Sadistic Rulers

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Asma (アスマ)
CV: 深川緑

Ast (アスト)
CV: 黒井勇

You were born into a family of renowned and outstanding sorcerors. Although you knew how to study, your magical power was almost the same as an ordinary person and no matter what magical-related thing you did it was completely hopeless. You were the so-called black sheep.

Your parents and siblings had given up on you, however only your grandfather did not. As his cute granddaughter and a hardworking aspiring sorceror, you worked very hard to grow into a splendid adult together with his familiars. Now that your grandfather passed away, you lived in the suburbs accompanied by two brothers that were superior familiars among those who attended to your grandfather.

Asma, who always called you “Master” with hypocritical courtesy and ridiculed you but still taught you many things.
Ast, who called you “Little Master” with respect but didn’t speak politely at all and lived doing whatever he pleased and behaved with abandon.

Accompanied by these two superior familiars, if you studied a lot then you would surely become a great sorceror like your grandfather. That was what you thought but—

Thank you to AquaBenten for the commission! R18 warning and dub-con, sadism, scat. You can grab this on JP DLsite and ENG DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: My Familiars ***

Asma: Master, I have brought tea.

Asma: Haha, understood.

Asma: Incidentally, what book are you reading, Master?

Asma: Hm.

Asma: Aah, this is a book on magic, isn’t it? Hehe, it may be too early for you, Master, since your grandfather read this book when he was around 50 years old.

Asma: Yes, for you… Hm. Let’s see. *snaps fingers; books appear* How about these?

Asma: Hahaha! Please do not be so angry, Master. Certainly, these primers to high class magic that even a monkey could understand is slightly excessive as a joke, but for you who cannot even do the basics high class magic is too premature. This book is too early for you. I shall return this to its original place before you lose your sight.

Ast: *opens door* I’m home.

Asma: Oh dear, Ast, welcome home.

Ast: Haa… I’m back. By the way, why did I have to go shopping? *throws bags* Isn’t this your job, Asma?

Asma: Hehe, I was busy with cleaning and washing. Moreover, you were the one who lost at rock-paper-scissors, Ast.

Ast: Yeah, but… Wait, why are you holding such a bad book, Asma?! Isn’t that a dangerous one!?


Asma: Hm? Aah, it seems like our master snatched this out of her grandfather’s house on her own!

Ast: *to heroine* You only borrowed it…? Neither changes the facts. Little Master, I see you’re a thief. I’m so disappointed. *sits beside heroine* I’m sad, so the ice cream I bought for you, Little Master, I’m going to split with Asma and eat it all.

Asma: Oh my, that’s a good idea! Our thieving master needs to be punished, hehe.

Ast: *to heroine* Haha! I was kidding, it was a joke. Don’t turn red with anger like that. I’ll put the ice cream in the freezer. *heroine starts reading* Hm? Haha, high class magic that even a monkey could understand? The disparity between levels is crazy, haha! Anyhow, this was given to you by Asma, right? Fucking hilarious, haha! I’m going to run before you blow your top. Asma, I leave the rest to you!

Asma: Haah… please don’t toss things to me, good grief. *Ast leaves*

Asma: Master, Ast laughed like that but it’s necessary to properly learn the basics. Certainly, when compared to your grandfather, parents, and siblings, your abilities and aptitude are practically nonexistent but, even so, if you steadily continue on from the basics then you may become a normal sorceror.


Asma: Ever since you were small, you said this, no?

Asma: Large dreams are nice, but to be frank it is impossible for the present you. After all, up until now, you even have a hard time exterminating low class demons, no? Just some time ago, didn’t you cling to us and cry about that?

Asma: Sometimes I think that, rather than aiming to be a sorceror like your older brother, you should integrate into society as a normal person like your older sister. I think that way would bring you happiness.

Asma: Haha, even if you make that expression, I cannot do anything.

Asma: Hm? Us? That’s true… if you gave up on being a sorceror and became a normal person, then… hm… we would search for our next master, I suppose. We’re familiars, you see. We can live normally as demons but, as a familiar, it suits our nature more to live while serving someone. At least, that is the case for me. I don’t know about Ast.

Asma: Haha, Master, the tea is getting cold. I even went through the trouble of brewing it… *heroine drinks*


Ast: *opens door* Little Master, give me your game. Gimme!

Asma: Hm?

Ast: Didn’t you buy that whatever Crossing some time ago? I want to play that. ¹

Asma: Haha, now, now, Ast, the master was immersed in sentiment just now even though I don’t understand why. You must not interrupt.

Ast: Either way, she was beaten into that mood by your logic harassment, right?

Asma + Ast: What is it?

Asma: Hah… hahaha! That’s not true at all. To do something like ridiculing you, Master… Hahaha, I wouldn’t be able to do such a large thing, haha!

Ast: Me too? It’s not like I’m making fun of you, Little Master. It’s a fact that you’re dumb.

Asma: Haha, come now, Ast. Ah… *heroine storms out*

Asma: *through door* Haah… Ast, did you not anger her?

Ast: *through door* But it’s fun making her mad. You think the same, Asma, so don’t play innocent.

Asma: *through door* Well, that is true… hehe. Master is truly… adorable. Hehe… heheheh! *heroine leaves*

*** TRACK 2: Familiars’ True Nature ***


Asma: *runs over; opens door* Haa… what was that explosion just now? Aah… haah… Master, your room is a complete mess. Just when I cleaned it up earlier, Master, you—…

Ast: *walks over* What was that sound? Sounded like some crazy happen—uh, Little Master, what were you doing?

Asma: I am well aware of that. What magic were you using? Presently, I cannot sense any magic from you at all, Master.

Ast: Uh… isn’t it that? Failure to amplify magic and it all flew out? The thing that idiots sometimes do.

Asma: That may be the case. With this, her magic vanished and she ended up as an ordinary person. Haha, I believe our conjecture is quite plausible. After all, Master, the color of the rock in your necklace is gone, no? When it should be glowing lightly in reaction to magic.

Ast: Ooh? Our master is genuinely not a sorceror anymore with this. Hahaha, how sad.

Asma: Heh, now, now, don’t agitate her.


Ast: Wait, is there a meaning for us to serve someone who isn’t a sorceror? In the first place, it was already uncertain whether or not our master would be a sorceror, but now she’s just an ordinary person. Now she’s no different from the riffraff of humans.

Asma: Ast, haha, be more discreet with your mouth. If you tease her like that, our master will cry.

Ast: But that’s what I’m trying to do. Oh, look, she’s already teary. Master, you cry so easily! Haha, that’s impossible. Because how are you going to use your powers if you don’t have magic? You can’t, right? By the way, Asma, that face of yours… You’re showing your true colors, so quit it. It’s too early to strip it off. She’ll be shocked.

Asma: Hehe… I apologize, hehe. I can’t… restrain myself anymore, hahaha. If you’re no longer a sorceror, I wonder what happened to that protection? We can do as we please, right? Heh.

Ast: That kind of thing is to be said after we catch her, right?

Asma: In any case, you were a bird in a cage from the start. It’s fine not to be able to escape. I believe you already know this, Master, but us familiars are subordinates because of contracts and so we cannot lay a hand on our master, such as attacks and, not to mention, even touching you was not allowed. Well, that part depends on the contract. Our original master was your grandfather, but he changed the contract so that we could be used by you and thus we served you. Yes, that’s right. And what do you think the key of that contract was?


Ast: The heirloom necklace from your grandpa that hung on your neck, Little Master. The one that you are to carry on you at all times. Yes, you were strictly told not to remove it when you slept or even when you took a bath, right? That was the substitute for the contract between us, you, and in addition the old man. The moment you lost your power, that contract necklace also lost its validity. What do you think this means?

Asma: Hehe. Yes, that’s correct. Just now, our contract with you has terminated. Hm? Haha, please don’t jump to wrong conclusions. It’s a bad habit of yours. *sits beside heroine* We won’t abandon you. Rather, we’re grateful to have you sever this troublesome contract. Oh? Did you notice? Hahaha! We couldn’t touch you. Because that was how your grandfather rebinded the contract.

Ast: *comes over* When we were transferred, the contract turned into one where we couldn’t touch you. Well, it was a precautionary measure so that we couldn’t lay a hand on you. That old man was quite shrewd. He had such a cheery face, but he was always vigilant about us. Well, he was spot on.


Asma: Haha, there’s nothing as delicious as a delicate human. You’re a helpless, weak, and delicious meal and that’s why we’ve always wanted to eat you. We raised you while suppressing our desire to eat you.

Ast: This has been dragged out tortuously long for us.

Asma: Heh… hehehe!

Ast: Hahaha! If you think you can win with that body, then you really are dumb, Little Master.

Asma: Oh no, would you knowingly let the chance, which finally came, to eat a delicious meal that’s rolling around in front of your eyes escape? You wouldn’t let it get away, no? We’re the same. Hm? Kill you…?

Ast: Little Master… are you seriously asking that?

Asma: Haha, what we mean by eating… *kisses* is this meaning. *kisses*

Ast: Hey, not fair! Let me kiss her too!

Asma: Mm… haha, you can do it however many times you want now, no? *to heroine* We didn’t show you a speck of these emotions at all, so it’s not unreasonable for you to be surprised.


