Katsuai Gunjin ~ Kibishii Joukan ni Shigokarete ~

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Kaminaga Rihito (神永 理人)
CV: 久喜大

Thirsting Soldier ~ Worked Hard by your Strict Superior Officer ~

After completing your mission, you were summoned by Rihito, your superior officer and your lover.

When you arrived in the office, Rihito was angry and you were given a warning about trying to use a honey trap during your mission.

You told him you couldn’t agree with that and Rihito took out the rope that hung at his waist…

Thank you to Nicole for the commission! R18 warning and bondage. I cannot stress how much I love the art for this series, because what they do to the apple is their kink and it’s clever LOL. You can grab this on JP DLsite (there doesn’t seem to be an ENG one but, at any rate, the two sites are merging so I’ll only link the JP side hereafter).

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Summons ***

*heroine knocks*

Rihito: *through door* You may come in. *heroine enters, salutes*

Rihito: We’re outside working hours, so you don’t need to salute. Close the door now. *heroine closes door*

R: I reached a stopping point, but there is still work to be done. Unfortunately, it’s been continuous overtime. I apologize, since you went out of your way to come here. *heroine shakes head*

R: I see. If you’re going to wait, that’s perfect.

R: Good work on your mission that ended yesterday. It was a somewhat long undercover investigation, but nothing is more important than you safely completing it.

R: I glanced over your report, but since you’re here… you wouldn’t mind giving me an oral report of your impressions, would you?

R: What’s the matter? Is there something difficult to report?

R: That’s right. I’m angry. You completed your mission, but the process by which you did so is not laudable, is it? Why did you try to set up a honey trap?

R: It’s too early for you to use your womanhood as a weapon. I believe honey traps were the one thing I instructed you never to use.

R: Certainly, it was a failed attempt but that was also because you were getting too deeply involved with the target and were about to arouse suspicion, right?

R: Hah… who is being overprotective? If that was the case, then I wouldn’t have let you go undercover alone from the start.

R: I entrusted it to you because you’ve faithfully accomplished all other missions up until now. I acknowledged your hard work in my own way, but… confidence and overconfidence are different things.


R: You don’t agree, I see… *gets up; comes over*

R: Refusing to listen to what I say by all means… *grabs heroine; whispers* Do you wish for me to be tough on you that badly?

R: I won’t let you go. Ggh, your jacket is in the way.

R: I’ve tied you up like this many times before, haven’t I? Tortoise shell bondage.

R: Your underwear is in plain view because you’re wearing a skirt.

R: … Mgh. If you resist, I’ll want to tie you up even tighter.

R: Heh. Too bad.

R: It doesn’t hurt, right? What, it’s only a little inconvenience.

R: Reflect on your mission like that for a while.

R: Who knows. Until my overtime ends, or until I’m satisfied.

R: *returns to chair; typing* It depends on you as to what will happen.

*** TRACK 2: Retraining… ***

R: *typing* Hah… done with this.

R: Have you sufficiently reflected on yourself?

R: I told you it would tighten if you moved unnecessarily, didn’t I? Or are you doing it on purpose? It’s biting into your breasts.

R: Good grief, are you still lacking in reflection? It appears I’ll have to retrain you.

R: Your breathing is a bit ragged, isn’t it? To become this aroused just from being bound… I can’t allow you to go on missions.

R: *comes over* If you were discovered undercover, then you would be made to confess information, wouldn’t you? Your freedom would be taken and your body might even be touched all over.

R: Your heart rate is too quick. If your breast was grabbed like this, your emotions would be seen through. You were trying to use a honey trap with this attitude?

R: Oh? I’ll test you then.

R: Ngh. Aren’t you panicking too much just from me spreading your legs? Heh. *tears underwear* Come on, try seducing me. If you don’t, then I’ll slide this rope to the side…


R: Haha, the place it’s biting into is already damp.

R: The dampness rapidly spreads when I only press it in a little. You become more sensitive each time you’re bound, don’t you?

R: If I’m mistaken, then… try holding back your voice. Mm… it’s been a while, so you’re tight. Relax and just concentrate on my finger.

R: Haah… haa…

R: It seems like you’ve remembered the sensation of my finger, mgh. I’ll put in another finger.

R: Hah… ngh…

R: When I spread it open, I can now see inside quite clearly.

R: Did you say something? Your breathing is so rough it’s hard to hear you.

R: Hah… you’re restraining your voice. Working hard, aren’t you?


R: This sensitive spot… the knot’s been pressing against it all this time, right? If it continues to grind against it directly like this, you’ll come soon, won’t you? Mm…

R: Hagh… haah…

R: Already? It’s still early, isn’t it?

