Kibishii Joushi to Himitsu no Office Love

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Watari Yuuki (渡 悠希)
CV: 河村眞人

A Strict Boss and the Secret Office Romance

You made a mistake at work and were warned by your boss, Watari Yuuki.

Yuuki was concerned about your recent mistakes and invited you to a meal, but you weren’t able to respond to the sudden invitation from your usual strict boss.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to,” Yuuki said and left. Later, you were the one who invited Yuuki to a meal and, during this, drank too much…

The real feelings of your usual strict boss and the secret expressions that only you can see are…?

Thank you to Shinta for this commission! R18 warning.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Your Strict Boss ***

Yuuki: Why did this happen? The jeweler is extremely sensitive and you have to contact her at the appointed time. The slightest variation will be fatal and I told you this countless times. If the artist takes offence to us then we cannot make new accessories. The fans who are looking forward to her work will be saddened.

Y: Nothing will change no matter how many times you apologize to me. You are no longer new here. You understand the reason the person responsible for the artist is fixed, yes? So that the sensitive artist can avoid complicated discussions to the utmost and concentrate on their work. That is why you are there.

Y: Please have responsibility and consideration for your work. You have been making small mistakes in places like these.

Y: If there are circumstances, then I will take those into consideration. However, you have not come to discuss anything with me even once. If you are just cutting corners because you are used to this work, then… I will have to disdain you.

Y: If you feel regret, then please think about what to do.

Y: Yes, first, contact the artist immediately. Then apologize in all sincerity. After that, don’t forget to talk properly about work.

[01:48] *scene skip*

Y: Good work. Are you heading home for today now? Before that… do you have some time?

Y: Regarding that, you seem to have properly contacted the artist. She accepted your apology and made a definite promise to deliver her new works to us. I saw your email report.

Y: Your work—… um… I’m also responsible as someone who manages your schedule. I’ll also patch things up on my side later.

Y: This is a matter of course as your boss.

Y: Incidentally, how is your current work? You’re entrusted with many artists and you’re also doing the department store windows whenever products are received. You’re not overworked, are you?

Y: … If the reason you’re making mistakes is different from being too busy then… could you talk to me about it?

Y: If it’s hard to talk about it here, then we can do it over a meal. I don’t know if I’ll be a good confidant, but… um… I’m worried… about you.

Y: … R-right. It’s fine if you don’t want to. I’m sorry. Be careful when you go home. *leaves*

[03:50] *scene skip*

Y: That must be heavy, right? I’ll carry it.

Y: No, please be sure to use us men. In exchange, you’ll do work you’re skilled at such as checking inventory or speaking to clients at events. This is what they call using the right person in the right place.

Y: Oh right, *whispers* there’s a novelty I set aside where the refreshments are. If it pleases you, please take it home.

Y: Now then, until later. *leaves*

*scene skip*

Y: Now we just have to hand these keys over to the department store. Thank you for staying to the end.

Y: Today’s event was a great success. A lot of jewelry crossed into the hands of customers and the demonstration of manufacturing an accessory was also watched by many people.

Y: That event was your idea, right? You worked hard.

Y: It offset your contacting mistake.

Y: Ah, no, please don’t apologize. After I spoke to you, you handled it promptly with sincerity. Oh, the artist seemed to like you a lot. She praised you and said she would like to work with you again.

Y: Haha, you finally showed a smile.

Y: During today’s event, you had a business smile but I didn’t see you smiling from your heart. However, you have a wonderful expression right now.

Y: Ah, it’ll be an inconvenience if this goes on for too long. Why don’t we head to the station?

Y: Eh? After this?

Y: I don’t have any plans in particular…

Y: A meal with me?! But the other day you—

Y: —No, nevermind. By all means, let’s go.

*** TRACK 2: A New Love ***

*dream sequence*

Y: You’re wishing for a deeper kiss, aren’t you? Open your mouth right now then. Good girl. *kisses* Haha, there’s a look of pleasure on your face. Aah, this place is already wet. Did you become like this just from a kiss? Or… were you looking forward to what was going to happen later? Being touched by me. You’re such a difficult girl. I guess I have to put my finger inside you. Spread your legs more.

*dream ends*

Y: Ah, are you awake? This place is my house.

Y: If you don’t mind, please drink this water.

Y: Do you remember everything? You drank too much and fell asleep. I tried to wake you many times, but you wouldn’t wake up. I also didn’t know your address, so I brought you back to my place.

Y: Is something the matter? Your face has been red since earlier. Are you still drunk? Or do you feel uncomfortable?

Y: Really? That’s good then.

Y: Nevermind, it’s not good. Um…


Y: I’m sorry. Even if I had no other choice, I brought you to my home without your consent.

Y: If you say that, then I was the one who let you drink too much. That I didn’t try to stop you because I didn’t know your limits… is just an excuse.

Y: I was too happy to receive your invitation to a meal and… forgot everything else. Previously, when I invited you to a meal, you were extremely hesitant so… I thought you hated me.

Y: U-um… I’m aware that I’m usually very strict, so everyone is scared of me.

Y: Eh?

Y: Everyone isn’t actually scared…?

Y: Rather, they admire me…? Haha, thank you. You’re kind.

