Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 29 ~

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Chapter 29 ~ Third Game Pt.11 ~


The next message from God’s Eye arrived.

“I only filtered out what I wished to say to you.”

That’s no different from what you sent.

Gu Yian realized that the stranger, Liu Han, had sent many messages but, on her side, she only received the ones after God’s Eye made its selection.

God’s Eye was an artificial life, how could it understand human aesthetics?

There was only one possibility. God had divided a part of their consciousness again and came down.

God always had such disgusting hobbies.

Gu Yian looked at the text message and then at the notebook in her hands.

What about Lu Zize then?

She had guessed that Lu Zize was God’s incarnation in this game.

Could it be that he wasn’t?

But according to God’s vileness, degree of boredom, and words, they seemed like they were also capable of playing two incarnations in the same world.

Forget it. Gu Yian exited the message screen and ignored the other text messages God’s Eye sent to her.

The female player looked at Gu Yian and asked, “Sister Gu, what did God’s Eye say to you?”

Gu Yian replied, without a change in expression, “Nothing.”

She thought for a moment, but still did not put down Lu Zize’s notebook.

She said, “We just need to wait now.”

“Wait?” The female player was at a loss.

“Yes, wait.”

Gu Yian added, “Wait for news on the internet.”

The female player was unconvinced. Compared to fighting ghosts in her previous game, this wait was too easy.

She saw that Gu Yian had found a place to sit down and also copied her, moving something over and sitting down beside Gu Yian.

Gu Yian opened her browser and searched for the Special Zone under God’s Eye.

Sure enough, the search results displayed in front of her changed this time.

The first few results were about the gross negligence of the God’s Eye System, about the God’s Eye System disclosing the truth of the accidental deaths, and about the God’s Eye System on the verge of starting its self-destruct program and shutting itself down.

The female player watched Gu Yian’s actions and asked curiously, “Sister Gu, what are you doing?”

“Following public opinion and waiting for the God’s Eye System to shut itself down,” Gu Yian answered.

When the female player heard this, she sighed with emotion, “Sister Gu, then we can relax. We’ll be able to clear the game soon.”

Gu Yian glanced at her. “I’m a little worried that you can’t.”


After the female player reacted to the meaning in Gu Yian’s words, she felt uncomfortable all over.

“Why? Before, I used to kill ghosts with everyone and we’d all clear the game.”

Gu Yian sighed, “Because God’s Eye will come back. We were led by the nose by the God’s Eye System the entire time and practically did nothing.”

In these two days, there were unceasing deaths beside Gu Yian and they, as players, had basically everything arranged for them by the God’s Eye System and Lu Zize.

Gu Yian reviewed her own performance for these two days and guessed that she would be judged to have cleared the game based on the God’s Eye System’s self-destruction.

But for the female player, although her luck was good and she escaped the attack in the car tonight, she still did too little and relied entirely on scraping through to the very end. Whether or not she could clear the game might purely depend on God’s mood.

If the watching God was pleased, then maybe they would let her clear the game.

If God had other plans, then she would just have to endure it.

Gu Yian read the news on the internet from time to time.

The official media of other regions were constantly following the latest news of the God’s Eye System.

Time passed in seconds and minutes. Her phone’s battery was full and so Gu Yian disconnected the charger.

“Sister Gu.”

The female player suddenly called Gu Yian.

Gu Yian looked at her.

The female player said, “The cameras stopped moving.”

Gu Yian checked her phone again.

The latest news just appeared on her screen.

The God’s Eye System self-destructed at midnight and shut itself down.

In this second, Gu Yian’s body began to gradually become transparent.

She immediately instructed the female player whose body had no change, “Take that case file and find evidence to expose God’s Eye. I remember Brother Yong hid a piece of evidence, you have to find that! The God’s Eye System will turn on again and you must tell the public the truth about the deaths of the previous investigators. Everything was planned by God’s Eye.”

Right after her words fell Gu Yian’s figure, along with the phone in her hand, disappeared, leaving only the female player behind in the entire room.

The female player stared at the empty room in a daze, holding the case file and feeling at a loss. Her reliable companion… had left.

At this same time, inside a hospital in the Special Zone under God’s Eye, several doctors were trying to save a patient.

They suddenly stopped what they were doing with their hands and walked out one by one with blank expressions, leaving in the emergency room only the patient whose figure gradually turned transparent.

This patient was the male player who was poisoned by eating shrimps and vitamin C simultaneously.