R: Ah, you just needed a bit more, didn’t you? Hehe. I stopped teasing you with the rope, but you’re moving your hips, you know? Do you want to come?

R: Heh. You’ve finally become honest.

R: … Cute.

R: Then, tell me where you feel the most pleasure. Nngh… mm…

R: Here? Or here? Ah… deeper. Did I get it wrong? Haha, it’s not on purpose.

R: The way your hips are moving is erotic.

R: Aah… here? Haa… hagh…


R: Your face and this place down here have gone slack… Where do you want me to touch you at the same time? Say it properly.

R: Oh? You want me to rub this swollen bud with my finger? Haa… ngh…

R: Hagh… good grief, you need to seduce me but what are you going to do when you’re in this much pleasure just from my fingers?

R: I see. Haha, it’s cliched to say it’s because of me but that sounds nice.

R: It’s arousing to hear you respond with such plain words. But don’t say that to other men. Mmgh… hah…

R: Aah, I’ll be sure to watch you when you come. Hah… haa… here now, come!

R: Ah… your voice slipped out at the end. Did it feel that good?


R: You’re drenched inside too. Mngh…

R: If I don’t tear your underwear, it’ll be hard for me to insert myself, right?

R: Hah… this place wants me too.

R: *removes pants* Yeah, the rope will be kept like this. I’m retraining you after all. Mm, you’re stretched more than enough, aren’t you?

R: Gngh… hah… I went in smoothly just like I thought I would. Mgh…

R: It feels so good being in you, I’m already large. I’m going to keep pushing it in. Heh, yes, until I reach the back. Haa… hgh… just a little more… ngh!

R: Hah… haah…

R: Yeah, I’m deep inside you. How does it feel for the first time in a while? Haha, let’s feel even better. *thrusting*


R: What an erotic voice. It’s so unbearable. Mgh, ngh… I’m still growing larger. Have you forgotten my shape? Nrgh… gngh…

R: Have you remembered? Hah, yes, it feels good rubbing deeply against you. So good I feel like I’m going to release like this. Mngh…

R: Haha, don’t clench all of a sudden! Are you excited from imagining me releasing inside you? Mm! Hah… hagh…

R: You’re convulsing down here… mgh… ngh…

R: Heh, this isn’t retraining anymore, hah… haah… it’s just a reward. *kisses; thrusting* If you can come from penetration, then I’ll release deep inside you. Mngh… gngh…!

R: Ggh, the squeeze…! You came well, didn’t you? Nrgh… mgh…


R: I’ll release then. Ggh… mm…! *he orgasms* You… came again…

R: Haha, you’re twitching. Hah… haa…

R: I was dragged along with you and also came immediately.

R: But I don’t want you to use your womanhood as a weapon… as your man. Remember me, and I’ll be glad if it makes you give up on that plan. It looks like it was worth saying this persistently. *kisses*

R: I’m really glad you came back unharmed. Haha, I’ll accept your apology. I don’t think there will be a next time, but if you choose a cheap method I will really punish you. You should be able to accomplish your missions without using that method.

R: Good.

R: I thought about going out for a meal today as a reward for your mission completion but… I suppose I can’t bring you there with you in this sopping state.

R: I’m just wiping you off. You don’t need to react like that.

R: No. We’ll have a meal next time. I’ll send you back to your room like this for today.

R: Alright, tomorrow then. *removes rope*

R: Raise your back a little.

R: Alright, it’s undone.

R: Mm? If there’s a restaurant you want to go to, you can choose that one. Haha, alright, I’ll make a reservation.

*** TRACK 3: Barbecue Date ***

*car stops*

R: The road is congested. We’ll be able to make it in time for the reservation. You don’t need to contact the restaurant yet. *heroine’s stomach growls*

R: Pffhaha. It seems that you won’t make it in time though. Can you endure it? *heroine drinks*

R: It’s alright to tide it over with tea, but don’t drink too much. Even if you tell me your stomach is full when we enter the restaurant, I won’t take responsibility.

R: You give everything your all.

R: Oh, it looks like we can leave the traffic jam soon. Hold on just a while more.

*scene skip; restaurant noises*

R: The next one is done.

R: Good grief, that look of satisfaction… Even if it’s hard for the smell to cling in this restaurant, who chooses to have barbecue for a meal with their lover?

R: The point still stands even if you praise my grilling. Here, these are the pressing ones so quickly eat them all.

R: Hm… mm, delicious.


R: Hm? Marbled meat is just my temporary preference. I also add wasabi onto them.

R: Why are you being formal? What are you going to do after asking about my preferences?

