Kyuuketsuki no Seiai ~ Route Tooru ~

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Tsudou Tooru (津藤 トオル)
CV: 冬ノ熊肉

A Vampire’s Love ~ Route Tooru ~

A vampire and a human, being bound deeply across races…

“Right now, your stomach is filled with me, isn’t it…”

This is an age where vampires and humans coexist.

You, a human, spend happy days with your brusque but sweet, gentle, and loving lover, Tooru.

During a date one day, you weren’t able to stand by while Tooru was in discomfort and so you were about to end the date early when it suddenly rained. The two of you went to Tooru’s house, which was nearby, but for some reason he didn’t want to let you into his room.

The rain rapidly grew heavier and Tooru was gradually losing composure.

He embraced you when you were scared of the thunder and reached the limits of his reason, biting your neck and sucking your blood…

Thank you to Shinta for another commission! R18 warning. You can also grab this on DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Wallachia Love ***

Tooru: There, there, are you alone? *cat meows* Haha, me? You see, I’m waiting for my love—ah… Yo…

T: Nah, I just got off work early. You’re the one who worked hard to this time.

T: You were paired with a recent graduate? Sounds like that’s a lot to deal with.

T: I’m glad they’re a good person. Even more so, since you’re a pair. You’ll be together with them for a long time, right?

T: They’re a man…?

T: Uh, right, there are times you’ll be grouped with a man.

T: I’m not jealous.

T: No.

T: Just… I don’t like it when you talk about another man.

T: … Shut up. *eats something*

T: It won’t suit your taste, so don’t ask for one. Quit it.


T: Nah, it doesn’t hurt. But these eye drops sting a bit.

T: Yeah, I have dry eyes. That’s why I often apply drops.

T: We should get going.

T: *takes heroine’s bag* You seem to be carrying more than usual, so…

T: Mm. Let’s hold hands.

T: Haha, let’s go home now.

T: You really like holding hands, don’t you?

T: Ggh, it’s because you always want to hold hands that I thought I should offer. *mumbles* I also want to do this.

T: But what’s so good about my hands? It’s all angular and, because of work, my skin is rough too.

T: Ah… Heh, I see. Well, if you say you like them… then alright.

T: Hm? What’s wrong?

T: Oh. Do you want to see this movie?

T: … A vampire and human’s blind love. Wallachia Love… huh.


T: That’s just an unfounded rumor, isn’t it? Just like how humans who get their blood sucked by mosquitos won’t become a mosquito, something like becoming a vampire after getting their blood sucked… that’s just superstition.

T: That’s right, you said vampires were scary, didn’t you?

T: … Let’s go.

*scene skip*

T: Ah, did you come out without drying your hair?

T: Haa… sit over there.

T: Your place’s hair dryer is large. Isn’t it heavy? Good then. *starts drying hair*

T: Jeez, at least take the time to dry your hair before coming out.

T: Ah… I’m staying the night today, so we have loads of time together, don’t we?

T: Haha, such a difficult girl.

T: Hey, don’t move. Stay still.

T: G-gentle…? Enough already, be quiet.


T: No, I’m an only child and don’t have younger siblings. Why are you suddenly asking?

T: That’s because it’s your hair. I’ll at least be attentive.

T: … Alright. Look, it’s done.

T: Like a brother…? If we were siblings, we wouldn’t be able to do this, right? *kisses*

T: Haa… hah… let’s go to the bed now. That’s okay, right?

*they head to bedroom; Tooru pushes heroine down, kisses*

T: Mngh…


T: Oh, right, you came out of a bath so you’re not wearing a bra, huh. *kisses*

T: Your nipples are already hard. What do you want to do? It’s better when I touch them directly and not through your pajamas, right? *kisses*

T: Nngh…

T: Haa… hah… it’s somewhat of a turn on when only your upper half is naked. *kisses*

T: You’re warm… mm… Is this your body soap? You smell nice.

