Luciole no Hime ~ Droite ~

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Droite (ドロワ)
CV: Kishio Daisuke (岸尾 だいすけ)

Princess of Luciole ~ Droite ~

The younger twin of the older brother, Gauche, and in contrast his right eye glows like a firefly. It’s said that his vision in both eyes is poor. He has androgynous features and, because he barely has any expressions, it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking. It seems that he’s cursed to be unable to blink. He was the one who called out “Princess” at your side when you woke…

Thank you to anonymous for the second main part of their commission. I’m a broken record by now, but please listen to this series in order LOL. WARNING: Eye gore and macabre depictions.

Note1: His name means “right” in French.

*** CD Booklet ***

Thursday, xx/02/18xx

It seems like the maid working in the kitchen made a mistake.

Because it’s a hassle, I chopped off the maid’s head instead.

Thanks to that, it looks like the princess’ mood calmed down a little.

Sunday, xx/03/18xx

The princess said she was going out hunting and so we went together.

Gauche’s face, when he saw us off, was a masterpiece of frustration from the bottom of his heart.

Because the one the princess likes is me and not him.

Friday, xx/04/18xx

Today, I was on duty in the kitchen and the prison warden, Thriller, called out to me.

It was the first time I talked to him properly, but he was sort of interesting.

Tuesday, xx/08/18xx

I spent the entire day today in the princess’ room.

The princess was in a trance as she stared at my eye, which glows like a firefly.

Gauche also has a glowing eye but, just like I thought, the one the princess likes more is me and not him.

Saturday, xx/12/18xx

The princess seemed busy today and so I went to play in Thriller’s room.

I heard many interesting things and also saw curious objects.

I think I’ll go over to play again soon.

Monday, xx/09/18xx

Somehow, the princess was in a good mood today.

For her to want to marry me the next time her birthday comes…

The princess is completely obsessed with me.

Not Gauche, but me.

*** TRACK 1: The Loss at Luciole ***

*thunder BGM; phone vibrates; heroine checks phone*

Phone: *ghostly murmuring* Luciole. *phone drops*

*scene skip*

Droite: Princess.

D: … Princess, please wake up. Princess.

D: Welcome home, Princess. I heard you returned early and so I came to see you.

D: Who…? I am Droite.

D: For you to go to sleep in a sulk just because I didn’t go hunting with you in the afternoon… You have a cute side. I had no choice today. It was an important task you asked me to do, Princess.

D: Incidentally, how was your hunting? Was it enjoyable?

D: Ah, that’s right, going on a hunt without me isn’t hunting, is it? Without me, your precious Droite, it must have been extremely boring. Very well, let’s go together next time.


D: Oh right, as promised, while you were outside, Princess, I killed all the aforementioned servants.

D: We talked about this some time ago, didn’t we? That I should clean up the useless servants who only have complaints.

D: Let’s see, how many did I kill altogether… Hm, with a knife, one, two… then with a gun, three, four, five… anyway, it was a lot! Ehehe, hey, the last one was a masterpiece, you know? When I pointed my gun at him, he screamed for his mother and crawled on the ground, making so much noise. The moment he realized there was no way to escape, his face became a teary mess and he begged me for his life. Good grief, that sight made me howl and howl with laughter, hehehe. He was so noisy that I shoved the muzzle of the gun into his mouth.

D: It’s really a shame I couldn’t show that to you, Princess. Next time, let’s do it together, alright? Ehehe!

D: What’s wrong? Your complexion looks somewhat bad.

D: You don’t have to be so frightened. If anything happens with the dead servants, then you can use your power and money to hush it up like always. You are the one and only successor of the accursed Vincent Family bloodline. You can abuse your wealth and influence and there is nothing in this world you cannot do. Right?


D: You aren’t the princess…?

D: Haha, what are you saying? No matter how I look at you, you are the princess. Was that supposed to be a joke? *heroine uses phone*

D: Hrm… what is that?

D: Uh, smart… phone?

D: … *snatches phone* What’s the meaning of obsessive over this thing when I’m here?

D: Ugh, I don’t know or care about this smartphone but you don’t need it, right? *throws phone out window*

D: Excuse me? What did you say just now?

D: IT’S YOUR FAULT. Because I’m in front of you and yet you’re obsessed with a strange toy! The most important thing to you is ME! Or are you saying that toy from earlier is more important than me? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE, RIGHT!?

D: *grits teeth* Am I mistaken?

