Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 25 ~

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Chapter 25 ~ Third Game Pt.7 ~

Death warrant?

Tang Jiu frowned and then understood.

Some players had a vague understanding, while others were still at a complete loss.

Gu Yian turned the card in her hand and clarified things for those who didn’t understand.

“If we can’t find the real method of clearing the game then we will all die in various accidents, understand?”

If Gu Yian had said it more ruthlessly, then those who couldn’t solve the game had to die.

The male player, who had spoken, replied, “This point is understandable. Isn’t it just a sword hanging over our heads, forcing us to clear the game as soon as possible? But those accidents aren’t completely unrelated to clearing the game. If they weren’t related, then what was the hint God gave us for?”

His last sentence got the agreement of most people.

They still believed God’s hint.

Gu Yian did not refute this point.

She said, “I’m not saying their accidental deaths are unrelated to us clearing the game. Those accidental deaths are also an important component of the game, of the same nature as the missing vendor case we’re investigating today, the homicide of Sister Man we investigated last night, as well as the breaking and entering case of Liu Han in the middle of the night. These are all sins we encountered.”

Gu Yian thought up to here and then added, “We also have a second way to clear the game.”

Tang Jiu had just shoved a candy into her mouth and, upon hearing Gu Yian’s words, she said in a muffled voice, “That you thought of one is already amazing, and there’s still a second one?”

When everyone heard this, they were also extremely curious.

Gu Yian saw the curiosity on the faces of the veteran players and said, a bit puzzled, “There’s always been many ways to clear God’s Game. It’s done so long as God is happy about what they see. Why do you all seem like this is the first time you heard this?”

When it came to Gu Yian’s own game experiences, the means employed by the veteran player, Brother Zhang, in her first game was to trick new players, letting God see a deception game.

She ended the game early, but she guessed that Brother Zhang should have cleared the game at the end too.

In her second game, when she was leaving the game world, she saw the Merchant, the Witch, and the Student all successfully clear the game.

She wasn’t clear if this was because Mr. Demon said they could clear the game by killing the demon, but she felt that the Student who looked very weak wasn’t simple at all.

The other players sitting around the table heard Gu Yian’s words and one of them asked in confusion, “Isn’t it just finding the right way to clear the game and then God will be pleased?”

The one who asked the question was even a veteran player.

Gu Yian glanced at Tang Jiu.

Tang Jiu said carelessly, “What are you looking at me for? I generally just kill the ghosts and then return back to my space. Who knew that in this game I actually wouldn’t meet a single ghost at all.”

It turned out she cleared her games through violence.

Gu Yian understood now.

Her gaze swept over all the faces of the players present. Of the eight players, two male players were newcomers.

She saw too many fantastic players and didn’t expect that in this game she would actually meet “honest” players, ones who innocently triggered game events, guessed the way to clear the game, solved the puzzles, and then passed to the next round.

No wonder they pretty much believed whatever she said, and didn’t even question her when she said she wanted to overthrow the God’s Eye System.

The other players were probably waiting to trigger a few more events and obtain a few more clues. Right now, the clues they had weren’t enough for them to reach any conclusions.

Why did all of her teammates seem to not be very clever?

Gu Yian felt exhausted.

Because she herself wasn’t that much smarter.

Whatever, there were always some merits in the thousand thoughts of a fool.

Looking at everyone’s curious faces, Gu Yian still spoke about the second way to clear the game.

“Becoming sin itself. You can learn from Sister Man, from Liu Han who broke in last night, and from the person we had just planned on breaking into his house. Of course, I don’t recommend this. If I can’t catch everyone, there’s still law enforcement waiting for everyone.”

If she really wanted to talk about methods of clearing the game, then Gu Yian could still bring up several more. For example, Brother Zhang’s deception of new players, or pretending to be a new player and tricking veteran players, or eliminating all the other players until she alone was left.

Presumably, that God with a disgusting personality would be delighted to see this sort of player infighting.

