Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 22 ~

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Chapter 22 ~ Third Game Pt.4 ~

The lethality from a gentle person saying this phrase was shocking.

Gu Yian instinctively wanted to take a half step back, but she resisted.

In this moment, she became even more vigilant towards Lu Zize from the bottom of her heart.

Lu Zize handed the phone back to Gu Yian and said, “Leave this matter for me to handle. Don’t be scared, he won’t live past tonight.”

His matter-of-fact words made her feel a chill. He decided on a person’s life at will.

She didn’t show this on her face though and only asked, as if it were a normal question, “Senior, it seems like his punishment doesn’t fit his crime?”

Lu Zize seemed to see Gu Yian’s scruples.

He nudged his glasses and the air around him returned to its earlier gentleness, no longer having that force.

He smiled apologetically.

“It appears I still scared you.”

Lu Zize recalled, “Brother Yong, Sister Man, and I recognize this person. He’s a voyeur and he once filmed another person’s intimate moments in secret, which forced the person to jump off a building in the end. Because there was no direct evidence, he was released from prison. I remembered this matter earlier, which is why I was so furious. In truth, this evidence isn’t enough to give him capital punishment and I was simply too happy that he could be locked up for a while again.”

Gu Yian didn’t know if what Lu Zize said was true or false. His earlier tone about how that person wouldn’t live past tonight sounded quite real.

She could only be an attentive listener.

The other players also listened with similar attentiveness.

Early on, when Lu Zize was reading through the text messages on Gu Yian’s phone, they had put down the things in their hands and gathered around to listen to Lu Zize and Gu Yian’s conversation.

They were also curious about what Gu Yian encountered after staying here alone.

After Lu Zize finished speaking, he seemed to realize only after the fact that there was so many people around him.

He stopped speaking to Gu Yian and instead said to everyone, “Dinner will be what everyone discussed earlier. I’ll take you all to the kitchen first. There are twelve people in total and, tomorrow, there will be one more because Sister Man will also come. At that time, don’t forget to prepare her share.”

“Brother Lu, don’t worry, we won’t forget.”

Most of the players pledged this out loud.

Lu Zize nodded and looked relieved.

“Good, come with me then.”

He took the lead and started walking.

The rest of the players immediately followed.

From their behavior, it could be seen that they had a very strong trust in Lu Zize.

Gu Yian naturally also went along with the group.

Soon, there was an extra person at her side who deliberately approached her.

The female player, Tang Jiu, walked beside Gu Yian on purpose.

She sized up Gu Yian’s reaction and then said with a lilt, “Don’t you want to know what happened when we went out?”

Tang Jiu said mysteriously, “Something you don’t know about happened.”

Gu Yian had never been interested in this act of pretending to be mysterious.

She ignored Tang Jiu.

The group of them walked to the stairs and started going down.

The lights in the stairwell were dim and the illumination seemed to cover everyone’s faces with a strange yellow light.

However, under these lights, Gu Yian’s facial features were exquisite and beautiful and it highlighted her cool temperament.

Staring at a beauty under the lights; the more you looked, the more beautiful they were.

Tang Jiu looked at her and then said, disheartened, “Forget it. On account of your good looks, I’ll tell you what we encountered when we went out. I keep feeling that something isn’t right.”

Gu Yian glanced at Tang Jiu.

These several players, when they went out, had nine people and when they returned they had nine intact people.

But after they came back they were all in sorry states and they had stains on their clothes and faces that they themselves might not have noticed. A careful look and there seemed to be redness and swelling on their faces too.

Tang Jiu’s original clean forehead also had more stray strands of hair.

It could be seen that their outing was definitely not normal.


Tang Jiu raised her chin slightly to gesture at the person leading the way, “—drove us to the local market. Because there were too many people, we divided ourselves into three cars. I was in the same car as him and two other people. We chatted on the road; he asked us what we liked and also talked about what he liked.”

“When we arrived, he let us pick the foods we liked and he would pay for them out of the public food fund.”

The group reached the first floor, where a few groceries were piled.

Lu Zize didn’t have to say anything and several players consciously stepped up.

They exited the office building and, walking along the building, they went towards the back.

It was already dark and the street lights were on, illuminating the path in front of them.

Tang Jiu continued, “In order to pick groceries, we all separated. Later, I heard some noise in the local market. Us veteran players thought a task was triggered, so we immediately rushed over. The new players saw us going and so they also came. Guess what it was in the end? It was two butchers arguing. We practically appeared there at the same time and were treated as muscle the other person found.”

Gu Yian listened and didn’t know what to say.

Good grief, she had thought that something special which had to do with clearing the game occurred.

It turned out that these players got too close to a commotion and were beat.

“After, he was the one who dragged us out.”

The “he” Tang Jiu spoke about was naturally referring to Lu Zize.

