Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 15 ~

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Chapter 15 ~ Second Game Pt.6 ~

Gu Yian’s reaction made the Liar somewhat dejected. So, he immediately gave a bad look to the Merchant.

The Merchant previously had a good impression of the Liar.

The Liar had dragged the veteran players into a talk before, making everyone like his friendliness and honesty.

The Merchant, whose expression hadn’t been too good, suddenly became pleased after seeing this look on the Liar.

His eyes traveled between Gu Yian and the Liar and then he said to the Liar, “You don’t want me to be a light bulb, right? Then I’ve decided to be a light bulb.”

As soon as Gu Yian heard this she knew the Merchant misunderstood them again.

She didn’t have too much embarrassment though.

The teammates she met in every game were different and being able to meet once was already fate.

She quite liked the Liar as a teammate.

By a stroke of good luck, the Liar made the Merchant willing to follow them back into the office building, so Gu Yian wasn’t stingy and gave the Liar an appreciative look.

The Liar wasn’t dejected anymore and stood full of energy beside Gu Yian again, looking like hired muscle.

The sky was still day and no one knew at what time night would come again.

Perhaps the next second, or perhaps it was still a while.

Gu Yian didn’t have anything like a watch to tell the time and she also couldn’t be sure whether the time she estimated before was accurate or not.

The only thing they could do now was just to wait.

Gu Yian thought a moment and then decided to just say it, “Mr. Merchant, the log in my hand recorded the accidental deaths of students. Maybe there was only one person in charge of recording, so he treated this as his own diary and wrote the truth down.”

“The female student who died at the very beginning wasn’t an accidental death; it was because of school bullying.”

When the Merchant saw Gu Yian speak, he knew she wanted to exchange information with him.

Hearing this, the corner of his mouth moved but he still didn’t speak.

Gu Yian saw the Merchant’s reaction.

She paid no attention to him and continued, “From a certain day, a rumor spread on campus that the dead female student would become a demon and return for revenge. Later, the demon came and in just one week over a hundred students died. Not all of them were bullies who carried out school violence, and the majority of them were the onlookers. They witnessed the violence, but were afraid of bringing trouble onto themselves, and so they chose to look on coldly as bystanders.”

The Merchant smiled helplessly. “You’re talking about what occurred, but why do I feel like you’re talking about me in a roundabout way? Alright, don’t talk about this. I already promised to go inside with you two.”

Since Gu Yian was showing her sincerity, the Merchant recalled his own information and added, “I have some parts that overlap with yours. What I found was the information collected by the principal. He found that there was a rumor among the students about how they could summon a demon from hell, sacrifice their own souls, and get revenge to their heart’s content on the people who bullied them.”

The Liar sneered somewhat.

Gu Yian said, “Looks like they really did summon a demon. It’s similar to what I thought and this should be the connection between Mr. Demon and the little girl. Did you find the way to summon the demon?”

The Merchant was just about to speak.

Then the sky abruptly turned dark.

A faint light came from in front of them.

The brightly lit office building once again appeared in front of Gu Yian.

The third night arrived.

However, this was different from when Gu Yian saw the office building for the first time and how there was nothing inside.

This time, Gu Yian saw three players sitting at the entrance of the office building in disappointment.

On the electronic screen display at the top of the door, many small red display elements were combined to form a single phrase.

“You all should die!”

The shine of the faint red light made the three players redden strangely.

And behind those three players were countless swaying shadows without a form.

Those should be the ghosts.

The ghosts seemed to be afraid of something and revolved around the backs of those three players.

The change in the outside world was basically sensed instantly by the three players and ghosts.

They looked over to Gu Yian and the others immediately.

At this time, the complexion on both parties changed.

Gu Yian furrowed her brows. She didn’t expect that all three players in the office building would still be alive.

It was the third night right now.

According to the deduced rule of Mr. Demon about how one person should die per day, then there should only be five players alive right now.

But there were three people on Gu Yian’s side and three in the office building. Altogether, six players were still alive and this was incorrect.

The Merchant glanced at the miserable expressions of the three players across from him and then looked again at Gu Yian and the Liar, who were clean and refreshed as if they were on vacation.

The Merchant didn’t say a word, but his expression became a little more wary of the others.

The three players sitting at the door of the office building stood up.

They must have had the same thought as Gu Yian in this moment.

There was an extra player.

The only female player among the three, the woman holding the witch card, took the lead to step down the stairs.

With her lead, the other two male players hurriedly followed.

Following the Witch’s movement, the shadows behind them also advanced and, the instant the players left the entrance, numerous shadows found the exit and whooshed out.

A gale appeared out of nowhere and roared with velocity.

But, with the Witch at the center, the circular space that encompassed Gu Yian and the five other players wasn’t affected by the wind in the slightest.

Gu Yian watched the Witch and the two other players approach.

She sized up the three of them.

The Witch was in a little more of a sorry state compared to the first time Gu Yian saw her, but she still looked elegant.

She got straight to the point, “One of you is a ghost.”

The surrounding strong wind howled shrilly.

However, this didn’t affect the conversation of the six players.

