Maou Kankin ~ Ore-sama Yuusha ni Torawareta Onna Maou ~

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Cecil (セシル)
CV: 三重奏

Demon Queen Confinement ~ The Demon Queen Captured by the Arrogant Hero ~

You led a demon army as the female demon lord, lost in the final battle with the hero, and was seized into the hero’s castle.

When you woke, you were chained in just your underwear and the outrageously arrogant hero tried to threaten you into a relationship by saying, “I’ve been interested in you from a long time ago. If you become my woman, then I’ll let your cute underlings live.”

You refused to succumb to the hero’s hand, saying “Kill me and let my subordinates go”, but he replied with “I love you, so rather than doing something as disturbed as killing you… let’s do something better, yeah?” and forcibly kissed you.

In order to save the lives of your subordinates who adored you, you gave your body to the hero, emptying your mind and not feeling anything. The hero was amused by your attitude, commenting “You belong to me already, so let’s enjoy ourselves to the fullest”, and touched your body that had both hands restrained.

“I don’t have any intentions of letting you go at all,” the hero laughed loudly and did as he pleased.

When you tried to escape, you were discovered by the hero, who said “I’m going to make your body unable to leave mine”, and taught this to your body, which was intensely loved, testing out an incubus tool he bought from a dodgy black market merchant, and eventually you began to feel pleasure not only in your body but also in your heart.

Huge thank you to AquaBenten for this commission! I can’t get enough of Mie Kanade’s voice and this one is a great volume. R18 warning. You can grab this on JP DLsite or ENG DLsite.

Please note that I moved the 200 DL reward track to the bottom, because it’s more like a bad end and I didn’t want to disturb the flow of the rest of the tracks.

*** TRACK 1: Rather than doing something as disturbed as killing you, let’s do something better ***

*heroine struggling in chains; door opens*

Cecil: You’re finally awake. *closes door; approaches*

C: Haa… what a cruel thing to say at the reunion of two people who opposed each other.

C: You haven’t forgotten me, right?

C: Hehe, it’s not “Hero” but “The Hero”. Oh well, it looks like you do remember me.

C: I’ll give a good girl like you a reward. *kisses*

C: Gngh! Hey, hey, shoving me away is a pretty rough welcome. Don’t tell me you didn’t like your kiss reward?

C: Haha, why are you staring blankly at me like some kind of blushing virgin? O’ Demon Queen, who leads the demons. *heroine attacks; he pins her*

C: Haha! Don’t get so angry. It’s the first time I’ve brought back such a wild woman. You shouldn’t treat your master with that kind of attitude, right? *kisses ear* Hehe, mm…

C: What? You aren’t happy about your fetters? I had it made out of stones that render magic useless, and it’s exclusive to you. So, no matter how you try to remove them, it’s impossible for you.


C: Jeez, there’s a bruise on your legs. Come on, show me.

C: Haha. Glaring at me like that will only rile me up.

C: … At any rate, this is a nice view. You, the leader of the demon army, captured like this by me, the hero… *kisses ear*

C: If your lackeys, who idolize you, saw this, I wonder how they’d react. *kisses ear* Nngh…

C: Hey, do you know where this place is? And why you’re chained here.

C: If you can’t remember, I’ll tell you. You… lost to me, the hero, at our last battle.

C: Yeah, you used too much magic and you couldn’t protect yourself from the last attack. It would have been simple to deliver the final blow when you were on the verge of collapsing. Haha, but it’s boring to just kill you, right?


C: That’s why I invited you to my castle like this.

C: Hehe. You don’t like my hospitality? Haha, I think your appearance right now suits you though?

C: It’s very sensual… and to my liking.

C: Ah, I got distracted. After you lost consciousness, the demon army was subjugated all too soon. The demons were utterly crushed by us and the war ended. It’s all a “Happy Ever After” feeling.

C: Huh? My goal in bringing you here? Heh. Do you think there’s anything else other than me wanting you? Demon Queen. *kisses ear*

C: Haha, you don’t have to be so vigilant. I’ve been interested in you from a long time ago, hehe. *kisses ear* So, I thought about making you mine one of these days.

C: Huh? Oh? You don’t understand what I’m saying?

C: I’m telling you… what I want isn’t the power of demons, or the magic sword… but you yourself. Heh. Hey, become my woman. *blows against ear*


C: Hehe. *kisses ear* Haha, oh? You can still talk back in this situation, huh. That side of you makes me like you even more. *kisses ear*

C: Well, if you insist no matter what, then I can let you go from here.

C: Heh, but I wonder what you’ll think after hearing this? Hehe.

C: While you were unconscious, there were guests who came to visit you.

C: Well, right now, I’ve asked those guests to enter the dungeons of this castle. Those guys were idiots who only knew how to say, “Return the Demon Queen!”. Haha, such nice lackeys who worry about their master. Hehe.

C: Towards those who go against me, I normally send them all to—… a certain place, but if you become mine then I can overlook them.

C: Meaning what happens to your lackeys depends on you.

C: What are you going to do? If you become my woman, then I’ll let your cute underlings live.


C: Haha! Coward? Say whatever you want. This is a negotiation.

C: Well, you decide on what to do.

C: Heh. You see… I’m the type of person who’ll do anything in order to get what they want. A sensible person like you knows what the correct answer is, right? *kisses*

C: Mgh! Haha, don’t run. Even if you turn your face away, I’ll just do this… hehe. It’s easy to make you look this way again. There’s no way you can win against a man’s strength. *kisses* Hehe, mgh…

C: I won’t let you escape.

C: Huh? You’re not getting it. I wouldn’t do such a lame thing like kill you and release your lackeys. Heh, who would throw away the toy right before their own eyes that they worked so hard to get? Haha, if anything, you should beg more cutely. *kisses* Nngh… haha.


C: I love you, so… hehe, rather than doing something as disturbed as killing you… let’s do something better, yeah? *kisses*

C: Open your mouth, heh. *kisses* Fleeting kisses like these wouldn’t satisfy me, right? *kisses* Mm…

C: What’ll happen to your cute lackeys hangs on you, you know? *kisses* Nn… haha.

C: So? Being silent means our contract is approved, right?

C: Hm? You’ll be silent to this too? Heh. You’re pretty obedient, haha. What happened to your earlier might?


C: Well, I can read your mind.

C: For the most part, it’s some scheme to wait until I get bored, right?

C: Haa…

C: Regrettably for you, I don’t have any intentions of letting you go at all. Hehe.

C: It’s not bad seeing you close your eyes and endure like that, but I’m the type that gets fired up when I hear cries.

C: Well, at any rate… it’s worth seeing how long that attitude of yours can last. Heh. Sure, I’ll play your game… because you’re already mine.

C: Entertain me as much as you can. *kisses ear* Hehe. *kisses* Mmgh…

*** TRACK 2: Your heart, this body, everything will belong to me… ***


C: Hey, don’t struggle like that! Ggh! Jeez, I have no choice. *rummages through things* Let’s see… it should be around here…

C: Ah, got it.

C: Heh. *ties up heroine* If I bind your arms like this, you can’t struggle anymore, right?

C: Then, I’ll pin your hands above your head. *makes another tie* Hehe, you can’t hide anything now.

C: … This tempts my sadism, heh.

C: It feels good to look down on you, haha. *kisses*

C: Haha, oh, yeah, yeah, keep your tough act like that.

C: By the way, I thought this a long time ago, but you really do have a nice body, huh. Heh, it’s so sexy. *kisses*


C: Nngh… you turn quiet when you’re kissed. Saying no like you did earlier is alright, but make some noise. Mmgh… haha, I told you I get fired up like that, didn’t I? *kisses*

C: Hehe, your neck is red. Your skin is pale so it’s easy to see. *kisses* Nn…

C: How does it feel for the hateful hero to do whatever he wants with you… Demon Queen? Haha, I see. The worst, huh. Mm… it’s the first time a woman, who I’ve made advances on, said that to me, haha. Funny. Normal women are overjoyed when they receive my affections.

C: No? At this point, women who listen to whatever I say are boring.

C: I… want you. *kisses ear* Nngh…

C: Haha. Just now, you nearly made a noise, didn’t you? Mmgh… ngh…

C: Oh. Are you trying to escape by turning your head away? Hehe. That means I can do whatever I want with your ear then, yeah? *kisses ear* Nrgh… mm…


C: Haha, don’t tell me… for my sake… you’re making it easier to lick your ear? Haha, keeping your head turned away means you want me to do more, right? Hehe. Mmgh… gngh…

C: Oh! Haha, I don’t think I’m wrong though. You’re breathing rougher than earlier. Heh. It feels good when your ears are sucked, right? *kisses*

C: Next… I’ll do your other side. *kisses ear* Nrgh… hngh…

C: Haha, in fact, your ears are sensitive, right? Hehe. I can tell from your reactions, haha. Mm… ngh…

C: Haa… come on, don’t hold back and let out your voice. If you’re going to resist still, then I’m just going to play with you more. Nngh… mgh…

C: Come on. Look this way.

