Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 21 ~

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Chapter 21 ~ Third Game Pt.3 ~

Where did this godly nutcase come from?

Did he think he was God?

That person was still watching her.

Gu Yian raised her head and looked out the window.

There was no one on the balcony of the residential building in the distance, and most of its windows were closed.

Could there be someone in the residential building watching her through their window?

Gu Yian quickly closed the window and pulled the curtains shut without hesitation.


Gu Yian looked at her phone.

The screen displayed a newly received text message.

“You are the embodiment of my love and desire.”

Gu Yian looked at these words with indifference.

Several more seconds passed and the other person should have realized Gu Yian pulled the curtains shut.


A new text message arrived.

“Dear, don’t be afraid. I’ll come to save you at night.”

Gu Yian raised her eyebrows.

If she was to be afraid, the person she ought to be afraid of was this godly nutcase sending her spam messages!

Who wanted him to save her?

Him coming over was the worst situation.

Did he want to come over and do something bad like kidnapping?

A strong sense of danger descended on Gu Yian in an instant.

There was someone who would grope their way through the night for her.

Did he want to kill her?

Gu Yian couldn’t refrain from guessing this.

Things related to death always made people lose their reasoning.

Gu Yian looked at the text message screen and then took out her sage card again.

Regardless of whether or not this card could really give her calm, she tried to give herself a placebo right now.

She traced the line of the letters on the card.

For the moment, she calmed down.

First of all, she was in the third God’s Game right now.

God was watching them.

The new player hint of this game was that there were no coincidences in this world.

The players’ props that could attack ghosts couldn’t be used.

They were given the identities of investigators and entered an Investigation Bureau where the former investigators were almost all dead.

The majority of those investigator deaths were “accidents”.

It looked like what they had to do now, as players, was to find that person who kept creating accidents behind the scenes.

But what about the baffling appearance of this person who was sending text messages?

The phone system recognized this person as a stranger and even know his name, Liu Han.

Gu Yian had only appeared in this room for ten or so minutes.

That meant that this person had been spying on the Investigation Bureau the entire time, and so saw her right away.

From this point then, the “save” in Liu Han’s text that he sent her saying he would come to save her was the genuine meaning of saving someone.

That meant the Investigation Bureau wasn’t very safe.

Gu Yian looked at the position of the window that was covered by the curtains.

The curtains were thick and, once pulled shut, not even a ray of light could come through.

She thought that it was true since this place had a murder and the 50 or more workers in this office building all died in accidents. None of this could be connected to safety.

But she couldn’t do anything and, as players, they only had one choice at present. Follow Lu Zize and the others.

Gu Yian thought about this and her gaze unintentionally stopped on a camera.

It wasn’t the cameras.

The stranger, Liu Han, shouldn’t be looking at her through the cameras.

After she pulled the curtains shut, he basically stopped and up until now he hadn’t sent a new text message.

Gu Yian put away her phone and card.

The appearance of this Liu Han meant that what they had to do as players was definitely not just finding the mastermind behind the accidental deaths of those investigators.

They also had to do something else.

But as for what exactly that was Gu Yian didn’t have enough clues on hand currently, so she had no way to guess.

She glanced at the large boxes stacked against the wall and the standing bookcases before rolling up her sleeves.

Since she had few clues, then she would start looking for them now.

Gu Yian began rummaging through the large boxes.

The box at the very top contained sleeping bags.

These were things everyone would use at night.

Gu Yian took out all the sleeping bags and moved away the empty box at the top.

The new box on the next level kept bedding and looked very clean at first glance.

Gu Yian lifted it up and took a look inside.

She saw jet black bloodstains.

Gu Yian hesitated but, at the end, still carried the box down and opened the bedding inside.

The moment she opened the bedding she saw something small roll out in her line of sight.

The thing rolled too fast and Gu Yian couldn’t see it clearly.

She put down the bedding only to see that, at some point in time, there was an extra person in the room!

That person bent down and picked up the object on the ground.

After picking up the thing, he returned to his standing posture and looked at Gu Yian.

At the same time, Gu Yian also saw his face clearly.

This person had square-looking features and was tall. It happened to be the man called Brother Yong by Lu Zize and one of the two uniformed men that they met earlier.

