Pink Kankin ~ Teki no Kagakusha Kanbu ni Torawareta Sentai Pink ~

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Dr. Yuri (ドクター・ユーリ)
CV: 彩和矢

Pink Confinement ~ The Pink Ranger Captured by the Enemy Executive Scientist ~

The super power Zenith Rangers fight to protect the peace from a secret organization that plots to conquer the world.

One of those members, you the lone woman in the group, fought day and night against monsters sent by the secret society as Zenith Pink. One day, you woke up in an unfamiliar research facility (lab), shackled on an operating table, and standing there was Dr. Yuri, an executive scientist and also one of the four leaders of the enemy organization.

“I’m free to kill you or let you live… but violating a woman like you might not be a bad idea either.” You were captured by the secret organization, which was trying to find the secret to defeat the Zenith Rangers. Dr. Yuri was the one to examine you. He looked down at you with cold eyes and said, “No matter how much noise you make, none of your companions will come to save you. They have their hands full battling the leaders of our organization. Without you, they can’t use their combination techniques either, so it’s easy to imagine the trouble they’re having.”

In this desperate situation where you can’t rely on your companions, Dr. Yuri’s hand began to touch your pink transformation suit… “Your body, your heart, I am going to expose everything starting from this moment. Resign yourself…”

Huge thank you to Lux for the commission! R18 warning and another one of my favorites from Under Rain. Plus, Irodori Kazuya is just AMAZING here. I’m not kidding.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Captive Pink! The Counterattack of Dr. Yuri, One of the Four Heavenly Kings ***

*chains jangle; lab door opens*

Dr. Yuri: Conscious, Zenith Pink?

Y: Oh? You know who I am merely from my voice. It seems there was no point to blindfolding you.

Y: Well, I suppose you cannot forget me, one of the leaders of the secret organization and the enemy of you super power Zenith Rangers. *heroine struggles*

Y: Hah… I hate noisy women, you know? Be a little quiet. *device ringing*

Y: *answers device* What’s wrong? Ah. Things are going smoothly here. What about over there? Hm. That’s troublesome. Hah… be sure to keep them there. *operating table moves*

Y: Hah… I told you to be quiet, didn’t I? I’m going to remove your blindfold now.

Y: … Heh. It’s been a while since we faced each other like this, hasn’t it, Zenith Pink? I forgot to mention one thing, but the restraints around your arms and legs will dig into your skin the more you struggle.


Y: It’s in your best interests not to struggle too much. *heroine struggles*

Y: Do you not understand the meaning of what I said? The more you struggle the more you will simply be in pain. Well, it doesn’t matter to me if you suffer. You should listen obediently to someone’s warning.

Y: You don’t know why you’re like this, do you? I’ll tell you.

Y: I’m always researching monsters in this lab, but no matter how many monsters I create they’re all defeated by you and the others. This repeated. Accordingly, in order to get rid of you hindrances, I personally made a move.

Y: Conquest…? Well, it might look like that from your perspective. But we’re just changing this planet so that it’s easier for us to live on.

Y: Heh, tell me exactly how you’re going to protect this planet in this situation. You’re restrained on the operating table in my lab and you cannot even unfasten yourself. I’m free to kill you or let you live… moreover, violating a woman like you might not be a bad idea either.

Y: Everything depends on me. Do you understand? *heroine struggles*


Y: … Did you forget my warning? No matter how much noise you make, no one will come to save you.

Y: Companions… The Zenith Rangers? At this time, they have their hands full battling the leaders of our organization. Without you, they can’t use their combination techniques either, so it’s easy to imagine the trouble they’re having.

Y: While my comrades in the organization are keeping them there, I am going to search for the weakness of the Zenith Rangers.

Y: Mn? I’m just going to have you help me with my research.

Y: No, you merely need to lie there, because I’m simply going to examine you all over however I please. You see, I want to know the secret to the power of the Zenith Rangers. As a result, your body, your heart, I am going to expose everything starting from this moment. Resign yourself…

Y: Rape? I have no interest in that act. If you want that to happen though, I don’t mind.

Y: Well, the data attained from that could also be of some use… For the time being, my interest is in this transformation suit you’re wearing.


Y: Heh, what’s wrong? That’s a stimulating reaction when I merely stroked you. However, I will examine you as a person later.

Y: Hm? It’s quite an elastic material. I don’t think this suit in and of itself has any special powers though. *heroine struggles*

Y: Hah… you’re noisy. Don’t give me such a hard time. I don’t want to deal with troublesome things outside of research.

