Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Yamana Gakuen-hen: 6 Days ~

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Miraku Akira: Now, Mie-kun,

Mie Kanade: Yes?

A: It’s 6 days until release now!

K: Yay!

A: Yeah!

K: Right, that being the case, beginning from today Miraku Akira-san and I, Mie Kanade, will start a really fun countdown!

A: It’ll be super, super, super, fun—maybe I shouldn’t say super.

K: Haha, we were talking about this earlier, weren’t we?

A: Yeah. But, seriously, can we make it fun?

K: We can.

A: Ooh, you said it!

K: It’ll be simple if it’s the two of us, haha.

A: Really? Haha. “If it’s the two of us…”

K: “If…”

A: Anyway, we’ll do our best.

K: How are we going to make the countdown fun?

A: About this, you see… I can’t say.

K: You can’t say!?

A: Hehe, it’s a secret.

K: It’ll be something to look forward to tomorrow then.

A: Exactly.

K: By all means, it’d be nice if everyone checks it out.

A: Now then…!

K+A: Let’s “Confining Marriage”.

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