Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 19 ~

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Chapter 19 ~ Third Game Pt.1 ~

Gu Yian wanted to say she didn’t like either of them.

But if she really did say this then, according to God’s pettiness, she would definitely be remembered.

Gu Yian didn’t speak and those words stubbornly hung in the air, unwilling to disappear.

In order to leave this pure white space earlier, Gu Yian hesitantly said, “I like… Little Ze?”

That was the boy she met in the first game; he was quite cute and also seemed to be an incarnation of God.

Left and right, they were all God and it shouldn’t matter if she didn’t say the demon or God.

Gu Yian’s voice disappeared into the pure white space.

The black letters dispersed without a sound.

Gu Yian exhaled with relief in her mind.

This phenomenon made it clear that God approved of her answer.

She thought to herself that God didn’t seem to be as petty as she believed.

In mid-air, a black card with gilded handwriting on its front drifted down lightly in front of Gu Yian like a leaf.

She raised her hand to take it.

It was the sage card.

She swept her gaze into the air and an introduction to the card appeared there.


Gu Yian: “……” I feel as if you’re mocking me and I have proof.

The black letters suddenly shook slightly, vibrating to the point where the font itself was unstable.

It was as if they were being forcibly tampered with by an external force and the entire thing collapsed before making up new content.


Gu Yian: “……” I’d rather have the earlier mocking.

She lowered her head and looked at the card in her hand, recalling the previous item introduction.

The effects of this card should be making someone calm.

Many people in tense and anxious times were prone to panicking and making mistakes, even if they were facing something that was actually simple.

What was needed most at those times was calmness.

This was a pretty good prop.

In front of Gu Yian’s eyes, the pure white receded and what replaced it was a blackboard with white chalk on it.

Simultaneously, the loud and clear voice of the teacher holding the chalk reached her ears right away.

She had returned to her own real world.


Ten tranquil days of life passed in the blink of an eye.

When Gu Yian returned to the pure white space, she remembered her previous two game experiences.

The black letters reappeared in mid-air like all the times previous and changed into words Gu Yian was familiar with, announcing the arrival of the third game.




The black letters collapsed like sand and disappeared at the end.

The whiteness of the space in front of Gu Yian’s eyes was encroached upon by the scenery of the new world.

She came to a new world. Right after, a row of black words abruptly appeared in the air in front of her.


A blazing flame ignited below the black letters and burned them to nothing in the blink of an eye.

This was when Gu Yian began to examine her surroundings.

The first thing she noticed was the group of unfamiliar men and women beside her.

Except for two people who were looking at their surroundings like her, everyone else’s gaze was the same and they were still looking at the place where the black letters had just disappeared in mid-air.

Were these people all players?

Gu Yian’s eyes swept over them, doing a rough count.

Including her, there were 12 people present.

One female player blurted out, “Twelve people. Is this not liking that there won’t be enough deaths with fewer people, so they added more?”

As soon as she spoke, she attracted the eyes of all the players because she was the first person to speak.

The female player, seeing everyone look at her, simply walked out and stood in the spot where the black words had disappeared and asked, “Are there new players?”

Gu Yian noticed that several people in the crowd became nervous, contrasting sharply with the veteran players next to them who were like old campaigners.

The female player also saw this and she raised her hand to point at a few people, “1, 2, 3… 5. Five new players, good. I’ll give you all one minute to say your new player hint.”

The moment she uttered these words the air on the scene froze.

Several new players were severely startled by what the female player said.

They still weren’t clear on what situation they encountered and they hadn’t even figured out what the hell kind of game was God’s Game before they were pressured by a veteran player to say the new player hint that only they had.

Seeing the female player like this, they knew that the hint they held was especially important and it couldn’t be easily said or shared.

They weren’t stupid and each person had their concerns. They looked at each other and all of them happened to fall silent.

Gu Yian took advantage of this time to carefully look at the environment around herself and the others.

They seemed to be in a yard in front of an organization.

The plants in the flower bed were neat and tidy and they were probably pruned not too long ago.

The office building that was more than ten meters away was only two stories high.

There was a small sign hanging on the gate, but the words on it were too small and Gu Yian didn’t take a closer look.

She suddenly realized there was something a bit wrong with her own clothes.

Gu Yian looked down and one of the side pockets of her clothes was a bit heavy.

Her props, a small coffin and a card, couldn’t add up to such a heavy weight together.

Gu Yian tentatively took out the heavy thing inside her side pocket.

The texture was very smooth.

There seemed to be more than one thing.

She opened her hand in front of her eyes and discovered a black touchscreen phone and a work badge with her photo and name on it.

The job description on the work badge was that Gu Yian was a junior investigator from the Special Investigation Bureau Zone under God’s Eye.

Gu Yian raised her eyes and saw that some players mimicked her and took out a similar phone and work badge from the pocket of their own clothes.

