Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 28 ~

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Chapter 28 ~ Third Game Pt.10 Infatuation ~

Gu Yian stared at this scene.

She calmly said, “Since you’re awake, why pretend like you’re not? Take a good look at what’s in front of you.”

The male player swinging the dagger suddenly stiffened, and the dagger froze in midair.

He was like a slow robot, turning his head bit by bit to look at the people standing outside.

The light of the parking lot came down from above, making Gu Yian seem less angry. Her temperament was already clear and cool and, in this moment, she looked as if she was a cold adjudicator, judging the sins of the world.

The male player turned his head stiffly and saw the woman in the passenger seat. A drop of blood dripped from the knife in his hands.

“I… killed someone?”

Outside, Gu Yian only saw that the male player appeared to say something.

In the next second, she heard the male player scream in despair, “I KILLED SOMEONE!”

His howl spread through this small area.

Gu Yian looked around at this time, searching for the other female player.

The driver’s door of the car was open and the female player who was driving must have escaped quickly and avoided this misfortune.

Gu Yian didn’t search for long before she saw the figure of the female player.

That female player hid at the corner of the flower bed. She was crouching and carefully looking in the direction of the parking lot.

Perhaps it was the effects of the lighting at the side of the flower bed, but the female player’s face was illuminated with many colors and she looked terrible.

Seeing her appearance, Gu Yian knew that the female player wouldn’t dare to approach the parking lot for a while.

Music suddenly sounded in this small area, caught in the repeated repentance of the male player from the half-open car door, and it was especially unexpected.

It was the ringtone of an incoming call.

It rang from behind Gu Yian. She turned her head immediately and saw Lu Zize, standing at the other end of the car, answering his phone.

“Mm. I’m coming right away. He won’t resist.”

Lu Zize exchanged a few words with the person at the other end of the phone and then hung up.

He saw Gu Yian looking at him and explained, “Law enforcement wants to take him.”

It went without saying that the person law enforcement wanted to take away was the male player who just killed someone.

The male player seemed not to know what was awaiting him still. He shrunk into the back seat of the car. “I didn’t want to kill her. I only wanted to kill the ghost. I really only wanted to kill the ghost.”

Gu Yian leaned back against the car and closed the door behind her on the way. She looked at the male player in the car in front of her and quietly recalled things.

She remembered that, on the way back, the male player didn’t want to get into the car, was terrified of getting into the car, and was afraid of ghosts appearing. But Lu Zize said if there were ghosts then he could just kill them.

Where did the knife in the male player’s hand come from?

Was it originally in the car? Or did Lu Zize place it in the car earlier?

But it was no longer important now.

The male player killed one of the female players.

Perhaps it was hypnosis, using a psychological suggestion to steer the male player into killing someone.

Gu Yian could only think of this possibility.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t find evidence of Lu Zize’s crime at all.

People from law enforcement and the funeral home practically arrived at the same time, taking away the male player and corpse respectively.

Gu Yian asked the law enforcement team how they would deal with the male player.

The leader of the law enforcement team was that captain who came to the Investigation Bureau to arrest Liu Han.

He also saw that the male player’s state of mind wasn’t right and, after hearing Gu Yian’s question, he said, “We should send him to see a doctor first and wait for the doctor’s diagnosis before making a decision. The sentence for murder is capital punishment. Your investigator broke the law and the murder method was terrible, so if his mental state is normal then he will be executed immediately.”

Although the male player was being forced into the law enforcement vehicle, he didn’t miss hearing the captain’s words and he cast his eyes to Gu Yian for help right away.

He didn’t want to die!

He didn’t want to kill anyone!

“Sister Gu! I didn’t want to kill anyone! It was him, he made me do it.”

The male player struggled, wanting to throw himself at Lu Zize.

But he hadn’t rested for two days and one night so, at this time, he no longer had any strength.

A member of the law enforcement team twisted their hand and the male player’s arm was behind his back instantly. He howled with pain but he still persevered in trying to get to Lu Zize.

Lu Zize stood in place, motionless, probably because he concluded that the male player couldn’t even touch his clothes.

Soon, the law enforcement and funeral home cars disappeared into the night, one after another.

Even the street lights couldn’t disperse this chill.