C: Hehe. You’re really stubborn, mm. I get turned on by that too though.


C: Hey, did you forget what I said earlier?

C: Haha. With this attitude, tomorrow your lackeys will—*heroine reacts* Haha, you’re finally looking this way. *kisses*

C: Haa… hah… Oh? You’re wrapping your tongue around mine too. *kisses* Heh, are you in the mood too now?

C: Hah! So, you’re a woman that’ll kiss anyone when she’s threatened? That’s not true, right?

C: Hehe. If I’m going to do it, then do it quick…? Don’t say things that lack any mood. If it’s going to happen either way, then you want to properly feel good, don’t you? It’s not like my goal is your body only, heh. *kisses*

C: I told you I want to make everything about you mine. *kisses* Nn… I’ve been saying it since earlier. Are you listening? Your heart, this body… everything will belong to me… *kisses* Mmgh… ngh…


C: Oh! Haha, just now… your body jerked a little, didn’t it?

C: What are you lying for? Even if you try to dodge the question, I’m touching your body directly like this… so obviously I can tell.

C: If it felt good… I’ll do it more. *kisses* Nngh…

C: Mgh! Haha, stop struggling like that. Did you forget your fetters? Nn… mm…

C: It’s not like I want to hurt you. Just be honest about feeling my fingers… *strokes heroine*

C: Seriously, you have a slender body. It’s amazing you’re able to stand equal to me like this.

C: Heh, what was with that reaction? I’m complimenting you. I mean that’s how great you are, heh. *kisses*

C: Well, who cares about this unattractive topic. *kisses ear* Mm…


C: Right now, let’s do something better. Nngh… ah…

C: Hehe. Since earlier, every time I caress your body… you jump, don’t you? Mm, like this… when I stroke your spine down to your hips… you shiver, right? *kisses*

C: Bending your back like that… Did it feel that good? *kisses* Haha, me too. I love touching your skin. Aah…

C: I’ll caress your body more… and pull out the pleasure from within you. *kisses* Mm…

C: Haha, you’re starting to look aroused. Could it be that you want me to touch you more now?

C: Heh, I’m telling you, I’m not a man who can’t keep calm. Let’s enjoy ourselves slowly. Nngh… *kisses*


C: Your body hasn’t been touched like this before?

C: I’ll teach you about slow pleasure. Heh, I’ll sleep with you in a way that’s different from all the men you’ve had up until now. *kisses* Mmgh…

C: Haah… haha…

C: When I touch these all over again, your breasts are pretty amazing. Rather than saying they’re big… can you tell when I dig my fingers into them?

C: Haha, I’m only doing this above your underwear, but that’s a nice reaction. *kisses* Nn…

C: Hehe, dummy, there’s no way I won’t look. Haha. Show me everything. Nngh… mm…! *kisses*

C: Well, there’s no way… I’m only going to look.


C: Despite being a demon queen, your body isn’t that different from a human. Mngh…

C: Hey, demons have erogenous zones too, right?

C: Are the sensitive spots in the same places? I’ll take my time investigating this. *kisses* Hehe, mm…

C: Like this… when I rub them gently and shake them side to side, ngh… Haha, they sway so much.

C: Hey, don’t look so disgusted. All men are weak to this swaying. *kisses* Nrgh…

C: Mm. Oh? Considering how cocksure you were earlier, you’re actually turned on.

C: Hm? You’re desperately denying it but, haha, this place… is legitimately hard, isn’t it? Haha. Those are some sensitive nipples. So, it feels good even through cloth.

C: Your underwear suits you though and removing them right away would be a waste, huh.

C: Heh, do you want to try it like this? Like pinching them…

C: Haha, oh? What a nice reaction, hehe. I’ll do it more. Mmgh…


C: Hey, how is it? Does it feel good?

C: Haha! The demon queen wouldn’t say it that easily, huh. I’ll do this side together too, hehe. Aah…

C: Hey, it feels pretty good even through your underwear, right?

C: But it’s about time I properly touch you, so… I’ll just slide one strap down a little. Hehe, I can see a cute pink color. I’m about to see everything soon… but is that okay with you?

C: Ah-ah, I can see everything. Hehe. It looks delicious. *kisses*

C: This color… also tempts me. Nngh… mgh…

C: Hehe, your nipples are such a pretty color. *blows air*

C: Heh, you felt pleasure just from getting air blown on you. Demon Queen, you’re so lewd, haha. You’re about to start making noises, aren’t you? How about if I do this?

C: Ngh, haha. Irresistible! I’ll do more. Nngh… mm…! *sucking*

C: When I slowly trace around your nipple… hehe, the tip trembles so much. Nrgh… ah… take a good look at me using my tongue on you. Because I’ll make you feel good. Mmrgh…


C: Your nipple is so hard. Nrgh… every time I lick it, it just gets harder. Mm…

C: When I suck on it, haha, your body twitches and reacts so much. Mrgh… ngh…

C: Hah? Don’t avert your eyes. It turns you on to see yourself getting tasted, right?

C: Oh? Your body is this aroused, but you still won’t make any noise. Nngh… your nipples are this swollen too. Gngh…

C: Haha, guess this is to be expected of the Demon Queen? Hehe, mngh…

C: Hrm? What? Haha, are you begging me to lick the other one?

C: Heh. *kisses* Sure. I’ll taste this side this time. Mmgh… ngh…

C: How is it? Mrgh… this is the first time a human man is tasting you here, right? So, ngh, I thought I’d ask you for your impression.

C: So? Mm, how is it? Nrgh… mgh…!


C: Haha, when I see the reaction of this nipple, I suppose I don’t need to ask. Mmgh… ngh…

C: Heh… ah… Demon Queen, do you like it when I prod you with my tongue or… nrgh, when I lick you?

C: Haha, you know I won’t listen to your “no”s at this point in time, right? Heh.

C: If you can’t choose, then I’ll do both until you’re satisfied. Mm… gngh…

C: Haa… hah… it’s about time for me to touch you down here too.

C: Nngh, heh, what’s this? You’re legitimately feeling it down here too, haven’t you? Heh, you’re clearly wet even though I’m touching you through your underwear.

C: Despite saying you don’t want this with your mouth, you were actually this wet? *kisses* Nngh… mm…

C: Ggh! Hey, don’t run.

C: Heh, there’s nowhere to escape at this stage so don’t think about pointless things. Haha. *kisses*


C: Haah… look, right? Your breathing is so rough just from a kiss.

C: You’re really feeling pleasure, right?

C: Heh, still denying it? You really are interesting. But… it’s about time for you to be honest. Nngh, haha, your underwear’s already soaked.

C: You wanted me to touch you here all this time, right? Jeez, haha, what a wanton demon queen.

C: I’m going to take this off.

C: *heroine struggles* Ggh! *rips it off* Hey! Hah… your underwear tore because you were struggling. Tsk, whatever. Next time, I’ll prepare ones that I like.

C: Now, open your legs. If you keep them closed like that, it’ll be hard for me to touch you.

C: … Heh, if you won’t listen to me, then do your lackeys need to be punished?

C: Haha. That’s right. You can do it obediently, can’t you? Heh. If you resist too much, it’ll be annoying.

C: I’m going to touch this place directly. Mmgh…

C: Aah, you’re drenched. How come you’re like this? Hehe. Honestly, you’re too wet, aren’t you? Nngh.


C: Look, you’re so wet… ngh… my finger is gradually going in. Haha. You’re so sexy, hehe.

C: Haa… it’s sopping inside your pussy, isn’t it?

C: Whenever I move my finger, it squelches. What a lewd noise. Nngh… haha… I’ll make your ear feel good while I’m playing with your pussy. *kisses ear* Mmgh…

C: Haha, I want to hurry up and fuck you deeply with my cock. Mgh, haha, I think you clenched just now?

C: Nrgh, hehe, what did you imagine? Do you want to be slammed into soon too? I… don’t dislike lewd women like you. Mrgh… ngh… *kisses*

C: Look, can you see my fingers? It’s so wet with your juices. *licks fingers* Mm… gngh…

C: Hah? What are you shocked about? I’m just licking my fingers.

C: Haha, it tastes of you. Your face is red, hehe. *kisses*

C: Seriously, you’re so cute. Nngh…

C: Now then… *kisses down*


C: Hey, I’ll do something even better. Mrgh… ngh…

C: Haha, I finally heard your sweet voice. Nrgh… it’s restrained, but it’s a cute voice. Let me hear more. *gives oral*

C: Nrgh… haa… hagh…

C: Don’t hold back and make some noise. Mrgh… hah… obviously, you’ll feel pleasure that way. Gngh… ngh…

C: Hrm? What?

C: I can’t hear you. Nrgh… say it clearly.