It was just that the price of that would be lives.

Therefore, Gu Yian didn’t plan on saying these and turning this group of “honest people” bad.

If one could clear a game on their own, why bother with other people’s lives?

When the other players heard Gu Yian say the second method, most of them looked reserved and they didn’t seem like they would stir up trouble.

They weren’t stupid either. Under the monitor of the God’s Eye System, it would be strange if they, as players unfamiliar with this world, were able to avoid arrest.

No one at the table spoke and so the topic related to clearing the game came to an end.

Gu Yian put away the documents and said, “Let’s go back.”

The restaurant owner, who had been standing not too far away this entire time, saw Gu Yian and the others’ movements. He dragged himself over and then asked with joy in his eyes, “Are you going to investigate him?”

Gu Yian was silent for a moment and then showed the owner the text message just sent by God’s Eye on her phone.

The joy in the owner’s eyes disappeared.

Everyone who saw this felt uncomfortable, however they had no choice but to act according to the arrangements of God’s Eye.

They stood up and left the restaurant.

Everyone’s emotions were very negative.

Gu Yian’s mood also wasn’t very good.

Tang Jiu shoved another candy to Gu Yian, not caring whether or not Gu Yian ate it, and then unwrapped one herself before pointing at a candy shop with a large sign in the distance. “Gu Yian, look there, that’s the shop where I bought candy.”


Gu Yian used her eyes to question Tang Jiu.

“You have a card on you. Buy me some more candy.” Tang Jiu looked hopeful.

Gu Yian didn’t have to think before she shook her head.

This wasn’t her card.

They couldn’t mess around.

Tang Jiu saw that Gu Yian wouldn’t waver.

She withdrew her gaze, dejected.

The group of players walked to the parking lot.

Cameras were everywhere along the way: there were cameras on street lights, cameras on trash cans, and even cameras on store signs.

Suddenly, the male player who had just brought up finding the murderer to clear the game shouted.


The other players and pedestrians who were passing through by chance sent him suspicious looks.

The male player beckoned Gu Yian and the others closer with a terrified expression.

Gu Yian and Tang Jiu couldn’t see what was wrong with him and, as they guessed, the eight players formed a circle.

At this time, the male player said in a low voice, “This street is full of cameras, so doesn’t that mean we said we’d deal with it right in front of it? We won’t be caught by it, will we?”

The “it” he spoke about, as long as they gave this some thought, they would know he was referring to the God’s Eye System.

After the male player finished speaking, he thought he would get everyone’s approval but who knew that what he was greeted with was everyone looking at him like he was an idiot.

“What? Doesn’t it listen in on our conversations? The investigation was cancelled.”

Tang Jiu glanced at the male player with disgust and was the first to leave.

“Hey! Why’s everyone leaving? Wait for me!”

The other players ignored him and it was still Gu Yian who couldn’t overlook him and gave him an explanation.

“It’s just an artificial intelligence only in charge of surveillance. It’s people who really deal with things. So, it was a real person who sent us the message saying the investigation was concluded.”

“The City of Innocence is so large, we can’t be the only ones who thought about overthrowing it. God’s Eye wants to maintain the daily operation of the City of Innocence, so its daily workload isn’t small. Where does it have that much time to deal with us who only spoke words? Unless we actually did something. But, even if we did do something, so long as what we did was not illegal then God’s Eye has no reason to arrest us. It’s only an artificial intelligence.”

Gu Yian looked at the male player’s blank expression and she sighed before asking, “Look, after our discussion, did God’s Eye send a warning to us?”

He shook his head. “No.”

Gu Yian said, “So it doesn’t matter. We have freedom of speech.”

This time the male player saw the light. “Couldn’t you have said this directly? Everything sounded so puzzling just now, I thought I was stupid.”

He was disliking how Gu Yian beat around the bush.

Gu Yian was silent.

This male player wasn’t the first person to dislike this part about her.