Y: Grgh… Hah… it’s not a material that’s weak enough to be ripped by hands. Its texture seems like rubber…

Y: Since I can’t rip it with my hands, then I can only tear it with a knife. Hear that? If you don’t want your skin to be sliced at the same time, keep still like that and don’t move.

Y: Ah! This hole… Oh? This is quite interesting. I’ll cut a little piece and look at it under a microscope. *tears a piece; walks away*

Y: Hm, is this material fire proof? What a strange material. If we can model this in our organization, then the monster suits can be strengthened—*heroine struggles; he comes over*

Y: Excuse me, you’ve been clanging around since earlier and it’s noisy. Why are you struggling? Could it be that you’re still thinking of escaping? You’re not that much of an idiot, are you?


Y: … Huh? Chest? Oh, you’re concerned about your breasts being visible? If you’re that concerned, then why don’t I just do this… ngh, and completely expose them… then there’s nothing to be concerned about, right?

Y: Heh, what a nice sight. It’s like you’re enticing me.

Y: There’s no one but us here, so there’s no need to be so embarrass—… Come to think of it, you aren’t wearing underwear… Is this suit worn on your bare body?

Y: They disappear when you transform…? What the heck? I knew it, they aren’t just suits then.

Y: Ah… is it the same down there then? *heroine struggles*

Y: Shut up. I said your companions won’t come even if you call for them, didn’t I? *kisses*

Y: Heh, what? Are you surprised from the sudden kiss? This is the easiest way to block your mouth.

Y: If you continue to make noise… then next time I’ll use tongue.

Y: Heh, you’re quiet at last. Resign yourself already… and show me everything. *kisses ear*

*** TRACK 2: Desperate Situation!? Evil Hands Touching Under the Pink Suit ***

Y: *kisses ear* You… are getting aroused from having your ear kissed. Oh? In that case… *kisses ear*

Y: Heh. Hey, are you fine with an enemy executive doing this to you? Hehe.

Y: I’ll do this to the other side too. *kisses ear*

Y: If you want this, then I’ll continue it later. I’m going to examine this suit still, so be good. I’m going to raise your body up. *operating table moves*

Y: Where am I going to touch? Earlier, I asked whether or not you were wearing anything down there. So, you should know more or less where I’m going to touch you.

Y: This sensation… You really are wearing it above your bare skin. *heroine struggles*

Y: It’s impossible for me to simply release my long-awaited research material, right?

Y: … Hm.


Y: Just as I thought, if we model this material in our organization—… Huh? Are you… not wet?

Y: Hm? You’re denying it. In that case… I’ll stimulate you starting with your chest. *kisses*

Y: Heh, why is your body jumping? Mm…

Y: When I taste this place, do you feel aroused and your voice slips out on its own?

Y: Hah… you’re so noisy. For some time, you’ve been calling out for Red and Blue. I told you that your companions won’t come to save you, didn’t I? Give up already.

Y: Furthermore, do you not understand your current situation?

Y: Here, take a look at your own appearance reflected in the mirror in front of you. Normally, you’re idolized as a hero but… right now, you’re simply a woman restrained by the enemy executive, with things done to your body without your control.

Y: Like this… ngh…

Y: You’re aroused with having your chest bared and licked by me.


Y: Heh, if the children who cheer you on see this appearance, I wonder what they would think.

Y: Do you want me to taste this one too?

Y: Heh. *kisses*

Y: Haha, you’re panicking. I suppose you would. If you were seen being aroused by my assault… Is that what you imagined? If it were children, they would feel betrayed, wouldn’t they?

Y: You don’t want to be looked at with disappointed eyes? Heh.

Y: I’ll pinch this one.

Y: So that’s the voice you make when I simply touch the tip of your breast a little. You’re a lewd woman.

Y: Do you think I’d stop with you telling me to stop? We’ve fought a terrible amount of times, so you should know that much at least.

Y: You react every time I nudge you with my finger. Do you want me to touch you more?

Y: Don’t avert your eyes. Be sure to take a look at yourself in the mirror.


Y: Heh, you’re turning bright red. Ah, if you close your eyes, you won’t be able to see, right? Be sure to look… at the sight of you shamelessly getting turned on from having your breasts played with by me.

Y: I wonder what reaction you’ll give when you’re touched? *kisses ear*

Y: Hm? Is it also nice when I pinch them hard? It seems that even pain is becoming pleasure. Heh. Do you like being treated a little roughly?

Y: You’re not aware of that? Alright with being treated badly by the enemy despite being a hero… You’re quite perverted, aren’t you?