C: Aah… mrgh… mm? You’re about to come? Oh? Ngh… mngh…

C: Cry out lots in pleasure, mrgh, and come hard. Haa… haha, you’ve never had a right to refuse from the beginning. Enough already, come. Nngh… mgh…


C: Nrgh… gngh… mgh! *heroine orgasms*

C: Haa… hah…

C: Haha, looks like you properly came. *kisses*

C: Did it feel good?

C: Mm, it’s still early to let go of your lackeys, right? Heh, entertain me more. Besides, it doesn’t look like you’re satisfied so I’ll make you feel even more pleasure next time.

C: Haha, what are you saying? There’s no way I’d let you go home after you’re the only one who came. I’m not satisfied at all and I told you I don’t have any intentions on letting you go in the first place.

C: Well, it’s also a waste to taste everything at the beginning, right? *kisses ear*

C: I’m the type who leaves their favorite food for last, you know?

C: Ggh! Hey, hey, I told you not to struggle! Haha, look forward to this every day, Demon Queen. Hehe. *kisses*

*** TRACK 3: Your body can’t do anything without me now ***

*heroine walking at night*

C: Oh? What are you doing here at such a late night?

C: From your appearance, it doesn’t look like you’re sneaking into my room to make love. *comes over; grabs heroine* Don’t tell me you were trying to escape?

C: … You’re still that energetic?

C: You seemed to have lost the will to resist, so I thought I’d remove your fetters. But it doesn’t look like I can do that.

C: Haa… Do you understand your position?

C: Looks like I have no choice. Come here. Quit it, I told you to come! *drags heroine*

*scene skip; Cecil pins heroine down, kisses*

C: Nngh… mm…!

C: Ggh! Hey, don’t struggle! Mrgh… ngh…

C: You don’t seem to understand your position.

C: Haa… plus, your body can’t leave mine now. *kisses* Nn… mngh…


C: Heh, that’s a nice look on your face after I just lick your ear. Also… *kisses* nrgh…

C: See? It feels extremely nice to kiss me, right?

C: Haha, I know. Your face goes slack with pleasure from just this, so you can’t run from me anymore. *kisses* Mm…

C: *blows air* Hehe, I’ll have to punish you today. I’ll love you more roughly than usual.

C: What? Did you react to the word “punish”? Hehe. Could it be you’re looking forward to it?

C: I don’t know if you’ve noticed this yourself, but you’re steadily becoming more and more lewd. *kisses ear* Nngh…


C: You reject me with your mouth, but you actually want to be touched by me, right? Haha. Look, I only brushed the tips of your breasts and you’re moaning.

C: At the beginning, you used to be so against making any noise. *kisses ear* Mm…

C: Ah! Could it be that your earlier attempt to escape was because you felt you would get addicted if you had any more sex with me?

C: Hehe, oh? You have a surprising cute side. But don’t get the wrong idea about escaping. *kisses ear* Nngh… mm…

C: Haha, I told you, didn’t I? That your body can’t do anything without me now. I touch you every day, so I can see through to where you feel pleasure.

C: Yeah, yeah, jeez, you aren’t honest at all. If you don’t want to be tied up, then be good.

C: Heh, the place I’m touching is quickly getting hotter. Your body seems to remember what always happens to it. Mngh, look, when I slowly stroke your breasts around here… You love it, don’t you?


C: Haha, what a nice reaction. *kisses ear* Nn…

C: You also love it when I fuck your ear with my tongue at the same time, right? Mngh… nrgh…

C: Oh! Your voice really is too cute, haha. Let me hear more. Mm…

C: I’m going to take your clothes off. Show me clearly where you’re feeling good.

C: Haha, you don’t hate this, right? In truth, you want to be stared at by me, right? Hehe.

C: Your skin is so pretty. But… it’s not enough for you if I just look, right? Mmgh… ngh…

C: Nngh… hah… your cute pink nipples seem to have gotten even more sensitive. Mm…

C: When I wet it with my saliva, ngh, and rub it with my tongue… it feels good, right? Haha, your voice is leaking out.


C: Touch the other one yourself. Mngh…

C: Haha, there’s no way you can’t do it, right? Nrgh… mm…

C: If you can’t do it, then I’ll get rid of one of your lackeys. Is that OK? Haha, so the Demon Queen needs an excuse to be honest, huh. You use that to your own advantage to cunningly feel some pleasure, heh.

C: Come on, touch yourself now… like way I usually do.

C: Hehe. What a nice view. Don’t glare at me and concentrate on touching your breast. I’ll taste this one. Nngh… mm…

C: Haha! Aren’t you getting really into touching yourself?

C: It’s really worth it to tease you. You refuse me on the surface, but you’re always in so much pleasure. Mrgh… hngh…

C: And here? Are you already wet?


C: Gngh, I knew it, you’re already drenched.

C: How sexy are you to be this soaked? *kisses*

C: You’ve been pushing your waist into my leg this entire time, haven’t you? I could tell. Did you want me to touch you soon that badly?

C: Really? Aren’t you twitching down here, asking me to touch your clitoris?

C: Heh, as you wish, I’ll do it.

C: Mmgh… hey, do you want me to go inside too? Haha. *kisses*

C: Nn, I’m going to put my finger in, alright? Mngh… ah…

C: It goes in so easily now. Gngh… every time I swirl my finger around, juices come pouring out. Even the palm of my hand is wet. So fucking hot. Ngh… hah… I’m moving it so hard all of a sudden, but you’re still feeling pleasure, aren’t you?


C: You’re feeling much more pleasure than usual today. You like being punished, don’t you? Hehe. *kisses*

C: Open your mouth. *kisses* Nngh… mgh…!

C: I’ll touch your pussy, so play with your nipples yourself and feel good. Gngh… hah…

C: Give me your hand. I’ll lick your fingers and get them wet. *sucks on fingers*

C: See? You’ll feel even better with this, right? Hehe. It’s irresistible how you’re in pleasure with furrowed brows. You’re moving your hips… Are you begging? Haha, I’ll move right now so hold on.

C: You like it… deep inside here, right? Mgh… hah… *kisses ear*

C: Your voice and these sounds really echo. Someone might enter this room after hearing your voice… and you might be seen in this embarrassing state of pleasure.

C: Haha! You’re panicking too much. Hehe. Don’t imagine it and feel good, haha. Despite being a Demon Queen, you get turned on by these words… So wanton. Hey, should I show your lackeys this sight?


C: Heh, stupid, I’m kidding. As if I would show others this cute appearance of yours. *kisses ear*

C: Hey, with the hand that’s touching your breast, touch this place this time. *grabs hand*

C: Don’t draw your hand back. Be sure to stroke it.

C: Because of how sexy you are, my cock is also rock hard. Nngh…

C: Hey, it’s hard, right?

C: Even you want it by now, right?

C: *removes pants* Haa… shit, you’re reacting too much, aren’t you?

C: Hey, I’m pretty large among humans, but are demons even bigger?

C: Heh, come on, now that we’re here just tell me. I’m curious. Well, then again… you’re always exhausted after I’m done. So, that means you’re satisfied with me, right? I don’t lose out to demons, right?

C: I’ll tease you lots with my cock inside you.


C: You want something thicker than fingers inside you, don’t you?

C: … What, if you don’t say anything then I won’t put it in. Are you OK with that?

C: You really don’t want it? Because, haha… look, ngh… when I only stroke against your drenched pussy with my cock… your entrance is twitching and making lewd noises. Gngh… ah… *kisses ear*

C: Haha, you want this, don’t you? I won’t understand unless you say it. Ah, or do you want an excuse like usual?

C: Heh… then, if you become mine, I’ll give you half of the world. So, beg for me yourself. *kisses*

C: Hahaha. Got it. Be prepared. Nngh! *inserts himself* Aah… nrgh… tight…!

C: Haa… hagh… don’t tell me you came lightly? Grgh… hah…

C: You’re convulsing so much inside, mgh… Haha, if I don’t watch myself, I feel like I’ll release. I’ll move slowly at the beginning, yeah? *thrusting*

C: Mgh, haha, what a loud voice.

C: Hey, does my cock feel good? Hehe, it’s so good you can’t respond? Haha, this isn’t a punishment but a reward now, isn’t it? *kisses ear* Mmgh… nrgh…


C: You’re wrapped around me so tightly down here, ungh…! When I rub circles with my tip like this, it feels good, doesn’t it? Nngh… mrgh…

C: I can’t stop my hips. Every time I push in and pull out, there’s squelching sounds and it’s so lewd. Hngh… mm…

C: Mngh? Haha, what is it? Do you really want me to stop?

C: If you insist, then I’ll pull out this cock you love so much… mgh…

C: Haha! Your hole is twitching so much after I pulled out. Nrgh… when I trace it with my finger—haha, why are you jumping?

C: Hehe, this place itches and feels empty, doesn’t it? Right now, if you beg again, then I’ll thrust into you even harder than before.