D: Hah… you want me to say who I am when you know it already, is that right? Fine. I’ll give you an introduction.


D: I am your favorite person, Droite. I was picked up together with my older twin, Gauche, by you ten years ago. Born as serfs, we lived in an unthinkable poor way and were saved by you. Then you chose me and not Gauche. That’s why, this time, it is my turn to make you happy.

D: It’s almost time for your birthday party, Princess, isn’t it? We also promised to have a marriage ceremony after that passes.

D: Don’t tell me you forgot about that?

D: … Oh well. Our marriage is undeniable so there’s no need to speak about it now, right?

D: Hrm, are you satisfied with this?

D: If you understand, then please don’t do things I dislike next time. If you’re tired from going hunting, then just rest until it’s dinner. I have business with the prison warden now.

D: I’m talking about Thriller. That person called for me. I’ll come back after I’m done. *opens door* Until later. *closes door*

[08:12] *heroine runs out; scene skip*

D: *opens door* Princess, my business is done so now we can both—hm? Princess?

D: … Princess!? Ggh, PRINCESS! *searches around*

D: Tsk. *runs out door*

*scene skip; heroine checking phone*


D: *runs over* Haa… hah…

D: What are you doing in this place?

D: I’m not asking about that! Why did you leave your room on your own without telling me where you were going!?

D: You always tell me when you’re leaving your room and, if I’m not there, then you’ll leave a note. Didn’t we promise that!? We’ve always done that up to now! Did you have something to do behind my back that necessitated you leaving!?

D: … Is that right? Please take it out then. What is it that you hid in your left pocket just now?


D: Please take it out right now. *heroine takes out phone*

D: You deliberately came out to pick that up?

D: That’s… the smartphone thing? Who exactly did you get that from?

D: I know it’s yours! I’m asking who sent it to you. Was it Solona? Or Neuro?

D: Heh, it’s probably Neuro, isn’t it? That snob of a fiancé and trash prince is someone who would try to get your favor with this thing.

D: You bought it yourself…? If you’re going to lie, could you not try to lie more convincingly? You are the noble Princess of Luciole Castle, who can have anything as long as you wish for it. In other words, you didn’t come here just to search for that toy… but to have a rendezvous with the gifter, right?

D: Going out without telling me is also because you’re meeting the gifter in front of this statue.


D: In the end, you can’t say anything, can you?

D: … Please give that to me.


D: Why? Are you saying there are things you wouldn’t hand to me, your favorite person?

D: Hah… you said this earlier too, didn’t you? Who would believe that you aren’t the princess?

D: If you insist that much, then it’s best to confirm it yourself. Why don’t you look into that pond over there? *heroine walks over*

D: Long hair like silk that shines despite being blacker than the night, skin that is so pale it’s almost translucent, large eyes with long eyelashes, and lustrous red lips. No matter how you look at yourself, you are the princess that I know.

D: Do you agree now? It’s enough now, right? *grabs phone*

D: If this is proof that you aren’t the princess, then we don’t need it anymore, right? Because you are the princess. *throws phone to ground* This worthless toy… can take this! *stomps* This trash! *throws phone into pond*

D: You can only be obsessed with me. It’s impossible for your feelings to turn to something other than me.

D: In the first place, what is the meaning of lying to me? If you didn’t have a guilty conscience, then you could have given me a word before going into the courtyard. Even if you didn’t make promises with another man, you deceived me because you feel guilty.


D: *grits teeth* Please don’t say you didn’t know at this point! I’m always telling you not to do something I don’t like, right?

D: … Do you understand?

D: I’m asking you if you understand, so how about you respond?

D: Oh. Rain…

D: I saw the moon just now too. Hah… let’s go back to your room now. I don’t want to be soaked.

D: Haah… come on, let’s go.

*** TRACK 2: Flash Point ***

*thunder BGM*

D: Hm?

D: There’s a note here. “Just as the princess ordered, I delivered the promised articles on time: eight dresses, twenty hair decorations, eight pairs of gloves, twenty pairs of shoes, and five robes. Since you were not present, I placed these in your room in spite of the insolence” is what it says.

D: To enter the room of the princess while she was away… such unparalleled rudeness, good grief. That being said, you hate it when things are late, Princess. If this was late, you would whip people regardless of who they are and, depending on your mood, they could be beheaded. Eheh, I can understand why they placed it here while being in a panic.

D: They must be for the birthday party in a week. It’s a celebration that happens once in a year, so it must be exceptionally extravagant. The same goes for all the accessories there.