Ast: Look, there’s no way noble demons like us would serve you, Master, a female who is not much more than an ordinary person without an ulterior motive, right? *grabs heroine; kisses*

Asma: Hey now, Ast! Ggh. Haa… well, we had to restrain ourselves for quite some time. Even though you were so weak, you were optimistic, hardworking, and did your best, undeterred by your adverse circumstances… or something like that? Dragging a human so full of light like that into the depths of darkness… ah, it’s the greatest pleasure!

Ast: Yeah, precisely. Little Master, every time I saw you do your best even though your efforts weren’t rewarded, ah, I thought about ravishing you and dragging you down. And so I waited all this time for that chance while acting the obedient familiar. *kisses* Nngh.

Asma: Hehe. First, let’s remove your clothes. Please let me enjoy your skin. Hm? Ast, I’ll hold her down so please remove them.

Ast: Okay~! Now then, Little Master, let’s take off your clothes, hehe.

Asma: Hahaha.

Ast: Hehehe, it’s useless to struggle. Even if we were normal human men, a weak woman like you wouldn’t be able to escape from this situation. Look, all your shirt buttons are opened. Heh, by the way, there’s no need to be that embarrassed, right? The ones who bought this underwear and wash them every day is us, right?


Asma: Yes, your everyday necessisties and magical education are our responsibilities. You don’t have to do anything… up until now and hereafter.

Ast: Yep, yep, what Asma said. Little Master, you just need to obey us obediently. Look, your skirt’s taken off too. Well, I often see you in your underwear in the bathroom, so there’s no allure at this point but… I do get excited in this situation. I’ve always wanted to touch you but couldn’t and now… I can easily touch you. Aah, Little Master, your breasts are soft.

Asma: Why don’t we take off the bra as well?

Ast: The hook is on the back, if I remember. Asma, you take it off.

Asma: Mm, understood. Well then, I’ll be unhooking it.

Ast: I’m going to take off her panties. Alright, off it goes, OK?

Asma: Haa… hehe. You don’t have to be so frightened. You’ll only feel pleasure.

Ast: You’re naked as the day you were born like this.

Asma: You’ve matured quite splendidly. They were so small when you were born too…

Ast: Seriously, you have a pretty body now, Little Master. I’m glad we raised you carefully up to now.


Asma: Hm? What are you… speaking of? The ones who raised you until you were an adult was me and Ast beyond doubt, no? In spite of being born to a family famous for its sorcerors, you were a black sheep with no aptitude and, except for your grandfather, you were readily abandoned, were you not? Don’t tell me… you forgot that?

Ast: They call that neglect, don’t they? What a terrible story. Only your older brother and sister, who were full of talent, were preciously and carefully raised, while our talentless master was instantly abandoned and left only with the security of the bare minimum clothes and food. Heh, what a pitiful little master. *kisses*

Asma: Mm, well, haha, it’s not like us foster parents raised her out of the virtue of compassion, so it’s even more… of a sad story, no? *kisses neck*

Ast: Little Master, your breasts are so soft. I want to rub them forever… so I’ll rub them lots, OK? Mm, ah…

Asma: Haa… Master, please look this way. *kisses*

Ast: Haha… haa… ah, your nipples are getting hard! Are the kisses nice? Or does it feel good to have your breasts touched? Oh, Asma’s kissing you with tongue so you can’t answer, huh. I’ll play with your nipples, so feel pleasure from me too. Nngh, haha, Little Master, do you like it when I roll your nipples around or when I tug on them?

Asma: *kisses* Mm? Hahaha.


Ast: Oh! It looks like you enjoy it when I roll them around. Hey, actually, how long are you going to kiss her, Asma!? I can’t hear her voice.

Asma: It was so pleasurable… I ended up not being able to part from her mouth, hehe.

Ast: Isn’t she dazed from a lack of oxygen? Hahaha, how pitiable.

Asma: Hm? Hm, you say that, but isn’t it also pitiable for her when you’re twisting her nipples like that?

Ast: She enjoys it, so it’s not pitiable. It feels good, doesn’t it, Little Master? Uwah, scary, scary, haha. Glaring at me like that… Little Master, what can you do?

Asma: Ever since she was small, her stubbornness and spirit didn’t lose to anyone, did it? This is again lovable and adorable… and a point that makes me want to shove her down and torment her.

Ast: So that a stubborn master like you can become honest, I’ll cast a lovely spell on you. *snaps fingers; book appears*

Asma: You know this book, don’t you? It’s your cherished textbook. *flips pages* These fifty-six pages, heh… most of them are spells used for pets and familiars. Have you seen this page?

Ast: You have, right? After all, this book looks like you read it until it became tattered. So, you know this spell on the top right, don’t you? The entry related to the breeding of pets; the section that encourages them into heat and pregnancy.


Asma: Heh. Presently, there’s a possibility that your heart rejects us and you won’t feel pleasure. We’re thinking about putting you in a state of heat. *heroine struggles* Oh! Haha.

Ast: Still, isn’t this written with a human measure? I really hate that pride with humans. It’s not as if this can’t be used on humans. Look, right now…

Asma: Haa… it would have been amusing to scare her further. Ast, you’re an impatient one.

Ast: Hehe.

Asma: Hm? Heh. It’s taking effect. Your body has flushed pink all at once and your breathing has become alluring too, haha. *kisses neck* Aah… you taste like a bitch in heat, hehe.

Ast: Here, it feels good when I pinch your nipples, right? Little Master, your moans are slipping out. You don’t have to hold back, you know? You can’t help yourself since you’re in heat.

Asma: *kisses ear*

Ast: Nngh…

Asma: That’s right. Think of this as something inevitable… and accept it. *kisses ear*

Ast: Haa… hah… wow, she smells ripe. Isn’t she wet down here? Hahaha, you’re wet just like I thought. Your sexy juices are leaking out, Little Master.

Asma: That charming and feeble rejection… I can only find it arousing. Nngh… *kisses ear*


Ast: Hehe… haa… haah… Haha, it’s slippery! You can hear these squelching sounds, right? When I rub circles around your most sensitive spot, you tremble all over, right? Hehehe, mmgh… Little Master, you’re super wet down here.

Asma: Does Ast’s finger feel that nice? Somehow… it makes me jealous. Mm, then I’ll play with your breasts from behind. I’ll give you more pleasure than Ast.

Ast: Hey, Asma, can’t you stop competing with me at the drop of a hat?

Asma: Hehe, how rude. I’m afraid I’m easily jealous, haha.

Ast: I knew that since a long time ago, but we both came to a decision, didn’t we? That, when it comes to our master, she belongs to the both of us. I also like you, Asma, so I don’t want to kill you over a woman.

Asma: Mm, I understand. But still… when I see our master falling apart over your finger, Ast, and turning into a sopping mess… I get… jealous like this, haha.

Ast: *to heroine* Haha, acting tough again. Little Master, you belong to us. Look at how you reveal that face, slack with pleasure, when your nipples and clit are touched, hehe. Maybe I should punish you. Mmgh.

Asma: Haha, you jerked so hard. Did being punished feel that good? Hehe, then I’ll twist your nipples hard too. Hehehe, mm, haha. How adorable. I want to thrust deeply into you right now and assault even your womb. *kisses ear*


Ast: Nngh… hah… I’ll touch you inside too. Look, I’m putting my finger inside so feel me? Gngh, tight… Hey, I thought about this tons, but you’re a virgin, right, Little Master? So, who’s going to take that?

Asma: Ast, concede it to me, the older brother.

Ast: Ggh, you’re always like that, Asma! You take away the only delicious parts saying that it’s because you’re the older brother. There’s pretty much no difference between a year in the demon world. Besides, is there even any human who would concede so much to their older brother who is just a year apart?

Asma: Hehe, those who are older are to be treated with respect. You… can just take the virginity of her mouth, no?

Ast: Ugh, I guess I have no choice. If I took your virginity by force here, Asma would seriously kill me. By the way, you’re squeezing down super hard… Does it feel good inside too, Little Master?

Asma: To suddenly feel pleasure from inside too… Master, you have no talent for magic, but you have talent for being wanton. For us, that’s quite convenient.

Ast: Hehe…

Asma: *kisses*

Ast: Gngh, you’re kissing her again. Haah… I told you I can’t hear her moan when you do that. Well, whatever. Mm… look, Little Master, I’m going to add another finger. Woah, you clenched hard. I’ll start looking for where you feel good then, Little Master. Mm…

Asma: Mngh… haha… *kisses*

Ast: Oh! Here? Does it feel good when I press against the top like this?


Asma: Oh! *heroine writhes*

Ast: Haha, so it feels that good! Let’s try having you cum once then.

Asma: So that you can feel even more pleasure, I’ll also play with your clit. Show us your alluring orgasmic face. Nngh… hah…

Ast: Haah… haa…

Asma: Haha, you came, didn’t you? Your entire body is shaking, hehe.

Ast: Hahaha! She’s clenching really tightly inside.

Asma: Hm? Stop…? This is preparation. We’re just getting to the main stage, so it’ll be troubling if you’re exhausted now. Hehe.

