Luciole no Hime ~ Solona Redfall ~

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Solona Redfall (ソロナ・レッドフォール)
CV: Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川 光)

Princess of Luciole ~ Solona Redfall ~

A handsome and listless musician, whose specialty is the violin. He has many scars and is wrapped in an air of mystery. He manages the affairs of the castle and is more knowledgeable about the castle than anyone else. According to reports, it seems like he hasn’t spoken to anyone for many years and, rather than being a poor talker, he has a sharp tongue.

My thanks to anonymous for the first part of their commission. I cannot stress how important it is to listen to this series in order and I’ll be providing links (+ some extra material) for the volumes that I won’t be translating because mikorin did a great job with them already. WARNING: Torture depictions. It’s Reject… what do you expect? Haha!

Before we get into the tracks, each CD booklet has a diary of the men which provides more clues to the Luciole documentary. So, I’ll be translating that below too.

*** CD Booklet ***

Thursday, xx/02/18xx

While I was practicing Paradise, the princess suddenly appeared for a visit.

I was extremely nervous inside, but I was happy to receive words of praise.

Tuesday, xx/04/18xx

I saw Neuro in the corridor of the castle for the first time in a long time.

I heard he is the princess’ fiancé, but he is somewhat disturbing and I cannot like him.

Sunday, xx/07/18xx

The princess said she would like her room to be decorated with roses.

I promised to deliver a rose first thing in the morning tomorrow, and so I must rest early today.

Wednesday, xx/08/18xx

There was a terrible storm tonight. Because it was dark inside the castle, I lined up many candles in the princess’ room and she was greatly pleased. I stayed with the princess like that until she fell asleep.

Monday, xx/09/18xx

Today I obtained the opportunity to serve the princess tea.

The princess ate all the pastries I selected.

Nothing is more important than her enjoying them.

Saturday, xx/12/18xx

The princess’ father died. How sad.

From now on, the servants of the princess must work in unison to support her.

*** TRACK 1: At Luciole Castle ***

*heroine walking; phone vibrates; checks phone; phone plays PV BGM*

Phone: *ghostly murmuring* Luciole. *phone drops*

*scene skip; door knocking*

Solona: Princess, are you there? It’s Solona.

*door opens*

S: Pardon my intrusion.

S: You are beautiful today as well. By all means, I would love to bring you to a place, Princess.

S: … Huh? When you ask who I am…

S: Princess, are you saying you have forgotten me? What a sorrowful matter.

S: Could it be that I unknowingly did something which sullied your mood? I sincerely apologize. If you would grant me the opportunity to recover from this, then I will accept any condition. Now, request anything.

S: Princess…? What is the matter?

S: What are you saying? No matter how I look at you, you are the daughter of the Vincent Family. Because, apart from you, no one else could be this beautiful.

S: I’m wrong…? But…


S: Heh… hehe, I see. So that’s what it is.

S: This is a part of a new game the princess has thought up, yes? This is just like my princess. What a novel idea.

S: Very well, I will go along with you. If we are to do this, then I shall also give my best effort so that you can enjoy yourself, Princess.

S: Forgive my impudence.

S: Ah, Princess, what has happened? For you, the sole successor of the outstanding Vincent Family, to have lost your memories! However, please do not be alarmed. I am no one dangerous. I am one of the servants of the Vincent Royal Family. I am Solona Redfall and one of the members of the Redfall Family which has, for generations, been entrusted to manage the affairs of the castle. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. *kisses hand*

S: Is something the matter? To have your cheeks redden at something like this…

S: Ah, but right now you are the princess who is not the princess, yes? Then it would not be strange for your reactions to be somewhat different.

S: Hehe, I feel like it has been a long time since I’ve seen you bashful like this. It’s as if I’m seeing you from when we first met.

S: How many years has it been since I met you? At the beginning, I even felt it was discourteous to speak to you and could do nothing but be perplexed in front of you. However, that is now in the past. *hugs heroine*


S: Princess, right now, I am expressing my adoration for you from the depths of my heart. If possible, I wish to always be able to touch you like this.

S: Ah, this won’t do. I was so entranced by you that I nearly forgot my purpose.

