Hana no Yomeiri ~ Amazake-kitan Hakuja-roku ~

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Natsume (棗芽)
CV: 河村眞人

Marriage of the Flower Bridge ~ Mysterious Stories of Fermented Rice Wine: White Snake Record ~

“Even though it’s a strange place, it’s like a birthplace for me.”

Natsume, a jewelry designer, was reserved about his marriage with you.

While he worked, he also personally designed your ring and tiara, but he started to show uneasiness as the preparations continued. The reason why was because he still hid how he was the “spirit vessel of the White Snake God”.

However, due to an occasion, you both stepped into the world of the White Snake God and Natsume showed you his true form…

Thank you to anonymous for the commission, especially because this is one of my favorites in the series. MORE. MONSTER [REDACTED]! R18 warning and, if you squint, bestiality. You can also get this on DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: A Secret and Cloudiness ***

Natsume: *eating* Mm, delicious.

N: Even though I’m on holiday, last week and today’s preliminary inspection seems to be more frequent than usual, so I feel surprisingly exhausted. I was looking forward to your cooking all this time.

N: Haha, I know, I’ll cook next week. What do you want? Let’s see, hot pot would be nice around now, right? If we have time, why don’t we make fish dumplings too?

N: Really? Then I’ll work hard at my job for that. I’m a capable man, so it’ll be alright. Hahaha!

N: That was delicious, thank you for the meal.

N: Hm? Oh, the ceremonial hall? Right, if you’re aiming to be a June bride next year then we need to decide soon.

N: Me? The place doesn’t matter for me. Choose your favorite place.

N: *looks at pamphlets* A white chapel by the seaside or a distinguished hotel in the city centre… Both are good, but the fact that you can’t decide on one is proof that nothing is striking home with you either, I see.

N: Don’t worry, we still have time.

N: It’s once in a lifetime, so let’s look for a ceremonial hall that makes us go, “This is it!”.

N: Mhm!

N: More importantly, you can… stay over tonight, right?

N: Haha, let’s take it slow today and sleep in tomorrow?

N: Oh, right! It’s a fair that happens only once every six months. You mentioned last month that, if we don’t go in the morning then it feels like the good furniture will be gone, and I forgot about that…

N: Uh-uh, sorry, sorry, I’ll be sure to get up early. But it’s okay to make out for a little bit, right?

Narration: Iris Quartz presents the Marriage of the Flower Bride, Mysterious Stories of Fermented Rice Wine, White Snake Record.

[03:08] *scene skip; heroine uses hair dryer*

N: Grab your favorite juice and come here. *heroine pours drink*

N: Well? Marriage ring number one. The twisting design is a Möbius strip and it represents eternity. Both of ours will be simple, but yours alone will have something like this… *draws* a row of diamonds embedded.

N: Phew, you like it?

N: Mm, for the material, as long as you’re fine with it, I’m thinking gold will be good.

N: Ah, platinum? The standard would be nice too but… *grabs heroine’s hand* a soft pink gold suits your hand better than platinum. Platinum for marriage is a trend only in Japan.

N: *kisses hand* I said this when I gave you the engagement ring too, right? That you’re different from others and I want to give you something special. Even more when it’s something you’ll wear for life in this marriage.

N: Oh, I know! Let’s do this then. *draws* Like this… I’ll use both gold and platinum.

N: It’s possible. I was thinking you wouldn’t get tired of a simple one though… Mm, it’s cute.

N: Haha, well, it’s my profession. I’m sorry if I fuss too much over it, but forgive me?

N: *pours drink* Mm? Oh, this? No, you have no alcohol tolerance, right? It’s white and looks sweet, but it’s quite strong, you know? If you drank it… haha, you might jump into another world. So, you’re not allowed to drink the alcohol in this brown jar even after we move and live together. Got it?


N: Ah, yeah, yeah, let’s toast already.

N: Cheers, you worked hard today.

N: Oh, that reminds me, how do you want your tiara?

N: Haha, what are you saying? It’ll only be the cost of materials. If things don’t go well, it’s still cheaper than renting one so don’t worry.

N: What type of dress will you be wearing? The design will also change depending on that, so I’d like you to tell me even just the concept.

N: Eh? Uh, which one? Erm… *looks through papers* I’m fine with any of them, as long as I can make the tiara. Choose whichever one you like.

N: Um… you aren’t going to look at them anymore? *heroine goes to kitchen*

N: What’s wrong? Are you angry?

N: No, that’s not it. I’m saying any of them are fine. I didn’t say that it didn’t matter. All of them match you, so I just want you to wear the one you like.

N: I’m sorry, I’m not planning on leaving all the decision-making to you.

N: It’s just that lately… I’ve been so happy. It’s like there’s a floaty unreal feeling… so I feel strangely anxious.


N: Ah, I’m not wavering! I haven’t thought, even a little bit, about not wanting to marry you. But marriage is a start and not a goal, right?

N: If I had to say why I’m hesitant… I… ngh…

N: Um… do you have a secret you can’t tell me?

N: Uh, no, sorry, I said it weirdly.

N: I’ve probably been feeling more pressure than I thought. Even if I failed—… even if I was an alien, I wonder if you’ll still love me the same? Just kidding, haha.

N: … Really?

N: Oh, so these are marriage blues?

N: You too?

N: You should have said that then.

N: Uh-uh, on the contrary, I’m a little relieved.

N: Mm.

N: Let’s make up. *hugs heroine* Nope, no kisses yet. The taste of the sake might be in my mouth still.


N: Now, my princess, please give me your hand.

N: Up we go! *lifts heroine* Uwah!

N: Haha, I won’t put you down. Hup!

N: You aren’t heavy. Rather, I feel like you’ve become lighter. *kisses*

N: Eh? A diet? Why? There’s no need.

N: Ah, I see. You’re giving it your all. Then I should start building muscles. *puts heroine on sofa*

N: Mm? So that I don’t stagger when I bridal carry you on the day. Haha!

N: … Pretty.

