Ryou ~ Whereabouts of Sin ~

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Kotetsu (虎徹)
CV: 九財翼

Ryuuji (龍治)
CV: 彩和矢

Eclipse ~ Whereabouts of Sin ~

The heroine, proud of herself for being an ordinary student whose only good point was being diligent, had a reason for needing to return home as soon as possible.

However, when she tried to cut across a park out of anxiousness at being later than usual, halfway—she was called to a stop by two men who suddenly appeared.

The heroine was caught, pushed into a nearby public washroom, and humiliatingly used.

“Forcing someone really is the best, huh.”
“Then, let’s make you a mama in this public toilet.”

The heroine endured this disgrace but, unfortunately, they seemed to like her and she was brought to their apartment.

Then a strange cohabitation together with these brutish men began…

Part 3 and the bulk of my thanks to Mirai for this commission! I’m being spoiled whenever someone asks for Dusk works! R18 warning and dub-con, 3P, vomit, watersports, rape mentions, incest mentions. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

Note1: Because the kanji alone can mean many things, I just took a stab at the title. This character can form the verb for surpassing, excelling, or eclipsing someone. But it can also be part of the word for being humiliated and assaulted, so I chose eclipse for the way it can be used to mean a loss of status or reputation (ex. eclipsed by someone).

Note2: This will make sense later in the CD but Kotetsu’s name has the kanji for “tiger” and Ryuuji’s name has the kanji for “dragon”.

*** TRACK 1: In the Park’s Public Washroom… ***

Ryuuji: Hah, this park is pretty deserted. It’s pitch-black when it’s night and our family home is nearby so couples don’t come close either.

Kotetsu: That’s why it’s a good hunting ground for you, right, Ryuuji? Don’t you love places like these?

R: Hehe, you’re the same, Kotetsu.

K: Haha, yeah, pretty much.

R: Hey, Kotetsu, what’re we gonna do? Go clubbing like usual?

K: Hmm, I dunno. Recently, there hasn’t been any good girls there… Huh? *quiet* Look, over there.

R: *quiet* Hm? Ooh, haha. Looks like the type you like, Kotetsu.

K: Heh, isn’t it just perfect? Let’s play with that tonight… Ah, she ran. *starts jogging*

R: *to heroine* Stooop! Wait, hold on there. We’re not suspicious people at all. We’re just in a bit of a trouble and would like some help. Mhm, you see, there’s a place that really hurts… and it’s painful.

K: *from behind* Yeah, that’s right. Once I imagined thrusting into your pussy and turning you into a mess… my cock got rock hard. Heh, I’m seriously in trouble to the point of pain. Hey, play with us tonight. If you stay quiet, then we’ll make you feel good. *heroine struggles* Woah there! Shhh, haha. It’s not gonna do you any good to be too noisy. This knife… you can see it, right? If you don’t wanna be stabbed, then listen to us obediently. *kisses* Mm, your answer? *heroine nods* Heh, nice, that’s a good girl.


R: Oh, Kotetsu, let’s use that public toilet over there. It’ll be more secure than the grass.

K: You’re right. Let’s move there then. *to heroine* Hm? What’s wrong? Hurry up and walk. If you dawdle, I’ll stab you. *they start walking* Haha, that’s right, it’s best to be obedient. Your chances of survival rises.

R: Hehe, that’s something we shouldn’t say, right?

K: But it’s the truth, isn’t it?

R: That reminds me, why were you walking in such a dark park? Your family didn’t warn you?

K: Haha, that’s what we shouldn’t be saying.

R: But I’m curious, aren’t you? *heroine responds* Hm? In short, there’s a reason you have to hurry no matter what, huh. Hehe, sorry about appearing at this time then. But I don’t think we’ll take up too much time.

K: Haha, what’s with that, Ryuuji? Did you just boldly announce you’ll have premature ejaculation?

R: But she’s in so much of a rush, isn’t it pitiful?

K: Aren’t you off in the point you find pitiful?

R: Hehe, maybe.


K: Ah, what’s wrong? Hurry up and get in. You don’t want to die here, right?

R: Don’t do that, Kotetsu. You gotta escort a woman gently. *to heroine* Come on, over here. Depending on your efforts, things might end without us entering you. Really, really. So, come on?

K: Ryuuji, let’s use this stall in front of us. It’s the largest one.

R: That’s true. *to heroine* Well, let’s go.

K: Hmm. *opens door; to heroine* Ah, stop taking your time. I’ll seriously kill you if you dawdle next time. *heroine enters; door closes*

R: Your entire body is shaking, so cute. You’re like a newborn fawn.

K: Haha, that’s a good one! Your name’s gonna be “Fawn” from now on. Huh? It has nothing to do with your age or body. You’re Fawn because I’m calling you Fawn.

R: Uwah, what a tyrannical speech. Kotetsu, you really like naming anything and everything, huh. Ah, but I guess it’s much better than the previous one who got called a fleshlight. *to heroine* It looks like Kotetsu likes you a lot. Isn’t that great? You might be able to get him to be a bit gentle.


K: Anyway, let’s hurry up and begin. Hey, Fawn, just like what was said, depending on your efforts we won’t put ourselves in you so, for now, work hard with a blow job.

R: Pffhaha, you’re hilarious. You’re saying “I’ll do my best” at a time like this. I don’t know if you’re obedient or innocent… *whispers* I’m liking you quite a bit too.

K: *removes belt* Hey, look over here. If you suck me off well, then I’ll end this with just releasing into the back of your throat.

R: Ah, no, no, don’t crouch down. Lean forward. Then… stick out your ass over here. I like eating pussy, you see.

K: Nngh… Huh? Is my cock that huge? Don’t worry, it’ll be OK. You can swallow it all if you put in the effort. Ugh, stop saying the same things. You want to hurry up and end this, right? Mgh! Gngh… ah… yeah, hah… I hate taking it slow, so I don’t mind if you take it all in at the start. Mgh… ah…!

R: Hehe, I spy Fawn’s pussy. Ah, it’s a pretty color like I thought. Looks like it’ll really be worth tasting. Mm… I knew it, a good girl’s pussy is so nice. Nngh… mm… this smooth feeling inside too. Hngh, it’s delicious.


K: Haha, you’re one to say that when you can’t even taste anything. Gngh!

R: The sensation feels delicious. Nrgh… hehe, your little clit is a cute size too. Nngh…

K: Aah… I said earlier that I hate taking it slow, right? Mgh, how long are you just going to swallow the tip? Ugh, you suck. You’re supposed to take it in like this… to the BACK OF YOUR THROAT! Gngh! Ah, yeah, like that. A mouth pussy should be like this. Hagh… mrgh… I love this feeling at the back. Aagh… ah… Huh!? Hey, what are you gagging for? If you puke, I’ll punish you. Mrgh!

R: Hm? Haha, what’s this? Don’t tell me… you’re feeling pleasure from my tongue? Hehe. A shit ton of juices are flowing out.

K: Haha, not surprising for the tonguerorist Ryuuji. ²

R: Pffhaha, hold on, don’t give me a weird nickname.

K: Haha, it’s a compliment. Mgh!

R: Fine, I guess. In that case, the tonguerorist, Ryuuji, is gonna make Fawn’s pussy cum. Nngh… mrgh… Hehe, you’re about to cum, aren’t you? Hehehe. Don’t shake your head and just cum obediently. Haa… let me lick your cute cumming pussy. Hehe. Mmgh… ngh! Haha, ah, you’re cumming, you’re cumming. Your juices are dripping down. I’ll lick your spasming entrance a lot too.


K: Hagh… hah… agh…! Nice…! I’m about to cum… haah… haa…! Suck in your cheeks like that. Right now, at the back of your throat I’ll… ngh…! Ah! Urgh! This girl’s throwing up! My brand-new boots are ruined now! Ggh! Fucking hell. Aah… I was about to cum after a bit more too. Haah… Hey, Ryuuji, this decides that she has to get punished, right?

R: Heh, you’re right. Bad girls who don’t keep their promises need to be punished.

K: That being the case… stand up, Fawn. Huh? Don’t say no. It’s your fault for not being able to last. Ugh, shut the fuck up. I told you to STAND UP! Ggh! You don’t know when to give up, huh. *low* It’s not my first time killing someone, so… I’ll seriously kill you. Heh, good. Put your back against the wall like this. Then don’t put any weight on your right leg. Yeah, yeah, like that. *grabs leg* Hup! Now then… I’m gonna take your virgin pussy. Gngh! Aah… ngh… Hm? This feeling… you’re not a virgin, are you?


R: Oh? That’s surprising. She looked super serious, so I thought she was a virgin.

K: Nngh… hah… hagh… ah, but… it feels super good inside her. Like the length of her vagina or its tightness, mgh, my dick fits snugly in here.

R: Pffhaha, there it is! Kotetsu’s pussy summary.

K: Grgh… mm? Don’t laugh. There’s seriously differences in the pussies of girls, like their depths, where it squeezes nicely, or the angle inside. Mmgh, there’s a subtle difference. That being said, mgh, this girl’s pussy feels like a perfect score out of a hundred with me. Mmgh.

R: Oh? I look forward to that. *to heroine* Kotetsu’s cock and mine are the same size and shape, so you’ll be compatible with me too, right?

K: Ungh… haha, yeah, I think you can look forward to it. *to heroine* Nrgh… I thought I’d just use you as a fleshlight, but I’ve changed my mind. Haa… I gotta taste this pussy more and properly at that, right? Hngh… mgh…! *kisses ear* Haa… nrgh…! Haha, don’t cry, that’ll just turn me on even more. Aah, mgh! Haa… hah… Forcing someone really is the best, huh. Raping a crying girl makes me feel good. Mmgh!

R: Hehe, that’s true.

K: Haa… hagh… ah, that reminds me, I’m sorry for thrusting into her first.


R: It’s fine. I’ll jerk myself off with her hand.

K: Hngh… mgh… hah…!

R: *whispers* I’m going to borrow your hand, alright? Mm… hah…

K: Ungh… nrgh… hah… Hey, stick out your tongue. Mgh, yeah, like that. I won’t let you off if you bite me. *kisses; thrusting* Nngh… mgh…! Agh… ah… good… It’s so good! Haa… hagh… it’s my first time having a girl with such a good affinity. Ngh!

R: Haha, that good? I’m getting even more excited.

K: Haa… haah… come to think of it, Ryuuji, you bought lotion earlier, right? Hngh, if we use that, can’t we do her together?

R: Oh! That’s a good idea. I’ll go prepare it then.

K: *to heroine* Gngh… ah, don’t look away. I’m thrusting into you right now, so look this way. *kisses; thrusting* Mmgh… ah…


R: It’s all prepared.

K: *kisses* Mm…! Hah… haa… we’ll take turns with the front and back then.

R: Seriously!? That’s OK?

K: Yeah, I want her ass pussy virginity. She naturally wouldn’t have experience there, right?

R: Haha, if that’s the case, then I’ll take the front hole without reservation.

K: *lowers heroine* Hup.

R: Well, Fawn, face this way. I’ll be in the position of carrying you.

K: Hey, hey, how many times is it now? I’ll stab you next time without mercy.

R: Hehe, good girl. Wrap your arms around my neck and hold onto me tightly. Huh? Heavy…? What is? Haha, it’ll be nothing to carry you. Even though I look like this, I’m pretty fit, you know? So, don’t be shy about leaning your body on me. Up we go! Now, me too… excuse me. Nngh… ah…! Haa… hah… this is certainly… nice compatibility between us. Hagh… somehow, it feels ridiculously good, hehe.

K: Right?


R: Fawn, your pussy is the best. Haah… haa… I was joking earlier, but now I think I really will cum soon. Ngh… hagh…

K: Aa, ngh, this lotion is spot on. The stickiness is just right.