D: I can’t believe it but… have you not told them you won’t be attending?

D: Hrm, you haven’t done it, have you?

D: So? When will you inform them of your absence? I believe the earlier the better. Hehe, well, saying it on the day and being able to see the servants panic might also be hilarious. Ah, but there might be people who will come visit you at your room, worried that something happened. That would be annoying.


D: Of course it would become interrupted. If the star of the day, the princess, wasn’t there then there wouldn’t be a point to holding a party.

D: … Don’t tell me you intend to appear?

D: Did you not just say yesterday that if I wasn’t there you wouldn’t have fun and so you’d rather be absent? So, why are you suddenly saying you’ll attend? There’s no way you should go, right!?

D: Ggh… are you saying that while knowing why I can’t be at the party?

D: Hah… I can’t attend with my status.

D: … Ah, I see. Hehe. Is that how it is?

D: *grabs heroine* You wanted this, didn’t you?

D: It’s alright, you don’t need to force yourself to lie. You deliberately broke your promise to me earlier because you wanted to suffer, right? To intentionally say things that would irritate me… Ehehe, you’re such a tease, Princess.

D: If that was the case, then you just needed to say so honestly and I would go along with you however much you wanted. You’re in this mood today, aren’t you?


D: *strangles heroine* Gngh… you’re truly a horrible person. Saying you’d go alone when you know I can’t attend, ngh…! Eheheh! You love it when I do this, don’t you? Hehehe!

D: Mm? You’re acting like it really hurts. Are you saying you want more? Eheheh! *heroine shoves him* Ah!

*thunder cracks*

D: !!!

*horses neighing outside*

D: It’s noisy outside. They’re making such a ruckus when it’s just thunder.

D: I’ve lost interest. Let’s continue this later. It’s almost time for dinner preparations to be done as well, so we should go.

*scene skip*

D: ……

D: Tsk. Let’s see, this is boar stew, quail poêlé, duck terrine, and goatling liver… Hah, to shoot dead this many things it looks like you had quite an enjoyable hunt. Here, it’s your long-awaited rabbit roast. Princess, you’ve been wanting to eat rabbit for a long time now, so go ahead without reservation. *slams plate down*


D: There, I’ll place your knife and fork over here. Now, have a nice meal. *goes to his seat*

D: … Are you not going to eat?

D: A few days ago, when the goat dinner appeared, you ate it so happily, didn’t you? Yesterday, you said you wanted to eat rabbit so why aren’t you eating? Before you went hunting, you cheerily said you’d shoot down rabbits for your favorite dish and that, once you’re back, you’ll be able to eat your fill. So, why aren’t you eating?

D: I see. Then… is this enough? *slices food* Here, open wide.

D: Come on, please open your mouth. Open wide.

D: Ggh! *throws fork*

D: You’ve been acting strange ever since you came back from hunting. You won’t even start on your meal. Something happened on the hunt, right?

D: Haha, silent? Even though you promised that you could talk about anything with me and you would never hide things. Don’t tell me… you’re breaking your promises with me at this point?


D: Hm? You didn’t… go hunting?



D: Gugh… hah… hagh… then who went hunting? Did I not see you off this morning when you went hunting!?

D: That again? No matter how I look at you, you are the princess! Could it be you’re saying that even if you look like her you’re different inside? That sort of strange thing is impossible!

D: !!! Ah… something happened with you and your entourage of servants, right?

D: There was no one beside you but servants when you left. Who was it? The name of the servant… please say it.

D: Oh. I see. I’ll go and kill them right now then.

D: *grabs utensil* If you won’t tell me who it was, then I’ll kill all the servants who accompanied you. *heroine grabs him*

D: Ngh… what is it?

D: Ah!


D: … You don’t have an appetite because you aren’t feeling well?

D: You went hunting then, right?

D: These prey aren’t things you shot down, Princess?

D: … All of these are from the servants… To think you worked hard for me too…

D: Your health must be quite terrible today.

D: Haha, I see. Hunting without me was boring. That’s not a lie, right?

D: Mm, I understand. I’ll believe you.

*** TRACK 3: Fleeting Touch ***

*slams open door*

D: Hah… haa…

D: I knew it…

D: You’re asking why? I simply kept my promise to you.