When did he come here?

Why didn’t she hear any sound?

A hundred thoughts crossed Gu Yian’s mind as she let go of what was in her hands and took the initiative to step forward and greet him, “Senior.”

The man gave a casual nod and then asked, “Who let you move these?”

His question came fiercely and, with the addition of his features and stature, it instantly gave people a great sense of intimidation.

Gu Yian gripped her prop in her hand and showed a sheepish expression on her face. She explained, “I’m sorry, Senior, it was my own idea. I thought that it would be more comfortable at night with bedding.”

“Don’t move things that shouldn’t be moved.”

The man warned.

He glanced at the open box and the bedding that Gu Yian had just let go onto the box before ordering, “Put that back in.”

“Of course.”

She agreed quickly and her actions were also quick, stuffing the things back in two or three moves and closing the box again.

“Stand aside.”

The man walked up to Gu Yian and his tone was very impatient.

Gu Yian was eager to be further away from him and she immediately moved a few steps.

Following this, she watched as the man moved the box she had just closed onto the ground.

He copied Gu Yian’s previous actions and began to inspect the boxes one by one, even taking things outside of the boxes to check them.

Gu Yian stared at all his actions and also saw the things he focused on.

The man seemed to be particularly concerned about a case file and a notebook, but he placed all these back.

Looking at his actions, he seemed more like a player in this moment than Gu Yian.

After the last box was inspected, he closed the box lid and his line of sight unintentionally drifted to Gu Yian who was standing quietly at one side.

The man looked shocked and then quickly asked, “Why are you still here?”

Without waiting for Gu Yian to speak, he continued to say, “Just like a female ghost.”

This time his voice was a little quieter than before.

Seeing his reaction, if Gu Yian still couldn’t see that the man had been frightened by her, she would have lived all these years in vain.

She had no way to respond to his words.

If she wasn’t here, then where could she go?

Lu Zize said to let her rest here.

She didn’t dare to rashly go elsewhere.

Gu Yian maintained her silence.

The man had been frightened by Gu Yian and knew he lost face.

His tone wasn’t as angry as before and, instead, he stiffly asked, “What’s your name?”

Gu Yian didn’t care about the man’s tone and answered, “Gu Yian.”

She smoothly took out her work badge and hung it around her neck, so that this man could see the name on the badge.

He saw her actions but still used a harsh tone to say, “Wear your work badge when you’re working, but don’t wear it normally. There are some boring people who only like to find our contact information on the official website and send us trashy things every day.”

“Thank you for your reminder, Senior.”

Gu Yian thanked him and inwardly realized how that stranger, Liu Han, knew her contact information. He must have obtained it from the official website.

Was there individual contact information for investigators on the site?

She thought about this and then asked, “Senior, won’t our work clothes reveal that we’re investigators?”

The man stretched out a leg and kicked the box with the bloodstained bedding. Hearing Gu Yian’s question, although he was impatient he still replied, “Our work clothes are the same as law enforcement. They don’t dare to provoke the law enforcement team.”

Gu Yian understood. It turned out they were wearing the tiger’s pelt.

He added, “Don’t call me Senior or whatever. It sounds weird. Just be like Little Lu and call me Brother Yong. I should be older than everyone.”

Brother Yong hoisted that box full of bloodstained bedding onto his shoulder and said to Gu Yian, “Come downstairs with me and wash your hands. The last investigator who led me died after touching deadly poison from something.”

Deadly poison?

Gu Yian really hadn’t thought about this point.

Her last two games had ghosts and they had definite rules for killing people, not at all like poisoning and how impossibly hard it was to defend against that.

Brother Yong’s voice was very flat as he narrated, “My teacher had a habit of wetting his thumb with his tongue to look at documents. That day, he was looking at documents and sent his thumb to his mouth as usual. By the time we discovered him, his body had gone cold.”

He walked to the door and then turned his head to look at Gu Yian. “You aren’t coming?”

Gu Yian shook her head. “Brother Yong, I didn’t touch anything. I’m a bit tired from coming here today, so I want to rest for a while.”

Brother Yong coldly looked at her for some time.

“Up to you.”

No happiness or anger could be heard in his voice. “Either way, you all have to die after coming in. Dying sooner or later, it’s all the same.”