R: Aah… hah… really? Haha, isn’t that nice, Fawn? Looks like he’ll be able to enter you a little easier, heh. Haa… hah… ngh…

K: Hmm, it’s not stretched yet… but oh well, it’ll become perfect while I’m fucking her, right?

R: Gngh, haha, jeez, Kotetsu, you’re as rough as always. Hah…

K: It’s fine. This… is a punishment, after all. Rgh! Gugh… ah…! Gngh… mrgh… hey, relax a bit more. Only the tip’s gone in so far. Mgh… ah…

R: Ah, wait a moment, Kotetsu. She’s going to tear if you go any further. Right, Fawn? I can’t bear to see your butt tear either, so won’t you cooperate? Nngh… haha… here, concentrate on the feeling in front of you. Mgh… hah… it feels good when I rub against your pussy that just came, right? Haah… nope, think of it as pleasure. That’s the best way to make this easiest on you. Got it? Mm, there, there. You’re a good girl, aren’t you? Now then, let’s kiss until you relax. *kisses; thrusting* Mm…


K: Mmgh… ngh… ah… she’s loosening up in a nice way.

R: Mm, really?

K: Yeah, with this… I think I can go in deep, NGH! Aah… ungh…! Haha… haah… I knew it, I get tingles down my back the moment I take someone’s virginity. The sound of a girl’s despair shoots straight to my crotch.

R: Uh, Kotetsu, Fawn’s ass pussy hasn’t been torn, has it? Is it OK?

K: Yeah, thanks to you, she took me in nicely. Ungh… ah… hah…! Moreover, this girl’s… ass pussy is also great. It’s clenching around me nicely. *to heroine* Haah… hagh… ah, I’m liking you more and more. Your front and back are my type. Haa… hah… *kisses ear*

R: Hagh… hah… haha, the instant Kotetsu licked your ear, your pussy clenched. Are your ears sensitive? Heh, I think I’ll taste them too. *kisses ear* Mm… ngh… hold on, Kotetsu, haha, aren’t you a bit too big? Every time you pull out, there’s a grating feeling.


K: Huh? You’re the large one, Ryuuji. You’re too aroused. Nrgh… mgh…!

R: Same goes for you. Mm? What’s wrong, Fawn? Haha, ah, it feels like you’re going to pee? Heh, go ahead. Do it on me. Unlike Kotetsu, I welcome anything you get on me.

K: Mmgh… hey, don’t talk about me as if I’m coldhearted. Unlike you, I’m just not a pervert. Ngh… gngh…!

R: So rude. I’m only saying Fawn is special. Mm? You’re really going to cum? Haha, ngh, it’s true. The back is starting to cling to me. It’s saying it wants my semen, you know? Haha. *kisses ear* Hehe, cute. Don’t hold back and let out all your pee. Hngh… ngh… come on, cum while wetting yourself. Alright? Haa… hagh… hah…! Gngh… mgh! Haha, ah, it’s coming out so strongly. Even your ears are red. Cute. *kisses ear*

K: Ngh… hah…! *kisses ear* Mmgh…


R: Aah… I’m gonna cum. Haa… hagh…! Ngh! Mgh! I’m going to let it out deep inside.

K: Me too. Gngh… nrgh…!

R: Haha, what is it? You don’t want me to cum inside? Haah… haha, I see. Haa… hah… then, let’s make you a mama in this public toilet. Heh. I’m the type that ends up wanting to do things if I’m told no.

K: Hngh… hrgh… mm…! Tsk, when I think about that, it’s a bit of a shame. I wanted to be the one seeding this girl. Aagh… hah…! Mgh! Nngh…!

R: Hehe, you can do it next time, Kotetsu. Mrgh… hah… haa…

K: Haa… hagh… hah…! Kgh…! I’m cumming…! GNGH! MGH! Nngh… hah…! I’m cumming… grgh… ngh! *he orgasms* Aah… hah…

R: Fuck…! Agh, it’s so tight…! Haa… hagh… hah…! I’m also… gonna let it out. Haa… hagh… I’ll pour thick semen deep inside you. Haah… hah…! Gugh… ah… I’m… cumming…! *he orgasms* Hagh… hah…!

K: Mm… *kisses* that was so fucking good. I seriously like you.


R: *kisses* Hehe, me too. *to heroine* Haah… hah… you’re cute inside and outside. Woah! Kotetsu, Fawn looks like she’s about to pass out so take out your dick.

K: Haha, seriously? Guess being fucked in two holes at the same time was rough.

R: Ah, doesn’t look like she can get up.

K: Let’s take her to our apartment then.

R: Oh? It’s the first time you’ve said something like this, Kotetsu. Up to now, no matter what woman you fucked, you never brought them into that apartment.

K: Haha, you’re one to say that. You’re thinking the same thing.

R: Hehe, as expected of twins, we’re telepathic.

K: Heh, woo! *high-fives* Aah, I’m starving after doing that. Wanna eat pizza when we get back?

R: Sure, but don’t make the whole thing curry again. If you’re gonna order, then make it half and half. Also, make the texture crispy.

K: Got it. Then let’s rock-paper-scissors as to what the half and half will be.

R: Ugh, but I suck at rock-paper-scissors.

*** TRACK 2: Kotetsu’s Flavor ***

*chain jangles; door opens*

K: Huh? Heh, you’re finally up. You were unconscious for a pretty long time.

K: Ah, you must be hungry, right? Let’s eat. *comes over*

K: This place? This place is our apartment. We brought you here while you were unconscious.

K: *chain jangles* Haha, now, now, don’t get too excited. It’s tailored so that it’s long enough for you to take a bath and use the toilet, so there’s no problem, right?

K: Hehe, you’re shaking again. So cute. Mm. *kisses*

K: Huh? The other person…? Oh, Ryuuji? He’s at university right now. Even though he looks like that, his grades are worse than mine. It’ll be bad if he loses credits. More importantly, do you like Chinese food or sushi? I didn’t know, so I bought both of them.

K: *heroine grabs him* Woah! You—! Don’t cling to me all of a sudden! I could snap your neck out of surprise.

K: Hm…

K: You’re… pretty strange, aren’t you?

K: Yeah, strange. Rather than wanting to run because you’re scared for yourself, it looks like there’s a reason you have to go back no matter what and that’s why you’re desperate. To the point where you’re willing to cling onto me and beg when you’re unbearably afraid of me, huh.

K: Right? It’s strange, don’t you think? It goes against the instinct to live.


K: … Could it be that what you’re scared of is something waiting for you at home?

K: Haha, it’s useless to hide it. I’ve nearly killed a bunch of people, so I’m able to tell roughly at a glance what another person truly wants.

K: *sits down* Hah…

K: Talk.

K: I’m telling you to talk about the reason you have to go home no matter what. Depending on the case, I could set you free.

K: A man doesn’t go back on his words. Enough, hurry up and talk.

K: Mm. Hm?

K: … Hm. Ooh?

K: Mm. And then? Huh. Hmm…

K: Aah, wait, wait, I got the gist of it. To summarize your wordy explanation, it’s like this, right? Your stepfather is a perverted piece of trash and your mother hated that and disappeared. Ever since, you were raped by your stepfather in your mother’s place. If you refuse, then your younger brothers get the shit beaten out of them. So, for your brothers, you reluctantly continue to sacrifice your body. And, your reason for rushing home is because if you break curfew then your brothers will be hurt in your stead. This matches, right?


K: Hm? I don’t think the incest part is disgusting. Wait, that’s wrong. I think that, but my disgust isn’t towards you. Rather, how do I say this, it’s your sense of parental responsibility—ah, anyway, you were raped, right? Nothing more, nothing less.

K: Mm? Hmm, that’s right, as a result of considering this story just now… I’ve decided I won’t let you go in the end.

K: Haha, there’s no why about it. From my point of view, it’s weird how you’re paying with your body. You say you want to protect your brothers, but there’s no point in protecting people without balls like them.

K: Because when they see their sister being hit they just watch, shaking in the corner, right? If you’re not going to say they have no balls… then what would you call them?

K: Huh? Who cares if they’re ten years old, they’re men! Plus, there’s two of them. If they can’t even protect one girl, who is important to them, then they should die.

K: Haha, what’s that? Are you implying I wasn’t able to do anything when I was ten years old too? *leans in* Too bad. The first time I stabbed someone… I was ten years old.


K: Haha, you’re right, we certainly might not be a little normal.

K: My family’s part of the so-called yakuza business.

K: Haha! I don’t know what sort of image of the underworld you have in your head, but at any rate my family… hm, it’s pretty dirty. It looks unified at a glance, but behind closed doors the power struggle is pretty intense. In particular, we’re defective so we have a delicate position and we couldn’t live as normal kids.

K: Nah, it’s not a metaphor. We’re seriously defective. I have no sense of smell, and Ryuuji has no sense of taste.

K: Putting that aside, when we were ten years old, one man put poison in our food.

K: Yeah, who knows. He’s dead so even now I don’t understand. Well, he was in love with our mother who died giving birth to us, so it might have been something like revenge. Then, not noticing there was poison inside, the two of us made good friends with a hospital and we couldn’t leave the ICU for a while.

K: Hehe, I kept on thinking about this while I was dazed from a high fever… I would definitely slaughter the asshole who made me and Ryuuji like this. Heh, fortunately, I had an idea of who it was and, when we returned home, we just needed to find proof.


K: Haha, gods, the feeling of ripping out the entrails of the guy who tried to kill us was the best. Haha! Huh? That guy’s corpse? I dunno. I think my big brother, who was already the boss at the time, did something about it. He probably became food for the fishes or something.

K: That being said, even a ten year old kid can kill someone if they want to do it. They’re just weak if they don’t fight back.

K: … Why do you look sad when you’re denying it that hard?

K: Wait, you—! This is where you’re going to cry!? Are you scared now that a murderer is in front of you? *heroine shakes head*

K: Huh? Not defective…? Me…?

K: Haha, uh, maybe because you’ve been protecting your brothers, but you’re weak to kids who were abused, huh.

K: … Haha, you really are strange. It feels like your heart’s a mess and you’re on the brink of collapsing. It must have been hard up to now, huh. *kisses* Mm. Heh, I have some good news for you. Frankly, we’re beasts who raped and imprisoned you. In other words, there’s no point in sympathizing with us.


K: “Really?”… You—haha, I’m seriously worried about your mental state after coming here. I’ll introduce you to a good counselor later. Well, that’s after we get bored.

K: Aah, yeah, yeah, we’ll let you go after a while. Right now, just be an obedient and confined princess here, ngh! *pushes heroine down* Whether you don’t want this or not, when you’re on this bed you don’t have the right to refuse. *kisses* Mm…

K: I thought this yesterday, but the inside of your mouth… is sweet, huh. Nngh… hah… *kisses* Your skin tastes the way I like too.

K: Ah, if I had a sense of smell, this would be even better. I’m jealous of Ryuuji who could smell your pussy yesterday. Oh, I know! I didn’t taste you yesterday, so let me eat you out today.

K: Haha, where, you ask? Obviously, your pussy. *heroine shakes head*

K: Look, I said it already, didn’t I? You don’t have the right to refuse.

K: Aah, it was a good idea not to put underwear on you. I can taste you right away like this. Mmgh… *gives oral*


K: Oh! Ggh, don’t pull your hips away. The next time you resist I’ll ki—I won’t kill you but… ugh, I’ll punish you. Haha, if you’re scared, then stay still. If you’re a good girl, I’ll make you feel good today too. Nngh…

K: Mrgh… I feel like I understand why Ryuuji found it delicious. Ngh, you’re as soft as a virgin here… mm… and it feels all the more nicer.

K: Haah… nrgh, haha, you have a sensitive body. Your juices are dripping out today too. Mngh… your clit is sensitive too for being so small. It’s all swollen. Gngh, when I suck on this place with my lips… hah… it feels irresistible, right? Nngh…!