Ast: Where’d that earlier spirit go? Come on, try glaring at me, Little Master. Try glaring and struggling, hahaha! Aah, she’s crying… If you sob like that, doesn’t this just lose all its taste? I-I didn’t plan on making you cry… Uh, hey, Little Master, um, I won’t say anything bad so I think you can stop crying? Right? Come on, be a good girl and stop crying before something even scarier happens. Aah… it’s too late. This is out of my hands now. I’m not responsible for what happens. *steps away*

Asma: Aah…! Aah… Master… sobbing like that… ah, it’s no good, I’m so aroused it hurts. Look. You can tell, can’t you? That my length is hard against your back. In truth, I wanted to tease and torment you more. Until you begged me to enter you, I wanted to SLOWLY… play with you. Master, it’s because you’re crying with such a sweet voice… Aah! I can’t restrain myself anymore.


Ast: Asma, you really love the sound of females crying, huh. Don’t break her.

Asma: Hm? What are you saying? If she breaks… we merely need to put her back together, no? Hehe. *changes position* Mmgh… hah… *removes pants* Come now, please take a look, Master. It’s extremely large, isn’t it? It’s all because of you. Right now, this large member is going to penetrate your virginity and violate even your womb, Master. Nngh… ah… hah… Normally, I believe you would be screaming in pain but the present you should be alright. Well, even if you aren’t and you break… I’ll fix you neatly. Please be at ease, hehe. Because, and I believe you are already aware, we excel at magic unlike you. Hahaha! *heroine struggles* Ast.

Ast: Yeah, yeah, I’ll do what you say, older brother.

Asma: Haah…

Ast: *holds heroine* Little Master, do your best not to break, hehe.

Asma: Master, a little bit of it has entered. Hehehe. This is rough, isn’t it? I’m worried about whether or not I can enter deeply. Aah, what will I do if I can’t enter? Haha. Paling like that… I suppose you are a little pitiable. Do you want me to stop that much? Haha. I see. I… SEE! *thrusts in* Mmgh… ah… hah! Aah, it’s… so tight… haha. Haah… you’re squeezing me so tightly. Hagh… ah… Master, thank you for your virginity. Hehehe! Hahahaha! That’s such a nice expression, Master! Aah…!


Ast: If you thought about it sensibly, there’s no way Asma would listen to your words, Little Master. Such a silly master, hehe.

Asma: Mm, hehe. I’ll pull out for now. Aah, look, there’s so much virginal blood. Ah… so beloved. *licks*

Ast: Ggh, okay, that’s disgusting. Asma, you really have something wrong with your head. Normally, no one would lick up hymen blood. You’re abnormal.

Asma: Delicious, haha.

Ast: I can’t understand you despite being siblings.

Asma: Haha, say whatever you want. *to heroine* Now, I’m going to enter you again. Mmgh! Aah…! It really does feel good… You can tell that I’m pressing against your womb at the back, yes? Kissing the entrance of your womb… how erotic, no? Hehehe. I’m going to move now… ngh… hah…! *thrusting*

Ast: Hey now, I want to feel good too. Little Master, it’s about time I borrow your mouth. *removes pants* Look, when I watch Asma have sex with you, Little Master, I also became this big. I’m as big as Asma, so I wonder if it’ll fit properly in your mouth? It’s useless if you close your mouth like that. If I squeeze your chin, you’ll open up, right? You see, I’m nicer than Asma so I don’t want to be too forceful.


Asma: Please don’t slander me. You’re more than enough of a brute, no? Hehe.

Ast: Haha, at the very least, I didn’t forcibly thrust into our master. *to heroine* Come on, open your mouth. Be a good girl. Oh, open it just a bit more. Aren’t you a good girl? Now, slowly swallow it. Ngh, you can do it when you put your mind to it, see? Good girl, good girl. Lick me with your tongue and make me feel good. Mgh, haha… hagh… ah… Feels good, Little Master. Keep going like that. Haa… hah…

Asma: Gngh… hngh…! Haa… hah… mgh! *thrusts hard*


Asma: Mm? Oh dear, why are you looking at me? If you’re going to be angry, it should be at our master who bit you, no? Haha.

Ast: No matter how you consider it, Asma, it’s because you slammed into her so hard, right?!

Asma: Hehehe… ngh… hah… I couldn’t stomach you trying to act innocent by yourself. Haa… hah… Master, please don’t think of Ast as a good person, alright? That one is the same level of being an utter fiend as me, hehe. Mmgh! Ngh!


Ast: Heh, well said. Ah, here, Little Master, don’t bite me this time, OK?

Asma: Nrgh… gngh…!

Ast: Don’t look like that. I’m certainly no different from Asma, but I do have a compassionate side that wanted to be gentle at the beginning. Come on, come on. Take me in once more and taste me?

Asma: Haa… hah… you’re one to say that. In truth, that’s a sweetness that’s only towards our master. Ngh… hah… just the other day, to kill some time, the demon girl you seized, assaulted, and abandoned was also a virgin, no?

Ast: Ah-ah, I can’t hear you. Don’t say things that’ll scare our master.

Asma: Hehe.

Ast: Look, she’s scared!

Asma: Aah…

Ast: Ugh, Asma, you’re seriously a terrible person. A cold-blooded demon who has no kindliness or any emotions, hehe.

Asma: I’ll take that as a compliment, heh. Ungh… hah…

Ast: Whatever. Either way, even if I tried to be gentle, I’ll get interrupted by Asma. I want to feel good like Asma too… Asma, let’s change positions. Get her on her hands and knees.

Asma: I don’t mind. Master, we’re going to change positions, alright? *changes positions* Hm, is this alright?


Ast: Yeah, this is good. Come on, Little Master, open your mouth. Yes, yes. Nngh! *thrusts in*

Asma: Hahahaha! HAHAHA! Face-fucking a virgin… hahaha! You’re quite the brute yourself, aren’t you? Hahahaha! Hehehe!

Ast: It’s because you kept interrupting, Asma.

Asma: Please don’t make it my fault, hehe.

Ast: Ugh, shut up. Mmgh…

Asma: Now, Master, I’m going to enter you again. Please feel pleasure not just from your mouth… but also here. Nngh! Hah… haa… *thrusting*

Ast: Nngh, Little Master, stay like that. I’ll move your head. Gngh… hah… hagh… *thrusting* Hehe…

Asma: Could it be that you prefer doing it from the back? You’re squeezing me harder than before… mgh! Haah… haa… I enjoy from the front where I can look at your face though, Master. Nrgh… mgh…!

Ast: Little Master, have you gotten used to this a little? Actually, that’s a good look. Even if the heat spell was cast, to be able to make that look when your face is being fucked all of a sudden… hehe, Little Master, you really had trash talent for magic but you have the quality to be a pet that satisfies sexual urges, huh. Hahaha! Aah… it was worth raising you preciously and carefully. Haha… hahaha! Mrgh, don’t be so angry. It’s the truth. It’s useless to deny it. Hahaha! Nngh! Haa… hah…


Asma: Hngh… hagh… Master, I’m about to come. I’ll thrust against all your pleasurable spots, so… let’s come together. Haa… hagh… Ngh… mgh! I’m… going to come…! Haah… hagh… I’ll release it all deep in you. Gngh… hagh…!

Ast: Asma, she doesn’t want you to come inside. Hahaha! She’s resisting while crying large tears. How sad!

Asma: Haha, I can’t see it so I can’t really tell. Haa… hah…! Look, I’m going to come. I’ve always… always… wanted to pour my sperm in you! So… accept it all, alright? Master…! Mmgh… hagh…! Hahaha… grgh… I’m coming… ngh! Mgh! *he orgasms*

Ast: Aah, Little Master, he came inside you. What are you going to do if you get pregnant from this? Hahahaha! Mm, that side’s done so concentrate over here. Nngh, since Asma came inside then I also want to cum inside. I’ll cum lots into the back of your throat. Fill yourself up with my sperm, Little Master. Haah… ah…! It turns me on so much to think of my sperm being your food, Little Master. Aah… shit… I want to cum now. I want you to swallow it all directly, Little Master.


Asma: I may be an extreme brute but… you’re a disgusting pervert, aren’t you, Ast? Sooner or later, it seems like you’ll present your sperm as a meal.

Ast: Haha… haah… haa… I’ve already done that long ago, such as mixing it in the salad dressing or into curry and other foods with heavy flavor. Hehe, whenever I think about our master ingesting a part of me, I get so turned on. Nngh… mgh…

Asma: Master, did you hear that? Ast is an extreme and utter deviant. He called me abnormal earlier, but you’re more terrible, Ast. Ah, you didn’t bring those filthy meals onto my plate, did you?

Ast: Mrgh, of course not. I wouldn’t get aroused if you ate them, Asma. I only put it on our master’s plate.

Asma: Aah, that’s fine then. Hehehe.

Ast: Little Master, you ate it so deliciously without noticing anything. Hahaha… in time, I wanted you to swallow it directly like this and say it’s delicious. Ngh… mgh…! Haa… hagh…! Aah… ah…! I’m cumming…! Gagh…! *he orgasms* Come on, Little Master, haa… I came so much… haah… haa… swallow it all.

Asma: Master, you’re liked by a man with terrible interests.

Ast: Haha, Asma, you have terrible hobbies too. The women you broke to kill time all look exactly like our master. I know about that. Some time ago, you broke the woman who wore the same clothes as our master. There’s no way she lived to return—


Asma: —I wonder. It’s not much different from what you’ve done, Ast, no? In your case, what you do is torture.

Ast: Jeez, since earlier, you’ve been trying to drag my cover down too hard. Come on, Little Master, swallow it. I won’t let you spit it out until you drink it. Mm, haha, well done!

Asma: Aah, how sad. Hehehe.