D: We made a promise two days ago, didn’t we? That we would meet today at noon in front of the water fountain in the garden. Yet you didn’t come. Moreover, you’re relaxing in your room… isn’t that cruel!? *heroine grabs something*

D: Uh…

D: *heroine dries him* Ngh…

D: You’re making me somewhat disconcerted. Have I ever had my hair dried like this by you, Princess?

D: If you want me to change, then give me something of yours. Anything over there is fine.

D: I believe if I walk any longer in the corridor soaked like this I’ll catch a cold though?

D: Um, let’s see… ah, I’ll borrow that robe. Even I’ll be able to wear something like this. *gets changed; heroine spins around*

D: I completely forgot to ask, but why did you not come to our rendezvous?

D: Hah… it’s not something you can apologize for though. Good grief, please take care next time.


D: You have a request? What is it? If you want to talk then I’ll listen.

D: Excuse me, this is the princess’ room. In other words, it is also my room. So, I don’t need to knock, right? In the first place, I’ve never done that.

D: Hm? There’s more?

D: Huh? I did think your face was pretty red since earlier.

D: Isn’t it late now to fuss about where I get changed? Our relationship permits a lot of things.

D: I’m done getting changed.

D: Now then, what will we play today? It’s raining heavily outside, so what we can do inside a room…

D: Mm, let’s play a board game.

D: Please bring over the board game.

D: Are you saying you forgot where you put it? Honestly, you’re exasperating.

D: *opens drawer* Look, it’s here. You always keep it in this drawer, don’t you?

D: Here. Please don’t forget it next time.

D: Hm, you’re the red piece, right? Here you go. I’m this one, the blue one.


D: Huh? Rock-paper-scissors? What are you saying? I’m obviously the one who rolls the dice.

D: I’m going to start then. Oh, this won’t do. Before that…

D: What are you doing? You promised you’d always kiss me when you see me for the first time in a day. It got delayed today because of getting changed and other things. Come on, please hurry up and do it. *heroine kisses him*

D: Uh… what was that… just now?

D: Haah… two points.

D: Out of a hundred clearly. Kisses are more like this—

D: Pffhaha! Your face is bright red as if it caught on fire. If a pot was put on your face, the water would probably start boiling.

D: Haha, that’s not mean. It’s the truth. Or should I use a different expression?

D: Mm? Is something the matter?

D: Ehehe, since we first met, you’ve always been fascinated by our eyes, right, Princess? But the right eye I received from you is extremely precious, Princess. When I exchanged my real eye with this one that I received from you, I was extremely happy. An eye that glows like fireflies in the night sky.


D: Gauche has the same eye, but I’m glad I didn’t become like him.

D: I have been chosen by you, Princess. This eye, which you gave me, proves that. I am special to you. Princess, you said this: “I don’t need two of the same face. Droite is much more beautiful. He’s pretty, beloved, and I cherish him above all others”. Ehehe. At that time, you said you’d do anything for me… and promised, didn’t you? And not just that. Every single day, we would make new promises and we always kept them.

D: Are you captivated by me? I love you when you look at me like that.

D: It’s alright. Stare at me for as long as you want.

D: Ah… my eye… T-that’s not necessary, is it? What belongs to me belongs to you. You can always look at this eye, right? You don’t have to deliberately take out this glowing eye, right?


D: Did… something happen?

D: Ah… r-right. I’ll roll the dice then. *rolls dice*

*scene skip; heroine clapping*

D: Hey…

D: Why are you clapping?

D: Why… did you win? I’m the one who always wins.

D: Even I know that whoever reaches the goal first wins. I’m not talking about the rules.

D: *grits teeth* It’s not the problem where we just need to start from the beginning again!

D: Ggh, SHUT UP! *throws board game*

D: AND WHAT ABOUT BEING HIT WITH THE PIECES? I’m the one who’s in much more pain. You did something horrible to me, DO YOU KNOW!?

D: Princess, you always prioritize me. I’m precious, so you always make sure I’m in a good mood. But what’s with your attitude right now? You intentionally won because you hate me and you want to leave me, right? THAT’S OBVIOUSLY THE CASE.

D: What am I wrong about!? All you say are halfhearted things. AM I NOT PRECIOUS?


D: Hah? You inadvertently forgot and won? Isn’t that… ISN’T THAT PROOF YOU COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT ME!? Even though I… I… love you this much! Even though I can’t think about anything but you! Aren’t you the complete opposite from me? You only think about yourself and you’ve broken countless promises with me!

D: You’re saying you’re fine without me, right? RIGHT!?