S: As a matter of fact, I would love to bring you to a place, Princess. Earlier, when I went to the garden to tend to the plants, the roses that the princess demanded are starting to bloom. If it pleases you, won’t you come with me to take a look?

S: The garden is on high grounds, so if we head there now we should be able to watch a beautiful sunset. Is this agreeable?

S: Or do you have other matters?

S: I see. Then, let us be off. Please give me your hand, Princess. *escorts heroine; opens door, closes door*

*scene skip; walking outside*

S: The garden is right ahead. The path has become smaller, so—*heroine opens phone, presses buttons* Hm?

S: Oh my… what is that?

S: Smartphone?

S: As always, Princess, you’re in possession of unusual things. Whose gift is this exactly?

S: I’m somewhat jealous.

S: To think that my beloved princess is more engrossed in that small toy than me, who is right in front of her. *hugs heroine* In any event, it’s another gift from Neuro, yes? To try and attract your attention by sending you curious objects… Indeed, this is something that man, descended from the Paptism Family, would think up.


S: Hm? Who…? Neuro is your…

S: … Hehe… haha! That’s right, you have forgotten everything, Princess. In that case, please forget about that man just like that. The person who can please you the most is not him, but me. Did you not say this in the past as well?

S: Now, Princess, demand it like how you always do. Say, “Please me to the fullest extent.”

S: It is my duty, as a servant, to respond to the expectations of the princess. So long as it is your wish, then I will fulfill it no matter its content. What you wish for from the bottom of your heart is not a boring toy, yes?

S: For example… *kisses* this gift, no?

S: Hehe. Your face is bright red. All things considered, you are as adorable as a maiden today.

S: Now then, the garden is close. There will be steps ahead of us, so please take care with your footing. *holds hand*

*** TRACK 2: Blue Roses ***

*river noises; birds chirping*

S: The flowers within this garden are all roses. The roses planted in this plot, and inside, are likely ones that bloom nowhere else in the world except for this garden. Looking at their appearances, it seems they will make it in time for the party the day after tomorrow.

S: Haha, you may have forgotten but it is a grand party to celebrate your birthday, Princess. In the afternoon of the day after tomorrow, just like every year, a ceremony will be held in the banquet hall of the castle.

S: How long has it been? Princess, you said you wished for the party venue to be decorated in blue roses and so my father, a renowned cellist but also a scholar, repeatedly carried out experiments. These roses are the result. He said that, as long as it is a request from the princess, then we—the Redfall Family and attendants of the castle—shall devote ourselves wholeheartedly to making blue roses bloom for you. When I think about how my father’s efforts are finally about to be rewarded even I, the eldest son, am proud.

S: I’m glad you like them. Then, please take one back with you.

S: How is this bud? *snips rose*

S: Here you go. It’s still a bud, but if you set it in a vase and place it beside the window then I’m certain the flower will bloom tomorrow morning.

S: There is still some violet coloring right now, but once the bud completely opens it will be a deep blue. Ah, but as you can see there are thorns on the stem so please take—ah, Princess! Is something the matter!?


S: Don’t tell me the thorn…!? *grabs hand* Ah, how could this be?! Quick, give me that rose. *takes rose* I will not forgive anything that harms the princess. *stomps on rose*

S: No, that cannot be allowed, Princess. You are the one and only existence I serve and also, undoubtedly the most precious person in this castle. For someone such as you to be injured… I sincerely apologize. I fervently wished to please you, but I am lacking in consideration. *bows* Please, punish me in whatever way you wish.

S: There is no need for reservation. Now, please demand anything.

S: *rises* Are you saying you do not blame me then?

S: That’s… You say it was your own carelessness?

S: My princess is so merciful.

S: Just in case, let us wrap it with this scarf. Once we return to the castle, we will give it proper treatment. Now, Princess, please give me your hand. *ties scarf*

S: Done. No thanks are needed. It was my carelessness in the first place that injured the princess.


S: Princess…? *heroine touches him*

S: Huh? Oh, are you curious about the scars on my neck?

S: Princess, these are scars that are not scars. They are proof of your love which will never disappear. I also think the same.