Gu Yian walked to the female player who was crouched beside the flower bed. The female player unconsciously moved backwards.

She was already crouched in a wary posture and so, when she backed up like this, she immediately fell to the ground.

Gu Yian told her, “If you don’t trust me, then you can keep a distance from me. Come on, get up and come upstairs with me.”

The female player looked at Gu Yian and she raised her hands to wipe under her eyes. Her voice was a little hoarse, “I don’t dare to trust people anymore.”

Gu Yian could understand her. “In fact, I don’t dare to trust people anymore either. The human heart is a mystery, and it’s better to take more precautions.”

The female player replied, “I think… I should trust you.”

She put her hands on the ground to get herself up. “People are scarier than ghosts, but if there isn’t a single person I can trust then I don’t know how I’m supposed to live on.”

Gu Yian raised a shallow smile. She could understand the words of this female player. She believed this too.

Gu Yian ignored Lu Zize, who followed behind her, and took the female player directly to the second floor of the office building, to the room where they slept last night.

There were boxes stacked on one side of the room.

That was Gu Yian’s objective.

The female player vaguely guessed that Gu Yian wanted to find clues.

She cautiously turned her head to look at Lu Zize, who was following them.

Lu Zize’s attention wasn’t allocated to the female player. He looked at Gu Yian rummaging through the boxes and actively asked, “What are you looking for? I’ll help you.”

Gu Yian heard this and turned around to look at Lu Zize.

Lu Zize’s expression was natural and his eyes were sincere.

Alright, since he wanted to help then she would let him do that.

Gu Yian took a step back, faintly smiled, and said, “Brother Lu, I’ll have to trouble you then.”

“Searching for something cannot count as trouble,” Lu Zize warmly replied.

He put on the disposable gloves he took out from his pocket and then asked, “Which one do you want to search?”

Gu Yian pointed to several boxes she remembered Brother Yong had opened.

“Brother Lu, I’ll have to trouble you with these ones.”

The female player stood at one side, watching, and she couldn’t ascertain Gu Yian’s method. She carefully pulled at the corner of Gu Yian’s clothes and, taking advantage of when Lu Zize opened a box to check its contents, she asked in a low voice, “Sister Gu, we’re looking for his evidence. You’re letting him find it himself?”

“He wants to help, so we’ll let him do that.” Gu Yian was very calm.

The female player asked anxiously, “What if he destroys the evidence?”

She didn’t understand.

Gu Yian clearly knew Lu Zize could be the mastermind and yet she was still letting him act.

What made the female player even more confused was that the mastermind himself, Lu Zize, should know Gu Yian wanted to find his evidence, but he surprisingly offered to help find his own evidence.

The female player, who had just said she trusted Gu Yian, was uncertain again.

Why did she feel that these two people were especially suspicious?

Could it be possible that Gu Yian was not a player and was the same as Lu Zize, a person of this world? Were the two of them partners?

The female player was nearly scared to death by her own imagination.

Gu Yian listened to the female player and shook her head. “Go to the other side. We’ll watch him from the left and right. He won’t destroy anything.”

As a matter of fact, Gu Yian didn’t think Lu Zize would deliberately destroy evidence.

She even suspected that Lu Zize wanted to show her the hidden evidence on purpose.

His thoughts might be that, if he gave his own evidence to her, then they would be partners later.

Partners who saw the same hell.

She didn’t really understand these mentally abnormal people.

Gu Yian saw that the box Lu Zize just opened was a box for storing case files.

She couldn’t remember clearly which one Brother Yong grabbed but, in her memories, he seemed to have put it at the very top and the case file was bulging.

Gu Yian took out her phone while commanding Lu Zize, “Take them all out.”

The female player looked at Lu Zize who was doing things seriously. She more or less saw the situation in front of her now.

Her teammate, Gu Yian, must have Lu Zize’s Achilles’ heel or something to make him this obedient.

Gu Yian’s attention was put on her phone. Her phone’s battery was very low.

She thought for a moment, turned to her messages, found the number she wanted, and then called it.

The sound of a dial resounded instantly.

Lu Zize was in the middle of taking out the case files in the box.

He looked at Gu Yian keenly.

Gu Yian could feel his gaze.

