Luciole no Hime ~ Dr. Thriller ~

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Dr. Thriller (Dr.スリラー)
CV: Oosaka Ryouta (逢坂 良太)

Princess of Luciole ~ Dr. Thriller ~

The prison warden who oversees the prison in the tower of the castle. He seems to act cheerily to everyone, but he is broken from seeing too much tragedy. Perhaps, due to that, it seems that there are times when he suddenly changes into a different person. It’s said that he prepared the last supper for the princess with luxurious ingredients he prepared from somewhere. Because of a certain incident, he urged you to escape…

EVERYONE SAY HELLO TO THE BEST BOY! Haha, anyway, thank you so much to anonymous for the Luciole commissions. This is the last one in the series and reveals something crazy. WARNING: Macabre depictions. Because his CD booklet needs to be seen, I will be attaching a picture below and then the translations.

Here we go!

*** CD Booklet ***

Thursday, xx/02/[WATER BLOT]

Every day is as boring as usual.

Even if I pick up my pen like this, there is nothing to record in my diary today either.

How long will these boring days continue? I’m fed up.

Saturday, xx/03/15xx

Today, I met a strange girl in front of the castle.

When I spoke to her, she was an unexpectedly interesting girl.

Many things she said were absurd, but I enjoyed the way she spoke with a lowered head.

Furthermore, what was interesting above all was [WATER BLOT]

Thursday, xx/03/1[WATER BLOT]

I chose a dress for her today.

I was quite at a loss and by the time I narrowed it down to two pieces it was the middle of the night. There is still work that needs to be done.

I must select shoes that match these two chosen dresses.

I’m certain it will be morning by then but, when I think about her wearing this dress, I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight either way.

Friday, xx/06/[WATER BLOT]

At last, children were born to the Vincent Royal Family. Twins were born…

The entire castle was in an uproar over the birth of the prince and princess.

With these two, the beautiful bloodline of this royal family will become even thicker and more precious than it is now. Glory to the Vincent Royal Family.

No one can taint this blood now.

Wednesday, xx/07/[WATER BLOT]

why why why why why why

why why why why why why why




Friday, xx/0/17xx

There was good news. A boy was born to the Torkia Family this morning.

His name is Robin. How long have I waited for the day when I would hear this name?

There’s 20 years left.

*** TRACK 1: Miracle ***

*static noises; void opens; heroine drops onto ground*

*wolves howl; heroine runs, trips, runs*

*scene skip; footsteps*

Thriller: Hm? You’re an unfamiliar face.

*heroine runs and grabs him*

T: Oof! What’s the matter? For a girl like you to be alone here…

T: What in the world are you saying?

T: Indeed, these are the Luciole lands you speak of, but what do you mean when you say you came to the same place again?

T: Even if you ask me to save you… Calm down. Listen, a terrible illness is spreading in this area so it’d be better to leave quickly.

T: Uh! Alright, I’ll help you if you say you have no place to return. In any event, we can’t do anything here. First, let’s enter the castle.

[02:06] *scene skip; walking*

T: Don’t look so dispirited. You should feel better after you get something in your stomach. *sets down bowl* Here, it’s stew. There’s also bread. I apologize for it being leftovers from dinner, but I can guarantee the flavor.

T: Of course. Here, eat up. You won’t be able to do anything if you’re hungry, right?

*scene skip*

T: Haha, what, were you starving?

T: Your complexion is better than before and I’m glad you seem to have calmed down. Do you like tea?

T: Good then. *pours tea* Here, tea. It’s hot, so be careful when you drink. That reminds me, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am Thriller.

T: Haha! Prison warden? That’s a surprising title. I’m just a servant.

T: Droite and Gauche? Who are they? I haven’t heard of those names.

T: No, there’s no one in this castle with those names.

T: Could you be mistaking them? Moreover, everyone knows how to leave the castle and go outside, not just me. If you go straight from the main gates that we just passed, then you’ll reach the castle town.