R: … Unfortunately, I won’t tell you.

R: My secretiveness is due to the nature of my job. Interests and preferences are always a weakness.

R: Well, it’s transparent that I like you though.

R: Hah, it’s the truth though. I’m not trusted, am I?

R: If you want to please me, then be more obedient. Ah, when you were retrained in my room the other day… you were extremely obedient and adorable.

R: Don’t be so embarrassed. Come now, stop looking away. Are you not going to eat anymore?

R: Haha, eat as much as you want. Eat a lot and then continue working hard.

R: What’s the matter? Are you concerned about being scolded by me yesterday?

R: You’ve reflected on yourself properly, right?

R: That’s all then. Don’t make the same mistake, and overcome things with a different method. You can grow past that, right?

R: Mm, you’re devoted when it comes to missions. Because your core is being diligent and sincere. I will commend those points highly. However, because of that diligence, it’s possible for you to mistake your method. Especially so when you’re alone.


R: For us, even if our course is mistaken, we are not allowed to fail. Therefore, I understand your desperation. However, it’s your superior officer’s duty to reduce that impatience and uneasiness. Even if you don’t agree immediately upon being told, I believe you will understand in the end.

R: You’re welcome.

R: Haha, it’s unusual for you to be obedient. This is a good opportunity, you can be more grateful.

R: As if you’d do that? Haha.

R: Mm, delicious… *quiet* to the point where even you look tempting as you eat.

R: Nothing. Is it alright to refill your drink?

R: The same thing, I see. It’s fine to drink sake, but be sure to drink water in between.

*** TRACK 4: Honest to Each Other… ***

R: *opens door* We’re here. Watch your feet. *closes door*

R: *heroine grabs him* Mgh! Drunkard… it’s hard to walk, so don’t cling to me yet.

R: Come on, let’s go to the bed.

R: Sit slowly.

R: You take your jacket off too. I’ll hang it up.

R: I’m holding the collar, so pull out your arms like that. Good, it’s fine now. *hangs up clothes*

R: Hey, do you want water?

R: I’ll bring it over now. *opens fridge; grabs water*

R: There’s two types of water. Which one do you want?

R: This one, alright. *opens water* You’re welcome. *drinks his own*

R: *sits beside heroine* Feeling settled?


R: You’re acting quite coquettish. What’s the matter? Could you be… pretending to be drunk?

R: You turn embarrassed immediately when you’re conscious of this. It’s hard for you to act dependent.

R: I like it when you’re embarrassed, but when you act coquettish it’s much better by a long shot. Hey, may we try something? Something for you to be honest and depend on me. Look at me.

R: Yes, a blindfold. I’ve only used a necktie, and it’s me so you aren’t scared, right?

R: Ah, that reminds me, your senses become sharper when you’re robbed of sight. You’ll be able to feel much better than usual.

R: Haha, are you anticipating it? Tell me properly with words.

R: We’ll have to test this then. *removes belt* I’ll bind your arms too.

R: It’s good with this.

R: Yes, I tied you up with my belt so that you won’t remove the blindfold. Your wrists don’t hurt, do they?

R: If they’re alright, then raise your arms above your head and keep them there.


R: Good girl. *kisses*

R: More. *kisses* Mm…

R: Yesterday, I didn’t play with your breasts, did I? *kisses* Nn… mm… *removes heroine’s clothes*

R: You’re so soft and comfortable. Completely my type. *kisses ear*

R: This place is already hard. How does it feel when I pinch it? Was it always that pleasurable? Then, what will happen if I taste it?

R: But it’ll be boring if I taste your nipples immediately, right?

R: You jumped, heh. I’ll go even closer then.

R: What do you mean by properly? Mm… *licks around*

R: Where? Say it.

R: Haha, it really is erotic when I hear it from your mouth. Nngh…


R: Your reaction is amazing. I’ll do this side too. Mm…

R: Where do you want me to taste next?

R: Hm?

R: … You’re wearing a garter belt? Are you taking into consideration how I ripped your stockings yesterday?

R: No? Is it to please me then?

R: Heh, so you can say it honestly when you put your mind to it. That’s quite arousing. Spread your legs and let me see it more clearly.

R: Right now, I’m bringing my face closer. *inhales* I can smell an erotic scent.

R: Don’t hide yourself. I told you to keep your hands above your head, didn’t I?

R: Yes, like that.

R: *removes garter belt* It’s easier to remove your underwear if this is removed, isn’t it?


R: One more. *removes other hook*

R: It’s all undone.

R: Raise your legs. *removes underwear*

R: Aah, your entrance is drenched already. And over here… Heh, this place is already standing out. Do you want me to taste you?