Y: I had no interest in you other than you being Zenith Pink, but… now you personally seem interesting as well. It feels like it’d be worthwhile to examine you. *kisses ear*

Y: … Since a while ago, you’ve been calling excessively for Red and Blue. Why just those two? Could it be that you’re together with one of them?

Y: I couldn’t care less about your relationship affairs, but only calling for Red and Blue piques my curiosity. Are you not interested in Black, the hero? Red or Blue… which one is your man?


Y: Or… is the truth that you’ve done it with all four of them?

Y: If there are truly complications among you, I’m wondering if it can be used to break up your friendships… I am simply searching for your weaknesses. Well, who cares about that matter.

Y: More importantly, this suit is excellent against force and fireproof, but it’s somewhat lacking in being waterproof. This place… is wet.

Y: The material is like rubber and yet, even when I’m touching you above the suit, I can tell you’re wet. Could you be the type who gets wet easily?

Y: Hah… you’re still denying it. No matter how much you’re against this, you have no right to refuse. It doesn’t seem you understand this. *operating table moves*

Y: What a nice view. Your legs are spread wide apart in front of me. Looking at this appearance of yours, no one would believe you’re a hero.

Y: Don’t move like that. If you struggle… you know where you’ll be cut, right?


Y: Heh, you really are wet.

Y: My finger is soaked in your juices. For a Zenith Ranger to be this aroused being touched by an enemy man… Are you loose enough to be fine with any man?

Y: A hero would be disgusted to hear that, right? When I swirl my finger inside, your juices flow out.

Y: Will you take a look yourself? Look, it’s wet. Take a good look. Your legs are spread wide open and the wet area is in plain view… If you had admitted it at the beginning, then this embarrassing state wouldn’t be exposed.

Y: If this appearance was seen by your companions, what would you do? Or… do they already know? Your shamelessness. Furthermore, those men who you are desperately trying to protect… I wonder what they think?

Y: Heh, do you get aroused even when you’re abused with words? If my actions feel good to you, then I’ll touch you like this. *kisses ear; fingering heroine*


Y: Despite your suit being torn to pieces, you have an erotic look on your face. Your dripping wet state must be reflected in the mirror, right?

Y: This is the true form of Pink.

Y: Is it alright to expose this state to me, your enemy? You’re extremely lewd.

Y: Heh. Be sure to watch.

Y: Ngh. Haha, just now, you tightened down here, didn’t you? *kisses ear*

Y: Mm? Here…? When I rub against the upper wall, your hips are almost jerking. You’re enduring it… haha. I’ll do this until you’re satisfied. *kisses ear*

Y: Heh, show me more of your weaknesses. *kisses ear*

*** TRACK 3: Exhaustive Attack! The Weakness of the Lewd Pink Ranger is xxx ***

Y: Your breathing is quite rough. If you become exhausted from just this, I’ll be troubled. There are still many things to examine.

Y: I merely removed the restraints around your hands. Why are you so flustered?

Y: It’ll be a hindrance if you remain handcuffed.

Y: Touch me.

Y: Come on.

Y: … Heh. You’re asking why? Haha, I just thought it wouldn’t be so bad to make a self-assured hero of justice succumb. Show me more expressions.

Y: I have terrible interests? Heh. Say anything you want. More importantly, continue. *unbuckles pants*

Y: Haha, why are you looking away? Touch it directly. Here, give me your hand.

Y: … Try making it hard yourself. You won’t say you can’t do it, right? If you touch it directly, then you can feel the change easier, right?


Y: Look properly and touch me so that I can feel pleasure.

Y: If you can’t do it with your hand, then I’ll just use your mouth, you know?

Y: … Being called scum by you doesn’t make me feel anything. Hah… do you not know how to even please a man? Just do whatever you usually do with Red and Blue.

Y: Come on, move it seriously now.

Y: Hngh… hah…

Y: Look this way. *kisses*

Y: … Do you want me to touch you? You don’t want to be neglected, right?

Y: *kisses* Heh, you’re wetter than earlier.

Y: Could it be that you grew wet while touching me?

Y: No matter how much you deny it with your mouth, you’re like this down here. Aren’t you aching with want?

Y: This place of yours is already drenched. You’re dripping onto the table.


Y: Your face is red. Are you embarrassed?

Y: Heh, that’s enough. *pins heroine down*

Y: Mngh, I’m simply pressing lightly against your entrance and it’s like you’re enticing me. You look like you’re dying with want.

Y: Heh, are you alright with me just rubbing against you like this then?