T: Haha, you’re a strange one. This castle is in the middle of a dense forest, but you can go outside. If you don’t believe me, then you can try going out. However, do that tomorrow. It’s already late today and it’s not always true you won’t be attacked by beasts in the forest at night.


T: More importantly, can you tell me about yourself? It seemed like you were lost in Luciole Forest, but what exactly were you doing? From the appearance of those strange clothes, you aren’t someone around here, right?

T: Oh? That’s interesting. By the time you realized it, you were in Luciole Forest. Then?

T: When you woke up, you were suddenly in this castle and you became the Princess of Luciole multiple times. Heh, that’s an unthinkable story.

T: In other words, your outward appearance was the Princess of Luciole, but you replaced her inside. In that case, no matter how many times you insisted you were someone else, it would be impossible to believe you.

T: Oh? Then, the person in front of me right now is not the appearance of the princess but your real personal appearance? Of course, I believe you aren’t the princess of these Luciole lands.

T: Yes, because there is no princess in Luciole.

T: There’s nothing to explain. It’s just like I said. The distinguished members in this castle are just the king and the prince. Furthermore, the king has caught the spreading illness and he doesn’t have much longer to live. His wife has already passed away to the same illness.


T: The prince is healthy but he’s worthless and every day he lives without a care. Well, to put it simply, he’s considerably odd. He’s terribly moody and there are times when he changes what he says immediately. There have been countless talks of marriage, but every time the woman who is to be his wife… *leans in* is killed.

T: There’s no need to be scared. You’ll be alright as long as you don’t get involved directly with the prince.

T: I’m not talking about the princess. I’m talking about the prince of this castle. I’ve said it multiple times, but the cruel princess you mention doesn’t exist in this castle. You worry too much.

T: Haha, you finally smiled.

T: Come to think of it, you asked me to save you earlier, right? What happened?

T: You’re scared when you remember what you personally did? What exactly did you do?

T: You stuffed a servant’s mouth with heated stones…? Did you really do that?

T: Your memories are vague?

T: If his tendons were cut, then that musician could never play again. Plus, to cut off the hand of the mother of your fiancé. How come?

T: For that to be the proof of love… That’s quite a twisted expression of love.


T: Oh? There were others? *low voice* You might get along with me then.

T: No, it’s nothing. I was just talking to myself.

T: I don’t think you’re strange. It’s good for people to have different sides.

T: Don’t look so dejected. If you don’t have anywhere to go, then you can just stay here until you’re satisfied.

T: There are many empty servant rooms that no one uses. You can use one of those.

T: Yes, it won’t be a problem. I’ll be sure to get permission from the king. I can also let you live in my room, but it’s quite small and so that won’t do.

T: Once you’re done your tea, I’ll escort you to your room.

*scene skip*

T: I’ll come for you in the morning again. Good night.

T: Hm? Is something the matter?

T: If you’re scared, then how about we talk about something until you’re sleepy? *sits in chair*

T: Let’s see, do you believe in destined meetings? For example, oh yes, even when you think about marrying your ideal woman, you couldn’t seem to encounter her. However, your ideal woman suddenly appeared in front of you. It was an extremely strange and inconceivable miraculous encounter. You just met and don’t know much about each other, but just from having a short conversation you think that this girl is your ideal woman.


T: I’m not talking about someone else. If this was the case for us, then what would you think?

T: Haha, I’m sorry, on the contrary, this would make you unable to sleep, wouldn’t it? Let’s change the topic then.

T: There is a terrace in this castle. You can get to the terrace by going straight left from the main gate of the castle and climbing a set of large stairs. There are several cats on the terrace. They aren’t raised by the castle, but it seems they’ve settled down here. There’s one tabby, one gray one with blue eyes, and one white and black one each. Those ones are kittens and if you’re interested in them you can go and see. I’ll escort you if you want to head over.

T: All the cats are affectionate with me. Whenever I get close to the terrace, they seem to know my footsteps and they come immediately. I always make food out of leftovers and bring it to them. They’re all a family but they have their own preferences and it’s difficult to make their food for them.