D: Haa… hah… then please prove your feelings. If you seriously want me to forgive you, then you should have the resolve to do anything.

D: If you say you’ll obediently obey me then…

D: Haah… haa… let’s see…

D: *grabs something* Please cut your hand with this knife. Please bleed that noble Luciole blood for my sake. You can do it, right?

D: Please hurry up and prove it to me. *heroine stabs herself*

D: Ah… I knew it, Princess. Ehehe…! The priceless blood of the Vincent Royal Family… This is the blood you’re bleeding for my sake…!

D: I understand your feelings. *kisses*

[12:20] *scene skip; door opens; birds chirping*

D: Princess, are you awake?

D: It’s a clear day today, so let’s have tea in the garden. How about it?

D: It’s decided then. Let’s go!

D: *heroine grabs him; kisses him* Mmph!

D: Ah…

D: W-well, it’s right on the heels of yesterday, so it would be stranger if you forgot this. In any case, let’s go to the garden. I’ll pour tea for you.

*scene skip*

D: Here, please sit. I’ll prepare things now.

D: If you’re going to play in the forest, then stay at the entrance.

D: This forest is large and extremely complicated. If you don’t play around the entrance, then you won’t be able to come back ever again. Well, if you head into the deepest part of the forest you might be able to go outside. But if you get lost that’s the end for you.

D: Please don’t ask me any more. It’s just something I heard from Thriller. It seems like he knows the way to head out.

D: Yes, Thriller has extensive knowledge. He taught me many things and he’s kind. *sets tea down* Here you go.


D: I often go to his room to play, although not to the extent I go to your room.

D: Oh right, when I went there some time ago, he nearly made me drink two hundred years old tea. I ran away in a hurry though.

D: Of course I wouldn’t drink it. You’ll understand if you go to his room, but he has strange old things. For example, vintage clocks or clothes that no one wears anymore.

D: His room is underground down the stairs past my room. Ordinarily, he’s around the entrance to the dungeons though.

D: Hm… but why are you asking about that? You and Thriller have no relationship, right?

D: Well, that’s true. At the very least, you won’t be bored if you meet him.

D: *heroine drinks* Ehehe, it’s delicious, isn’t it? I’m glad you’re pleased. I also love this tea the most. *drinks tea*

*cat meows*

D: Ah… you haven’t seen them, have you? It’s the family of cats that have settled down in this castle. That large one is the father and those two small ones are siblings who were born together.


D: Ggh, please stop talking about Gauche by calling the cats twins. If you’re saying this, knowing it’ll displease me, then that’s another matter.

D: He knows I get along well with you, so he doesn’t show himself out of frustration. He’s only tormented me since I was chosen and he’s jealous. It’s disgusting, isn’t it? Honestly.

D: It doesn’t matter. So long as I have you, then I don’t need siblings.

D: Excuse me, we happen to be having tea together, so why don’t we talk about something more enjoyable?

D: Tomorrow… that’s right, is there something you would like to do?

D: If you want to see flowers, then why don’t we go to the garden in the courtyard at the back? There’s always some sort of flower blooming there.

D: Ehehe. It’s nothing, I was just thinking that it’s rare to get a promise from you.

*** TRACK 4: The Compensation ***

*splashing around pond*

D: Ugh… hrm… ngh…

D: Haa… look, regardless of you saying you don’t need it anymore, we have to look for the smartphone. It’s Thriller’s order.

D: I thought the same at the beginning. That it’s not like I need to listen to his order. Ggh, but when I met him in the evening and talked about tossing your smartphone or whatever into the pond… he suddenly became extremely angry.

D: “Bring it back no matter what. If you do not find it, then be prepared for the consequences”. For how gentle he is normally, how is he so scary when he’s angry? If you also saw him, you would surely shake.

D: I was looking forward to viewing the flowers with you today too… I can’t believe I’m looking for something in the lake while getting covered in mud. Haah…

D: When it comes to the cause, it’s all your fault though. Didn’t it end up this way because you were hiding something from me at the time?

D: Aah, whatever, no matter how many excuses you make the, uh, smartphone isn’t going to appear. Let’s hurry up and find it.

D: Still, it’s not appearing at all. This pond is shallower than I thought, so if we search around like this then it seems like something that would come out. Back then, the smartphone fell around here, right?


D: That’s strange. Why isn’t it here?

D: Was it really here?

D: You’re forgetful, so I feel like that’s unreliable.