Y: Haha, in truth, you can’t endure it anymore, right? If you’re this wet, it looks like you’ll be alright without being stretched.

Y: I’m going to put it in now. Nrgh…

Y: Heh, do you think I’ll wait if you tell me to wait? You’re already swallowing me like this, so it doesn’t matter, right?

Y: I’m going to move. Relax… your body. *thrusting* Mgh… hah…

Y: I forcibly penetrated you, and yet you’re this wet. Are you aroused? Nngh… I didn’t know Pink, the hero of justice, was this wanton. Haah… haa…

Y: What are you saying when you’re fully feeling pleasure? I’m one of the leaders of your enemy. A detestable man’s member has entered you and you’re being satisfied. Does it feel that good? My length.


Y: Mm? What? Haha, stop…? Will you really be fine if I stop?

Y: Then, as you wish, mgh…! Nrgh! Your true desire is “more”, right? That’s why I sped up. Haa… hagh…

Y: Being able to see all your various expressions, mgh, is quite interesting. *kisses; thrusting*

Y: The word stop from a human woman… means to do it more, right? Haha, do you want me to go quicker and deeper? Nrgh… gngh, haha, did I strike a good spot deep inside? You can’t hold back your voice at all.

Y: Haa… hngh…! *kisses*

Y: Nrgh, don’t pull away. Feel me inside you. Hah… hagh…

Y: If I hold down your hips, the place I strike is different, isn’t it? Haa… hah…


Y: Haha, lewd. *kisses*

Y: Gngh, because you’re squeezing around me so tightly, mgh, I’m also… feeling really good. I’m repeating myself, but I’m your enemy, you know? And yet you’ve accepted me seriously and you’re completely feeling this. You’re a hero of justice in name only.

Y: Hey, your obscene state you can’t show to your companions… show it to me alone. Haa… hagh…!

Y: Are you about to come? Heh. *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Haah… hah… I feel good too… ngh…

Y: Go ahead, come. Haa… hagh…!

Y: Mngh, so good… I’m going to come… Haa… haah…!

Y: I’m…! I’m coming…! Gngh! *he orgasms*


Y: Hah… haa… you’re trembling so much inside. So you came as well. Hehe, even though you were against it so much. You felt too much pleasure, didn’t you?

Y: Can you tell I’m still pumping it out inside you? Ngh. How does it feel… having an enemy man’s sperm pour into you?

Y: Heh. It looks like it felt so good you can’t speak.

Y: I’m going to pull out.

Y: … Oh? My sperm is dripping out from the place we were connected. It’s quite a sensational sight.

Y: Huh? I can’t possibly let you go back yet. There’s still a mountain of things to examine. Even now, I intended to examine things about the Zenith Rangers but, in the end, I only found out about your weakness.

Y: Well, I still have to get you to tell me about yourself.

Y: After this, I have to summarize the data I acquired. So be obedient here.

Y: Tomorrow, I’m also going to examine everything about you, so keep that in mind. *kisses; leaves*

*** TRACK 4: Injected Liquid! The Secret of Pink that was Revealed!? ***

*lab door opens*

Y: You’ve become completely obedient. You were so noisy too when you were brought to this lab at the beginning. You realized it after these few days, haven’t you? None of your companions will come to save you… and it’s useless to try and run.

Y: Or… have you lost yourself completely in the pleasure I give you? *heroine struggles*

Y: Heh, you’re as strong-willed as ever. Oh well. Your companions, the Zenith Rangers, seem to have gone into hiding and won’t come out at all. It’s likely… the Zenith Rangers have a base as well, don’t they?

Y: Nevertheless, hah… pathetically, I’ve been told our monsters cannot find that place. With you being at my place right now, this is the chance to defeat the Zenith Rangers, but to be unable to find their crucial target makes it truly hopeless. Thus, a request came to me to make you open your mouth.

Y: That’s why I’m going to get you to tell me where your companions are hiding.

Y: Raise your head.

Y: I’m going to stab this in your neck.

Y: Hm? Are you curious about what’s inside this syringe?


Y: It’s a drug I compounded that will make someone want to expose all the secrets inside their mind. Heh, that being said, it’s in a trial stage.

Y: But I can confirm there are no after-effects, so you don’t have to worry about that. Only… to what extent you’ll reveal your secrets is something I have no guarantee on. I’ll be testing that result with you.

Y: Oh? Are you scared? For a hero to be like that, wouldn’t they be laughed at by children?

Y: You don’t have to be so afraid. It’ll just be a pinch. I’m going.