T: … Haha, she fell asleep? *kisses* Good night.

*** TRACK 2: Castle Town ***

*door knocks*

T: It’s Thriller. Are you awake? I’m coming in. *opens door*

T: I brought a present for you. *opens box* There are two pieces. You can wear either one you like.

T: Don’t be shy. I chose something that would be suitable when I thought about you. I’m certain they will both look good on you, so I’d like you to try them on.

T: That’s right, I think either one would be becoming, but how about this dress with the large open back?

T: No, right now. I would like you to try it on right now. I want to see you wearing this.

T: Yes, right now is good.

T: Alright. *turns around*

T: How is it? *comes close; whispers* If you can’t put it on alone, then you can call for me without hesitation, right? It’s impossible to reach the buttons on the back alone. I’ll fasten them for you.

T: Done. Now, turn around.

T: Haha, just like I thought. No, it’s beyond what I imagined. You’re lovely.

T: I told you, didn’t I? That it would suit you. Next are your shoes. *opens box* Women like these dainty types over what you currently have, right? It’s a color that matches this dress well.


T: You can stay like that. I’ll put them on for you.

T: Done.

T: How is it? The clothes and shoes match you very well. You’re perfect. Let’s go now.

T: We’re going outside the castle. Yesterday, you said you’d like to go out, right?

T: Haha, I didn’t expect you to be so overjoyed. But let’s have breakfast before that. Now, your hand please.

*scene skip; walking in town*

T: It’s lively today too. The whole region of Luciole is far away from the battlefield and safe on that front, but once you go to the outskirts from the center in any direction there is the epidemic and I can hardly say with finality that it is safe.

T: Let’s walk around this street with all the shops.

T: This is the shopping district. Over there is the butcher shop and beside it is the greengrocer shop. That one is the bread shop. Is there any store you want to see?

T: This is a bookstore. It sells various books, but lately I’ve been seeing the Bible. However, it hasn’t adapted well in this country. There’s no war, so I suppose it’s not necessary.

T: Can you read?

T: I see. Then what sort of books do you like?


T: Oh? Fairy tales and other such books then? Haha, that’s a cute hobby.

T: You don’t have to deny it. Isn’t it appropriate for a girl? I think it’s nice.

T: Mm, there doesn’t seem to be any fairy tales here. If there was anything good, I was thinking about buying it but…

T: I see. Let’s go look at others then.

T: What’s the matter? You smell something good? Ah, this? *heroine runs* Hey! It’s dangerous to run!

T: Good gracious…

T: This is the sweets shop. They must be baking cookies.

T: It’s fine to be drawn by the smell, but the food in town will harm your stomach. If you wish to eat sweets, then we’ll have some when we return to the castle. You’ll be served with much more delicious pastries than these cookies.

T: How about having tea that suits the pastries? I’m good at brewing tea. *someone runs past; splashes water*

T: ……

T: *low voice; to person* Bastard, what did you do just now?

T: Raise your head. I asked you what you just did. Answer my question.

T: Did you not hear how I asked you to answer?

T: *to heroine; soft voice* You did nothing wrong. Be silent.

T: *to person* What exactly are your intentions in speaking familiarly to her without my permission? Moreover, did you think it was enough to just lower your head after dirtying her clothes? *whispers* You know who I am, don’t you? Afterwards, bring your family and come to the castle. Understood? *person nods frantically*


T: *to heroine* That’s enough sightseeing for now, right? Let’s return to the castle.

T: Haha, it’s nothing you need to be concerned about. Now, let’s go home and have tea.

*scene skip*

T: That dress also looks good on you. My selection wasn’t mistaken.

T: Yes, that’s fine. Here, turn around. *helps heroine dress* Done.

T: Mm, you’re extremely cute. The large red ribbon I tied behind you also matches you.