N: Kisses are nice, but let me taste you. Mm…

N: Haha, do you like this side? Nngh…


N: Gngh, sorry, today might be a bit excessive. For some reason, I’m… mgh…

N: Does that feel good? Haha, that’s a cute voice. Haa… hah… *fingering heroine*

N: Touch me. Haah… hngh…

N: That’s good… mngh…

N: I love you. *kisses* Nrgh… mm…

N: Hagh… ngh… harder…! Gngh! I think I want to come once… please… grip it as hard as you can, mgh…


N: It’s completely different from when I do it myself. Haa… hah… I’m so happy, nrgh…

N: It’d be nice to put it in like this and release inside you.

N: Haha, I’m kidding. I’ll keep to the steps. Hagh… ungh…!

N: On your stomach…! Ggh! Mgh! *he orgasms*

N: Hah… haah… *kisses*

N: I’ll be able to do it again immediately. *kisses* Hah… haa…

N: Before that, I need to wipe you off. *grabs tissue*

N: Ah, the trash can is far. Wait a moment. *goes over; returns*


N: Next, we have to have this, don’t we? *grabs condom; kisses*

N: This place is so… Sorry, I made you wait, didn’t I?

N: I want to put it in right away, but I also want to make you feel as good as I did. *gives oral*

N: Haah… it’s warm… and so wet, ngh…

N: Mmgh… your voice when you’re about to come is cute. Nrgh… *uses condom*

N: Ugh, this is so tantalizing. I want to be connected with you soon… ngh… so much so that physically isn’t enough. Gngh…! *thrusting*


N: Kgh, I want you. It’s the first time I’ve loved someone so much. Haa… hagh…!

N: I’ll marry you… I’ll marry you but… mmgh… I think about wanting more. Ggh… hah… more…!

N: Earlier… hah… did you tell the truth? That no matter what sort of man I was… that even if I wasn’t the Natsume you knew… mrgh… you’d love me?

N: …… *stops; grabs sake, pours drink*

N: Open your mouth. *gives heroine*

N: Is it sweet?

N: Mm, yes, it’s the fermented rice wine from earlier.

N: If it doesn’t taste bad, then have some more. It’s alright, you won’t get drunken sickness. This isn’t just sake… it’s a god’s sake. *kisses*

N: When you drink this, you can go to another world. A strange place where the real me is waiting for you.


N: Haha, I’m not drunk. But you… your eyes are already dazed. Well? Will you try drinking some? *drinks the sake, kisses heroine*

N: The alcohol content is high. Swallow it slowly.

N: Is it strong?

N: Mmgh! *thrusting* Haa… hagh…!

N: Go ahead, I’ll be with you even if you get drunk. Hold onto me. Nrgh… gngh…! *kisses*

N: Haa… hah… I’ve always thought this… that I didn’t want you to know about the real me. Mgh, but I want you to see me. Hngh… hagh… I want to be loved with you knowing everything.

N: Mngh, I’m coming…! Nrgh! *he orgasms*

N: Hah… haa…

N: Are you alright? Hm?

N: Ah, not yet. Going to the other side is something to look forward to in your dreams.

N: Are you sleepy? You can go to sleep like that. I’ll clean you up. *kisses ear*

N: Good night.

*** TRACK 2: Temple Festival of the Spirit World ***

???: *distant* At last, you come. I have waited all this time. In the depths past the torii… at the shrine. Hurry and wake.

N: Ah, are you awake?

N: I wonder if my lap wasn’t comfortable to sleep on?

N: Hm?

N: I didn’t call you.

N: … Your red yukata is cute. I wonder if those are Japanese morning glories?

N: Mm, I’m on the simple side. These are arrow feather patterns.

N: Here? Um…

N: … This is the other world I had mentioned. It’s sort of like a birthplace for me. A slightly strange place.

N: That torii? That’s the entrance to the shrine where a god dwells. Because of a strong barrier, only those chosen can enter to the other side of the torii. Meanwhile, this side of the torii is—

N: Yes, a temple festival. It’s a summer night here all year round and the villagers hold a festival, waiting for the god’s awakening.

N: Hm?

N: Uh, but that temple festival is different from the festival you’re thinking of. It’s not something to get too close to—*heroine grabs his hand* Ah.

N: Y-you want to see it? No matter what?

N: Aah! Ah, jeez, alright, but we’ll only look from a distance, alright?


N: Shh!

N: Don’t make noise even if you’re surprised.

N: Mm, those in the stalls and customers are wearing yukatas but they’re not human. What do you think they are?

N: Haha, cats and foxes and tanuki. Everyone is doing their utmost to be human and please the god. Their necks are long, they have fur, and there are plenty that are lousy but they’re poor creatures so don’t laugh at them.

N: … It’s disgusting, right? It’s enough, right? Let’s go home.

N: Huh? Ah! Aah, wait!

N: Cute…? Oh, right, you like animals… don’t you? That being said, you’re something to call a failed transformation cute…

N: *quiet* It looks like the sake is effecting you weirdly.

N: Dream? Ah… mm, yes. This is a dream. That’s right… I’m the one who said that. If you aren’t scared… if you don’t hate this, then that’s good. Let’s go and play for a while.


N: Sugar sculptures? Goldfishes and birds… they’re cute, aren’t they? Do you want to eat one?

N: Ah, don’t worry, money isn’t needed here.

N: I’m good. Here, eat.

N: A-ah… *steps in front of heroine* Shoo, don’t make a racket about this girl. Step back!

N: *to heroine* U-uh, sorry! I scared you, didn’t I?

N: *hugs heroine* It’s nothing. They might have gone into heat because you’re too cute.

N: It’ll be okay, I’m here. I won’t let anything weird happen.

N: *kisses* Sugar kisses are sweet. Haha, it’s for your safety. It’s better to let them know we’re intimate with each other.

N: Hm? Oh, it smells nice, doesn’t it?

N: Mm, it’s the same fermented rice wine I drink at home. It’s a strange sake imbued with the power of god. Without that, I…

N: I… won’t be able to come here.

N: I also wished to show you this one day. Even though it’s a strange place, it’s like a birthplace for me. *hugs heroine*

N: Eh?

N: Ah, that’s right, me too. If it’s your birthplace, then I would want to see it no matter what it’s like. Thank you.


N: I know, let’s go. Do you want to drink that?

N: Fresh from a large pot, you can get drunk just from the smell. *to owner* I’m borrowing this. *ladles drink, blows on cup*

N: There are chilled ones to bring home, but if you want to drink it here then use this one. It’s a little hot, be careful.