C: Come on, say you want this. *kisses ear* Nngh…

C: Say it. Mm…

C: Hehe, saying it as an order is just like you. *kisses ear* Haha, I guess that’s as good as I’ll get, so I’ll put it in. Mgh! Gngh! Haha, that was nice just now. Nngh… call me large again. Mngh… hah… this got postponed once, so I’m even harder than earlier, right? *kisses; thrusting*


C: It turns me on so fucking much when you beg me. Grgh… ngh…! I don’t think I’m going to last long, so I’ll be speeding up my movements. Mgh… hah… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

C: Haa… hah…! You feel so good I can’t think about anything but moving my hips right now. Nrgh… mngh…!

C: Hagh… haah… I saved the world and got a bunch of things. Mrgh… ngh… but you’re the best out of all of them. Nrgh… hagh…! You also can’t live without me anymore, right? Mgh… mrgh…!

C: *stops* Haa… hah… hey, do you love me?

C: What the heck? You aren’t honest at all. Then, I’ll change my wording. Do you love… my cock?


C: Well, you’ve engulfed me this tightly so I won’t let you say you hate it. Ngh! *thrusting; kisses*

C: Mgh… gngh…! Hah… hah… shit, I’m about to come…! Hagh… haa…! You? Ngh, mgh…! You’re going to as well? Let’s come together then. Mmgh! *kisses*

C: Stick out your tongue. Yeah, like that. Mmgh! Ngh! *kisses; thrusting* Feels so good… ngh…!

C: Haah… hah…! Hey, ngh, say you love me. Mrgh…! I… really… do love you. Ngh… mgh…! Ggh!

C: Ggh… hah… hagh…! I’m going… to come…! Hah… haah…! I’m coming… ngh…! Kgh! *he orgasms*


C: Haa… hah… *kisses* ah… that felt so good. *kisses*

C: Hey, become mine… not just in body… but also with your heart. *kisses* Heh. *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: I want to make you a mess so bad ***

C: Hey, I’m going to close the door, so hurry up and come inside.

C: … What do you mean what? Is there anything else to do except for entering the bathroom? Come on, get over here quick and take off your clothes.

C: *closes door; grabs heroine* Hey, don’t run. Are you shy? Heh. Surprisingly, you have a girlish side.

C: Haha, what are you embarrassed about at this time? You should be used to both of us being naked, right? Hehe, you’re bright red. Honestly, you’re so interesting.

C: Don’t struggle right now. I’m going to take this off. *removes chain*

C: What are you shocked about? It’ll get in the way when we take a bath, so I just removed the fetters. It’s not like I’m planning on letting you escape though.

C: If you plan to escape… *kisses ear* ngh… I’ll do this… and take your underwear, so you can’t go out anymore, right? Well, if you insist on escaping in this state, then I’ll happily chase after you. Heh. In exchange, the penalty for being caught would be to have sex to my heart’s content. Haha.


C: Ah, that reminds me, more importantly, there’s something I want to test today. Let’s see… it was over here… ah, here!

C: Do you know this? An aroma that succubi and incubi use. If I recall correctly, it’s supposed to have the effect of revealing one’s true emotions…

C: This? Haha, I obtained it the other day in the black market. Sounds interesting, right?

C: Hey, let’s use it together. Hehe. *opens bottle; lights oil*

C: Hm… *inhales* Oh? It smells pretty good. *approaches* Come on, you smell it too.

C: Heh. Right? It’s a nice fragrance. *inhales*

C: Now, let’s get into the bath.

C: First, I’ll wash your body, so come closer. *pours water* Haha, why are you so stiff? Are you nervous? *lathering soap*


C: Hah… you’re quite relaxed now. Hey, does this feel good?

C: Heh, oh? You’re more honest than usual today. Plus, your heartbeat is really fast, you know? Are you feeling butterflies?

C: Haha, come to think of it, I do feel like my body’s getting hotter.

C: Oh? So an incubus tool takes effect this quickly, huh. Nngh… haha… I’ll also attribute how quickly you’re losing control to the aroma. Hey, have you used this before?

C: You haven’t? You don’t know what’s going to happen either then. Haha, oh, I’m going to look forward to that. I told you earlier that this aroma is supposed to reveal one’s true emotions, right? Hehe, looks like it’s going to be interesting testing out various things from here… *kisses*

C: You’re a little interested too, aren’t you?

C: Haha, it’s seriously amusing how you’re more honest than usual. Hehe, come on, don’t move so much. I’ll wash you properly, mgh…


C: Your body is soft and it feels so comfortable to touch. Haa… you too, right? Being seen by me, being touched by me… feels nice, doesn’t it?

C: Haha! The destructive energy of your honesty is crazy. *kisses* Mmgh! Ngh…!

C: Hey, nrgh, don’t stir me up like that. Haha, mm, yeah, yeah… You’re not conscious of it? *kisses* Nngh… hngh…

C: Next time you take a bath, remember to call me. I’ll wash your body each time. *kisses ear* Mm…

C: Well, it’ll come with the bonus of being pleasurable though. Hehe, not bad, right?

C: Huh? What are you saying tickles? Bear with it a little. Haha, it’s that look of pleasure with furrowed brows.

C: Come on, don’t make that face. Look over here. *kisses*


C: Hehe, your voice is coming out already. Mm… ngh…

C: Both of our bodies are slippery, mrgh… so when we rub against each other like this, gngh… it feels good. Aah… haha… *kisses*

C: By the way, you’ve been clinging to me since earlier… and breathing erotically. Have you noticed yourself? *kisses* Nngh…

C: Haha, if it feels that good, then I’ll give you more. *kisses* Mmrgh…

C: Hrgh… every time we move our bodies, I can hear a lewd noise. Ungh, it turns me on so much. Nrgh… mm…

C: Nrgh, look… haha… mgh…


C: Hey, aren’t you completely aroused? You want it so badly you can’t resist anymore, right? Nngh…

C: … Uh, what are you staring at me in silence for? Plus, your eyes are so misty… gngh… that’s not playing fair! *kisses ear* Nrgh… mngh…!

C: Woah! *catches heroine* What, you can’t stand? Haha, sit on that edge there then.

C: Hehe, jeez… How much pleasure were you feeling to not be able to stand?

C: But that expression… is so cute. I want to fuck you so hard. Gngh, this aroma is really effective, huh.

C: Haah… me too… I’m in a pretty bad state. Haa… hah… just touching you isn’t enough now. *kisses* Mm… ngh…


C: I’ll do more. *pours water*

C: From here, I’ll lavish the tips of your breasts as much as I can with my tongue. Earlier, when I was touching them with my slippery fingers, they grew hard, didn’t they? Hehe. Mm… ngh…

C: Gngh! Hey, don’t run. Today, I’m going to taste you until you’re satisfied. Nrgh… mgh…!

C: Haha, actually, I can’t help but want to taste you. Mrgh… ngh…

C: Haa… haha… make some more noise. You can be honest today, right? Mmgh…


C: Next… I’ll taste the other side. Mngh… hah…

C: Ngh, mm… Haha, when I suck hard, you jump… nrgh…

C: Haa… hagh… does it feel good? Hngh, haha, I’ll pinch the other one with my fingers. Mm… nrgh…

C: Ggh! Ngh! Haha, looks like you’re feeling this more than usual. It’s about time… for me to touch this place. Ungh… oh, haha, your pussy is so wet.

C: Is your body honest because of the aroma? Mm…


C: The noise echoes, ngh, so every time I touch you… I can really tell how it squelches, haha. You can hear it too, can’t you? Mmgh…

C: Hehe, even if you tell me not to listen to it, I can’t help but hear it… the sound of you being lewd. Haha, oh? Hey, did you get excited from hearing yourself?

C: Aah… the Demon Queen is this wanton, huh. *kisses*

C: Hehe, like this, my fingers can slip inside smoothly without stretching you. Nngh… look, can you see my fingers entering you? Mm…

C: It’s going in slowly… ungh… and once I reach as deep as I can go… then I’ll pull them out slowly… When I continue doing this, your clitoris twitches. Mmgh… hah…


C: Haa… haah… show me this sexy place of yours closer.

C: Ah… haha! It’s drenched! This isn’t wet from the soap, right? Hehe, after all… when I pull out my fingers, ngh, there’s a sticky thread and it’s so fucking sexy, haha.

C: Haha, when I kiss your inner thigh, your hips jerk.

C: Hey, Demon Queen, do you want to feel more pleasure?

C: … Heh. What’s with that expectant look? Haha! I’ll caress you inside while licking you.

C: Spread your legs more, so it’s easier for me to eat you. Huh? Don’t you want to feel better?

C: Hehe, ah… I can see your embarrassing place in full view. Haha, are you spilling so much erotic juice from being stared at by me, the hero? You’re a pervert. Heh.

C: Tell me what you want me to do next.


C: Come on, hurry up and say it. What do you want me to do?

C: … Heh… haha! Hey, hey, it’s not “Lick me” but “Please lick me”, right? If you don’t say it properly, then I won’t do it.

C: Come on, say it.