T: You’re quite knowledgeable. This terrace isn’t a place for servants to use. I received a special license to use it from the king. You don’t have to worry.

T: These are tea cans. I collect many tea leaves as a hobby.

T: That’s right, how about tea that carries the fragrance of flowers? Its appearance and smell is nice.

T: Let’s have this today then. *brews tea*

T: Here you go.


T: I’m glad you like it. There’s also a lot of sweets. The macarons and madeleines are of far better quality than the cookies in town. Eat as many as you want. *drinks tea*

T: Haha.

T: Oh no, I was just thinking you’re adorable.

T: I also love your shy expression like that.

T: Certainly, we’ve only just met… but I’m interested… in you. *cat meows; jumps on table*

T: Oh dear, we got interrupted at a good point.

T: *to cat* I apologize, but I’m currently talking to her. I didn’t bring any food. *cat meows; jumps on him*

T: Haha. I suppose it’s sulking because I’m on good terms with you. It’s just slightly jealous. *pets cat; quietly to cat* I wish she liked me to the point where you’d really get angry though.

T: *to heroine* Are you alright? Good grief, it’s because you drank your tea in a hurry.

T: Oh, look. It’s a large sunset. It’s as if the forest is on fire. You can’t see the sun set at the very end because of the forest getting in the way… it would be better to just burn it all down.


T: Oh? You saw it?

T: With who? *cat meows; runs away*

T: You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. But right now I don’t want to think about you being with another person. I wanted to see it with you. I think it’d be gorgeous. The sunset… and you.

T: Your face is bright red. That’s not because of the sunset, is it? *gets up; goes to hug heroine*

T: I just really want to do this right now.

*scene skip; water dripping dungeon; chains jangle*

T: It’s unbelievable you would speak to my lady without my permission. Know your place. *whips person*

T: No matter what you say it’s too late! *whips*

T: You didn’t just speak to her familiarly, but you also stained her dress with dirty mud… isn’t that right?

T: *whips* That… was the dress I chose for HER! She was more beautiful than anyone in the world in that dress. AND YET… filth like you ruined that. GRGH! *person collapses; grabs person* My emotions won’t settle with having you compensate for this with your dirty life but… if I send your precious family and everyone down to hell, then I might feel satisfied.

T: *draws sword* Pigs should keep silent.

T: *to his men* Do it. *swords drawn; people stabbed*

*** TRACK 3: Blue Butterflies ***

*door knock*

T: It’s me. Are you decent? I’m coming in. *door opens*

T: You’re awake. Good morning.

T: What is it? You seem a bit sleepy.

T: Ah, that was the prince. From what I heard, he was getting rid of servants who couldn’t be used.

T: It happens often in this castle. If a maid carelessly breaks a plate, then he’ll cut their throat with the shard. If he doesn’t like what the gardener makes, he’ll make them eat dirt. In any event, he lives in a way where he does whatever he pleases. No one can stop him.

T: You don’t have to be so afraid. I’m beside you, right?

T: Would you… like to go to the garden today? The weather is nice and you’ll be able to relax.

T: Haha, great. Let’s go.

[01:18] *scene skip*

T: Well? Beautiful flowers are blooming, aren’t they?

T: Yes, that’s right, a Torkia servant enthusiastically takes care of this flower bed. Owing to that, rare blue butterflies come over to this flower bed.

T: For you to even know about the blue butterflies… You really know about this castle.

T: There’s no servant called Robin among the Torkia Family.

T: The Redfalls are indeed a family of musicians in this castle, but they aren’t researching blue roses. Are blue roses and the Redfall Family connected in any way?

T: I see. So long as it’s nothing.

T: Haha, it’s unusual for a butterfly to stop on a hand. It looks like that butterfly likes you. That butterfly matches your loveliness well. *heroine crushes butterfly, stumbles away*

T: *grabs heroine* Oh! Are you alright?

T: There’s nothing to be frightened about. You only crushed a butterfly, no?