The last person was Mr. Liar. The Mr. Liar that Mr. Demon pretended to be, whose real identity was God.

But this male player wasn’t as good as Mr. Liar.

Gu Yian glanced at this male player and then turned around and got into the car.

He didn’t sense anything wrong in Gu Yian’s reaction and even followed after her, thanking her with a big smile, before getting into the car.

There was a bit of a drive back to the Investigation Bureau.

Gu Yian sat in the back and took out her phone, searching the City of Innocence again on her phone.

The search results still displayed a page of good reviews.

Gu Yian tried to change the search terms, adding words such as public safety, crime, Investigation Bureau, law enforcement, etc., to the end of the search term.

It was when she added law enforcement that an unexpected result appeared as the first item of the search results.

Law enforcement officially issued a warrant, searching for the former leader of the Investigation Bureau, Qian Xiaoman.

Gu Yian tapped in to read the contents.

Tang Jiu, who had been watching Gu Yian’s actions the entire time at one side, also leaned in to read.

When she saw this, she exclaimed, “This Sister Man is so amazing, she actually dares to snatch a head from law enforcement.”

Gu Yian was also surprised, but she was even more confused.

Qian Xiaoman’s crimes were written in the warrant. In addition to killing her husband and two new investigators, she unexpectedly ambushed a car and killed Liu Han.

Why would Qian Xiaoman kill Liu Han?

This was too baffling.

Tang Jiu’s focus was completely different from Gu Yian and she sighed, “She dared to raid the law enforcement’s car. Law enforcement probably didn’t expect there to be a person who would hit them. They lost face and I’m afraid they won’t take this lying down.”

There was some concern towards Sister Man in her words.

Gu Yian couldn’t understand why Sister Man would kill Liu Han and so she simply didn’t think about it anymore.

When the players returned to the Investigation Bureau, the first thing they did was go to the director’s office to find Brother Yong and Lu Zize.

The camera on the door lock of the director’s office recognized Gu Yian’s face and automatically opened the door for them.

As soon as the door opened, Gu Yian looked inside but there was no one.

“What are you all standing there for?”

Brother Yong’s displeased voice came from nearby.

Gu Yian and the others looked to the sound and saw Brother Yong standing at the door of a conference room diagonally opposite of the director’s office, looking at them with furrowed brows.

Judging from his appearance, he was especially unhappy with their behavior.

“Your investigation task is concluded?”

A gentle and clear voice sounded and Lu Zize came out of the door.

He held what seemed like a marker in his hand, smiled, and showed his welcome of the players’ return.

Lu Zize suggested, “It’s perfect everyone is back. Let’s analyze things together.”

The moment Gu Yian saw Lu Zize appear she suddenly recalled a phrase Lu Zize said.

At that time, she showed Lu Zize the text messages Liu Han had sent her.

Lu Zize told her later that he would not live past tonight.

Liu Han certainly didn’t live past last night. He was killed by Sister Man.

Could it be that Lu Zize incited Sister Man to kill him?

Gu Yian held suspicions in her heart.

She maintained her composure and entered the conference room with the other players.

There was a whiteboard set up at the front of the conference room with magnets stuck on photographs of accident scenes, which had text written beside them.

Gu Yian glanced over it roughly. It was an analysis of the cause of death for several investigators who died in accidents.

In addition to the computer on the conference table, there were thick documents.

Brother Yong scowled the entire time as he watched the players enter the room.

When everyone found a place to sit down, Brother Yong asked, “Is there a result in the investigation of the disappearance of the vendor?”

The other players looked at Gu Yian.

Their implication was clear at a glance; they were letting Gu Yian be their representative.

Gu Yian replied, “We found a butcher, but God’s Eye informed us the mission was over.”

When Brother Yong heard this news, he unconsciously glanced at Lu Zize and then said to the players in an impatient tone, “Just do what God’s Eye says.”

