Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 30 ~

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Chapter 30 ~ Fourth Game Pt.1 ~

Gu Yian didn’t say anything, but that line of black letters stubbornly floated in the air.

She hesitated for a moment. Last time the God heard she liked Little Ze, it let her off.

How about she still answered that she liked Little Ze this time?

As a matter of fact, in this game, Gu Yian discovered that Lu Zize’s name contained the word “Ze” and he was also a main character in the game. She felt that it was extremely likely he was an incarnation of God.

But Lu Zize himself didn’t say he was God.

The God’s Eye System seemed like it was that disgusting God’s incarnation.

Now that she had gotten away from the game, she had no way of knowing the real truth.

Gu Yian said, “I like Little Ze.”

The black letters seemed to tremble slightly and then became another sentence in the blink of an eye.


To her surprise, God actually asked further.

Gu Yian thought about it and then answered, “Little Ze was kind.”

Little Ze was kind rather than always being kind.

Compared to the God with a disgusting personality and thoughts which couldn’t be figured out at all, Little Ze would help up a grandma who fell. He had been kind.

Gu Yian couldn’t be completely kind, but she liked kind people.

The black letters in the air disappeared.

A notebook, familiar to Gu Yian, drifted down into her hands.

If she remembered correctly, this appeared to be Lu Zize’s diary.

Just as she thought this, several lines of black letters emerged in midair to introduce the diary.


Why did this description sound like a Death Note; write a name in it to kill a person?

Gu Yian recalled the contents of the notebook she had scanned before. Inside, Lu Zize recorded the personalities and preferences of the people he encountered.

She reacted only after this fact. The purpose of Lu Zize writing a diary was actually to write down the characteristics of the target and to carry out premeditated murder or create fake accidents based on those characteristics.

The notebook had already landed in Gu Yian’s hands and so she opened it on the way and glanced at its contents.

With this glance, she discovered that the contents she had seen in the game were gone and there were only horizontal lines after horizontal lines on the page, without writing.

Gu Yian was confused for a moment, but then she suddenly saw a row of elegant and flourishing black letters written in a water-based ink appear on the second horizontal line of the notebook page.

“I never wrote your name.”

Gu Yian: “……”

Was the pure white space haunted by ghosts too now?

Gu Yian fell silent and closed the notebook without any hesitation.

Then, she freed one of her hands and tried to take out her sage card from her pocket to calm herself down. However, she unexpectedly touched another object.

Its entire body was round, with an uneven exterior, and had a rough texture.

Gu Yian had a guess in her mind and she took the object out, holding it in front of her eyes.

Sure enough, it was a candy Tang Jiu gave her.

For a candy to be brought back, did that mean this candy was special somewhere?

Gu Yian raised her eyes and saw that the item introduction in midair had changed its contents.


She looked at the words, thought a moment, and then knew how to use this candy.

One could eat this sweet and then see the person they wanted to see in their dream.

Gu Yian put the candy back in her pocket and then tried to take out her sage card again.

When she grabbed the candy earlier, she had thought it was strange that her sage card seemed to have shrunk and felt strange.

But her attention just now had been on the candy and she didn’t think more on the card.

Gu Yian took it out this time to take a look.

How was this her sage card? This was clearly Lu Zize’s bank card!

She searched her other pocket.

There was still nothing.

Her card had disappeared into thin air.

Calm down.

Gu Yian thought back to how long it had been since she touched her card.

She remembered that it seemed like she hadn’t touched it after Tang Jiu died.

When did Tang Jiu take her card?

After Tang Jiu’s death then, Gu Yian didn’t search the props on her body.

She guessed that if Tang Jiu was alive then the sage card would be on her body, and if Tang Jiu wasn’t alive then that card might have fallen elsewhere, or perhaps a player would pick that card up one day.

Right now, Gu Yian felt a little dumbfounded.

Tang Jiu, this hooligan, gave her advice out of kindness and then swiped a reward from her body.

Forget it. She hoped Tang Jiu was still alive, since then there would be a day they could meet.

Gu Yian didn’t care too much about the sage card matter. If it was lost, then it was lost. If she thought about it too much then, conversely, she would make herself unhappy.

Moreover, her own abilities would deteriorate if she blindly relied on external powers.

If one day that external power were to suddenly disappear, then it was possible she could only wait to die.

