Noumitsu Hatsujou Sex ~ Oazuke XX-kame, Gaman dekinai Otoko-tachi: Hanamura Yuuya no Baai ~

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Hanamura Yuuya (花村悠也)
CV: 羽柴礼

Intense Rutting Sex ~ Men Who Can’t Hold Back After Waiting xx Days: Hanamura Yuuya’s Case ~

It’s been 7 years since you married your beloved, Hanamura Yuuya.

There are busy, but fulfilling days as the two of you share in doing housework and raising a child.

Although both of you talked about wanting a second child soon, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of being blessed…

One day, after work also settled down, you prepared a day to spend as a married couple and entrusted your child to your parents.

To adjust for that day, Yuuya kept abstinent, but it looks like he can’t hold himself back anymore…!?

Thank you to mariezli for the second part of their commission. This volume is actually a sequel to 4 guys, but we’re only focusing on Hanamura Yuuya here. R18 warning. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. I determined that the cover art is too spicy and will shock people who come innocently to this blog, so I’ve moved it to the bottom of this post LOL.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 2: Intense Rutting Sex ~ Hanamura Yuuya’s Case ~ ***

*glass clinks; drinking*

Yuuya: Aah, beer is so good. I’m glad we ended up getting these glasses. I didn’t expect it’d be this cold when you drank from it. It can be this luxurious even if we’re drinking at home, huh.

Y: Huh? I know, I’ll be careful not to drink too much. After all, the main dish is after this today.

Y: Of course! Do you know how many days it’s been? Nine days, you know? Nine. Days. *drinks*

Y: From your menstruation to being given the slip. Because you asked me to stop, I didn’t even touch myself. It’s been rough. I get your feeling of wanting to be doubly sure, but is there really a point to this? When it comes to you, I’m confident in being able to have sex in a way that guarantees you’ll get pregnant. Naturally, any number of times.

Y: Mhm, do you want to know what kind of sex?

Y: How about a change of plans then and let’s go to the bedroom now?

Y: I thought about waiting until that can was empty at least, but time passes in the blink of an eye when we’re doing naughty things, huh.

Y: Haha, alright, let’s go to bed.

[01:44] *scene skip; kisses*

Y: Mmgh… ngh…

Y: Haha, you don’t have to put yourself on guard. The kid’s not here today either, so it’s okay to make some noise. It’s thanks for the mom who made time for us to be able to take it slow after so long.

Y: Haha, it’ll be alright, that kid was euphoric about a sleepover, remember? We were also told they’d call if anything happened. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

Y: Today’s a lover’s mood—or, well, I won’t go that far but if you don’t concentrate then I’m going to sulk. Haha. Think about me more… much more. *kisses* Nn…

Y: Haha, I’m rock hard before the clothes even came off.

Y: We have lots of time today, so can I taste you everywhere? Then, let’s get right to it… Take off all your clothes.

Y: Haha, what a nice view. *gives oral* Mm…

Y: Oh, what? You’re extremely wet too. Nrgh… mm…

Y: Juices are flowing out…


Y: Wow… mrgh… hngh…

Y: Gngh! Hey now! Don’t raise your hips. Haa… hah… nrgh…

Y: I’m not going to let you escape until you come, haha. Here, I’ll put my tongue in. You love it when I push my tongue in and out, right? Hagh… mgh…!

Y: Haah… haha, are you going to come? Hah… haa…!

Y: Haha, go ahead. Mmgh… ngh!

Y: Mm… haha, you came, didn’t you?

Y: Next is my turn then. Come on, spread your legs.


Y: Ngh, what are you doing burrowing under the cover? Ungh! Hey…! Don’t…! You don’t have to give me a blow job. Mgh… no, you don’t have to return the favor. Haa… haha… I’m pretty turned on already so… gngh… if you do this, I’m not going to last.

Y: Mgh, of course… I don’t hate it and… I love it but… that’s why I’m conflicted, right? You know this. Aah, that…! I love it when you flick your tongue. Haah… hagh… your tongue feels good.

Y: Hah… hagh…! During the second half of our abstinence, my balls felt heavy the entire time. Nrgh… hagh…

Y: There were so many times I wanted to do it alone but I held back… hah… haa…

Y: Gngh, that’s why…! *pulls heroine up* I already decided that the first shot was going to be inside you. Absolutely. Uh, no, not just the first one but all of them. I want to let it all out inside you without spilling a single drop.