C: … Haha, uwah, I felt a shiver just now. Ggh, that was irresistible, haha. Well done. I’ll lick you while touching you. Nngh… mmgh…!

C: Nrgh… ravishing you inside with my fingers… and tracing your clit with my tongue, hrgh… mm… The sound of my saliva and your juices mixing, ngh, is sexy. Mrgh… ngh…

C: Gngh, haha, juices are flowing out from your lewd hole. Ngh, I can see everything. Mngh… ungh…

C: Haha, it’s not stopping at all. Mmgh… nrgh…


C: Hrgh. when your clit… is sucked too, it feels good, right? Mmgh…

C: Gngh! Hey, don’t avert your eyes and take a good look. In spite of being a demon queen, you’re letting a human like me do whatever they want to your precious hole. Nnrgh… mgh…

C: Haha, ngh… mm…! Haha, as if I’d stop. Haha, mgh, I’ll hold your hips down so you don’t move them away. Nngh… I’m going to be rougher. Grgh… mrgh…!

C: Your voice is more amazing than usual, ungh… It’s incomparable to how you were when you were first brought here. Mm…

C: Yeah, that’s right, it’s because I used a weird aroma. Nrgh… hah… but, you see, this thing reveals someone’s true emotions. So, doesn’t it mean moaning with this voice is your true feelings?

C: Hey, come here. This time it’s my turn. Wash me clean.

C: Haa… hah… give me your hand, I’ll lather it with soap.


C: Try washing me like how I did to you earlier. Nn…

C: Haha… yeah, like that.

C: Your hands falter a lot, but it’s not bad. Mngh… haah…

C: It’s such a luxury to get my body washed by the demon queen. Heh, I want to show your lackeys this.

C: Haha! I wouldn’t actually show them. Gngh… ah…

C: Huh? What? Oh… ah, this? It’s the scar you gave me. You don’t remember?

C: Heh, what the heck, you don’t remember? Every time I see this scar, I think about you nostalgically too, haha. During our first battle, my companions were about to take your attack. So, I threw my body in front of them to protect them. That’s why this is like a medal of honor.


C: You know, you’re the first to leave a scar on my body.

C: Haha, then… it should be alright for me to leave a mark on your body too, right? *sucks on neck* Nngh…

C: Mm, don’t run. I’ll make a lot of marks in visible places. Nrgh… mgh…

C: Heh, your body is covered in hickeys. *kisses*

C: You’ve been marked a lot this time. Haha, you’re already mine now, aren’t you?


C: Haha! Despite how much of the aroma is at work, you still won’t admit that? Hehe, jeez, you don’t know when to give up. Mmgh! *kisses*

C: Haa… hehe, but it’s about time I make you understand… just who you belong to. Hey, your hands stopped. Come on, this place… the place that always make you feel good… you have to wash it properly too. Haha, of course. Grab my cock firmly in your hand… and make it clean.

C: Mgh… ah… at the start, move your hand up and down slowly.

C: Gngh, don’t grip it too hard. Mmgh… hah… men are sensitive here, so treat it more carefully. Hngh… try making me feel good.

C: Aah, haha, be sure to wash the tip more. Ngh… hagh… Feels good… nrgh…

C: Haah… haa… hey, try putting your saliva on my cock. Mgh… hah… is it easier to move your hand compared to earlier?

C: Ungh… hagh… nice. It feels pretty good. Gngh… do you want this in you soon? Nrgh…


C: Heh, what’s with that look? It grew big because of your stroking, so take responsibility. Ah, but before that, there’s more to be done.

C: Hey, you know what you should do, right?

C: Hehe, this time… make me feel good with your mouth, not your hand. *pours water to clear soap* Come on, hurry up. Suck my cock.

C: Mrgh… ngh… ah…

C: Haha, you’re pretty good. Gngh… but use your tongue more, mgh, and try wrapping it around me. Mm, while you’re moving up and down, ngh, trace the underside with your tongue… mngh… When you move to the top, put some more strength in like you’re sucking, ah… Haha, just like that.

C: Haah… haa… your tongue is soft and so nice. Nrgh… haha, even though you’re against this, you’re swallowing me pretty desperately, aren’t you? Hey, hehe, you love this, don’t you? Hey, why did you remove your mouth? Don’t stop without my permission.


C: Hurry up and swallow it. If you don’t, then I’ll force your mouth open.

C: Mmgh… ungh…! Come on, ngh, you can take me in deeper, can’t you? This is your favorite cock, after all, mgh! Gngh… ah…

C: Yeah, like that. Hehe, aren’t you good? Nrgh… mrgh…

C: I’ll pet your head, so suck me off just a bit longer. Mmgh… haha…

C: Haa… haah… this is fantastic. I feel like I’m going to come right away. Mgh…

C: What? Are you curious about if I’m feeling pleasure?

C: Heh. Yeah, yeah, I know. Well, just by having you engulf me, I’m pretty turned on. Ngh… ah…

C: You can tell that I’m harder than before, right? Heh, I’m feeling this, so don’t worry. Mngh… hagh…

C: Haa… shit, I can’t hold back anymore.

C: Come here. Haah… haa… I can’t take it anymore. I have to thrust this into you no matter what. Nrgh… haha, you too, right? You don’t seem like you can hold on either.

C: Hngh… hah… you were so aroused while sucking me that it’s this sticky. Nrgh, haha, you’re such a sexy woman. *kisses*

C: Haah… I can’t do this anymore. I’m going to fuck you in bed.

*** TRACK 5: I don’t plan on letting you sleep today… ***

*Cecil pins heroine on bed*

C: That’s a great look. It’s asking me to hurry up and put it in. Nngh… *kisses; fingers heroine*

C: You’re so wet. You couldn’t wait for me to fuck you soon, right?

C: Hehe, it’s useless to deny it. That you’re this aroused is proof, mgh…

C: Hah? It’s because of the aroma? Who cares about that now. I won’t listen to excuses. Nrgh… mm… *kisses*

C: Haa… hagh… I’m going to put it in all at once. Gngh… agh! Hah… haa…

C: Although you were stretched, it’s still tight. Mrgh… haah… hey, relax some more. It’s hard to move like this. Hngh… hah…

C: Ggh, if you squeeze down too much, I feel like I’m going to release it all inside you so… ngh…

C: Hagh… hah… relax just like that. I’m going to put it in deeper. Mngh…!


C: Ah, did it hurt because it was too sudden? My bad, gngh. But I feel so fucking good, haha. *kisses*

C: Nngh… hah… it’s burning hot inside you. *kisses* Mmgh… haah…

C: Haha, can you tell how your pussy is spread open by me? *kisses* Nn…

C: Heh, if you can’t tell then… be sure to feel it. *thrusting* Mgh! Hagh… nrgh…

C: Haha, hey, hey, I’m only moving a little bit. Your reactions are excessive, aren’t they? Gngh… hagh… *kisses; thrusting*

C: Hah? What? Did you come lightly? Mrgh… wow, you’re convulsing down here.

C: Hngh… hagh… *kisses*

C: Haa… haha, hey, it feels so good inside you. Hehe, just now, you clenched. Mmgh… do you love it when I whisper beside your ear? Nngh… hah…

C: Haha, so you do! Mgh! For the lewd girl who gets turned on even from my voice… ngh, I’ll let you hear lots.


C: Gngh… hah… being inside you is the best. Haa… haah…

C: You wanted my cock all this time, didn’t you? Beg for it more. Mmgh… if you do, then I’ll put it in deeper. Mrgh…

C: Wait. Don’t move your hips away. Hah… haa… I won’t be able to thrust deeply, right? Nrgh… I’ll hold you down.

C: Haha, look, I’m piercing you so deep. Mgh… hagh… ah… I can’t stop my hips. Hah… hngh…

C: Hehe… isn’t that a lovely voice? Mm, haha, let me hear more. *kisses ear; thrusting*

C: Your voice is cute and I love it. Mmgh… nrgh…

C: Haa… hah… I’ll make you feel so much pleasure you won’t be able to think of anything. Hgh… hagh…! *thrusting; kisses*

C: Aah… feels so good… mgh…

C: Haah… hagh…! Huh? Ah, so good, having sex with you is the best. Hagh… hah…!

C: Hey, you squeezed down. Nrgh… hngh… does it feel good for you too? Mgh!

C: Haha… haa… hey, don’t ignore me. Heh, even you like my cock, right?


C: Haha, don’t lie, mgh, when you’ve taken me in this deeply. Nrgh… when I do THIS…! Every time I thrust deep into you, hehe, you give a good reaction, don’t you? Nngh… mm… *kisses; thrusting*

C: Haah… mm…! Gngh! Haha, show me your look of pleasure. Ngh… haa… hah…!

C: Hah? It’s embarrassing? Haah… haa… there’s nothing to be embarrassed about at this point, is there?