S: Ah, Princess, please look. The western sky is gorgeous. Yes, it’s as if it was burning. However, with you in front of me, even that beautiful sunset does not compare.

S: You are too modest. I am simply telling the truth.

S: Princess, there is not a single thing which exists in this world that is more beautiful than you. Why don’t we return to the castle now? The footing here will be dangerous when it gets dark and we also need to treat you. Let us depart, Princess.

*scene skip*

S: Does it sting? *sets aside alcohol* There are no thorns left in the wound, so the pain should recede soon. But if you require anything, please call for me without hesitation. If something were to happen to your precious body, Princess, then it would be irremediable.

S: In order to make certain such a thing never happens again… everything that injures the princess must…

S: No, it’s nothing.

S: Oh dear, it looks as if the lamp is about to go out. I beg your pardon, I will replace it with candles while I still can. *opens lamp; lights candles; blows out flame* This will be enough.


S: It appears that the number of servants has decreased somewhat from the past. If this has caused any sort of inconvenience for you, Princess, I am painfully sorry. If there is anything I can do, then I will help out in any way.

S: Princess, if you don’t mind, could you please hold out your hand again? *holds hand* Despite being injured like this, you said you do not blame me, Princess. You truly are a merciful person. I am deeply grateful to the magnanimity of that heart. Thus, I once again swear my unwavering loyalty… *kisses hand; door knocks*

S: It seems like it is time for dinner. I should take my leave now.

S: Preposterous! For a servant such as I to have dinner together with royalty like you, Princess…! But I am overjoyed to receive your concern for me like this. I just so happened to find it hard to say my goodbye as well.

S: Princess, would you also allow me to accompany you tomorrow? If possible, I would like to see you alone just like today. It’s also been a very long time since I spent time with you like this, haha.


S: Truly? I shall come for you tomorrow morning then. Until tomorrow, my princess. *leaves*

*scene skip; fire blazing; servants running around*

S: I must destroy everything that is dangerous to the princess.

S: *to servant* What are you speaking about? This is for the princess. If you insist on getting in my way… *draws sword; kills servant* I shall do this. *servants back away* It’s useless, no matter how much noise everyone makes. Whatever occurs in this castle can be covered up with the power of money. Furthermore, I intend to have you all disappear by tomorrow night. *servants run*

S: Hehe, yes, no one can get involved. Hahaha!

*** TRACK 3: Noble Lineage ***

*door knock*

S: Princess, are you there? It’s Solona.

*heroine opens door*

S: As promised, I have come to you. Incidentally, how is the injury after everything?

S: Haha, I’m relieved to hear that.

S: Yesterday night…? No, nothing in particular.

S: Ah, you mean that? It was nothing serious, but the servants in the castle seemed to make a lot of noise. I apologize for their insolence. Could it be that your sleep was disturbed, Princess?

S: I’m glad then. It truly was nothing serious. I merely eliminated that which could endanger you, Princess. More importantly, Princess, tea on the terrace has been prepared. As you can see, today is a clear day and I thought you would appreciate having tea while gazing out at the forest.

S: Or is there something else you wish to do? If that is the case, then I will naturally accompany you.

S: Then, will you please come with me?

S: Thank you. Please come this way then. *opens door and closes*

[01:50] *scene skip*

S: *pours tea* Here, please drink it while it’s hot.

S: Since we’re already here, shall I play some music for you? There is a phonograph. *walks over* Before, my family could put on a performance but, unfortunately, I am the only one who remains. *music plays*

S: Haha, did you forget about my family as well? That won’t do. I must help you remember this immediately.

S: The Redfall Family are servants who have served the Vincent Royal Family since a long time ago. At the same time as being managers of the affairs of the castle, we have also served as musicians for generations.

S: Even when parties were held at the castle, my family would always form an orchestra and it was our responsibility to perform music. When I was ten years old, I finally obtained permission from my father and performed on my violin for the first time at a dinner party held in the castle.

S: I was terribly nervous, but when I heard the praise from everyone I was truly overjoyed. Thereafter, I also became a member of the orchestra and performed a countless number of songs. Coloring the lives of the king, the queen, and you, Princess, with music was my family’s duty. I worked even harder upon being entrusted with this illustrious responsibility. Then, during this time, the princess began to personally ask for me.

