Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 13 ~

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Chapter 13 ~ Second Game Pt.4 ~

Gu Yian picked up a stack of fallen leaves and walked onto the grass, sounding it out.

She threw a leaf, the leaf landed on the ground, and then she walked forward a few steps, stopping at the place where the leaf landed. Then she would throw another leaf.

Repeating this, Gu Yian slowly entered the center of the lawn.

The other players watched her, none of them ridiculing her strange actions.

After all, if it was them, then they would be even more careful than Gu Yian.

When it came to life and death matters, one could never be too careful.

Gu Yian threw another withered and yellowed leaf.

The leaf fluttered in the air, falling forward at a slant, but then it suddenly seemed to touch something mid-air and it bounced a little before slowly drifting to the grass.

Sure enough, something existed ahead.

In all likelihood, it was the office building.

The office building was hidden right now and its outline couldn’t be seen, so how to get in became a large problem.

Just as Gu Yian was pondering this, a slow and deliberate piano score suddenly floated through the air.

The music was dreamlike and eerie.

Everyone player heard this sound. The other players, who had originally been at ease, straightened their bodies and looked around with alertness.

In the eerie piano sound, a girl’s delighted voice rang.

“Night time. I can find you now.”

These words landed.

And the sky abruptly changed into a curtain of darkness without any light.

But, following the darkening of the sky, a building that originally didn’t exist appeared out of thin air in everyone’s sight.

It was a three-story building with a red display screen on the door. It sat on the place that was formerly a lawn and all the lights inside were on, creating a brightly lit sight.

The red light on the screen flickered, displaying a single line.

I found you.

“I found you!”

The girl’s happy voice sounded from behind the players.

At the same time, the sound of countless children also rang from behind the players.

They repeated a sentence.

“I found you.”

In this moment, a brave player looked behind.

“What the hell!”

He screamed and took to his heels and ran into the building which had just appeared.

The surroundings were extremely dark and only this building had light, so he could only choose to run into the lit building.

Everyone had curiosity.

Another player also looked behind and then immediately yelled.

“Shit. Run!”

“Help me!”

In one stroke, the figures of four players flashed past Gu Yian’s eyes.

Gu Yian realized the situation wasn’t good and so she became even calmer.

She knew her disadvantages: her endurance was poor and she was physically weaker than men.

The only thing she could rely on more was her own mind.

In this moment, Gu Yian recalled what the girl had just said and connected those two sentences with the scene of the building ahead of her suddenly appearing before them.

Right in front of her, displayed on the red electronic screen, were the words of the girl.

This clearly declared one thing.

The appearance of this building and the girl were connected.

Maybe running inside was like a sheep entering a tiger’s mouth.

Gu Yian’s thoughts only took a minute, but those four players already disappeared into the door.

She forced back her desire to run and stood in place.

This building couldn’t be entered.

A gale screamed past her.

Gu Yian felt like her whole body was about to be blown away.

She couldn’t move. Moving in this moment was the most dangerous.

Gu Yian wanted to crouch down to reduce her own area that was being blown against.

In this instant, someone’s hand suddenly touched her palm.

That hand was too cold. Gu Yian shrank back reflexively, but she was grabbed by that person.

That person moved a little closer to her.

Both of them were right next to each other, resisting the fierce wind.

The gale was too violent and Gu Yian couldn’t help but close her eyes to avoid injuring them.

The howling wind shrieked beside her ear, but the presence of the person beside her who she couldn’t see clearly made her feel more at ease.

It was always nice to have a companion.

About two minutes passed.

The strong wind abruptly stopped.

Light penetrated Gu Yian’s world.

She slowly opened her eyes.

The sky was grey, the same as before.

The second night passed.

And she stood in her original spot, safe and sound.

That person already released their hand.

It was when Gu Yian turned around that she saw his face.

It was the Liar.

To be more precise, it was the player who held the liar card.

“Mr. Liar, thank you.”

Gu Yian smiled lightly and thanked the Liar.

If it hadn’t been for the Liar grabbing her in time, then it wouldn’t have been easy getting through that period of strong wind.

When the Liar heard Gu Yian’s words, he strangely seemed to be a bit aggrieved.

But he quickly swapped on a new expression and said easily, “It’s very normal for companions to help each other, Miss Thief.”

Gu Yian couldn’t help but laugh when she heard this.

The conversation between the two of them was actually a bit strange.

One Mr. Liar.

One Miss Thief.

It was inexplicably like a scene in a rehearsal drama, and was exaggerated.

The Liar didn’t understand why Gu Yian laughed and he asked blankly, “Did I say something wrong?”

Gu Yian shook her head and explained, “No, I just thought of something else.”

Her eyes drifted over to the location of the former building.

There was a glossy green lawn and the shadow of a building couldn’t be seen.

Those four players who entered the building were also out of sight.