C: Because you’re already mine, gngh… hagh… haa…! *kisses; thrusting*

C: Haha, let me suck on your breasts while thrusting into you. Nngh… mm…

C: Aah… haha… the tips of your breasts are erect and hard. Mmgh, hehe, when I roll the tips around with my tongue, ngh… you clench down… Ngh, this is pretty overwhelming.

C: Mngh… hah… I’m licking your nipples and your pussy is becoming drenched. Haha, so irresistible. Mm… ngh…


C: Ah, that expression is so seductive. Gngh… ngh… it really shoots down to my crotch. Mgh…

C: *stops* Oh? What the hell? We were at a good point.

C: Haa… hah… if you hate how I’m only ever ravishing you… then you come onto me this time and move. *changes position*

C: You get up too.

C: Haha, enough already, hurry up and get on me. *pulls heroine*

C: Haah… heh, my cock is still rock hard. You still want this, don’t you? Next, you just have to lower your hips from above.

C: Well? You move this time and try making me feel good. You can do something like that, right, Demon Queen? Heh. Mmgh… haha, look, my tip is touching the entrance to your pussy, isn’t it? It’s making such a squelching obscene noise, ngh… Hurry up and climb onto me and move your hips.

C: You don’t need a lame excuse like what’ll happen to your lackeys anymore, right? Be honest and acknowledge… that you want me.

C: Gngh…! Aah… I’ll support your waist, so hold my cock with your own hand and put it in. Nrgh… ah…! Ungh… it’s slowly inching inside, gngh… ah… hah…


C: Huh? Don’t tell me you aren’t really used to being on top?

C: Then, raise yourself up slowly… and then drop your hips all at once, and repeat this. Heh, I’ll help you move.

C: Mmgh… hah… mm… *kisses; heroine moving*

C: Nn… haah… not bad, you’re getting used to it. Hagh… hah… nice…

C: Each time you swallow my cock to its base, you try to wring me dry. Nrgh, haha, keep moving like that. *kisses ear*

C: Next… while it’s deep inside you, try rotating your hips in a circle. Hngh… hah… if feels nice being rubbed like this, right? Mm…

C: Hehe, press my cock against your sensitive spot and try moving your hips. Ngh… gngh… you’re moving quickly all of a sudden, mgh…!


C: Are you happy with this? Nrgh… mrgh…!

C: Aah, you’re so sexy it’s driving me wild. Hagh… haa… you’re, mgh, pretty bold. Mngh… ngh! *kisses*

C: Hagh… ah… hah? Me? Yeah, it’s not just you. Nngh, I’m also feeling good. Mm…!

C: Haah… haa… every time you move, I get turned on from the squelching at where we’re connected. Hah… hagh…!

C: Heh, stick out your tongue. *kisses* Nngh…

C: I love kissing you. Mmgh… hah…

C: Wrap your tongue around mine more. Mnrgh…

C: Gngh! Fuck! I can’t hold back anymore. Ggh! *thrusting* Hah… hagh…!

C: I’ll, nrgh, thrust up from below… hah… haa… so you move too in a way that’ll strike your sensitive spot. Haah… hagh…! *thrusting; kisses*


C: Let me hear your voice more. Nrgh… mm… you’ll feel better like that… Haha, it’ll turn me on too. Gngh… mgh…!

C: Haah… hagh…! Your breasts are bouncing and it’s so erotic. Hngh… mgh…!

C: Listen, I’m going to go a bit quicker. Haa… haha… mgh! Nrgh!

C: Hah? You’re not against this, what are you saying? You’re squeezing me down here, aren’t you? Hagh… haa…! *kisses; thrusting*

C: Haha… haah… even you can’t stop moving your hips, right? Mm… hagh…

C: I’ll slam my cock right into your deepest spot! Grgh… ngh…!

C: Feels so fucking good, mgh…

C: Huh? You’re about to come already? Haah… haa…! *kisses* Heh, let’s come together, Demon Queen. Mm… ngh…!


C: Hah… haah… hold onto me more. Hah? Your nails? Ah, it’s not like it hurts, so don’t pay attention to that. Hrgh… ngh…! *kisses ear; thrusting*

C: Mgh… nrgh…! Hah… hagh…!

C: I’m… going to come…! Gngh… hngh… you? Haa… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

C: Haa… hagh…! Heh… look this way. I want to see your face when you come. Mgh… ngh…! *kisses*

C: Ggh… hah… haah…!

C: I’m going to let out all my sperm, nrgh… Haa… hagh… take it all inside! Gngh… mgh…!

C: I’m letting it out…! Ready? Gngh… I’m coming…! Hagh…! Kgh! *he orgasms*


C: Haah… haa… looks like you also properly came. Hagh… hah…

C: Did it feel good?

C: I see. Heh.

C: You’re finally honest. *kisses ear*

C: … Huh? Me? Haha. You can tell I’m still twitching and releasing inside you, can’t you? Mm…

C: Isn’t it hot deep inside? *kisses*

C: Plus… even though I came once, it’s not going down at all. Hehe, damn. It looks like I still haven’t eaten my fill of you.

C: Well, you aren’t satisfied yet either, right? *changes position* Gngh!

C: Heh, idiot, as if I’d wait. I don’t plan on letting you sleep today… Come on, let’s do it one more time, Demon Queen. *kisses* Nngh…

*** TRACK 6: You’re mine forever ***

C: *kisses* Did I wake you?

C: Haha, what’s wrong? What are you panicking over?

C: Hey! *grabs heroine* Don’t run. *kisses*

C: Do you not remember? Yesterday, you fainted in the middle of having sex with me. After a while, you started breathing peacefully in sleep so I let you sleep beside me, but…

C: Haha! What are you covering yourself for at this point? Did you forget how you were loved by me the entire night?

C: Oh! Ah, don’t struggle. I pushed you pretty hard yesterday, so you must be tired still.

C: Hey, don’t force yourself. Stay quiet and still in my arms just a while longer. *kisses ear* Nngh…

C: Haha, you were so cute yesterday.

C: Hah! Your heart rate’s rising. *kisses ear* Hehe, you’re too easy to understand. If you turn shy, then I’m going to get embarrassed too. Jeez.


C: But… *kisses* I want to see more of your expressions. Actually, show me. *kisses* Mm… ngh…

C: Heh, look this way. *kisses*

C: From the start, I couldn’t help but want to make you mine. That’s still the case, but… somehow… I want to cherish you more.

C: So… I’m not going to chain you anymore.

C: Heh, well, it’s another story if you insist you want it though.

C: Haha. Surprisingly, you seem to like it. You actually get turned on from being tied up, right?

C: Oh! *grabs heroine; kisses* Nngh… heh… mm…

C: Cute. Mn… you look like this just from a kiss.

C: Anyway, calm down. I wasn’t planning on making you angry.


C: That reminds me, regarding your lackeys who are chained in the dungeon…

C: Ah. Haha, don’t look so uneasy. It’s alright, I returned them all to the demon country. Now that our relationship is like this, there’s no reason for humans and demons to fight, right? Uh, it’s not like everyone will understand each other immediately and things will be a happy ever after but, well, sooner or later it’ll be managed.

C: But, above all, there’s a more important conversation to have, isn’t there?

C: Haa… what’s with that completely clueless look!?

C: What do you… think about me?

C: Hey! Where are you looking? Jeez.

C: Because you’re a demon queen or whatever has nothing to do with this. Let me hear what you think. *kisses ear*

C: Hah… well? *kisses ear* Do you have the courage now?


C: I’m going to continue until you say something. Mm… ngh…

C: Nngh, haha, jeez, you’re finally looking this way. Come on, answer me. *kisses*

C: Be mine… not just with your body… but with your heart too.

C: Oh? By that… do you mean… you also love me?

C: Say it.

C: I want to hear it properly from your mou—mmph! *heroine kisses him*

C: Hah… it’s not fair when you suddenly kiss me. Ggh! Let’s redo it. *kisses*

C: Heh. I’m never letting you go for the rest of my life. You’ll always be mine.

C: I love you. *kisses*

*** 400 DL Reward: You can’t be satisfied anymore unless it’s with me ***

*birds chirping; heroine knocks on door*

C: *through door* Ah, it’s alright, come in. Did something happen? It’s not time yet for the regular report, right?

C: Wait. Oh, it’s you? It’s rare for you to be the one visiting the office, isn’t it? So? What’s wrong? *door closes behind heroine*

C: Ah, now that you mentioned it, I haven’t eaten anything since noon.

C: Oh! Don’t tell me you made those scones? Haha, they look delicious. Come closer here.

C: Sit on my lap.

C: Mm… *deep breaths* You also smell sweet. It really relaxes me. Let me hold you like this just for a while. Hehe. *kisses ear*

C: No one will come at this time, so don’t worry. *kisses ear*

C: Nngh, ah, don’t talk about work. I knew making an alliance between two races that have warred for many years wouldn’t be simple, but to think it’d be this much of a problem. O-oh, sorry, this isn’t the place for me to complain, huh. Mm, leave it to me. I know that you’ve been working a lot on the demon side too.