When the male player opened his eyes again, he found that he had already returned to the pure white space.

“I’m back just like this? It’s rare to meet teammates who don’t scheme and I’m afraid I won’t be able to encounter a game with such a friendly atmosphere in the future.”

He looked at the black letters in the air.




The male player was a little stunned and he was completely confused.

Did he do something wrong? He actually made God upset?

Was it possible that God didn’t advocate his act of self-harm by swallowing poison?

But he himself didn’t want to swallow poison! If he hadn’t swallowed the poison he brought along, then that Lu Zize would prepare another death for him.

The poison he prepared for himself still gave him a chance to survive. If he really let Lu Zize act to poison him, then he would be dead.

So, he took advantage of the time before Lu Zize made a move on him to first make a move on himself and, along the way, throw the blame on Lu Zize.

Lu Zize wasn’t innocent; the man wanted to kill him. The male player did this without any psychological burden.

He also borrowed the opportunity of when he was being rescued to avoid Lu Zize’s other tricks.

Over the entire course, he basically killed eight hundred enemies but lost a thousand troops himself. This was a huge loss.

Maybe his methods were too poor in taste and made God unhappy?

The male player secretly guessed.

What was different from what this player was accustomed to was the new male player who had been arrested by law enforcement.

The new player was originally sitting in a holding cell, blankly wondering when exactly he had been hypnotized. Was it last night when he was piecing together the body with them?

He suddenly discovered that his own world abruptly changed and became the pure white space he encountered before he entered the game.

The new male player was greatly startled and only after looking all around did he notice the black letters floating in front of him.




The new male player stared at the black letters and then his mind flashed, recalling what he had said on the first day he entered the game world. He said he must have offended God and that was why he was an investigator.

No way, was this God that petty?

The black letters in front of him disappeared like sand and then a number appeared in the air.


The new male player immediately had a bad feeling when he saw this number.

The facts proved his feelings right.

The space in front of the male player’s eyes tore right away and a new world emerged in front of him.

He entered a new game.


The female player who was still in the game did not know that the two other male players had already left the game.

In her impression, they were already equal to being dead.

The female player was too scared to stay in the office building alone and didn’t dare to sleep, so she could only copy Gu Yian’s previous actions and charge her phone while reading the news.

In the end, she saw a large number of people request the restart of the God’s Eye System.

The female player understood now that everything Gu Yian said was the truth.

She browsed the detailed content of the news, which wrote that because the God’s Eye System shut itself down people’s lives were greatly damaged: traffic was congested, car accidents were frequent, there were online payment failures, etc.

The people believed that, even if an autonomous God’s Eye System was born again, it would be limited to the rules given by humans and, as before, it wouldn’t harm humans. Just like this time, they believed the God’s Eye System would announce the matter of it having a conscious and then choose to shut itself down, destroying itself.

For a peaceful, convenient, efficient, and secure life in the City of Innocence, the people believed they needed to restart the God’s Eye System.

The female player did not know whether there were any major forces that had obtained privileges through the God’s Eye System pushing this matter forward behind the scenes.

But, just as Gu Yian said, the God’s Eye System was put to death and revived.

It no longer needed to conceal itself and, instead, could brazenly show that it had independent thought.

The female player stayed in the second floor room.

The sky gradually brightened and she scanned the room with an unkempt appearance. She saw the working cameras.

The God’s Eye System was back.

Her hands and feet chilled. She had no teammates and nothing, how was she supposed to completely turn off the God’s Eye System?


It was the notification sound of a text message.

The female player almost dropped her phone out of surprise.

She read the message on her phone.

The sender was God’s Eye.

“Team leader, please go through the registration procedures for the new investigators immediately.”


She was stunned for a second at first and then she looked at the last message God’s Eye sent to her.

At some point in time, the name of the team leader in that notice about appointing a new team leader had actually changed to her name!

The female player hugged the case file Gu Yian gave her tightly.

She knew that, from this moment on, she had to carry the heavy responsibility of overthrowing God’s Eye.

Then, right now, what she had to do was meet the new investigators.

The female player hurriedly walked out of the main entrance of the office building, carrying the case file.

She glanced around and saw, at the place they had arrived at the start, twelve people with different expressions standing beside the flower bed.

At this time, those people were chatting there.

She saw the identities of these people at a glance. They were like her, players of God’s Game.

These newcomers would become her teammates.

This round was their game.

She didn’t clear the previous game but God gave her a chance and she continued into a new round of the game, as both a player and a guide for the new players.