Y: I had a lot of fun over dinner. After drinking wine, I feel like we’re closer than usual.

Y: You feel the same, I see. That makes me very happy. Plus… I was also able to ask about the reason that’s causing you difficulties at work.


Y: You had just separated from your lover. Many things didn’t go well, huh. Generally, I don’t welcome bringing your personal life into work but, that being said, there are things that can’t be divided clearly. Perhaps if you had consulted me, then I could have supported you. But I regret that I didn’t create that sort of environment.

Y: It might be hard to talk about those things to me, but you can be more easygoing with me.

Y: Also… at the restaurant, you said you were going to get back on your feet, but I’m worried about whether or not you’re pushing yourself too hard. Did you also drink too much today because I asked and you remembered the past?

Y: You aren’t dragging along the baggage of your lover, are you?

Y: Find a new love? That’s a good idea. I heard that what’s effective for a broken heart is something that can make you forget it… like a wonderful love that can make you forget your previous one.

Y: *grabs heroine’s hand* In that case… could I be your new love?

*** TRACK 3: The Reason for Falling in Love ***

Y: In truth, I’ve always loved you. But I’m your boss… and not a well-liked one at that.

Y: Earlier, you said that wasn’t the case but I had thought everyone feared me at the company. I believed you felt the same too. Therefore, I never mentioned it.

Y: Please don’t say “someone like me”. I have reasons. You might not remember though…

Y: It was around the time you just entered the company, I heard other female employees tell you that they felt sorry you were working under me. At that time, you replied that, no matter how many times you failed, the mistakes were pointed out in detail to you and this helped you greatly.


Y: You said I was certainly strict, but thanks to me you were able to finish things without huge mistakes. That I paid attention to the smallest of details and instructed you with patience. You thought that this showed I was really gentle.

Y: It was the impetus that made me interested in you… so I remember it clearly.

Y: When I was small, there was a time I carelessly let my younger brother get hurt. At that time, when I saw my brother wailing from the pain, I regretted it so much.

Y: Ever since then, I can’t allow even the smallest of mistakes to happen. This personality comes out especially at work. That’s why your words about how, thanks to me, you could finish things without any huge mistakes made me extremely happy.

Y: But I do feel bad about accidentally eavesdropping like that. I’m sorry.

Y: Ah…

Y: You… *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: At Your Boss’ House ***

Y: Ah! I’m sorry! I kissed you all of a sudden without your consent.

Y: I… I don’t need to apologize?

Y: Does that mean… it was alright for me to do it?

Y: Ggh, I’m not responsible for what’s going to happen. *kisses*

Y: … Sweet. So your lips tasted like this. I want more. *kisses* Nngh…

Y: I couldn’t have imagined there would come a day where I could kiss you like this. I have to ask again… is this alright? I love you. I want to stay beside you forever. If you don’t mind, then will you go out with me?

Y: Ah…! *hugs heroine* I’m so happy.


Y: May I… press you down on the bed?

Y: No, I don’t want to hurt you. You don’t have much experience, right? So, I don’t want to create any terrible memories for what’s going to happen. I don’t want you to feel the slightest pain at all. So, please tell me.

Y: Thank you.

Y: I’m not heavy, am I? Good then. First… I want to kiss you again. Is that alright?

Y: I won’t be reserved then. *kisses*

Y: Haha, that was a cute reaction. You’re clinging to my back. It wasn’t hard to breathe, was it?

Y: It felt good? Somehow, it feels like you’re praising my technique when you say that and it’s embarrassing.

Y: Let’s continue a bit more. Aren’t you hot? I’ll unbutton your blouse.


Y: You’re becoming exposed to me little by little… Hm? Huh? I used a different pronoun? Haha, like you would expect, I’m polite at work but normally… Right now, I’m my bare self. ¹

Y: I also didn’t think there would be a day where I could see you without a facade. I’m happy.

Y: Now, all your buttons are unfastened.

Y: Are you still okay? You aren’t scared to have your clothes removed, are you?

Y: Phew, I’m glad. Let’s continue a little further then.

Y: I’m going to try… touching your breasts. Relax, I’ll be gentle.

Y: They’re soft even through the cloth… and warm.

Y: Does this feel good? It’d be enough if you don’t hate it.

Y: If I slip my hand inside, it feels so comfortable. It’s such an irresistible feeling.

Y: Ah, the tip is a little hard. I’m going to try stimulating it with my finger. Mmgh…


Y: Ah! Just now, did you tremble a little?

Y: You aren’t… scared, are you?

Y: Oh, thank god. I was wondering slightly if you couldn’t refuse me because I’m your boss. I know you have a personality that isn’t easily influenced, but I still wondered… I’m sorry for being a coward.

Y: But your heart is racing too, so let’s take it slow.

Y: Then… let’s try taking everything off the top. Raise your back. Mm, good.

Y: Raise your arms.

Y: Ah… you’re beautiful.

Y: Moreover, you’re so soft. I’m going to touch you harder. Mngh…

Y: Your breathing is a bit rough.

Y: Is it better to take a break?

Y: Oh right, it might be embarrassing for you to be the only one without clothes. I’ll take off my clothes too.