K: Your entrance is already twitching. Mm? Haha, don’t tell me you’re about to cum already? You’re going to cum from having your pussy sucked by a rapist like me.

K: Haha, I’m not wrong. It’s not convincing at all when you’re drenched like this. Mmgh… ngh…! *heroine orgasms*

K: Haah… hah… haha, oh? Your pussy juice when you cum… is this flavor, huh.

K: Eh? When did I make fun of you? A good girl like you is this sexy. Isn’t it arousing as fuck?

K: So? How was it on your end?

K: My taste when we kissed. Was it bad? *heroine shakes head* Hahaha! Although you’re dazed after cumming, aren’t you being too honest?

K: Ooh? I see, I see, so it wasn’t bad. Heh. Thanks.

K: Haha! What? Did you come back to yourself after saying it? Hahaha! You’re hilarious!


K: You sure are cute. *kisses* Mm…

K: Oh! That reminds me, what’s your name? Tell me.

K: Hm? Well, if you don’t want to tell then I won’t force you to say it. Heh, Fawn is good enough for now. *kisses*

K: Now, spread your legs, and try begging with “Please enter my dripping pussy”. If you don’t say it, then I’ll put you through something even more embarrassing.

K: Haha! Ah, that’s nice. Just as you wish… ngh, I’ll slam myself deep INTO YOU! Gngh! Aah… hagh… we really have good affinity. Even just rocking back and forth like this, ungh, I feel like I’m gonna cum. Mgh… ngh…!


K: Feels so fucking… good… hagh… Even though you’re this wet, you’re wrapped around me so tight. Aah… ngh… my dick’s going crazy…

K: Huh? Haha, is it hard on you because you just came? Haah… I see, I see. But I love seeing your crying face. So… I want to torture you more. Nngh! Gngh! *thrusting; kisses*

K: Mmgh… huh? Haha, go ahead, lose your mind. Hngh… the place that makes you go wild the most… is here, right? Ungh! Ugh, woah! You…! The way your pussy is contracting is cheating. Gngh…! Fuck! Are you trying to get back at me? Mgh, you’re so fucking tight. Ugh, I nearly came.

K: Haah… jeez, I guess I have no choice. I’ll answer your pussy’s request then… mm, and spill my seed in you. Ggh! Hngh! *kisses; thrusting*


K: Haha…! Are you gonna cum again? Mgh! You have an utterly sensitive body, ngh! Haa… hagh…

K: Hm? It’s different from usual? Hah… haa…

K: Oh? Makes me glad I was born a guy then. Gngh… be my cock’s prisoner then. I’ll drill myself into you like this for your whole life, mgh! Haa… mm! *kisses; thrusting*

K: Gugh… ah… hagh… it’s coming…

K: Hagh… haa… I’m letting it out… I’m gonna spray it all into your womb, gngh! Be sure to swallow it up deep inside. Hngh… gngh…! *he orgasms*

K: Aah… hah… damn… Having sex with you is gonna become an addiction. *kisses* Nngh…


K: Huh? Hey, are you alright? Hello there?

K: Haha, you were about to lose consciousness again, right? *heroine shakes head* Haha, dumbass, don’t act tough there. Heh, you’re stubborn at weird times.

K: Stay there. *leaves and returns*

K: Here you go.

K: Huh? What do you mean what? You can tell by looking, right? It’s water. Your throat’s scratchy from moaning so much. You’ll feel refreshed after drinking it too, right?

K: Haha! Nothing’s inside. If you’re worried, how about I help you drink with my mouth?

K: Heh, don’t be shy. *drinks water; kisses*

K: Haa… so? It’s just water, right?


K: … Hey, hey, don’t look so cute. It’ll make me want to fuck you again.

K: Huh? You don’t think you’re cute? Heh, every inch of you is my type. So, have more confidence. You’re cute, at least that’s how I see you. Mm. *kisses*

K: Hey, be our girl like this. If you agree, you’ll definitely lack for nothing. *heroine shakes head*

K: Huh? Haha, right, you won’t be moved by feelings that quickly, huh. Oh well, I have lots of time to seduce you. *kisses*

K: Ah, it’s already this time? It’s about time for Ryuuji to come home. Well then, to pass on the baton, I’m gonna head out. I’ve got a bit of something to do. You can just relax however you want.

K: Oh right, like I said at the beginning, the chain is long enough to let you take a bath but don’t scrape out my semen. If you go against this order, then I’ll embarrass you to the point of death. Got it?

K: Good. I’m going out then. Be a good girl. *door opens and closes*

*** TRACK 3: Ryuuji’s Scent ***

*door opens and closes*

R: I’m home! Ah, Fawn, looks like you haven’t eaten anything yet, just like I thought. You don’t seem to like Chinese or sushi, so I randomly bought a ton of things said to be good.

R: *heroine grabs him* Woah! What’s wrong? Did you think something would happen if you clung to me?

R: Haha, regrettably, I have the same opinion as Kotetsu. At the present stage, I have no plans on letting you go. Hehe, that look of despair is cute too. *kisses* Nn…

R: But I also want to see Fawn’s smile. So, I brought something to cheer you up! Mhm, wait a moment.

R: *uses phone* Ah, Toudou, I want to show my girl so switch it to video mode. Ah, mm, this is good.

R: Well, Fawn? Can you see it?

R: Yeah, it’s your dear, beloved brothers. Woah! Calm down, haha, you’ve got it wrong. You’re misunderstanding. We didn’t kidnap them. Here, take a closer look. They’re healthy, right?

R: The reason we took them? Um… I guess you could call it protection.


R: Yup, after hearing what Kotetsu said, I thought they might be in a dicey situation right now. I got my men to go over to your place. Then, over there, your father who was pissed off you didn’t come home was deranged and on the verge of killing your little brothers. So, for the time being, we put them under our protection.

R: Nah, he handed over your brothers relatively easily. Your father owes a huge debt to a money lending business that operates under one of our lower branches.

R: Mhm, as you’ve guessed, it’s a money lending business that’s hard to call completely clean. Moreover, he’s starting to fall behind on repaying them, you see. When we hinted at that, he pretty much shoved your brothers over, bowing his head and telling us to go ahead.

R: Hehe, seriously, there aren’t that many twigs like him with such a shitty character. Just kidding. This isn’t something we should say either, hehe. On that note, your little brothers are twins too, huh! That point makes this feel like fate too. Well, your side seems like identical twins. We’re fraternal twins, so that’s a bit different.

R: Hrm? Ah, the purpose of protecting your little brothers? It’s an extremely simple reason.

R: … Hey, Fawn, let’s make a deal.

R: Yes, deal. If you let yourself be kept like this, then we’ll take care of your brothers. Food, a place to live, and education, we’ll provide the best. What we’re doing now is making a profit, so we can prepare that amount of money.


R: Hehe, is there any reason for you to hesitate?

R: After all, if I report your current living conditions to the appropriate place then your father will naturally go to jail. He committed sexual violence on his stepdaughter and he attempted to murder your younger twins and physically abused them daily. Lately, he’s been touching illegal drugs too, so the more we look into him the more dirt on him we uncover.

R: Now then, after that father gets thrown into the pig pen, would this country see you as being capable of bringing up children? In these circumstances, I think it’d be a little difficult. Then, I wonder what’d happen to your little brothers? Regularly, they’d be entrusted to relatives but, because of your father’s misdeeds, both sides of the family have broken off relations and I doubt anyone would take them in.

R: That being the case, your little brothers would go into the system. Heh, well, there are many good people who were raised by the system, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was a hard life. Would you want your little brothers, who are still young, to walk on that road?

R: You don’t understand…? What?

R: Ah, you mean, why am I going this far for you? Hehe, it’s because I like your body. It’s uncommon to find someone with such physical compatibility. Your direct personality is my type too. There’s no other girl more suitable to being our toy.

R: Hehe, you don’t have to look so worried. It’ll be alright, I’m the type who cherishes something that’s mine, even if it’s a toy, to the very end.

R: So? What’re you going to do? Everything is up to you.


R: Hahaha! Oh? A trial period? Hehe, you can even say that in this situation. You’ve got some guts.

R: … Alright. I wouldn’t normally accept this, but I like you specially so I’ll accept that condition. In that case, the contract of being a sex slave that comes with this trial period is established. *kisses* Ah, now that the contract is complete you don’t need this chain on your ankle, huh. I’ll take it off, so stay still. *removes chain*

R: Uh, haha, why do you look uneasy after the chain is removed?

R: Don’t look down. Look into my eyes.

R: You might not believe this after what we did to you, but as long as you do what’s in the contract then I’ll treat you well. This is the truth. Like I said earlier, you’re a special girl.

R: Hehe, now then, I wonder why? Honestly, this is my first time feeling this, so I don’t really get it myself. It might be that your words to Kotetsu, that he’s not defective, poked me in the heart.

R: It’s the first time… I’ve heard of someone crying like that as if it happened to themselves. So, I wanted to hurry home and touch you like this.


R: Ah, shit, I got blood on your cheek. Urgh, I forgot I hurt my hand.

R: Oh, this? I heard your conversation with Kotetsu through the surveillance camera in class and around the incest part I was so unhappy that I snapped the pen I was holding. Then, uh, the fragments… well, stabbed right into me.

R: Haha, this’ll heal with just some spit.

R: Eh? The first aid box is up on that shelf. *heroine grabs it*

R: … Uh, haha, you really have strange reactions. Isn’t this where you’re supposed to be pleased that divine punishment came down?

R: Um, OK, OK, I’ll stay still.

R: Huh, you’re pretty skilled. Is it because you’re used to treating your little brothers?

R: … Still, you’re treating me with a pretty sad look. Are there any bad memories with treating someone?

R: Don’t tell me, if you didn’t treat your brothers’ injuries and left them alone, terrible things would happen?

R: Haha, I can guess that much. Even so, your reaction is abnormal. Ah, Kotetsu said it too, didn’t he? Your habit of worrying for others is basically pathological. Hehe, you might be a crazy person just like us. But still, you aren’t to our point where you’re missing a sense.


R: Hm? My sense of taste? Mm, I was born like that. It’s probably because the blood was too close. It’s because there’s things like this that incest is forbidden by law, huh. Of course, there’s ethical problems too but I think that’s just a measure so children aren’t born with genetic disorders.

R: Oh, that reminds me, Kotetsu didn’t talk about this, did he? Kotetsu talked about how our family is special, right? That part’s OK?

R: Let’s see… our father and mother’s relationship was special too. Our dead father already had a wife, but he had an abnormal obsession with his blood-related younger sister. One night, he committed the brutality of raping his sister.

R: The children born out of that night were me and Kotetsu. In other words, we’re terrible—with all its various meanings—children born between blood-related siblings. That’s why, in the family register, we’re sons of the legal wife like our older brother but, in reality, that’s not true. We’re half-siblings of our older brother, the current boss.


R: Hehe, jeez, don’t you think there’s a limit to madness? The things we had to suffer because of that man. Honestly… I feel like killing him a hundred times wouldn’t even be enough. When he died in front of me due to a heart attack, I thought I’d be the one to die in a fit of frustration. I wanted to kill him by poison, you see.

R: Haha, so when I heard your story I instinctively wanted to slaughter your father. Even though he’s just a stepfather, when I see men trying to force someone into incest… I feel like killing them straight away.

R: Haha, don’t worry, I won’t kill your father yet. Ah, more importantly, aren’t you hungry by now? *rummages through bag* Oh, one of my men recommended this fried chicken. Here, have a bite.

R: How is it?

R: Haha! I’m glad. I can’t taste anything so choosing things took some time.

R: Hm? Uh, why are you making that face?

R: Isn’t it painful…? What is? Oh, I’ve never had a sense of taste since I was born, so I’m used to it now. Hm, well, when I see others eating deliciously there are times where I feel jealous.