Ast: Hahaha! What a nice look. This is what they call raped eyes, right? I saw it in a manga.

Asma: Ah, it suits you, Master. Oh, I know, I have a special present for you, Master. Hehehe! For this day that would come some time or other! Both of us made it. Hehe. Mm… hehe.

Ast: The choker’s cute, right? The color’s the same black as our tails. We were particular about the material too. We thought leather was nice, so we made it from the wings of vampires. Raise your chin.

Asma: Aah, this heirloom necklace is in the way. You don’t need it any longer, yes? This useless protection charm. *rips off necklace ; puts on desk* Hehe. *puts on choker* Like this?

Ast: It looks very good on you, Little Master. A new contract is complete with this.

Asma: Hehehe. You belong to us with this. From here on forever… and ever… until you die.

Ast + Asma: HahahaHAHAHA!

*** TRACK 3: Master, You Cannot Do Anything ***

Asma: Master, good morning!

Asma: Hehe. Hm? Oh my, are you ignoring me? How audacious of you, haha.

Asma: Haa… is this what they call being rebellious? Isn’t it quite late for a rebellious age? Hehehe. Master, Ast will make your breakfast if you want some. Why don’t you eat that?

Asma: Oh dear, how cold.

Asma: So? What are you going to make? You can’t cook, can you?

Asma: Hehe, if you’re looking for a loaf of bread then it’s at the top of the shelf. You can’t reach it in any case though.

Asma: Haha, you don’t need to force yourself. Just a single request and I would get it for you. *grabs bread from behind*

Asma: Hehe, here you go, Master.

Asma: Haha, and now? What are you going to do? With bread, you can shove it into a toaster to cook but if you eat that every day you’ll starve to death, won’t you? Master, you cannot do anything and so you should just be obedient and let yourself be taken care of by us. Hehe.

Asma: *crowds heroine* Master, you cannot do anything without us. You can’t cook one thing decently. Think about it, this kitchen, its inventory, these are all rooms you never enter. Do you know where anything is? The location of the seasoning, the location of towels, an even the location of your seal and bankbook is unknown, no?


Asma: But that’s natural. You weren’t taught because it was alright for you not to know. What you have is only incomplete knowledge about society and useless magical knowledge. Hehe. *kisses*

Asma: Aah, you can’t live unless you depend on us. Haha. *kisses* Mmn…

Asma: Master… *kisses*

Asma: You cannot do anything… *kisses* you’re so pitiable… *kisses* frail… to a hopeless extent. Such a sad master. *kisses* Nngh…

Asma: You’re so wretched, foolish, and pitiable… *kisses* that we’ll… *kisses* dote on you until you die… as a pet, as a slave… and as a cherished toy. Mm? Haha. Even if you’re against this, your body is already reacting. Look… your underwear is damp. I’ll give you pleasure. Mm… *fingering heroine*


Asma: Haah… hehe…

Asma: Master, it feels good, does it not? Hereafter, I’ll make you so wanton you become wet merely at the sight of our faces. Hehe. How about I touch you directly now? Haah… *kisses ear*

Asma: Haha, what a nice voice. Let me hear it more. Hehehe.

Asma: Nngh… haha… ah, Master, you’re convulsing down here. It feels good to be played with in the morning, doesn’t it? Aah… hah… so lovable.

Asma: Haah… hagh… *kisses*


Asma: Aah, haha, your face is becoming slack with pleasure. Mmgh, hehe, you cannot go against the pleasure, can you? Furthermore, you cannot oppose us anymore either, can you? Hehe. *kisses* If we were gone, who would protect you? Haah… you have no one other than us, no? Mm…

Asma: Hehehe. Your friend will protect you? What will that companion do for you? Will they give you the love you lack? It will only be a relationship on the surface, won’t it?

Asma: Aah… *kisses* mm… ngh…

Asma: Ah… haah… Master… *kisses* you’re starting to clench down inside. Do my fingers feel that pleasurable? Hehe. That’s quite an honor. *kisses* Nngh… mgh…

Asma: Look, down here… you refuse to let go of my fingers now… mgh… It’s squeezing with so much force. Feels like you’re trying to snap my fingers off, hahaha… mrgh… I’ll make it more intense for you. *kisses*


Asma: Nngh, hahaha, oh dear, your legs are trembling. Are you about to come? Even though you were so hostile? You looked so against this just a while ago. Now you’re completely dazed, aren’t you? Hahaha. Mmgh… hngh…

Asma: You’re lying. You wish to come, don’t you? You want to come with me making a mess inside you like this, no? You can come… to my fingers and mouth. Come shamelessly. *kisses* Nrgh… mgh…!

Asma: Mmgh! *heroine orgasms* Hahaha… *kisses*

Asma: Aah, haha… you came nicely. Look, my fingers are a sticky mess. *licks*

Asma: Ah… Master, your juices are delicious. Mm…

Ast: Excuse me, sorry for interrupting but I want to make breakfast. Are you two okay with skipping breakfast?

Asma: Hm? Oh my, Ast, I would have moved if you asked.

Ast: Hah… you absolutely wouldn’t have.

Asma: Hehe. *heroine shoves him* Oh!

Ast: Ah. *heroine runs*

Asma: Haha. She ran.

Ast: Asma, you get out too. If you don’t, there won’t be any breakfast.

Asma: Hm? Hehe. Yes, yes. Hehehe.

*** TRACK 4: Little Master, You’re Defenceless ***

Ast: *opens door* Little Master, are you up?

Ast: Oh, you’re sleeping?

Ast: Little Master, wakey wakey. *sits on bed* Come on.

Ast: Morning. Sleeping without locking your door, Little Master, you’re careless. Well, that flimsy lock is pretty much nonexistent anyway.

Ast: Give me the game. The game console. Right now, there’s a sale for old games and I want to buy something.

Ast: Mm, okay, thanks. Hey, wait, Little Master, you buttoned your pajamas wrong. Look, one of them is off. So careless. I’ll fix it.

Ast: Wait, you’re not wearing a bra! Ooh? You’re as defenceless as usual. Hmm… I think I’ve changed my mind. Rather than gaming, I want to tease and play with you instead, Little Master. Such sexy breasts… Let’s make your nipples a larger and sexier shape too, yeah? Actually, I’ll turn your body into one that can cum just from your nipples and lets us enjoy ourselves.

Ast: Well, it’s impossible right now, so I’ll enjoy myself here too.

Ast: I should have expected you’d at least wear panties. I’ll be taking them off though, heh.


Ast: By the way, I just thought of something good. Little Master, you’re forbidden from wearing underwear starting now. It’ll be easier to play with you like that, and let’s get rid of your pants too.

Ast: I’m not joking? Your panties are confiscated.

Ast: Heh, nice, I can see things well like this. Look, I’m going to lick here today and make you feel good. Nngh… Little Master, you look like someone who’ll enjoy being tasted slowly.

Ast: Even if you say “no” or “stop”, you still end up feeling pleasure so isn’t it better not to resist? *gives oral* Mmgh… I won’t bully you like Asma. I’ll simply and only make you feel good, Little Master. Nrgh… hngh…

Ast: Heh, when I peel back its hood and kiss and suck on it, your legs start shaking. Mrgh… mm…

Ast: Nice voice… ngh… It sends shivers down my spine, ungh… Plus, you’re so delicious.


Ast: Feel it harder and let out more honey… mngh…

Ast: Nrgh… gngh… Ow! What? Can you please not grab my head? What don’t you like? You’ve spilled so much juice that my face is all sticky… *gives oral* ngh, and your clit is this big… You don’t dislike this at all, right? Mm…

Ast: Ah! Don’t tell me you’re shaking your head because it feels too good? Hahaha! How innocent and cute. But it might be better not to show too much of that in front of Asma. Mmgh…

Ast: Ngh… mm…

Ast: Haa… haha, you’re starting to convulse. Hey, can you tell? That your clit is this huge. It’s telling me to make it feel even better. Mm… nrgh…

Ast: Aah, let’s make this big and easier to tease. Nngh… hehe…


Ast: Little Master, you’re cumming more and more easily, huh. Is it the result of our teachings? Hehehe. I’m going to teach you to be more like what we like, so look forward to it. Nrgh… mgh…

Ast: Hngh… ngh…


Ast: Haah… are you about to cum? I can tell by your voice. Nngh, come on, don’t run. You can cum. I’m kinder than Asma, so I’ll stop if you cum. Hah? Really. So, raise that cute voice and cum with that cute face. Ngh, let me drink more of your sweet honey. Gngh… mgh…

Ast: Aah… that voice…! I really love it. Nrgh… I can listen to it forever. Mgh… gngh…

Ast: You’re going to cum? Nngh, go ahead. Cum to my tongue. Mmgh…! *heroine orgasms*

Ast: Haha… ah, you came so cutely. I’m satisfied too. I’ll stop then.

Ast: By the way, where’s your game console?

Ast: Ah, you’re right. I can borrow it, yeah?

Ast: Hey, hey, which one do you think is good? I’m curious about this adventure, but I don’t really like the adventure genre. But what if the story is good?

Ast: What’s with that look? I’m different from Asma and I don’t bully you constantly, Little Master. So? Which one?

Ast: Hm, maybe this RPG is better. Ugh, I know, I know, let’s go with this then.

*** TRACK 5: The End of an Exorcism ***

*through door*

Asma: Master, I’m home.