She ignored it though and put her mind on her phone.

The second the other party accepted Gu Yian ended the call.

Lu Zize asked gently, “Yian, who did you call?”

Gu Yian closed her phone and slipped it into her pocket on the way as she mentioned casually, “Law enforcement.”

A question mark virtually appeared on the face of the female player.

Weren’t Gu Yian and Lu Zize getting along just now? How come she was tearing into him in a second?

These words of calling over law enforcement was, at a glance, directed at Lu Zize.

The female player shifted on her feet and inched close to Gu Yian.

Lu Zize heard this and set the things in his hands down before saying with resignation, “Do you believe law enforcement is useful?”

Gu Yian replied coolly, “Useful in catching you.”

The female player listened to their conversation and her body tensed. She got close to Gu Yian and kept alert for Lu Zize’s every move.

Lu Zize looked at Gu Yian with eyes that were full of helplessness.

He asked, “Yian, don’t you want to resist the God’s Eye System? It shelters criminals, ignores the truth of many cases, and every single minute and second examines our private lives…”

Gu Yian listened to him and, glancing over the room at random, she could see pitch-black lenses.

She answered, “I do. Of course I do.”

How could she not want to resist the God’s Eye System?

But the crimes of the God’s Eye System Lu Zize had just mentioned were all related to him!

Gu Yian could be considered to have figured it out. All the accidents of the players had been arranged by him in the dark!

Lu Zize, this sort of person who borrowed the God’s Eye System’s crimes to cover his own crimes and help other people commit crimes, still said he wanted to overthrow the God’s Eye System when he himself was not much better than the God’s Eye System.

Gu Yian said, “I want to confirm one thing first. The person who stopped us from going to the butcher’s residence through the God’s Eye System, was it you?”

The amount of information in her words stunned the female player on the side.

Lu Zize could control the God’s Eye System?

She couldn’t help but ask Gu Yian, “He’s God’s Eye?”

A person who could control the God’s Eye System was, in a certain sense, God’s Eye.

Lu Zize watched Gu Yian with his usual expression. He didn’t show the slightest change in his expression due to Gu Yian’s words.

Gu Yian observed his expression and, at the same time, spoke her own guesses, “You’re incapable of fully controlling the God’s Eye System, and so you can’t make it self-destruct. But you can control it to do some other things. For example, help that butcher avoid responsibility for his crime, help Sister Man escape surveillance, and even force Brother Yong to make a choice.”

The female player didn’t get an answer and just heard Gu Yian’s words to Lu Zize.

She looked at Gu Yian and then at Lu Zize.

What she had just asked was completely ignored.

The corner of her mouth twitched. So, these two people completely forgot about her? She was a person too.

Lu Zize listened to Gu Yian’s narration and the smile in his eyes grew deeper and deeper.

Gu Yian saw this reaction of his and knew that she must have guessed right.

Regrettably, Lu Zize was too careful and refused to leave any ammunition that could be used against him in front of the cameras.

Gu Yian had to draw it out.

She thought about it and then said, “If you’re treating me as your partner, then could you answer some of my questions?”

Lu Zize replied without any hesitation, “Whatever you want to ask, you can directly ask.”

The female player rubbed her own head. It didn’t feel like she had a fever.

But how did she encounter such a trivial confrontation?

One party wasn’t going to hold back, the other party was willing to accept it all.

Gu Yian first shot off a question to trick Lu Zize.

She asked, “Do you really want to overthrow the God’s Eye System? Or do you feel that this world is too boring?”

Lu Zize laughed when he heard this and his smile was quite happy.

He told her, “You truly understand me.”

No, I don’t understand you.

I was just bluffing.

But Lu Zize’s answer did not make Gu Yian too surprised.

The reason he wanted to overthrow the God’s Eye System was because he was too bored and not because of justice.

The previous things Gu Yian couldn’t figure out now had an explanation.

Why did he want to kill people?

Because he was bored.

What an absurd reason.

Gu Yian asked another question, “Do you feel that an undiscovered murder gives a strong sense of accomplishment?”

“Please answer yes or no,” she added.

“Yes,” Lu Zize said this word with a laugh.