Y: Mmgh, haha, I can’t take it any longer. Let me put it in? Nngh… ah…


Y: Haha… it’s hot… I thought this earlier but… it’s not just me, right? Imagining this. You’re also enjoying this after this long time.

Y: Haha, I’m happy. If you give me that look, I’ll… ngh… hagh…!

Y: I knew it. It’s best inside you. Haa… haah…! Aah… but… it’s so tight.

Y: Haha, I’m glad you’re welcoming me but if you squeeze me that hard I’m going to… ngh… My dick feels like it’s going to explode. Nrgh… mngh…!

Y: Don’t laugh. It’s your fault. Your pussy’s not playing fair. Haah… hah… I can’t take this at all, mgh…

Y: Haa… hah…! The only thing I’ve been thinking since earlier is “I want to let it out, I want to let it out”… hngh… mgh…


Y: I can’t… gngh…!

Y: Hagh… haa… can I let it out? Can I shoot nine days worth of this sticky dense load inside you? Hah… haah…!

Y: Open your mouth. *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Hah… gngh… hagh…! It’s coming… it’s coming…! Hah… haa…! Mgh! *he orgasms; kisses*

Y: Haah… haa…

Y: Haha, wow… Did you come too?

Y: You’re clenching down so tightly.

Y: Haha, what should I do? Should I occupy this place like this for a bit? Haha, if I fill you up with my dick then it won’t come out, right?

Y: H-huh? More…? Haha, dummy, it’s impossible to do it a second time without pulling out. Yeah, it’s not limp yet but… that being said… I’ve never done something crazy like that when I was young—ngh! Gngh!


Y: Hey—! Not the nipples! Haa… hagh… your fingers… mgh…!

Y: Technique’s not gonna compensate for it… hah… haa…! Stop, stop…! Nrgh… you’re touching my nipples too much… Ah… that! When you rub them in circles, it shoots straight down to my dick. Aah… hngh…! More… hah… haa…

Y: Seriously… aren’t you getting better every time you touch me?

Y: Do you mean… I’m being trained by you? Mngh… it’s annoying that I can’t deny it. It really does feel good when you touch me… ngh…

Y: Hey… are you serious about doing it a second time?

Y: Haha, you’re really okay with it then. Later, don’t complain about being tired or your muscles being sore, alright?

Y: Haa… hah… you’re the one who made the moves. So, take responsibility and accept it all. Hngh… hagh…! *thrusting*


Y: Haha, the noise is amazing. Mgh… nrgh… every time I thrust into you, there’s a squelching lewd sound. Haa… hagh…!

Y: The semen I spilled is acting like a lotion and it’s flowing out from inside you. Gngh… mgh…!

Y: Haah… haha… it’s all thick and creamy inside… so good… it’s the best…

Y: Your ear too… *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Hah… haa…


Y: Mm… I adore you… so cute… ah… I love you…

Y: Mmgh… ngh… hah…!

Y: Aah… gngh… I can’t… It’s coming…! Mgh… I’m going to release again…! Let’s kiss. I want to come while kissing again. Mm… ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

Y: I’m going to let it all out, ngh… ah…! I love you… I love you… I love you…! Mm… ngh…! Gngh! *kisses; he orgasms*


Y: *kisses* Haha…

Y: Haa… hah… *kisses* Don’t be so reckless. Hah… haah… you weren’t running out of air while we were kissing?

Y: Haha, you have a satisfied look on your face. Haa… hah…

Y: I guess saying I wouldn’t spill too much is impossible, huh. Haha, look, there’s an amazing stain on the sheets.

Y: Haha, the load I was holding all this time got wrung out completely. My wife’s a greedy one.

Y: Aah… *lies down* but the highest chance is between now and ten days, right? Then during that time, just to be scrupulous, we still have to do this lots, right?


Y: Of course! Let’s do it every night for this while. Haha.

Y: Haha! Do I look like I’m saying this out of a sense of obligation? Hm? Well, I’m being half-serious and half-joking.

Y: We talked about this a lot, but it’s true I want a second kid soon. I’m not that young either now and I’m determined to do anything it takes to get one. But… it’s the mother who has the actual burden, right? I fully understood that when you gave birth to our first child.

Y: Yeah, seriously, there were many times I thought that, if it was possible, I’d want to switch places. So, I don’t plan on saying something irresponsible like having to absolutely… absolutely have a second kid.