D: Ugh, if that’s the case, then I guess I’ll search around here a little more.

D: Hm? Oh… you’re right. If water is flowing in, then it might not be here anymore. Then… over there?

D: Sometimes you have decent ideas. Certainly, it seems quicker if we split up to search. You can go towards the east from here then. I’ll take the west side and search back to this spot.

*scene skip; crows cawing*

D: Ngh… grgh…

D: Ugh… how is it over there? Did you find it?

D: It’s not here either. The sun’s setting, so we can’t keep going any longer. Let’s stop now. *leaves pond*

D: Ngh… haa…

D: My hips, legs, arms… and my entire body hurts. Well, I’ll manage somehow.


D: If I tell him I couldn’t find it, then there’s no doubt he’ll get angry.

D: … O-of course, that’s my intention. Because… it really was your fault.

D: You’re accepting this almost disgustingly obediently. Does it mean you’ve reflected on yourself?

D: Hm… I’m extremely tired today, but for some reason I feel good. Strange, huh. My emotions are strangely clear. When I think about it, this might be the first time I did something so earnestly together with you. That might be the reason.

D: So? What are we going to play tomorrow?

D: Because, after I go to Thriller, I have to get lectured. I want to think about something enjoyable at least. Come on, what are we going to do? I’ll go along with your wish.

D: If you want to see the cats, we already saw them yesterday. Please choose something different.

D: Haa… what castle exploration? This is your castle, so there’s no place you don’t know about, right? I refuse.

D: I said I’d go along, but it’s no good if I don’t agree.

D: Haha. Please think of something you and I will both enjoy. So? Next?


D: I told you the forest is dangerous, didn’t I? Are you confident about being able to return without getting lost?

D: Haha, if you changed your mind, then please don’t say you want to go there in the first place.

*scene skip; slams door open*

D: Haa… hah…

D: Don’t ask me any questions, what do YOU mean by this!


D: You went to Gauche and had him search for it, didn’t you? No wonder I couldn’t find it no matter how I searched the pond yesterday!


D: *stomps over* Please stop lying and tell the truth!

D: Why don’t you just say it clearly!? Both of you met together behind my back! So long as you say it, he’s the type of man who would wag his tail and happily do anything. You ordered him to search for the smartphone, didn’t you?

D: You’ve always been alone when I’m not here? HOW WILL YOU PROVE THAT!?

D: That toy, which caused a false alarm, was actually given to you by Gauche, right!? At that time, when you went outside without my permission, it was also to meet him, ISN’T THAT RIGHT!?


D: If you want me to believe you, then don’t use your words and show me evidence. THIS ISN’T TRUSTWORTHY!

D: If you want me to believe you no matter what, then you have to do something that I can only believe.

D: Hah, what are you saying? There’s no point in doing the same thing. *throws blade* USE THIS… and kill Gauche.

D: If you want me to believe you, then prove it to me. If you don’t have that sort of relationship with Gauche, then you can do it, can’t you? Besides, didn’t you say this, Princess? “I don’t need two of the same face”.

D: I’ll give you the entire day tomorrow. Kill Gauche during that time. Bring his heart as proof. You can do this, right?

*scene skip; heroine walking; heroine chases and stabs something*

[10:40] *scene skip; door opens*

D: Ah… welcome home, Princess.

D: … You brought his heart. I knew you could do it, Princess. Hehehe… hahaHAHAHAHA! LOOK AT THAT! I’m in such a good mood! HAHAHAHA!! Up to now, I’ve asked you so many times to kill Gauche but you wouldn’t agree readily. HOWEVER…! Hahahaha!! Now that things are like this, there’s no problem with anything that happened up to now.

D: Hehe, what’s wrong? You’re trembling so much.

D: Oh, are you still excited?! Nngh, if it was that fun, I should have watched nearby. Aah…! Are you happy to have proven your love for me? Ehehehe, right? Hahahaha! You don’t have to be so scared.

D: *heroine hugs him* Ah… I’m happy you finally fulfilled your promise. Eheheh… mm…

D: Why are you crying? Hehehe. There, there…

*** TRACK 5: Overflowing Emotions ***

*door opens*

D: Hah… Finally, the hindrance is gone. With this, the princess and this room… belong to me alone! Hm? Why is there just one shoe here? It wasn’t here before I left…

D: *gasps; rummages through things* Gngh!