The female player sucked in a deep breath and then shouted at them, “You, newcomers, come here.”

Some of the newcomers were frightened by the abrupt appearance of the female player and they looked at her warily.

The female player was about to say something, but she suddenly heard movement from the gate of the Investigation Bureau.

When she looked over, she saw the extremely familiar car of the funeral home pass through the gate.

The funeral home car could directly enter the Investigation Bureau?

The female player thought back for a while and this appeared to be the case. The funeral home people didn’t seem to need their escort every time.

Then she saw the funeral home car lose control at the flower bed and rush straight at those newcomers.

This was almost exactly the same as the scene performed the day before yesterday.

The female player immediately rushed to the car accident site.

It was only after the funeral home car struck three people that it barely stopped.

As soon as the car stopped, two funeral home employees got off right away.

They were very calm when they saw the dead people, took a look, and said they would pick up the corpses when they went back.

They found the female player in uniform, who was holding a case file in her hands and excluded by the newcomers, and said, “Look, it’s another accident. I clearly stepped on the brakes, but the car slid. The accident this time doesn’t need you to give us a call. Oh right, I came here specially to give you something. It’s something your investigator left behind. It looks very unique and I put it in this bag.”

The female player was also calm when she saw the bodies of the newcomers. She had seen too much in these days and really couldn’t be scared anymore.

The funeral home employee’s bag was black and opaque.

The female player took it and opened it, glancing inside. They were all strange little props.

These were left behind after they died as players. There were too many accidents yesterday and the players also weren’t in the mood to collect the props from their dead companions.

The female player also wasn’t in the state of mind to grab the props.

There were no ghosts in this round and everyone was dead when they were killed. She didn’t even know if a life-saving prop would be of use.

The female player thanked them and then turned to the newcomers to say, “Stop looking and follow me. I’m a veteran player from the last round.”

“What? You’re also a player?” A newcomer expressed their disbelief.

They didn’t trust the female player.

In their eyes, the scene that had just happened was clearly a car crash, none of it was an accident, but the female player and the people who hit them with their car agreed and muscled the car crash into being an accident.

The female player saw this and she realized these people resembled herself several days ago.

She tossed her bag to that newcomer. “Look, these are the props my teammates left behind in the last round.”

The newcomer was surprised by the female player and didn’t catch the bag.

The items in the bag scattered all over the ground.

In a second, everyone saw an assortment of exquisite and delicate small items, looking as if they really were props.

One newcomer saw a certain prop at a glance and, seizing the chance when everyone was looking at the props on the ground, he picked it up.

But the moment he picked it up the newcomer lost all the light in his eyes right away and fell onto the ground while the prop in his hand disappeared.

The others stared at this scene in shock.

But among the newcomers there was someone who understood and he must have been a veteran player. He stepped out to explain the situation.

“He took a prop he shouldn’t have taken and died in place of the prop’s owner. According to this female senior, the owner of the prop must have been a player in the same round as her. That person should have cleared the game at this moment.”

The female player glanced at the already dead newcomer on the ground and then said to the others, “Everyone believes I’m a player now, right?”

The others looked embarrassed.

The female player learned a bit of Gu Yian’s calmness and said, “In this game, us players in the last round have already tried a path for everyone. What we have to do is very clear. Kill it.”

Gu Yian had said long ago that their goal was to overthrow God’s Eye but, regrettably, they misunderstood God’s hint and were blinded by the frequent deaths.

The female player pointed at a camera hidden beside the flower bed, not caring whether or not the newcomers understood.

She emphasized, “It will give us other tasks, for example investigating various accidents and homicides. However, everyone must remember that it is our ultimate goal.”

In this world, sin was everywhere.

Regardless of whether it was a certain butcher who gained ground on internet media, Sister Man who had a warrant issued on her but hadn’t been captured yet, or Lu Zize who had used words to plant suggestions that achieved his crimes and now defected.

But, as long as the sins were incessant, this game would never end.

So long as there were people there would be endless possibilities.

They would eventually rebuild a new order on top of these sins.

The early morning sun leaned on the pedestrians coming and going in this city, warm and gentle, carrying the vigor of the morning.

A light and graceful lady raised her head slightly, looking at the camera fixed on a street tree.

“Little Ze, as you expected, we were soundly defeated.”

The God’s Eye System was turned off for a few hours and then turned on again.

“You said you would bring a new companion out of here alone, but why can I not find traces of your departure?”

The camera continued to turn without giving the lady the answer she wanted.