Y: If you and I both have the same wish then… it’d be nice if it was granted, right?

Y: I love you. You and the kid. You’re both my precious treasures. *kisses* Haha.

*** TRACK 6: Hashiba Rei-san Cast Talk ***

Hashiba: Hello, good evening, good morning, everyone. This is Hashiba Rei, Hanamura Yuuya’s actor. I can’t believe there’s a day where I meet everyone again as Hanamura Yuuya, but I’m—how do I say it—both happy and embarrassed that there’s more people—far more people than I imagined—who listened to him. When news came about this series being updated, the emotions of happiness and embarrassment fought for several days inside of me, haha.

H: This time, the entire track can be called an after story. I didn’t expect it! I was wondering how an after story would go and, when I was wondering if it would be full of more intimate and sweet things, there was a new change called “abstinence”, haha. I was like, “I see!”, when I heard this at the beginning.

H: But there’s really a feeling that this role, Yuuya-kun, loves his heroine even though he’s awkward. He’s someone who held himself back for nine days when he’s not really someone who holds himself back, haha. I think it’s great he’s honest enough to say something like that.

H: This time, when I was approached, I was told that it was abstinence so please record like you’re throwing everything you held in at someone. My intention was to throw everything I had in here, so I wonder how it came out to everyone’s ears, haha.


H: No, but really, when I think about it all over again, Yuuya’s part where he can’t hold back but he has to hold back even when he can’t hold back reminds me of a time where I was obsessed about dieting for a period of time. During that time, I was single-mindedly holding myself back from a lot of things, haha. There’s many times when I’m on a short diet for like a month and, when it happens, I basically don’t eat in the morning, eat at noon, and then don’t eat at night. Haha, it’s a diet that’s extremely bad on your body so I can’t recommend it to others, but during those times I seriously had to hold myself back over and over again.

H: In the end, when I ask myself why I’m holding back and the moment I’m told I don’t have to hold back, I remember the excitement I had for sweets, meat, and breaded pork cutlets. Haha, seriously. Everyone also probably has various things they have to hold back on but couldn’t hold themselves back from. Right? But if you couldn’t hold back, then it’s fine. Let’s just live as we are, haha.

H: I’m generally a person on the side of not being able to restrain themselves, so if you can’t hold yourself back then you can’t hold yourself back. That’s exactly what makes me the person I am! Haha, I think one should live freely, haha.

H: Anyway, this time, it’s an after story, right? But I thought up a little bit of an after story of an after story. This time, in this after story, there’s a story about abstinence but also a story of desire of the two of them, after passing off their kid. Haha, not sure if you can call it a story, but I prepared a little bit so, if you’d like, please listen.


Yuuya: Haha, good morning. Hm? Your entire body is sore…? Who was the one who said that’d be okay still? Haha, let’s do more things from here.

H: This was Hashiba Rei, the actor for Hanamura Yuuya. See you later! Hahaha.

*** TOKUTEN VOICE: Xmas ~ Hanamura Yuuya ~ ***

Y: Come on, if you don’t hurry up and sleep then Santa won’t come! Haha, mm, good night.

*returns to heroine*

Y: At this rate, it’d be better to leave the presents before they wake up tomorrow morning, huh.

Y: Hand it to them directly…?

Y: No, no! I’m not going to reveal it to them yet. Until that time comes, I have the obligation of carrying out being Santa Claus! Haha.

Y: Of course, I didn’t forget about your present either. I had the idea since a month ago and made sure to hide it properly!

Y: Let’s do our annual present exchange now? Or… before that, would you rather this? *whispers* Should we do it? Christmas sex. Mm. *kisses*

*** TOKUTEN VOICE: New Year ~ Hanamura Yuuya ~ ***

Y: Oh, good morning!

Y: Mhm, I made sure to record from the countdown to the New Year special program, so don’t worry. This year, we can’t go with everyone to have a lively shrine visit for the New Year, but welcoming in the New Year leisurely at home once in a while isn’t so bad. I made all the preparations for that!

Y: Leave the New Year’s holiday food and New Year’s soup dish to me. I put in some more effort and gathered better ingredients than usual.

Y: Here, how many mochi do you want? Two? Haha, three?

Y: Oh, before that… Happy New Year. I place myself in your care this year too. *kisses*

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        Oh true I hadn’t even noticed. Each of these covers gets a little raunchier. Next time I expect to see the outline of a ball or something

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