T: What you crushed in your hand was a butterfly. There aren’t any squirrels here. That butterfly had the fate of being crushed by you. You don’t have to think on it.


T: It’ll be okay. Even if you crush a squirrel from wherever, or stop a brainless butterfly that can only fly, I’ll always be at your side. *hugs heroine* There’s nothing to worry about.

T: No matter how cruel you are… I’ll accept everything. *heroine clings to him*

T: *strokes back* Yes, just forget about terrible things. Let’s change whatever horrible things happened up to now into pleasant memories you’ll have with me in the future.

*scene skip; door knocks*

T: I’m coming in.

T: Do you feel calmer?

T: It’s nothing to worry about. You don’t need to apologize. I won’t hate you, no matter what you’re like.

T: *sits in chair* Tell me everything that happened. I’ll listen. If you don’t want to, then I won’t force you to talk. You can decide.

T: When you were mistaken as the princess, I can imagine how no one around you understood you. It’s absurd for the mind and body to be different from each other. No one believed you, right? But if you say so, then I believe you.


T: Even if you just had no memories of being the princess and you truly did all those terrible things, I don’t intend to leave your side.

T: Right now, the person in front of me isn’t the princess, even if you did have memories of doing terrible things as the princess. You don’t have to torture yourself over that.

T: It’ll be okay. You’re not alone. *hugs heroine* I’m beside you. I won’t let you be alone. I promise.

T: *strokes back* If I had met you earlier, then the things that make you sad might not have happened.

T: If you feel yourself trying to do something you don’t want to do, like earlier, then tell me. If you want me to stop you, I’ll stop you.

T: It’s impossible for me to hate you. No matter what happens, my feelings for you won’t change.

T: I love you. You may not believe it since we only just met though.

T: Yes, I’m serious. I’ll listen to anything you say and, if you’re feeling lonely, I’ll stay here the entire time. I promise. I won’t go anywhere.

T: Haha, you’re smiling at last. I also love your smiles and, you may not like this, I also love your teary face when you’re tormented by uneasiness. I love any side of you.


T: *sits on bed* I want to know more about you. I want to know… everything.

T: I love you. *kisses*

*scene skip; heroine using phone; phone turns on; door knocks*

T: I’m coming in. *door opens*

T: What’s the matter? Did something good happen?

T: Smartphone? Is it that thing in your hand?

T: Yes, I’ve never heard of it.

T: Oh? Smartphone, abbreviated as a cell. What a convenient tool to be able to talk to someone far away. How do you use it? *heroine shows him*

T: So you operate it like this when you’re the one calling… If the smartphone rings, you press this button? Then?

T: I see. If you talk like that, then the other person will be able to hear you? I don’t understand its workings, but I see it’s easy to use.

T: Haha, so it’s unusable if it enters the water? No one would be dumb enough to deliberately drop such a convenient tool into water though, right?

T: Is something wrong?


T: In other words, before you met me, that smartphone would always ring and, when you answered it, you would be teleported to a different place?

T: You’re certain the last man you met, Robin, said it was Luciole Castle in 1805? Hold on, right now it’s 1503.

T: You mean to say you were in Luciole Castle three hundred years from now?

T: No, I believe you.

T: As if I could be fed up with you. No matter how you are, I won’t hate you. I said that before, didn’t I? I’ll accept exactly everything you say.

T: Well, if that’s the case, then the prison warden you mentioned at the start might be me in the future. No, it’d be nice if it really were me. So long as I could be with you three hundred years in the future too, haha.

T: Oh, I know! I have a request to ask of you. Can you not use that smartphone?

T: Like how it’s been up to now, if you answer that smartphone when it rings, then you’ll disappear from in front of me, right? I don’t want that.

T: Thank you. I’ll carefully put this away.

[11:38] *scene skip*

T: Today was an enjoyable day too. When I’m with you, every day is filled with happiness. It’s late now, so I’ll return to my room.

T: Reluctantly though.

T: I know. We’ll only be separated for a few hours. I’ll come here for you again when it’s morning. Think about what you want to do tomorrow.