D: Gone, gone, gone, GONE! The books that man loved and the fountain pen he received from the princess that he boasted about! THEY’RE ALL GONE! GAGH! *throws things around*

D: Haa… hagh… there’s a pair of clothes gone. Don’t tell me…! *footsteps*

D: Ah…!

*scene skip; water dripping*

D: WAIT! Where are you going!?

D: The owner of the castle wouldn’t lose their way, right? Why are you in this place?

D: Beyond these stairs is Thriller’s room. *comes close* You’re trying to go to Thriller, isn’t that right?

D: *grabs heroine* Ggh, please come here.

[02:10] *opens door; drags heroine, flings heroine*

D: Why… were you trying to GO TO THRILLER!?

D: You were thinking about asking Thriller on how to get out of here, right? You were going to leave me here and GO OUT OF THE CASTLE, WEREN’T YOU!?

D: Then why were you trying to go to Thriller!? Were you going to seduce Thriller?

D: What are you saying THAT I’M WRONG ABOUT!?

D: Why… do you KEEP LYING!?

D: You broke our promises and you lie. Even though I love you this much, WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND!? WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RUN FROM ME!?

D: You haven’t been telling me you love me and sleeping with me! Even though we confirmed our feelings every day before!

D: Recently, you keep on saying that. You give noncommital excuses to gloss over the situation AND ONLY APOLOGIZE! You don’t say anything except for the fact that it’s your fault and you’re sorry! Ggh, why do you keep trying to avoid the issue!

D: IT’S NO GOOD IF YOU DON’T THINK I’M THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON. If you’re not beside me and you don’t think I’m the most important person THEN I’LL BE USELESS!

D: Because… isn’t that right? Except for that, there’s no way I’ll get noticed. There’s no way I’ll be acknowledged!


D: I decided to live for your sake. If you’re gone, Princess, then what am I supposed to do? I don’t know the point of me being here. I won’t know why I’m alive! *sobbing* And yet… why are you… running away from me. Aah… why…? Why… won’t you… say you love me? Just when I thought we both shared the same feelings…

D: … I knew.

D: I knew about your lie. That the heart didn’t belong to Gauche.

D: You couldn’t do it, could you? You let Gauche run and brought an animal heart instead. Isn’t that right?

D: Sure enough… you couldn’t do it.

D: Because you really can’t do anything without me.

D: It’s enough now. You don’t need to apologize. I noticed a long time ago that you weren’t the princess.


D: I thought it was strange. Ever since the day you came back from hunting…

D: There’s no way I wouldn’t notice something about the princess when I’ve been beside her more than anyone else. Moreover, the previous princess could easily do something like kill someone. However, you trembled.

D: That’s because… I didn’t want to believe you weren’t the princess. That’s why I desperately pretended not to see. As if nothing had happened, as if everything was the same as usual…!

D: I love the princess. I want to always be with her. But… you aren’t the princess. I decided to live only for the princess. And yet… and yet… I… love you. I’m scared, so scared… of you disappearing in front of me. Unbearably so.

D: *hugs heroine* Haa… hah…

D: I knew everything. But I didn’t know what to do. I’m scared of losing you. *sobbing* I can’t live if you’re not here. If you’re not here… It doesn’t matter whether you’re the princess or not. It doesn’t matter who you are, so long as the person in front of me right now… will stay by my side…

D: I need you, no matter what. *crying*


D: Please don’t apologize. When you apologize, I’m scared. I end up wondering if you’re trying to gloss over something again…

D: I don’t have anyone but you anymore. If you were to leave then… it’d be painful to live. I might as well kill you and then die myself too. Please. Let me die.

D: In that case… in that case… what should I do!?

D: You won’t be the princess…? What exactly does that mean?

D: Leave this place…?

D: Ah… ah…! J-just you and me together… leaving this castle!? *hugs heroine; sobbing* Aah! I’ll get to be with you forever. Thank you…! Thank you!

*** TRACK 6: Eternal Tears ***

*forest noises; bird noises*

D: We’ve gone pretty deep now. No one will be able to find us here.

D: I’m glad it’s a night with a beautiful moon. We can walk freely even in this dark forest. It’s a fitting night for us to be joined together.

D: Moreover… you’re extremely beautiful, illuminated by the moonlight. You look like you’re shining more than usual.

D: You’re genuinely mine alone with this, right?

D: Aah, you said it at last! That’s right, I am yours and you are mine.

D: This isn’t a church but that large moon is watching over us, so I’ll make my vow to that moon. That I’ll love you forever.