T: Haha, come to think of it, I mentioned that, didn’t I? That I’m not good with strong scents. You remembered? That makes me happy. *kisses* Mmgh…


T: I’m going to take off the bottom too.

T: Hey, don’t hide yourself. Spread your legs. More. *gives oral*

T: Wow… nrgh… when I press this place with my finger and taste you… your juices flow out. Mmgh… cute.

T: I’m going to touch you inside. Gngh… hah…

T: Mrgh… you can’t take it anymore? Then how about you come once before I enter you? I’ll add another finger too. Nngh… mgh…


T: Haah… hah… you’re twitching and trembling. You really have great reactions.

T: Can I… put it in? Haa… nrgh…!

T: It feels good… mgh! *thrusting; kisses*

T: Nrgh… hngh…

T: Hagh… sorry, I don’t think I can take it slow. *kisses; thrusting* Mngh… grgh…!


T: I’m already suppressing myself like this, bear with it. Ngh… mgh…!

T: When I rub your breasts and lick your nipples… mm… suck on them… gngh… and even bite them like this… you love it, don’t you?

T: Ggh! You clenched down. You seriously love it when I caress this place, huh. Mngh… hah…!

T: Haa… haah…!

T: Impossible, I won’t wait. You’re extremely wet yourself and about to come. Hngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

T: I’ll be sure to hold your hand while we do this. Hah… hagh…!

T: Nrgh… mgh…! Aah… together…! Nngh… mm…! *kisses; he orgasms*


T: Haah… haa… *kisses*

T: Oh, the mark I made here is going to turn purple later.

T: Hm? Uh… sorry, you were told that at your workplace? Well, hum—normal men wouldn’t suck on a neck like this, huh.

T: I’ll… be careful next time.

T: You’re happy? Haha, you’re strange.

T: Mm? I just have to pet you with my hand?

T: Ah… mm, then… *strokes heroine*

T: Haha, you’re like a cat. *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: Unwanted Encounter ***

T: Haa… the weather report said it’d be clear.

T: Ah, sorry to have to go through rain on our date. *eats something*

T: That’s not true. I always eat around this much, don’t I?

T: Uh, no, it’s not that I’m in a bad mood—ah… look, there’s people who are sensitive to weather changes, right? I’m like that too. *eats something*

T: Sorry for making you concerned. It’s getting dark, so I’ll send you home. Let’s go home for today. *hold hands; start walking*

[01:36] *someone approaches*

T: You…!

T: Ah, uh… he’s an old acquaintance.

T: Ggh! *growls to person* Don’t talk to her!

T: Don’t… involve me anymore either.

T: *inhales; heroine grabs him* Ah!

T: … Let’s go.

T: Don’t worry about that man. It’s nothing. *thunder*

T: *quiet* Tch, it just has to happen now.

T: My place is closer, so can you run until we get there? I’ll lend you a towel. Watch your steps. *raining; they run*

*** TRACK 3: Tepid Rain ***

T: *opens door, closes door* Wait here. I’ll bring over a towel.

T: *dries heroine* You aren’t cold, are you?

T: … Good then.

T: Achoo! Ah, I’m alright. *slaps heroine’s hand* Ggh!

T: S-sorry…

T: O-oh, thanks. I can dry myself, so don’t worry about it.

T: Your hand… doesn’t hurt, does it?

T: True, now that you mention it, this is your first time, huh. We’ve always gone to your place.

T: H-huh, my room…?

T: No, uh, it’s not that you can’t but, um, it’s messy.

T: *quiet* No, but still…

T: We’re pretty soaked, huh. Alright, we need to dry off first.

[02:20] *scene skip*

T: Yeah, there’s not many things here. After I come back from work, I just eat, take a bath, and then sleep. Lately, I’ve been going to your place often too.

T: ……

T: No, it’s more comfortable like this. Enough about me, go and sit on the sofa there. *eats something*

T: *quiet* Dammit, hurry up and stop.

T: Ah! W-what’s wrong?