“He mediated the dispute between the two butchers on the spot. Those butchers thought we were really there to help Lu Zize, and so they gave us their premium meat for free.”

“Next, we went to buy some necessities. He footed the bill and treated us. Then we came back.”

Tang Jiu finished, her brows furrowed, and then she asked Gu Yian, “Don’t you feel that something isn’t right?”

Gu Yian replied, “What’s not right? The course of events was too normal?”


Great minds think alike was written on Tang Jiu’s face as she said, “I wouldn’t have been aware of this if you didn’t mention it. Don’t you think it’s too normal? If this was going to be the case, why didn’t he want us to follow him in the first place?”

Gu Yian’s gaze drifted over those strands of hair on Tang Jiu’s forehead.

She thought for a moment and then answered, “Maybe he thought everyone would cause trouble.”

The players were able to bafflingly get involved in a scuffle, and this wasn’t a normal trouble-seeking skill.

When Tang Jiu heard this, she became unhappy. “Whose side are you on? We’re your companions. You really don’t suspect him?”

“I’m the same as you.”

Of course Gu Yian suspected Lu Zize.

Not only did she suspect him, but she also suspected Brother Yong. She doubted everyone who wasn’t a player.

Gu Yian explained, “What you just asked was why he didn’t want to bring everyone along.”

The implication was that she answered what Tang Jiu asked.

Tang Jiu rolled her eyes. “Alright, I was originally going to give you a candy, but not anymore.”

She took out a candy from her clothes pocket, unwrapped it, and then popped it into her mouth.

At this time, they arrived at the door of the flat building behind the office building.

Lu Zize opened the door, turned on the lights, and then turned around to say to everyone, “I’m going to deal with the voyeur matter. I’ll come back later.”

A male player replied, “Brother Lu, go ahead. Leave everything to us.”

Lu Zize smiled when he heard these words and his gaze seemed to accidentally sweep across Gu Yian before landing on the male player who spoke.

“If it was just men, then I would be worried. I’ll have to trouble the attentive women to take care of washing the vegetables, otherwise everyone will end up eating bugs with their dishes.”

His words were silently approved by the male players.

They truly were impatient when it came to washing vegetables. Fresh vegetables were most prone to having insects and required careful washing.

Lu Zize left and the ten players entered the bungalow.

The bungalow was divided into two areas, one was the kitchen and the other was the dining area. There were six tables that could seat four people each in the dining area.

Everyone entered the kitchen area and started discussing the division of labor.

Gu Yian, Tang Jiu, and three other female players were assigned to the ranks of washing vegetables.

The other five male players dealt with the meat and other foods they bought, as well as the matter of cooking.

Gu Yian didn’t have much to say and so she quietly washed the vegetables.

Tang Jiu brought over a pot of vegetables and came next to Gu Yian, asking, “How long do you think we’re going to stay in this world? Why do I feel like it’s going to be for a long time. Our progress is too slow.”

The other three female players did not have Tang Jiu’s thick skin and, although they were curious about Gu Yian, they weren’t at the point of questioning her closely.

Among them was a new female player and so the three other female players talked to each other and had a good time.

Occasionally, Gu Yian would reply to Tang Jiu’s words. If she could reply, she would reply. For something like when the game would conclude, she had no way of replying.

Who knew when they could end the game? She wasn’t God.

Compared to the whispers of the female players, the male players loudly discussed things.

“What kind of meat is this?”

“The butcher said it’s the best meat he had.”

“Pork then? Or boar?”

“But the meat’s not firm.”

“Who cares what it is, just treat it as pork. Let’s stir-fry the meat with chili.”

Gu Yian listened to these conversations and felt that this sort of peace was also nice. It would be even better as long as no more people died.

The kitchen soon had a fire, the sound of clanging pots, the sound of cooking, and people talking, making the kitchen, which was filled with oily smoke, busy and noisy.

Maybe the kitchen hood was inadequate, but the cooking fumes were suffocating. Even the cameras installed in the kitchen were covered with a layer of grease.

After Gu Yian washed the vegetables, she followed the other female players and left the kitchen.

Tang Jiu patted her arms and then lifted her sleeve to her nose to smell. “Eugh! It smells.”

She patted Gu Yian, who was silent beside her. “What’s wrong with you?”


Gu Yian signalled to keep silent.

When she came out of the kitchen, she heard other voices coming from a distance.

There had been too much movement in the kitchen and it covered the distant sounds.

Those sounds seemed to be coming from behind their flat building.

There were curses being shouted and blood-curdling shrieks.

Gu Yian glanced at the door, which faced the office building.

Most of the building was dark, but there were also rooms that were lit.

Gu Yian hesitated and then stepped out of the bungalow, precisely meeting two people who were walking towards her.

It was Lu Zize and Brother Yong.

With the brawny Brother Yong as a comparison, Lu Zize looked gentle and even easier to approach.