N: *ladles another drink, blows on cup, drinks* Aah, it’s strong. Nngh…

N: How is it?

N: Right? It’s much better than the one at home. An energy that feels like it burns inside your stomach wells up.

N: Yes, it’s not just fermented rice wine. I mentioned it was a god’s sake, right?

N: Look, all the beasts are walking while drinking this.

N: Right now, there’s not enough energy in this world. Because of that, it’s difficult for them to transform. Without this fermented rice wine, they would return to their original animal form sooner or later… and everyone would disappear from here. *drinks sake*


N: Mm… that would make me sad too. *quiet* I have to do my best.

N: Huh? Uh? Another?

N: You like it, don’t you? But you’re drinking too much, so let’s just leave it at this.

N: *to owner* It was delicious. *puts ladle back*

N: Woah! *catches heroine* Are you alright?

N: Haha, your cheeks are bright red.

N: … Ah, I want to kiss you more.

N: I do! But even I can’t be calm in front of everyone’s eyes. I want to be alone together.

N: … I might be drunk too, even though it’s not a sake for that purpose.

N: *kisses ear* Haha, you jumped. Are you aroused?

N: Ah! *heroine shoves him* Haha, jeez, you’re drunk.

N: Don’t go ahead! *to owner* I’ll take the usual.


N: It’s the same sake jar as the one I drink from at my place. The one at my place is almost gone, so I’m replenishing it.

N: You also want one? Um… I’ll think about it.

N: Hey, come on, be sure to look in front of you. *heroine bumps into someone* Ah! Those aren’t shoes, watch out!

N: *grabs heroine; to beast* Thank you, but she’s not a girl you can touch. Go over there.

N: Mm, haha, it was a giant cat that didn’t feel like transforming. Did you hear that purring? Everyone’s happy you came. Right around now, it’s boasting over there that it touched you. Haha. But we’re finishing the temple festival here. Let’s pass beside this torii and go out the back one.

N: Before that, give me your sandals.

N: It’s right there. I can make emergency repairs just for that.

N: Mhm, I know the way home.

???: *distant* Save me. *bells ring*

N: … It took its own course, but I’m glad I got to show you this place before we got married.

???: Over here. In the depths past the torii…

*heroine starts walking; Natsume still repairing sandals*

N: I was scared of what you would think about me if I said this place was my birthplace. But unexpectedly… Huh?

N: Ah! You can’t! DON’T MOVE FROM THERE!

*** TRACK 3: In the Depths Past the Torii ***

N(?): Aah, I told you not to go but you didn’t listen. This place is dark, don’t move.

N(?): I told you at the beginning, didn’t I? That only those chosen can enter this side of the torii. There’s a giant commotion on the other side now that you’ve passed under the torii. About how Natsume has finally sacrificed the woman as food.

N(?): Hm? Yes, that’s right, food. Because the favorite food of the White Snake God is a living human.

N(?): Haha, don’t worry, you aren’t food. You’re a bride, no?

N(?): However, because Natsume wouldn’t carry food over the god is terribly hungry. If you don’t wish to be food, then you have to satisfy the god in another way.

N(?): Huh? What are you saying? I’m Natsume. You’re fiancé, no? Only… I’m just drunk from the fermented rice wine.

N(?): You’re a little different from usual too. Can you not tell? *grabs heroine; kisses*

N(?): Are the kisses delicious?

N(?): Look, you’re sticking to me more boldly than usual. *kisses* Nngh…

N(?): I’ll make it more delicious. *opens sake jar, drinks, kisses*

N(?): Hehe, you spilled some. Mngh…


N(?): Even the slightest rays of starlight cannot enter this place. It’s nice when it’s dark and hard to see, but right now… *snaps fingers*

N(?): Hehe, right, you’re not good with insects, are you? But isn’t the light of the fireflies beautiful?

N(?): Really? Then I’ll summon more. *snaps fingers*

N(?): Your pale skin stands out in the light of the fireflies. It’s beautiful.

N(?): My clothes? Ah, it’s because we’re past the torii. When we’re here, I am akin to a god. A yukata with arrow feather patterns doesn’t suit a god, no?

N(?): More importantly… *kisses* mm…

N(?): Open your mouth more. I want to taste everything of you. Nrgh…

N(?): Perfect, sit on that tree stump over there.


N(?): Do you know what I wish to do right now?

N(?): Mm, I want to do it.

N(?): It’s not “but we’re in this place”. It’s because we’re here that I wish to do it. After all, this is a dream, no? No matter what’s done, no one will know.

N(?): *fingering heroine; whispers* Thousands of years ago, this was a different forest. *kisses ear* Haa… hah… there existed the White Snake God and the beasts who celebrated him.

N(?): In the day, sunlight would filter through the trees and, in the night, the world would be illuminated by the light of the fireflies. It was a beautiful forest. *kisses*

N(?): One day, a young human entered. The young human, who called himself an onmyouji, pointed his blade at the White Snake and did a ritual to kill a god.

N(?): The one who placed a barrier on the torii was also that young human. *kisses*

N(?): The White Snake, on the verge of death, did not have the power to break that barrier. So, in order to gather energy, it created a spirit vessel… a human representative of its divine spirit. *kisses*


N(?): I am the twelfth. My body is human but I’m a bit different from humans. *kisses*

N(?): To be efficient at hunting the spirit vessel is gifted with many things from the god: a beautiful face, an understanding of society, and even talent at sex. Ngh…

N(?): This part of Natsume is large, isn’t it? You love it too, don’t you? It was to capture women and feed them to the god and yet… *growls* he never brought any over. Due to that, I am on the brink of starving to death. Hehe, good grief, the twelfth is useless.

N: Ggh, that’s not true. Please stop. Hagh… I don’t want to scare her. Grgh! *to heroine* It’ll be okay. Right now, ngh, concentrate on this.

N: Haa… ah… it’s even flowing down to my wrist. There’s such an erotic sound. Mmgh… you can come. Haa… hah…! *heroine squirts*

N: Haah… hah… wow, you squirted like a flood. *licks hand*


N(?): I wish to feel pleasure too. Mm. After all… *stands up*

N: … You don’t seem like you can walk. Hold onto the sake jar and your sandals.