Gu Yian pretended to be curious and asked, “Team Leader, you two didn’t receive this notice from God’s Eye?”

Brother Yong snapped back, “We didn’t go, so where would we get a notice? Look around less, work more, and don’t ask all sorts of questions. Am I the team leader or are you the team leader? Are you all listening?!”

The other players who were involved for no reason took a look at Gu Yian, then at Brother Yong’s angry eyes, and then they hurriedly nodded.

For some reason, Brother Yong seemed to find the players offensive to the eyes and he fired off questions, “What are you all sitting here for? Do you know these people? Have you seen their deaths? Do you all know that the next person to die will be you?”

He inexplicably pelted the players with a lecture.

The players present couldn’t understand Brother Yong’s unusual behavior.

Lu Zize stood at one side, holding a whiteboard marker, and his expression was mostly helpless.

Brother Yong dressed down the players.

Lu Zize used his eyes to comfort the players.

With Brother Yong as a comparison, most players had a considerably good impression towards Lu Zize, who was like a leader.

During a small pause in Brother Yong’s rant, Lu Zize said, “Brother Yong, I called them here. The Investigation Bureau only has the two of us now, so we must teach them some skills.”

“If you want to teach them, then you teach them,” Brother Yong left behind these words.

Lu Zize took a step to the side, happening to block Brother Yong’s path.

He helplessly said, “Brother Yong.”

Brother Yong sighed, “Little Lu, let me cool my head off alone.”

In front of so many players, Lu Zize didn’t seem to have the intention of having a heart-to-heart talk with Brother Yong. He stepped aside and said, “Brother Yong, I put your wine in the passenger seat.”

Brother Yong patted Lu Zize’s shoulder, didn’t say anything, and left.

Lu Zize looked out the door for a while and then he turned around to face the players. He discussed, “Does everyone want to analyze the cause of death of the investigators with me, or do you want to rest on your own? If you want to analyze their cause of death, then you need to familiarize yourself with some materials first and understand their general circumstances.”

Naturally, the players would not choose the latter.

Everyone chose to investigate the cause of death of the former investigators.

Lu Zize brought everyone to the photocopier and copied the materials to distribute to the players.

He had the players look at the information. Those who had thoughts could discuss among themselves first, those with questions could keep them on hand first, and then at the end they could ask him all together.

Arrangements were made so clearly the players only needed to bring the materials back to the conference room.

Gu Yian carried her documents and deliberately fell behind a few steps, waiting for Lu Zize behind her.

He saw her actions and stopped, asking her with his usual expression, “Yian, is something the matter?”

As he asked, he glanced at Tang Jiu who was stuck to Gu Yian.

Tang Jiu avoided his line of sight.

Gu Yian had all sorts of questions towards Lu Zize in her heart at this moment.

Her face was very calm as she said, “Brother Lu, I saw the warrant issued by law enforcement for Sister Man today.”

When Lu Zize heard this, there was a hint of melancholy in his eyes but his voice was still gentle.

“I know about this as well.”

Gu Yian raised her eyes to Lu Zize, not concealing the confusion in them.

“Are you very curious about my relationship with Sister Man?”

Lu Zize gave a faint laugh and didn’t mind Gu Yian’s suspicions.

He told her, “If you’re willing to listen, then I can tell you.”

Of course Gu Yian was willing to listen. Right now, she wanted to find more clues from Lu Zize. She wanted to know what sort of connection he had exactly with those investigators who died.

Upon seeing this, Lu Zize said, “Come with me to the office then.”

They changed their direction to the director’s office.

Lu Zize casually made himself a cup of tea and asked Tang Jiu and Gu Yian whether they also wanted one.

Out of politeness, Gu Yian accepted a cup while Tang Jiu refused.

Lu Zize sat in the seat of the director. The tea was steaming hot, but he was far away and didn’t let the steam cover the lenses of his glasses.