C: There, there, thanks. *kisses* Mm…

C: Hehe, let’s put this off for later and eat the scones.

C: … Hey, right now, I’m busy holding you so feed me.

C: Mm. *chewing* Hehe, you always grumble but you still feed me. Haha, I love you. *kisses*

C: Yeah, the scone and your lips are my favorite flavors. Hey, give me one more bite. Mm…

C: Hehe, are you embarrassed? *kisses* Hehe, ngh…

C: You still aren’t used to doing these things with me?

C: Jeez, we’re lovers so this sort of this is natural, right? Well, that’s also one of your cute sides.


C: Hey, this time I’ll feed you. I’ll put lots of jam on the scone… Come on, open your mouth.

C: Ah, there’s jam around your mouth. I’ll get it.

C: Huh? Licking you is quickest, isn’t it?

C: … Jeez, you also look adorable when you’re surprised. Hehe. *kisses* Mngh…

C: Ah! Hey, don’t go yet. *gets up; goes to heroine* I want you to cure my exhaustion a little bit more though. *kisses*

C: Haha… mm… I’m telling you to let me make love to you. Nngh…

C: It’s the best way for me to get my energy back. You don’t want to do it here?

C: Yeah, yeah. If you’re going to keep saying that, then I’ll lock the door. Wait for me on the desk. *goes to lock door*

C: Done now. *returns*


C: Are you at ease with this? Heh, jeez… don’t put on airs. *kisses* Nrgh…

C: Haha, isn’t your breathing rising? Did you also want to do this?

C: Hm? You look like you were waiting though, heh. *kisses*

C: I’m going to remove the ribbon around your neck. Nn… mm…

C: Nngh, you don’t need your underwear anymore either.

C: Haha, oh? So you were anticipating this. Should I tell you what your breasts are like? There’s a faint flush on your skin and the pink area at the tips… *blows air* Haha, they’re trembling. Mm… ngh…


C: Your voice is leaking out. Mngh…

C: Haha, jeez, there’s no strange person who would eavesdrop on purpose, so don’t worry. Nrgh… it’ll be okay, so let’s continue. Mmgh…

C: Huh? What’s wrong?

C: Heh, do you want me to do this to the other side? Sure. I’ll also lick this place. Nngh… mm…

C: Haha, why are you shaking your head? Was I wrong? Hngh… mm…

C: I’m not wrong, right? Heh. You’re the one seducing me with such a sexy look, nrgh…

C: Haa… hah… damn, you’re not aware of that? That’s even worse. Try putting yourself in my shoes.

C: When the woman you love shows you that look, it’s obviously irresistible. *kisses* Gngh…!


C: Uwah, hey, what are you touching? Haha, and you’re laughing. Well, aren’t you quite composed.

C: I’ll also touch you. Ngh… hah…

C: Your underwear is soaked, isn’t it? There’s no point to it any longer, so I’m removing it.

C: Honestly… your pussy is too drenched. Mm…

C: Is it because it’s a different place than usual? So you’re more sensitive. Mm… I’ll do what you love.

C: I’m talking about eating you out while playing with your pussy. Mm… ngh…

C: Haha, did you jerk just from imagining it? Hehe, you’re becoming more and more erotic when doing this with me.

C: Mmrgh… ngh… *gives oral*

C: You can’t be satisfied anymore unless it’s with me, right? Mm…

C: Haha, well, I don’t feel like handing you over to anyone else. Gngh… hah…

C: I’ll put my finger in too. Nrgh… mngh…


C: Dummy, I don’t feel like doing this with anyone other than you either. Ngh… that’s obvious, isn’t it? Because we’re lovers. Mmgh…

C: Haha, you’re sopping. It’s not my saliva, ngh, it’s all yours. Mm… gngh…

C: Hah… ngh, it’s wet inside you, hot, and unbearably good. Nngh… ah…

C: Hey, can I put it in now? Haah… haa… you’re crazily cute today and I don’t feel like I can restrain myself.

C: Haha, so cute. *kisses* Hah… hah… your clothes being disheveled is pretty erotic. Yeah, like this is good. *kisses*

C: I’ll support you, so lean back slowly—hm? My documents? Who cares about that. Ignore them. *kisses* Nn…

C: Just think about me.

C: Mngh… hah… can you tell how I’m pressing against your hot hole? *kisses* Nngh…


C: We’re only rubbing against each other, but your hot juices are spilling out. Mm… hah…

C: I’m starting now. Gngh… hah… I’ll put it in slowly, OK? Relax some more. *kisses* Nngh… mgh…

C: Haah… hagh… hug me like this. *kisses*

C: Not moving, mm, and just being pressed against each other like this feels nice. Aah, it’s so comforting. *kisses* Mm…

C: Haha, does it tickle? Mm… haha, don’t get angry. I end up wanting to tease the person I like.

C: I love you. More than anything else in this world. *kisses* Nngh…


C: You know this, don’t you?

C: I’m going deeper. Heh… I’ll have to make your body know this too… just how much I… love you, ngh! *thrusting* Mmgh… nrgh…! *kisses*

C: Hehe, wrap your arms around my neck and cling to me. Haa… haah…

C: It feels so nice being in you… mgh… hehe…

C: And you? *kisses* Are you feeling this? Nrgh… mgh…

C: There’s such a loud noise from where we’re connected. Gngh… mm…

C: Haha, you’re about to come already, aren’t you? *kisses; thrusting* Nngh… but it’s impossible when I’m going this slow, right? Hehe. If you want to come, mgh, try begging. Mmgh… hah…

C: Huh? Are you okay with this? Nngh… you won’t be able to come like this no matter how much time passes, right? Hngh… hah…

C: Come on, ngh… say it…


C: Haha! Sure, I’ll go harder. Mgh, ngh…! Gngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

C: Haa… hagh…!

C: Show me your cute face when you come. Nrgh… mgh…!

C: Come on, come…! Mmgh… ngh…! *heroine orgasms; papers crinkle*

C: Hah… haah… heh. *kisses* Nn…

C: You’re convulsing and twitching down here and clenching… ah…

C: Don’t rest yet. I feel bad for you, but I haven’t come still. I’m going to keep going hard for a bit. Mgh… ngh…! *thrusting; kisses*


C: Aah, nrgh, it feels like you aren’t satisfied yet down here. Gngh… mngh…!

C: Haa… hah…! That reminds me, you haven’t told me you love me, right? Nrgh… mm… *kisses; thrusting*

C: Do you not love me? Hngh… mrgh…

C: Hehe, then let me hear it properly in words. Mm… ngh…!

C: Mm? You want me to say it first? *stops* Haa… hagh… I treasure you the most in this world. I love you.

C: Hehe, so you can say it! So cute. I can’t resist. Haha! Stay beside me forever. This is a proposal. *kisses; thrusting* Mmgh… ngh…!


C: I’m going… to come…! Ngh… mngh…! Hagh… hah…!

C: Ggh, I’m… coming…! Haah… hah…! Gngh! *he orgasms*

C: Hah… haa… haha… *kisses*

C: Huh? What are you surprised about at this point? I told you at the beginning, didn’t I? That I didn’t plan on letting you go for the rest of my life. Heh. *kisses*

C: I’m telling you in advance, but you don’t have the right to refuse. Haha. You understand, right? *kisses* Mngh…

*** 500 DL Reward: Cast Comment – Mie Kanade’s Free Talk ***

Mie Kanade: Demon Queen Confinement. The Demon Queen Captured by the Arrogant Hero. Hello, I’m the voice actor, Mie Kanade! Thank you very much for listening! I’m borrowing everyone’s time to do a free talk to commemorate the number of downloads. With respect to this free talk, I’ll be recording it with the dummy head microphone that was used during the actual recording.

K: Right, so about the free talk, I don’t know what to talk about but I think I’ll chat about my impressions while recording, and other such things. You see, at the beginning when I received the script, I looked at my lines as I usually do… and then, several times, I compared the setting to my lines and had the thought “Am I the demon lord?” haha. Am I performing the demon lord? Or is this the hero? I had those sorts of feelings and was a bit surprised.

K: Up until now, I haven’t really acted as this sort of character — he’s not a hero — see? For example, being behind and then going “Gngh!” like this, striking the behind with a whip, and things like that. See? Haha. I’ve never really acted out things like this, so I really worried about whether I would be alright doing it and consulted various references before doing that play this time. How was it? How was it!? Seriously. Mm, mm, mm…

K: Also, when we were recording, I use my hand quite a bit and, uh, like for kissing and licking the ears… I put in those sort of motions. So, normally, I use unscented sanitizer gels but this time I mistakenly bought a blue sanitizer gel for the recording. But, oh well, sometimes I also use ones with scents, like putting a bit of fragrance on my hand and I’ll create a nice atmosphere in my imagination and then, like this, whisper beside the ear or something.