Ast: Pork was cheap today, so it’s going to be hamburgers tonight.

*opens door*

Asma: Hm?

Ast: Uh, what’s this?

Asma: Oh my, is this a… magic circle? Hah… hahaha. Eradicating demons? You, with zero magic? Hahaha.

Ast: You’re trying to erase us? You can’t even purify low class demons, so you can’t do this, Little Master.

Asma: Hehe, did you steal again? What a naughty girl as usual, hehe.

Ast: Seriously. That… uh, crystal, right? Isn’t it a treasure the old man cherished?

Asma: Haha… huh? This presence…!

Ast: Ah… it might be that.

[01:25] *they disappear; heroine sets down crystal*

Asma + Ast: *from behind* Just kidding.

Asma: Hahaha. Almost, but not quite. Just now I did feel a tiny bit of a fret. I ridiculed you for being talentless and incompetent, but you’re someone who can do anything they put their mind on, I see. I am terribly moved. Hahaha!

Ast: Right now, that could have deported and annulled the contract of a middle class demon.

Asma: Hehe.

Ast: For a second, it was pretty bad for us. We’re high class demons amongst other demons. Basically elites on par with the ruling class. Normally, we’re not a level that humans can use. Only someone like Asma would say they’re familiars by choice.

Asma: Haha, good grief, you also love it too, don’t you? Playing pretend familiar. I took in your blood and you took in Ast’s bodily fluids. We have a bond that goes beyond a contract, thus—even if you could in the first place—the contract cannot be annulled in the normal way. Heh, still, to try and erase us…

Ast: Little Master, you’re really a bad girl. And bad girls… should be broken now.

Asma: Hehehe! Oh dear, you can’t escape. Aah, that’s right… let’s break you, Master! Now that I think about it, there’s no need to play human anymore, yes? Let’s bring you to our world. Hahaha.

Ast: If you didn’t do something stupid like an exorcism, then you could have still lived comfortably. Little Master, you really are hopelessly stupid without recourse. *snaps fingers; portal opens* Come on, Little Master, let’s go to the world of pleasure and suffering that we govern.

Asma: There’s no escape for you any longer, our cute… adorable… master who belongs only to us. HeheheHEHEHE!

*** TRACK 6: A Happy End in a Distorted World ***

Asma: Haha, good morning.

Ast: Morning, Little Master.

Asma: Haha, how does it feel? Is it to your liking? This place is a training room we often use.

Ast: In Asma’s case, it’s more like it’s used as a torture room though.

Asma: Hm? That’s you, Ast, isn’t it? *to heroine* Aah, I sincerely apologize, you wouldn’t like the scent of blood, would you? I should have cleaned more scrupulously, heh. *heroine struggles; chain noises*

Ast: Did you finally notice? That you’re in a restraint chair. It’s Asma’s favorite toy.

Asma: Hehehe. You can’t escape even if you do that. Even if you make all that ruckus, you’ll only consume your stamina. Hm? What are we going to do? Haha! Obviously, punish you.

Ast: Yep, yep, we need to punish the little master who tried to annul the contract. *snaps fingers; items appear*

Asma: Hehe. This is shocking, isn’t it? A phallus that is shaped completely different from a human’s or ours. Unsightly, grotesque, and distorted toy. It’s a shape that can penetrate the front and back hole at the same time. Hehehe.

Ast: Ah, did you get it? We’re thinking about playing with this. Here, I’m going to spread your legs. *heroine struggles* Hahaha! It’s useless! Even your waist is restrained, to say nothing of your legs. *toy turns on*


Asma: Haha, now then… I’ll be putting it in, Master. Both parts aren’t that thick, so it should go in easily.

Ast: Asma, don’t you think she’s a bit too miserable? Put on some lotion at least. *shoves bottle*

Asma: Heh, it’s a punishment, no? If it doesn’t hurt a little then—… ah, hehe… you’re right. She’s pitiable so I’ll wet the toy amply with this. *squeezes lotion* Hehe, ah… It won’t hurt with this, yes? Come now, I’ll be putting it in.

Ast: Little Master, it’s going in… hah…

Asma: Hehe, mgh…

Ast: Nrgh, the whole thing went in. You engulfed that disgusting toy, hehe.

Asma: For however much you hate this, it’s a fact that it went in, no?

Ast: Haa… hagh… haha…

Asma: Mm… hehehe… It feels good, doesn’t it? The way it moves is unique, after all. It’s boring straight into your sensitive spots. It’s different from human toys, you know? Because it’s a tool used for torture. Hehe.


Ast: Aah, when I hear you scream like that, Little Master, I get hard instantly.

Asma: Hagh… haa…

Ast: I want to ravish you soon. Mmgh… haa… haah…

Asma: Hehe, Master, that’s an unbecoming expression. It feels so pleasurable it hurts, doesn’t it? But it’s not interesting if you break easily, so… please do your best to endure, hehe.

Ast: Haa… ngh…

Asma: Haah… ah…

Ast: Oh? Haha.

Asma: Oh! Haha, oh dear. That was grand just now, no? Hehe.

Ast: She squirted, didn’t she?! Haha, sexy.

Asma: Aah, she didn’t just squirt but she also lost control of her bowels, no?

Ast: This toy is pretty wild, but that lotion just now is terrible too, right? Should I have chosen a weaker one?


Asma: Hehe, ah, her eyes are rolling back. That face… is also beloved. Hehe. *kisses*

Ast: Ugh, you’re kissing her again. Asma, you seriously love kisses, don’t you? But if you go any further, our master is going to suffocate. Even now, her breathing is ragged.

Asma: Ah, that’s true. I forgot. Reviving a physical body certainly takes a lot of time. Heh. Let’s kiss many times later, alright, Master?

Ast: Heh, she’s asking for forgiveness. What do you want to do, Asma?

Asma: Hm, I wonder. I think it’s alright to forgive her now. Heh, more than anything, I can’t hold myself back anymore.

Ast: Yeah, you’re right. Let’s stop playing with toys then, Little Master. *snaps fingers* Here, punishment is over. You worked hard, just like I knew you would, Little Master. *kisses*

Asma: Mm, now it’s about time we received our pleasure.

Ast: I’m going first today.


Asma: Heh, first or second, it doesn’t matter since both holes are stretched, so we can do it at the same time, no?

Ast: Ah, I see.

Asma: *to heroine* Don’t worry, we’ll give you much more pleasure than that toy.

Ast: We’ll make you feel so good you’ll become addicted to pleasure. Just give up already and give your body to us. Come on, try climbing on top of me?

Asma: Hm, that reminds me, her stubbornness stands out above the rest. Mm, let’s do this then. If you can resist coming until we come, then we’ll let you out of this place. Naturally, I’ll break our contract as well. For someone as perseverant as you, you can do this, no? Up until now, you’ve persevered through many things in life, haven’t you? You endured and smiled when you saw your two siblings above you being loved. You endured and worked hard even when you were ridiculed by others for having no magical talent. Even when your grandfather passed away, you held back your cries and sent him off. You endured for these many years, so holding back from coming for just a short while… is something you can do, no? Hehe.

Ast: *quiet* Demon.


Asma: Did you say something?

Ast: Nothing. Anyway, I’m going to sprawl down like this, so get on top of me and put it in yourself, Little Master. You want to hurry up and settle this, don’t you? Nngh… ah… it’s burning hot… Feels so good, ah… haha… Little Master, you’re making that look just from putting it in. Can you really hold back from cumming? Hehe. I’m worried, you know?

Asma: Hehe. I’ll be entering you from behind then. Please lean down towards Ast.

Ast: Oh, haha, Little Master, your face is so close. Haa… hah… I got a shiver just now.

Asma: I’m putting it in now, Master…! Mm, ah, that reminds me, did you know about this, Master? Fundamentally, us demons prefer bets without a challenge and we propose a game only after knowing we’ll win it one hundred percent. Of course… that applies to this time as well. *snaps fingers; thrusts* Ngh!

Ast: Gngh, she clenched down. Hagh… haah… Master, you’re shaking while cumming.

Asma: Haha… ah… did you not expect it to be like this? Truly, you are lacking in brains. Hehehe!


Ast: It’s your fault for accepting Asma’s stupid challenge, Little Master. You won’t ever be let out of this place now.

Asma: Hahaha! Aah, so lovably foolish… our master. Now, I’ll be moving. Mmgh… ngh…!

Ast: I’ll thrust up from below too. Ungh… gngh… hah…

Asma: This hole here squeezes down tightly and feels nice, hehe. Mrgh… there’s a pleasure to it different from the front hole. Haha, ngh… mm…!

Ast: Little Master, let’s kiss. *kisses; thrusting* Mmgh… ah…

Asma: Gngh… nrgh… haha, when you’re kissed, you also clench down here, I see. Hahaha. Master, you’re so adorable. Aah… haah… however… *growls* I feel irritated. *covers heroine* Grgh…!

Ast: Gugh, heavy! Asma, you’re heavy so quit that!

Asma: Hehe, it’s not fair for her to be pressed up against you only, Ast. *to heroine* I’ll grab your waist like this and… thrust as hard as I can, alright, Master? Nngh… grgh…!