S: The moment they learned you enjoyed my performances, my mother and father had delighted faces. Even now, it is unforgettable. Princess, I am truly thankful to you. Even if you have forgotten this.

S: Well, Princess? Do you remember my family even a little—…?


S: You’re still in possession of that toy. My princess appears to be quite attached to that. *returns to table*

S: Did you not say that the person who could please you the best was me? Now, come over here. Please come closer to my side.

S: *leans close* I know, Princess, that you desire me to the extent where you will act indifferent. There is something you wish for me to do, yes? Please tell me without hesitation.

S: Haha, will you not tell me? You’re as teasing as always. This side can also be said to be a part of your charm.

S: If you won’t tell me, then allow me to guess… what would please you. *music ends; new music track*

S: For example, Princess, how about this song?

S: You said you liked this song of parting before. I shall perform this song for you at the party tomorrow. Naturally, with the violin.

S: You appear to be pleased. Just like every year, the party seems like it will be held in the banquet hall of the castle. On the day of, it will surely be packed with a great number of people to celebrate you. There, I will perform this song only for you. The same as that day five years ago.

S: Yes, that day. Back then, I didn’t understand your feelings at all, Princess. But now it is different. I won’t make the same mistake as I did then. This time, I promise I will display a performance that will please you without exception.


S: Please look forward to it. I will let you hear a wonderful performance that will surprise you on the day.

S: The tea has become completely cold. Let me brew it again. I apologize, but please wait a moment. *leaves*

*scene skip*

S: Tomorrow is the party and so many preparations need to be done early in the morning. Once I escort you to your room, Princess, I believe I will excuse myself. *windows rattling*

S: Moreover, the movement of the clouds seem ominous. The weather had been so nice earlier too. It might rain with this.

S: Yes, that’s true. The forest that surrounds this place is not just dense, but it also seems to have a complex terrain. Compasses are not much use and if you step in without caution then you may never come out again.

S: Haha, eerie…? Not at all. Owing to this forest, outsiders cannot trespass. According to rumors, in recent years the center of France has experienced a desperate military coup d’état. But such unsettling topics are unrelated to those who live in this castle. All troubling events are obstructed by this dense forest. Even to this day, it is not recorded on maps and this castle, which is not visited by those outside, is called Luciole Castle by the people. This has been passed down as if its existence itself is an illusion. However, that is a good thing.


S: Because of this, the castle has not been invaded by anyone for a long time, ever since the Bourbon dynasty. This land is a place for the chosen Vincent Royal Family to weave their unique history without care of the outside world. It’s said that their noble blood, passed on for generations and which has been protected through repeated consanguineous marriages, dwells in you.

S: To this castle, you are the only being capable of constructing a new history. That is why I had decided to devote everything as a servant to serve you. It’s not just me, this is the Redfall Family’s philosophy. *bows* Everything is for the princess. For you to enjoy yourself.

S: Now, let us be off, Princess.

*** TRACK 4: On a Stormy Night ***

*thunder and storm; heroine opens window*

S: Princess!

S: That’s… After our parting, I was practicing the violin all this time. Of course, it’s the song for you to hear tomorrow morning. While I was thinking of you as I performed the song, I couldn’t help but want to see you at any cost and came here.

S: No, it is enough to simply catch a glimpse of you like this, Princess. In the first place, I cannot enter your room with this appearance—

S: I understand. Then, I will head over right now.

*heroine closes window; scene skip*

S: Yes, I’m alright now. I’m quite warm now thanks to the heat of the fireplace. *stands up*

S: I also borrowed clothes from those in the castle, so I believe I should return to my residence.

S: That’s true, but even if the storm has not passed I cannot cause any more trouble for you, Princess. There is the party tomorrow and you’ve been up this late…

S: Even if you say that… ah, then what about this? Princess, excuse my rudeness. *picks up heroine*


S: Haha, everyone in the castle will run over if you raise your voice like that. Please keep quiet.