T: Good night. *kisses; leaves*

*heroine follows Thriller; Thriller enters room; heroine goes to door*

T: *through door* Who is it? There is no one who would stop in front of my door. Good grief, what an insolent person. This is an order, open the door right now and reveal yourself. If you do not obey, then you’ll be beheaded immediately. *heroine opens door*

T: !! You—! Why?

T: … In any case, come in.

T: Sit beside me.


T: Three hundred years later, this becomes the princess’ room?

T: I understand then. This is my room. In other words… I am the prince of this country.

T: I’m sorry for keeping silent.

T: I felt like, if I revealed my identity, you would leave me. That’s why I couldn’t say it.

T: Up to now, I’ve met countless people. But there hasn’t been anyone who got along with me. No one… truly loved me. Even when I was together with them, everything was boring.

T: No matter how beautiful the daughters are, or how affluent they are, everyone is drawn to me at the beginning because of my status. Because I am the prince. And yet, everyone I was together with, denied everything I wanted to do or did. Everything!

T: What about me displeased them? In the end, everyone ran away from me. That… is unforgivable, right?

T: I tried to interact with countless people up to now. I worked hard to get along well with them. But… it was hopeless.


T: My father doesn’t have much time left. Everyone around me is clamoring for me to stop with the idle amusements and to settle down and start a family. No one understands my feelings. I don’t have the confidence to do things well anymore.

T: At that time, I met you when you ran out of the forest.

T: If it was with you, I would be able to enjoy myself fully every day. It’s because I felt this that I was even more scared of revealing my identity.

T: I didn’t do this because I wanted to lie. But I don’t want to lose you!

T: I truly feel apologetic for deceiving you. I’ll apologize from the bottom of my heart.

T: You’ll… forgive me?

T: Yes, I promise! I won’t hide things. I’ll discuss everything with you before making decisions.

T: I’m glad. I’m the same. Regardless whether or not you’re the princess, I love you… the best person in this world.

*** TRACK 4: Dyed in Red ***

T: By the way, what are we going to do tomorrow? This reminds me that, recently, we’ve only been going to the forest, so would you like to go somewhere else?

T: Haha, the forest again? How about we go hunting then? There are lots of prey in the hunting grounds. Rabbits, foxes, you can hunt as many as you like.

T: Hm? I can prepare the guns immediately. Are you going to practice? If you don’t know how to use a gun, I can teach you tomorrow.

T: I don’t know Neuro but, in any case, I would have liked to be the first one to teach you.

T: Alright, after our meal, I will bring one to your room.

T: Haha, let’s make the best memories tomorrow.

*scene skip; cat meows; heroine shoots gun*

T: *comes running* Haa… hah… what were those gunshots just now!?

T: Ah…

T: This…

T: You… don’t tell me, you did this for me…?


T: … You were jealous of these weak things?

T: Hah… hahaha… hahaha! What an adorable person. *slaps heroine* Just now, that was my love. *heroine slaps him back* Ngh!

T: Haha… hahaha! HAHAHAHA! *grabs heroine* That’s right, THIS is love! Isn’t that right? Tell me!

T: Aah, it feels like my heart is going to split open from your love. How blessed I am! *kisses*

*scene skip; gunshots*

T: Good, you got them.

T: This is a fox with a nice pelt. It’s a great one.

T: That’s right. Hey, if you hold your kill like that your clothes will become blood—…

T: Yes, it’s wonderful. Why didn’t I notice until now? How beautiful you are when you’re covered in blood. This red, the color of fresh blood, matches you amazingly. It’s irresistible.

T: Aah, more… I want to see more! The sight of you drenched in red. The sight of you smiling in the spray of blood!

T: Oh, I know! Let’s do a different type of hunting. There happens to be perfect prey here. It’ll be a fun hunt.


T: We’re going to hunt the nuisances here. The nobles who speak ill behind my back and the servants who spread worthless rumors… are a dozen times better to hunt than the animals in the forest.