Y: Heh. All the liquid in the syringe is flowing into the vein in your neck. This moment gives you shivers down your back, doesn’t it?

Y: Alright, we’re done.

Y: Next is to just pass the time until the drug takes effect.

Y: Until then, do you want to enjoy yourself with me? If we raise your temperature and circulate your blood better, then the drug’s effects will show quicker too. Heh. *kisses ear*


Y: This is the quickest way to raise your temperature, isn’t it?

Y: Open your mouth. *kisses*

Y: Heh, you’re beginning to burn just from a light touch. Haha, keep on feeling it like that. Mn…

Y: Come on, this side too. *kisses ear*

Y: Haa… hey, this feels good, doesn’t it? Haha. Somehow or another, after the first time, I’ve touched you every day. Your data must be accumulating too, such as where you’re sensitive and things like that.


Y: Mngh, this place. You love it when your breasts are touched, right?

Y: Haah… this material truly is interesting. No matter how I cut it to pieces, after one day, it returns to its original transformation suit. I wonder if it’s applying shape memory…

Y: I’d love to talk to the professor of Zenith Rangers who developed this. Heh, if given the choice, I’d even want to make them one of us.

Y: I’m going to strip you a little, so sit up.

Y: I’ll also remove your restraints. *pulls zipper*

Y: Will you also become one of us? Although you’ll be made to fight against old friends, companions who didn’t come to save you… can just be abandoned.

Y: You believe in them… huh. You may be like that, but I wonder about your companions.

Y: A report came to me about how the Zenith Rangers seem to be searching for a new Pink, you know?

Y: I hate lies. It’s not unreasonable for you to distrust me but, well, you’ll know eventually whether or not this story is true, won’t you? So, you should think about it seriously while you have the chance… what you should do. I’m quite interested in you, so if you come to our organization then nothing bad will happen to you. *kisses*


Y: Heh, I wonder if the drug has taken effect now. Well? Do you feel like talking about your secrets?

Y: Hah… you’re a stubborn one. When, in truth, your awareness is hazy and there’s no strength in you.

Y: Look, when I do this… *kisses* and touch the tip of your breasts with just my mouth, your body trembles. Nngh…

Y: Heh, it’s useless to deny it. It feels pleasurable, doesn’t it?

Y: You’ve become completely sensitive. You want me to do this to the other side, don’t you?

Y: Where it feels good, when it comes to your body… I know it thoroughly. More than Red and Blue… and, likely, even yourself.

Y: Heh, your face is red. Are you embarrassed? Or… do you feel like telling me your secrets?

Y: Come on, just say it. Everything… inside your head. *kisses*


Y: Say it.

Y: Hm? What is it? What about me?

Y: … Huh? W-what are you…

Y: You like my face…? Is that what you said?

Y: Hah… I didn’t know that. So, even during all our fights up to now, you were looking at me with those eyes. What I wanted to know was the location of your base and, somehow, I heard something extremely worthless… but I didn’t expect to be liked from Zenith Pink, with our hostile relationship.

Y: No wonder you were aroused at the beginning.

Y: Being kissed by me, the person whose face you like… did that make you feel good? *kisses*

Y: Hey, try kissing me this time. You can’t do it? You love this face, don’t you?

Y: If you do it, then I’ll give you… a reward. *heroine kisses him*

Y: … That’s not enough. Mmph… *heroine kisses him*


Y: However, you kissing me means you’re curious about the reward. Alright, as promised, I’ll give you it.

Y: I’m going to taste this place, so I’m removing this.

Y: … Oh? You’re already wet. Were you expecting something?

Y: You’re embarrassed. I suppose you would be. All your obscene noises are being heard by an enemy man. This spot here is also hard. You’re head over heels in pleasure. *kisses ear; fingering heroine*

Y: So it feels that good to be fondled.

Y: Contrary to your appearance, you’re quite lewd, aren’t you? Or is it because it’s me?

Y: You’re quite interesting. Heh. That’s not so bad. *kisses*

*** TRACK 5: Echoes in the Lab! Zenith Pink’s Moans… ***

Y: You can spread your legs open more, can’t you?

Y: … Haha, the drug I made shouldn’t have any aphrodisiac components added. You’re quite aroused, aren’t you?

Y: Maybe there’s utility in this too.

Y: Hah… you can tell my finger is inside you, right? Your juices are wrapped around me.

Y: You’re already soaked.

Y: I’m going to taste you now. I’ll do it until you’re satisfied. Mn… *gives oral*

Y: I seriously can’t get bored of watching your reactions. Mm? More?