R: Haha, if you’re going to sympathize that much then let me feel the sweetness of an illusion.

R: Yeah, if it’s you, I might be able to feel an illusionary sweetness.

R: Yesterday, when I was tasting your pussy, somehow I felt like it was sweet. That’s why… let me try it again.

R: Haha, sorry, I’m a bit turned on so let’s have a meal after sex. Gngh, nope, Kotetsu told you, didn’t he? That when you’re on the bed, you have no right to refuse. *kisses* Nngh…

R: *inhales* Aah, I knew it, your scent really is my type. I thought this when I smelled your pussy yesterday, but I wonder if our scents are compatible too.

R: Hehe, because isn’t this usually said? That the more desirable you find someone’s smell, the more your genes are compatible. How about you? What do you think about my scent?


R: … Oh? From the moment you were raped yesterday, you thought that I smelled sweet. I was more or less working hard to make you feel good, so it’s surprising you had that much presence of mind.

R: Haha, ah, I see. For you, a man’s scent was the old person smell of your stepfather, huh. It’s no wonder you reacted to the smell of a young man.

R: Then… *hugs heroine* mm. Feel my scent more, and try it out. I want you to think you have good compatibility with me too.

R: Hey, how is it? I don’t have cologne on, so do you feel like it’s sweet today too?

R: Haha, you really do answer honestly.

R: Aah, seriously, a girl like you… You’re good at bewitching us brothers. *kisses* Nngh…


R: Hehe, I’m glad we put you in clothes that are easy to remove. I’ll have to thank Kotetsu for this.

R: Hm? Mm, these cute clothes are Kotetsu’s preference. But, next time, let me choose according to my preference.

R: Oh, I know! Let’s go to one of our boutiques next time. From the tip of your head to your toes, we’ll prepare the very best things for you that fit you perfectly. Then let’s go on a date. Hehe, what are you hesitating over? You made a contract with me, so clinging to me is a matter of course.

R: Yes, this is going to be the norm in the future. The clothes we give you and the pleasure… everything will become a matter of course. We’ll pour a happiness you can enjoy into you without being stingy. After all… you belong to us. *kisses*

R: Haa… like I thought, kisses with you are sweet… even though I don’t have a sense of taste. I wonder why that is? I want to nip these swollen nipples more. Nngh, hey, don’t hide them. There’s not one single thing you should hide in front of us. *kisses* Mmgh…


R: Hehe, look, they’re already swollen and delicious looking. Hm? Why are you embarrassed? You’re getting turned on by my kisses and touches, right?

R: Oh? This is a reaction that’s never happened before. Your stepfather was pretty crappy then.

R: *quiet* What should we do with that man…?

R: Haha, it’s nothing. I was just thinking your reactions make me glad I was born a guy. Then I’ll be sure to teach you the pleasure of your nipples today. Nngh…

R: There’s still more to come. I’m gonna make you more sensitive… so that one of these days you cum from your nipples alone. I’ll lick them… suck them, mgh… pinch them between my fingers… squeeze them, haha. I’ll make this place sexy. Mngh…


R: Mm? What’s wrong? You’ve been rubbing your legs together since earlier.

R: Haha… don’t tell me, your uterus is aching?

R: Ah, jeez, I said it earlier, didn’t I? That there’s nothing for you to hide. Come on, spread your legs. Let me inspect just how much you’ve been enduring.

R: Aah, you’re wetter than I thought. You like gentle sex that much?

R: Haha, it’s good to be honest. From now on then, I’ll spoil you lots and, from your head to the core of your body, I’ll turn you into a loose puddle. *kisses; fingering heroine*

R: Mm? You’re asking why? Didn’t I tell you? I’m the type that wants to be gentle to my property. I’ll cherish and treasure my toys, so that they don’t break. *kisses* Mm…


R: Nngh, do you like it when I trace this spot? Heh, your reaction is better than before. Hehe, you look like a tasty fruit when you’re red with embarrassment.

R: I only want to be gentle to you but… I also want to sink my teeth into you and fuck you into a mess. *kisses* Nrgh…

R: Hey, can you tell how many fingers I have inside you right now?

R: Too bad, wrong. *kisses* The answer is there’s two already. Heh, that’s how much this place is drenched. I want to make you even more wet. I’ll play with this swollen clit while touching you inside. *kisses*

R: Mmgh… hah… haha, you feel tingles? You’re going to feel even better from here, so if you admit defeat now then your body’s not going to hold out.

R: Nope, keep bearing with this. If you cum… I’ll punish you.


R: Ngh! Mm… *heroine orgasms* ah, I told you not to cum but you did. This means a definite punishment.

R: Come on, you sit up too. Then turn that way and straddle my face.

R: Yep, 69.

R: If it’s not embarrassing, then it’s not a punishment, right? That being said, hurry up.

R: Mm, that’s good. Touch my cock too. Haha, you’re the one who made it this big. Be responsible and take care of it, OK? Come on, hurry up and lick it. I’ll also slowly eat your convulsing pussy that just came.

R: *heroine gives BJ* Haa… hagh… yeah, like that. Feels good… I’m not like Kotetsu and I don’t really like being swallowed all at once. Mgh… hah… it’s OK to take it slow.

R: Haha, strange. Your entrance is twitching while you’re licking me. Cute. Mm… *gives oral*


R: Mm? What’s wrong? Your mouth stopped. Nrgh… hngh… lick it properly. Mmgh…

R: Hah… haa… I feel like I’m going mad at this illusionary sweetness. Ngh… this is my first time feeling like this from tasting a girl’s pussy.

R: Mrgh… gngh… Hm? Your mouth loosened again. Are you that reluctant to swallow me? Haha, I see. It feels too good that you can’t concentrate. I guess nothing can be done about that.

R: *kisses* Lie face down.

R: You must be tired from cumming a lot, so just relax your body like that. For the rest, I’ll make even your deepest spot a mess… OK? Ngh! Haah… it really is nice being inside you. You’re hotter and wetter than yesterday, ah… It’s even tastier. Hagh…

R: Nope, I told you to relax your body, right? Mmgh… prone bone like this, I’ll grind against the hole to your womb. Aah… hah…

R: Haa… hagh… I’ve been holding back from cumming all this time too, so I’m about to burst. Gngh… look, you can tell at the entrance to your womb that I’m at the limit of being hard, right? Ungh… haha, ah…

R: What a nice voice. Haah… haa…

R: You know, I love pounding into girls prone back like this. Hagh… hah…!


R: Gngh, when I penetrate them from the back like this, covering their whole body… hah… look, you can’t run at all, right? Nngh… hah…!

R: Your… mmgh… voice and down here really have nice reactions. *kisses* I’m the one who feels like I’m gonna lose myself in you.

R: *quiet* Haha… or more like… I might have already lost myself. Haa… hagh… hah…! *thrusting*

R: Aah, the tip of my cock is kissing the entrance to your womb. Hah… haah…!

R: Your womb’s come down this much, hagh, do you want to be fertilized by my semen that much?

R: Haha, I said it at the beginning, but did you already forget? Hagh… hah… when I’m told no, I want to do it even more. Heh. *kisses; thrusting* Mmgh!

R: Ngh.. hagh…!

R: Aah… ngh… it’s… it’s gonna come… Mmgh! Hah… hagh…! I’m cumming… I’m gonna cum. Right here… ngh… I’m gonna press right against your womb, ngh… haa… and let it out, OK? Hngh… hah…! Ggh! *he orgasms*


R: Haa… hah… *kisses*

R: Look this way. I want to see your face, slack with pleasure.

R: Haha, just like I thought, it’s an extremely cute face. *kisses*

R: Hey, what are you going to do if you really get pregnant from this? It must be scary getting pregnant from my rape, right? *heroine shakes head*

R: Ah, haha, you made the contract with resolve, so you’re not scared anymore…? Heh, you’re frightened like a fawn and yet you strangely have guts. Plus, you’re very strange.

R: Mm, strange. You’re prettier, all the more after being raped. Your eyes aren’t clouded at all. You should be used to despair though… Where does that beauty come from?

R: Jeez, why are you denying this? My words, as your master, are absolute, you know?


R: Hm? Ah… well, you’re right, there’s a lot of marks from being hit by that man. But even still, you’re pretty. Bruises will disappear one day and, in the first place, there’s no problem in having bruises. Those eyes, which haven’t lost their kindness despite being hurt so much, are my utter favorites.

R: Hehe, jeez, don’t look so happy.

R: You’re so cute it makes me want to fuck you to death. *kisses*

R: Heh, ah… looks like Kotetsu and I still like the same things.

R: It seems like I can’t think of you as a toy. It’s something I decided myself and yet my emotions are wobbling. This is also a first ever since I was born.

R: Haha, nah, I don’t mean it in a negative way. It means you’ve become something beyond that. *kisses*

R: Now then, before we eat this time, let’s take a shower. If you stay like this, you’ll be bothered by the mess in your pussy, right?

R: Haha, don’t turn so red. I’ll seriously want seconds. I feel like I’ll eat you again during the shower, so… do your best to bear with it, OK?

R: Now, I’ll carry you in. Hehe, it’s useless to resist. Your legs are really shaking like a fawn, so either way you can’t walk on your own. *picks up heroine* Hup! There, there, hold onto me like this.

*** TRACK 4: The Devil’s Whispers ***

*kitchen noises; thrusting noises*

K: Haa… hagh… ngh! Mgh! Hey, your hands stopped. Hngh… gngh…! Just a bit more and you’ll be done, right? Do your best.

K: Hngh… mgh… because you said you wanted to cook no matter what, I could only limit myself to standing doggy. Rrgh! Nngh… mm…! *kisses; thrusting*

K: Huh? You’re finally done? Nngh… then I guess I’ll end it on my side too, mgh! Gngh! Hgh!

K: Hah… haah… it’s releasing… it’s releasing…! Ngh! *he orgasms*

K: Aah… haa…

K: Haha, I already came inside you twice today but I’m letting out so much… mm, look, when I swirl it around, hngh, there’s a loud squelching sound, right?

K: Hm? Don’t protest. You also love it when I spread my semen around deep inside you. Hngh… mm? Which mouth are you denying this with? Your ass is twitching this much… it’s not convincing at ALL! *spanks*


K: Haah… *kisses* I know that you came earlier when I released inside you. Hehe, your pussy has become outrageously lewd.

K: Haha, you won’t be able to be satisfied with other men. Unless my huge cock is fucking you up inside, your body’s not gonna feel like it’s enough. If you think I’m lying, go and try it.

K: Well, if you do, the other man’s gonna die. Mm. *kisses*

R: Kotetsu, stop talking about pointless things and hurry up and remove your dick. We’re not gonna be able to eat at this rate. Plus, we promised just a while ago to give the other person a word before we fuck her but you’ve already broken that.

K: Hm? Heh, my bad, my bad. This girl looked too sexy in an apron that I couldn’t hold myself back. Mmgh.

R: *to heroine* Ah, are you OK? Kotetsu’s sex is rough, so I’m worried.

K: Huh? Don’t treat me like an idiot. I know the proper limits.

R: … I hope so. Fawn, come over here. There, there, you did really well. I’ll pamper you lots later.

K: Ugh, you’re always spoiling her.

R: You say that, but you’re doing it too. What’s with that mountain of games? You said Fawn looked bored and bought an endless amount of them. We’re about to run out of places to put them and they’re getting in the way.


K: Ggh! That’s… We’re playing them, so there’s no problem, right!? Look at yourself! What’s with that pile of DVDs?! Are you planning on making a movie theatre?!

R: They’re all movies that Fawn said she wanted to watch though? Don’t lump me in together with you for buying whatever you please, Kotetsu.

K: Huh!? Haven’t you see how much fun Fawn has when she plays games?! When she wins against me, she smiles so fucking cutely.