Gu Yian had a positive attitude and, at this time, swept her eyes through the air only to see that the black letters had changed contents again in the air.

The black words were an introduction to the card in her hand.


Gu Yian placed the card back in her pocket.

At that moment, the black letters in front of her disappeared like smoke and, simultaneously, the pure white space in front of her eyes suddenly tore open from the middle.

Gu Yian returned back to her own world.

And this time she didn’t lose her memories of the game worlds because God did not allow her to enjoy ten days of tranquility.


Before Gu Yian entered the game world this time, she stayed in the place she rented.

She rented a simple space, with one bedroom and one washroom, and apart from her sleeping area there was also a chair and table.

Gu Yian stood on the empty ground of her room before walking to the table, pulling out the chair to sit, and placing the notebook in her hand on the table.

She looked at the notebook and asked, “Lu Zize?”

The notebook seemed to react a little and then it slowly opened itself.

On the second horizontal line of the blank inner page, a line of words emerged without a sound.

“Yian guessed it was me. I’m so happy.”

It even came with a small smiling emoji at the end of the words.

As she expected, it was Lu Zize.

Gu Yian’s impression of Lu Zize remained on how he was a real godly nutcase.

She couldn’t guess anything and she couldn’t figure him out.

Lu Zize, this person, never said a true word.

All his words and actions had another purpose.

Ninety-nine of his one hundred phrases were lies, and that one phrase was a trick to get you to believe his lies.

Gu Yian looked at him as if she were faced with a formidable foe.

“Why are you in the notebook?” She asked.

A new line of words appeared on the paper.

“Because I’m dead.”

Gu Yian stared at these words and didn’t believe him at all.

Lu Zize was able to escape the pursuit of law enforcement, how could he easily die?

In addition, there were no ghosts in the previous world.

So, what was going on with this notebook that contained Lu Zize’s spirit?

Perhaps only God knew.

Gu Yian didn’t pay any more attention to the notebook and Lu Zize in the notebook.

Since he deliberately followed her into this world, then it probably wasn’t to kill her.

He already had many chances to kill her in the game world, so there was no need to wait until this world to kill her.

Gu Yian gave this a second thought.

What if he really did just want to run to this world to kill her? For Lu Zize, this sort of person she couldn’t figure out, it could very well be possible.

These completely contradictory possibilities made Gu Yian want to care about the notebook even less.

She took out all the items in her clothes and set them on the table.

Her clothes had already changed from the investigator uniform into her own clothes, and the small coffin also turned into an accessory on her phone.

Two days had passed in the game world and Gu Yian planned on washing herself well and changing into new clothes.

Gu Yian’s figure disappeared through the door of the bathroom before the sound of pattering water came from inside.

The lid of the small coffin on the phone suddenly opened by itself, revealing a little girl doll who wasn’t any more than two centimeters tall lying inside.

This doll was especially small but also especially exquisite, regardless of whether it was the little girl’s delicate facial features or her beautiful dress. Even her hair was made of extremely fine black strands.

The little girl’s body nimbly flipped out of the small coffin and she came to the notebook. She said with extreme reverence, “God.”

The black letters that had just appeared to Gu Yian on the page of the notebook disappeared.

It stood up and lines of black words flashed across its inner page.

The little girl looked up at the words in the notebook.

After a while, the little girl said again with respect, “Understood. I await God—”

The sound of falling water covered her voice.

The little girl quickly changed her words, “I await Master Lu’s instructions.”

The notebook was extremely reserved. It didn’t care about the little girl anymore and lay down on its own, returning to its original appearance.

The little girl excused herself and flipped back into her small coffin, closing the lid of the coffin herself again, and turning back to a small coffin accessory.

After Gu Yian finished her bath, she glanced at the tabletop when she passed by the desk.

Everything was still the same.

The notebook was open.

Her miscellaneous items and props were also the same.

Not bad, Lu Zize didn’t do anything.

So long as he didn’t do anything, then her life would be very calm.

Gu Yian suddenly realized that she was pretty worried about Lu Zize’s existence.

Even if Lu Zize’s current condition was a notebook, she was still worried he would cause trouble.

Gu Yian found her hair dryer and, sitting in front of the desk, she dried her hair while facing the makeup mirror on the desk.

The sound of her hair dryer wasn’t loud, but its power was enough and the water droplets rose into mist. The fragrance of shampoo drifted in the air.