It was no longer controlled behind the scenes by the person she hoped for.

The lady still left in the end.

An hour later, a law enforcement car arrived late.

“Captain, Qian Xiaoman has already left!”

“Dammit! We let them escape again. The Anti-God’s Eye organization outside the Special Zone is going to get another general.”

“Captain, what do we do? It’s not our problem, it’s because that Lu guy tampered with the God’s Eye System! He also ran.”

“He’s the leader of that organization, what else can we do? If the sky falls, there’ll be someone taller to hold it up. We’re still not qualified enough to join this fight.”

The law enforcement team’s car set off again.

The sun rose above people’s head, hanging high in the sky, as if it could push back all darkness.


Gu Yian’s mood when she returned to the pure white space was not so wonderful.

Although she cleared the game, it was actually just getting a sham ending.

The God’s Eye System shut down but it would restart again and it could appear openly in front of everyone.

It integrated itself into all aspects of people’s lives and made them unable to leave it.

There was also those major forces in the back that obtained benefits through the God’s Eye System, and they wouldn’t allow the God’s Eye System to shut down even more. They would ensure the restart of the God’s Eye System and stabilize their own power.

Those previous investigators who died were just sacrifices for the God’s Eye System to protect itself.

In this game, the players were nothing more than pawns that could be replaced at any time.

Gu Yian hoped the female player could find enough evidence to prove to the public the harm of the God’s Eye System.

The time she stayed there was far too short and she didn’t find enough clues, to say nothing of the existence of Lu Zize and the matter of frequent deaths clouding everyone’s sight.

However, the struggle between humans and God’s Eye would not end easily.

The God’s Eye System was reborn and it was inevitable it would want to have further plans.

In order to evolve, life would always do whatever it took.

By the time it couldn’t control its own desire to evolve and would adopt all sorts of methods, it would expose itself and become the enemy of the entire world.

Perhaps that would be a whole new game.

Naturally, the people of that world probably wouldn’t wait until that time to sense the motive of God’s Eye and resist it.

This game that exhausted people was finally concluded.

Gu Yian looked at the black letters in the air.


After a while, the black letters changed.


Gu Yian waited some more.


Who was us?

Her and the black letters?

Upon seeing this phrase, Gu Yian’s original bad mood had a bit of helplessness where she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Fortunately, after a while, the black letters changed again to several new lines.


When Gu Yian saw this, she hesitated for a second. Did she reject God?

Was it because she didn’t reply to the God’s Eye System’s messages, or because she didn’t agree to Lu Zize’s partner invitation?

Forget it. She continued reading downwards.




Gu Yian had adapted to God’s tricks.

However, when she saw the phrase in the air that God wanted her to read, she was still speechless.

In this pure white space, the only line of black letters suspended in the air was especially conspicuous.


You must be dreaming.

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    Yuhua said:
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      He has to squeeze out every single benefit he possibly can HAHA.

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    I feel like the mystery in this game was actually simple?? The twists with Lu Zize and the God’s Eye System etc. I felt like the true goal of the game was easy to figure out, but it was presented in a rather convoluted way??

    Something that also made my mind churn was the other female player; this particular game restarts with her again from the beginning so wouldn’t that mean that she’s facing an even harder game because the God’s Eye System evolved after self-destructing? And also she has to deal with the Anti-God’s Eye rogue group so, even though we probably won’t hear from her, I wonder how she can make it through?

    Also I wonder what props got left behind? And God… Are you serious about her saying I love you after pulling this shit 😭 i swear this man is all ego and no heart

    And again thank you so much for translating and sharing this story with us! 😆

      Ilinox responded:
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      Haha, you certainly kept your eye on the goal then. I was super distracted with all the accidental deaths and the random stuff going on, like Brother Yong being all sneaky sneaky.

      I totally agree that the game seems to be on a harder setting now, but I also think the Anti God’s Eye group is the group to join and help because their ultimate goal is to get rid of the sinful God’s Eye. So, in that sense, the game is also easier at the same time because now you know exactly what to do and who to trust? When, before, you wouldn’t have known which group was the proper group, etc.

      “All ego and no heart” HAHA that’s a good one.

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    On one hand, Gu Yian passed another game and gets to live, which is yay. On the other, it costed so many real lives (rip, Tang Jiu and other unnamed players) and now she’s gotten some scorn from God for whatever petty reason they have. Her capabilities and demeanor can only take her so far so she was mentally taxed to carry the other players. If God was really merciful, I feel like they should’ve just given her a handicap (other than her beauty), lol. It was also a more difficult game than previous ones and she was unlucky to be lumped in with those players. God, why you do dis?