R: Mm, I’ll agree her smile is cute. Oh, that reminds me, Fawn, what’d you make? Were the things our cook made not enough? Eh… for us? Uh, you made things which can only be nothing but garbage?

K: Ryuuji, go and throw yourself once into Tokyo Bay. *to heroine* Hey, Fawn, I’m grateful for your feelings… but how come you got the idea to cook? Huh? Oh, OK, let’s sit down first. Hey, Ryuuji, you sit down too.

R: Ugh, when it comes to meals everything tastes the same.

[06:34] *everyone sits down; heroine serves them*

K: Well, let’s eat then.

R: Urgh, do I have to eat no matter what? Can’t I just have my usual nutrition drinks? I’m confident I’m gonna make a terrible face and I don’t want to hurt you, Fawn.

K: I normally eat nutrition and protein drinks too, so stop repeating yourself.

R: Kotetsu, what you don’t have is a sense of smell and isn’t that better than me who doesn’t have a sense of taste?

K: You know, don’t you? Eating things without a sense of smell is pretty much like self-torture.

R: Uh, that’s true… *to heroine* Ah, sorry! I’m not a kid yet I’m being a little too unreasonable, huh. Mm, we’ll be sure to eat this.

K: Alright, let’s dig in then. Mrmgh… Hm? What the heck? Somehow… it feels tasty.

R: Eh? Really?

K: You eat yours too. I think it’s different from usual.

R: What are you saying? I don’t have a sense of taste, so how can it be tasty—mrgh… Huh? It… tastes kind of good.

K: Heh, right? She probably thought about our bodies and made it so both of us can enjoy eating. I see… that’s why you cooked separate dishes.


R: Woah, shit, I don’t really get it but maybe the smell of the spice is strong so I feel like I’m eating. This is way better than nutrition and protein drinks! Haha! *hugs heroine* Fawn, I love you!

K: Ggh, bastard! You didn’t have any interest in the meal, so you’re getting ahead of yourself! I wanted to be the first to hug her… *hugs heroine* Seriously, thank you. Yeah, really. Ever since we were kids, we were pretty much left alone and treated with caution. The feeling was that, at any rate, we managed to grow up safely so… um… right now, it feels like we’re being treated as humans. Mm, I’m happy.

R: Aah, what do I do? Fawn is so dear. I want to fuck you right now.

K: Ugh, me too. I want to thrust myself into her pussy as soon as possible and make her moan.

R: Didn’t you do it earlier?

K: That was like an appetizer. Sex on the bed is different.

R: Even still, you’re getting the back, Kotetsu. Didn’t I give the pussy to you yesterday?

K: Yesterday, I won through rock-paper-scissors and so that’s a natural right. That being the case, you get the ass pussy.

R: No. I want the front.

K: Then let’s decide with rock-paper-scissors today too.

R: Ggh, I say this every time, but I’m bad at rock-paper-scissors so I don’t want to! *heroine collapses* Ah, Fawn!?

K: Fawn?!

R: Hold on! Fawn!? Kotetsu, call the doctor and get him to come over as soon as possible!

K: R-right! *runs off*

[10:50] *scene skip; clock ticking; heroine wakes up*

R: Fawn! Kotetsu, Fawn woke up.

K: I can tell by looking.

R: Are you OK? Is there anything that feels bad? Or hurts? *heroine shakes head*

K: You suddenly lost consciousness. If I didn’t support you, you would have fell onto the ground.

R: What are you being so proud of? It’s because you did it so many times that Fawn got a fever. *to heroine* Mhm, you caught a fever and collapsed because of Kotetsu.

K: You do it twice a day! Don’t make it my responsibility alone.

R: *to heroine* I’m sorry. In the future, we’ll have sex in a way that takes your body into consideration more, Fawn. Kotetsu, you understand too, right?

K: … Fine! Stop harping on me. *to heroine* Uh… um… how do I say this… Sorry about that. We both made porridge, so have some. Apparently, if you don’t eat something then you can’t take medicine.

R: We both combined our strengths and made it according to the internet, so it probably tastes normal. Here, open your mouth.

K: Wait, Ryuuji, she’ll burn her tongue like that. First, blow on it.

R: O-oh, right. I don’t have the habit of eating hot things, so I forgot. *blows on spoon* Here, open wide. So? Tasty? Hehe, I’m glad. Next spoonful then.

K: Hey, the next one’s my turn.

R: If we switched every bite, then it’d take so much time, so give it up.

K: I cooperated to make it, so I have the right to feed her.


R: *to heroine* Wah! You’ll eat by yourself? Ggh, look, it’s because you said unnecessary things, Kotetsu, that Fawn is being considerate.

K: You’re making it my fault!? It happened because you didn’t let me have it. Anyway, hurry up and switch.

R: Nope.

K: Hah!? Are you a kid?!

R: Right back at you.

K: Rock-paper-scissors then!

R: Grgh, I’ve told you, I’m bad at rock-paper-scissors—*fade out*

*scene skip*

K: Phew, alright, you’ve taken your medicine and now you just need to sleep. Haah… *lies down*

R: Hey, Kotetsu, why are you sleeping with her? You can’t do it today.

K: Are you dumb? I’m just sleeping next to her.

R: Oh, I see. Then, I’ll sleep beside her too! *lies down*

K: Hey, Fawn… I’m seriously sorry. I’ve never concerned myself with a girl’s health until now, so I didn’t know how much I could do before they’d weaken.

R: I thought this earlier, but it’s surprising to hear you apologize, Kotetsu. Is a meteor going to come down tomorrow and destroy the earth?

K: You can’t say that about other people, right? You said you’d die before you cooked. Eh, Fawn, you… Did you thank us just now?

R: What, Kotetsu, did you lose your hearing?

K: Shut the hell up! Aren’t you shocked?

R: Uh, well, I’m surprised. After all, we’re extremely evil people who raped Fawn and pressed her into a contract. *heroine shakes head* Haha, you’re the one who personally agreed to the contract? Honestly, Fawn, I don’t know whether to call you serious or what…

K: … Um, could we stop… calling you Fawn?


R: You’re the one who named her that, Kotetsu.

K: After she came here, she’s the one who didn’t like being called by her real name. *to heroine* Hey, why do you hate it? We looked into you, so naturally we know your name. Heh, idiot, we won’t hurt your little brothers because you didn’t tell us. If they’re your precious family, then we’ll treasure them too.

R: Kotetsu, you don’t have to force her right now. Eventually, when Fawn settles her feelings—huh? That happened…?

K: Hm… In other words, you ended up hating your own name because your stepfather would repeat it every time he had sex with you?

R: We’ll wait until you’re OK with being called by your name then.

K: Ryuuji, you dumbass. Do you think that time will come? You know what we did to her, right? *heroine responds* Haha, see? She said it was the worst meeting ever.

R: Hm? But it’s different right now…? What is? Ah, haha… I see. Every day you were raped by your stepfather hurt, so you feel like the situation now is much better. Hrm, but isn’t this Stockhelm syndrome?

K: Stockholm. *heroine responds* Huh? What? Haha… oh. We’re the first men, older than you, to spoil you and treat you nicely, so you feel like we’re special.

R: See? It really is that whatever-holm syndrome.

K: Your memory is too shitty. It’s Stockholm!


R: Oh? Fawn, are you serious about that? Even if it’s that Stock-whatever, have you ended up depending on us to the point of not wanting to leave this place? Haha, Fawn, you’ve changed. You can now let other people give you affection. That’s amazing. No, it’s pretty amazing to change a way of thought that’s sunk into your body. Uh… speaking of changed, I think I have too.

R: After wanting to treasure you, Fawn, I’ve started thinking about stopping my destructive lifestyle. Until now, I always thought I’d be fine dying anywhere one day. So, I wasn’t scared no matter what I did. But now… it’s a little scary. If I die, then I can’t protect you. Haha, yeah, but I still don’t regret anything I’ve done up to now. Because I can’t do anything about things I’ve done and it’s not like dead people will come back. Being troubled over the past is a waste of time. So, I’ll cherish only the things in front of me. Kotetsu, this includes you.

K: Huh? M-me?

R: Mhm. After I got Fawn, I was thankful for having you again, Kotetsu. Even if I died in a worthless way, you’ll protect her, Kotetsu. So, even if I’m stabbed by someone and die, I’m sure I’ll die with a smile to the end.

K: Don’t talk as if it’s just you. I also have more than enough of a chance to die in a good-for-nothing way. So, I also… urgh, um… started thinking I was saved by you, Ryuuji.


R: Haha, until now, being together was so natural that we never felt grateful.

K: Yeah, I even thought being grateful was disgusting.

R: Haha! Right? Hey, Fawn, as you can see, you’ve even changed our relationship. So, don’t say you aren’t amazing. You’re beyond amazing and you’re our treasure.

K: That’s why… anyone who tries to take away our treasure… can’t be shown mercy.

R: Your stepfather has been poking around here secretly and seems to be trying to get you back. I thought about catching him but, like a dirty black bug, he keeps stubbornly running from place to place. If he’s left alive, it’ll be hard to get him arrested. Honestly, isn’t it annoying?

K: *whispers* Hey, Fawn… let’s… slaughter him.

R: No, Kotetsu, those words will make Fawn hesitate. *whisper* Hey, Fawn, let’s have him take a stroll in a mountain that’s easy to get lost in.


K: Ugh, why are you hesitating? Think hard on this. At this rate, that asshole might try to hurt your little brothers one of these days. Nah, there’s no doubt he’s searching for an opportunity even now. They’ll become bait to call you out. That your little brothers are safe right now is because our men are protecting them. But what’re you going to do if he finds an opening? Even if he gets a prison sentence, he’ll get out in a few years or a dozen of years if it’s just attempted murder. Then… the same thing will happen. By the way, I think we told you when you came here, but I wouldn’t recommend going to the police at this point. *whispers* In that case, there’s only one thing to do, right?

R: *whispers* That’s right. Fortunately, right now you have us as weapons. It’ll be your loss if you don’t use us.

K: Just like Ryuuji said, I’ll do anything for you. So, let us do what we want with your old man.

R: You don’t need to feel guilt. Everything is something we want to do.

K: Oh? If you say you can’t just leave everything to us, then you can participate… in the form of giving orders. In that case, you don’t need to think that you’re leaving us to do all the bad things. *whispers* So, come on, take this hand. Become our real woman. The rest of your life… give it to us entirely.


R: Please, find it in you to accept this. Become our wife. Uh, you’ll be one person’s wife in the family register though. Haha, mm, you’re right. We might be narrowing the breadth of your thoughts and taking away your choices but… you can make your decision including those. The decision as to whether or not you’ll respond to these devil’s whispers… Haha, right, I’m sorry. It’s not something to think about when you have a fever.

K: Hm. Think about it after your fever goes away then. You’re important to us, so if you refuse… we’ll back down.

R: Eh? Seriously?

K: Yeah. We’ll protect them from a distance for the rest of their lives. But, due to concerns, we’ll have them put on a wireless mic. Plus a GPS transmitter.

R: Uh… did you know, Kotetsu? That’s called being a stalker.

K: Shut the fuck up. *to heroine* Anyway, we’ll withdraw. So… I want you to think about this seriously. *heroine nods*

R: Mm, good night then. We’ll be here the whole time, so if you want anything let us know. *kisses*

K: Night. Dream about us. *kisses; rain BGM*

*** TRACK 5: Falling as Desired ***

*rain BGM*

R: Oh, good morning, Fawn. That being said, it’s still in the middle of the night. Did you wake up at the sound of the rain?

K: Nngh… *yawns* Ah, you’re awake early. Did you properly dream about us?

R: Oh? You thought about our request even in your dream. And? Did the answer come?