N: Your lower back is going to be chilled with your sweat. Here. *takes off jacket, covers heroine, carries her*

N: Let’s go.

N: Hehe, where? To the shrine. I said it earlier, didn’t I? If you don’t wish to be food, then you have to satisfy the god in another way. We’re going to see the god.

N: Mm? Not at all. You’re as light as a flower. Ah… I see. Right now, my heart and body is similar to a god. If I could lift you up as easily as this at the wedding ceremony, that would look impressive.

N: … You’re shaking. I’m sorry. When we’re past the torii, the White Snake me can try to take me over.


N: Mm, I’m not lying. I… am the spirit vessel of the White Snake.

N: Yes, I bring live bait to the starving god like a hunter.

N: No way! I didn’t bring anyone over.

N: You could tell from earlier, right? The White Snake is angry at me for not fulfilling my duties.

N: … But, you see, I’m not too worried. The White Snake is synchronized with me and loves you the same as me. If he kills me, he’ll lose you and he’s afraid of that above all else. So… he won’t harm you or me.

N: *stops walking* So, choose right now. About whether or not you’ll meet the White Snake. After five more steps, when I reach the top, I will be as close as possible to the god. Apart from that, I won’t be able to return to the way I was before.

N: *shaky voice* I’m sorry. Marriage blues was a lie. I should have confided to you about the White Snake before things became like this. But… I love you too much so I was scared… and couldn’t say it.

N: That’s why, if you don’t want the White Snake me, then I want you to reject me clearly here.

N: If you don’t, then you’ll become bound.


N: Not much. We won’t be any different from a normal married couple while we’re alive. But, after your life ends, then you’ll become the bride of the White Snake. Borrowing the power of the fermented rice wine, your appearance will be immortalized and you will live in that shrine.

N: Forever… with the true me.

N: NO! It’s not as beautiful as you’re imagining it to be!

N: Ggh…! Because he’s a snake, you know? Don’t you understand? A disgusting snake god more repulsive than failed beast transformations to the point of being targeted for deicide.

N: I don’t need your consolation. Because what I want… is your everything.

N: If I can’t have everything, then while you can still undo this—ah! *heroine hugs him*

N: … Are you sure about someone like me? I’m going to have hope.

N: You won’t regret this?

N: *teary voice* Haha… *kisses*

N: Alright. I’ll trust you.

*** TRACK 4: With the White Snake and the Spirit Vessel ***

N: I’m going to open it. *opens shrine doors* It’s dark… You can’t see anything? *doors close*

White Snake: Deeper… come deeper. Look at me.

N: Don’t worry. I’m here. *kisses* Let’s light the candles. *snaps fingers, candles light*

WS: Do you see me? The hideous great serpent. This is… the true me. *slides around* Are you scared in the end? Is it disgusting?

N: … I’m going to remove my haori from you. When did you fix your yukata? It was opened wide so much earlier.

WS: I saw everything that Natsume saw. But to be able to see things personally with these eyes in this place… you’re beautiful.

N: Should I take this off too? Hm? Both are me. *kisses* Please… you can even just treat this as a dream, but accept us. *opens sake jar* The more you drink, the closer you also become to a god. Haha. *drinks, kisses* You’re completely addicted to it.

WS: ……


N: Your face is flushed. Cute.

WS: Aah, if I had my power, I could take on a human form. I wish to touch you. Oh… yes, that’s right. I said it many times earlier. I am the White Snake, a starving god, and the other self of your beloved Natsume.

N: Nngh… *kisses* you’re still soaked inside. You’re pitching forward.

WS: Don’t restrain yourself. Beg honestly in a lascivious voice.

N: I’m going to ask you again. Are you scared of me? Is this disgusting? *heroine shakes head* Haha, then try touching me. The body of the other me.

WS: Aah… ngh… your hands… are warm. Mgh… hagh… this is a dream.

N: It’s cold, isn’t it? Bend forward more and try leaning on him. *kisses* Your butt is cute and I love it. Of course, this place too… ngh… Ah, don’t crumple down. *gives oral* Nngh… the scent of a woman and sweat is choking. Mm-mm, it’s unbearably arousing.


WS: Are you against me tasting you? It may tickle, but I will certainly make you feel good. Mm…

N: Nrgh… hagh…

WS: Your nipples are sweet. Nngh… even the feel of you on my tongue is adorable. You’re irresistible. Ah… mngh…

N: Are you getting turned on from that too? So much juice is flowing out. Is it painful? Do you want me?

WS: Nn… mm…

N: I’d like to see your face too, but I’m going to put myself in like this… in a way where everything can be seen over there.

WS: Nrgh… ngh…

N: *kisses* This didn’t go in earlier, so you must be aching here, right? Haa… hagh… I’m at my limit too. I’m going into your deepest spot… mgh! Hagh!

WS: Aah… haa… you came just from being entered.

N: Hngh… grgh… you’re twitching inside and squeezing me tightly. Gugh… hah…!

WS: Don’t come yet. It’s too early. Let me feel it too.

N: I know! Gngh… hah… haa…! *thrusting*

WS: *licking* Mm…

N: Hagh… hah…!

WS: How delicious. It’s as if this is a threesome.


N: Mrgh… it’s swelling…! I want to kiss you, ngh, but my hips won’t stop. Mmgh… hagh…!

WS: Ah… that’s…

N: Aah! Crap, your kiss synchronized over to me. Haa… hagh… it’s something I’ve never felt before… *changes positions, inserts himself* Gngh… hey, do you know what you’re doing right now? Kissing a snake… ngh… are you seriously doing that? This isn’t a fairy tale and, even if you do that, the snake will still remain a snake. Mrgh… hagh…! *thrusting*

WS: Your warmth and saliva are traveling through my body. Haa… hah… does it feel pleasurable wrapping tongues with a snake? Ah… mm…

N: Ngh… hagh… I’m…! Huh? Ah, yeah, you’re right. This is the first time I’ve entered you bare, but it’s alright. If we’re here, mgh… I’m coming…!

WS: Look at me. Love me. Then, we’ll…

N: Gngh, it’s releasing… I’m letting it out… in your deepest spot… mgh! Nrgh! *he orgasms* Haa… hah…

WS: Haah… ah…

[11:50] *temple festival noises*

N: I can hear… sounds…

WS: Deep in my body… burning hot power is…! Gngh!