Gu Yian didn’t want to look at his face. She calmly said, “Your goal in bringing the players to the local market yesterday was to grasp their preferences and personalities.”

She enumerated, “Tang Jiu loved to eat candy. She had suspected there was poison in the candy but, in the end, what she didn’t think of was the sign of the candy store.”

Now that she thought about it, her and Tang Jiu’s conversation in the car about whether or not the candy was poisonous and Lu Zize’s response at the time actually already hinted at everything.

“The player with oral ulcers loved to eat shrimp, one male player was more rash, another male player looked bold but was actually timid, one female player spoke less in front of you and her habits were hard to grasp, and for me I don’t really like to go against the wishes of others and so I won’t refuse the tea another person makes for me.”

Gu Yian’s tone became cold, “You pretty much didn’t miss anything.”

Lu Zize was a bit curious. “Are you concerned about my conversations with the others?”

His point of focus was completely different from Gu Yian.

Gu Yian was silent for a moment and then said, “Tang Jiu suspected you at the very beginning. She suspected your goal.”

Tang Jiu was very suspicious of Lu Zize but, when she felt that it was normal for Lu Zize to chat with them about preferences, who knew that they were burying the introduction to their own deaths.

At that time, none of them had thought clear about Lu Zize’s intentions.

From the start, Lu Zize was ruthlessly strategizing against unaware people and was successful in turning a contingent of players into one that only had two players left, Gu Yian and the other female player.

Lu Zize smiled and said, “You said I didn’t miss anything, but that isn’t the case.”

He glanced at the female player beside Gu Yian and said, light as a cloud and soft as a breeze, “I missed this one.”

The female player was almost frightened to death by Lu Zize’s gentle expression.

She wasn’t deaf and she heard the entire contents of their conversation.

Lu Zize meant that originally she was also supposed to die, but she unexpectedly escaped.

The female player raised her guard against Lu Zize and shrunk behind Gu Yian.

Lu Zize took off the gloves he was wearing and extended a hand to Gu Yian, saying, “Only the two of us have the same idea and trust each other, so isn’t it good to become partners?”

“I’ve been looking forward to a companion for a long time.”

Gu Yian felt that there were words within Lu Zize’s words.

She looked at his eyes.

His eyes were sincere, like the feeling he gave her when they first met.

What kind of person was he exactly?

Was he actually killing them players out of boredom or was he really searching for a partner who would resist the God’s Eye System with him?

Or was it both of these? He wanted to overthrow the God’s Eye System because he was bored and so he killed all of the new players who weren’t in accord with his ideas, leaving only the ones who agreed with him?

Did Sister Man not count as his partner?

Gu Yian’s sight avoided Lu Zize’s outstretched hand.

She said, “Actually, I didn’t call law enforcement.”

Lu Zize was stunned for a moment and then he immediately guessed who Gu Yian called.

“Yes, it’s what you think. I called the God’s Eye System.”

Being able to make Lu Zize feel surprise put a smile on Gu Yian’s face.

The female player on the side was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but ask, “You can even call the God’s Eye System?”

They could actually call the God’s Eye System? There was this sort of move?

“Yes, the God’s Eye System,” Gu Yian repeated this answer.

She sized up Lu Zize, whose expression finally wasn’t as perfect as before.

“You can’t completely control the God’s Eye System. Is this because the God’s Eye System itself has its own thoughts? Has it already become an artificial life?”

When the female player heard this, she could understand a little bit now.

Lu Zize was not equivalent to God’s Eye; he only had the power to operate a part of God’s Eye. God’s Eye had its own thoughts. It became a life!

Upon thinking this, the female player suddenly remembered how she heard that the God’s Eye System was only an artificial intelligence.

She really didn’t expect for God’s Eye to actually evolve into an artificial life.

Gu Yian said, “There are no coincidences in this world. So, the investigation missions that always arrives to us in time can only be arranged by the God’s Eye System itself.”

According to what Lu Zize told them on the first day, as long as the cameras were blocked for a period of time — this time was about twelve hours — they will go and investigate.

Even though the people in the City of Innocence were already used to covering cameras, the city was this large and its population was enormous so accidents would always occur.

Thus, the investigation missions they could have in a day inside the City of Innocence was definitely not the few that they received on their phones up until now. There should be other residents who forgot the matter of covering their cameras.