Y: Alright.

Y: What’s wrong? You’re rubbing your knees together. Ah, sorry, is it because of me? Am I going too slow?

Y: Oh. I want to treat you carefully so much that I might have kept you waiting too long. I’m sorry. Then, it’s alright for me to touch you more, right?

Y: I see, then I’ll… hold you like this and stroke your hair.

Y: Your slender shoulders and small back too. Just touching you feels nice. You’re attractive here too. You’re truly lovely. When you were sleeping earlier too, you were awfully erotic I felt like I was losing my mind.

Y: My whole body is burning up and my head’s dizzy. I can’t restrain myself anymore. Please let me taste your body. *kisses* Nngh…


Y: Sweet, mm…

Y: Amazing. Tonight, I feel like I’m getting drunk not off alcohol but you. Mngh…

Y: Next… down here. Is it alright for me to touch this precious place?

Y: Then, first, I’ll do it above your clothes. Please let me know the moment you get scared.

Y: Haha, if you keep your legs shut so hard then I can’t touch you. Come on, open your legs?

Y: Mm, well done. *kisses ear*

Y: That was a reward. Now, I wonder what this place is like.

Y: Haha, wow, I can tell you’re wet even through the fabric.

Y: Oh, sorry, I was just moved. It’s because I thought about how you felt my caresses to this point. *kisses*

Y: Forgive me?

Y: Haha, thank you. I’ll touch this place a little now. If I don’t make it softer, then I’m sure it won’t be able to accept me. Haa… ngh… *kisses*


Y: Haha, each time I touch you, mgh, your entrance loosens up more. Let’s make you a bit softer. I’m going to add another finger.

Y: Ngh… hah… they went in deeply.

Y: How is it? It doesn’t hurt, does it?

Y: Mm, then I’ll move my fingers. Mngh… nrgh…

Y: Somehow, you feel extremely hot. Also, even though you’re soft you’re also gripping my fingers tightly. Gngh, hah, it’s unbearable.

Y: Open your mouth. Let me kiss you, cherish you. *kisses*

Y: Nngh, I’m going to stretch you a little more. Relax your body. *gives oral*


Y: Sweet and sour… I want to keep on tasting you. Mmgh… ah…

Y: Haa… hah… what’s wrong? Your face is bright red.

Y: Oh, was it that embarrassing to be licked here?

Y: Haha! Bullseye? But you’re not allowed to hide into the pillow. Look this way.

Y: Look, this place seems okay now. It’s soft and seems like it can accept me at any time. I’m pretty much at my limit of endurance too. Is it alright now? I want you to let me inside you.

Y: Thank you. Wait a moment. *grabs condom*

Y: *kisses* I love you.

Y: Um, are you really sure? With me putting it in like this. Well, even if we’re connected…

Y: Ah, is something wrong? Uh, um… if you don’t want to then right now we can still…

Y: To be honest, stopping here would hurt but I’ll manage somehow. Huh?

Y: Please don’t stop, hurry…? *heroine grabs him* Wah! Wait! If you lock your legs around me, ngh, I’m going to enter—gngh! Hagh…!


Y: Haa… hah… you’re surprisingly bold. I just learned you have unexpected sides.

Y: Gngh… haah… I’ve composed myself.

Y: I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait. I planned on going slow out of consideration for you, but I guess it made you impatient?

Y: *kisses* An apology. I’ll spoil you, so forgive me?

Y: Thank you. *kisses*

Y: How do you feel inside? Have you grown accustomed to it?

Y: Mngh, do you think you can go on?

Y: Is it alright for me to move a little to test it?

Y: I’m moving then. Ngh… hah… *thrusting*

Y: How is it? Does it hurt?

Y: There, there. It hurt a little? I’m sorry. I’ll move slower, so breathe in. Breathe out.

Y: Mm, remember that breathing. I’m moving now. Hngh… haa… *thrusting*

Y: You look like you’re in pleasure more than before. I’m going to speed up a little. Mngh… hah…

Y: Open your mouth. You can make noise without reservation. Rather, let me hear more of your cute voice. Nrgh… hagh… *kisses*


Y: Cute. Haa… hah… I love you. I love you. *kisses*

Y: Nngh… haah… can I move a little harder?

Y: Mm, here I go then. Grgh… ngh…! Hagh…!

Y: Aah… haa… it feels so good. Mngh…!

Y: Raise your cute voice too. Aah… mgh… are these tears happy tears? Hah… haah…!

Y: You’re clinging hard to my back. It’s so irresistible. I love you. Haa… hah… I love you! *kisses; thrusting*


Y: Haha, you’re shaking. Mngh… gngh…!

Y: When I look down on you like this, I can see everything. Haa… hagh…! It’s the most arousing thing. Nngh… ah…!

Y: You jerk and tremble when I touch this spot with my finger. Nrgh, are you at your limit? Mmgh!

Y: Haah… ah… I’m close too… ngh…!

Y: Let’s come together? Mrgh… gngh…! *he orgasms*

Y: Haa… hagh…

Y: That was really good.

Y: Ah, you sweated this much. Are you tired?

Y: I see.

