Luciole no Hime ~ Gauche ~

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Gauche (ゴーシュ)
CV: Tamaru Atsushi (田丸 篤志)

Princess of Luciole ~ Gauche ~

The older brother of the “right firefly”, his glowing left eye is covered by an eyepatch. He has a cynical personality, doesn’t open his heart to anyone, is cold to them, and has an air of disinterest. It’s said he knows all sorts of secrets about the castle.

Here is the third volume in the series. Thank you to anonymous for commissioning the CD booklet translation. For the main CD, please refer to mikorin’s translation here. Please, please, listen to this series in order because everything builds on top of each other. WARNING: Macabre depictions.

Note1: His name means “left” in French.

*** CD Booklet ***

Saturday, xx/01/18xx

The princess is really selfish and capricious.

Everyone spoils her and so she gets excessively carried away.

But I don’t want to be cast away now and I’d hate it more to lose to him.

It’s annoying to butter up the princess, but I think I’ll keep her company tomorrow too.

Thursday, xx/02/18xx

I haven’t seen Droite. He must have been summoned by the princess.

Because I was irritated, I stole the sweets that were to be brought to the princess’ room from the kitchen.

It’ll be worth seeing what the angry princess will do.

Tuesday, xx/03/18xx

When I was strolling with the princess in the forest, we saw a squirrel.

It looks like it built a nest nearby.

There also seems to be baby squirrels, so we promised to come see them again soon.

Wednesday, xx/06/18xx

I saw fireflies at night.

The princess seems to like those lights.

She said she loves them but that things which only glow at night are worthless.

Sunday, xx/08/18xx

The princess said she wanted to see the squirrels for the first time in a while, and so we went into the forest together.

Droite doesn’t know about that place.

It’s a secret just between me and the princess.

Friday, xx/09/18xx

Lately, the princess has only been calling Droite to her room.

We have the same face, but why is it Droite and not me.

I hate Droite and the princess.

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