S: I must put you to sleep, Princess. It’s not good for the body to stay up late. *places heroine in bed; sits down* I will cast a special spell so that you can sleep well, Princess. I wonder how long it’s been? If I recall correctly, it was the night I was summoned to this room for the first time. You said you would be able to sleep well if I did this. *kisses*

S: Haha, is it because of the fireplace that I feel as if your cheeks are red? Or…

S: I intended to stop with just the spell, but when you reveal such an adorable appearance then I find it hard to leave. Princess, I don’t mind even if it is for a little while, but may I stay beside you? Beside you as you fall asleep.

S: If you find this disagreeable, then order me to leave. I will exit this room immediately.

S: … Haha, you haven’t ordered me. Then, I will take advantage of your mercy tonight for this short while, Princess. *lies down*

S: Earlier, when you opened your window and called out to me, I was filled with disbelief. Furthermore, to think you would invite me into the castle…

S: Princess, I will never forget this fortune. I will definitely express my gratitude in the near future…

S: First, I should begin with the party, shouldn’t I? Please look forward to the best performance that I will give you. Good night then, Princess.

[04:38] *scene skip; people screaming; glass breaking*

S: Haha, it’s useless to run. Unfortunately, I will have you all disappear. After all, I have no choice. Everything is as desired by the princess. In this castle, the princess’ orders are absolute. Every person here knows that.

S: I don’t need an audience apart from the princess. Rather, it would be a problem if you were all here. Disappear. Every single one of you. *people screaming*

S: Hahaha! HAHAHA!!

*scene skip; heroine startles awake; door opens*

S: Oh dear, Princess, did I wake you?

S: A number of the servants working below were making noise, so I went to take a look. It appears everyone is busy preparing for the party tomorrow. But please do not worry, there isn’t any noise now, right? The preparations have mostly been arranged.

S: Princess? Is something the matter?

S: You’re covered in sweat. Could it be that you had a bad dream?


S: Ah, how could this happen? To think this would happen the moment I left you alone. How sad. *hugs heroine* It’s alright now.

S: I won’t leave your side anymore tonight, Princess. I’ll embrace you like this the entire time, so that you can sleep easily this time. *strokes back* If you cannot sleep, then why don’t we think of fun things together?

S: For example, your dress for the party tomorrow or the flowers decorating the throne.

S: Princess, I apologize but I cannot do that. Those blue roses injured you. Even if they were something born out of my father’s research, anything that can endanger you cannot be left by your side. Thus, I burned those roses and even the garden down to the ground.

S: You do not need to be so surprised. I was simply concerned for you.

S: You are saying I am abnormal then? But everything is out of my feelings for you. Love sometimes causes people to do things out of the ordinary. The one who taught me this was you, was it not?

S: You don’t have to worry about the flowers. Preparations are progressing without any delay. Even without those flowers, I am certain you will be satisfied.

S: That reminds me, I have a birthday present for you. I will bring it here in the morning. If it pleases you, then I would like it greatly if you were to wear it to the party tomorrow. Please look forward to it.

S: Now then, Princess, please go to sleep. Sweet dreams this time. *kisses*

*** TRACK 5: Day of Celebration ***

*door knocks*

S: Have you gotten changed, Princess?

S: I see. I will open this door then. *opens door*

S: Ah, such beauty. That dress was specially tailored. I chose a pale color to make your inherent beauty even more prominent. Does it please you?

S: I’m glad then.

S: Oh, this…? Today is a party to celebrate your birthday, after all, Princess. It’s a matter of course for a servant to be in formal dress. Today is the clear weather we’ve been waiting for, isn’t it?

S: Now then, we should head to the banquet hall. Please allow me to be your escort. May I have your hand, Princess?

*scene skip; door opens*

S: Please, enter.

S: That’s right, no one is here.

S: Yes, that was the arrangement. Originally, there should be a great number of people in this hall to celebrate you. But if that were to happen, then your mood would be sullied again, yes? That is why… I killed them. Every single one of them.


S: I can perform the violin only for you now. No one will interrupt.

S: I must not mesmerize anyone other than you. Princess, were you not the one who ordered that? Five years ago, that day, I performed the violin for you in this hall and the many people who happened to be present showered me with applause.