Carrying the box, Brother Yong disappeared through the door.

Gu Yian inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

Between trusting Lu Zize or Brother Yong, she chose to trust the former and stayed in the room to rest.

She also wasn’t certain whether or not her choice was correct.

Brother Yong’s earlier words sounded as if he was baring his soul, and he looked like a person who was firm in speech but soft in heart.

However, in the end, he only looked like that.

One could know someone’s face, but not their heart.

Both Brother Yong and Lu Zize could not be absolutely trusted.

Gu Yian relaxed and recalled Brother Yong’s movement when he left. She didn’t seem to hear any footsteps.

His footsteps were very, very quiet.

Perhaps Brother Yong especially trained to conceal himself.

The lights in the room were bright.

Gu Yian first found some bottled water and then tissue.

She dampened the tissue with water and then wiped her hands several times before throwing the tissue into an empty wastebasket.

Finding a clean spot on the ground, she placed her work clothes underneath her as a cushion and then sat down.

The multiple cameras in the room were working.

If she started going through things again, Brother Yong would probably come again.

An idea faintly formed in Gu Yian’s mind.

Was there no sex in this world?

She sat there idly, her thoughts gradually emptying.

Suddenly, noisy sounds came to Gu Yian’s ears.

It was the sound of messy footsteps and people talking.

Just as Gu Yian stood up she saw the clean and cool Lu Zize and the sorry states of the players, carrying small and large bags inside.

Compared to the nervous atmosphere earlier when they went out, they had a very harmonious air this time.

The players address towards Lu Zize also changed to Brother Lu, even though some of them looked to be entirely older than Lu Zize.

“Brother Lu, did you guys really squat outside the door for an entire night?”

Lu Zize patiently replied, “It’s true. We could hear all their actions.”

Several male players heard this and immediately revealed lewd smiles.

A few female players in the back looked at them with disgust.

Gu Yian couldn’t understand their conversation and she astutely sensed the distance between herself and the others.

Because she didn’t participate in the outing, she seemed to be excluded from the group.

However, Lu Zize paid attention to her at this moment.

He didn’t respond to the questions of the other players anymore and instead handed the things he was carrying to a player behind him before he walked to Gu Yian.

Lu Zize looked at the curtains behind her and asked, “Yian, you closed the curtains?”

Gu Yian skipped over his address and nodded.

She explained, “Someone was spying. He even sent me text messages, so I pulled the curtains shut.”

“He sent you text messages?”

Lu Zize’s questioning speed was a bit faster than his usual speaking speed.

It sounded as if he was feeling a little displeased right now.

Gu Yian noticed that Lu Zize’s focus was on someone sending text messages and not that someone was spying.

Did Lu Zize already know someone was spying on them?

She thought this inwardly but didn’t ask and nodded instead. “Yes, he sent several text messages.”

Lu Zize immediately said, “Let me see.”

His tone somewhat revealed his bad mood.

Gu Yian felt a bit surprised to hear this.

Based on Lu Zize’s previous behavior, his temperament was very gentle and he shouldn’t be like this.

Lu Zize saw Gu Yian’s expression and he adjusted his black-rimmed glasses before deliberately smiling.

He said gently, “I scared you, didn’t I? This isn’t about you alone and it concerns the face of all us investigators. Let me see the text messages he sent. If it’s a call for help, then we’ll investigate immediately. If it’s a deliberate disturbance, then we’ll contact law enforcement right away and have him be arrested.”

Could that person be arrested?

It was that serious?

Gu Yian still wasn’t clear about the rules of this world.

She disliked people sending her those sorts of text messages, but if they were simply sending text messages then it was their verbal addiction and it wasn’t to the point of needing to be arrested.

Of course, if that person really carried out his last text message and ran over to find her, then it was appropriate for him to be arrested.

Gu Yian inadvertently disagreed with Lu Zize but she still took out her phone, turned to the screen of those messages sent by the stranger, Liu Han, and handed it to Lu Zize.

“Senior Lu, can these text messages be used as evidence to arrest that person?” She asked.

Lu Zize’s eyes stopped on the screen.

The text messages laid there, one by one.

Lu Zize’s voice was calm enough to frighten people. “Yes, it’s enough to make him die.”

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