N: Don’t worry, it’s not a bad power.

WS: Hah… haa… what’s going on outside? Show me!

N: *snaps fingers; door opens* Ah…

WS: Oh… light…

N: The sky is a pale blue… *birds chirping*

WS: Ah…! The night has lifted!

N: Wow… Did you know? The barrier on the torii cut off sounds and light. It was a barrier to kill a god. The barrier that had persisted for thousands of years… was released.

WS: … It was long. I ate dozens… hundreds of humans… but I couldn’t fill my power.

N: Eh? Uh, mm… he ate many. Thanks to that, over the generations, the people living in the nearby villages have legends about people being spirited away still. It’s a sin that can never be forgiven.


WS: Ggh, I had no choice. If I didn’t fill my stomach, then my power would have ran out long ago and I would have disappeared.

N: The previous spirit vessels didn’t marry. Why do you think that was the case?

WS: Don’t say any more!

N: … Because they captivated women and brought them here to offer them up as food. After doing that, they couldn’t love someone as a human, marry them, and remain together with them for life… right?

WS: Don’t speak about it. You’ll scare her.

N: *grits teeth* No… I’ll say it. If the other spirit vessels had loved someone from their heart like I do earlier… if they had loved the god too, then many lives wouldn’t have been taken. But if that had happened then I… I wouldn’t have met you. Ggh, I don’t care if this is insolent but I’m… glad I was born as the twelfth. I’m glad the other spirit vessels couldn’t undo the barrier… These are my thoughts.

WS: … I’m going to ask you once only. Am I… scary? *heroine shakes head; teary voice* Ggh, truly?

N + WS: Huh!?

N: *heroine kisses him* Mmph!

WS: *heroine kisses him* Mm! Ggh… kgh…

N: Huh? Haha, you’re amazing. You made a god cry.

WS: Grgh, I’m not crying! It’s just… the sun, after thousands of years, is dazzling.


N: You don’t have to take that seriously. But, you’re right, it’s steadily getting brighter and the sunlight is coming in. It’s not dawn anymore, it’s morning. Eh? Oh, you’re right. The festival noises stopped at some point. I’m sure it must be day outside the torii and they’re surprised. Haha, the worthless twelfth and his bride saved this world and its beasts!

WS: Right now, I still do not have the power to take on a human form. If you don’t dislike it, please allow me to give my thanks as well. *licks* A rite to vow for eternity… Thank you.

N: *kisses* It’s a promise that won’t end even after death. I love you.

*scene skip*

N: Oh! You’re awake! Haha! *kisses* Good morning.

N: *heroine shoots up* Uh… haha, what are you doing all of a sudden?

N: What is?

N: Aah, we need to rush a bit.

N: Hm? The furniture fair. We’re going, right?


N: Pffhaha! You’re too confused. So cute.

N: I feel like I’ll get addicted to that. *kisses*

N: You’re asking what? You won’t understand unless I say it? Me and you and… a god’s threesome. Heh. Right?

N: Calm down and think about it again.

N: … Can you marry me like this?

N: When you’re that shaken, I’m going to lose confidence.

N: Phew. One of these days, let’s go and play at my home town.

N: Yup, we’ll drink the fermented rice wine.

N: If it’s in a dream, then I can have sex and release inside you before marriage, you see.

N: Haha! Sorry, sorry. But it was amazing, right? Just kidding.

N: *hugs heroine* Haah…

N: Mm? Nothing, I’m just immersing myself in my happiness. *teary voice* Thank you.

*** SEAGULL TOKUTEN: Konpeito Aphrodisiac ***

N: Are you alright? It’s a toy gun, so is it really that heavy? Your center of gravity is pitching down.

N: Here. Which one do you want? Choose a normal one, as much as possible. We can bring it back to the human world, but that’s why we need to avoid something that will meddle with life over there.

N: That one? A scent bag. I can smell the mint even from here. That’s a good one.

N: Now, aim well… *heroine shoots*

N: Ah, too bad. Do you want to try again?

N: Eh? I guess I have no choice. *grabs gun* It’s alright to just play around casually and go home without a prize. You want it that badly now?

N: Haha, somehow, you become childish when you’re here. *takes aim*

N: Mm-mm, you’re cute when you’re honest too. *shoots gun*

N: Alright! My aim was true.

N: *to owner* Thank you.

N: *to heroine* Here you go! Birthday present number two. If you put this in your closet, it’ll repel insects. It’s a herb grown from a beast seed, so it must be good quality.

N: *to owner* Hm? What? Oh, you’ll give us that? That’s thoughtful.


N: *to heroine* Ah, right, you still don’t understand beast speech.

N: Here, for you. It seems they heard about the birthday present just now. Konpeito, hm. You can eat this without any concerns.

N: Oh! It looks like they ran away out of embarrassment. It’s because you’re a special girl who is to become the bride of their god. Haha, don’t worry, I gave them our thanks.

N: … When I asked what you wanted to do for your birtday, it was a surprise to hear you say you wanted to play at this temple festival. Movies, shopping, a theme park, or anywhere else would have been fine, so why?

N: You just felt like it…?

N: Mm-mm, the White Snake is also extremely happy about your “just felt like it” concern.

N: Mhm, because the White Snake and I are the same.

N: The barrier was removed, but the White Snake hasn’t regained all of his powers. The beasts do farm work during the day and prepare their stalls, waiting for the night. They continue to hold this festival for the sake of their god. If you come to play from time to time, then I think it’ll also be an encouragement for them.

N: Mm, let’s come again.

N: Why don’t we go now? The god is waiting at the shrine.

[04:08] *scene skip; shrine door opens*

N: It’s dark in the depths past the torii as usual. Let’s light some candles. *snaps fingers*

WS: *slides over* Welcome. It’s a pleasure to have you. Show me your face clearly. Aah, your hand… I haven’t been touched directly since that time.

N: Hm, it’s the same existence as me over there and yet I feel somewhat jealous.

WS: *licks* Allow me this much. *to heroine* I am always living with you through Natsume, thus you don’t need to come to see me. Even still though, you came to visit like this. Do you know how overjoyed that makes me?