Lu Zize told them, “I actually only came here a few days earlier than your group. But I knew Sister Man and the others early on. I met them about a year ago and the cause was also because of an accidental death. My mother died. Sister Man and the others came to investigate this.”

He recalled, “Sister Man was a good person. Her temperament was actually much like yours, Yian.”

Gu Yian was taken aback while she held her tea.

Much like hers?

The scene she thought of immediately was Sister Man sitting on the steps and crying last night. Following that was the scene of two bodies on the ground with their throats slashed.

Gu Yian couldn’t do things like Sister Man.

Understanding flashed through Tang Jiu’s eyes.

She found the reason why Lu Zize had a different attitude towards Gu Yian. She had thought it was strange, that if it was just because Gu Yian kept up with him at the very beginning then his favorable impression would have risen way too quickly.

Gu Yian’s focus was somewhat different from Tang Jiu’s focus.

She felt that Lu Zize’s attitude towards Sister Man was very indifferent. Last night, he just stood at one side and looked down at Sister Man.

If he really cared about Sister Man, then why didn’t he step up to comfort her?

Lu Zize looked at the surface of his tea and said, “Sister Man helped me a lot. It just so happened the Investigation Bureau was short of staff this month, so I told Sister Man I would come help her. Thus, I entered this job earlier than your group.”

“She could have lived very well. But everything was ruined by Liu Han.”

Liu Han, the voyeur who sent text messages to Gu Yian, climbed the wall and broke into the Investigation Bureau, and wanted to take away Gu Yian, but was arrested by law enforcement and then, in the end, killed by Sister Man.

“Liu Han would use various means to secretly take nude pictures of people and use it to extort money. Sister Man also encountered this situation and her husband learned about it, so their marital relationship also met with problems.”

Lu Zize tonelessly narrated this incident, without bringing in any personal feelings.

When Gu Yian heard this, she felt that the explanation given by Lu Zize could more or less explain the two matters of why Sister Man called him at the first moment and why she killed Liu Han.

Gu Yian held her tea cup with both hands and sunk into thought.


A scream rushed into her ears.

Bang, bang, bang!

Suddenly, violent activity came from outside the door.

The office door wasn’t fully closed, so the sound of gunfire was especially clear.

Gu Yian instantly looked at Lu Zize who was in the office chair.

At this moment, Lu Zize picked up his tea to drink and the lenses in front of his eyes was covered with a layer of mist.

His gentle voice inexplicably revealed a sort of ruthlessness.

“Someone broke into the weapons storage.”

Gu Yian set down her cup and walked towards the door.

The movement outside came to an abrupt stop.

Gu Yian walked to the door that Tang Jiu had already rushed out of one step earlier.

She hesitated for a second and then turned around to look at Lu Zize behind the office desk.

“Was this in your expectations?”

Gu Yian suspected that Lu Zize knew the players would break into the weapons storage and that was why he would tell the players how to obtain director level authority, giving the players the misconception that obtaining director level authority could let them obtain weapons.

Lu Zize took off his glasses.

When his glasses were off, his eyes were several degrees more penetrating, making him look powerful and difficult to approach.

He took out a lens cloth and wiped his glasses. His movements were easy and carefree.

However, his tone was still gentle and pleasant to the ears. “I didn’t say that director level authority could let you use weapons without authorization.”

But today, when you taught everyone how to obtain director level authority, you deliberately said you needed authorization to obtain weapons.

Gu Yian really wanted to retort but, now that things were like this, it was the players themselves who broke into the weapons storage.

Who could be blamed?

Blame Lu Zize who didn’t say things clearly?

Lu Zize put on his black-rimmed glasses again and he smiled warmly at Gu Yian, as friendly as the first time they met and giving people a favorable impression.

Gu Yian glanced at him and then turned around and left.

The location of the weapons storage was at the top floor of the office building and, when Gu Yian arrived, she only saw the bodies of two male players.

Tang Jiu found the funeral home number on the internet and she was in the middle of giving them a call.

