Noumitsu Sasayaki Sex ~ Kodomo ga Neta ato, Fuufu no Shinshitsu de ~

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Hanamura Yuuya (花村悠也)
CV: 羽柴礼

Intense Whispering Sex ~ In the couple’s bedroom, after the child is asleep ~

It’s been 7 years since you married your beloved man, Hanamura Yuuya.

You work hard outside while your husband struggles with housework and child raising.

On a weekend night, he welcomes you home when you come back after work… and tells you with a smile that the children were already put to sleep, so you’ll have to play with them lots tomorrow.

It’s been a long time since you spent a relaxing night alone together as a married couple.

A little tired, his large hand, which you love, is always your support and pats you with a “there, there”.

“What, are you embarrassed because it’s been a while?”

Thank you to mariezli for the commission! R18 warning. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. The image… should be okay, right? LOL. I mean, it’s like borderline spicy but it’s not like anything is REALLY showing? I swear a good chunk of my working time is spent trying to decide if I should put up an image or not.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Intense Whispering Sex ~ In the couple’s bedroom, after the child is asleep ~ ***

Yuuya: Let’s see, tomorrow’s alarm… Mm, this is good. *sets down phone*

Y: Ah, look, I mentioned it before, right? The neighborhood association’s turn-taking at watching over the kids going to school. Our kid isn’t at the age to be involved in this, but the auntie next door injured her leg so she asked if I could take her place for a while.

Y: Haha, wishing me luck… Aren’t we in the same boat? It’s a bit annoying, but I’ll be a proper and attentive uncle.

Y: Ah, can I move over there more?

Y: Mm? What, are you embarrassed because it’s been a while?

Y: No, you’re clearly embarrassed.

Y: It’s… been a while, right? Since the kid got put to bed early and we leisurely enjoyed some beer. Once in a while, we need some time like this too, huh. It’s also been a week or so since we had some fun in bed?

Y: Ah, um, or are you really tired? If you aren’t in the mood, it’s alright. Even if it’s pushed to next time, I—

Y: Ngh! Mmph! *heroine kisses him*


Y: Haha, these kisses feel good. Mn… *kisses*

Y: Haa… hah… haha, I can tell you’re more than ethusiastic, but it’ll be bad if the kid hears so keep your voice down, alright?

Y: Because when you start getting into it, you end up losing all composure, right? I love that but if the kid wakes up and we get interrupted… I might cry.

Y: Haha, when I think about how long it’s been since I got touched by you, I got a little expectant… Haha, I’m already rock hard here. I won’t stop even if you say you want to wait.

Y: Hey, let’s do it? Let’s do it a lot. *kisses*

Y: Nngh, hey, don’t run away. You really are ticklish. I love kissing your entire body though.


Y: Haha, then… how about here? Haha. Your nipples are hard, ahah. They look delicious. Mm…

Y: Haa… your nipples are all puffy. It’s so sexy… and they’re so sensitive. Haha, of course I can tell. I know everything about your body. When your breasts are sensitive… I won’t go hard and instead gently, ngh…

Y: Feels good? Mngh…

Y: You love it when I suck gently on your nipple and rub the other one with my fingers, right? Nrgh… haa… hah…


Y: Cute… *kisses*

Y: Haha, your hips are moving. Are you inviting me in already? Haah… hah…

Y: Do you want it in your pussy now? Then… touch me too?

Y: Gngh… hagh… ah…

Y: Shit… hah… haa…

Y: Ugh, damn, it’s better when you’re gripping it than when I do it alone. Hngh… hah…

Y: More… harder around my dick… Mgh, yeah… like that… ah…

Y: I’ll touch your nipples too. Ngh… hagh…

Y: Aah, that place…! Gngh… haha, stop, if you touch my nipples at the same time… hah… I like that. Love that. Go ahead… haha, doing it together feels way too good. Feels so good… I’m feeling tingles. It’s going down to my dick too.

Y: Haa… jeez, my pre-cum is dripping everywhere. Mgh…


Y: It’s your fault, you know? Until you started doing it, my nipples weren’t sensitive at all. For a guy to feel good there too, hngh, is because they’re touched there. What are you going to do if my nipples become overly sensitive because of you? Haa… hah…

Y: Seriously, you have to take responsibility and deal with them. Hagh… ngh… more… Draw circles with your nail… ungh! Gngh!

Y: Aah, sorry, I’m the one making noise. Hah… haah… I can’t take it anymore. Having sex after a long time… I’m the one who might lose all composure.

Y: I want to put my dick in. I want to make you a mess inside…

Y: Hagh… haha, you’re already super wet. Are you turned on?