S: My performance, which everyone praised for being wonderful, should have surely pleased the princess… was what I thought. However, after the party, you cursed my performance and said it was the worst ever done.

S: There were ladies among those in attendance who applauded me. Naturally, I knew this but I don’t recall performing for their favor, to say nothing of seducing them. I simply performed the song with my whole heart wishing to respond to your expectations, Princess.

S: And yet… *rolls up sleeve* in your anger, you slashed my arm until it was in shreds like this. I can never perform like I did then. Because the tendons were cut, I cannot move this left hand as I please. If I played the violin now, it would be mocked and I’m certain there would be no one who would applaud.


S: But you are not someone who would be satisfied with this. In that case, I decided to follow your lead as well. I thought, “If this was the princess, then I’m certain she would do this”, and so I slaughtered everyone in the castle last night. I didn’t expect you to personally invite me into the castle yourself though, haha.

S: Oh my, where are you going?

S: The party is about to start now. I haven’t showcased the essential violin yet. Now, Princess, please come this way. *heroine shoves him*

S: Princess… why are you rejecting me? Everything was for your sake.

S: I am a servant who serves the Vincent Family. As someone who has sworn loyalty to the princess, no, as someone who loves the princess, I merely did what was natural.

S: Me…? Haha… hahaha!

S: Princess, if you say I am mad then whose fault is that exactly? *grabs heroine* Is it not all because of you? I changed after you took everything from me. But I’m glad for that. Because, thanks to that, I am able to love you like this.

S: Now, Princess, please come with me. The most suitable place to celebrate your birthday is not here. I shall bring you to a special place right away. Now, a delightful party is about to begin. Haha!

[06:46] *scene skip; underground water dripping; cell door opens*

S: How is it, Princess? The comfort of the prison that I lived in for five years. *grabs chain*

S: Five years ago, on that day, you imprisoned me in this cell. After that, every day was like hell. At times, you would whip me as if you were insane, at other times, you would slash me with a blade and, looking at my suffering, you seemed to enjoy yourself.

S: Princess, you are a demon. *approaches heroine* The cursed blood of the Vincent Family, with its frequent consanguineous marriages, has given birth to a demon such as you at last. Even if I were to curry favor with you and leave this prison somehow, I cannot escape this castle which is the nest of the demon.

S: If I can only continue to live here as your toy, then how comfortable would it be to simply die? There were times where I also thought this.

S: But you taught me. *chains up heroine* That hurting someone is also out of love. In my foolishness, I didn’t notice your love. There is something I must do as a member of the Redfall Family now that I am released from prison like this out of your deep compassion, Princess.

S: Please listen carefully there.

S: Now… *plays bad violin*


S: Haha… hahaha… How was my performance?

S: Why won’t you say anything? Why not speak the truth? That it’s an unbearable performance. *plays violin*

S: Aah, it’s truly horrible.

S: If they heard this noise, I’m certain my father and mother would be in a rage. *sets down violin* But nothing can be done, my hand became like this because of you, Princess. The princess’ orders are to be obeyed no matter what they are. That is the rule among those who live here.

S: I endured it silently. Even when you didn’t stop at my hand and my entire body became scarred, I continued to endure. Before one noticed, you found an abnormal pleasure in making me suffer, didn’t you? Because you love me. Isn’t that right? And this is also proof of the love you have for me, Princess. *spills bones*

S: Why are you screaming at this time? Everything is what you did for me, no? My precious family, the proud Redfall Family of musicians who devoted everything for the Vincent Family, ended up becoming these dirty mountain of bones. Do you remember the manner of death for everyone?


S: In this place, the tendons of their hands were cut just like me and their future as a musician was severed. Like you were driving them into a corner, as they despaired and struggled, you sliced off their fingers and ears one by one.

S: Seeing my bloody tears, you were exceedingly pleased, yes? You told me everything was due to the mistake I made. At the important party to celebrate your birthday, I sullied your mood and you said it was my fault for not living for you alone.

S: Now, I understand. That this was also for my sake. That it was your love for me.

S: Released from this prison, I waited eagerly for today, this priceless and wonderful day of your birth. So that I can give you my love and the same pleasure, haha.