Y: For some reason, I feel touched. When I think about how I’m finally together with you…

Y: Um, that’s somewhat embarrassing.

Y: *kisses* But I’m really happy. I love you. *kisses*

Y: From now on, we’ll be a boss and his subordinate but also lovers. I hope we can continue getting along.

Y: Let me say this again, it’s a pleasure to be with you, haha.

*** TRACK 5: Holiday, Waking Up ***

*heroine closes door*

Y: *sleepy* … Mm? What’s wrong?

Y: Hm? My watch? You washed it…?

Y: Isn’t that good? It’s clean. Thanks.

Y: More importantly—*grabs heroine* let’s sleep some more. *kisses*

Y: Haha, cute. You’re always so cute. *kisses* I want to eat you up, haha.

Y: These soft cheeks. This clever forehead. These cherry-like lips. *kisses* Let me hug you tightly to sleep again? I want to hold your small and comfortable body. I’m sure I’ll be able to have good dreams. *kisses*

Y: Mm, open your mouth. *kisses* Wrap your tongue around mine. Nngh…

Y: Haha, when I suck on you, it’s sweet. Mm…


Y: Huh? Good morning.

Y: Oh, haha, sorry. I half-thought this was a dream when I was doting on you. But it was reality.

Y: Haha, but to ravish me in my sleep… You’re bold. It’s been three months since we started dating, so are you getting too familiar with me now?

Y: No? Then why are you here in an apron? I can only see it as you seducing me. Plus… you’re warm. No, actually, you might be a bit hot.

Y: Haha, hey, can I continue a bit further?

Y: You’re shaking your head but… have you noticed you’re rubbing this place against my hand?

Y: Unconsciously? Haha, I’ll caress you with my fingers as you wish then. Nngh…

Y: Ah, you’re wet, even though it’s the morning. No, maybe it’s because it’s the morning? Haha, cute. *kisses*


Y: Just a finger isn’t enough? I’ll do this too. *kisses ear*

Y: Well? Does it feel good? Mm… *blows air*

Y: Haha, good. I’m adding another finger.

Y: Aah, you’re tight even with two fingers. Nngh…

Y: You can come whenever. Feel my fingers more. Hngh… hah… *kisses*

Y: A little salty. It’d be nice if these are happy tears though. *kisses*

Y: Your hips are moving. Cute. *kisses ear* Mmgh…

Y: Just looking at you in pleasure somehow feels unbearable for me too. Ngh… hah…


Y: Mm? You’re at your limit? Alright, I’ll move more, so come. Mrgh… gngh…

Y: Haa… hah… *heroine orgasms; kisses*

Y: That looked pleasurable for you. You were lovely. *kisses*

Y: When I’m with you, I feel like I also came. *kisses; yawns* How about we go to sleep again? Alright?

Y: ……

Y: Ngh, ah!? W-what are you doing? When did you get down there!?

Y: Okay, I’ll get up, I’ll get up! Ah, wait, you don’t have to lick that place, mgh! Gngh… hah… don’t…! Haa… hah… *heroine gives BJ*


Y: Feels good… mgh… no, wait…! Hagh… nrgh…

Y: Let go… ah…! D-don’t move your fingers too. Haa… haah…!

Y: Grgh… hah… gods…! I’m about to release, so…! Please let go with your mouth, ngh… mrgh… I’m coming…! Ggh! *he orgasms*

Y: Hah… haa… Ah! Sorry, did I come in your mouth?

Y: It’s not okay! Spit it out. *grabs tissue* Here, open your mouth.

Y: Haa… jeez…

Y: It was really good and I felt amazing, but you don’t have to do that. Am I at fault for teaching you this because of your curiosity and boldness?

Y: No, these words are rude, aren’t they?

Y: *strokes heroine* Thank you. That made me really happy.

*** TRACK 6: Stopped Watch ***

Y: Ah, you’re right, it stopped.

Y: It’s not a waterproof watch, so it couldn’t survive the washing machine.

Y: Oh, don’t worry! It’s also my fault for placing it somewhere where it could easily get mixed up.

Y: *grabs heroine* More importantly, you did a lot of household chores in my stead. You must be tired too though. Thank you. *kisses* You made breakfast too, right? Let’s eat. Haha, although it’s the afternoon now.

Y: Haha, are you acting shy? Even though you were so bold just now.

Y: Ah! Hey, don’t leave me behind.

*scene skip*

Y: *eating* Ah, it’s really delicious.

Y: This soup too. The consommé worked out well and it has a good taste.

Y: What’s wrong? You have a depressed look.

Y: My watch? Ah, it doesn’t have to be repaired. I’ll just throw it away.

Y: It’s not expensive, so it’s alright.

Y: *snaps* It doesn’t matter where I bought it, does it!?

Y: Uh… no, I’m sorry. It’s nothing. It’s really okay. Alright? Hurry and eat before it gets cold.


Y: …… *gets up and walks around to heroine*

Y: I’m sorry. Really.

Y: I must have scared you when I raised my voice, right? I think I’m a little tired. So, don’t mind me. Alright?

Y: Can we reconcile?