*Ryuuji and Kotetsu startle*

K: Grabbing both of our hands like this means… you’re prepared to be our wife… right? *heroine nods*

R: … Thank you, Fawn. I swear I’ll be a husband who can protect you no matter when to repay your decision. *kisses*

K: I’ll swear too that my wife for my whole life will just be you. I’ll cherish you until death. *kisses*

R: Haha, that’s right, you’ll be someone’s wife on the family register. But in truth you don’t have to worry about choosing one.

K: Heh, yeah, exactly. The three of us are a married set.


R: Uh, what are you doing stripping all of a sudden? Do you feel uncomfortable because you’re sweaty? I can bring a damp towel then, hold on. Um… if that’s not it, then why? Ah!? Haha, I see, it’s because you made your decision that you want to be joined together now. *inhales* But it’s not allowed. Although your fever has gone down, you just recovered so we’ll leave this until tomorrow—

K: Ryuuji, understand her feelings. She wants to do it now when her decision is unwavering.

R: But…

K: If you’re not going to do it, then I’ll do it alone. *pins heroine* Hey, I won’t push you hard today, so if it’s too much then let me know. Got it? Good. That’s my girl. *kisses* Mm…

R: Ggh! It’s not fair to just have a ceremony with Kotetsu.

K: Haha, is this a ceremony?

R: It is! It’s a ceremony where the three of us become married from now on. In other words, the bridal night! So, naturally, it’s strange if I’m not included, right? *kisses*

K: Hey, Ryuuji, lick her pussy. You’re better on the bottom, right? I’ll lick her nipples.


R: That’s true. I leave the top to you then. Pamper her slowly until her pussy is drenched just from the pleasure of her nipples alone.

K: You don’t have to tell me that.

R: Hehe, now then, time to show off my abilities. Oh? Were you looking forward to being eaten out? You’re a little wet already. I gotta respond to your expectations here, huh. Nngh… *gives oral*

K: Oh? You got wet just by imagining Ryuuji’s technique? Makes me a little jealous. Now that it’s like this, I’ll make you cum only from your nipples so that I don’t lose. Mm… haah…

R: Haha, your legs are trembling already. This place… ngh… when I lick it like this… mm, you cum right away. Kotetsu’s already tasting your nipples, so you feel even better, right? Nrgh, haha, you just keep jerking.

K: Mm, ngh, oh…! Don’t twist your body. I won’t be able to taste you, right? Hey now, for a bad wife who doesn’t listen… I’ll roll your other nipple like this at the same time. Eh? You feel so good you’re afraid…? Ugh, jeez, what sort of killer words are those? Haa… hah…! I’m so turned on I feel like I bite off your nipples. Mmgh… haha, what’s wrong? Are you really going to cum from your nipples alone? You’re especially sensitive today.


R: Hey, don’t forget my contribution, OK?

K: Nngh, haha, that’s true. My bad, my bad. Haa… hah… Ryuuji and I will let you taste the ultimate orgasm then. Mm…

R: Haa… ngh…

K: Mm? Something’s gonna come out? Are you going to piss again? Don’t be shy about doing it all over Ryuuji then. Nrgh…

R: Mm… I think it’ll be different with the way her pussy is moving. Hehe, anything is fine, so let it all out. Come on, spray it on me without hesitation.

K: Haha, that’s what he said. Mrgh… hah…

R: Ah!

K: Oh! Jeez, haha, you squirted massively.

R: Mm… ngh… Haha, that really was a large amount. Thanks to your lewd smell, I feel an illusionary sweetness again. Honestly, I’d like to enjoy this sweetness some more though.


K: Ah, that’s right, when I take her health into consideration, I don’t want to draw this out too long. At any rate, Ryuuji can enter you alone tonight. I’ll borrow your hand.

R: Eh, it should be our celebratory bridal night though. You’re going to hand it over?

K: If our feelings are one… heh, then it’s enough, right?

R: Haha, woah, that’s not like you at all, Kotetsu.

K: Shut the fuck up. If you dawdle, then I’ll—woah! You! What are you doing yanking me—mmph! *heroine kisses him* Oh… ngh… Uh, seriously, what’s going on with you? Huh? You want us together…? You want us to enter you from the front and back again? We shouldn’t do that today—hah? What’re you saying? It’s still too rough on you to have us both in one hole.

K: Uh, well, we’ve certainly done it with other girls in the past but… just because of that, there’s no need for you to take on the challenge. Uh, wait a second, are you… jealous? Haha! Somehow, that makes me hap—wait, hey! Don’t cry! Ggh… do you want to feel our heat in the same place that much?

R: Mm, I don’t recommend this either. But making Fawn cry like this is also something I don’t want.

K: Aah… why did we become so weak to her tears? I used to get so turned on by women crying too. Heh, now I start thinking I don’t want to make this girl cry. Yeah, I get it. For you, this is special sex, right? We’ll try it now then… but if you can’t do it, don’t endure it and tell us.


R: Fawn, come onto me then. Mm, that’s good. Press yourself against my tip and then slowly lower your hips. Ngh… ah, yeah… feels good. Maybe it’s because you came so hard earlier, but… you’re wrapped around my dick more than usual. Aah… plus, it’s drenched and slippery… hah… Feels so fucking good. Ungh… ah… shit, I nearly lost my mind for a second. Kotetsu, can you put in a finger from behind?

K: Got it. *to heroine* Nngh… are you OK? This doesn’t hurt, does it? Haha, I see. Then… I’ll rub the spot that feels good on this side. Ngh…

R: Mrgh! You’re convulsing inside to the movement of Kotetsu’s finger… hagh… haa… Ngh, mgh, huh? Did you cum when I’m not even moving? Haha, even if you deny it, I can tell from the movement down here. Aah, jeez, so cute. I want to pound into your spasming pussy like this. Mm, but I’ll resist for now. *kisses* Here, I’ll prod you deep inside so make your entrance looser. Mm… *kisses; slow thrusting*

R: Mm? Stop? You’re gonna cum again? Hehe, don’t worry, you can cum lots. That way it’ll be easier for Kotetsu to get in. Nngh, here, I’ll gently grind against this spot at the back that you love with the tip of my hard dick. Haa… hagh… Kotetsu, isn’t it good soon? Any more and Fawn’s going to cum too much and start hurting.


K: Ah, right.

R: Fawn, lean over in my direction. Mm, yeah, then relax your body like this.

K: Then… I’ll put it in slowly. Gngh… ah…!

R: Ggh!

K: Tight…! Ngh! Is this really going to be OK? Hey, shouldn’t we stop actually? *heroine shakes head* Ah… haha, alright, I got it, princess. Jeez, I’m no match for you. *kisses*

R: Haha, I’ll fondle your ear over here too. *kisses* Mm…

K: Mmgh… hah…

R: She got a bit looser, didn’t she?

K: Hagh… haa… maybe. Or more like it’s super slippery with her juices. Nngh… *kisses; to heroine* your body is also doing its best to accept us, huh. Haha, cute.


R: I’ll start moving then. Kotetsu, wait a bit.

K: Mm… you don’t have to tell me that. I’m still too scared to pull out or push in.

R: Sorry, Fawn, I’m going to rock you a little but if you can’t endure it then tell me, OK? *kisses*

K: Ngh… ah…! Ugh… this is crazy… I’m not moving, but I’m pressing against a different spot than usual and I dunno if it’s fresh or… hah… ah… This is good in its own way. Nrgh… hagh… hah…!

R: Haa… haah… Fawn, are you OK? Are you conscious? Ah… jeez, if you smile like that… ah…

K: Haha! So funny! Ryuuji, you look like you’re going to get knocked out by Fawn’s cuteness, hehe.

R: Kotetsu, you’re in no position to say that about other… people! Ngh!

K: Agh! Mgh! Hey! Don’t thrust up! She’s gonna break, right?

R: Haha, I wonder. Hey, Fawn, look over at Kotetsu. Come on, don’t be embarrassed.

K: Woah! You…! Ggh… stupid. When you look so dazed with pleasure… hagh… I’ll start wanting to move. Mgh! Ggh! Haa… hah…! *thrusting*

R: Hagh… hah… haa…!


K: Haha, penetrated by two huge cocks and being a leaking mess inside… Is this turning you on? Ungh… hah…! *kisses* Such a sexy and good woman… there’s no one else but you. Mgh!

R: Haha… seriously. How deep are you going to make us drown in you? Aah… *kisses*

K: Hagh… hah… ngh!

R: Wait! Don’t squeeze so hard… hah… so many things are rubbing against me… ah… Fuck. It feels too good, I’m gonna lose my mind. Haa… hagh…

K: Haha! Isn’t it late at this point, Ryuuji? You’ve been thrusting up like mad since earlier. It’s so good you can’t stop your hips, right? Mgh, although I can’t say that about other people… ngh! Aah…! Such a nice voice… Fawn, let me hear that enchanting voice more. Your voice really shoots down to my crotch. Nngh… hah…!

R: Kgh… hah… hagh…!

K: *kisses* Haa… hah…! Hey, we’ll treasure you for your whole life, so you can’t look at other men apart from me and Ryuuji. Mmgh… hah…

R: That’s my request too. Haah… haa… if you cheat, we’ll have to punish you. Ngh… mgh…!


K: Haah… I love you. Mm… mgh…!

R: I love you. Haa… hagh…!

K: Hey now, you’re clenching down and squeezing us again. Do you want semen soon that badly? Ugh… mgh… ngh!

R: Haha, are you weak to the words “I love you”? Gods, you’re so cute. Nngh, then I’ll have to answer your hopes, Fawn. Haa… hah… I’ll pour out healthy sperm that’ll reach your eggs. So, get pregnant from my semen first, OK?

K: Huh? The first one’s gonna be MY kid! Ngh! Mgh! Aah… hah…!

R: Aah… hagh…

K: Kgh, I’m cumming… hah… I’m cumming! Gngh… hah…! Mgh! Nrgh! *he orgasms* Aah… hah…

R: Ggh… shit… Kotetsu came inside… and now you’re cumming… ah… hagh…! I can’t hold back at this…! Gngh… hagh… mgh! I love you, Fawn! I love… you! Ggh, I’m… cumming! *he orgasms* Hagh… ah…! Haa… hah… ah, wow, somehow it blew away my vocabulary to the point where I can only say “wow”… Marriage ceremonies are the best…


K: Didn’t you just say something other than “wow”?

R: What about you, Kotetsu? How was it? Haa… hah…

K: Well… to say the least, it was the best.

R: Haha, Kotetsu, you’ve lost your vocabulary too, haven’t you?

K: That’s a given, right? That’s how dear she is… and irresistible. *kisses*

R: Haa… hagh… mm, same. *kisses* Now then, I’m reluctant but we should take out our dicks. Or Fawn’s gonna really die.

K: Yeah. *pulls out* Ah, hey! Are you OK!?

R: Haha… she’s completely exhausted.

K: Jeez, that’s what I said earlier.

R: That’s not something we can say when we lost to our desires. Sorry, Fawn. Endure it just a bit longer. Let’s change your position. I’ll lower you slowly, so lie on your back, OK? Mm, that’s good. We’ll wipe your body while you’re sleeping.

K: Haha, sleep well. Once you’re up, all your worries will be gone. Yeah, really. As your husband, I promise this.

R: … Aren’t you still her fiancé?

K: She’s at a marriageable age too, right? So, I’ll grab the marriage registration forms tomorrow and it’s OK to be called her husband.

R: I see. I’m her husband too then.

K: *to heroine* Anyway, go to sleep again. When you’re up, choose who you want as your husband on the family register.

R: Mm, I said it earlier, but it really doesn’t matter who’s chosen. No matter what our relationship is on official papers, the three of us are a married set with our feelings. *kisses* Now then, good night and sleep tight, princess.

K: *kisses* Whatever bad dreams you have, I’ll kick them all away for you.

R+K: I love you.

*** TRACK 6: Whereabouts of Sin ***

*ocean waves BGM*

R: Ugh… so cold! Hey, let’s hurry up and move to the hot springs. It’s not good to stand too long in the ocean breeze in this season!