Gu Yian inadvertently glanced at the notebook on the table.

At this moment, the words on the page changed again.

“Smells quite nice.”


Gu Yian unconsciously raised an eyebrow.

The notebook seemed to see her expression.

It gave an explanation.

“You smell quite nice.”

Gu Yian felt that her face was a little hot from being blown on by the hair dryer.

Not only this, but her mind was also a bit hot.

Gu Yian turned off the hair dryer and set it to one side.

Her quick movements were completely different from her usual calmness.

A new line of words emerged on the notebook page.

“You seem to be a little unhappy now? Why?”

Gu Yian mercilessly shut the notebook altogether and then she grabbed several thick textbooks and pressed them on top of the notebook.

From now on, she didn’t want to see this notebook say a single word!

Why else?!

Naturally, it’s because your words are too ambiguous.

It was only after she forcibly suppressed the notebook that was Lu Zize that Gu Yian was in the mood to deal with her own affairs.

She checked today’s class schedule and it was the schedule in her memory. She only had classes in the afternoon.

She opened her phone again.

There was a missed call and an unread text message on her phone. Both came from her brother in this life, Gu Tianjing.

Gu Yian’s bond with her relatives was frail in this life. Her mother gave birth to her because she wanted Gu Tianjing to learn how to take care of and tolerate things but how could Gu Tianjing, this peace-disturbing devil, be willing to learn these?

He was six years older than Gu Yian and, when they were small, he threw a temper tantrum every day and said he would shove Gu Yian back into their mother’s stomach. He didn’t like this doll at all.

Almost all of the elders in the Gu Family favored sons over daughters, therefore they revolved around Gu Tianjing. Gu Yian was obedient, quiet, and didn’t make trouble, and so they didn’t pay any attention to Gu Yian.

When Gu Yian graduated from the third year of high school, the accident that killed all her classmates happened. Gu Yian’s mother looked at her even more as if she was abnormal and didn’t want to see this daughter who was thoroughly covered in evil air at all. She felt that Gu Yian was too smart since she was a child, saw things too clearly, and was definitely possessed by a ghost when she was small.

This thought of Gu Yian’s mother influenced the majority of people in the Gu Family. They believed that, if even the mother felt her own child had a problem, then this child must have a problem.

But her older brother, Gu Tianjing, was not included in these people.

At first, when Gu Tianjing heard that everyone in Gu Yian’s class had died, he ran over to her hospital bed with extreme curiosity to ask about the course of events. In passing, he also mocked Gu Yian for unexpectedly staying up late to watch a drama when she was normally very self-disciplined.

As a matter of fact, he himself was not much better. He was twenty-four years old, but still a big boy at heart and he was very interested in these things.

Ordinarily, Gu Yian would calmly get through this matter but, on that day, she collapsed because the true friends she met in this life were all gone.

Gu Yian didn’t say anything that day. She just cried silently for a long, long time.

Gu Tianjing had been greatly frightened by her reaction.

Gu Yian seldomly cried. No matter how he bullied her before, she would calmly block it all without doing much.

But this time she actually cried.

Gu Tianjing had looked at her, incredibly irritated. “It’s just friends that died. You can still make new friends.”

Gu Yian had shaken her head, “I have nothing left now.”

At that time, she really felt like she had nothing in the world. Her family disliked her and her friends all left her on the same day.

Gu Tianjing had been stunned when he heard that. “Don’t you have me? Dad, mom, grandpa, grandma…”

Gu Yian had shaken her head, “None of them want to see me.”

Her family only valued Gu Tianjing and, after discovering that Gu Yian had somewhat of a wicked air, they had even more misgivings towards her.

This point Gu Tianjing, who had brought about this sort of situation, knew it in his heart.

Gu Yian’s silent crying made Gu Tianjing angry as he watched.

He yelled, “I do! Why are you crying?! I’m your big brother. With me around, what do you care what they do!”

From that day on, Gu Tianjing was really an older brother who would take care of his little sister.

Gu Yian was still studying and her father and mother didn’t care about her, so Gu Tianjing himself would pay her living expenses every month at a set time. Even if Gu Yian worked to earn money for herself and had a scholarship that was enough for her life and refused him on that pretext, Gu Tianjing’s monthly payments still wouldn’t stop.

Gu Yian looked at the text message in her phone sent by Gu Tianjing.