R: Mm, a lot then. *gives oral*

R: Nngh… you’re pushing against me with your hips. Isn’t this quick?


R: You’re going to come already? Not yet. It’s too early.

R: You want me to stroke you inside too, don’t you? Mm… *gives oral; fingers heroine*

R: Nrgh… you want to come, don’t you?

R: *stops* Again, you didn’t come. Hehe. *gives oral; fingers heroine*

R: I wonder.

R: Mngh… it’s not my intention to tease though. Somehow, I feel as if you have a guilty conscience.

R: Isn’t there another reason you tried using a honey trap?

R: What are you silent about?

R: *removes blindfold* For this, look into my eyes and tell me.

R: Hah… putting aside how you completely make people worry, your body and heart belong to me, don’t they? In truth, I want to bind you more and I don’t want you to be touched by anyone. But that’s not possible, right?


R: Even when I reveal this unsightly side to you, will you still not tell me?

R: Aa… ah… Hm? Mm… ah…

R: You worked hard to become a more suitable lover for me, didn’t you?

R: … I’m happy you’re trying to put yourself to good use, but… I’ve already acknowledged you a long time ago.

R: Haah… how diligent are you? Certainly, it’s hard for me to say that was a good reason but… even for me, it’s because I am your lover that I want you to rely on me more as your superior officer. For personal reasons as well, I don’t want you to use a honey trap. So, it’s impossible for me to become disillusioned with you, right?

R: You’re finally honest.

R: Hm? Ah, alright. *removes belt*

R: Next… mm, looks alright.

R: Are you going to remove my clothes for me? Me too then. *kisses; removes clothes*


R: You love my body, don’t you?

R: Well, despite being in the intelligence service, there’s a need to train. Come on, your skirt too.

R: Raise your hips a little.

R: Damn… it’s almost painful inside my pants. *kisses* Mngh…!

R: Haa… hah…

R: This time, I’ll be sure to make you come. *inserts himself* Nngh… hah… you’re soft because we did this yesterday too. I’ll be able to enter you all at once like this. Gngh! Hah… haah…

R: Did you come already? I kept you waiting too long, I see. Do you still want this?

R: Haha, got it. *thrusting* Mmgh… ngh…!

R: Haha! Your voice is steadily getting cuter. Call my name more. Nrgh… mgh…!


R: Come and clench around me more. Gngh… mm…!

R: Hagh… hah… nice. I love stirring you up inside while you’re coming. Mmgh… nrgh…!

R: I’m… also already… gngh…! Haa… hah…! *he orgasms*

R: I’m still coming…! *kisses* Haah… hngh…

R: Heh, you came again lightly when I released. *kisses* Mm…

R: But this isn’t the end yet.

R: Haa… hah… sit on me. I’ll be able to reach you deeper. As if I’d go limp after only releasing once. Moreover, I love thrusting into you when you’re coming again and again. Hngh… mm…! *thrusting*


R: Haha, does it feel so good you’re losing your mind? Nrgh… mgh…!

R: Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel even better. Hrgh… ngh…!

R: Are you going to come already? Go ahead. Just like that… gngh… mm…! *heroine squirts*

R: Haa… hah… haha… wow, you squirted, didn’t you? You’re squeezing me so deeply. Hagh… hah…! *thrusting* Come once more. This time together. *kisses; thrusting*

R: Gngh… hah…! It feels so good… I’m going to come too… hagh… mngh…!

R: Hagh… haa… it’s coming…! *kisses; he orgasms*

R: Hah… not yet…! Ngh… mm… *kisses*

R: Haa… hah… yeah, that was together. *kisses* Mngh…

R: That was extremely good. I couldn’t help but release it all. Haa… hah…

R: I want to stay like this still. *kisses* Nn…

R: But… are you tired? Mmph! *heroine kisses him*

R: Heh. Are you sure?

R: Yeah, there’s no way I’ve had enough.

R: Then, one more time. *kisses; thrusting* Mm… ngh…


R: It’s sopping inside you and you’re convulsing. Haa… mrgh…

R: It’s really… out of this world. I don’t want to hand you over to anyone else. Mmgh… hah… *kisses; thrusting*

R: Haa… hagh…!

R: It feels good being deep inside… ngh… I can enter deeply because you’re filled by me. Ngh… mgh…!

R: Your voice is extremely erotic. Haa… hagh… gods, you’re too cute. Mngh… I love you too. Hah… haah…!

R: I’m going… to release…! Gngh… ah… hagh…!