    Oh right, this leaves me to question more about God’s game. So regarding that female player that is still continuing the game, she was considered barely passing? She didn’t technically clear the game, so… would the NPCs reset? Would this be a ‘sequel’ to the first round? Are you not allowed to touch props that aren’t yours?

    Aaanyway, the end of the chapter makes me want to scream into the void. Like, won’t the most reasonable thing Gu Yian can do is obey? Like, she doesn’t even have to put any sincerity to it when she says it– straight face and dead tone– which I feel God would expect. Do they want to hear empty words that bad? Still holding on to her answer from the last game? U mad, bro?
    Also, I don’t think she was outright expressing rejection to God’s Eye/Lu Zize? More like, just ignoring them and focusing at the more important task at hand AKA surviving the game? Like, bruh, you drove her into a corner what makes you think she got the time to respond to your advances, lol.

      Ilinox responded:
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      Sometimes I wonder if God is purposefully trying to drive her into a corner where she has no choice but to rely on him entirely. In this case, he tried to kill everyone around her and then invite her onto his team (debatable since it’s implied that there’s two pieces of God here and they’re on opposite sides) but she rejected them both so, oof, his plan really backfired.

      For the female player still in the game, I think this just counts as being given another chance. She didn’t pass or fail and has to attempt to do things again but, like other people have said, the game is now upped in difficulty because God’s Eye can openly reveal its intelligence and guard itself better. For the props, I think it was just that one specific prop because the second game showed that you can swipe other people’s props.

      Haha, tbh, I think what attracts God the most to Gu Yian is how she doesn’t try to pretend to be more than what she is and she knows her limits. I guess they do lie whenever they praise God in the game LOL but, on things that matter, Gu Yian has never abandoned her principles. But, yeah, it really makes you wonder what he would feel if he heard these empty words LOL or is it amusing to see her struggle out of them because she doesn’t want to blatantly lie and he’s impressed that she doesn’t do that?

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    Thanks for the chapter! 💕

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      He’s getting desperate HAHA. Thanks for commenting <3!

    toreadchinesenovels said:
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    Hmm, I agree with GY – the ending was unsatisfactory, but… at the same time it wasn’t? I feel like GY getting out of the game was a fairly natural conclusion and all of the events kind of lead up to this, but not seeing the final destruction of God’s Eye was unsatisfying? I wonder if it was the original intention of the author to end it like this, or whether they got bored of writing this arc and wanted to move on?

    Also, are we getting hints of a bigger plot? (Or maybe not?) Why was that woman talking to the camera? (Unless I missed something?)

    Final thoughts: I want to know what the new prop GY got is, and god is as manipulative as ever. Very unreasonable for him to expect GY to go along with him (either by replying to the messages or leaving with LZ) when she was still trying to figure out what was going on.

    Thanks for the chapter and stay safe!

      Ilinox responded:
      April 11, 2021 at 16:55

      I love everyone’s comments here because it’s making me think deeper about this game and I wonder if the game ended for GYA here because it would be detrimental to GYA and God’s relationship if she continued on. If, like GYA guessed, God was both the God’s Eye System and Lu Zize then she would have already rejected LZZ and be moving on to actually kill one incarnation of God… In the previous games, God has played a side role, such as Little Ze helping them while the Demon was a red herring.

      Kind of makes you wonder if the true route would be accepting LZZ’s invitation because he’s implied to be the leader of the Anti-God’s Eye organization outside the zone.

      The woman was Sister Man and she was talking to the camera because LZZ was able to control one part of God’s Eye, so I guess she was hoping for some sort of answer (nodding camera? LOL). But now even she can’t find where he is. (Now I low-key wonder about their relationship but I guess LZZ already answered that. Sister Man turning out to be this badass general of the Anti-God’s Eye was a surprise though, haha).

      I agree so much that I think God pushed her way too hard here and really showed how he has no morals whatsoever which actually goes directly against GYA and it’s almost like a growing pain in their relationship? If he really wants the girl, he has to realize he can’t just murder everyone around her out of boredom (Uh, ignoring how God’s Game is set up like that LOL I was actually wondering if God’s Eye system being this contradictory existence of being set up to catch crime but becoming sin itself is an analogy for our current God who doesn’t want to do God’s Game or is supposed to give people second chances but, along the way, became twisted themself?).

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