The content of the message was that he already remitted Gu Yian’s living expenses for this month. In addition, he heard about what happened to Gu Yian in school and he happened to be coming soon to the city where Gu Yian’s school was located to talk about a project with some people. He wanted to make some time to visit her at school.

Gu Yian didn’t need to guess much about the matter that could be heard by Gu Tianjing. It must be the previous incident of the deaths of her roommate and the roommates next door who played Spirit Pen. ¹

It had almost been two months since that incident and many versions were circulated on the internet.

Gu Yian didn’t expect that Gu Tianjing, who was currently very busy, would still learn about her matter.

She didn’t hesitate much and edited a text message to send back.

As a result, she had just sent the message and then Gu Tianjing’s call came on the phone.

As soon as Gu Yian accepted, Gu Tianjing fired off a series of questions.

“Are you living on campus or off campus right now?”

“Have you encountered strange things lately?”

“Has your school management questioned you about this matter?”

“Do you want to take time off school and come home?”

Gu Yian was stunned by Gu Tianjing’s continuous questions.

Quickly, she realized what Gu Tianjing meant in his words. “Did something else happen at our school? Is it similar to what happened with my roommates?”

Gu Tianjing would habitually mock Gu Yian with a sentence. He said, “Gu Yian, how come you’re less informed than me?”

Gu Yian didn’t say anything.

Right now, she was being warded against in the school as if she was a plague god, so how could she be informed?

Others wanted to avoid her, so it wouldn’t be good if she got close to them.

Gu Tianjing paused and then his voice came from the phone again. “I found your school management and asked them. There were some people who went to your previous dorm room to play Spirit Pen and they also died. This happened two days ago. Looks like your school management has done a pretty good job of confidentiality.”

“Those roommates of yours may have become evil ghosts. From my point of view, they must be thinking of you. You might have an accident one day.”

This was the concern of a family member.

Gu Yian listened and she looked at the prop on her own phone. “I haven’t encountered any particularly strange things around me.”

The strangest thing she encountered was entering God’s Game, but she didn’t meet her roommates’ ghosts.

“Not at all?” Gu Tianjing asked doubtfully.

“None.” Gu Yian confirmed that she didn’t encounter any other strange things.

In the past two times where she spent days not remembering God’s Game, every day was calm and tranquil and everything was quiet.

On the other end of the phone, when Gu Tianjing heard this, he might have felt that he overthought things and his behavior just now made him lose face in front of Gu Yian, so he glossed over things. “Anyway, just be more careful. I should be able to go to you at the end of the month. You’ll have time, right?”


University courses generally weren’t a full day of classes, so Gu Yian could say she had time every day.

“Good then. I’ll let you know the details at that time.”

Gu Tianjing hung up.

After the call with Gu Tianjing was over, Gu Yian went out to have lunch nearby and then came back to take a nap.

However, before her afternoon nap, she unwrapped the candy that Tang Jiu gave her.

The candy itself was white and looked round.

If Tang Jiu was alive, then she should be able to see Tang Jiu, right?

Gu Yian thought about how she wanted to see Tang Jiu again and ate the candy.

Soon, she fell asleep.

She was dreaming.

In her dream, she was walking on a road and there were blurry people in her surroundings.

Everyone walked their own way and didn’t bother each other.

She was a little uncertain. Why did she appear here?

Suddenly, there was a blurry person, indistinguishable from the people around her, who stopped in front of her and opened their hand towards her.

There was a candy there.

Candy wrapped surrounded the candy.

Gu Yian picked up that candy.

The instant she picked up the candy the many people around her disappeared and the person in front of her revealed their true appearance.

It was Tang Jiu.

Tang Jiu had always been friendly and she casually wrapped an arm around Gu Yian’s shoulders, not acting the slightest bit like a stranger.

She grinned, “I just knew you could get out.”

For Gu Yian to be able to use the candy to find Tang Jiu she must have reached the pure white space and gotten clues.

Gu Yian looked at her and asked, “And you?”

Tang Jiu gave a fake cough, not looking as energetic as before.

“Failed. Although a prop saved my life, I was dead in the game. God found me offensive to look at and threw me into the next game. Fortunately, I already cleared the new game.”

Gu Yian smiled faintly. “It’s good as long as you can clear the game.”

It was a really good thing to be able to live.

Tang Jiu stared at Gu Yian and some guilt suddenly appeared in her eyes.