Y: Nngh… hah… haha, look. I’m just rubbing myself against you a little, hehe, and there’s such a lewd noise. Your clit’s standing. Haa… hah…

Y: Rubbing my frenulum against you… hah… hagh… does it feel good?


Y: I’ll rub you with my dick, so come once? Haah… haa… ngh…

Y: Ungh… mgh… hah…! Nrgh! *heroine orgasms*

Y: Haa… hah…

Y: Haha… haah… haa… did you come? You came?

Y: Haha, there, there. Good girl, good girl.

Y: Then, let’s continue inside. Huh? That’s what’s good, right? You love it when a thick dick thrusts into you while you’re still sensitive after coming, don’t you?

Y: Don’t be shy. Haha, look, juices are flowing out from your pussy and it’s drenched. Come on? Let me sink my dick in you?

Y: I’ll rub against your deepest spot. Mngh… ah… wow… Haa… hah… it’s sopping inside…

Y: Hey, can you tell? That you’re filled inside with me. Aah… hah… I know, I’ll move, so keep your voice down. Haa… hah…


Y: You’re convulsing inside, aren’t you? Gngh… hah… are you feeling it with your sensitive pussy which had a clit orgasm? Hagh… haa… me too. Nngh… I feel really good.

Y: Stick out your tongue. Mmgh! *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Hngh… good… feels good… hah…!

Y: Haa… hah… shit… I’m gonna come soon like this! Ngh… hngh…!

Y: Doing it once only like this is a waste. Haa… hah… do you also want to do it from the back? Gngh… mgh…

Y: Haha, you really like it when I thrust into you from behind, huh. I also think I can last a bit longer if it’s from the back. Ngh… don’t slip it out. Move your leg here… *phone vibrates*

Y: Uh… huh? A call at this time? Haha, oh well. Let’s keep going, keep continuing. *heroine protests*

Y: O-oh, you’re right. It’d be bad if it was something about tomorrow’s duty, right? Ah, sorry, could you wait just a moment? Honestly, just a moment!

Y: *answers phone* Hello? It’s Hanamura. Is something the matter? Ugh, it’s you? Sorry, I’m busy right now so let’s talk another time. Eh? Your job is transferring you over here this time?


Y: *to heroine* Ah, sorry, it’s not the auntie next door, but a classmate from university. It looks like he called me while he’s drunk.

Y: *to phone* Uh, hey, I’ll listen to you next time. Right now, I’m… um… Yeah… uh, so… Haha, jeez—ngh! Ggh!

Y: *to heroine* Hey, don’t do that! Not my nipples, ngh, come on…!

Y: *to phone* Haha, uh, it’s nothing. I-I see… y-you too? Haha, that must have been hard. Gngh… ah, y-yeah, that’s right. Next time… l-let’s go out for drinks. Yeah. Mm, I’ll also let everyone from the club know. N-ngh… w-what are you saying? Hah… ahah… a-ah, yeah, I know. T-then, see you later. Yeah. Bye. *ends call*

Y: Haa… hagh…! What were you doing, pervert!?

Y: Ggh, well, it’s my fault for not checking the name before answering but… what are you going to do if he heard a strange noise!?

Y: Well, it looks like he didn’t notice since he was drunk but…

Y: If you’re going to fool around like that, then I’m not going to hold back either. Nngh… hagh…!


Y: Haha, this place, right? This place… haha, ngh… it’s your pleasure spot. Haa… hagh… I’ll rub against it with the head of my dick until you come.

Y: Nngh… hah… *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Mm… haha… So cute. Nrgh… hah…! More… *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Haa… hagh… you’re tightening… Are you going to come? Haha. Ngh… mgh… then, let’s come together. Haa… hagh…!

Y: Look this way. Haah… haa… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

Y: I love you… mgh… I adore you…

Y: Mrgh… gngh…! *he orgasms*


Y: Haah… hah… wow… I’m being wrung dry…

Y: Nngh… haha, you don’t have to clench so hard. Every single drop is yours. *kisses* Mm…

Y: Haa… hagh…

Y: After doing it under the covers so that our voices won’t leak out… there’s so much sweat, huh. You’re not catching a chill, are you? Do you want to take a quick shower?

Y: Haha, you’re right, me too. *yawns*

Y: Aah, I just want to sleep while holding you naked in my arms.

Y: Oh. Uh, nah, just in that phone call earlier… I think you met him once at our wedding? My classmate, Katou. You see, he started living together with his girlfriend after his job transfer, but he was complaining about his indecision towards marriage. He lamented over stuff like how I always looked like a newly-wed. That he had no confidence in doing any housework.


