My Darling ~ Ore-sama Joushi: Sakazagi Yuzuru ~

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Sakazagi Yuzuru (坂崎 弓弦)
CV: 佐和真中

My Darling ~ Arrogant Boss: Sakazagi Yuzuru ~

The company you worked at was bought by an American company, and a new boss came from their headquarters.

He was your childhood friend, two years older and your first love, Yuzuru.

Yuzuru’s mouth was as terrible as usual and he enjoyed your reactions when he teased you, but he supported you at work and in your personal life and he looked after you.

One day, you visited Yuzuru’s house to nurse him when he unusually came down with a fever. The following day, in an unexpected turn of events, you crossed a line with the recovered Yuzuru—

Thank you to Shinta for the commission! R18 warning. You can grab this at JP DLsite too!

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: New Boss ***

Yuzuru: Everyone’s here, right? Let’s start the morning assembly then. Hm, I guess I’ll introduce myself at the start, since everyone looks like they’re wondering who I am. I’m Sakazagi Yuzuru, who was newly appointed here from headquarters. Starting today, I’m assuming the position of this section’s manager. In other words, I’m everyone’s new boss. Nice to meet you.

Y: Hm? You, over there, what’s the matter?

Y: Oh? Well, whatever.

Y: I know there must be people who are at a loss after this company was acquired by an American one, but they also took that into consideration and set me, a Japanese person, as the manager. There will be changes to a lot of things, such as the way you work and details of decisions, but let’s find an efficient method to reconcile intentions from the top and the reality of the workplace, yeah? If there’s anything you want to say, then say it. *everyone claps*

Y: Let’s see, for now, let’s try doing things as they were. How does the morning assembly usually go?

Y: I see. Then, is there anyone who wants to get in touch or has a report to make?

Y: Mm. We’ll end the morning assembly here then. I look forward to working with everyone today.

[01:55] *scene skip*

Y: Hey, who made this proposal?

Y: Oh, you. That’s perfect. Come here for a moment. We’re going to have a meeting.

Y: Hm? Haha, why are you so on guard? I’m not here to find fault with you. Mm, I think it’s good overall. The support for this section is a bit light, so I’d like more data. If possible, I want the age distribution of the target. In addition, incorporate more concrete details into the development of media section. It’d be nice to show several patterns. Also—*heroine writing*

Y: … You haven’t changed at all. That side of you. Diligent and honest. You’re like how you were in the past.

Y: What, did you think I wouldn’t notice? Dummy, there’s no way I would forget, right? Before I came to this new position, I also received a roster of the staff. I saw your name there and knew it immediately.

Y: It’s been a long time. Since I moved to America at seventeen, it’s been… more than ten years? Are your parents well?

Y: Mine are good too. My dad retired early but the two of them like Seattle, got their permanent residency, and they’re living there.


Y: Yeah, I graduated in Seattle and found a job there. I didn’t expect to reunite with my childhood friend like this. Haha, life is filled with unknowns, huh.

Y: Ah, even though you’re my childhood friend, I won’t show favoritism in the workplace.

Y: If you understand, then do something about your words. We’re in the office.

Y: Haha, mm, good. Fix your proposal then and then bring it back. When can you do it?

Y: Be more specific. As soon as possible is not an estimate, right?

Y: Too slow. Bring it to me on Monday. Can you do it?

Y: Good. You can go back then.

[04:42] *scene skip; heroine exits restaurant*

Y: Hey, are you alright?!

Y: What are you doing drinking so much at my welcoming party? Jeez. Come on, get a hold of yourself. *supports heroine*

Y: *to everyone* Let’s call it a night then. Thanks for the welcoming party. The after-party? If your boss is there, it’d be awkward. You guys can go by yourselves. I’ll send this girl back. Everyone, don’t be late tomorrow. Good night.

Y: *to heroine* Are you alright? You don’t feel uncomfortable, do you?

Y: Are you alright when you’re so bubbly? Where are you living right now?

Y: Huh, really? We’re taking the same line then. Aren’t they two stations beside each other?

Y: Yeah, we’re going in the same direction and I’m glad it’s close. Come on, we’ll take a taxi when we get to the main street. So, do your best until then.