T: O-oh, I always wear colored con—ngh, nevermind! Who cares about my eyes—*thunder* Ah!

T: The breaker must have tripped because of the thunder.

T: Tch…

T: I’ll reset the breaker, so stay still there. Okay?

T: Let’s see… flashlight… If I remember correctly, it was here…

T: Huh? *heroine hugs him* Wah! When did you get here? *thunder*

T: I know you’re scared, but step away for a second! Ggh, I’m begging you… don’t get close to me right now… If you do…! *thunder; heroine grips him*


T: *low voice* Hey. You’re the one who didn’t let go. *grabs heroine, bites* Nngh…!

T: Ggh, don’t run away!

T: Haa… hagh…! *bites*

T: Mngh… haah… hah…!

T: … Ah! I… just now… what did I… H-hey, open your eyes! I’m begging you. Hey!

T: Oh, I’m so relieved… I’m sorry… I tricked you… I’m a monster.

*** TRACK 4: Prayer of Forgiveness ***

*doorbell rings; heroine goes to intercom*

T: Sorry for the sudden visit…

T: I wanted to talk to you in person no matter what.

T: Yesterday, um… I’m really sorry. Is your body alright?

T: … Got it. You don’t have to come out. Right now, you don’t want to see my face directly, right?

T: This is good enough, so will you listen to me?

T: … Thanks. I believe you know already from yesterday, but I’m… not human. I’m really sorry for keeping silent about that until now. I’m always eating tablets, right? They have the effect of suppressing a vampire’s instincts.

T: Ggh… but when the weather was like yesterday, or today, um… we want to drink blood more than usual. It becomes almost impossible to suppress.


T: Ah, that’s wrong!

T: Like I said before, that’s just a rumor and something like a human who has their blood sucked becoming a vampire definitely doesn’t happen.

T: It’s true.

T: Ggh… I stayed quiet about this beside you the entire time and, on top of that, I even did what I did yesterday. You went through something terrifying, right? Now that things are like this, I thought I could only disappear from your life and we wouldn’t meet anymore for your sake. I know this in my head, but… I can’t imagine my days without you beside me at all. I love you! Hopelessly!

T: That’s why…! Mgh… me saying this all of a sudden will make things hard on you, right? I’m sorry.

T: I’ll come again. It’ll be enough to talk through the intercom at that time too. Um… good night.

*** TRACK 5: Apology and Secret ***

*heroine locks door, starts walking*

T: *heroine crashes into him* Woah, sorr—ah… it’s you?

T: … I came here to see you, but were you heading out?

T: To see me?

T: Oh, I finished working there the day before yesterday, so I’m working at another place now.

T: I’m glad I met you here. So, what did you want with me?

T: An important talk… huh.

T: Right… Let’s change the place. Uh, are you sure? About letting me in your room. A public place would be more—…

T: If you’re okay with this, then alright. The weather’s not bad today either.

[01:34] *scene skip; heroine sets cup down*

T: Mm, thanks.

T: … Um! *heroine also talks*

T: Ask anything. I’ll talk about everything.

T: There was a time when I lived as a vampire. It was a long time ago before I started dating you. During our date a while back, do you remember the man who wore sunglasses?

T: He was one of my companions in the past. Among us vampires, there’s a common opinion that the blood of human women is especially delicious. That man believes this and so I didn’t want him to get close to you.

T: Well, that’s just putting on airs. It’s hard to say the truth… I just simply didn’t want to hand you over to anyone else.

T: After I left those guys, I hid the fact that I was a vampire, took on a human surname, and lived.

T: Yeah, vampires are different from humans and don’t have a surname in the first place. So, my real name is just Tooru. My surname is something I casually added.


T: Hm?

T: Oh, my eyes? If you want to know, then I’ll take off my colored contacts.

T: *removes contacts* Here.

T: Vampire eyes are a deep red just like what’s said in the world. So, I normally put in black contacts to hide them. In order to live as a human, there’s a lot of difficulties but… haha, contacts are pretty painful. My eyes always end up dry.