R: It’s too much down here… mrgh…! Kgh…! You’re tightening…! *he orgasms* Hagh… haa…! It’s still twitching… haah… *kisses*


R: Sorry, am I heavy?

R: I see. I’m glad then.

R: Haha, you’re amazing when you’re honest. More than I imagined. Yesterday wasn’t enough at all, I see.

R: You don’t have to deny it so much. I didn’t have enough at all, you know?

R: Heh, that was honest, right? You’ve already returned back to normal. What a shame.

R: Relax, I find you cute no matter what you’re like. I love you. Haha. *kisses*

R: Unsurprisingly, we used up a lot of stamina. I feel like I can sleep deeply tonight. *kisses* Mm…

*scene skip; birds chirping*

R: … Zzz…

R: Mm…


R: Nngh… are you up already? Hm…? Why is my necktie around your wrist and mine?

R: You personally want to be bound by me? Heh. *rolls over* You have terrible interests.

R: Hm? I have the best interests. After all, you’re my lover.

R: Heh, you know you’re happy.

R: *grabs watch* Hm, it’s still early. Let’s sleep some more. *yawns*

R: To be honest, I haven’t slept enough.

R: This is a momentary break for you too. Be sure to rest. *strokes heroine*

R: Yes, I certainly want to have you all to myself. But it’s because you’re proud of your work that I respect your will and I’ll say strict things so that you can continue. You yourself understand that though, right?

R: Heh, good then. I’m a faultfinding boss, but I’m also a man who treasures you above all else.

R: Well, when you only want to stay beside me, there’s another post for you. Who knows, I wonder what it is? If you guess right, I’ll give you a reward.

R: Haha, you’ll do your best to guess? You’re seriously adorable. Well, there’s no rush. Come home safe from your next mission too.

R: Great. Good response. *kisses* Good night. *kisses*

*** OFFICIAL TOKUTEN: Payback for Payback ***

*heroine walking; sees Rihito close door; heroine runs over, opens door*

R: Hm?

R: Aah, great work. So you were still at headquarters tonight.

R: I see. You were about to head home.

R: Hah…

R: I’m not that drunk. I’m fine.

R: Yeah, the wining and dining is still going on. It looked like it was going to drag on, so I slipped out using the excuse of recalling routine tasks to be done.

R: No, I’m not drunk. Go back to work.

R: Ah, no, you said you were heading home, right?

R: Being tipsy like this is normal, isn’t it? I’ll rest a while on the sofa, so hurry up and go home.

R: Ngh, wait, what are you planning on doing?

R: Ah… you were loosening it for me? Thanks. Heh… I thought you were going to jump me.

R: *heroine removes belt* Uh… h-hey… *heroine gives BJ* Gngh… that’s shocking… for you to suddenly swallow me… ngh…


R: What? Is it over already?

R: You don’t have to force yourself. Hehe… you really hate to lose. Mgh… hah…

R: Use… you tongue more… ah… suck hard… ngh…

R: Haa… hah… you’re quite good. Show me more of that lewd face. Hah… haah…

R: Gngh… ah…

R: I’m… about to release, nrgh… No, let go of your mouth. Hah… haa… hey, I’m…! Ggh… I’m coming…! *he orgasms*


R: Mmgh… don’t suck like that. I won’t be able to stop. Haah… hah…

R: Hey, did you… drink it?

R: Good grief, I told you to let go. Come here.

R: It must feel disgusting in your mouth, right? I’ll make it clean. *kisses*

R: Is it alright now? *kisses* Mm…

R: Satisfied?

R: In any case, as payback for what I always do, you wanted to watch me when I come, didn’t you? How was it? I’m happy I saw you being aggressive though, heh.

R: *grabs heroine* Why are you running? Embarrassed because I’m right on the mark? Cute, haha.

R: If you’re going to get payback on me, then you should also think about what will happen later. You should have bound my hands with my necktie at least. Well, you have a core of kindness, so I suppose you can’t imitate me. *kisses*


R: You unleashed me, you know? I’ll have to give back too.

R: Even if you’re not bound, you won’t be able to move if you feel pleasure, right?

R: I can tell they’re hard even above your clothes. Aren’t you reacting better than me touching them directly? *kisses ear*

R: Nngh… oh, you’re rubbing your butt against me. Do you want me to enter you already? Let me enjoy myself here a while longer. Mm… ngh…

R: You can come, can’t you? From your nipples alone. Here now, come.

R: Haa… hah… you came well, didn’t you? *kisses ear* Nn…


R: You’re this drenched. You can’t hide this.

R: Getting this squelching wet… ngh…

R: Is pleasure coming again? Mngh… hah… this time, come with my fingers inside. *kisses ear*

R: You came again. You’re trembling all over.