Y: Yeah, yeah, you’re welcome. *quiet* Jeez, you really haven’t changed from being a handful.

Y: I’m just talking to myself. Come on, let’s go.

*** TRACK 2: Bodyguard ***

*train noises; clothes rustling*

Y: *low voice* What are you doing?

Y: Don’t play innocent. You touched her body just now, didn’t you? You only pressed against her once in a while…?

Y: *to heroine* Is that true?

Y: *to person* That’s what she said, so—*train stops; person runs* Hey, wait! It’s going to close. Hold on! Please get out of the way! WAIT! *train door closes* Fuck! He ran.

Y: *to heroine* Hey, we’re going to the station staff when we get off. Something might have been caught on the security cameras.

Y: You should also be sure to resist. Don’t be silent when a man you don’t even like touches you.

Y: Ah… sorry. You’re the one who’s most scared.

Y: … There, there. It’s okay now.

Y: It’s not something to thank me for. I’m sorry for letting the molestor get away. Starting tomorrow, do you want to match our times and commute to work together for a while? You’re uneasy being alone, right?

Y: Yeah, at any rate, we’re on the same line. Are you always around this time?

Y: Got it. Let’s decide on the meeting place next then.

[02:06] *scene skip*

Y: Hey, do you have some time?

Y: Some time ago, there was that troublesome client, right? There’s going to be a business meal later and I want you to come with me. Yeah, the person in charge of this is away today, so you’re the substitute. You just need to sit beside me. I’ll let you eat some good traditional Japanese food with the company’s budget. We’ll be heading out at six, so be ready.

*scene skip*

Y: Yes, that’s right. I was newly appointed from Seattle, so there are many things I don’t understand and I’m in the middle of learning. Please continue to give your guidance in the future as well. Ah, your sake cup is empty. Here, I’ll top it up for you.

Y: Eh? You want my employee to do that?

Y: … O-oh.

Y: *to heroine* Is this acceptable? Mm, then… you can pour the alcohol for him. *heroine moves over, pours alcohol; client grabs her*

Y: Ah! Um, excuse me… please don’t do such a thing. If you want to enjoy yourself with ladies, then we can go to that sort of place later.


Y: *low voice* Please remove your hands from her. Or this won’t end as just being a joke over alcohol.

Y: *loud voice* The issue at hand is not that I returned from America and that this is Japan. No matter who you are, that is simply sexual harassment. She’s my important employee and protecting employees is the duty of the boss. *goes over*

Y: *to heroine* Come here. We’re going home. We don’t have to stay here any longer.

Y: *to client, sarcastic* Please don’t worry because I’ll take care of the payment. Now then, excuse us.

*scene skip; heroine knocks on door*

Y: Come in.

Y: Sorry for calling you here after you ended work. Earlier, I got a call from the aforementioned client.

Y: Yeah, the boss of our contact apologized for yesterday’s incident and he also wanted to continue our business transactions in the future. The contact person is an outrageous bastard who sexually harasses people when he’s drunk, but it looks like his boss is a decent person.


Y: … You!

Y: Don’t be so carefree. If I didn’t stop him there, then that person would have touched your body! He might have touched you even more sexually. I told you to resist when men you don’t like touch you, didn’t I?

Y: It’s the same now. I’m doing this to you, but you’re just letting me, aren’t you?

Y: Come on. Resist. *kisses*

Y: Is that how you plan on resisting? *kisses* Nngh!

Y: Not enough. You won’t be able to shake free with that. *kisses ear*

Y: … Hah… Come on, if you hate it then resist more seriously. But what? You’re going to make up an excuse?

Y: Ah… you don’t mind me touching you!? What are you saying? I don’t get you at all. *goes to door*

Y: Be careful when you head home. Thanks for your work today. *closes door*

*** TRACK 3: (Recollection) First Kiss Ten Years Ago ***

*door opens*

Y: Gah! Hey, you… I’ve always told you to knock at least!

Y: The way you’re talking shows you don’t think you’re in the wrong at all. Whatever, what do you want?