Y: Nngh… you’re extremely weak to being sucked here, aren’t you? Every time I lick you, juices flow out from deep inside. It’s really erotic.

Y: For Pink, the hero of justice, to be soaked when given oral by a man… It’s something that can’t be said to children.

Y: Don’t cover your mouth. Let me hear your voice properly.


Y: In addition, don’t close your eyes. Be sure to watch me as I lick you. You like this face, don’t you? Here, I’ll press my tongue against your sensitive bud.

Y: Heh, you like it so much you’re squeezing my shoulders.

Y: I’d obviously know that. These past days, I’ve been watching you all the time. I’ll notice even the slightest change.

Y: I can see through to what you’re feeling right now. I know everything about you. Mmgh…

Y: You’re not really saying no, right? You’re this wet. That lie won’t work with me. Nrgh…

Y: Hah… you feel pleasure even when I suck on you this hard, right?


Y: Is it about time where my tongue alone isn’t enough for you? I’ll use my tongue and fingers… and give you pleasure inside.

Y: Heh, when I swirl my fingers around, there’s lewd noises. Ngh, it looks like it’s going to drip. I’ll lick it up, so raise your hips more.

Y: Haha, you’re obedient. Mngh… hah…

Y: When I suck on you while stroking you with my fingers… your entrance twitches. You’re also squeezing down hard.

Y: It’s like you’re seducing me, saying you want me quickly. I’ll give it to you properly later, so come right now to my fingers and tongue. Gngh…

Y: Mm? What? You don’t want to be stared at by me? Heh. Or perhaps I should say, that reaction is saying being watched by me feels too good and you just feel pleasure, right?

Y: Haha, you clenched down really hard just now.


Y: You’re easy to understand, aren’t you? You feel pleasure from being watched.

Y: Haa… you don’t have to restrain yourself because you’re a hero of justice. It’s late at this point. Watch yourself as you come to me. Then, later, I’ll thrust into you a lot. Nngh… hah…

Y: Do you feel the movements of my fingers and tongue? Being assaulted at the same time on the outside and inside is irresistible, right?

Y: Your juices are flowing out in accordance to my fingers. I’ll suck it all up. Mmgh…

Y: You know, you’re too wet. There’s so much, I can’t lick it all. It’s even dripping onto my tongue.


Y: Hm? You’re about to come?

Y: Hngh… go ahead. Come.

Y: Ngh! *heroine orgasms*

Y: Haa… hah… heh, it looks like you came. Was it good? *kisses*

Y: Huh? Why? You came, didn’t you?

Y: I only said the truth.

Y: In just these several days, how many times did I make you come? Both hands aren’t enough to count them.

Y: Are you always this quick to come?

Y: Or is it because it’s me?

Y: Heh, it’s not like there’s a need for an excuse. You felt good, didn’t you? Here, open your mouth. *kisses*


Y: Your face is red. Are you embarrassed to kiss me?

Y: No…? Is that the truth?

Y: Hah… well, it doesn’t matter. I don’t think you’re so bad though.

Y: Why are you so surprised? Ah, well, it’s understandable for you to be surprised when I suddenly say this. After all, we’re enemies, aren’t we?

Y: At the start, I was only aware of you as the enemy, Zenith Pink, but the more I examine you… the more you became interesting. There are countless women if you were just a woman to sleep with. But I suppose, beyond you being Pink, I’ve ended up thinking that I want to learn more…

Y: Even I find it strange to feel this way.

Y: I might be interested in you.

Y: Lies? I told you earlier, didn’t I? That I hate lies. You don’t have to believe me.

Y: More importantly, you can’t possibly think it’s over with this, right? The fun starts from here. *kisses*


Y: Hey, give me pleasure too. You know what to do, right? Touch me.

Y: *heroine unbuckles his pants* Huh? What are you—… What do you intend to do after stripping me—*heroine gives BJ* Ngh… hagh…

Y: To think that you, Zenith Pink, are swallowing me of your own accord. Mgh… hah…

Y: That’s how badly you want this?

Y: If that wasn’t your objective, then what are you planning to do after getting me hard?

Y: Hngh, go ahead, lick me like that. Haa… hah…

Y: Feels good… ngh… So you always do this to Red and Blue too, huh.

Y: Huh? I’m mistaken? Wait, about what?

Y: … You don’t have that sort of relationship with Red and Blue? Oh? I see.

Y: Hey, continue. Mmgh…


Y: Your tongue is hot, ngh, it feels nice.

Y: Gngh, where are you sucking? Mrgh, that spot feels good.