Ast: I can’t move like this now. Ggh, whatever, I’ll kiss you until Asma cums. *kisses* Mm…

Asma: Ngh… mrgh… haha… gngh! Haa… hah…

Ast: Mgh, what? Did you cum again? You’re convulsing and clenching around me. Does it feel that good for your ass to be fucked? Nngh… *kisses*

Asma: Aah, Master, it feels extremely pleasurable. Hagh… haah… I want to be like this forever… and ever… ngh…! Aah, Master… are you listening to me? To be entranced only with Ast’s kisses… it’s extremely infuriating. Grgh…!

Ast: Gngh, Asma…! I was just kissing her nicely too. A man’s jealousy is really disgusting. Hehehe, right, Little Master?

Asma: Heh, please say whatever you want. Here, Master, please concentrate over here. Feel how my member is ravishing you deep inside your bottom. Aah… hagh…! Mm? No…? Hehe, even though you’re going to live immersed in pleasure for the rest of your life with me and Ast? Hahaha. Nngh… ah… please don’t give up now, mgh… hah…! Now, come again…! Gngh! *snaps fingers* Mgh! Ggh!

Ast: Gugh… ngh…! Ah! Feels so good… It’s really been a long time since I felt so good. Little Master, you’re the best, haha. Haa… hagh… ngh…


Asma: Mrgh… haa… haah… I suppose it’s about time for me to release once. Master, I’ll fill you up plenty inside your stomach. Hehe… mgh… gngh…!

Ast: Haa… hah… mgh, huh? Asma, you bullied her too much so she looks like she’s at the limits of her endurance. Ugh, I haven’t moved at all either.

Asma: Ast, just use the recovery magic you’re good at for that. Haah… hagh… ngh…!

Ast: Hngh… you don’t want that, do you? If you can faint here, then you’ll be at peace, right? *kisses* But, you see… did you think I was kind? *snaps fingers*

Asma: Haha…! Ngh! Mmgh…! Haha, her voice became louder all of a sudden. I also feel like she’s squeezing down much better against her will. Mmgh! Ngh… hah…!


Ast: Little Master, you’re misunderstanding. I’m a kinder man compared to Asma, but my true nature is still a brutish demon.

Asma: Hehehe! I told you, didn’t I? Haa… hagh… that Ast has a nastier personality than me. Haha, he prefers lifting someone up and then dropping them. Mmgh! This man… ngh…!

Ast: Haha, those are compliments. Hah… haa…

Asma: Gngh… mgh… I’m going to come. Master… ngh… I’ll be releasing inside you, alright? Mmrgh… ngh…! Haa… hagh…! Ggh! I’m coming…! *he orgasms* Haah… hagh…!

Ast: Haha… haa… hah…

Asma: Hehe… in this place, I can release much more without the restrictions of being a human. Aah, look, Master, your stomach is a little swollen. Hehe. It’s like you’re pregnant… and it arouses me. Mm…


Ast: Little Master, I already restored your stamina, so can you not be so exhausted? I’ll be moving now. Mgh! Ooh, you’re energetic and lively again. Haa… hagh…! Does it feel good to be thrust into from below? Hehe, you’re convulsing so much down here. Making that noise… Little Master, you’re so obscene. Hagh… gngh…! Hey, Asma, our master’s breasts look lonely, so play with them

Asma: Hm? Hehe, very well.

Ast: Aagh, haha, it feels so good. She clenched down. Ngh… mgh…! *thrusting*

Asma: You don’t hate this, do you? After all… you’re squeezing so hard in your back hole. Look, I’ve become hard.

Ast: Hagh… haa… right now, it’s my turn though.

Asma: Mm, I know.

Ast: I’m going to cum once before Asma can’t hold back anymore so, Little Master, cum together with me. Ngh… mgh…! Haa… hagh…! Little Master, you really love it when I pound the entrance to your womb, huh. Next time, I’ll also wrench this place open and fuck you right inside, haha, so look forward to that. Nrgh… gngh…! Aah… ah…! Honestly, I wanted to enjoy you slower but Asma is scary so I need to cum quickly.


Asma: Hm? Oh my, please don’t make it my fault. Since earlier, you weren’t able to move after entering her, so you merely have no composure after being kept in suspense, no?

Ast: Haha, well, there’s also that. Gngh… hagh… Little Master, let’s cum together, yeah? Mmgh… ngh…! Aagh… hah…! Ggh, I’m cumming…! *he orgasms* Hagh… haa…!

Asma: Hehe, you came quite grandly. Master, you’re spasming.

Ast: Haa… haha… that felt so fucking good. Hagh… haah…

Asma: Mm?

Ast: Oh! Little Master, are you okay?

Asma: Oh dear…

Ast: Uh… our master broke.

Asma: That’s a nice expression. Your mind is shattered and you can’t feel anything anymore but, Master, you see, I want to break you countless times and play with you. Hehe, ah…

Ast: So, like before, I’ll even fix your mind. *snaps fingers*

Asma: Haha, good morning, Master. Your mind finally broke and you were at peace… but now you’ve been restored cleanly. How does it feel?

Ast: There’s no way we would allow you to break easily and end this.

Asma: You’re forever… our toy. Heh. *kisses* Since the moment you were born, it was decided. Now, let us continue. This time, I’ll be in the front and Ast will be behind. After we’re tired, let’s ravish you with the toy again.


Ast: Let’s do that. I’ll pull out for now then.

Asma: Mm, I suppose I’ll also pull out.

Ast: Hahaha! Wow, semen is spraying out like a shower.

Asma: Haha. That’s quite a nice sight. Hehehe.

Ast: Hahaha! Little Master, you’re really stupid.

Asma: Hate? That’s impossible. We have no reason to hate you. Heh.

Ast + Asma: Obviously, it’s because we love you.

Asma: This is our expression of love. HeheheHEHEHE. Now, please accept it… our ultimate love.

*** 300 DL Reward: Only with Ast ***

Ast: Master, Master, Little Master—! *opens door*

Ast: Morning. It looks like you slept well. Right now, it’s 11:30 AM. If I remember correctly, it was 4 AM or so that you collapsed from total exhaustion, Little Master. So, it’s been around seven hours since then.

Ast: Mm, the color in your face is much better. I should have known you’d sleep better in this world than that world. I’m glad I convinced Asma and brought you back.

Ast: Huh? No. We’re demons, but we’re not incubi. It’s not like we’re in heat 24/7. Here, I brought lunch.

Ast: Easy-to-eat porridge and yogurt with strawberry jam.

Ast: Strange things…? Heh, you drank my semen earlier, didn’t you? I didn’t add any this time. Honestly. *eats porridge; kisses*

Ast: Mm, if you weren’t back to full health, then I planned to feed you like this so, as you’d expect, I don’t want to put my release in my own mouth. Well, you look like you can eat by yourself though.

Ast: Ah, does it still ache? I did inject you with the antidote, but in the end Asma carried too much poison, huh. I’ll apologize for him, sorry. If you can’t move your body properly, then I’ll feed you. *eats porridge; kisses*


Ast: Tasty?

Ast: Phew! Do you want more?

Ast: Little Master, you’re so cute when you’re obedient. Sure, I’ll feed you more. *eats porridge; kisses*

Ast: Huh? What? Are you curious about my piercing? Hehe, interesting, right? I’m wearing one today. *sticks out tongue; kisses* When our tongues are entwined like this, you can feel a strange object touching you. Next time, do you want one, Little Master? A tongue piercing. It really hurts but you’ll match me.

Ast: *grabs tongue* Right here, in the center, you see, a needle will stab into you. Blood pours out and it really hurts. Aah… Little Master, you’ll probably scream so nicely when you get pierced. I feel shivers down my spine.

Ast: … But I won’t do it. If I put weird things on your body, Little Master, Asma will slaughter me. Asma hates things like piercings and tattoos. I love those but, when I got my tongue pierced, he looked at me like I was trash. *kisses*

Ast: Little Master… you know, I’m turned on now after seeing that scared look on your face. Look, I’m this hard.


Ast: It’s your fault for looking so scared, Little Master. *kisses; unbuttons clothes*

Ast: Little Master, you were looking forward to this too, weren’t you? That you could get fucked again when I came in. Heh, the proof of that… is how your nipples are this hard. Aah, haha, you look like you’re in so much pleasure when I rub them.

Ast: So you were looking forward to this, right? Hey, what do you want me to do this time? I’m a kind demon unlike Asma, so I’ll listen to your request, Little Master. *kisses*

Ast: Gentle…? Do you really want that?

Ast: Little Master, I know that rather being treated gently… ngh, it feels better to be treated roughly, right? Look, right now… mm… ah, this place is super wet, isn’t it? I can’t tell when you got wet though.

Ast: Aah, such a delicious smell. It’s like you’re asking me to be in you already. Just as you wish, I’ll put myself in then. Or… do you want me to caress you a little more with my fingers and tongue? Hm?


Ast: Haha, a bully…? Little Master, I’m only doing as you wish though. Little Master, you love it when I torment you and whisper like this. Look, you clenched down. Did you believe there’s a part of you that I don’t know, Little Master? I know everything. When it comes to your body, Little Master, I know it better than you. Mm…

Ast: This place feels good, right? You can’t stop moaning even though you’re trying to hold back. You want me even harder. You’re asking me to kiss you. *kisses; fingering heroine*

Ast: Nngh… ah…

Ast: Haha, sucking on me yourself like that. Little Master, you’re naughty. Your hips are moving too. I’m happy you want me with your whole body. I guess it’s about time I answer your wish and put myself in.

Ast: Lie down on your face.