R: Hm? If you want it inside now, then can you take off everything you’re wearing down here? *heroine removes shoes and pants*

R: Good, face this way then. Straddle me.

R: There’s no way this would go down after only releasing once. Here, I’ll support you, so lower your hips slowly and put it in. Mmgh… hagh… if you lean against me, it’ll enter more smoothly.

R: Haa… hah… yes, like that.

R: Ngh! Ggh… haah…! That surprised me. You put it in all at once and I nearly came. Haa… are you limp because I’m pressing against a sensitive spot? Haha. What an erotic look. *kisses*


R: Is it alright if I move? Mm, I’ll be the one to move. After all, you don’t have any strength, right? Furthermore, you did give me pleasure earlier. *kisses; thrusting* Mngh! Nrgh… mm…!

R: How is it? Fine?

R: I’m glad. Mmgh… ngh…

R: Mm? What’s wrong? What is it?

R: You seem to want me to be drunk no matter what. I was moderating myself in my own way but… if you insist… Ggh! Mgh! *thrusting*

R: Haa… hagh… it’s because you said I seem more gentle than usual. Gngh… yeah… I’m growing larger again. I’ll spread you open inside more. Hrgh… mngh…!

R: Already? Grgh, hold it back. Hah… haa… come now, do your best. If you do, you’ll feel extremely good. Mm… ngh…!

R: Haha, did you get turned on from thinking about it? You’re squeezing down inside. I need to respond to your expectations then. Mmgh! Nrgh…!


R: You’re feeling so much it’s scary? Haha, you can still hold on, right? You want to come together, don’t you? Mm… ngh…!

R: Good girl. I’ll hold your hand. Mmgh… grgh…!

R: Your voice is steadily growing more and more erotic. Haa… hagh…!

R: It’s not strange… it’s cute. *kisses; thrusting*

R: Heh… mgh! Ngh… hagh…!

R: Ggh… me too… I’m…! Haa… hagh…!

R: It’s coming…! Kgh! *he orgasms*

R: Hah… haah…

R: I can also tell you’re having a super orgasm. Mgh… you’re convulsing down here. Just a bit more, ngh…


R: We came together, I see. *kisses*

R: Hey, wrap your arms around my neck. Yeah, like that. Hold on tightly.

R: Heh, somehow, I’m in a good mood, so it’s still not going down. I’ll have you accompany me. Mgh! Nngh… mm…! *thrusting*

R: Hehe, it feels good when I sink in deeply, doesn’t it? Gngh… I’m also penetrating you deeply and it’s irresistible, ngh… hagh… haa…!

R: If we kiss, it’ll be hard on you. Hah… no, I want to as well. *kisses* Mm… nrgh…!

R: Haa… hah… are you alright? More? Haha! *kisses* Grgh… mngh…!


R: I can’t suppress myself like usual. Ggh… mm…! I want to slam into you harder. Haa… hah… is that alright?

R: Hehe, you love this too, don’t you? Mm… ngh!

R: Gagh… haa… you’re tightening…! Mmgh… Haha, I know. More then. *kisses; thrusting*

R: Ungh… mgh… let’s come together again… ngh…! *he orgasms; kisses*

R: Haah… haa… I’m still releasing. *kisses* Nn… hah… hagh…

R: You’re such a slippery mess down here. You’re seriously adorable, haha. I’m aroused again.


R: … No more?

R: I can’t do anything about that then. Well, we’re at the workplace so we shouldn’t go further either.

R: Haa… my head feels dizzy for some reason now.

R: Heh… I’m telling you… I’m not drunk. But, just for a while longer… let’s stay like this.

R: When I hug you, you’re soft and it feels nice.

R: … Aah… this is nice. Pet me like that… zzz…

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Slow Melt Time ***

*door opens*

R: We stayed in there a little too long. It won’t do to catch a chill after a bath, so put on your bathrobe immediately.

R: Even if you’re hot now, you’ll be cold like that. Good grief.

R: Here, pass your arms through.

R: Exhaustion must have accumulated since you’ve been spending all your time and energy on reports. *ties robe* Done.

R: Wait. You felt a little dizzy, didn’t you?

R: I’ll carry you to the bed.

R: Hold onto me tightly. *opens door; puts heroine down*

R: Are you alright?

R: Mm? *heroine pats bed*

R: Haha. Fine, I’ll come to your side. *sits down*

R: Is this good enough? Excellent.


R: Are you going to sleep just like this tonight?

R: What?

R: … Are you implying that I’m not usually gentle? Hm? *kisses*

R: What are you still lacking?