Y: Phew, thank you. *kisses*

Y: Oh, that reminds me, why don’t we go shopping after we finish eating? You said there was something you wanted to look at, right? Or we can go to an accessory shop for market research—

*scene skip*

Y: Haa… there was so many people despite it being a weekday.

Y: But it’s been a long time since we spent time together leisurely, so that was nice. Lately, we’ve just been doing events and artist exhibitions in succession and neither of us have been able to rest at all.

Y: Um, thank you for requesting for the watch to be repaired. It looks like it’ll take several days, but now it’ll be able to move again.


Y: I said you didn’t have to worry about it though.

Y: But it’s just like you. You’re good at supporting your juniors at work too, aren’t you? Haha. *kisses*

Y: Haha. Of course my mood has improved. Because the clothes you bought earlier are really cute. I want to see you wearing them soon. Oh! Why don’t you try wearing them now? Won’t you give me an exclusive fashion show?

Y: Please. I want to be the first to see you in new clothes. You bought them, saying you planned to wear them during an event, but that means strangers on the morning train will see you in that lots, right?

Y: I’m glad. Ah, are you going to change here? *heroine leaves* Feel free to move the full-length mirror in the bedroom.

Y: *knocks on door* Well? Are you done changing?

Y: Ah, it’s really cute. This skirt is nice. It spreads out like it’s floating. The stitched design on your blouse is also fashionable. I think this at work too, but you really have a good sense of style.

Y: Eh? I’m complimenting you too much?

Y: Haha, I just feel happy. Because, before we were dating, even if I thought you were cute I couldn’t say it. I’m happy to be able to tell you a lot now. *kisses ear*


Y: You’re cute. *kisses ear*

Y: … I want to hug you more. Mm. *kisses ear*

Y: Your reflection in the mirror is irresistible. *kisses ear*

Y: I’m hard. In the morning, both of just came and we didn’t join together. I want to be closer to you. I want to hug you tightly to the point of not having any gaps.

Y: Hey… can I?

Y: Haha, keep standing like this then.

Y: I’ll be careful so that your clothes don’t get wrinkled. Keep an eye on me through the mirror. If it looks like it’s going to get wrinkled, tell me right away.

Y: Don’t worry, I’ll pay the utmost care and attention. I’ll unfasten your buttons first too. There won’t be any wrinkles, relax.

Y: Ah… this underwear is the one I like.

Y: It’s been a long time since we had a day off. Thank you for wearing it for me. *kisses* I’m really happy.


Y: Since this was especially for me, let’s not remove your underwear either.

Y: You’re soft and warm… it’s unbearable. Mm…

Y: Well? Your clothes aren’t getting wrinkled, are they? Look at the mirror closely and check.

Y: Your line of sight is off, isn’t it?

Y: You can’t look at the mirror? Why?

Y: Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed to see your own pleasure?

Y: I wonder why. You’re this adorable, aren’t you? You should watch yourself lots. These damp eyes, these cheeks turned pink, these slightly parted lips… they’re cute and sexy… and extremely tempting.

Y: Look this way. *kisses*

Y: Haa… hah… look into the mirror once more.

Y: Watch me a lot as I caress you.

Y: Good girl. Now then, your breasts look constrained so let’s remove this.


Y: Ah, it’ll get caught on your blouse. In that case, let’s just slide it out of the way like this.

Y: I wonder why it’s so arousing to see your clothes disheveled like this. It’s irresistible. Nngh…

Y: Haha, the tips are standing up a little already.

Y: Haha, your hips are moving. Does it feel that good for your breasts to be touched?

Y: I have to give an honest girl a reward. It looks like it’s been hot down here since earlier, so I’ll have to cool you down.

Y: This is the first time I’ve rolled a skirt up. This is pretty bad. What am I going to do if I get addicted to this? Naturally, it’s limited to you though.

Y: Haha, I’m kidding.

Y: Oh, look, the sight of you reflected in the mirror. You’re erotic and sexy to the point where I could stare at you forever.

Y: You’re so cute. Being this discomposed, letting me do whatever… and your legs are spread and trying to welcome me. Hey, tell me what it’s like in your underwear.

Y: Mm, wet…? Oh, it’s hot. And?

Y: Haha. *kisses ear* Well said. As a reward, I’ll touch you like you wish.

Y: Haha, like you said, it’s wet and extremely hot. The entrance is slightly open, mm, like it’s saying it wants to invite me in. But I have to pet the place on top first, don’t I?


Y: Haha, my fingers are steadily getting wet. I can hear the sound too, ngh, and even I’m aroused. Haa… you also love coming like this and not from inside, right? You can come whenever, alright? If possible, I’d be happy if you told me before you came though.

Y: Mngh… haha, you’re asking why? *kisses ear* Because it’s quite rare to be able to see you come in a mirror, so I’m going to firmly enjoy myself.

Y: Haha, you’re not allowed to resist. Come once here, alright? Then I’ll listen to whatever you say. Nngh… grant my request.

Y: Mm, go ahead, just like that. Mrgh… your hips are moving too and it’s cute. You can’t hold on?

Y: Everything is reflected in the mirror, haha. *kisses ear* Everything’s in plain sight.