Y: For a hero like you to taste me so lewdly… Where did you learn this? Haa… hah…

Y: It’s good enough now.

Y: Come, sit over here.

Y: Heh, what are you flustered over? You intended this too, didn’t you? I won’t let you say you want to stop at this point.

Y: I’ll give it to you properly. *kisses*

*** TRACK 6: Hidden Intentions!? Dr. Yuri’s Possessiveness ***

Y: What are you staring so hard at me for? Haven’t you gotten used to seeing me naked?

Y: Or… not just my face, but is my body also to your liking?

Y: Heh, am I pressing against you?

Y: You wanted this, didn’t you?

Y: It’s useless to deny it. You’re rubbing against me yourself. Why don’t you try putting it in?

Y: Come on, it’s about to enter. Try doing it yourself. Ngh… hah…

Y: Haha, you really put it in yourself. How lewd. But it hasn’t gone all the way in. Mngh, don’t you want it deeper?

Y: Gngh! *thrusting* Haha, taking me in like this all at once. You really are naughty.

Y: Hah… you get aroused being told this despite being a hero. Haa… hah…

Y: You’re weak to filthy words too, aren’t you? Ms. Lewd Pink. Gngh, haha, you squeezed really hard around me. Move yourself more and make me feel good too. Mgh… hagh…


Y: You’re a little clumsy, but it’s alright. Mm…

Y: Shall I move? Wrap your arms around my neck. Ngh! Mgh… hah…!

Y: Deeply where my fingers couldn’t reach… nrgh… Look, I’m striking it, aren’t I? Haah… haa…!

Y: I’m only striking you deeply? Haha, you don’t like it? This spot is your weakness, isn’t it?

Y: Gngh, striking throughly at a weakness, mgh, is a matter of course for our organization. Hngh… hah…

Y: I’ll give you more, so tell me all the spots where you’re sensitive.

Y: The data that’s related to you belongs to me alone. Mngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

Y: For some reason, it’s strange… but the more I examine you the more I grow interested. *kisses* It never ends. According to my information, mgh, you love it when you’re kissed while being pounded, right? *kisses*

Y: Haa… hah… I can’t possibly wait. You’re feeling this too. Mrgh…

Y: Are you saying no because it’s too pleasurable?

Y: Heh, you’re cute. Haha, I can’t stop even more now. Ngh… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*


Y: You’ve been moving your hips since earlier. Am I striking a spot that feels good?

Y: Haha, right on the mark, I see. Mgh! Here? Does it feel good when I thrust here? Haa… hagh…

Y: Oh? In that case, ngh, I’ll slam this place lots.

Y: I’ll keep on striking the place you love, ngh. You’re convulsing so much down here. Haah… I can tell too and, gngh, it feels good. That look is irresistible too.

Y: I’m going to make you expose all the places where you feel pleasure. In addition to your gratified face, your voice… and everything of yours. To me, you’re nothing more but an enemy and a research target to search for weaknesses and yet, for some reason, I want to expose everything beyond that. Haa… hagh… *kisses; thrusting*

Y: You’re going to come? Go ahead, mgh!

Y: Come then. Haa… hah…

Y: Ngh, what is this? It feels too good, grgh, hah… haah… I’m also… going to…

Y: Do you want to come together? Haha, of course it’s alright. Sure, let’s go together. Nrgh… mm…! *thrusting; kisses*

Y: I’m going to come…! Hagh… kgh…!

Y: I’m coming… I’m coming…! Gngh! *he orgasms*


Y: Haa… haah… *kisses*

Y: Was it good?

Y: Heh. *kisses*

Y: … Hey, let’s leave this place in thirty minutes.

Y: I’m going to leave this organization, so we’re leaving this lab. If I leave the organization now, I’ll be pursued as a traitor. But I have a secret laboratory that no one knows about except for me, so there won’t be a problem if I hide there for a while.

Y: Hah? There’s no way I’d hand you back to the Zenith Rangers. I’m obviously bringing you with me.

Y: In the first place, if you aren’t around, there’s no point to leaving the organization.

Y: Up until now, I’ve always worked here. I’m happy researching what I want to research and I don’t have any particular complaints or questions. But… no matter how much I examine you, I don’t lose interest. Honestly.

Y: Moreover, I’ve ended up thinking that I want to examine you for myself only and not for the organization. To be honest, it’s my first time having these feelings towards a woman. Even I can’t understand it myself.


Y: For example, when I think about you leaving me and belonging to someone else… I feel extremely displeased.