T: Among the nobles, there are people who don’t think well of our relationship. It’s not as if they have any influence, but there’s a number of them and it’s annoying. If they kick up too much of a fuss, then I might need to drive you out of the castle.

T: Right? That’s why… we’re going to kill them.

T: Aah, I want to see you with your dress stained bright red. Aah! I want to see it soon! I’m dying to see it! Just thinking about it overwhelms me.

T: Hehe, how about tonight then? Oh, I know! I should specially prepare your clothes… a pure white dress that will suit you well. Right?

*scene skip; sword drawn; heroine stabs someone*

T: Haha, I told you, didn’t I? That it’d be the most enjoyable game.


T: I apologize for not inviting you when I dealt with the filthy townsperson. I didn’t know whether or not you’d enjoy this type of game. Next time, I’ll be sure to invite you.

T: You can stop now. It’s enough. Here, look this way.

T: Aah… you’re so beautiful I don’t have any words. I was right to have you wear a wedding dress! The bride of Luciole should not wear pure white, but a dress the color of fresh blood! There is only one person in the world who suits this… you, and you alone.

T: *hugs heroine* I won’t let you go for the rest of my life. You’ll belong only to me forever.

T: Yes, let’s do this again. I’m happy as long as you’re happy. This is truly the best. Hehe! HAHAHA!

*** TRACK 5: Red Thread ***

*heroine knocks on door*

T: *through door* I’ve been waiting. Come in. *heroine enters*

T: I called you here none other than to ask you something in earnest. *kneels* Please marry me. Be my wife. *opens box* This is the wedding ring I prepared for you. I want you to accept it.

T: Why!? I love you. So why…!?

T: Ggh, that’s…

T: There’s no need to kill the king, is there? He’s laid down by sickness. If he’s confined in a place where no one can see—

T: You’re… right…

T: I understand. So long as I have you at my side, I don’t need anything else. His life would be short even if he was left alone but… anyone who opposes our marriage should be dealt with quickly.

T: Of course. I will be sure to offer you the proof of losing him.

*scene skip; Thriller knocks on door, enters*

T: This is for you. It’s the crown. The crest of Luciole is on it.

T: If you will agree to marriage with this, then starting from today you are my queen.

T: Are you being serious? Will you really be my wife!?

[02:34] *heroine opens drawer, grabs scissors, snips hair*

T: !? What are you—! *heroine gives him hair*

T: Haha?! You cut it for me!? Your precious hair…!

T: Aah, I believe you! I believe it! You… are my wife!

T: Let’s get married! We’ll hold a ceremony with just the two of us in the church of this castle! You, in that bloodstained dress…

*scene skip; church bells*

T: (Thereafter, a boy and a girl who looked exactly like us were born. However, that happiness did not continue for long… One day, you suddenly… disappeared in front of me.)

*scene skip; door opens*

T: Where!? Where are you!? Abandoning those two precious children…! Where DID SHE GO!?

T: (Day after day, I searched through the castle. Not just the castle, but the forest and the town. I searched through all the places you would go.)

*scene skip; door opens*

T: *sits down* It’s useless… If I can’t find her after searching this long… does it mean she’s no longer here?

T: *pounds table* No…! NO NO NO! I REFUSE TO NEVER SEE HER AGAIN! Don’t fuck with me, as if I would let that happen! IF THAT’S THE CASE, I WOULD RATHER DIE! *pounds table* GRGH, NRGH, AGH! AAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!

T: …!

T: *grabs key; opens drawer* This smartphone… She mentioned it, didn’t she? That when the smartphone rang and she answered it, she was teleported to Luciole in 1805 multiple times.

T: There’s just 300 years left… If I live 300 years and make the smartphone ring from Luciole… I might be able to see her.