Y: Hm? Oh, I got it from some girl. She said it was a farewell gift.

Y: Yeah, I get things every day and bringing them home is pretty hard. It might be because I’m moving to America. I guess it’s different from moving within the country. Several people even confessed to me, although I can’t tell who’s serious. *heroine uses phone*

Y: Hm? What? Photo?

Y: Oh? She’s quite pretty. Your friend?


Y: Oh. I see. And? So what if that girl likes me.

Y: Huh? What do you mean? She wants to do it with me once to make memories? Why did you agree to pass on this sort of message?

Y: … *grabs heroine; kisses* Ggh! Nngh!

Y: Haa… hah… are you OK with me doing this with another girl?

Y: *inhales* I see. Right. I’m the one who decides, huh. Whether I’ll do it with your friend or whether I’ll date another girl. None of that matters to you, huh.

Y: Ngh! *heroine shoves him, runs*


*** TRACK 4: Warmth ***

Y: Good work today. You aren’t going home yet?

Y: This is the proposal for the presentation later, right? Let me see.

Y: Hm, I see. This part is a bit hard to understand. You should be more specific. Hm? And here? There’s a space. Ah, for the analysis of competing companies? Mm, that’s good. That reminds me, I happen to have the data. I’ll send it to you later.

Y: Mm. Well then, here’s a refreshment out of gratitude from your boss for his cute subordinate who works hard and does overtime every single day. Here.

Y: You’re hungry, aren’t you? I bought it from that stand over there. I remembered you saying you liked the sandwiches there.

Y: Dummy, as if I’d take your money. It’s a treat, I’m treating you. After you eat that, we’re going home when you reach a good stopping point. I’m going to check over payment documents, so call me when you’re done.


Y: Hm? It’s not “by chance”, I’m going to send you home. I’ll worry about you being alone and, either way, I have remaining work. Heh, mm.

*scene skip; walking*

Y: Ah… this area is really dark. You have to walk quite a ways from the station and not many people pass through. I was right to escort you home.

Y: Hah, don’t worry, I’m the one who said I’d send you back. It took some time, but your proposal was also well done. I’m thankful for my good fortune as your boss.

Y: Yeah, have some confidence. The rest is just to bluff. About 80% of a presentation is decided by that.

Y: Haha, yeah, yeah, just face it with that kind of relaxation. In the past, you often tensed up way too much at critical moments and failed, right? Like your piano recital or the play at our middle school cultural festival.

Y: Hm? It’s not bad. It’s just like you to be diligent and I like that side of you though?

Y: Oh, your house is here?

Y: Mm, you’re welcome.

Y: You don’t need to thank me.

Y: But… if you insist… *kisses* Mm, this is enough thanks. Good night.

*** TRACK 5: To Your First ***

*heroine rings intercom*

Y: Hello? Ah! You…! Why?!

Y: You’re paying a sick visit…? Whatever, at any rate, come in. I’ll unlock the door. Just… come in.

*scene skip*

Y: Mm… sorry that I’m still lying down. You shocked me by suddenly coming. You know where I live, huh.

Y: Oh, I see. Wait, isn’t it just past noon? What about work?

Y: You took half the day off!? Don’t tell me it was to come and see me?

Y: … Dummy, what are you doing?

Y: Use your paid holiday on something more meaningful.

Y: Ah, when I measured my temperature in the morning, I was around 38 degrees. I slept the entire morning, so it might have gone down a little.

Y: Huh? My kitchen? Sure, but there’s no ingredients.

Y: Hah, you prepared a lot. Sorry about this. Can I sleep until the meal is ready?

Y: Mm. Good night.

Y: ……

[02:52] *scene skip*

Y: Oh, you’re awake? Good morning.

Y: Hm? What? Oh, my appearance? Sorry, I took a shower.

Y: Mm, it went down completely after I slept a night. You fell asleep with your head in your arms over my bed. How dedicated are you?

Y: I’m grateful you nursed me back to health, but don’t carelessly enter a man’s room, alright? I won’t be responsible if you’re assaulted.

Y: Hm?

Y: Ggh… you… *comes over; kisses*

Y: Just now, when you said it’d be okay if it was me, if it was just a trick of my imagination then hurry up and correct yourself.

