Luciole no Hime ~ Neuro Paptism ~

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Neuro Paptism (ネウロ・パプテスマ)
CV: Masuda Toshiki (増田 俊樹)

Princess of Luciole ~ Neuro Paptism ~

A violent and arrogant prince who wears a crown of thorns. He always has a doll in one hand. He is familiar with the grand Luciole Castle, but is dissatisfied at being unable to leave. It’s said he strikes his doll whenever he’s displeased. He treats you harshly as well but… he’s not good with women because he distrusts them.

I’m making this post to keep the series in order, but I’ll be plopping mikorin’s translation here. Again, I highly recommend listening to this series in order. WARNING: Macabre depictions. Below is a translation of Neuro’s CD booklet. I don’t think it matters as to whether you read these things before or after the CD, both provide insights.

Here we go!

*** CD Booklet ***

Friday, xx/01/18xx

A dance party was held at the castle today.

Everyone looked to be captivated by the beauty of the princess when she appeared in the hall, but I am the one who is the princess’ fiancé.

Monday, xx/02/18xx

I gifted the princess flowers just as my mother told me.

The princess seemed to smile.

There is no doubt that she likes me.

Saturday, xx/04/18xx

The people of the Redfall Family have been going on and on about blue roses.

They said it was the princess’ desire.

And what about that?

Musicians should keep quiet and practice their musical instruments.

Thursday, xx/06/18xx

I gifted flowers to the princess again.

However, as soon as she received them, she threw them to the ground.

Was this saying she didn’t like the gift from me, her fiancé?

Even though she was so pleased previously…

Sunday, xx/09/18xx

My doll’s arm was torn off.

It was said a replacement won’t arrive until tomorrow.

I can’t calm down and I don’t feel like sleeping tonight at all.

I have to prepare in advance next time.

Wednesday, xx/11/18xx

The princess invited me to a meal at Luciole Castle.

It seems the princess has finally accepted me as her fiancé.

It’s not a bad feeling.

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