K: Don’t rush her, Ryuuji. She has lots of things she wants to think about, right?

R: Is there any meaning to deliberately immerse yourself in negative emotions where your stepfather died?

K: Enough, shut up for a moment. Sorry, Fawn. I really wanted to bring you here earlier but our brother—the boss said some things and that, at any rate, we should wait a month.

R: … Our brother’s decision is right. I don’t think it’s necessary to come here and dig at your wound on purpose.

K: We talked about this yesterday, didn’t we? It was her wish to try and move on from her feelings.

R: If she wants to immerse herself in memories, she could do that at home, can’t she?

K: Stop repeating yourself. It’s for her sake, right?

R: That’s precisely why I’m saying this. I want to protect future Fawn’s heart over her past heart.

K: Honestly… you can’t understand a person’s heart at crucial times. This is why our brother won’t entrust the company to you.

R: I’m not interested in a public-facing company. If I can support you, Kotetsu, then that’s enough. Also, if I was someone who could empathize with others, then I wouldn’t rape people. In the end, like what people say, we’re just pretend humans. Uh, to put it in modern terms, I guess it’d be psychopaths?


K: I know we’re abnormal, but I wasn’t talking about you learning empathy. I’m saying that, at the very least, you should get used to imagining the emotions of the woman you fell in love with. Even if you can’t empathize, imagine it, and then you can act in a way that complies with that.

R: Haha, Kotetsu, you’ve grown.

K: And you got a slanted upgrade. *heroine moves* Oh! What’s wrong? Don’t mind Ryuuji’s words and take your time. Hm. Ah, yeah, three days after we proposed to you—in other words, one month ago from now—your stepfather fell off this cliff and died.

R: That being said, I was the one who pushed him. Kotetsu said to leave it to the people in our clan, but in the end I wanted to personally deal with the one who hurt you, Fawn. Ah, but Kotetsu also watched from behind. It wasn’t just me alone, so don’t worry. Haha, even when I remember it now, it makes me laugh. Even at the very end, he clung to the edge of that rock and begged desperately for his life. He was unexpectedly persistent, so I found it interesting and peeled off his fingers one by one. Hahaha! He made such a good face, I couldn’t help but take a picture! Ah, do you wanna see?

K: Hey, Ryuuji!

R: Uh… why are you angry? He’s the man who hurt our Fawn for so long. Instead, wasn’t I more than gentle enough letting him die in such a peaceful way?


K: This girl was a normal person just a while ago, you know? Don’t tell her the last moments of someone she knew.

R: … I don’t get it. Fawn obviously wants to know the last moments of the man who hurt her and her little brothers. *to heroine* Right? Uh… that face… don’t tell me, I’m wrong? Ah… I’m sorry. I… really thought it could clear your emotions, Fawn. Do you… hate me now? *heroine shakes head* Oh… thank god. If you hated me, Fawn, I’d have jumped off from here right away.

K: Hm? You’re worried? About what? Oh, the murder investigation. Like I said before we came here, it was determined to be a suicide. After all, that guy was buried in debts. Even without lifting our hands, no one would be surprised if he died one day under the pain of being in debt.

R: Well, the one who increased his debts was you, Kotetsu. *to heroine* Look, on the first day you were brought to our house, Fawn, Kotetsu disappeared after switching with me, right? At that time, he acted to drive your father to his destruction, Fawn.

K: Ugh, don’t say extra things, Ryuuji.

R: It’s not extra. It’s the wife’s right to know what her husband did. *to heroine* Right?


K: You don’t need to be in pain. All the sin falls on us, the ones who killed him.

R: Mhm. You didn’t do anything wrong. *heroine shakes head*

K: Haha, you… Like usual, you’re living a way that hurts. Are you still saying you also have a sin for making this decision? *heroine nods* You’re still thinking about what was said when we proposed? Those were words to tempt you. We really don’t think of you as an accomplice. *heroine shakes head* Ah, alright, alright, I got it. Our princess is really stubborn.

R: So, Fawn? Did you move on from your feelings?

K: … O-oh. Hah… haha! Those are some nice eyes. You’re completely a resident on our side now.

R: Haha, then, as proof of your decision, let’s tattoo a tiger and dragon on your back!

K: Hey, Ryuuji, that’s a little—wait, you’re OK with that!? Jeez… seriously, you’re a resolute woman.

R: Hehe, let’s go to the inn then. Ah, the hot spring is naturally attached to our room, so the three of us can go in. Or, Fawn, do you want to go in alone first—huh? If not Fawn, then what should we call—ah…! You mean…?


K: Haha, I see. It’s OK to call you by your real name now, huh. Haha, I’ve always thought about calling out your name while having sex and, finally, this dearest wish can be granted.

R: Hehe, even though it was the nickname you gave.

K: Shut up. *to heroine* Uwah, your hand is super cold.

R: You’re right. It’s like ice! We need to hurry up and warm her.

K: Yeah, that’s right. Heh, let’s go then, wife. *kisses*

R: Your road with us, after your rebirth, starts from here. *kisses*

K: Until the last moment, on this road with the three of us… we—

R+K: —won’t let go of this hand.

*** 500 DL Reward: The Sequel with Kotetsu ***

*heroine running; slams open door*

K: Woah! That startled me. This is a hospital room, so knock at least before coming in—ah! Wait, if you hug me so forcefully, it’ll hurt my injury.

K: Haha, I’m joking. It’s not that serious. A knife grazed my side, that’s all.

K: Yeah, I’m telling the truth.

K: This is the first time it hurts to make a woman cry. *hugs heroine* I’m sorry for making you worry. It was a sudden attack, so even I couldn’t dodge it. Well, as you can see, I turned the tables on them, hehe.

K: Ah… I’m telling you, stop crying. When you cry, my injury heals slower. So, smile. Come on? *kisses*

K: Haha! Oh? That’s a cute request. If I kiss you more, then you’ll stop crying?

K: … Don’t provoke me so much. It sends tingles down my spine. Mm… *kisses*


K: Aah, look, I told you so. I’m hard now. It’s your fault, you know?

K: Nope, it’s your fault. So, with your cute pussy… nurse this rock hard part of me.

K: Haha, don’t worry. This is a private room and the nurses won’t come for a while.

K: Haa… if you won’t do it, then I might do something reckless tomorrow. Aah, I’m sure this injury will be prolonged and this time I really might die—

K: Haha! Yeah, that’s right, you need to be decisive like that.

K: Ah, wait, you don’t have to give me a blow job. Rather than that, let me eat you. You’re asking why? The hospital food here sucks. So, I want to taste something delicious right now. The best main dish… called my beloved wife’s pussy.

K: *heroine hits him* Haha, so? What’re you gonna do? Are you going to neglect your injured husband and go home?

K: Good, good, that’s my girl. Then take off your shoes and get on the bed.


K: Oh? Today, you’re wearing the panties I bought. Mm, I have good taste if I can say so myself. It really matches you.

K: Now then, straddle my face while kneeling like that. Look, as you can see, I can only raise my upper body like this.

K: Haha, don’t hesitate after coming this far. Come on, hurry up.

K: Ooh, this is a good view. If I just push this underwear to your thighs a little, then your pussy is in plain view. Mmgh… *gives oral*

K: Haa… ngh… it’s so delicious. Your pussy juices are a thousand times better than the drinks the hospital provides. Ah, woah! Don’t run away. Give me more. Nngh!

K: Mm? Aah, haha, don’t tell me, you’ve been aching since yesterday because things ended halfway? Mngh… you’re already convulsing and about to cum, aren’t you? Haha, what a cute girl. Nrgh… hah…

K: I’ll make you feel really good as part of an apology for not finishing yesterday. Mm… hngh…


K: You’re stubborn. Don’t hold back when you want to cum. Nngh… I’ll touch your clit too along with the inside so… cum. Nnrgh… mgh…! *heroine orgasms*

K: Haa… hah… looks like you properly came. Haha, thanks for the meal. Oh! Haha, you can’t keep yourself up anymore? That’s perfect then.

K: Lower your hips on top of this cock.

K: Heh, after coming this far, putting it in and not putting it in is the same, right?

K: Besides, you can’t resist anymore either, right? You want me to slam into you and grind my hard tip against your womb, right?

K: See? It’s not good for the body to hold back.

K: Yeah, I knew. I’ll finish right away after entering you. Haha, I’m serious! I’m already leaking pre-cum, so if you move your hips up and down three times I’ll probably cum. Heh, I leave it to you then. *kisses*


K: Nngh… ah…! Aah, haha, it really does feel the best inside you. I’m this hungry just from not doing it for a day. Mngh… ah, but it looks like I’m not the only hungry one. Your hole is also sucking deliciously at my cock.

K: Haha, what’s wrong? If you don’t hurry and move your hips, then someone from the clan might come to pay a visit. Mgh… ngh… yeah, like that. Keep going and do your best. Hngh… hagh…! *kisses; heroine moving*

K: Huh? Liar…? What about? Mmgh… haha, oh right, I said I’d cum if you moved up and down three times.

K: Hmm… it’s probably this. The way you move your hips is innocent.

K: Haha! Don’t be reserved. Riding is something like… THIS! Ngh! Ggh! Mmgh… hah…! *thrusting*

K: Yeah, yeah, like this feeling. Haa… hagh… Huh? It feels the best when the tip of my cock is slapping against the entrance to your womb, right? Hngh… haa…!


K: Like this, I really think I’ll cum soon… ngh… mrgh…!

K: Hey, don’t bite your lip. You’ll make yourself bleed. Nrgh… if you’re worried about your voice, then bite my tongue. Come on. Mmgh… gngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

K: Haa… haah…! I’m gonna release… Today, I’ll fill you with my seed before Ryuuji too. Nngh… mm! *kisses; he orgasms*

K: Ungh… hagh…! Haa… hah…

K: Haha, so warm. When I’m in you like this, I really feel like I’m alive. Haha, you’re right, my bad. I’m only saying this now, but it was actually a pretty bad situation. If help didn’t come… then I probably would have been killed.


K: Heh… then, just when I thought “ah, I’m gonna die”, the first thing that came to mind… was your face.

K: Haha, see, you’re really just a gentle woman I dragged into the underworld, right? So, I started worrying about things like if you could do well in our world. But then, right after that, I felt relieved. Like what was said in the past, even if I die there’s Ryuuji. That guy will protect you.

K: I thought of myself as a defective twin that couldn’t be a person if I wasn’t in one set with the both of us… but I’m glad for that, seriously.

K: Because the relationship I’ve built with Ryuuji up to now is connected to your future.

K: Haha, it’s good not to have regrets when I die.

K: Huh, urk, ow, OW OW! Don’t suddenly pinch my cheek! I’m still an injured person, you know!?

K: U-uh, I wasn’t blaming you, so don’t cry like that…

K: O-oh… haha, those were some sharp words. I gotta write this down and let Ryuuji hear it. *grabs paper* Hm, let’s see… “If you’re aware you dragged me in, then you’re not allowed to die so easily. Until the last moment when I die, you have to be responsible and keep loving me.” Haha, nice! It’s a phrase that can become a motto. Ryuuji’s gonna fall in love with you all over again.

K: *heroine hits him* Haha, yes, yes, I’m listening to you seriously. *kisses*


K: I know, princess. I’ll swear to the tiger tattoo engraved on your back that I’ll doggedly live on until I can see you off at the last moment. Heh, the devil’s children have the devil’s luck, right? Haha, well? Are you relieved?

K: Great! Then, now that you’re at ease, let’s do it once more. UGH, ow, ow…! Haha, crap, my injury might have opened.

K: Haha, don’t worry, I’m a man who lived through getting stabbed right in the stomach. Something like this won’t kill me.

K: So, after I’m better tomorrow… you’ll let me fuck you again, right?