T: No matter what… by all means… I want to see you once more! *clenches fist* Even if it’s the future… I want to be with you no matter what. *turns on phone*

*** TRACK 6: Truth ***

T: (From time immemorial in France, there was a closed off land that was to be avoided. That land was governed by the consanguineous Vincent Family. This Family, whose blood was extolled for being noble, repeated consanguineous marriages and gave birth to a demon. Thus, the curtains came down on the history of the Vincent Family whose noble blood had been praised. Except for one person…)

*scene skip; footsteps*

T: Good day. I was waiting for you to wake.

T: For you not to know me… it seems your memories are still uncertain. But you’ll understand soon. Right now it’s 1805 Luciole, the era of the men you mentioned, Solona, Neuro, Gauche, Droite, and Robin. You must have met them all here. After meeting the five men, you became the ideal you, right?

T: Yes, that’s right, the ideal you who I met… the Princess of Luciole.

T: In order to meet the ideal you, I’ll have you be the princess a number of times. You’ll repeat the same period countless of times… by using this smartphone.

T: That’s right, the person who called you all these times was me. After you suddenly disappeared, I put in the battery of this phone which you left behind. Back then, you told me about this. About the future three hundred years from then. Everything about how you were teleported when the smartphone rang. So, it was all true.


T: I really am glad to have believed you. Well, when that idiot dropped your phone into the pond, I did get a fright.

T: Strangely enough, I’ve been left behind in Luciole for these three hundred years.

T: Please remember! I waited for three hundred years! In order to be with you again like how you were when I met you.

T: Aah…! You remembered!? *hugs heroine*

T: All this time… all this time, I’ve waited… in order to meet you again like this!

T: I promised not to let you be alone and yet I made you experience loneliness. I’m so sorry.

T: It’s alright. As time passes, your memories will become vague. If we can be together from here on, that’s all I ask. If I can spend the same time with you, then this frozen time can continue. Let’s get back our time. No matter how many years pass, or what happens, I love you. *kisses*

*** TRACK 7: Cast Free Talk ***

Oosaka: Hello, this is Dr. Thriller’s actor, Oosaka Ryouta. Just before this was a story about Dr. Thriller and Dr. Thriller and both of them, which is very Dr. Thriller-esque. Haha, at any rate, thank you very much for listening to this. Well, how do I say it, as a situation CD this gave me very ambiguous feelings. When I first flipped through the script, “Eh?” was my reaction, haha! That’s what I remember. It’s, how do I put it, these types of CDs are generally more often single-mindedly flirting ones. Oh, that’s not it either? Haha.

O: Somehow, even among the ones I’ve done myself, I feel like there’s been a lot of twisted ones. I wonder what’s with that? I don’t think I’ve had that many, uh… yandere ones in anime and stuff, at least in my memories. But with respect to situation CDs, I sort of feel like over seventy percent of them have twisted characters. I don’t remember how many people I’ve killed now—hahaha.

O: Anyway, because of these, I sort of wonder if something that shouldn’t awaken within me is going to wake up one day. That’s what I was saying, but well I’m going to seal that inside me to the day I die. That being said, um, there’s a question about my favorite scene. Well, the one with the strongest impact would have to be when the heroine, um, had something awaken and, well, she had that quality in herself and so she rejoiced and her emotions exploded?


O: Well, how do I say this… to put it simply, doing this was fun. Normally, when doing these works, there’s particular details and you can’t really express your “Eep” emotions so, in that meaning, this sort of work was enjoyable and also had parts you could learn from.

O: That being said, this CD is the last of all six of them, right? I believe that’s the case. Anyway, all the foreshadowing up to now was collected in a nice way. This also appeared in the story, like the one about the smartphone being dropped in the pond. These sort of things appeared every now and then. So, some of those foreshadowing was retrieved like that and, with this, things were somewhat concluded. Or at least that’s what seems to be the case.

O: If everyone would like, you can try listening from the first volume again and go through all of them in succession and confirm again that “Oh, there was this foreshadowing”. I think you might get even more enjoyment. Anyway, uh, that’s all and this was Dr. Thriller’s actor, Oosaka Ryouta.

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