Y: Haa… hagh… this is unbearable. Are you about to come? Mm, go ahead, come. Feel my fingers and the pleasure. Nngh… hah…! *heroine orgasms*


Y: Haah… haa… you were extremely cute. I’m happy to have seen everything. Haha. As a reward, what do you want? I’ll listen to anything you say.

Y: That sounds like a reward for me though. But of course that’s fine. Remove our clothes and do it in bed… such a cute request, I absolutely have to grant it, don’t I?

Y: … Your clothes are a bit wrinkled, but it doesn’t look like they’re dirty. Let’s take it to the dry cleaners later, alright? Naturally, I’ll do this so don’t worry.

Y: Haha. *kisses* It’s a matter of course, isn’t it? It became like this because I was making love to you, so I’m responsible.

Y: I’m taking off your skirt now. Raise your leg. Okay. This side next. Good.

Y: Now then… up we go. *carries heroine* It’s a short distance to the bed, but I’ll escort you there.


Y: *puts heroine down* Haha, were you scared? You were clinging onto me tightly.

Y: Sorry, I felt that you would have refused out of embarrassment if I announced it. But I wanted to do it once, so now I’m happy.

Y: *kisses ear* Relax and fall backwards.

Y: Like that.

Y: Hm? Clothes? Oh! Is it embarrassing for me to be the only dressed one?

Y: Then, unbutton me?

Y: This is nice. I can’t help but love how it feels like I’m being taken care of by you.

Y: Thank you. Wait a moment. *removes pants*

Y: Hm? What? Haha, you want to watch me strip?

Y: Oh, I see. You remembered the first time we did this. At that time, I was so timid I kept you waiting for so long it was frustrating, right? Now, we’re completely accustomed to each other and in sync, so I think it’s alright, no?

Y: Haha, I see. That makes me happy. *removes clothes*


Y: Alright. I’m the same as you now.

Y: I’m going to kiss you. *kisses*

Y: When I get to press ourselves to each other like this, I’m filled with happiness. At the same time, I also get excited and can’t find my calm though. Haha. What a luxurious problem, isn’t it?

Y: You just came, so you’re already drenched inside. But let me just check with my fingers. Nngh…

Y: Haha, wow, you’re dripping. It feels so nice just putting in a finger. Mgh…

Y: Spread your legs more. Ah, your underwear is in the way. Let’s take it off.

Y: Haha, it’s so wet you can’t wear it today anymore. Sorry, that was embarrassing, wasn’t it? Let’s continue.


Y: You’re sticking to me down here and it’s so nice and cute. Nn… hah…

Y: Hey, can I put myself inside? I’ll make you feel all the pleasure.

Y: Haha, wait for me. *grabs condom*

Y: Sorry to keep you waiting. I’m going now. Mrgh… haah…

Y: It’s so tight and unbearable inside you. Aah… hah…

Y: Sorry, can I move right away? Mgh… gngh…! *thrusting*

Y: It’s out of this world. Hah… hagh…

Y: Even though it’s soft because you came once, it’s also tight… ngh…!

Y: I’m a captive already. Haa… hah… I want to be deeper inside you.


Y: Nngh, if I bore into you slowly like this… grgh… can you feel me deep inside? Hagh… haa…

Y: Slow sex like this is nice too, but… I haven’t released at all so I don’t think I can restrain myself any longer. Nrgh… hah…

Y: Sorry, will you keep up with me? Mmgh! Ngh…! *thrusting; kisses*

Y: Haah… haa… open your mouth more. Mm… nrgh…


Y: I can’t stop my hips. Hagh… hah…! I’m going to… inside you… ngh… Is that alright? Haa… hah… thank you… mgh!

Y: Grab onto me. Haa… haah…! Grgh… ngh…!

Y: I’m about to…! Aah… ngh… it’s coming…! I’m coming…! Mmgh! *he orgasms*

Y: More… nrgh… hah…

Y: Haa… hah… sorry, I was too engrossed in you. Did you come at the end?

Y: Ah, are you sure? Sorry. *kisses*

Y: Thank you. I love you.

*** TRACK 7: Spare Key ***

Y: Excuse me, may I ask some questions about this marketing plan?

Y: It’s a six month event, but I’m a little curious about this number. I’d like you to tell me in detail what you were thinking of when you wrote this. Ah, I’m not angry, the budget is just lower than my ballpark figure.

Y: This number here.

Y: *whispers* Hey, can you come to my place today? Haha, good. Let’s set a meeting place and go home together then.

Y: I see. So that was your reason. If this is the case, then it doesn’t seem like there will be any problems. Please continue with this plan. *leaves*

*scene skip*

Y: I’m sorry for interrupting when you’re working. Could you come with me to a meeting room for a moment?

*scene skip*

Y: *closes door* Sorry for calling for you all of a sudden. You might have guessed, but my work for today doesn’t seem like it’ll be done. A telephone meeting with a client suddenly came in.

Y: I thought you might be worried since we made a promise. I don’t plan on canceling our plans though, so don’t worry. But it looks like I’ll be late, so I want you to head home first and wait.

Y: Here… my spare key. Will you take it?


Y: I wanted to give you this earlier, but I worried about whether it was too soon or what I would do if you felt like it was too heavy of a burden. In the end, I’m saying it to you like this. Sorry.