Y: … If you don’t, then I’ll ravish you without hesitation. *kisses*

Y: What are you reserved about? Wrap your tongue around mine too. Nngh…

Y: More. Mmgh…


Y: Don’t tell me… your ears are sensitive? *kisses ear*

Y: Haha, why are you biting your lip like that and suppressing your voice then? Come on. Let me hear your voice. Mm…

Y: What a sexy voice. So you make that kind of noise when you’re turned on?

Y: Then, this side too. *kisses ear*

Y: You’re… pretty sensitive. Nice. It makes me want to make you moan as much as possible. Nn…

Y: Do you want to take off your own clothes or have me take them off?

Y: If you don’t choose, then I’ll take them off. I want to hurry up and continue.

Y: Oh? You wear this type of underwear? Cute.

Y: Cute, but right now it’s in the way.


Y: Your nipples are hard already. Nngh…

Y: Do you like it rough?

Y: Haha, liar. Mm… ngh…

Y: Look, your voice is so loud. Mgh…

Y: Haa… hah… and below? Are you wet already?

Y: Then I have to check what it’s like, huh. Spread your legs. Or are you saying you’re drenched to the point where it’s embarrassing to be touched by me?

Y: Hm, you can do it then, can’t you? Open your legs.

Y: Haha, what did you mean you weren’t? This place is wet and sopping.


Y: You’re already completely ready, aren’t you? It’s really sexy… your body. *kisses*

Y: Mngh… Hm? What? Just your entrance isn’t enough? Guess I have no choice. Nngh…

Y: Haha, it went in smoothly to its base. Gngh… mm…

Y: It’s hot inside… wow, it’s just my finger too and you’re already convulsing and wrapping around me. Ngh… mngh…

Y: Haa… can you hear this? The sound of your lewd juices flowing out. Even my sheets are soaked.

Y: Haha, why are you apologizing there? It’ll make me want to tease you and make you cry more. Mmgh! Nngh… hah… *kisses*


Y: Hey, do you remember? Right before I moved, we basically had a fight, right?

Y: Yeah, you brought the message that your friend wanted to do it with me and I got angry… Back then… at that time, if I had confessed to you, then would I have been your first man?

Y: Haha, just kidding. Nothing can be done even if I say this now, right?

Y: Hm? Why?

Y: With your friend? As if I’d do it. After that, the girl asked me directly but I refused.

Y: Ah, jeez, we’re done talking about this. Let’s continue. *kisses*

Y: Mm? What?

Y: Ah, I’m pressing against you? Naturally. I’ve been rock hard since earlier.

Y: Mngh… hah… look, you can tell even through the towel, right? Just how hard this part of me is. Mm…


Y: Heh, why don’t you take the towel off and look?

Y: Big? Haha, I guess.

Y: Heh, you have a hungry look. I’ll put it in now. Wait a moment, alright? *kisses; grabs condom*

Y: Hey, do you have a favorite position?

Y: It’s not “whatever”, right? Fine. Let’s start with the missionary position first then.

Y: Mgh… ngh… hah, only the tip’s gone in. How is it? The feeling of me spreading open your entrance here.

Y: Hah… ah, I wanted to tease you a bit more like this. But I’m at my limit. Nngh…! Hah… hagh…

Y: Look, with this, you’re entirely wrapped around my shape. *kisses* Mm… ngh…

Y: Haa… is it alright if I move now?

Y: Gngh… hah… ah… it’s so good inside you. More than I imagined. Feels so… good… mgh… *thrusting*


Y: Hah… haah… feel more pleasure. I’ll help you. *kisses* Nngh… mm…

Y: Ggh, shit, I can’t… hah… I want to fuck you so hard. Mgh… ngh… hah…! *thrusting*

Y: Look, I’m striking the deepest spot in you, right? How is it here? Hah… hagh… does it feel good? Ngh… mngh…!

Y: I feel good too, ngh… You’re clinging to me down here. Haa… hagh… every time I thrust in deep, you tremble… nrgh… ah…!