Gu Yian found that amusing.

“You took my sage card?”

There was no blame in her tone.

Tang Jiu could hear this.

She waved her hand and a colorful card appeared there.

Tang Jiu spoke as if she was taking all the credit, “This is the card I exchanged for you.”

Gu Yian looked at Tang Jiu and took no precautions. She immediately accepted that card.

The style of this card was the complete opposite to the style of the sage card.

The sage card was pure black with gold lettering.

This card had a colorful small grid pattern as its bottom layer and, in the very middle, was a person with an especially strange smile, paint on their face, and dressed as if they were a clown.

There was a character introduction below.


Tang Jiu explained, “I have friends who’ve seen card props. I feel like the gambler really suits you.”

Gu Yian nodded her head. “I feel like it suits me more than the sage card too.”

Gamblers relied half on luck and half on skill.

Luck was sometimes also a part of skill.

She gambled a lot of times.

She didn’t know whether or not it was because of God, but luck had always been on her side.

She always won her gamble.

Gu Yian didn’t normally gamble and she wouldn’t participate in bets related to money, but the price in the games was her life and so she could only gamble to survive.

“Thank you.”

Gu Yian gave her thanks seriously.

In fact, she felt that Tang Jiu was a little too nice to her.

She already took Tang Jiu as a friend and so she directly said, “You’re treating me too much as a friend and I’m a bit at a loss.”

Tang Jiu also spoke bluntly, “It’s nothing. You’re the best looking one among my friends. People get along precisely because of their affinities for their looks and I’m accurate in recognizing people. You’re suitable for being a friend. Being friends with a looker really makes me feel comfortable and happy.”

Gu Yian felt helpless.

She treated Tang Jiu as a friend because of Tang Jiu as a person.

But Tang Jiu treated her as a friend because of her face.

Tang Jiu actually had a weakness for beautiful faces!

Gu Yian reminded her, “You can’t only look at their appearances when you’re making friends.”

There were many people who looked attractive but also tricked people.

For example, Lu Zize was one of them.

Tang Jiu said dismissively, “But you are pretty, and so you’re suitable for being a friend.”

After Tang Jiu finished speaking, she seemed to have remembered something and, under Gu Yian’s long stare, her expression became extremely strange.

She suddenly asked, “Do you know what I thought the first time I saw you?”

“What?” Gu Yian cooperatively asked.

Tang Jiu said, “Somehow, at the time, I thought you were pretty so everything you said was right.”

Gu Yian fell silent.

She had heard this sentence.

The item introduction of the sage card was this sentence.

She found the source of why Tang Jiu treated her nicely. It was the effect of the sage card.

Gu Yian said, “Have you ever thought that you might be affected by a card and so what’s why you treat me extraordinarily good?”

Tang Jiu shook her head. “Impossible. My behavior is in line with my personality. I wanted to be your friend because at the beginning of the game you reminded us to leave the place we started at. I won’t have to worry about being betrayed when I’m friends with you.”

If being friends with her was Tang Jiu’s original idea, then Gu Yian thought for a moment before asking, “Why did you want to take my sage card?”

Tang Jiu looked at Gu Yian and then said, “I get it now, I was nearly tricked by that card. I was wondering why I would suddenly take your card. Later, I made the best out of a bad situation and found someone to exchange it for the gambler card. I planned on giving it to you to apologize, so that you wouldn’t fuss about how I swiped your prop.”

Gu Yian smiled. “This sort of restless prop would, conversely, be a disaster if left in my hands. Thank you very much for your help.”

Tang Jiu gave Gu Yian a large hug and said, “It’s all good as long as you don’t blame me.”

Gu Yian saw that Tang Jiu was greatly distressed at being tricked by the card, and so she comforted Tang Jiu for a while.

Tang Jiu was very smart. In the last game, she discovered Lu Zize’s motive one step quicker than Gu Yian while, for Gu Yian, because she suspected Lu Zize was God, she didn’t think in detail about why Lu Zize would be nice to her.

The two of them chatted for a while again and talked about the topic of the game with God’s Eye.

They spoke until Gu Yian heard the sound of an alarm ring from the sky.

Tang Jiu also heard this noise and she quickly said, “Keep the candy you just got. We’ll meet again next time and, if there’s time, let’s enter the same game together! I’ve had enough of pig teammates!”

She had just finished speaking when her appearance instantly became blurred.