K: But the one I used this time — the sanitizer gel — smelled like my dad and it was super hard to do things! I stopped after reaching a point in the track, but the scent from my hand was way too much like my dad that, after the section of the track was done, I decided not to use the sanitizer gel and used the wipe ones, yanking a huge strip, and finished the recording. Yeah, that sort of, um, extremely difficult recording happened.

K: Anyway, the hero, um… how do I put it, he’s a bit rough with his words but the hero really did have a part of himself that loved the heroine—um, demon queen—and as the scenario progressed through the tracks, like to track 2 and 3, I really thought about how his heart would change during that time and played with that. If you could feel that, I’d be really happy. Alright, I’ll end the free talk with this. That’s alright, right? Haha, okay, this was Demon Queen Confinement, the Demon Queen Captured by the Arrogant Hero. Thank you for listening to the end and listening to the free talk. See you again and if you left a review, getting excited, then maybe there will be a development in the next work. Thank you so much for your support. Well then, this was the voice actor, Mie Kanade. Bye bye!

*** 200 DL Reward: I’ll keep raising you in this dungeon ***

Note: Another ending that happens after Track 4.

*vibrator noise*

C: Nngh… come on, does this feel good? Be sure to say it.

C: The way this enters and exits your pussy is in plain sight. Mgh…

C: Hah? I can’t hear you with that voice. You’re not in so much pleasure that you can’t speak, are you? Heh, because just earlier your moans have been echoing through the dungeon.

C: Heh. What, are you going to come again? Haha, jeez, so annoying. I’ll speed it up so hurry up and come. Mngh… ngh…

C: You’re so satisfied being fucked by this toy, heh. What a slutty pussy.

C: Gngh, huh? You’re going to come? Come on, ngh. Come then.

C: Haa… hah… ngh! *heroine orgasms*

C: Look, you dirtied the floor again. Hah.

C: Did you like it that much?

C: You…

C: You drooled all over your face. Haha, no one would be able to tell you were the demon queen who led the demons like this.


C: Well, I suppose it has nothing to do with you now.

C: A prisoner to the pleasure I give you… that’s who you are.

C: Ngh, what are you touching me on your own for? You want my cock?

C: Hah, in that case, say it like you usually do, “Hero, please fuck my pussy with your cock”. Beg for this with your own mouth.

C: Just kidding. Hehe. Even if you beg properly, I don’t plan on putting myself easily into you.

C: More importantly, I picked up a good toy so I’ll use this to play with you.

C: Haah… haha, hey now, I only touched you a little with this whip. Why are you writhing so much?

C: So even you can tell this is different from the usual things. This is a whip that’s been passed down through a superior incubus lineage and it awakens the heat in someone’s body, even just through a caress. Apparently, if you’re struck by this, you can obtain a pleasure you wouldn’t get through normal sex.


C: Ah, this? A certain merchant I know brought it over to me. It’s supposedly an extremely valuable object and I paid an expensive price for it, thinking you would like it, so… be sure to taste this.

C: Nngh… hehe, I just knew incubus tools would be amazing. Ever since I used that aroma, you’ve been in this state constantly. It must be super addictive.

C: Haha, don’t look at me with such greedy eyes. Could it be that you want me to play with your nipples with this?

C: Heh… I’ll do that.

C: Mngh… haha, you’re so lewd. *kisses ear* Nngh… mm…

C: I only stroked your nipple lightly, ah… and you’re about to come? *kisses* Tell me where you want this next.

C: Well, I don’t even need to ask, do I? Here, right? Heh.

C: If I use the incubus whip while I slam myself into this obscene hole, I wonder what’ll happen? Mmgh…

C: Haha, I already asked you, what are you touching my cock on your own for? Heh, you’re so unprincipled. Jeez, I have no choice. You want to be fucked by me and this whip, right?


C: Turn your ass to me. I’ll fuck you from behind the way a bitch like you loves.

C: Haha, I played with you for so long with toys, so there’s no need to stretch you, right?

C: I’m going to put it all in at once. Gngh… mgh! Nrgh… ah… your pussy is moving to take in your favorite cock and to fit around it, mrgh… haha, but it’s not just this today. Ready? *whips*

C: Hehe, ah… Haha, wow, your pleasure is even affecting me, ngh… This is crazy. Mgh! *whips*

C: Haa… hagh… hey, are you moving your hips on purpose? It’s not enough to just be in you? Heh, alright… I’ll move. Nngh… gngh…! *thrusting*

C: I’m only moving a little and you’re shaking. Looks like you’re going to come right away, huh. Mngh… you also want this, right? *whips; thrusting* Grgh… ngh!

C: Aah… haah… there’s so much stimulation. Even I feel like I’m going to go crazy. Nrgh! Mmgh…!

C: Hehe, that’s a nice voice. Your voice is echoing through the dungeon, gngh! Your lackeys are still chained here. You haven’t forgotten that, have you? Ggh! Haha… your cute voice is being entirely heard, mgh. Are you okay with that?


C: Eh? Haha, you’re okay with that? Nrgh, haha, actually, you’re feeling this even more, aren’t you? You’re moving your hips wantonly too. Mngh… hngh…!

C: Haa… hah… have you lost even your pride as a demon queen after falling into pleasure? Gngh! Ungh… ngh…! *kisses ear; thrusting*

C: Mrgh… ngh… you’re holding onto me fast down here and you won’t let me go. Mngh… you’re clenching down harder and harder.

C: Hagh… haah… is sex with me that good? Ggh… nrgh…!

C: But, mngh, I think we’re going to have to put this off for a while. Hngh… haha, I have things I need to do and I’m busy. I can’t just keep entertaining you. Haa… hagh… but don’t worry, haha, I’ll come back before long. Grgh… mgh…!

C: Haha, what’s with that look? Haah… hah… I didn’t say I wouldn’t come, right? Heh, in the first place, are you sad because you won’t be able to see me? Mmgh, or is it because you won’t have my cock in you? Rngh… which one is it? Hah… hagh…!


C: Hey, I’m asking you, so answer! *whips* Gngh… hah… hagh…

C: If you love this cock so much, I’ll fuck you deeply. Hrgh… mrgh…! *thrusting*

C: Haa… hagh… you love being struck while I’m pounding hard into you, right? Ggh! Mngh… nrgh…!

C: *stops* Haah… hah… ah, but maybe I’ll insert one more thing too. *whips* Mm…

C: What do you mean what? I’ll put the handle of the whip inside with my cock. Gngh, here…

C: Ungh…! Hey… mgh… are you coming? Jeez, what are you coming on your own for? Haah… haa… well, I guess you can’t control yourself. The effect of this whip is too strong, huh.

C: Even with both things firmly inside, you can’t feel anything but pleasure, can you? Hehe.

C: Aah… this is rubbing against me too, ngh… It feels pretty good, huh.

C: It’s about time… to move. *thrusting* Nngh… grgh… mgh…! *kisses neck*

C: Hrgh… hey, look this way. I’ll hold you up. Nrgh… hah… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*


C: I… mgh… ah… really like you, you know? Mngh… hagh… so, I’ll keep raising you in this dungeon in the future too. Nrgh… mgh… I’ll fuck you when I feel like it. Hngh… ngh…!

C: Ggh! Aah, I got it, so stop wanting my sperm on your own, you slut. *kisses* Gngh, I’ll give you what you wish, so accept it. Mngh… ngh…!

C: Haa… hagh…!

C: Gngh, I’m coming…! Be sure to squeeze me tight. Hagh… ngh… I’m coming… hagh… haa…! Ggh! *he orgasms; kisses*

C: Haah… hah…


C: Aah, haha… incubus tools are wild. I feel like they’ll become a habit. Mmgh…

C: Hah… *kisses*

C: See you then. *gets dressed*

C: I don’t know when the next time will be, but be a good girl here until then. *leaves; dungeon door closes*

2 thoughts on “Maou Kankin ~ Ore-sama Yuusha ni Torawareta Onna Maou ~

    IzBrazil said:
    March 16, 2021 at 09:09

    I barely read the synopsis or the name of the circle, but only by the whip-inserting I was able to say it was Under rain stuff LOL(Ray, I am looking at you your sexy bastard)

    As usual, thank you very much for the translation. You work hard and I highly appreciate you for that. I hope I can reach the level you have (I guess it’s either N3 or N2 maybe, because your vocab is so large as far as I can see and that’s so amazing!)

    Keep on going with this hard work, because I am sure you inspire people just as much as you do it to me

      Ilinox responded:
      March 20, 2021 at 00:27

      LOL now that you mention it… I think Primrose’s mafia series might have had the whip handle thing too. I do remember a whip and that was he was using it properly but then, hmm…

      Aw, thank you! I’m officially N2 but drama CD language is much different from business language HAHA so, your mileage may vary, if you’re trying to test for it and studying one over the other and vice versa. Honestly, just constant exposure through games, drama CDs, and manga will automatically build your vocabulary though! Just keep at it slow and steady and remember that it’s not a race :>

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