“Yes, this is the Investigation Bureau. Two. You’re asking why there’s dead people again? How would I know why there’s dead people again. Thanks, there’s no need to leave a nice coffin for me, I’m living very well. Are you cursing me to die? You’re the one who should die today!”

Tang Jiu hung up with an irritable look.

Gu Yian looked at the players present and asked, “Why did you break into the weapons storage?”

There were only two male players left on the scene. One was a veteran player who said his legs hurt and he had oral ulcers, and the other was the new male player whose talkativeness had him stay behind at Sister Man’s place yesterday and piece together a body through the entire night.

They heard Gu Yian’s question and said with shame, “Aren’t there guns here?”

Just this one weapon was worth you breaking in for?

Gu Yian looked at these players with confusion.

One female player said, “We were thinking we could obtain director level authority and the Investigation Bureau only has us investigators, so doesn’t it stand to reason that these weapons are left for us? If we don’t take them, it’d be a waste.”

When Gu Yian heard this, she raised a hand to cover her forehead.

She sighed and then asked everyone, “Did you see Brother Yong or Lu Zize have weapons on them?”

The other players thought back. They didn’t seem to see any.

They shook their heads.

“They themselves can’t even touch this place!”

Gu Yian regained her original volume and asked, “Did you think we could rely on director level authority to grab weapons?”

Her eyes looked at the players who were still standing at the scene.

Except for Tang Jiu, the other players avoided her line of sight one by one.

Gu Yian watched them and concluded, “This was a trap against us players.”

The air on the scene became stiff and frozen because of these words.

Who would know this was a trap?

The players felt a chill in their hearts.

They watched over the bodies until the funeral home people came.

After the people from the funeral home arrived, they saw the terrible complexion of the players and didn’t think it strange.

One of them even took the initiative to comfort them. “Isn’t it just death? When I come to pick you guys up, I guarantee I’ll arrange good coffins for everyone.”

This sentence stirred up a hornet’s nest.

That talkative funeral home person was chased by two furious male players and given a beating with their fists.

The bodies were sent off, everyone had nowhere to go, and so they still returned to the conference room.

One player asked, “Um, are there problems with Lu Zize and He Yong?”

Everyone rolled their eyes at the person who asked this question.

This was obvious.

What they worried about now was that they clearly knew these people had problems, but they didn’t know what to do.

Because they couldn’t find evidence of Lu Zize’s crime.

Even if the players wanted to stay away from Lu Zize and avoid him, they couldn’t do that.

The players were poor and ignorant and they had nowhere to go at all.

Furthermore, their every single move was under surveillance of the God’s Eye System. Unauthorized actions could be determined to be abnormal and likely to be investigated.

What these players were now even more at a loss about was what they were supposed to do.

The new player hint said there were no coincidences in this world.

Lu Zize’s method of murder seemed to be creating coincidences.

Could it be that they were supposed to catch Lu Zize?

But Gu Yian said the way to clear the game was to overthrow the God’s Eye System. This sounded reliable and was in line with what they encountered over the past two days.

What exactly were they supposed to do?

These several players fell into deep confusion.

The new male player gritted his teeth and asked, “Why don’t we… do away Lu Zize?”

He used his hand to draw a line across his own throat.

Another female player heard this and said in distress, “He knows this place like the back of his hand, how are we supposed to do away with him? There’s only six of us now. If we were killing ghosts, then we should be able to wear him down if we used the props in our hands. Wait, we still have six people!”

The female player said excitedly, “Kill him!”

Gu Yian heard this and pointed helplessly at the camera on the conference table.

Right now, she was the spiritual leader everyone depended on.

Although she was wise after the event—only understanding Lu Zize’s trap afterwards—she was, at any rate, as calm as before in the face of a crisis and looked very reliable.

The players always paid attention to her actions and immediately followed the direction of her finger to see a camera.

Gu Yian said, “They have a way to adjust the cameras in the office building, meaning he might be listening to our conversation right now.”