Darkness swallowed everything in front of Gu Yian’s eyes.

She woke up.

Gu Yian had just woken up and her consciousness was muddled, but she immediately felt that she had something in her hand.

It was a colorful gambler card and a wrapped candy that was the exact same as the one before.

Gu Yian couldn’t remember the scenes in her dream too clearly, but she remembered that Tang Jiu was still alive and that they promised to enter the same game together if they had time.

After her nap, Gu Yian packed her backpack.

When she took all the textbooks for her major courses, she saw the notebook that was squished at the very bottom.

She slipped it out and placed it inside her backpack.

Gu Yian felt that if she left Lu Zize the notebook here then it was very likely he would cause something else to happen, even if he was really just a notebook right now.

Maybe it was because of the news her big brother, Gu Tianjing, provided but, when Gu Yian returned to her classroom to attend class, she noticed that someone was secretly spying on her.

These peeking eyes were usually present since Gu Yian’s appearance was really too eye-catching.

But this time Gu Yian felt there were even more of these peeking eyes.

It was like they knew something terrible and were faintly suspicious of her.

Gu Yian didn’t like these kind of gazes and she also didn’t like her current situation of not knowing anything.

Therefore, after class, she walked to the back row of the classroom and looked at that girl in the middle of the row of seats.

“Excuse me, could you step out with me for a chat? May I ask why you were staring at me during class?”

This class was held in a lecture theatre and several majors were attending this class together. The total number of students was more than two hundred.

Gu Yian didn’t recognize this girl.

That girl, when Gu Yian was walking in her direction, kept staring at her with panic.

The moment she heard Gu Yian’s words, she became even more flustered.

“I wasn’t l-looking at you. I was looking at the teacher.”

Gu Yian listened to her and her tone wasn’t heavy, only very flat when she rebutted, “The teacher would always be on the right side?”

The podium was on the left side and the teacher usually stood at the podium.

Gu Yian’s seat was on the right side of the classroom.

This girl’s words were clearly a lie.

Gu Yian spoke to the person who was sitting in the same row as the girl, “Classmate, could you make room for me?”

The person sitting in the same row as the girl seemed to know about Gu Yian’s deeds and they were afraid of her. When they heard her request, they immediately moved out of their seat and went to another seat.

Gu Yian smoothly walked to the girl’s side.

When the girl saw Gu Yian come, her entire person was nearly sitting on the person at the other side of her.

The person beside the girl was also a female student, but next to her was a male classmate who was playing a game with a lowered head. He didn’t pay any attention to the activity in the real world and so she couldn’t move anywhere.

Gu Yian asked, “I’m just curious about the reason you’re staring at me. You must know some things. Are those things related to the deaths?”

At this point, the girl was about to cry and immediately spilled everything she knew.

“My friend summoned a spirit through Spirit Pen and then she died. Before she died, she told me that the spirit was a classmate who was killed by you.”

The spirit from Spirit Pen was killed by her?

Gu Yian’s focus was on the latter half of the girl’s sentence.

She had never killed anyone, and the classmate who died around her was only the roommate who previously played Spirit Pen.

Could it be that her dead roommate became a new spirit? And pushed the cause of their deaths onto her?

This sounded absurd and ridiculous.

Gu Yian’s brows furrowed slightly and she asked, “If I were a murderer, could I still sit here? I’d have been dragged away by a ghost long ago. Can you believe the words of a ghost?”

“I don’t know.”

The girl’s entire body trembled and she muttered to herself, “Are there really ghosts? There really are ghosts! What do I do?”

Gu Yian glanced at her. The girl had already been frightened to tears.

She comforted her with a sentence, “Don’t play Spirit Pen. So long as you don’t touch that, nothing will happen.”

Gu Yian’s former roommate died after playing Spirit Pen, but Gu Yian didn’t play and so she was fine.

Sometimes curiosity killed the cat, and it was better not to seek trouble with things one shouldn’t trouble.

When the girl heard these words from Gu Yian, the panic in her eyes faded a little.

If someone else had said this, then it would be difficult to be certain. But this was what Gu Yian said and her roommate was dead while she still lived. This was the best proof.

The day’s classes ended and Gu Yian returned to her home.

She thought about things before going to bed. Her dead roommates became spirits of Spirit Pen and maybe they would really seek her out for revenge.