Y: Ah… hah… you’re so cute when you’re giddy.

Y: Hey, come here for a moment.

Y: If you lean against the door, it won’t be able to be opened from the outside since it opens inwards.

Y: Hey… let me just kiss you? *kisses*

Y: ……

Y: When I get to see this adorable expression… But we need to return to work, don’t we? *kisses*

Y: … Like I thought, I just want one more. *kisses*


Y: It’s going to get bad soon.

Y: Haa… no, or I won’t be able to let you go. We’ll stop here.

Y: Work hard for a little longer. *leaves*

*scene skip*

Y: I’m home!

Y: Huh? Are you in the bedroom?

Y: That watch…! It was returned after being repaired and… the one beside it… uh…

Y: N-no, I didn’t buy a new one. It’s one that was already in this house. In fact, from the start, this watch was sold as a pair. This slender one is for ladies… I bought it with the intention of giving it as a present.

Y: Um… for you.

Y: Mgh, how come you know I was wearing this watch since a long time ago?

Y: Haha, you’re not just bold but also sharp sighted.


Y: That’s right, I bought these watches long before we started dating.

Y: Do you remember planning for the Christmas event? The scale of that job was huge and it was difficult for you. Yet, you also supported me when I was in charge of the overseas festival, right?

Y: I gave you a lot of trouble, so I bought this thinking it could be a thank you present.

Y: But… a friend told me that matching watches, when we weren’t even dating, was emotionally heavy. I also consulted with him about how everyone at the company thought of me as a scary boss, so when he learned the other person was my employee he told me that was even worse.

Y: I gave up on handing it over.

Y: … But I liked the design, so I thought I’d wear the men’s one and put it on.

Y: Uh… the other time ago… I’m really sorry. When I thought about how you might find out about this, I got so embarrassed I ended up raising my voice.

Y: Ah, don’t laugh! Even I’m aware that I did something embarrassing!

Y: Hey, stop laughing. You don’t have to laugh like that, do you?

Y: Ggh… you’re still going to laugh? Then I have something to say about that too. *kisses*

Y: … Give up? But… too bad. I won’t let you off.

*** TRACK 8: Payback ***

Y: This is payback for laughing. I’m always gentle to the point of pampering you, but now I’m going to… bully you a little.

Y: First, I think I’ll caress you above your clothes. Mm…

Y: Haha, does it feel frustrating through your clothes? But you’re going to have to endure this today.

Y: Haha, I can clearly tell that your body is heating up even through cloth. Nngh…

Y: It’s humid inside your skirt. I wonder where exactly the heat is coming from?

Y: Here? Or… here?

Y: Ah, I knew it, here. The base of your legs.

Y: It’s hidden inside your underwear, but I can tell that heat is spilling out. However, I won’t touch you directly. You look like you can find pleasure even through the cloth after all.


Y: Haha, it grew damp. My fingers might be a little wet. Wow. Even though there should be two layers of cloth for females here, it’s soaking wet… and making noise.

Y: What’s wrong? Are you embarrassed? Or… are you unbearably frustrated?

Y: But it’s still not enough. Let me caress your body some more. Mm… *kisses*

Y: There’s sweat on your neck and it tastes salty.

Y: Nn, there’s also a sweet smell.

Y: No, you’re not allowed to escape. You only need to feel my caresses. *kisses*

Y: I want to make a mark on your neck… But there are times when you go to stores as a helper. *kisses* It’ll trouble you at work. *kisses* But… I really might not be able to hold back.

Y: I’ll remove your clothes. In exchange, is it alright for me to leave marks in places people can’t see?

Y: Haha, thank you for being honest.


Y: I’ll do it in a place where your bra can cover it up. You’ll feel safer being able to change too, right? *kisses*

Y: Ngh… good. It stands out sharply. Look.

Y: Haha, you’re this happy to get a mark placed on you by me. Right now, your cheeks are bright red and you have an extremely adorable look. I want to leave much more. *kisses*

Y: Ah, but I’m in the middle of getting my revenge…

Y: I really do want to make you happy. But, at the same time, I want you to understand. So, the hickeys are done here. I’ll do them next time, alright?

Y: Next, I’ll caress these legs. It feels nice with just me stroking them, right? Mm…

Y: Haha, as proof, they’re steadily spreading open. Haha. Opening your legs like that… so, you want me to get between them. Then, after that, do you want me to put myself into that loose and wet place of yours? Prodding and thrusting into you hard… and making you feel pleasure deeply.

Y: … Hm, I wonder what I should do. Entering you is attractive, but you’re someone who laughed at me like that.

Y: It’s too late to apologize now, because I’m going to tease you lots today.


Y: Alright, I’ve decided. I’ll put myself in, but let’s do it in a way that’s different from usual. Haha, I want to enter you too after all. You’re warm and comfortable inside. It’s irresistible.

Y: Now then, sit up. Put your hands on the sheets.

Y: You don’t like not seeing my face? But this is payback, so put up with it. Wait just like that. I’m going to put on a condom. *grabs condom*

Y: Hah, how strange. I can usually put it on immediately, but for some reason it’s hard to do it today. Mmgh.