Y: I don’t have anything like advice. I’m anxious every day myself.

Y: Mm… look, it’s our first time raising a kid, right? Every single day I’m just holding my head. But it’s fun because you and the kid are around, so I guess I do my best? That’s why if he has worries it’d be more constructive to talk to his girlfriend than me.

Y: You too. If you ever have troubles at home or with work, then talk to me.

Y: Haha, thank you for the immediate reply. Seriously, if it wasn’t for you I’d… hah, I love you.

Y: Haha, I place myself in your care in the future too, my cute wife.

*** TRACK 2: Cast Talk ***

Hashiba: Intense Whispering Sex. In the couple’s bedroom, after the child is asleep. Thank you very much for your purchase. This time, I’m the voice actor for Hanamura Yuuya… Hashiba Rei, haha. It’s been a long time since I recorded for a situation CD and I came after I was contacted for this one, but there’s so many bedroom scenes here compared to my other ones, haha. It’s probably the most I’ve ever done? About 80% of it was the bedroom scene, right? Haha.

H: Um, it seems like if I say something improper it’ll be cut out, so if you think “Huh? Did Hashiba-kun’s voice just disappear” then please think of it as me saying something extraneous, haha. Alright, anyway, after I read the script and looked at Yuuya’s character… I thought he was surprisingly a little overly sweet and clingy? Somehow, he’s a gentle and doting parent, but also a little dependent and clingy and sort of a curt but kind person? I was aiming for those points, haha.

H: I don’t really know what impression or image was brought to the listeners, but these were the feelings I did it with as Hashiba. Someone who does his utmost, while being a little clumsy, whispering and being a little tempting, haha. It was that sort of feeling that I acted with this time.

H: But it was really fun. There was so much of the bedroom scene that you really get sweaty. Your temperature just steadily rises and I didn’t expect I’d sweat so much in the recording room over walking outside. The shirt I’m wearing is already drenched right now.


H: Anyway, while I’m wringing out this shirt—haha, I’ll talk about a few things regarding this work. This time it was a couple, hiding underneath sheets, and doing some intimate things. On this topic, I was wondering if there was something I had done that was hidden.

H: During high school I had a part-time job, but in actuality I was at a seminary and it was really strict, so part-time jobs were forbidden but, for some reason, I thought I could get my application through with a casual reason. I wrote something like wanting to pay for my own phone bill, haha, and after I sent in the application it was splendidly rejected.

H: But I have the personality where, once I set my mind on something, I can’t hold myself back so I thought about how I had no choice but to get a part-time job now. I thought about how I’d still do it even if my application got turned down by the school. The school was on a bit of a mountain and I worked at a shop that was at the base of the mountain, haha.

H: It wouldn’t have been strange if I was discovered at any time… working at the base of the hill. I mean, the teachers came over to have a meal after they were done work and, at the time, even though I was a boy I was given the task of being a greeter for some reason, haha. I would go out into the hall and welcome people in, ask them how many people they had, and things like that. And then the person who threw away my application… the teacher who tossed out my application came with their entire family, haha.


H: I thought, “Shit”, haha. While I was panicking, wondering what to do, well—right now, I’m secretly an actor—I squeezed out my little to nothing acting skills in my high school years and said “Welcome!” and was assertive about it. But I got found out, haha. At the start, when I was leading them to their table, there was the feeling of like “Oh, thank you” and the teacher went straight to the table.

H: Then, see, I said I’d bring over water and tea and went back a second time. Then, when I handed it over with “Here’s your water and tea”, the teacher was like “Huh? Hashiba?”, haha. I thought “Oh shit”, haha, and was discovered. But although I met the teacher who rejected my application, he was like “You sent in an application, right?”, and I replied “Oh, what’s wrong? I thought it went through”, haha!

H: After I bumbled through that, I was able to continue working for three years without any rebuke. It’s a memory that makes me wonder what the heck was with that application, haha. IT’s my story of how I hid and did a part-time job, haha. It’s a story that makes you go, “What the heck was that”, right? Haha.

H: Anyway, putting that aside, this time I—or rather, I thought about preparing a super heart-pounding messsage as Yuuya, haha. The people on-site are making some noise. I thought, since I had the chance, it’d be nice if this made an impression in your memories and got it ready. Please listen.

Yuuya: Welcome home. Haha, you worked hard today too. You’re always doing your best and even I get cheered up by that. Let’s do our best together in the future too. *kisses* I love you.

H: So, this was Hashiba Rei, acting as Hanamura Yuuya. See you later!

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