If ghosts truly wanted vengeance, then it was useless no matter how far she hid.

Gu Yian placed her props beside her pillow and, along the way, also put the notebook Lu Zize was in next to her.

Once Gu Yian thought everything over, she also fell asleep quickly.

She slept deeply.

Time moved gradually.

The night was dark.

Moonlight passed through the thin curtains and brought a weak light to the room.

A black shadow slowly drilled out from the corner of a wall, climbed along the ceiling, and gradually reached the spot directly above Gu Yian.

Suddenly, the black shadow hung down from the ceiling and, seeing the black hair about to sweep across Gu Yian’s face, the lid of the small coffin was abruptly kicked open.

The two centimeter tall little girl doll jumped out with a grave expression.

The black shadow sensed this and shrunk with abnormal skill.

The entire ball of black shadow melted into the ceiling in a flash and slipped away.

It could be seen that it was not the first time it did this.

Once the black shadow was gone, the little girl with a serious expression walked a short distance away with heavy steps, lifted up the coffin lid that had been thrown off by herself, and moved it step by step to her own small coffin.

For Gu Yian, ten ordinary and quiet days passed very quickly.

She deliberately didn’t go to the library today and, instead, waited in the place she rented.

Gu Yian waited for the arrival of the pure white space.

She waited for a long time, but the white space didn’t come. What came were the black letters that floated in the air every time.



The black letters disappeared in the blink of an eye and Gu Yian still remained in her room.

What did this mean? The game this time was in her original world?

Gu Yian suddenly recalled the Brother Zhang she met in her first game.

After he saw the bottle of sauce for the rice with a logo that time, he had eaten very happily.

So the game worlds they entered were all real worlds like the world she was in?

Just as Gu Yian was thinking things in her own rented place, the figures of six players suddenly appeared in a sealed off female dormitory.

There were three men and three women for a total of six players.

In this moment, they were looking at the writing suspended in midair.


Among them, one of the men with a calm face took advantage of when the others were looking at the disappearing black words in the air to scrutinize the expressions of the other players without leaving a trace.

He immediately made calculations in his heart and cleared his throat. “You all must be newcomers to this game, right? I’m your guide and you can call me Brother Zhang. This is God’s Game and we have to survive for seven days to clear this game.”

Brother Zhang’s eyes quickly swept over their surroundings.

This was a dormitory and it looked like no one had lived here for a very long time. The only light source was the natural light coming in from the window.

There were half-burnt candles, a paper that was half-burned, as well as pens scattered across the ground, making it look like some sort of ceremony had been held here.

The ghosts in this round might not be easy to deal with.

Brother Zhang’s eyes flickered and then he settled his expression in the end before he looked to the others and said, “I don’t care what your moods are at the moment. We need to leave this place now.”

Everyone else looked panicked. This was their first time in a game and they were in a state of utter stupefaction. But they also saw the current scene and they basically agreed with Brother Zhang’s decision, subconsciously beginning to listen to the only veteran player’s command.

Brother Zhang tried to open the door while seeming to ask unintentionally, “What’s everyone’s new player tips? We can compare them to each other and see if we can summarize the clues.”

Several new players saw Brother Zhang successfully open the door and didn’t think too much.


“Mine is malice too.”

“Me too.”

Brother Zhang heard this and said, “Looks like we’re all the same.”

The six of them walked out of the dorm room and into a corridor. They looked left and right and found out that they were probably in a dormitory floor that was left unused.

The corridor was empty and there were no clothes being dried.

The group of them stood in the corridor and looked into the distance, seeing the figures of students.

Brother Zhang took them downstairs. He didn’t expect there to already be someone watching over the entrance.

It was the housekeeper auntie of this building.

The housekeeper auntie gave Brother Zhang and the others a lecture, “Everyone snuck in again to secretly play Spirit Pen, didn’t you? Is it fun to look for death all the time?”

Brother Zhang and the others didn’t understand the situation at all and they didn’t even have time to run. They were taken away by the security guards the housekeeper called for and brought to the school security office.

A person in the security department said to Brother Zhang and everyone, “Don’t think about playing Spirit Pen. This is for your own good. Are your lives important or are games important? Since you guys weren’t trying to steal property, I won’t report this to the police. You guys have to take care of yourselves.”

In a daze, Brother Zhang and the others were driven off again by the security department person.

As they walked on the campus, the five new players listened to Brother Zhang’s analysis.