Y: Wait just a little longer. You’re a good girl, so you can wait, right?

Y: Done.

Y: Haha, your butt was swaying while you were waiting, you know? Cute.

Y: Do you want me to put it in?


Y: Then, breathe in.

Y: I’m going. Gngh…! Kgh… this angle is… tight! Haa… hagh…

Y: It’s inside. How is it?

Y: You want to see my face? But I can’t listen to that request. It’s out first time in this position, isn’t it? The sensations are different from usual, haha, it’s irresistible.

Y: Haa… I’m going to move. Mmgh… nrgh…! *thrusting*

Y: It’s easier to move than usual, so I’ve ended up deeper in you. Gngh… mgh…!

Y: You’re trembling deep inside. Haah… hagh…!

Y: *stops* Haha. Your moans are louder than usual. Could it be that you love this?


Y: Haha, I see. A new discovery. Then, I guess I’ll let you feel more pleasure.

Y: I’ll hold your arms up, so bring them to your back.

Y: I’m going to move faster than before. Mngh… nrgh… gngh! *thrusting*

Y: Ungh, wow… hah… haa… I can thrust deeply in this position, mgh… and you’re clenching down hard, ah… mm!

Y: Hagh… haa…!

Y: Haha, your body is shaking. Nngh… mgh… are you about to come? Haah… hah… go ahead, come.

Y: Raise your voice more. Hah… haa…

Y: I’ll grind against your sensitive spot. Mmgh! Nngh… hah…! *heroine orgasms*


Y: Haah… hah… it looks like that felt good for you.

Y: Your face is slack with pleasure. Getting so excited from me being a bit of a bully… that’s cute.

Y: Let’s do it once more, this time while looking at each other?

Y: I’m going to put it in. Nngh…! Hah, you’re so wet inside so it’s amazingly… soft, ngh, but sometimes you squeeze tightly, mrgh…! It’s so good. I’m going… to move right now.

Y: Hagh… haa…! Aah, I knew it, when I’m doing it while looking at your face, hah, it’s nice to be able to tell perfectly whether or not you’re in pleasure. Haah… gngh…!

Y: The way you want me with that cute look… hngh… I want to see it more.


Y: Can I go harder?

Y: You just came down here, so it might be rough though. I’ll make you feel lots of pleasure, so excuse me. Nrgh… mm…! *thrusting*

Y: Aah, it’s unbearably good. Haa… hah…!

Y: You’re so soft, but every time you breathe you clench down, ngh! Hagh… haah…!

Y: I feel like I’m going to be wrung dry, grgh… ngh…!

Y: Mm, it looks like it feels good for you too. Hah… haa…!

Y: Hey… hah… don’t close your eyes. *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Will you come while looking at my face? Haah… hah…!

Y: Hah… haa… so cute. Mmgh… ah…! Ggh… nrgh…!


Y: I’m going to…! Mngh… let’s come together? Hagh… haa…! Gngh! Aah! *he orgasms*

Y: Haah… haa… mm…

Y: Haha, thank you for hanging on. *kisses*

*scene skip*

Y: We didn’t even eat dinner. Haha, you must be hungry. Yeah. *kisses*

Y: Let’s make something simple together. It’ll be quick with the both of us, right?

Y: Still, that was amazing today. It was a bit different than usual and I feel like our relationship has deepened more than usual. Don’t you think so? Haha, I’m glad. *kisses*


Y: The expression you have when we’re doing it… is so cute.

Y: Actually, when I remember you face from those times at work, I get extremely aroused. Although I end up being unable to concentrate, so I have to be careful.

Y: Haha, do my work properly? No, I do normally. But it’s inadvertent. Forgive me for that at least. Alright? It doesn’t show on my face, so you can’t tell, right? If you can tell, then I’ll give you a reward. Haha. *kisses*

Y: Eh? The earlier conversation? Oh, right, I consulted a good friend about how everyone was scared of me. It’s embarrassing to have others find out that I consulted someone about that. At that time, I wasn’t calm. Forget it.

Y: Huh? Everyone’s not afraid of me…?


Y: … R-really? Everyone respects me as a boss?

Y: Haha, that’s really unexpected. But I’m glad.

Y: Because I work hard, I’m properly rewarded? Haha, that may be the case.

Y: *grabs watch* To bring it up again, will you accept this watch? I want my pathetic feelings of being unable to hand it over at the time to pay off and, above all… I bought it thinking it would really match you.

Y: Thank you. *hugs heroine*

Y: Oh! I’ll put it on for you. Give me your hand. *puts it on* There. This should be good.

Y: You’ll also put mine on me? Haha, that makes me happy. Please then. *gives watch; heroine puts it on* Yes, pass it through here. Mm, that’s right. Yes, yes, like that. Yes. Mm, done.

Y: … It’s pretty moving. To think there would be a day where we put these on together. With this watch, hereafter, I want you to support me as my employee and as my girlfriend. Is that… alright?

Y: Haha. Yeah. I love you. *hugs heroine*

Narrator: Performing Watari Yuuki, Kawamura Masato.

¹ Groaning, because this is always impossible to convey in English. He uses “boku” at work but switched into “ore” during this time.

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