This meant every player had these.

This was the first time Gu Yian encountered God arranging an identity for players.

After the female player, who had previously spoken in front of everyone, found her phone and work badge, she looked at the things in her hand and gave a cold laugh before looking at the new players again.

“Everyone also came out of that pure white space and know they’re playing a game right now. Right, people who didn’t believe have already died in that space. Let me tell you, this game isn’t an ordinary game; it’s one where people will die at any time. Plus, looking at the number of players and the identification in our hands, our game this time is very difficult and a lot of people will die.”

“Listen, don’t complain. If God hadn’t pulled you into this game, you would have died a long time ago. Mm… God is benevolent and merciful. They mercifully gave you mortals one lingering chance to live.”

The female player praised God insincerely in the middle and, when she praised them, her expression twisted a little.

The veteran players present deeply felt the same.

They would never trust this self-proclaimed God and would only trust themselves.

It was only that God was too strong, to the point where they were incapable of resisting, and so they could only resign themselves to playing these broken games.

After the female player easily brushed off the matter of praising God, she raised her chin slightly and said to the new players, “Say your new player hint and our chance of clearing this game will be higher. On the basis of you giving the hint, I’ll also give you some guidance as a veteran player. As for whether or not you can clear the game depends on your own ability.”

The other veteran players stood by and watched.

In a new world that was unfamiliar and where it wasn’t clear what to do next, it was a good thing to be able to get a little clue through the new player hint.

The most difficult part in God’s Game was the unknown.

People were forever afraid of the unknown.

Gu Yian didn’t pay attention to this play of veteran players pressuring new players.

This wasn’t something she alone could do anything about. If she wanted to stop this, then no matter what she did both sides would be displeased.

Gu Yian fiddled with the phone in her hand while occasionally splitting her attention to observe her surroundings.

It happened when she inadvertently put the phone at an angle facing her.

The screen of the phone lit up.

Facial recognition?

Gu Yian looked at the phone homescreen.

The homescreen background was the front view of a camera lens.

At the top of the homescreen, there was text and small icons to display the time, weather, and temperature, and at the bottom there were several simple icons for a browser, phone, email, and camera.

There was a small red dot on the email icon.

Gu Yian tapped in and found that it was an email from someone called God’s Eye.

“Junior Investigator Gu Yian, please report to the Special Investigation Bureau Zone under God’s Eye immediately.”

This was the first task of the world?

Gu Yian collected her composure and looked at the other players.

At this time, those five new players happened to come to a decision and one of the male players gave the hint.

“The hint we got is that there are no coincidences in this world.”

There were no coincidences in this world?

Gu Yian held her work badge and had a bad premonition.

Their identities right now were investigators and, as the name suggested, that meant they were investigating something. Could it be that they had to investigate a supernatural matter?

Most of the veteran players also had this thought. They looked at each other in consternation and could see the worries about the future in each other’s eyes.

The female player who had just forced the new players to give their hint paid no attention to this and said, “Don’t overthink things. Whatever weird matters it is, can it compare to us seeing ghosts? I tried it just now and my props that can attack ghosts cannot be used. Maybe there are no ghosts in this world.”

Her words gave the majority of the players on the scene a sense of reassurance.

If there were no ghosts in this world, then the difficulty of this game was greatly reduced.

But Gu Yian was not one of those players who was reassured.

She already smelled danger from the two facts of the unprecedented number of players in this game and how God arranged detailed identities for them.

Why would God arrange identities for them?

Perhaps the answer was very simple.

In this game world, they couldn’t survive without a legitimate identity.

Gu Yian swept her gaze over the camera lenses on the surrounding lampposts one by one.

Such a small flower bed, but there was at least eight camera lenses. And this was only on the surface.

That female player was probably also aware of the difficulty of this game and so she threatened the new players into giving out their hint at the beginning. Then, when the veteran players were worried due to the new player hint, she would reassure them and obtain greater credibility.

Gu Yian took a look and, in the current situation, veteran players were testing whether or not their props could be used one after another while the new players were at a loss and quickly tried to become friendly with the veteran players around them.

There was a male new player who wanted to talk to Gu Yian, but when he saw her expressionless face because of worry he silently walked away.

This situation would not settle down for a while.

But Gu Yian didn’t want to wait.

The game had started but they were still in discussion.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please calm down.”

Gu Yian imitated Mr. Demon’s tone in the last game.

Her sound was not loud but her voice was clear and it was as if it landed in everyone’s ears.

In fact, because of Gu Yian’s appearance, people who were present would always give her a glance, intentionally or unintentionally.

After all, beautiful things always attracted people’s attention.

Everyone’s gaze gathered on Gu Yian, including that female player.

Gu Yian waved the phone in her hand.

“Open your phones and the email you received. This is our first mission.”

“I think this is what we should be doing first now, right?”

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