N: Ugh, snakes can’t kiss well. So, kiss me. *kisses*

WS: Nngh… *licking* Somehow, you seem to have various scents today. A strong mint and… this is…? What do you have in your sleeve? Just the konpeito from earlier?

N: Hm? Do you mean this?

WS: Ah… I knew it.


N: *smells* It doesn’t smell or anything.

WS: Haha, because a human’s sense of smell is weak. Now I understand why it was brought. Will you give me one? *eats konpeito* Mm… sweet. It’s not poisonous, eat one. *heroine eats one*

N: … *eats one* What’s inside?

WS: Not just sugar, but also a scant amount of sweetener that makes one more sensitive. Heh, they are showing excessive concern for you to become bred as soon as possible.

N: Ggh, the word “bred” like talking about an animal… *to heroine* Don’t worry, I’ll keep my promise until the wedding is over.

WS: Haha. *licks* In the human world though… yes? For the two of you presently, this place is inside a dream. No matter what is done, you will not return pregnant with a child. Therefore… strip naked and show me your lascviciousness. That day you came… it was the first time I experienced such vivid stimulation. Even though I have sex with you through Natsume, human senses are lacking. Your smell and taste… I want to feel it precisely. All I do is remember it. *licks* Mmgh… ngh…


N: *kisses* Hngh… it’s true. My whole body is tingling just from the feeling of our lips and tongue. Mm… hagh…

WS: It’s this, gngh… this subtlety…

N: Haa… hagh…

WS: Take everything off. I want to taste your entire body. Mrgh…

N: I’ll remove your clothes. Ah! Haha, you won’t be able to hide yourself like that. Do you want kisses? *kisses*

WS: Mm… hah…

N: Hey, take mine off too.

WS: Your skin is smooth and silky and delicious.

N: If everyone’s stripped, then we’ll be the same and it won’t be embarrassing, right? *kisses* Nngh… hah… it’s true what he said about being more sensitive. Hrgh, all of my senses are sharper. Ah… ngh… when you take the lead like that, I feel my strength leaving me… haa… mgh…


WS: That was quite prompt. However you suck on me, then I will also feel the same. *licks*

N: Ungh, it feels good on my stomach… and navel… and even further down… mgh… Aah, there! Ggh… hah…! *heroine gives BJ* Feels good, nrgh… hagh…!

WS: Generally, Natsume devours you greedily so you rarely give him fellatio, hm. Heh, take a look at Natsume’s face.

N: Gngh… no, don’t… hah… haah…!

WS: Your body is glistening with sweat… mm…

N: Aah… nrgh…!

WS: Hehe, that was a cute scream. You must not use your teeth. *gives oral*

N: Hagh… haa…!

WS: Aah, this flavor… Can you tell? Mm, each time the tip of my tongue catches against your folds… ngh… ah, your juices overflow…


N: Haha, your mouth has completely dropped off. Does it feel that good? I think I’ll do that next time too… although I might not be able to reach as deeply as him.

WS: Mngh, are you about to orgasm? I see. In that case… nrgh… haa… *stops* We’re done. Hehe, your teary eyes are adorable. But, look, that part of Natsume has been neglected.

N: Come here. Do you want me? Mm, I want you too. Lower yourself like that. *kisses* Mngh…! Hagh… haa… good… Mm, you want to come, right? Move lots then. Haa… ngh… hah…! Shit… gngh! Like this, I’m going to… right away… mgh!

WS: You’re much bolder than usual. You’re more honest here than you are in the human world.

N: Gngh… nrgh… I can’t endure this… hagh! Wrap your arms around me. Mgh…!


WS: Mm, what a nice voice. If you cry like that, the beasts might gather, you know?

N: Hagh… ah…! If you don’t hold onto me tightly, you’re going to slip.

WS: Ah! *catches heroine* Haah… that was close. But this is nice, it’s as if I am sandwiching you with Natsume. *licks* Mm… ah…

N: Gagh… mrgh…! *kisses; thrusting* Nrgh, deep… hah… haa… I’m going to come…! Let’s… come together…! Ngh! Ggh! *he orgasms* Hey…

WS: Aah, you orgasmed. You can do it once more, can’t you?

N: Haa… hah… impossible. That was too intense my breathing… hah… hagh…

WS: Huh? Already? You’re jesting.

N: Haah… haa… it’s the truth. I don’t want to die during sex in my dream.


WS: Hah… what? It seems being too sensitive is a problem as well. Then, this konpeito is unneeded.

N: Ah! That’s… ah… *grabs konpeito*

WS: Heh. You’re going to bring it back, aren’t you?

N: Uh, um, no… we did receive it so we should, for the time being… Ggh, don’t laugh!

WS: Heh, the twelfth is an unexpected closet lecher, isn’t he? You think the same, don’t you?

N: Closet lecher…! I wouldn’t expect a god to say that word. Ah! Jeez, you’re laughing too much. Pff… haha! *kisses* In the end, we should entrust this to the god. You’re asking why? If you scream like that in our apartment, people will make complaints. You won’t be able to just be embarrassed.

WS: Indeed, I will be troubled too if Natsume’s living environment worsens.

N: Mm, this will be specially just for here.

WS: Heh. *licks* Happy birthday. Come again.

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: After Removing the Bustier ***

N: Haa… I’m exhausted. Everyone was making me drink excessively and they got carried away just because it was the after party.

N: Oh, mm, I’m going to rest a little. You can take a bath first, I heard this room has a jacuzzi.

N: Don’t worry, I’m not drunk. I am a bit sleepy though. *heroine opens door*

N: What about you? Did you just have the champagne toast? You didn’t eat much at the reception, so I’m worried if you’re going to be sick from drinking later.

N: But, well, I’m glad it was lively. *grabs water from fridge* You said Kaji was the child of a foreign businessman? I’m glad we asked your friend to help out. Mm, let’s having another closing party with us three.

N: *comes over; knocks on doorframe* If you leave this open, I’m going to take a peek, you know? *drinks water*

N: It looks difficult to undo your hairstyle. I’ll help.

N: *removes pins* Ah, it’s all stiff from the hairspray. Let me know if it hurts when I remove the pins.

N: Hm? You’re right, this really feels like it’s after the party and everything is finally over. With the moving and wedding ceremony, we’ve been quite busy.