T: Yeah, that’s why I couldn’t be without eye drops.

T: I couldn’t ever talk about this. My true self.

T: Huh? Why are you apologizing?

T: No, it’s not like I didn’t say I was a vampire because of you. I didn’t want to lose you no matter what… so it was because I was a coward.

T: *heroine hugs him* Ah! What are you doing all of a sudd—…

T: Mm.

T: Yeah, you must have been scared. It must have hurt, right? I’m sorry.

T: But…?

T: I’m not gentle—

T: … Really? You also… can’t think of a life without me?

T: *hugs heroine* Ggh! Loving someone like me… You’re a really strange person.

T: But… thank you.

T: What’s wrong?

T: You want to see more of the real me…? When you say that… ngh! *grabs heroine* I’m not responsible for what will happen!

*** TRACK 6: Soothed Heart ***

T: Ngh…! *kisses*

T: I love you! Mngh… hngh…

T: Haa… hah… *goes to bite, pauses* S-sorry… I got excited and accidentally…

T: A-are you sure? But—!

T: Ggh, don’t excite me any more than this. I really… won’t be able to stop! *bites* Ngh!

T: It’s sweet… mm… Your… When I think about how it’s the blood of the girl I love… mngh… it’s so delicious I’m going to go crazy. Gngh!

T: Not just your neck, but other places too… mgh!


T: Soft… ngh… grgh…!

T: Hey, this soft place… let me bite it. Mmgh!

T: Aah, this is bad… I’m going to get addicted. Nngh…

T: For you, mngh, you like it when I do this to your nipples, right?

T: Haha, that voice is so cute. Gngh… mgh…

T: Hah… haah… I’m going to touch down here too. *kisses*

T: This place, ngh, is ridiculously wet. Mrgh… hngh…


T: I’m sorry for having no control. I… really want you. *removes his clothes* Haa… hagh…!

T: Ngh, ah… hot…! *thrusting; kisses*

T: Haa… hah… you’re already mine, but I want you more… and more… unbearably…! Nrgh! *bites; thrusting*

T: Please want me too. Gugh… ah… if I place both your legs on my shoulders like this, mgh, we’ll be able to be connected deeper, right? Nrgh… hagh…! I’ll thrust into here until you lose your mind!

T: Gngh, agh… you’re clenching down so hard, haha, are you going to come already? Haa… hah… *kisses; thrusting*

T: Nngh… then… I’ll make you come!

T: Hgh…! Sorry, but I’m not going to stop. Nrgh… mgh…! *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms*


T: Haah… haa… *kisses*

T: Ah! S-sorry! I accidentally became rough. I lost myself in sucking on you, but you aren’t feeling anemic, are you? Does it hurt anywhere?

T: … R-really? You don’t have to take me into consideration.

T: Huh?

T: It felt good…? Getting your blood sucked?

T: Uh… ah… don’t say those things so easily. I’m going to get carried away.

T: You really aren’t pushing yourself?

T: Ah…

T: Haha, me too. I want to do it more with you. Don’t hide your face. *kisses*

T: I’m going to carry you like this. Let’s do it on the bed. *kisses* This time, I’ll be sure to be gentle.

T: I want to be gentle. Wrap your arms around my shoulders. Yeah.

T: Rather, you’re so light I’m worried. *kisses* Cling onto me like that.


T: *puts heroine on bed* Cute. *kisses*

T: Mm… nn…

T: Your thighs feel nice… I love all your soft places. *bites*

T: It’s easy to drink blood too and I feel like the flavor is especially sweet.

T: Haha, don’t worry, I won’t bite here. Instead… I’ll lick you lots. *gives oral*


T: So loud. Mmgh, your hips jerked.

T: I’ll play bite this red bud, ngh… and with my tongue… mm… push it in and pull it out. It feels good, right?

T: Heh, it’s opening and closing so much. It looks like my fingers aren’t enough.

