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Eclipse ~ Whereabouts of Sin ~

Seriously, thank you so much to Mirai for this commission. This is the last content I have for Whereabouts of Sin and I hope everyone enjoyed the ride!

Note1: Because the kanji alone can mean many things, I just took a stab at the title. This character can form the verb for surpassing, excelling, or eclipsing someone. But it can also be part of the word for being humiliated and assaulted, so I chose eclipse for the way it can be used to mean a loss of status or reputation (ex. eclipsed by someone).

Cast Comment

KOTETSU, CV: Kuzai Tsubasa

Q1: Please tell us your impression of your character.

Kotetsu’s first impression is that he threatened the heroine, forced her, then took her to live in a way that’s close to imprisonment, so I thought he was just the worst person in the world; but as the story progresses and you see his humanity, there’s a coherent part to thank him for and he has an adult side that understands and listens to things seriously. On the other hand, there’s also a childish part that speaks out whatever he thinks and he does what he does, so it’s hard to call him a good person but I think he’s a man who has depths that are different from his first impression.

Q2: Please tell us if there were any points of interest.

Kotetsu, Ryuuji, and the heroine are all people whose emotions change as they interact with each other and I think that’s what makes the story interesting. This relationship, which supplements the parts that are missing, gives rise to a bond that can only exist because it’s these three and, although the brothers aren’t good people at all, there’s a sort of warm, strange, and twisted relationship that forms and that’s what struck home with me.

If we’re talking about scenes, then it’d be when Kotetsu and Ryuuji were on both sides of the heroine and arguing harmoniously with each other. I personally liked it because it made me grin and was cute (LOL).

Q3: Do you think the three of them can be happy after this?

They have a spirit that no matter what happens they’ll cut through it somehow, so I think they’ll manage. If we look at them as an onlooker, then they might be twisted but if the people themselves think they’re happy then I think that’s what’s most important.

Due to the nature of their job, I don’t think it’d be strange if something happened, but I think that will be good spice to deepen their bonds, so I want them to run to the point where things are going well. 

​Q4: Please give a message to all the listeners.

Thank you very much for listening! Just like the profound subtitle, “Whereabouts of Sin”, I’m happy if people enjoyed the whereabouts of sin and how the story of the three of them plays out.

I acted as Kotetsu but, by all means, if people could love both of the brothers together, then I think Kotetsu and Ryuuji would be pleased.

Thank you all very much and please enjoy this work!


RYUUJI, CV: Irodori Kazuya

Q1: Please tell us your impression of your character.

When I read the script for the first time, my unadulterated comment was “Eh? You can’t do something like that!”. It was a really shocking Track 1, but as the story progressed and I saw Ryuuji’s growth and the change in his emotions I thought about how awkward he was. The sight of him moving forward while bearing regrets, grudge, and many things really touched me.

Q2: Please tell us if there were any points of interest.

I couldn’t help but think about how people can be changed so much when they meet their precious person. After meeting his heroine, Ryuuji had many troubles and experienced many things for the first time since he was born. I also want to keep on treasuring my bonds with people in life. Plus, there’s Ryuuji’s stance of “Regretting the past is a waste of time”. Yeah, I also want to move forward steadily and look ahead!

Q3: Do you think the three of them can be happy after this?

I believe they can. No, they definitely can. They have to be! Everyone has their forms of happiness and I really think there’s many forms. After this, I’m sure there’ll be moments where they regret, get depressed, and crash into each other out of anger. But even still, it’s the three of them who decide on their happiness. Regretting the past is a waste of time, right? With that said, I want them to push on to happiness with the three of them, without worrying about everyone around them.

​Q4: Please give a message to all the listeners.

I’m Irodori Kazuya, who acted out Ryuuji! This time, the role of Ryuuji really gave me the strong feeling of “challenge”. I really got a lot of stimulus from him. I’d be really happy if everyone could feel the change of his emotions and things like the voice in his heart. Thank you so much for reading to the very end. Please feel your heart race at this dangerous and charm-packed story of Kotetsu and Ryuuji! Thank you very much and please enjoy the work!

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