N: But there’s still the honeymoon. In addition to the Lantern Festival, we’ll have two weeks.


N: True, it’s a pretty luxurious plan but, in exchange, where we could cut down on things we did cut down on them, right? It’s okay.

N: Hm, I think there’s no more pins. Your hair tie… oh, the knot is over here?

N: Haha, it looks like you’ll need more than one rinse with the shampoo. But… when it’s disheveled you look sexy. *kisses*

N: Mm… are you still wearing the underwear for your dress?

N: Because, when I look down on you from above again, you’re somehow more…

N: Look, the size is completely different. Your waist is also drawn in. Sure, but it’s too tight.

N: Not in particular. Just… my coworkers said crude things because they were drunk. Stuff like how you have huge breasts and how you’re so cute they want to do you. It’s because they meant those as compliments that it leaves such a bad taste. *kisses*


N: Mm, I didn’t get angry. I was offended but I read the mood and ignored them. Sorry, you’re extremely beautiful.

N: Can I remove your bustier?

N: That being said, it’s connected to a garter belt.

N: I didn’t know you were so sexy inside the dress. Mm-mm, I’m glad I got to see this before you took them off.

N: The hook is tight. It must have hurt, right?

N: That sigh of relief. Do you feel liberated?

N: *kisses* You feel nice. You’re a hundred times more beautiful naked. Haha, I’m not going to show this to another man for the rest of my life though.

N: Your panties are made out of the same lace as the dress. Is it alright if I get this dirty? Nngh…


N: There’s a cute sound already. Haa…

N: Why? I’m happy though… that you’re this wet from my fingers. Mgh, I want to be in here soon. But… *removes his pants*

N: Close your legs.

N: It’s nice to be intense, but we’re both tired and we drank. It’s also nice to reach the peak slowly, right? Mngh… hah…

N: Haha, the silk is wet with your juices and the sensation, nrgh… I’m rubbing against your sensitive nub, right? Haa… can you touch the part of me that’s jutting out in front? Gngh… hah… *kisses shoulder; thrusting*

N: Nope, no kisses yet. Ngh… haa…

N: Look at the mirror right now.

N: Haha, come on, be sure to pay attention. What expression are you making?

N: Hngh… mm… you can’t say? Mmgh… *kisses ear*


N: Even if you’re embarrassed by this erotic and slack face, haha… mm… You’re adorable. Release yourself more and show me. *kisses ear*

N: Ngh! Gagh… haha, that was dangerous. You suddenly started matching my thrusts and I nearly came.

N: Can you tell? Haa… each time I rub against you, it gets caught, and it feels like it’ll enter with the cloth on its own. Mgh… hagh…

N: I want to enter you… nrgh… *kisses*

N: Haah… hah… I can’t hold back anymore. I teased too much. Mgh, I’m going to put it in like this.

N: Aah…! Hah… hagh…! We did it many times in our dreams, but we’re not using a condom here for the first time. Mngh… haa…

N: After all, we don’t need it anymore, right? You said you wanted a child as soon as possible, right? Nrgh… gngh…!

N: Ah! Haa… haha, you came already. I’m going to come once like this. Mgh… hagh…! *thrusting*


N: Ungh, I’m coming…! Ggh, I’m coming…! Mngh! *he orgasms*

N: Hah… haah… that was the best.

N: Ah, sorry, it’s spilling out! Over here.

N: I think I might be drunk. That was too quick. Haa… hah… mm, my heart is still racing.

N: Haha, your underwear is all wrinkled.

N: Ah… I’ll do something about this after. *kisses*

N: You too. Take off my clothes. *kisses*


N: Thank you. *closes bathroom door; heroine turns on shower*

N: Ah, what’s this feeling of everything being done already? *kisses*

N: We’re not done at all, you know? *kisses*

N: You know that it’s not enough for me to do it once. *kisses*

N: Mm, I’m tired… and sleepy. *kisses* But it’s our precious bridal night, right? *kisses*

N: I’m not going to let you sleep tonight anymore. It’s going to be a full course of you until the morning.

N: Ah… what? You don’t want that?

N: Eh? Hair? Oh, I see. We can’t stay like this until the morning. Hrm… *kisses*

N: Really? Absolutely? *heroine sprays him*


N: Bwah! Ah, jeez, hey! Ggh! Stop! That’s not allowed! Mgh!

N: I get it already… I have to wash off my own hair gel.

N: It’ll look bad if we checked out tomorrow morning in a sloppy state, huh. Alright, give me the shower head.

N: I’ll wash my hair in three minutes, so wash your body first. I’ll help with your hair. Let’s clean up in the shortest time possible and then go to the bed.

N: Huh? If you don’t hurry, you won’t have time to wash your body. Well, I can also be the one to wash every inch of you.

N: Eh? I’m not joking! If you look at this part of me, you can tell I can’t hold back, right?

N: Pffhaha! I’m joking! Haha, you’re so cute when you panic over every thing.

N: Well, it wasn’t a joke about having a full course of you until the morning. I think later, even after our hair is clean, we’ll both be exhausted tomorrow morning. Just kidding. Haha! *kisses*

N: Prepare yourself, haha.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: First Night with the White Snake ***

WS: *to beast* Haha, again? You don’t have to take so much care. Hm? I do think it’s cause for celebration, but it may also be a bit early. Aah, haha, I understand, I understand. I accept this with thanks. Your fermented rice wine is particularly delicious. I’ll be using it here too, so please clear out the people.

WS: *to heroine* Oh! The fermented rice wine came.

WS: *sits beside heroine; prepares drinks* You don’t have enough power after just arriving here. The beasts are worried and deliver these one after another. So that their precious and cherished god’s bride does not disappear.

WS: You’re loved by everyone, not just me. *pours drinks*

WS: Here, nutrition supplement. I’ll also have a taste. *drinks*

WS: Mm, delicious. I feel as if the alcohol content is low, but that may be for your sake.

WS: My power dwells in everything that is grown on this land. For things such as rice, which take time to grow, they can accumulate much more of my power. Thus, the beasts borrow the form of humans and grow rice every year to make fermented rice wine. The more time something takes the more the power condenses.


WS: Even in the human world, there is a boom in people saying fermented rice wine is good for the body; but the flavor is completely different, isn’t it?

WS: Is it delicious? Haha, I’m glad.