R: Normal…? *kisses*

R: Aah… you mean you don’t want to be tied up like usual? I’ll do as you wish then. *kisses*

R: Your heartbeat is racing. I can feel it through my palm. But the tips of your breasts are as always… sensitive and they turn hard immediately. *kisses* Nn…


R: Rubbing your thighs together… you must be aching inside, aren’t you? Do you want to try coming just like this? *kisses*

R: Mm?

R: Haha, if it’s not enough, then I’ll play with both of them. *kisses ear*

R: Your hip are rising. It’s tantalizing, isn’t it? But I want to make love to you slowly, so we’ll stay like this.

R: Try remembering the feeling of me making you a sopping mess down there. *kisses ear*

R: Nngh… are you going to come? Mm, go ahead. Show me how you look when you come.

R: You came when I pinched you hard. Haha. That was an extremely cute expression when you came. *kisses*


R: What do you want next?

R: Haha, do you want me to touch your nipples again? I’ll do it with my mouth this time then. Mngh…

R: Hngh, I’ll also pinch your other nipple. Mmgh… ngh…

R: Already? Mm…

R: Say that it feels good more. Haha, you’re going to come from just this again. Nngh… mgh…

R: You’re sensitive today.

R: Heh, cute.


R: Does it feel good when I stroke your navel? Then, lower…?

R: Spread yourself. Show me clearly.

R: Amazing, you’re this wet.

R: It squelches when I merely rub it lightly. How about inside? Mngh… it’s convulsing and trembling. Haa… hah…

R: Each time I rub against you deeply, you tighten hard. I’ll caress you here too. Mm… ngh…

R: What? Did you not notice?

R: When you’re tied up like normal, you’re given a lot of stimulation and so your awareness is dispersed. However, right now… mgh… That’s right, your awareness focuses on the place where my thumb is rubbing circles and how you’re being turned into a sopping mess inside, whether you like it or not.

R: Heh, aren’t you glad? You can go mad with lots of pleasure still. *kisses ear*


R: Mm? You’re going to come again?

R: Kiss? Haha. Sure. *kisses*

R: You’re clenched around me so hard. If I start swirling my finger again in this place that’s twitching… what will happen?

R: Mmgh… because one finger wasn’t enough for you, right? *kisses ear* Nngh… hah…

R: Haha, even the bathrobe is drenched.

R: Haa… hah… mgh… Hey, why are you touching me all of a sudden?

R: Do you want this in you? Shall I sink deeply into a place where my fingers can’t reach and grind against the entrance at the very back? Mmph! *heroine kisses him*

R: … Just now, was that your plea? You’re quite cute tonight. *kisses*


R: After you come once more then. Ngh… hah…

R: Another large one is coming? Be sure to tell me when you’re going to come. Haa… mgh…

R: Heh… hah… you came intensely again. *kisses*

R: You have no more strength? What do you want to do? Continue?

R: Haha, alright. You did come properly. *kisses*

R: Hah… haa… when you beg me like that, I won’t be able to restrain myself. Starting with your entrance, I’ll dote on you slowly… ngh… hah…

R: My tip entered… hagh…

R: Slowly, while I rub against you… Look, aren’t I entering you little by little? Haa… hah…

R: Gngh! If you squeeze down like that, mgh… it’s going to enter you of its own accord. Hgh… hagh… this is half…


R: You’re burning inside… haa…

R: Deeper? Around here?

R: Haha, should I enter you while pressing down on your stomach to make it easier for you to feel? Mm… ngh…

R: You’re pushing back against me down here, mrgh… hah…!

R: Haa… hagh… just a little bit more. Ngh… reached it. Gngh… mgh…!

R: Did you come lightly? Haha.

R: Yeah, I entered you deeper. Heh.

R: Haah… is it hot? Indeed, we did just come out of a bath. Are you alright?

R: Mm? Heheh. Yes, your stomach is filled. But it can still be spread open, right? Mm… ngh…


R: Have you remembered? The shape of me? Haa… hah… *thrusting*

R: Aah, it feels good doing it slowly too. *kisses* Nn…

R: You’re convulsing deep inside and spreading open. Mgh… nrgh…

R: Hagh… haa… each time I pinch the tips of your breasts, you clench down. Do you like this? Do you want me to do it harder? Heheh. *kisses; thrusting*

R: Gngh… mrgh… what’s wrong? Haha, you look like you’re in pleasure. Haah… haa… me too… shivers are going down my spine. *kisses* Nngh… hah…!


R: Mgh! Haa… you’re clamping down again. Ggh… mm…! Hah… hagh…

R: Hey, can you loosen up?