S: For you to say you don’t have any memories… ah, Princess, you are too kind. You are still saying that for me, aren’t you? Because I was jealous of Neuro that day.

S: Even without your pretense at forgetting, I am no longer concerned with your fiancé, Neuro. I am sincerely grateul for your thoughtfulness, Princess.

S: *pulls out blade; attacks and misses* Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. I need to please you to your heart’s content… until that dress is dyed red with your beautiful cursed blood. The blood-drenched demonic Princess of Luciole matches that red dress which you’re wearing for the first time very well. Do you not think so? *slashes*

S: Why are you avoiding it? Please, accept my feelings, Princess. If I were to borrow your words, all of this is my love for you. Hurting someone is also out of love. *attacks*

S: Haha… hahaha! You’re still saying you’re not the princess? Very well, if you wish to continue that, then please do as you wish. *attacks*

S: Now, with that red dress, let’s swear our eternal love in front of my father and mother.

*** TRACK 6: Eternal Vow ***

*chains jangling*

S: Father, mother, who both died for the sake of the princess, I have finally fulfilled the wish of our entire family. Please forgive me for not noticing the princess’ love through all these years but today, on such a clear day, I am terribly happy to report in front of you that I and my dear princess are to be married.

S: I will swear my eternal love here. Hereafter, I will devote everything to the princess and, to bring her joy, I will love her to the end with this body.

S: *to heroine* I love you. *kisses*

*phone vibrates in forest*

*** TRACK 7: Cast Free Talk ***

Hikaru: Hello everyone, this is Midorikawa Hikaru and I’ll be presenting a free talk.

H: Um, right, my role. I acted as Solona Redfall. I’m being asked about my impression of acting as Solona and, at the very beginning when I heard the title and received the illustration, my impression of him and after acting as him… are greatly different. If I had to say something, the illustration gave the character a cute impression and that’s what I felt. But then it went into a really hair-raising direction. It felt like “H-hey, are you OK? Is it OK to go so far?”. Right, at this stage, I was just acting but now when things like sweets or music come up I start to wonder if things are going to get scarier from here.

H: Next, “What is your favorite scene in the CD?”. Let’s see, there were a lot of things going on night after night… that’s pretty scary, huh. Ah, right! Since we have the dummy head mic here, I feel like I should use it for something. I’m making do with what I have and, in this studio, there’s a pen that’s free to use and scissors that were left here. So, I borrowed the scissors. Anyway, I’m sure there were lots of sounds in the main volume.


H: *snips scissors* How is it? Does it sound good? Haha, it’s scary even in the free talk, you know?

H: Well, putting that aside, right, um—it’s my first time using scissors in front of a mic! It’s a nice experience. Ah, hold on, customer, let’s cut this place right here. *snips scissors* Ah, everything is all straightened nicely now.

H: Right, anyway, uh, what were we talking about? Haha! My favorite scene…? Right, right, that was ignored. Continuing on, “This series has the theme of a sound mockumentary. By the way, a mockumentary depicts fictional events and people in a documentary fashion. Please tell us your impressions.” Uh, I’m still, well, nothing is coming to me at this point. If I had to be asked, there’s a lot of mystery still. In any case, the people who are listening, you—yes, the you getting their hair tidied—please send your opinions such as finding a part to be novel, or that this part was good, or this part was irresistible in fan letters as it would make it feel like this was all worth it. I look forward to them.

H: Ah, we should straighten this here too. *snips scissors* Yes, that’s a good feeling. Thank you. Anyway, lastly, “Please give a message to the listeners of this CD.” Right, a whole new series has begun. This was just the first one, but please don’t stop here I’m sure—well, this one does feel like it concluded on its own, but it’s Rejet-san so the next one will build upon this, and the one after that, and the next, until the end drops on you. So, please, I’d be happy if you bought and listened to this to the very end. If the work grows popular, I’m sure, well, Rejet-san is already moving to wonder if their works need to be made into VR, which makes me wonder if this one doesn’t already have VR plans. There’s some possibility, right? This work is scary, isn’t it? I think it’s suited for VR. I’m counting on everyone for their support. That being the case, this was Midorikawa Hikaru, who acted as Solona. Bye bye!

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