WS: Hm? I’m going to ready our bedchambers first.

WS: Ah, no, you don’t need to do anything. Take your time drinking that and then come. If you want seconds, then please serve yourself. *leaves*

*scene skip*

WS: Ah, you didn’t need to hurry.

WS: This? It’s a special Indian sandalwood oil. When it’s heated in the incense burner like this, it releases a pleasant smell. It was a present from the beasts earlier.

WS: Um… to use in the bedchambers at night.

WS: I did tell them it was fine, but you like decorations such as these, don’t you? It would also be awkward to refuse, so I thought we could try it out at least.

WS: See? The incense burner is cute, isn’t it?

WS: How is the scent?

WS: Haha, that’s true. Sandalwood is an aroma humans normally use as well, so it wouldn’t have any dramatic effects, I suppose.

WS: Oh, mm-mm, not really. I don’t feel anything particularly strange either. Perhaps I’m being teased. Well, it has an ordinary nice smell so I’ll go and give my thanks tomorrow.


WS: You don’t have to worry. You just arrived here several days ago, so you’ll remember your previous world. We have as much time as we want in the future.

WS: Now, let’s sleep. *removes clothes*

*scene skip*

WS: This is somewhat strange.

WS: Several days ago, you were human. On the other side, the old Natsume is still arranging your funeral. You, who became a cute grandma, are now back in your twenties and here. And I…

WS: And I, who waited here all this time for you, have the same appearance as Natsume in the past and am falling in love with you from the beginning again. It’s that sort of feeling.

WS: Mm? What’s the matter?

WS: Your cheeks seem redder than earlier.

WS: *touches heroine* Ah… Huh? Don’t tell me… the aroma is starting to take effect?


WS: Will you… come here?

WS: Why don’t we do things over again from the first kiss? Haha. *kisses*

WS: You’re lovely.

WS: Haha, no, you’ve always been lovely during the time you lived as a human. When you were working, when you were raising children, and when it was difficult caring for you when you were ill. Always.

WS: I saw everything through Natsume’s eyes. We laughed together and we lived together. There was never a point where your charm dimmed. The same goes for Natsume on the other side. It’s true that he’s sad but… now, through my eyes, he’s looking at you with me. After all, Natsume and I are two halves of a whole. Alright?

WS: Ah— *heroine kisses him*

WS: I know. That you loved me—the human Natsume. It was the finest happiness.


WS: Haha, you’re right. From here, this is our start. The exchange of an eternal love between a god and his bride.

WS: Ah… haha, you’re aggressive.

WS: Mm, do it more. I feel as if the fragrance has taken effect on me too.

WS: Haa… it feels a little hot. We don’t need the futon, right? *kisses*

WS: It’s been a while since we properly had sex, hasn’t it? Haha. The physical body of a human cannot win against aging. *kisses*

WS: Haha, that was an amazing reaction. Mm… more? What do you want?

WS: Hm? I see. You want me to be rough. I wonder if that would be a shock to your body.

WS: Alright. Sure. *kisses; fingers heroine*


WS: Mmgh, does that feel pleasurable? You’re rubbing your hips against me. How wanton.

WS: Mm, that’s right. I can’t help but want to be inside you. So, what do you want? Say it all clearly. I’ll do what you like.

WS: Tongue? You want me to pleasure your breasts at the same time? Haha, greedy. Then… ngh, how about this? Mngh… nrgh…!

WS: Amazing, you’re dripping onto my kimono. Ngh… hagh…

WS: Mm, you’re going to orgasm? I’d like you to orgasm not from my fingers, but my member though. *pulls out fingers; removes clothes*

WS: I look larger? It’s the same as the human Natsume. Only… I’m extremely aroused.

WS: I’ll support you from below, so put it in yourself in a way that doesn’t hurt. Haa… hah…


WS: Aah… nice… mrgh, you’re tight and hot…

WS: Lower yourself slowly until everything is inside. Hngh… hagh…!

WS: Are you alright?

WS: Haha, you’re completely drenched so you’re alright, I see. You’re twitching inside, haa… hah… Move at your own pace while we kiss. *kisses*

WS: Heh, whether it’s frustrating… or whether it feels good… both of these are irresistible. Mgh… haah…

WS: Not only has it been a long time, hagh, but the smell of sandalwood is thick… haa… I feel like I’m going to lose consciousness. Hagh… hah… I’m going to release… gngh…! *he orgasms*


WS: I’m spurting inside you… and filling you up… Haa… hah… sorry, I wanted to last longer too.

WS: Ah! *grabs heroine’s hand* No, don’t pull it out. You can tell it hasn’t gone limp, right? I can also tell that you haven’t orgasmed.

WS: *changes positions* Haa… hagh… ngh! *thrusting*

WS: Aah, I can’t stop. Nrgh… I wanted to treat you gently too, mgh… Hah… haah…!

WS: It’s burning… nrgh… I feel so good, I’m losing all my thoughts. Mngh… hagh…!

WS: Huh? You’re going to come? You want to come? Haa… hah… ah, you want to hold hands. Cute. Mgh! Gngh…!


WS: Haha, can you tell? The stuff from earlier is flowing out. My… gngh… you’ll give birth to a god’s child, right? Hah… hagh…

WS: Haha, naturally, I won’t make the bad joke of saying because I’m a white snake you’ll lay eggs. Nrgh… mgh…!

WS: Let’s go… hngh… I’m coming again… together…! Ggh! *he orgasms*

WS: Haah… hah… *kisses*

WS: Haha, you’re sweaty. You’re also a mess down here. I’m sorry, my reason went flying. You aren’t hurting anywhere, are you? If you’re in pain, I can make some hot tea and bring it over.

WS: *goes to leave; heroine grabs him* Ah! Eh? What is it?

WS: Oh… I see. Haha, mm, you’re right. I’m as messy as you are. I’m not the only one whose reason went flying, haha. *kisses*

WS: I wonder if you conceived.

WS: Haha! I’m jesting and I won’t rush you.

WS: Mm-mm, I want some soon but it’s also fine to not have any for at least a hundred years.

WS: I’m not joking, you know? It’s fine to enjoy ourselves alone together for a hundred years in an eternity. Right? Hehe.

WS: I place myself in your care forever. *kisses*

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