R: Impossible? You can’t tell? At this rate, I’m also going to… mgh… get larger and it’ll be bad… nrgh… hah…!

R: Sorry, I’ll come soon. Haa… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

R: I’m glad that it feels good. Nngh… mgh… hah…!

R: Haa… hagh… together then…!

R: It’s… coming…! Ggh… hagh…! *he orgasms*

R: It won’t stop… kgh…!

R: Haa… haah… how hard are you planning to squeeze me dry? Mmgh… hngh…

R: Hah… hagh… ah, that was really nice.


R: Sleepy? Stay pressed against me until you fall asleep. *kisses*

R: Mm? Well, you’ve been working hard this entire time. From time to time, I have to grant your wishes. *kisses*

R: Haha, that was a cute yawn. Yes, good night. *kisses*

8 thoughts on “Katsuai Gunjin ~ Kibishii Joukan ni Shigokarete ~

    Tai K said:
    March 24, 2021 at 22:52

    OH yay for me! i didnt know the romaji title for mine haha. just the way it was translated by the site and also google. as for the others, pink ranger kankin was def on my wishlist for a while but since its porn with the like the thinnest of plots i kinda put it on the backburner, seeing ur translation will be a good way to decide if i should bump it up or not. but i loved the concept haha. (i wasnt sure what occultic lovers was but i did some google and found that it seems to be smth in the vein of diabolik lovers which would mean its not R18 otome…and in that case…*loses all interest immediately* lol. ty for ur response!)

      Ilinox responded:
      March 25, 2021 at 16:02

      Under Rain is all PWP but extremely high quality, haha. Irodori Kazuya is also one of my biases, so I’ll always recommend his works, oops.

      LOL Rejet has some really good stories even if they aren’t R18! Wasurenagusa and Seventh Heaven are still top-ranking series for me in terms of stories and they do brush up very close to the rating, only fading to black at the last last moment, haha.

      (In terms of commenting, just gotta be careful of the default comment box at the bottom. I’ve locked the nesting comments at 3 to prevent people’s comments from getting too squished, so you’ll always have to reply to the one at the top of the chain).

    Tai K said:
    March 22, 2021 at 20:21

    I bought this last week cause of a 30 percent off coupon and its so nice to see the translation pop up so soon after. i knew this is the one u were translating of the series but i was on the fence about getting it but then the coupon dropped and i rly liked the sample clip i heard on DLsite so now i get this nice translation too. good work as always <3

      Ilinox responded:
      March 24, 2021 at 08:47

      I feel like DLsite is always giving out coupons and tempting me to purchase things, haha. TBH, I didn’t like this one as much as the others, especially volume 1 which was my favorite, but oh boy the tokutens gave him so much more to his character. I’d recommend the other two of this series for sure now.

        Tai K said:
        March 24, 2021 at 13:38

        yeah the tokutens look way more fun. sadly they arent available to me via dlsite. i THINK they are on pokedora but i didnt know they were even on pokedora at the same *cries * too late lol. maybe a friend will take pity on me and let me listen to them once. i didnt hear the other two! i was tempted to buy the whole series since coupon but i have to save money and i alrdy have alot of Makoto Furukawa stuff. hey do u mind telling me what the other two guys fetishes are? (from the looks of the apple Licking and Biting lol??).
        tragically there’s no way to know in advance if a tokuten is worth it. esp with digital buying not like u can resell it if it turns out to disappoint u.

        Tai K said:
        March 24, 2021 at 13:40

        3. TNI [P]
        4. OL1 [P] + PKK [P] + FOD [P]
        can u tell me what these stand for? just cause i like to add any future translations as a potential purchase to my wishlists on DLsite and pokedora (or check if something i already own or have on there is being translated!). it was really helpful when u provided that info last time

        Ilinox responded:
        March 24, 2021 at 18:48

        Bingo with the fetishes, haha. Kuma is licking and Tetrapot is biting, although IIRC Tetrapot’s doesn’t features as much as Kuma’s did LOL. Tetrapot’s character is a beast in sheets though while Kuma is like the sweetest boyfriend in the universe.

        3) is you, haha, with たすけてなんて言ってない. 4) is Occultic Lovers, ピンク監禁 (Under Rain), and 双子の王子様と溺愛3P.

        sisterjune said:
        March 24, 2021 at 22:55

        i legit hate how this website continues to not psot my replies correctly. it sent my reply as a separate comment -_- anyway im tempted by sweet boyfriend who wants to lick u all over so….*casually adds to list* too bad that coupon expired haha. (for some reason it refused to post the comment under my gmail account name. -_-)

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