Brother Zhang said, “We need to survive seven days, but the first place we appeared was that dorm room where Spirit Pen happened. We must have angered the spirits. Don’t be in disbelief, once an accident really happens then it’ll be too late to believe me. Alright, what we need to do first is ask around and find out what happened in the female dormitory we came out of.”

The five new players also didn’t know any rules of God’s Game. They were dazed and missing a leader. They came to an unfamiliar world and so they could only trust the people around them.

Right after this, they followed Brother Zhang and stopped passing students to ask them about rumors related to Spirit Pen.

They stopped more than a dozen students before finally stopping a university student who knew something about Spirit Pen.

That student said, “I’ve heard about Spirit Pen. The girls in those two dorm rooms are all dead and only one girl is still alive. That girl is really full of evil air, everyone actually suspects that she’s not a human, and she’s really pretty.”

“You’re asking me for her name? Go search the forums. What, you guys don’t have phones?”

The university student was shocked. It was the first time he had seen six people without cell phones.

Under the earnest request of the six players, the student happened to be free with nothing to do and so he simply helped them search it up on the spot.

“Her name is Gu Yian. She appears most often in the library and the prettiest one in a crowd is her. Here, look at this picture.”

The university student put a picture of Gu Yian taken by another person in front of Brother Zhang and the others.

The five new players were dazzled.

The picture was a snapshot. The girl inside had a cool temperament, delicate facial features, and her head was turned unintentionally. The frozen scene of an enchanting glance over the shoulder couldn’t help but captivate people’s hearts.

Brother Zhang’s reaction was in stark contrast to the reactions of the five new players.

A beautiful person always made a deep impression on people.

Brother Zhang was no longer as calm as before and his eyes nearly popped out.

W-w-wasn’t this the Little Gu he met in one of his previous games?

¹ So, I changed this to Ouija board in the first chapter because it’s a similar game and I didn’t expect them to use it extensively here, my bad! So, it’s switched back to Spirit Pen, basically a type of ghost summoning game. You’ll actually learn how to play it here but LOL there’s an author note cautioning people.

8 thoughts on “Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 30 ~

    toreadchinesenovels said:
    April 18, 2021 at 04:31

    I got caught up reading something else lol The beginning half of this chapter was really confusing – I was like “did she immediately go into a new game? Or is she not in a game? But why can the props move/work?!”
    On another note – do you think god is using this as an opportunity to “help” GY clean up the evil spirits?

      Ilinox responded:
      April 18, 2021 at 08:34

      No one ever said the props were limited only in games ;D haha. It’s an interesting reveal though that all “games” might actually be real worlds, and makes God’s power scarier if he can influence the worlds like that… Remember, the last game didn’t actually “reset” because God’s Eye is out in the open with intelligence and everyone accepted that even though it recreated the car accident at the beginning.

      TBH I haven’t thought anything yet, haha, but that’s a good theory! I’m actually wondering if Lu Zize is his real name because this “character” is getting more and more appearances. He even followed her into her real world with his book form (I am totally thinking of Tom Riddle’s diary in Harry Potter LOL).

        toreadchinesenovels said:
        April 20, 2021 at 03:37

        Yeah, it kind of makes sense though because why would god go through the extra effort of making a virtual world when there’s already a couple of perfectly good ones lying about? (lol) On the side of influence, he has the power over these guys’ lives and deaths, and the whole premise is that they were supposed to die, right? So he’s at least a little prophetic (if we assume that to be true…)

        I feel like even if his real name isn’t Lu Zize, it will be the name that we, the audience (and also GY) come to refer to him as.

    Kimmy said:
    April 14, 2021 at 10:04

    I totally forgot who Brother Zhang was until he started fooling the newcomers again wow

    The new game is in her real world but she’s not with the player group, I wonder how it’ll go.

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕

      Ilinox responded:
      April 16, 2021 at 07:55

      What cracks me up is that he keeps using the same line over and over again. “Hello, I’m your guide / an old player and we have to live for seven days.” You think, by the fourth or fifth time of this, God would be like “this is boring, do someting else” LOL.

    Kitten who changed to Face-con said:
    April 14, 2021 at 02:49

    From which game Brother Zhang was?

      Centry said:
      April 14, 2021 at 08:43

      The first. He led the last newcomer astray. That’s how he clears instances, by amusing God through tricking other players

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