understood.

He narrowed his eyes, glancing up and down at the Merchant, before he said meaningfully, “You’re well-informed.”

These words made the Merchant feel that the Liar’s reaction was a bit odd. But in the next second the Liar was very friendly again and so the Merchant only treated it as himself being too suspicious.

Meanwhile, at the front of these players Gu Yian fell into thought.

According to the meaning of the Merchant’s words, God was a higher-dimensional being?

Gu Yian and everyone already arrived at the lawn, the location of the office building on the map, but there was just a vast grass field.

It looked very normal.

The other players guessed that Gu Yian wanted to find the office building to search for documents, but now the problem was that the office building couldn’t be found.

Unable to find the office building, these players were too lazy to move.

It was still early until their time of deaths and the majority of them chose not to care, watching Gu Yian’s actions as bystanders.

Only the Liar was actively beside Gu Yian and wanting to help her.

In the death list, the liar died on the third night.

The other players were not surprised by the actions of the Liar at this time. Gu Yian also didn’t think anything was wrong.

She walked along the edge, sizing up the lawn, and the Liar followed her.

The Liar spoke as he walked, “Huh, I don’t see it. It’s not hidden, is it?”

Gu Yian ignored the Liar.

What he said was obvious.

In this situation, who didn’t know that the office building was hidden?

The key point was to find the entrance to enter the office building.

And, to find the entrance, one first had to determine the office building’s location.

The approximate location was already confirmed. It was in this lawn.

Gu Yian looked at the withered and yellowed leaves on the ground.

She had an idea.

¹ The number “4” is a homonym for “death” in Chinese. So, basically that number is one that calls ghosts.

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