Gu Yian didn’t see any special items on the Witch, so she guessed that the Witch might have other ways to keep the ghosts from getting close.

The Liar heard the Witch and asked back, “Why isn’t it one of you?”

He added, “I, Miss Thief, and the Merchant, plan to go back inside again.”

The Witch carefully looked at Gu Yian and the other two people.

Her eyes showed suspicion.

Because in her opinion, the Liar, Gu Yian, and the Merchant hadn’t been replaced.

The Liar was warm and honest, Gu Yian was calm and indifferent, and the Merchant was cautious. None of them seemed to be faking that.

But Gu Yian, right after seeing the Witch and others, had a guess in her mind.

Sometimes, it was better for people to be a little dumb.

Thus, she decided to gloss over this topic and said, “We’ll treat this as us briefly escaping everything then. No one died on the second night. According to the death list, the thief died on the second night. Now that the thief escaped the second night, it will be postponed to the third night. The person who will die on the third night is still the thief.”

Gu Yian’s gaze fell on the person beside the Witch, the monkey-looking man whose eyes were darting all over the place.

The other person avoided Gu Yian’s line of sight.

Gu Yian paused and then said, “You all must have found clues as well. The key to clearing this game lies on the little girl and it looks like she already realized this and has hidden herself away. I, the Merchant, and Mr. Liar are planning to go inside and look for the little girl. What about everyone else?”

The monkey man instantly replied, “We’re not going. If you guys want to die, then die by yourselves.”

The other male, the teenager who held the student card and looked to be submissive, was startled by his companion’s words and looked immediately to the Witch for help.

The Witch might have been dissatisfied with this companion since a long time ago as well.

She looked at the monkey man, raised her voice, and took her time to state this fact, “Sage, you cannot make decisions for us.”

The monkey-looking man knew how to read looks and, with darting eyes, he said lowly, “We already found the right clue, so why are we wasting time here with them?”

Gu Yian looked into the distance. It was pitch-black and no one knew what the darkness concealed.

She said to the Witch, “Are you thinking about digging up a body at this time? I suggest that you don’t go.”

The Witch smiled and pointed out with certainty, “So you also found the truth of that girl’s death.”

“This isn’t hard.”

Gu Yian continued, “The scripts arranged by God aren’t hard. What’s hard is the unknown. We don’t know anything about it and the unknown is the most terrifying thing for people.”

She raised her eyes and swept a glance over the Witch and her group. “We found a little more clues than you. You’re thinking about using the corpse as evidence to clarify the truth of the girl’s death, right?”

The teenager who held the student card couldn’t hide his expression at all and his shocked look clearly told Gu Yian one thing. She guessed right.

The Witch was steady and also wasn’t flustered at her next actions being guessed. Instead, she smiled and said, “It appears that we’ve been looking for clues for so long, but we were looking in the wrong direction.”

Gu Yian replied, “This is their scheme to lead you to find some clues and then drive you into a dead end. I’m outside the board and can see things a bit clearer.”

The Witch contemplated this and then asked, “Why are you helping us?”

Gu Yian didn’t care about being suspected and, from the start, she had a goal.

“Which reason do you want to hear? That we’re all players and it’s more convenient when more people are searching for clues? Or worried that you’ll cause trouble and make the little girl stronger? The fact is that both of these are my considerations.”

After the Witch heard this, she made her decision. “I’ll go inside with you and the others.”

Her words completely exceeded the expectations of the Student and monkey-looking man.

The Student trembled with fear and didn’t dare express his own thoughts.

The monkey man was somewhat angry, but the situation right now didn’t look good. They were able to avoid the ghosts by relying entirely on the Witch.

He resentfully said, “Didn’t she just guess our goal? This isn’t hard to guess. You’re believing everything she says, but what if she’s tricking you?”

The Witch replied lightly, “I trust my own judgment.”

The monkey-looking man couldn’t say anything more.

The six players became one group and, with the Witch at the center, they moved towards the office building again.

But right at this moment the monkey-looking man gave an ear-piercing scream.


All the gazes of the players were drawn to him.

Only to see the monkey-looking man’s hands strangling his own neck without control.

His hands tightened, and tightened, and his face turned pale red.

The Merchant tried to get closer but was repelled by an invisible wall of air.

This also meant that everyone could only watch the monkey-looking man die.

In this regard, this scene was truly too cruel to the players.

Gu Yian stared, stunned, and then an ice-cold hand softly covered her eyes.

Her vision was pitch-dark.

Her world was also quiet and empty.

The Liar’s voice sounded beside Gu Yian’s ear.

It was a very gentle sound.

“Don’t be scared.”

She didn’t know how much time passed.

The Liar’s hand withdrew.

The sky returned to being day again.

The Witch and Merchant gathered around the corpse to examine it.

The Merchant felt it was strange and looked at the sage card in his hand, “With you here, Witch, he couldn’t have died to the ghosts. We were all going into the office building, so chances are low that a player acted. Then it can only be the demon. But, according to the demon’s death list, the sage should die after you, the thief, and the liar. In any event, he shouldn’t die now.”

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