To the extent where she couldn’t hear the slightest movement.

The Liar glanced at this lawn and then asked Gu Yian, “This should be the third day where I die?”

Gu Yian looked back at the direction they came from.

On the ground, in the distance, the butcher’s corpse laid there quietly.

There wasn’t a single soul on the campus. It was empty to the point of crippling someone with terror.

Gu Yian thought for a moment and said, “It should be the third day. But it shouldn’t be your death and it’s still me.”

Although she managed to safely pass the second night through a trick, according to what the demon said before, the order of the death list was postponed.

She didn’t die on the second night, so the one to die on the third night should still be her.

The Liar understood and then asked, “Do you want to go into the office building then?”

Gu Yian nodded.

Looking at the situation right now, if she wanted to find a clue then it was necessary to enter the office building to search.

Risks and opportunity existed together.

Those four players must have had the same idea and, after weighing this, that was why they rushed into the office building when they knew it was dangerous.

Most likely they each had the means to guarantee their own lives.

Gu Yian’s endurance was average and she had no way of saving her own life, although she did have one way to preserve her body.

She had to see if she could use this time to explore another place.

Gu Yian said, “When the third night comes, I’ll go in.”

The office building probably existed in another dimension and only when the third night arrived would they be able to easily enter. If they rashly went in now, then she was afraid an accident would happen.

Mr. Demon didn’t talk about the rules to clearing the game.

If she wanted to clear this game and return to her own world then she could only think in terms of her first game.

God, or perhaps the demon, was sure to have arranged a script for them.

Following this, everything was merely waiting for them to trigger it.

In that case, she had to enter that building to be able to find clues.

Gu Yian’s intentions were not hard to understand.

The Liar seemed to want to close the distance between them and so he asked some simple questions, “What are we doing now then? Go back to see the demon? They said it was free time, but didn’t give a specific time to gather.”

Gu Yian looked around and found the main entrance of the school.

She walked while responding to the Liar’s questions.

“We don’t need to go back. The person playing a game with us has changed. It’s not Mr. Demon anymore, but that little girl with the piano music. From the moment I walked out of that classroom, we’re playing another game.”

The Liar caught up to Gu Yian’s steps. His legs were long and, compared to Gu Yian, he looked like he was on a stroll.

He took this chance to ask, “Another game?”

“Mm. Mr. Demon probably wants us to kill each other. If we don’t want to die in the order of the death list, then we have to kill others. If we continued to stay at that round table, we could use our card skills to slaughter others. But now we walked out and it’s changed to a death game where that little girl wants to find us. Everyone is equal and the order of death doesn’t matter.”

There was a distance to go on the road leading to the main entrance and Gu Yian and the Lair had only walked one-third of it.

The Liar asked, “Since it’s not following the death list, then why do you still say the one to die on the third night is you?”

“Because Mr. Demon’s game is still continuing. The two games have overlapped. Do you understand what I’m getting at? That little girl’s game is happening on the foundation of Mr. Demon’s game.”

Gu Yian thought a little. “Let’s put it this way. At the round table, we’re playing a card killing game, but we walked out and the game we’re playing with the little girl is an escape game. The only common point between these two games is that one player must die in a day to reach a new day. This is the rule of Mr. Demon’s game. I’m guessing that a player must have already died in that office building, so that’s why we reached the third day.”

The Liar listened and seemed to be tortured into dizziness by Gu Yian’s words. His enthusiasm for chatting faded quite a lot.

After a while, the Liar said, “What you said is pretty complicated. Two games, one with a demon and one with a little girl. You turned a simple thing into something complex. Isn’t it just the demon wanting one of us to die per day?”

Gu Yian heard this and lightly replied, “Maybe. Haven’t you realized that our goal is already very clear?”

“What goal?” The Liar felt puzzled.

The two of them reached the security booth in front of the school entrance.

The security booth’s door was shut tightly and there was a thick layer of dust on the windows and door.

The Liar took the initiative to step forward like a gentleman, pushing open the security booth door.

No one had gone in or out of the security booth for a long time and, the moment the door was opened, dust scattered through the air.

If this was a normal situation, Gu Yian would wait some more before entering but, in this moment, she and the Liar stepped directly into the room.

Gu Yian swept through the room.

The security booth wasn’t large and it just had a wooden table and chair.

The wooden table was a check in desk. It had drawers and there was a book that recorded entries and exits placed on top.

This book wasn’t what Gu Yian was looking for, so she opened the desk.

This time she saw what she wanted to find.

The security person’s work log.

Gu Yian picked up this book, browsed through it, and her eyes lit up.

She raised her head and waved the book in her hand at the perplexed Liar. “Found it. Our goal, the connection between the little girl and the demon, has appeared.”

Seeing the Liar’s lack of interest, Gu Yian changed her words.

“We can clear the game.”

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