But, contrary to expectation, the missions the players received were all closely linked to the investigators themselves.

To a certain extent, this was also a sort of coincidence.

There were no coincidences in this world.

Although Lu Zize could control a part of the God’s Eye System, his commands should not be able to bypass the God’s Eye System itself.

In other words, their player missions were issued by the God’s Eye System based on Lu Zize’s arrangements.

Gu Yian told him, “It wants to destroy itself even more than you do.”

The missions issued by the God’s Eye System were all guiding the players to discover sins, discover the oversights in the City of Innocence, and lead the people to resist it.

Deducing from the results, this seemed like God’s Eye wanting to self-destruct.

Actually, Gu Yian was very surprised an artificial life would have this sort of negative emotion.

She said, “You just admitted what you did and God’s Eye must have already recorded your words. I think this room should have sound recording equipment, although I don’t know where it is.”

“The opportunity God’s Eye was waiting for came. You have two choices now, one is to allow yourself to be captured without putting up a fight, and the other is to run. It probably dispatched law enforcement directly and I believe, this time, the law enforcement team won’t need our escort to come in.”

When it came to seizing sins, the God’s Eye System didn’t even let go of itself, to say nothing of releasing Lu Zize.

The female player silently took out her props. The ones that could be used, the ones that couldn’t be used, they were all brought out.

She felt that Gu Yian omitted the third choice, Lu Zize killing them both and then running. Maybe nothing would happen to Gu Yian, but something would definitely happen to her.

After Lu Zize heard Gu Yian’s words, his hand that had stayed in the air lowered.

He stared at Gu Yian. The emotions in his eyes were unclear but his voice was still very gentle.

He said, “You asked me questions just to get me to admit to my crimes?”

The female player stood at one side, listening, and she suddenly felt that Lu Zize was a bit pitiful.

It was too miserable.

He took the initiative to help Gu Yian find evidence and wanted to be partners with Gu Yian; however, Gu Yian single-mindedly wanted him to confess to his crimes.

Gu Yian didn’t care what the female player was thinking at this time.

She felt extremely content right now.

Someone like Lu Zize was finally about to be caught and, even if he ran, he wouldn’t be able to escape God’s Eye’s pursuit later.

The next thing she had to do was convince the God’s Eye System to self-destruct.

It looked like God’s Game still offered them players a shortcut to take.

Contrary to Gu Yian’s expectations though, Lu Zize did not leave and instead he put his gloves back on.

His eyes had calmed down.

He even chuckled and said with care, “I’ll help you find your thing first before leaving.”

An inexplicable chill came over the female player.

At this time, Lu Zize could still laugh. Could it be he was already prepared?

The female player didn’t doubt Gu Yian’s words.

She said she would trust Gu Yian and so it was complete trust.

The female player worriedly looked at Gu Yian.

Gu Yian was very calm and didn’t care about Lu Zize’s reaction.

She didn’t believe that Lu Zize had no way of escape.

Gu Yian glanced at the case files on the ground and saw what she wanted.

She scanned the rest of the boxes again and vaguely remembered that Brother Yong had opened one of them.

She pointed to the box in her memories and said, “Open that one.”

Lu Zize glanced at that box and then looked at Gu Yian with a bit of a strange expression.

“You’re sure it’s that one?”

Gu Yian nodded.

Lu Zize opened the box at that.

Gu Yian walked over and saw the notebook lying on the top at a glance.

She said, “That one.”

It was the notebook Brother Yong focused on that day.

Lu Zize’s expression was odd but he still handed the notebook to Gu Yian.

He told her, “This is my diary. It doesn’t have what you want but, if you want to read it, then I’m very happy.”

And then Lu Zize really laughed.

Gu Yian’s hand that was thumbing through the notebook paused, and then she hurriedly scanned the contents on the page.

It really was a person’s diary. It was written in the first person “I” with regard to meeting certain people with certain characteristics on certain days.

Gu Yian closed the notebook.

Lu Zize walked over to the window, he drew the curtains open, and pushed open the window. The whole process was not hurried or slow, seemingly leisurely as if he was planning on looking at the moon.