K: Your presence itself is the best medicine. *kisses*

*** 1000 DL Reward: The Sequel with Ryuuji ***

R: I’m home! Haah… let’s go to the hot springs?

R: Mrgh, I’m saying the hot springs! You know, those hot springs? Look, the three of us went a year ago and had fun, right? So, I wanted to go again.

R: Ah, no, this time I’m not gonna invite Kotetsu. It’s nice being together with three of us, but I also want to go alone together.

R: Because I find that Kotetsu has been monopolizing you too much lately. At any rate, while I’ve been gone far away on our brother’s orders, Kotetsu has been fucking you around the clock, right?

R: Hm. That expression is saying you won’t deny it. Ugh, not fair! Super unfair! That’s why we’re definitely going today. In fact, we’re leaving right now.

R: Hehe, don’t worry, we can grab what we need at the place. So, let’s go!

[01:36] *scene skip; birds chirping; hot springs*

R: Aah, I knew it, hot springs with just the two of us is the best.

R: Today, this open hot springs attached to our room is larger than last time, so this sense of space is nice, right? It’s not a large public bath, so the tattoos on our back don’t matter either.

R: Hey, don’t you want to reward me for doing such good work? Come on, come on.

R: Hehe, I’d like to be shown appreciation through actions.

R: Really? Then kiss me. *heroine kisses him*

R: … Nope, not that. A deeper one. Mmh… *kisses*

R: Hehe, is it embarrassing to kiss me outside? *kisses* You’re not red just because of the hot water, right?

R: Jeez, why are you so cute? You’re so innocent even after becoming one of our people that I instinctively feel worried. Before you’re caught by horrible bugs, I gotta be sure to leave marks every day showing that you’re our wife. *kisses*


R: Eh? What am I doing? It’s obvious, isn’t it? We’re specially at an open air bath attached to our room, so not doing it is a loss. Plus, you’re rewarding me, right? *kisses* Nrgh…

R: Shit… I’m so turned on I feel like I’m gonna get a heatstroke. Let’s sit at the edge of the bath.

R: Eh? There’s no way we’ll end it like this. I won’t give up until we properly enjoy some hot spring sex. *kisses* Mm…

R: Hehe, even though you’re embarrassed your nipples are already reacting. Look, they’re bright red. I have to lick them now, don’t I? Nngh…


R: Haha, it’s so strange. I shouldn’t have a sense of taste, but your body is the only thing I find delicious. Mngh…

R: Feels good? It feels good, doesn’t it? After all, even the other nipple that I haven’t licked has turned red. I’m not lying. You can see it, right?

R: Ngh, thanks to our sucking, both nipples have gotten larger. Haah… every time I see these sexy nipples, I get turned on so quickly. They’re irresistible. I’m going to take a bite out of this nipple too. Mrgh…

R: Mm? Nope, today’s a day to reward me, not Kotetsu. So, you’ll let me do what I want, right? Ah, don’t tell me you were squirming around earlier because you don’t want me to find out you’re already wet?

R: OK, OK, it’s useless to shut your legs now. Relax your body. Aah, wow, you’re wetter than I imagined. Your womb throbbed so much from having your nipples sucked, huh.


R: If I leave this place alone, you won’t be able to help but feel lonely deep in your stomach, so I’ll fill you up fully to the very back right now.

R: Eh? I can’t do it to the very end no matter what?

R: Hrm… a blow job? Fine. We’ll end things today with your mouth then.

R: Come here. You’ll get dizzy from the heat if your legs are in the water.

R: Hey, are you sure? I really think it’s better for the both of us to feel good—ngh! Haa… hagh… swallowing me all of a sudden is mean. You know I’m weak to pleasure. Hngh… hah…!

R: Aah, nice… Right there… I love that… ah… ngh…!

R: Haha, honestly, you’ve learned all about me in this year, huh. I’m happy, but also maybe a little frustrated. Well, I know your body even better… though… Mgh… hagh…


R: Ngh, shit…! Hah… it’s not fair when you suck like that. Hagh… haa… I’m gonna… cum immediately… Huh? No, it’s not good. My goal was to feel good together with you. Mgh… that being the case… *grabs heroine* I’m gonna take this rock hard cock on the brink of shooting off and slide it deep into you.

R: Haha, it’s OK now, right? You were moving your hips the entire time you were sucking me off. I saw it.

R: Look, you’re wetter than before. You were imagining how you wanted this in you while you were sucking me, right?

R: Heh… *kisses* I’ll grant that wish of yours. So, come on, turn around and put your hands against that post.

R: Mm, come on, it’s fine. People outside can’t see this. We definitely won’t be discovered.

R: Haa… hah… ah, when I look at you from behind in such a bright place… the tiger and dragon tattoo on your skin really stands out. It’s proof you’re our wife. *kisses*


R: Eh? Are you still saying you’re embarrassed to have sex outside? This is normal between a loving couple. Or do you love me less than Kotetsu?

R: Hehe, I’m glad. If the weight of your love is the same, then you can accept the same thing. Nngh… hagh…! *thrusting*

R: Hagh, look, can you feel it? Haa… hah… because you made it large to its limits, its pushing against your womb to the point of changing its shape, right? Ngh… ah…

R: Mm? Haha, this sensation… it looks like you came just from me entering you…

R: Did it feel that good to have a huge cock spread you open inside?

R: Lewd. Haha, this place has already become a pussy just for us, huh. You see, most girls feel pain when I thrust this deeply into them. But right now you’ve grown to love it when I press against you to this deep extent, right?

R: Haha, you’re the sexiest and cutest. *kisses; thrusting*


R: Hngh… haah… haha, every time I pull out, your juices drip down like you’re wetting yourself. Haha! Erotic.

R: Hah… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

R: Mm? What is it? Haha… hah… not yet. Let me taste you for the time we were apart too. Nngh… hey, I’ll rub this puffed up clit too, mrgh, so don’t say no. Gngh…! Hah… hah…!

R: Aah… haha, ah… You’re trembling outside and inside. Haa… hah… I feel so fucking good too… I’m gonna go crazy… *thrusting*

R: Haha, I’m so turned on I drooled on your back. Nngh… I’ll lick it up properly, so forgive me. Mm… ah…


R: Ah… it’s so fucking slippery inside. Ngh! Your womb’s dropped down further from before. Haha, this feeling of burying the tip of my cock into your cervix… ah… hagh… It feels so good to the point of giving me tingles all down my back and goosebumps all over my body. Haa… hagh…

R: Seriously… hah… I feel like I’m gonna go boneless, starting from the tip of my cock. Nrgh… mgh…!

R: Nngh…! Ggh… ah…! You’re clenching so hard… hah… hagh…!

R: You’re gonna cum again, right? Haa… haah…

R: Me too… I’m already there… hah… hagh… Let’s cum together? Haa… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*


R: Ha… hagh… it’s coming…! Your womb… is gonna be pumped full of my sperm…! OK? Haa… hagh… gngh…! *he orgasms; kisses*

R: Haa… hah… today felt amazing too. *kisses*

R: Woah! Are you OK? Aah… haha, your legs are shaking. Sorry, I pushed you too hard. Your body’s a little cold, so let’s get back in. I’ll carry you then, so hold onto my neck for a moment. Hup!

R: *gets into hot spring* Aah, hot springs after sex is another level of feeling good. Mm? What do you mean?


R: Oh, what if you get pregnant with my kid? It’ll probably be alright. Today’s not an unsafe day for you. Or more precisely, I’ve been counting the days lately so that it won’t be my child.

R: Huh? Obviously, it’s because it’s better for it to be Kotetsu’s child.

R: Mm, I’ve ended up thinking this way after time passed. Because I can’t study or do work better than Kotetsu. Plus, I can’t be kind to anyone except for you or Kotetsu. My kindness towards others is just pretend. Our big brother said that too and I’m aware of this too.

R: Haha, this is probably a special quality that came at birth. It’s not because my environment was twisted… I can somehow tell that much. But, after meeting you, Kotetsu has really become gentle. Of course, he still has a cruel side and he’s strict to people in the clan… but still, even when he stands above others, he’s become a worthy man.

R: That’s why Kotetsu is much more suited to being a father over a defective object like me. If something’s gonna be left behind, then it’s absolutely best for it to be those genes.


R: Uh? Did you slap me on the cheek just now? It was pretty light but… you slapped me, right? Hah… haha!

R: I’m happy to be slapped by you, haha.

R: Mm, because I got your first slap.

R: … Thank you.

R: Nah, it’s for the slap, but also for saying I’m not defective. Ever since we met, you’ve continued to say we’re not defective, huh. That’s why I stopped living so destructively. I feel like if I’m living with you, then one day I can become human. I’m called a monster by everyone… but you accepted me with your large heart. Seriously… thank you.

R: I love you. I’m always looking straight at you only. *kisses; phone rings*

R: Nngh… ugh, what the hell. We were at a good point too. Uh… let’s see, I remember leaving it somewhere here. Ah, here, here.

R: *answers phone* Ah, Kotetsu, what’s up? Hahaha! Oh, what, you know where we are already? Because it’s you, you’re gonna come here tonight, right? Gugh!? You’re already at the front of the inn!? What about the company? Uh… haha, you ended things early because you predicted my actions. Heh, that’s just like you, Kotetsu. Brilliant. Haha, I’m not making fun of you. Well then, we’ll wait for you in the hot spring. Quickly strip and get in before we get dizzy. *ends call*


R: Haha, too bad, we got discovered already.

R: Hm? It really is a bit too much to be fucked here twice, right? Or more like, I’d stop that. Anyway, after the three of us use this bath, we’ll enjoy a banquet in our room… and then eat you for dessert. Naturally, it’ll be me and Kotetsu together.

R: Hehe, do your best, wife of ours. We’ll both love you… until your whole body is limp. *hot spring noises*

Note2: Kotetsu uses the word ペロリスト (perorist) which is a play on the onomatopoeia ペロペロ (peropero; licking) and テロリスト (terrorist). Japanese likes to combine a lot of words with the word “terrorism” LOL. One of my favorites is 飯テロ (meshitero) which is basically terrorizing people with pictures of delicious food.

5 thoughts on “Ryou ~ Whereabouts of Sin ~

    Spoons Only said:
    February 12, 2021 at 15:35

    i wish there was a scene w/ MC finally meeting w/ her little brothers again, or at least Ryuuji and Kotetsu talking about her hugging them or smth, i feel like it’d be good content for them to see the motherly side to her towards actual children :’0 still great story w/o it though💕

      Ilinox responded:
      February 15, 2021 at 00:17

      Same same, I also wonder what her brothers think about her?? joining a yakuza organization?? Unless they’re kept completely in the dark and it’s more like “Hey, my friend’s friends are taking care of you, teehee!” In which case, must be nice to be her brothers, haha, they have all these uncles protecting them.

      It’d be really cute to see Ryuuji and Kotetsu interacting with them too ;w; especially since there’s that small bond between them all being twins. I know Ryuuji said he can only pretend to be gentle towards others, but he and Kotetsu also agreed that anyone precious to her is precious to them so… LOL.

        Spoons Only said:
        February 15, 2021 at 04:07

        i imagine they probably do know what’s up since MC likely can’t keep her huge back tattoo a secret from them for too long if she bathes w/ her brothers at some point later unless she’s adamant about sheltering them from yakuza-type-business

    Kborenai said:
    February 12, 2021 at 03:38

    Tonguererrorist Lmao

      Ilinox responded:
      February 12, 2021 at 14:15

      I tried, okay? Haha. At first, I took it very seriously and thought of something like tongue lasher which could imply someone who’s skilled with their tongue, not just in the sexual way, but also has sharp words and can cut other people down.

      But then, right after, Ryuuji starts laughing his head off so I decided to just stick with the stupidest word I could think of LOL. I affectionally call these two guys my dumbasses.

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