Luciole no Hime ~ Robin Torkia ~

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Robin Torkia (ロビン・トルキア)
CV: Kondou Takashi (近藤 隆)

Princess of Luciole ~ Robin Torkia ~

A mysterious butler who covers his mouth with a rubber mask. He has extensive knowledge and is a polite escort, but when indignated he falls into an uncontrollable rage. He has an outlook on life where he seems to have given up on everything and it’s said his favorite phrase is “Aah, I want to die”.

Thank you so much to anonymous for the commission of this CD booklet. For the main CD translation, mikorin did one hereWARNING: Macabre depictions and one cannibalism mention. Reminder, please listen to the whole series in order! We’re almost to my favorite character of this series, although Robin also has a place in my heart.

Here we go!

*** CD Booklet ***

Saturday, xx/04/18xx

My beloved princess was resting until noon today.

Her sleeping face is also very lovely and beautiful. It seems that my princess greatly likes those twins. She often requests for the older brother in particular.

It appears they were playing alone together until it was time for dinner.

If I recall correctly, the older brother’s name is Gauche. I have forgotten the younger brother’s name.

I was opposed to inviting these vulgar people to the castle, but now I don’t mind if the princess can enjoy herself.

Thursday, xx/0x/18xx

Since I planted them last autumn, the lilies I have worked earnestly to raise for the princess have finally bloomed today.

I immediately told my beloved princess and she said she would go to the flower bed tomorrow.

I am blessedly happy. It was worth raising them to make the princess pleased.

Next time, when I go to the forest to get bulbs, I think I’ll try to pick lilies again. The princess prefers crimson and so I will be sure to find bulbs that bloom red flowers. I cannot help but find blue roses to be an eyesore.

Monday, xx/11/18xx

The wine this year appears to be good. Not only is it fragrant, but the color is undeniably wonderful. It’s a deep crimson just like blood…

There is no mistake my beloved princess will be overjoyed. Her pleased expression comes to my mind.

Of the wines delivered to the kitchen this morning, several of them will be preserved in the wine cave even tomorrow.

※ I must not forget to change the key to the wine cave.

Saturday, xx/12/18xx

The lord has passed away. The princess seemed happy.

She must have been acting brave so that us servants would not be disordered and deeply upset. The princess’ compassion and strong heart makes me overcome with emotion. I must be more diligent in order to complete the orders of the princess perfectly. As a butler, I must not betray the expectations of my beloved princess. I vow here to protect the one and only princess of the Vincent Family. May the only descendant of this magnificent family be blessed.

Monday, xx/01/18xx

I heard that my beloved princess is to wed the Paptism Family.

Princess, my princess, my beloved princess, I love you.

I love you.

Friday, xx/02/18xx

the princess is not my princess…?

it would be comfortable if i died

i don’t care about anything i want to disappear right now i want to be at peace

it hurts it hurts i want to die i want to die want to die want to die want to die want to d i e


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