Y: You’re tightening down here… haa… Are you going to come? Hah… haah…!

Y: Go ahead, come. I’ll play with your pleasure spot at the front here. Mmgh… hngh…

Y: Haa… hah… look, come. Come…! Ggh… ngh… hagh…! *heroine orgasms*

Y: Mgh… haah… haa… you came. *kisses*

Y: It’s crazy when you come. Feels unbearably good. *kisses*


Y: I’m going to pull out once. Mgh…

Y: This time, turn around and get on your hands and knees. I’ll do it from behind.

Y: Hah… haa… wow, this place of yours is twitching lewdly. Don’t tell me you’re still coming lightly?

Y: If I put myself in right now then… you’ll come again, right? *inserts himself* Mngh! Nngh… agh… haa…!

Y: Hah, I knew it, you’re coming all over the place. *kisses*

Y: Haah… haa… you’re cute. Seriously, so cute. *kisses* Nrgh… mm…

Y: Gngh… hagh… when I’m making you a mess inside like this… mgh… do you like it? Haa… hah… do you love having sex with me?

Y: Hah… hagh…! *kisses* I love it too. Mmgh… I love you. I love you. Haa… hagh…! *thrusting*


Y: Are you going to come again? Ngh… hagh… go ahead, I’ll come with you too. Ngh… agh…!

Y: I’m letting it out… haa…! I’m releasing…! Gngh… ungh! *he orgasms*

Y: Haah… hah…

Y: Look over here. Let’s kiss. *kisses*

*** TRACK 6: Celebration For Two ***

Y: *humming* Hey, where do you keep your bowls? A big one, if possible.

Y: Oh, the top shelf? The top shelf… Ah, here?

Y: Great. Mm.

Y: It’s fine, this is a celebration for your project getting approved due to your presentation. More importantly, no matter how we consider it, I seem to be more skilled at cooking than you?

Y: Oh? Next time, I’ll have you treat me to your home cooking then. Show me the skills you’re so proud of.

Y: Haha, anyway, you don’t have to help today. If you’re bored, sit over there and watch admiringly at me cooking.

Y: *chopping* Mm? Paella and acqua pazza, and then a potage with potatoes thrown in and caesar salad, I guess.

Y: Right? They’re all dishes I’m good at, so look forward to it. Oh, I also bought tasty champagne and wine. Let’s see, where’s a pot? Ah, over here. Found the pot! Next… here we go.

[02:02] *scene skip*

Y: Mm? Oh, thank you.

Y: *drinks* You’re good at making coffee.

Y: Hey, do you just let anyone into your place like this?

Y: Kidding, there’s no way you’d do that, huh. It’s because it’s me, right?

Y: Haha, I knew it.

Y: Me? I… I did play around somewhat in America, but you’re the first woman I slept with that I like.

Y: *moves closer* I like you. I love you. Haha, I know. *kisses*

Y: … Let’s go to the bed.

*** TRACK 7: For the Future Rather Than the Past ***

Y: Haa… ngh… *presses heroine down; kisses*

Y: Shit, I have no composure. Nngh… mm…

Y: Mm? It’s obviously because I love you too much. *kisses ear* Nn…

Y: I want to fuck you hard like I did some time ago, make you cry, and satisfy you. Nrgh… mngh…

Y: Hah… haa… you too, right? We’re just kissing but you have such an erotic look on your face. *kisses*

Y: It’s a look that says you want me unbearably and soon. Mmgh…

Y: Take off your clothes. Me too. *removes clothes*

Y: Spread your legs. Show me this place of yours.


Y: Aah, I knew you’d be wet already. It’s making such lewd sounds and clinging to my finger. Ngh… hah…

Y: Your juices are rapidly flowing out. Heh, I’ll lick you clean. *gives oral*

Y: Your flavor is really rich. Mngh… nrgh…

Y: Mm? What? You don’t like being given oral?

Y: Haha, oh? It’s nice to see you being aggressive. Then I’ll have you do me too.

Y: Face your butt to me. Straddle my face.

Y: Haha, 69. If we taste each other, then we’ll both feel pleasure, right? Nngh… come on, hurry up and blow me.