Putting aside whether or not they could wear Lu Zize down to death, the only person capable of fighting out of the six of them present was Tang Jiu.

And the problem now was that Lu Zize might know what the players were thinking, so how could they fight him? Lu Zize could completely use his authority to do something to them.

The players looked at each other and fell silent.

At this juncture, a female player had a flash of inspiration and said, “It’s just a camera, it can only take pictures and not listen.”

Gu Yian nodded. “Yes.”

The female player was extremely happy to get Gu Yian’s agreement.

But in the next second, Gu Yian pointed to the microphones in front of every seat in the conference room. “Sound recording equipment for work.”

The excited female player suddenly got cold water thrown on her.

Gu Yian added, “If we think optimistically, he might not be listening.”

No one was comforted by Gu Yian’s words.

Everyone felt extremely depressed.

“So, there was also sound recording in the restaurant? God’s Eye heard our words and that was why it sent us the notice?” The other female player realized in hindsight.

Gu Yian looked at them quizzically and had a guess in her heart.

She pointed out, “Yes. Wasn’t there a male player who asked the question about if God’s Eye would hear us talking about dealing with it?”

She remembered that the other players ignored him at the time and she was the one who replied to that male player.

Gu Yian’s eyes swept over the faces of the other players.

The male player who asked that question wasn’t among the current players. He was already dead.

“I thought that God’s Eye only had cameras. Who knew it could really hear,” A female player said awkwardly.

The other players didn’t speak but their expressions already revealed that they had also thought the same.

Gu Yian looked at Tang Jiu.

Tang Jiu understood Gu Yian’s expression at a glance and immediately said, “I did. If God’s Eye couldn’t hear us, then its notice wouldn’t have come so fast or so timely. So, it definitely heard us.”

Gu Yian withdrew her gaze.

There was still a teammate who was on the same frequency as her.

Those four players realized their own thoughts had been misled and so it was better to leave the thinking to professionals to solve.

They eagerly looked at Gu Yian.

Gu Yian felt these looks and knew that even if she couldn’t do it she still had to do it.

Her teammates trusted her.

Gu Yian thought for a while and then decided to give everyone a preventative shot first. She said sincerely, “Don’t trust me completely, because I’m only guessing too. There’s a bit of a gamble in this.”

The other players didn’t believe her and just treated it as her being modest.

Gu Yian explained, “Right now, we have two objectives. The long-term objective is to overthrow the God’s Eye System and the short-term objective is to find evidence of Lu Zize’s crime. We cannot kill people. The moment we do that, we’ll become a part of the sin. At that time, the God’s Eye System will detect this immediately and, right after, we’ll have to welcome the pursuit of law enforcement.”

“We’ll be good people and our road will be a bit wider.”

Gu Yian continued thinking and said, “His evidence… We’ll start with Brother Yong.”

Yesterday, Brother Yong took away a small item she had found.

Gu Yian felt that Brother Yong was hiding a secret and he definitely knew something.

Moreover, from her observation of Brother Yong’s behavior these two days, he and Lu Zize weren’t on the same path.


A familiar text message alert interrupted what Gu Yian wanted to say.

She had a bad feeling.

She took out her own phone and checked the message.

The sender was God’s Eye.

“The former team leader, He Yong, died in a car accident due to drunk driving on East Ring Road in the Special Zone under God’s Eye at 5:17 PM. As of now, Junior Investigator Lu Zize is appointed as the new team leader of the Investigation Bureau and will take office immediately.”

Brother Yong was dead.

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      March 28, 2021 at 20:14

      Haha, I’m really glad you’re enjoying it! I hope the author manages to keep up this quality and/or get even better as it goes on (the chapter lengths are certainly increasing, oof).

      Trying to figure out LZZ’s motive feels like one of the biggest things in game 3 LOL apart from, uh, trying to overthrow the system to clear the game. Thank you and I hope you’re staying safe too!

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