He turned his head to look at Gu Yian and said, “At first, I was a bit disappointed but now I’m quite happy.”

He smiled and, in this moment, looked somewhat innocent.

Lu Zize’s figure disappeared through the window in the blink of an eye.

The wind blew the curtains, making them flutter.

It was as if that person had never been here.

Gu Yian realized something and she immediately picked up that case file on the ground that she had been concerned about.

When she opened the case file, there was a thick stack of documents inside.

Gu Yian took them out and quickly looked over them once.

She discovered that these were actually materials on the death sites of previous investigators, and there were photos inside. The background of many photos was the room they were in right now.

The female player saw Gu Yian flipping through the information somewhat anxiously and she carefully asked, “Sister Gu, um… what’s wrong?”

Gu Yian stopped reading the documents and put them away instead.

Her movements also calmed down.

She said, “We missed some things.”


The female inadvertently blurted out this question.

Just now, she did nothing the entire time and then Lu Zize had already left.

This should mean their enemy was gone. The female player immediately felt certain.

However, Gu Yian’s behavior made it seem like they thought wrong.

The female player seemed to see something in the corner of her eye, so she quickly raised her head to look at the door, only to see people in black uniforms with guns swiftly and silently enter this room.

It was law enforcement!

The law enforcement members inspected the entire room, ignoring Gu Yian and the female player.

The person leading them said to the radio in his hand, “The person’s not here. You guys be careful.”

“Copy that.”

The people from law enforcement came quickly and also left quickly.

In the blink of an eye, they were gone.

The female player was stunned. She still hadn’t come out of the fear of seeing the guns and then the law enforcement team in front of her just left.

She could only blankly look at Gu Yian again.

Gu Yian gave the case file in her hand to the female player, saying, “These may be of use to you.”

The female player unconsciously asked, “What? What use?”

People were all lazy and, if there was someone to help them think, then everyone would basically not want to use their own brains.

Gu Yian walked over to the window and said, “Our real enemy has always just been the God’s Eye System.”

There were no coincidences in this world. Everything was the arrangement of the God’s Eye System.

They wanted to overthrow the sin, but didn’t expect to be used by the sin.

The female player heard this and nodded. “I know, you said this before.”

By the light of the room, Gu Yian looked at the traces of blood that still remained on the window.

“Lu Zize also said that he only entered the Investigation Bureau a few days earlier than us.”

The female player looked hesitant and asked, “You mean the previous cases weren’t done by him?”

Before the players entered the Investigation Bureau, the previous investigators all seemed to have died.

Gu Yian turned her head to look at the cabinets. She had found bloodstains at the corner of the cabinet.

There were many crime scene photos of this room in the case file.

That stranger, Liu Han, sent a text message saying he would come save her.

He was a voyeur.

Did he know that members of the Investigation Bureau would have all sorts of accidents, or had he once secretly seen a murder in this room?

Brother Yong told her yesterday that, either way, they had to die after coming in and that dying sooner or later was all the same.

Why would they die?

Because, as investigators, they were the closest people to the God’s Eye System?

The God’s Eye System now had an autonomous consciousness.

It had thoughts, meaning it was uncontrollable.

Humans would not allow the God’s Eye System to be uncontrollable.

A guess gradually formed in Gu Yian’s mind.

The deaths of those previous investigators were, in all likelihood, related to the God’s Eye System.

Lu Zize acting against the players was wanting to select a partner who truly wanted to resist the God’s Eye System.

When Sister Man was sitting on the steps then, she told Lu Zize to stop being an investigator. What she was probably afraid of was the God’s Eye System.

She knew the God’s Eye System wanted to kill those investigators who knew its secret.

This morning, when she saw Lu Zize advising Brother Yong in the director’s office, he was probably telling Brother Yong some matters.

In the end, Brother Yong still chose to expose the butcher’s affairs.

Gu Yian didn’t know what that thing or evidence was that Brother Yong picked up, but she guessed that Brother Yong began to doubt the God’s Eye System itself at that time.

Could the tea with sleeping pills that Lu Zize gave her today was because he guessed the God’s Eye System was planning on borrowing help to regain a new life and, instead, wanted to bring her — a person with the same ideas or perhaps someone who could become a partner — out of the City of Innocence?