Y: Gngh, yeah… lick carefully from the tip to its base. Mgh… haha…

Y: Your juices are flowing out from deep inside. Are you turned on from giving a blow job? Haa… ngh…

Y: Heh, I’m not wrong, am I? This place is soaked like you wet yourself.

Y: Ah, like that, swallow it deep into your throat. Suck me sexily. Ngh, yeah, like that. Haa… hah… purse your lips and move. Ngh… hagh…!

Y: Feels good… it’s so good in your mouth… haah…

Y: Mngh… the top of this place is red and swollen. Hehe, erotic. Isn’t this saying it wants to be sucked on? Gngh… mm…


Y: Go ahead, come. Come…! Ngh… mgh! *heroine orgasms*

Y: Haa… hah…

Y: What a sexy sight. I’m not even touching you, but your entrance is opening and closing. Mm.

Y: Ngh, ah, I’m good already.

Y: I’m turned on when you give me a blow job, but more importantly I want to come inside you right now. Can I put it in?

Y: Mm. *kisses; grabs condom*

Y: Condoms? I bought them.

Y: Haha, what? I’m going to the place of the woman I love, so I’d naturally buy them.

Y: Huh, for some reason, I’m larger than usual today. Seriously. Look, it’s bursting. I told you, didn’t I? That I’m not composed at all.


Y: Haha, if you understand, then hurry up and get on top of me.

Y: That’s right. You don’t have a favorite position, right? In that case, we have to test out a lot of things. Plus, I can reach you deeply like this, so I’ll thrust hard and quick into your deepest spot.

Y: Haha, come on, quickly now. Come here.

Y: Yeah, lower your hips like that. Ngh… hah… it’s tight…! You’re squeezing too much… grgh…!

Y: It’s not impossible. I entered you deeper some time ago, didn’t I? Haa… hah… *kisses ear*

Y: Relax. Mngh… nrgh… ah…!

Y: Haah… haa… it’s nice doing this while holding you. I’m pressing against the very back just from being in you. *kisses*

Y: Mm? You’re strained? Then I really am bigger than usual. What do you want to do? Should we go to missionary?

Y: Haha, what the heck, do you want to be indulged? I suppose I’ll have to. Here, I’ll hug you tightly.


Y: Is this enough?

Y: Mm, you’re right, my entire body is connected with yours. *kisses*

Y: Hah… it looks like you’ve gotten used to me down here. I’m going to move. Mgh… ngh… *thrusting*

Y: How is it? Am I hitting good spots? Ungh… hagh…

Y: Hagh… haa.. feels good… Every time I thrust in deeply, you clench around me tightly. Haah… it’s so good… hah…! *kisses ear*

Y: Oh, that’s right, I should caress your breasts too. Nn… mngh…

Y: Gngh! Hah… haa… do you love it when you’re touched here and below at the same time? Mgh, you’re convulsing down here and I feel like I’m going to get carried away. Hagh… haa…

Y: You don’t know? Haha, then I’ll do it until you do know. Mm… ah…!


Y: Aah, wow, you’re wet and sopping inside… hagh…! It feels so good I’m not going to last, mgh…!

Y: Hah… haah…!

Y: Go ahead, come…! I’ll come together with you too… hah… Let’s kiss. *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Mm… ngh… ah… it’s coming…! I’m letting it out… hagh… nrgh…! *he orgasms*

Y: Not yet… I’m still releasing… hah… haa…

Y: Wow, I came… so much… haah… *kisses*


Y: Huh? I overdid it? I couldn’t help it because this place of yours was wringing me out more greedily than usual.

Y: It was. You aren’t aware of that? Even now, you’re twitching down here. Like you’re saying you don’t want to let me go. *kisses ear*

Y: Haha, you’re cute. Really. So cute it’s irresistible. *kisses*

Y: Before, I said I had wanted to be your first, right? I’m taking that back. I’m going to forget the past now, and then I’m going to make you so crazy about me you won’t have time to remember your past men.

Y: Haha, just look at me from now on. Your smiles, your tears, your face satisfied with pleasure… they all belong only to me. *kisses*

Y: I love you. *kisses*

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