Ast: Ah, sorry, sorry, you can’t move well because of Asma’s poison, right? I’ll do it for you.


Ast: It’s inconvenient when you can’t move your body, huh. You’re so sad. Actually, Asma’s an idiot. For a human to be dosed with that amount is a death sentence. He might have intended it to be a strong aphrodisiac, but humans are weak.

Ast: Obviously! I told you, didn’t I? That I injected the antidote into you. I made both of them. *removes pants*

Ast: It was to be used on you, Little Master. It was too effective since it wasn’t diluted. But I’m at fault too for not giving a proper explanation.

Ast: Heh, anyway, Little Master, I’m putting myself in. Nngh… haha…! Feels so good… You wanted me that badly, huh. Aah… so warm… I’m going to move now. *thrusting* Mmgh… hah…

Ast: Haha… haah… Little Master, you seriously feel good today too. You like it when you’re fucked from behind, huh. Actually, you like it when I enter you, don’t you? So long as we can enter you, any position is good, right? Mm… ngh…

Ast: Mm? What’s wrong, Little Master? Falling silent like that…

Ast: Hahaha, that’s mean to say towards a kind demon like me. I made the drug for you to feel pleasure, Little Master. It was Asma who used it wrong, ngh, so isn’t the mean one Asma?

Ast: Haha! It’s better for sex to feel good, right? Little Master, you love pleasure yourself, don’t you? Look, right now, you’re squeezing down on me crazily and feeling it, aren’t you? I make drugs and stock up on toys only to assist with that. Even now, didn’t you notice that I used a different drug to make you feel good?


Ast: I put a little of a new one into the porridge. It was really just a little bit. I’m not like Asma and won’t mistake the amount, hehe.

Ast: Gngh… it’s one of the types I don’t normally ingest, so I also feel really good today. Haa… hagh…

Ast: Eh? It’s nothing strange. It’s one of the kinds of aphrodisiacs I normally make you take. You can stop wasting your breath, mgh, and lose yourself in the pleasure with me, alright, Little Master? Mmgh… grgh…!

Ast: Haha, what? Does it feel so good you’re crying like that? Me too. Mgh… look, it feels so good tears are coming out. Agh… haa… hah…!

Ast: Little Master, you’re the best. Mrgh… ngh…!

Ast: Haa.. hah… let’s cum together like this. Haah… hagh…!

Ast: Nrgh… agh…! Gngh! Mmgh! I’m cumming…! Little Master, are you going to cum too? Haa… hah… let’s cum together then. Ngh… mgh…!

Ast: Ggh, agh…! I’m cumming! Kgh! *he orgasms*


Ast: Haah… haa… that felt good. Nngh… Little Master, that felt good for you too, right?

Ast: … Oops, did she faint? Hahaha. Well, that’s convenient. I’ll erase your memories of this. After all, if I don’t do that then I’ll look like I’m worse than Asma, right? Heh, I want to stay as the kinder demon still. It’s funner that way. For me, Asma, and you, Little Master. *snaps fingers* Hehehe.

Ast: Good night, Little Master. When you wake up, entertain me again.

*** 500 DL Reward: Only with Asma ***

*heroine opens window*

Asma: Master, where are you going?

Asma: Such a transparent lie. *comes close* You were trying to escape, no?

Asma: I suppose it won’t hurt to ask though. Go ahead, please give me your excuse. I am well aware of this. A summons from the house of your parents, no? I believe I tore this and threw it away though. So, why are you holding it?

Asma: Haa…

Asma: Master. *grabs letter, tears letter*

Asma: There is no need to listen to your parents’ summons. Either way, you will simply be told to hand me and Ast over… along with insults. It’s not necessary for you to go out of your way to meet them.

Asma: Furthermore, right now, you do not have even a fragment of magic. Far from being ridiculed, you’ll be scorned.

Asma: You see, I do not wish to see you insulted by others.

Asma: Naturally, it’s alright for me to do it. No matter how much I ridicule you, what I say, or what I do… I’m simply saying I dislike others finding fault with you.


Asma: Haah… they’ll be angry at you? And what if they do get angry? In regard to this matter, Ast has gone to your parents’ home as your proxy. Thus, there truly is no need for you to go.

Asma: Hm, you’re sulking again. Ast threw a tantrum and so we came back to the human world, but I want to bring you back and live in the demon world. Then you wouldn’t go off as you please to somewhere. That annoying bond with your family home would also be severed.

Asma: Haa… Ast and you trouble me with your spoiled desires. Good grief.

Asma: Come now, I’m closing the window.

Asma: Master, please look over here.

Asma: Master.

Asma: *hugs heroine* Are you displeased with only having Ast and me beside you? You should just throw away a family that doesn’t love you.

Asma: We’re much closer to you. Why don’t you understand that? We’re more your family… over blood relations.


Asma: We’re both your family… and your masters. *kisses* Mm…

Asma: Truly?

Asma: *strokes heroine* Master, Ast and I were absent yesterday. You must have been lonely, weren’t you? No one was here to touch you, and so you must have not known what to do, yes?

Asma: Heh… I always tell you that lies aren’t good. After all, look… your nipples are already hard. Hehe. They’re this hard… as if they’re asking to be teased like usual. Your heart is not honest, but your body is honest. Because… mgh, you smell like you’re in heat already. Every single day, you’re ravished by Ast and I to the point of losing consciousness. Your body is stained with pleasure.

Asma: Just a little touch and… hehe… you become wet like this, don’t you? Moreover, you can’t even resist—no, you don’t even have the urge.


Asma: You can only obediently obey the sensation of pleasure. Nngh… *kisses; fingering heroine*

Asma: Master… you can tell there are two fingers in you already, yes?

Asma: You pulled them in yourself, you know? You want them inside you, hehe.

Asma: Haa… hagh… Master, you love this spot, don’t you? When I scrape and push against it, heh, your hips tremble and your legs shake. Mm…

Asma: Crying out in such a sweet voice… How adorable. Hngh… it makes me feel a sense of duty to torment you more. Hehehe.

Asma: Gngh… haha…

Asma: Mm? Hehe, it’s useless even if you try to run. Haha. Haah… feel this more and then… as usual, come adorably because of me. Haa… ngh… *kisses*


Asma: Mmgh. *heroine orgasms* Haha… ah… you came, didn’t you?

Asma: Oh my! *catches heroine* You can’t stand anymore, can you? Heh. Such a hopeless child. Hehehe.

Asma: You can put your hands against the window. Hehe.

Asma: If you long for the outside that much, then… *removes pants* let’s do this while you look outside, Master. Mmgh…! Haa… ah…

Asma: I entered you smoothly. You were waiting this eagerly, weren’t you? I’ll be moving now. Mgh… nrgh…! *thrusting*

Asma: Hah… haah… Master, it feels pleasurable… so, please tighten yourself around me more. Gngh! Hah… haa…

Asma: Master, if you can’t stand, then why don’t you lean your body against the window? Hehe, yes, not just your hands, but push your upper body against it.

Asma: Mmgh, haha… mm, what a good girl. You can stand with that now, yes? Haa… hagh…! Grgh! Mgh!

Asma: Hehe, such a vulgar noise. Although the window is closed, it feels as if that will leak out onto the veranda. Haha. You don’t even feel like suppressing it, I see. Hahaha. Honestly, you’re so wanton. Mm…! Hagh… ah…!


Asma: Oh my? Haha. Haa… haah… Master, do you see that? The apartment next to us… haha, yes… on the lower floor… ngh… There is a man drying his laundry. Nngh… mgh…! Squeezing and wringing me so hard… haha, do you wish to be noticed? Hngh… hah… the sight of you pressed against the window and being ravished in broad daylight?

Asma: Aah, haha, you’re such an unfortunate person. Hahaha… ah… shall I open the window a little? If you moan a lot, then he might hear your voice. Hehehe. *opens window*

Asma: Ah… as you wished, I’ve opened it. Therefore… ngh… mgh… please moan to your heart’s content. Ngh! Grgh…!

Asma: Haha, oh dear, you want to be heard, no? You want to be noticed, no? And yet you’re suppressing your voice, hehe… How contrarian. Nnrgh… mgh…!

Asma: Your shameless appearance… let’s have it be seen. Hngh… gngh…!

Asma: Hm? Mmgh… *stops* haa… haah…


Asma: Is it… because you’re embarrassed?

Asma: Then why?

Asma: Master… please answer.

Asma: Aah… your lover… To think a day would come where that word left your lips… haha… Yes, we’re lovers! While being your family and your ruler… we’re also lovers. *closes window* Hehe.

Asma: Haha, I also don’t want others to see you except for that sort of play. Aah… let’s continue the rest in bed.

[16:14] *pulls out; carries heroine to bed*

Asma: Haa… ah… mgh…! Hehe…

Asma: Master, I teased you a little too much, didn’t I? Hahaha.

Asma: You’re right. It’s the same as always. *kisses*

Asma: I’m going to move again. Gngh… mgh…! Ngh…!

Asma: Haah… haa… ah… Master… *kisses; thrusting*

Asma: Rather than doing it from behind, do you prefer our bodies pressed together like this? Hah… haa… you’re making more pleased noises compared to earlier. Hagh… ngh…!