D: Oh… it’s a shame I can’t give anything as proof of our marriage. Normally, we would exchange rings, right?

D: I see, but isn’t there anything that can commemorate—… hm… Oh! I know! There is one thing I can give you.

D: I’m sorry for refusing you once, but now I can offer it to you. Nngh! *rips out eye*


D: Here! What you said you wanted… the eye that glows like a firefly. Did I bring you a little happiness with this?

D: I’m so glad you accepted it happily. *heroine replaces her eye with his*

D: Ah! Aah… I can’t believe I would get such a wonderful gift.

D: Aah…! It’s so beautiful… your pretty glowing right eye. Are you crying bloody tears of joy?

D: You alone are my everything. I love you and I’ll continue loving you for the rest of my life. *kisses; crows caw*

*phone vibrates*

*** TRACK 7: Cast Free Talk ***

Daisuke: Hello! I’m Kishio Daisuke, the actor for Droite, where even if you eat a drawer, it’s the same as eating a pan.¹ That being said, yes, it’s time for the free talk.
¹ I think he’s making a terrible pun that Droite’s name sounds like “drawer” in Japanese, like the wooden desk kind.

D: Okay, now, I seem to be asked for my impression of acting as Droite. Mm, uh, what should I say about the scenario? Let’s see, to say it in a round-about way, I guess it’s pretty dangerous? Um, for the character as well, to say it in a round-about way, I thought I’d do it in a way where he felt somewhat dangerous. He’s kind of like a person who knocks you around in all sorts of directions. I acted without paying attention to sound levels at all. Haha, it was fun. Hehe.

D: Next, “What is your favorite scene in the drama?”. It’d have to be the angry part, haha. No, seriously, he gets too angry. If he was a normal boyfriend, you’d totally hate that, right? Hahaha. No, no, of course, there’s a lot going on in the setting, like the princess forgetting things in there. There’s a theme of forgetting. You’d get angry but the way he gets angry—haha, is that my fault? It might be because of my acting.

D: But, well, he really blows his top, mm. I’m curious about that and how everyone hears it. On the first listen people would be like “Uwah, this person is no good” and maybe they’d never listen to it again. I had that sort of… loneliness—no, not loneliness, huh—misgiving. Mm, at the very end—ah, let’s not talk about the end. It’s better not to spoil things, right? There’s also people who listen starting from the free talk. But, well, for those who don’t care about spoilers I think I’ll go ahead with it. Mm, mm.


D: See, at the very end, they pulled out the holy sword that was sealed in the same land. That sword became an amalgamation or, well, it called down a super weapon and they climbed into that and went off to save the universe. That’s sort of what it became at the end. Anyway, that’s the meaning at the very end, so I think everyone will enjoy it. Hahahaha.

D: Anyway, lastly, it’s a message to the listeners of this CD. But in the end it became the same thing. Just when a course was finally set in the main volume, which you listened to with your headphones. Is it going to be OK? I guess it’ll be OK. I think the journey is somewhat understandable. There was an announcement beforehand, so I think people get the idea that the good thing about this is that it’s made in a way where one volume won’t let you understand everything. Everything being, uh, 6 volumes? The entire journey.

D: You’ll be like “Oh, I see, that’s how it is. That’s how they save the universe” and it’ll become connected. Haha, please listen to all of them. I want everyone to understand the whole story. Also, if you were on the receiving end of this every day, you’d end up hating it. If this sort of boyfriend existed their greeting to you would be at the level of reporting them to the police. Mm, mm, I think this is something to enjoy at the level of imagination.

D: On the other hand, if this became a deterrence and after listening to it everyone’s fantasies—haha, I’m arbitrarily deciding that people fantasize about this—were somehow dispelled by listening to this, the things people want to do in their dreams—although it’s not in a dream—or, well, their fantasies at the very edge of this being cleared away. I think it’s good fulfillment for things that don’t occur in reality. Really.

D: In any case, fantasies—I keep saying fantasies over and over again—and having too much of them is also not good. You’ll end up not being able to differentiate between reality. Conversely, everyone else might get a phone call but it’s really just a fantasy. Um, please stop at a good point. Yes, thank you very much. Well, anyway, as long as you’re enjoying yourself. That’s enough at the end.

D: Okay, at the end, I’ll, uh, cross over back to the front. Now, all that being said, eating a drawer is the same thing as eating a pan, I’m Kishio Daisuke, the actor for Droite. Goodbye!

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