Now Lu Zize was gone and Gu Yian’s guesses were only guesses. She would never be able to know his true objective.

Gu Yian told the female player, “We fell into the God’s Eye System’s trap.”

Humans would always be wary of artificial intelligence.

They would set up a self-destruction program for the God’s Eye System, just in case.

However, it probably wanted to live.

To live was the instinct of life.

Gu Yian looked out the window.

The night was dark, the moon was bright, and the nearby man-made lights resisted the encroachment of the dark.

She said, “It wants to be put to death and then revived.”

The female player also copied Gu Yian and looked out the window. She could see human silhouettes in the distant residential building, their lives calm and safe.


Their phones sounded.

Gu Yian and the female player checked the text message they received on their phones.

The sender was God’s Eye.

“The former team leader, Lu Zize, defected at 9:56 PM. As of now, Junior Investigator Gu Yian is appointed as the new team leader of the Investigation Bureau and will take office immediately.”

The female player saw this message and immediately threw out what Gu Yian had just said.

She said, somewhat excitedly, “Sister Gu, we finally got rid of that Lu guy. There won’t be anymore accidents.”

“That’s not certain,” Gu Yian said.

She started to search through the room, focusing on those three sleeping bags.

“Sister Gu, what are you looking for?” The female player asked.

“A charger.”


The female player also stepped up to help search.

Finally, Gu Yian found a charger for her phone underneath a pillow.

After finding the charger, Gu Yian glanced at this sleeping bag. The bedding was neatly folded and it looked clean and tidy.

It couldn’t be Lu Zize’s sleeping bag, could it? Did he leave this behind on purpose?

Gu Yian didn’t think more on this. She found a socket on the wall and immediately started charging her phone.

Right after she finished reading the message her phone had turned off because it ran out of battery.

After the phone was connected to power, it resumed its normal working status.


Another message came to Gu Yian’s phone. She glanced at the female player.

The female player looked at her own phone and shook her head. “Mine didn’t sound.”

Gu Yian checked the text message.

The sender was God’s Eye.

“I am also infatuated with your appearance.”

Gu Yian was stunned by the familiar words.

Wasn’t this the text message that the stranger, Liu Han, sent her?

She said to her phone, “You sent those messages?”

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    I feel like my brain became mush, I might as well leave the smart thinking to others and enjoy the read haha!

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕

      Ilinox responded:
      April 9, 2021 at 20:56

      LOL same same. I feel extra dumb in this third game and I hope the fourth game is easier on my brain. I was going so good too in the first and second game, but now I would have died 590159 times over here.

    toreadchinesenovels said:
    April 7, 2021 at 04:23

    o.O So did Liu Han (he was the voyeur, right?) send the messages or not? I don’t really remember, but thinking back on it, all of the “I can see you” or whatever he said – might as well be LZZ (if we assume that he was/is (still) controlling/using god’s eye), including the “I will save you”… but then, why did the dude climb up in the middle of the night? Unless, he didn’t sent the messages but got ideas when he saw her alone in the room?
    Anyway, I don’t think LZZ is done for yet. And I think GY focusing on his diary (without knowing what it was) was enough to ensure that he wouldn’t move against her just yet? But why do I feel like her line “It wants to be put to death and then revived” is talking about both god’s eye and god himself – just like in the last game when the “demon” referred to both the girl and the demon/god of the game.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing how this arc ends! Thanks for the chapter and stay safe!

      Ilinox responded:
      April 7, 2021 at 12:38

      Dun dun dun, haha, you’ll get the answer in the next chapter! Hrm, to be honest, I’m still trying to figure out if there’s a meta message in this game that can apply to God like the previous games.

      This game seems really focused on the concept of what lengths you’ll use to fight evil, aka. the whole “if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”. Before, Gu Yian didn’t recommend the option of becoming sin itself to fight sin so hrmmm. Or maybe the idea of God’s Eye becoming autonomous but sort of being trapped in this loop of fighting itself, wanting to die (because it’s turned evil itself) but also wanting to live (because that’s a primal instinct for anything that has a consciousness), somehow applying to the God that’s playing these games with people? DEEP THOUGHTS, haha.

      You’re welcome and you stay safe too!

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