Asma: Haha… mm? Are you about to come already? Haha, I don’t mind. Come as you please. Mm…! *kisses; thrusting* Nngh! *heroine orgasms*

Asma: Aah… hagh… you’re clenching so tightly around me as if saying you won’t let me go. Ungh… hagh…


Asma: Master, you are truly… lovable. You’re adorable and so I want to torment you. You’re dear and so I want to possess you. You’re precious and so I want to cage you in my arms for the rest of your life. It’s all your fault. *kisses; thrusting* Nngh… mm…!

Asma: Haa… hagh…! I’m also… going to come now. Mmgh… tell me where you want me to release, hehe.

Asma: Haha! Yes, I don’t mind at all. Hngh… inside you, yes? Mgh… gngh…!

Asma: Aah… gngh… kgh! Mgh! *he orgasms*

Asma: Haah… hagh… haa…

Asma: It would be nice if time could freeze like this. If this time, where even Ast is not here, could freeze for the rest of our lives. Well, stopping time is an easy task. Heh. If I do that, I would feel deeply apologetic to Ast though. Thus… before Ast returns, play some more together alone with me.

¹ He was making a reference to Animal Crossing LOL.

15 thoughts on “Sadistic Rulers

    madelide said:
    March 8, 2021 at 16:01

    Before I read the translation, I would like first to thank commissioner AquaBenten for requesting a parasitegarden work 😭😭😭😭 bless your heart (and wallet) May you have great fortune to come!

    Thank you Ili for taking this on, too! You’re heaven-sent. may whichever god available bless your ears (and wallet too) forever.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 9, 2021 at 14:21

      LMAO thank you, thank you! I hope you enjoy the translation too (and/or the tracks if you have this drama CD on hand).

    sisterjune said:
    March 8, 2021 at 14:00

    gosh i aint seen it. i only found 3 places that have drama cd translations and only this one is active regularly. pity and a shame. and it would be great to meet more people who like otome/situation cds. there’s plenty of communities for BL lovers (albeit the ones who listen to CDs are smaller since they are harder to get ahold of whereas manga is super easy to access) but otome cd fans are hard to find and most places i find are defunct/not been updated in yeaaars. rip. there’s one active tumblr i found but like her taste and mine differ alot lol. and she mainly focuses on doujins which, there’s some great otome doujin labels tbh but several of my fave labels are the big name ones so….should i just make my own otome cd blog lol. (its just…the Effort tho…)
    for some reason it wont let me reply with my gmail account today so whatever, time to dust off my old wordpress account i guess…

      Wendy said:
      March 9, 2021 at 07:49

      Actually, there’s another one I know that’s active regularly (criytl). I think only them and this blog are the ones I know that are?

        sisterjune said:
        March 9, 2021 at 13:43

        omg sis you saved my life (my wallet but same diff) ty so much. she has translations for several ones i was thinking of comissioning and now i can narrow down my list much more! (there’s still 3-4 im deciding between). but also she has a bunch for several big publisher series i was thinking about buying from and now i got a coupon from DLsite for a ton of those. the timing could NOT be better. i guess now its time to spend even more money lmao. at least i got until march 23rd to decide what i want. for anyone who is fans of otome cds i highly recommend hitting up dlsite regularly them deals cannot be beat. (she also has a translation for several of the hyouhen kareshi series i wanted done! tho i still need to buy the boss one. idc about Sadistic Boss’s usually but somehow pil-vamp makes even that cliche scenario fun. less fun, the only way to get it to the US without using a forwarding address service OR paying an insane shipping fee is thru CDJapan but that means no tokutens and still a 13 or so dollar shipping fee….that thats still cheaper than the other options. *sob* why do i always have to pick the weird niche hobbies…)

        sisterjune said:
        March 9, 2021 at 13:45

        i think i prefer Yume’s style over crytl’s but both are good (unlike a third person i wont name whose style is…no thank u) for anyone else interested in what this lady already has out: only one entry for the gastronomie series tho. and i was wanting to dip my toe into that. cause vampires are gr8 (tho idk about the whole Maid MC lol…not my first choice)

        sisterjune said:
        March 9, 2021 at 17:31

        right down the hole to hell~ haha. also active server? where? link! i found this the other day tho: (still isnt leaving comments about the actual sadistic rulers translation. im sorry for being like this Ilinox…)

        Ilinox responded:
        March 9, 2021 at 18:32

        So long as you two are enjoying yourselves it’s fine~ also, although it’s in Japanese, if you wanted a comprehensive wikipedia on R18 works then I recommend this one instead.

      sisterjune said:
      March 9, 2021 at 13:49

      CORRECTION: i meant thru /not/ cdjapan which doesnt carry any of the hyouhen kareshi stuff. i guess they are too wholesome for that haha. (pokedora isnt EITHER. smh!)

        Wendy said:
        March 9, 2021 at 14:55

        Deep down the hole we go, lol. Also, there’s an active server there too (which prob didn’t help with the spending). Every month I see my wallet crying :’)

    Tai K said:
    March 8, 2021 at 01:38

    yay u posted it! now i can read it and decide if i should buy it. (its on my wishlist atm). altho im not an M. i am a sucker for a good monster f*cker story and got a big soft spot for yandere stuff. always good for a guilty thrill. (speaking guilty thrills…you might be looking at having another hyouhen kareshi comission in ur future btw. two if i can get this other one to ship to me. why is it so hard to get physical otome cds. i wanted to buy it digitally but stupid DLsite doesnt have 3 of the most recent ones from the series. tho i can thank soundcloud for helping me round out my collection some. ty random people online!)
    btw reading ur kankinkon translations made me buy three from the series recently, rip my money. i havent bought the first two in the series yet and idk if i will cause while akira’s voice is A+++ i cant help but feel SO bad for that woman. like the end of part 2 of Touji’s story was literal nightmare fuel. forced pregnancy is def a horror trope as far as im concerned. hell pregnancy is horrifying in general IMO. so ya i cant handle how bad i feel for her. tho i take comfort in knowing she refuses to give him the thing he wants most for his entire life. (no i dont feel bad for him! but he’s def a very entertaining character, so i do get the appeal) i know technically the listener is the MC in these situation cds (right?) but uh lol i woulda had a panic attack and passed out immediately after not even 5 mins of the first CD as i have intense claustraphobia and sensory integration problems. it would be a very unsexy story. thankfully im not so nice as to be confused for an angel by even the most delusional of men lol. anyway on the bright side i do get to enjoy akira’s voice in that queen of hearts cd i got a while back from bitter princess label. i got the whole wonderland series but his is def the best one. the man is so theaterical and emotive. i love it! the way he switches from the two personas he’s playing in that one is so fun. i may or may not comission that one too, we’ll see how my wallet is feeling haha. (anyway he’s a fave now, keepin an eye out for his stuff). also there’s like 2-3 notable works from Dusk that u havent translated yet and it feels wrong somehow. (u got me hooked on setsuka’s stories dang it and u should take responsibility!). im sorry for how long this is and its not even about sadistic rulers….

      Wendy said:
      March 8, 2021 at 10:45

      Nice to see more fellow fans! Rip wallet but good purchases. Hehe. Touji’s storyline is my fav, definitely worth it (my good god I own so many hours of that man and mah god there is so much content, help)
      There’s gonna be a happy ending for him in the kankinkon vn, so I’m pretty curious how that’s gonna work considering, uh… everything that has happened.
      Random aside, but I remember there being a queen of hearts translation floating around somewhere.

        sisterjune said:
        March 8, 2021 at 14:01

        ugh wtf i was trying to reply to u…but it posted as a separate comment. smh!

      Ilinox responded:
      March 9, 2021 at 14:20

      I’m so glad that my brain has somehow not added collecting tokutens into my completionist tendencies, because that would be hell on my wallet and mind in general LOL. I don’t know how people buy two copies of things and it’s great that, in general, people are happy to trade tokutens for tokutens. But, for real, if you want tokutens then you have to go through the trouble of getting physical CDs for most everything (since they’re either attached to Animate or Stellaworth).

      Haha, I think the MC is whoever you want it to be, to be honest. Some people like to self-insert, some people like to pretend they’re just a floating observer over the MC’s shoulder, etc. There’s no “right” way to enjoy drama CDs!

      I’m surprised that I haven’t gotten around to those other Dusk works too but, when I’m in the middle of doing commissions, listening to things on my own time decreases because my ears get oversaturated with voices LOL it’s why I jump at the chance to do text translations because then I get to play music in the background, oops.

        sisterjune said:
        March 9, 2021 at 17:28

        yeah no i cant be bothered to go thru collecting tokutens esp when its not like i can just hop by the store and pick up a CD lol. (or i would~). the problem with DLsite is not only does it almost never include the benefits but also like they wont even pick up alot of CDs from certain brands/series until its p much out of print so it can be like…years of waiting. smh!
        I got lucky and found alot of the tokutens for hyouhen kareshi series on soundcloud (tho some of them just never had any tokutens for some reason, like the onii chan one. which is perhaps for the best. that one made me uncomfortable and that is rly hard to do. the bartender one was way more fun. no really lol. i mean like the yelling and the slut shaming that came off as moralistic and puritanical instead of just dirty talk…but like seriously, how dare he yell??? *still mad about it*. it was cool to see how much i was able to understand tho since crytl had a translation of it. tho she doesnt rly include the sound effects or scene breaks/skips so unless ur listening as u read its kind of disorienting tbh.) Also I feel u,i tend to prefer things i can do while multi tasking. (i cant listen to music while i read, but i can listen to a podcast while i cook or play video games haha)

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