Gu Yian paused slightly before greeting them, “Brother Lu. Brother Yong.”

Brother Yong glanced at her coldly, ignored her, and then went straight past her to go in.

Lu Zize stopped, looked at Gu Yian, and then softly asked her, “Are you going out?”

Gu Yian raised her head and glanced at the top of the bungalow. “There seemed to be noise behind this place.”

Lu Zize understood.

He smiled. “The law enforcement team went to arrest someone; the person who sent text messages to you. Don’t worry, he won’t dare to threaten you again.”

Law enforcement?

Gu Yian had heard this law enforcement term several times, but she didn’t know what they actually did.

Just from what she heard now, the law enforcement team seemed to be a little mighty.

“What is the law enforcement team?” She looked at Lu Zize in confusion.

“They are responsible for arresting criminals. They are the most loyal defenders of the law and order in the City of Innocence. The criminals we find in our investigations are all given to them to handle.”

Gu Yian more or less understood now.

Lu Zize asked, “Going in?”

She nodded and returned to the dining area with Lu Zize.

Brother Yong occupied a table alone and the other three female players stayed far away from him.

Tang Jiu stood at the door and, upon seeing Gu Yian come in, she hooked her arm around Gu Yian’s arm and, like a pair of good sisters, she pulled her to one side.

When Lu Zize saw this he paused slightly and then walked towards Brother Yong.

Tang Jiu pulled Gu Yian to a corner and asked her curiously, “What happened?”

Gu Yian returned the question, “What?”

“What was that noise? You all came in, so you must know what that noise was.”

Tang Jiu had shared her experience earlier with her.

So, Gu Yian returned the favor and said what she knew. “It was law enforcement bringing down the person who sent me text messages.”

Tang Jiu mused, “So it was that, huh. What did that person send you?”

She looked at Gu Yian with interest.

“I noticed that the people in this world are pretty frightened of the law enforcement. During the fight today, he told them that if they didn’t stop then law enforcement would come and this one phrase persuaded both parties. Seeing that, it seems that the law enforcement team won’t appear in situations that aren’t serious.”

Gu Yian didn’t plan to show the text messages to Tang Jiu.

They were embarrassing.

That she would show them to Lu Zize was because she had the idea to sound him out.

Suddenly, music flowed in the dining area.

Everyone immediately searched for the source of the sound, only to see Lu Zize take out his phone.

Brother Yong asked in a bad mood, “Who is it?”

Lu Zize glanced at the screen and patiently replied, “It’s Sister Man.”

“Turn on speakerphone and let me listen. She asked for leave to go home for no reason. We’re at this point and she’s still asking for leave to go home!?”


Lu Zize agreed and he put the call through.

A crying female voice instantly reached everyone’s ears.

“Little Lu, what do I do? I killed someone. I killed him.”

Heavy news slammed onto everyone’s head.

Killed someone!

Brother Yong heard this and covered his face hard with both hands.

Lu Zize’s back was towards Gu Yian and so she couldn’t see his expression in this moment.

She could only hear his voice that was gentle and warm.

“Sister Man, calm down.”

“Law enforcement is going to kill me! Little Lu, they’ll kill me.” The person through the phone had a mental collapse.

Lu Zize replied, “Sister Man, did you kill someone in error? Turn yourself in. We’ll investigate things clearly and give you the truth.”

“Where is there error in the City of Innocence!? You will only establish that I killed someone. It will only be me!”

“Sister Man,” Lu Zize still wanted to persuade her.

But the call already seemed to be ended by the other person.

Brother Yong’s elbows were on the table and his head was in his hands as he said, muffled, “She’s gone crazy. There’s only three of us left and she still…”

Lu Zize interrupted and reminded him, “Brother Yong, we have new people.”

Brother Yong remained silent.

Lu Zize was quiet for a while before saying, “A problem must have occurred over with Sister Man. There’s the God’s Eye System so, as long as she didn’t intentionally kill someone, she can be exonerated.”

The players waited at one side obediently, not daring to disturb Lu Zize and Brother Yong at all.

Only the noise in the kitchen could be heard in the dining room.



Suddenly, the sound of two messages rang, one after another, in various places in the dining room.

Every person’s phone received two messages.

Gu Yian opened her phone and it showed that the time was 8:42 PM.

The sender was God’s Eye.

“The former team leader, Qian Xiaoman, committed murder between 8:42 AM and 8:42 PM. As of now, Junior Investigator He Yong is appointed as the new team leader of the Investigation Bureau and will take office immediately.”

“Junior Investigator Gu Yian, please go to Room 201, Building 2, Xingfu Jiayuan on East Ring Road in the Special Zone under God’s Eye immediately, and investigate the truth about the criminal suspect, Qian Xiaoman.”

Gu Yian raised her head and looked in Lu Zize’s direction, suspicion flashing through her eyes.

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    toreadchinesenovels said:
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