T: I’ll touch you both inside and outside. So, feel me more. Nngh… gngh…

T: Mgh! Haha, are you about to come? Then, come like this… hngh… mrgh…!

T: You made such an erotic noise. *kisses*


T: Roll over and lie face down.

T: I’ll make you feel even better.

T: Can you spread your legs just a little?

T: I’m going to put it in. Ngh… ah…!

T: You just came, so it’s spasming a lot down here… as if it wants me. Haa… haah… *kisses*

T: I’m going to move. Mmgh… hah…

T: In this position, I’m hitting a different spot from earlier, haha, it feel so nice. You’re also making amazing sounds here. You love it when I thrust into you from behind, huh.

T: Haha, your ears are bright red. *kisses ear; thrusting*


T: Haa… hah… look this way, I want to kiss you. *kisses* Mm!

T: Mm? You can’t take it anymore? Then, ngh, let’s come together. Haah… hngh…!

T: Gngh, hah… haa…!

T: Aah… ah…! I’m coming…! Nrgh! *he orgasms*

T: Ah… I let out a lot.

T: Mm, right now, your stomach is filled with me, isn’t it…

T: Show me how you look after just coming. *kisses*

T: From here on, will you live together with me?

T: I’ll take it easy on anything that can leave scars.

T: My past memories…? When I was a kid? It’s not that interesting but… haha, you’re right, I won’t hide things anymore. *kisses* In exchange, tell me about your past too. Your everything… your heart, body, past, and, of course, present… I want to know everything to the point where there’s nothing I don’t know.

T: If you react like that here, I’ll feel embarrassed too. Haha. *kisses*

T: Mm?

T: Haha, yeah, I’ll hold it as much as you want. *holds hands; kisses*

T: I love you.

6 thoughts on “Kyuuketsuki no Seiai ~ Route Tooru ~

    Runa-chan said:
    April 23, 2021 at 06:29

    Owh… Since i already have the main CD it’s easy to know what did Kuma said on each track…

    *Btw can you do the tokuten translation? Since i have the tokutens

      Ilinox responded:
      April 23, 2021 at 18:08

      I’m afraid I’m so busy these days that I would only do it if it was a commission. I normally don’t do single tokuten translations (because I’m anal about knowing the context of the whole story), but since I did the main track I would make an exception here.

    Tai K said:
    March 28, 2021 at 17:58

    omg im so glad someone commissiosned this from you! its also on my wishlist at DLsite atm. hopefully they give more coupons soon. i heard a clip from it and i rly liked how Kuma sounded in it so im def IN.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 29, 2021 at 20:13

      Kuma did a really, really good job with this and I was yelling about the script all over my Twitter, haha. I LOVE the use of space and silence they left for him to just demonstrate all his nonverbal acting. Drama CDs that know how to utilize this are just so good (Primrose has been leading on this front).

    IzBrazil said:
    March 26, 2021 at 11:52


    Is this a series or just some random drama? If so, are you going to translate the other pieces (I’d gladly do that if USD wasn’t so expensive here), but as usual thank yiu for your translation ♥️♥️

    Side question: Did you struggle while translating it? (I guess no because you know the specifict vocab thanks to DiaLovers lol, but I liked a lot)
    I can’t help but think about how some of these phrases sounds in japanese lol

      Ilinox responded:
      March 27, 2021 at 18:38

      So far this is the only listed one but since it says “Route Tooru” my guess is that they’re going to see the reception and then potentially add more to the series?

      Hm, at this point, I only struggle with technical or historical knowledge, such as series like Wasurenagusa (all those historical timeline expositions), Tokyo Cemetery (so much police lingo), Rouge et Noir (drug laws), and these require me to do some research.

      LOL, to be honest, otome games are more for learning description. Drama CDs are pure dialogue though, so in a sense it’s much easier because no one speaks with excessive descriptions. However, you have to train your ears to be able to pick out all the ways words can sound (since the seiyuu have their own quirks, sometimes slur, and/or there’s too much going on and words are being panted out LOL).

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