Y: I’m going to have you come with me. So keep that in mind.

Y: Ngh, hey, where do you think you’re going? I said we’re leaving in thirty minutes, didn’t I?

Y: Stay in my arms for a while longer.

Y: Here, look this way. *kisses*

Y: We still have time, so you don’t have to be in such a rush. *kisses*

Y: If there are fifteen minutes, it’s more than enough time to leave after copying all the data in this lab’s computer and destroying it. Then, we’ll move to my laboratory.

Y: And then, after that, we’ll be alone together and I can examine you as much as I want. I can’t help but feel excited. *kisses*

Y: Heh, you too, right? You’re prepared to be researched amply and exhaustively by me, right? *kisses*

*** 200 DL Reward: For the Future Both Aim For… ***

*heroine opens and closes door*

Y: … Zzz…

*heroine puts drink down*

Y: Nn… ah, it’s you. *yawns*

Y: What’s wrong? Oh, you made coffee.

Y: *drinks* It’s delicious, thanks.

Y: I was looking at data and, before I knew it, I fell asleep.

Y: Mm, yeah. But I can’t rest like that either. After we left, I destroyed all the data in the organization at the end. I don’t think now’s the time for them to fight, but we don’t know when the fighting will start again either.

Y: We’re both being chased, so I need to obtain the power to not care if we’re ever attacked.

Y: I have to protect you, don’t I? *kisses*

Y: I didn’t say that you aren’t reliable. Rather, I’m the one who is unsuitable for combat. The difference in physical ability between me, who has only done research, and you, the former Zenith Pink, is too big. But right now you don’t have a suit or weapon, right?

Y: That’s why I’m going to make them. In order to protect you. *kisses*


Y: Haha, naturally, I’ll prepare something more efficient than the one you had before, so wait and look forward to it. *walks off*

Y: Mm? I’m going to take a break on the sofa.

Y: Hey, come over here too. Let’s sit down together. *heroine sits down*

Y: Look this way. *kisses*

Y: Haha, but I’m properly resting, aren’t I? With you. *hugs heroine, inhales*

Y: Your scent calms me. I feel like my exhaustion disappears from just holding you like this.

Y: Ah. Oh, uh, in the past, I read an essay about how hugging the person you love can soothe your fatigue and I thought such an unscientific thing was idiotic.

Y: Hah… I didn’t expect a scientist like me to experience that though.


Y: What? Are you laughing? You understand I’m like this because of you, right? *pushes heroine down*

Y: Take responsibility… and soothe me. *kisses*

Y: Oh, that reminds me, I’m going to make a new suit so I have to measure your body sizes in detail, don’t I? Like the size of your breasts… everything.

Y: Heh, you’ll do it yourself? You won’t be able to measure things properly, right?

Y: Don’t worry, I’ll be serious when measuring… every inch of your body and everything. Because you’re my Zenith Pink alone. *kisses*

*** 400 DL Reward: Glass Exhibitionism… Pink in a Closed Room ***

Note: Another end that splits from Track 3.

*lab door opens*

Y: Hey, hurry up and enter.

Y: You don’t want to be dragged by force, right?

Y: We have guests. I thought you might want to meet them.

Y: Have you noticed? The people beyond the window… are your companions, right? *heroine runs over, pounds window*

Y: It’s useless no matter how much you call out to them. It’s a window made from special glass, so the other side can’t see your figure and your voice won’t reach them.

Y: Your companions seemed to have tried their best to bring you back, but without Pink they had no chance of winning. Furthermore, we also found the weakness of the Zenith Rangers from you. I have to thank you, don’t I?

Y: Excuse me, asking me not to hurt them… You’re not in a position to worry about others, are you? Are you idiotic enough to forget you’re a captive yourself? *yanks heroine’s chain, kisses*

Y: Even kissing you like this is simple for me.

Y: Yes, the other side really can’t see what we’re doing, so don’t worry. *kisses*


Y: Heh, or do you like to be watched?

Y: In that case, with this single switch, I can make it so that the other side can see us too. *kisses*

Y: Haha, I’m going to fuck you while your companions are in the next room. Nngh…

Y: In addition, as long as you wish, I can also use drugs to make you feel good. *kisses* Hey, since we’re here, look… over there.

Y: Being touched while looking at her companions, the lewd Pink… is aroused, right? *kisses ear*

Y: Heh. You’re denying it. Ah, then… do you want to make a bet with me?

Y: Yes, a bet.

Y: If you aren’t wet when I touch your body, then I’ll release your companions. However, if you are wet… well, you understand, right? I’ll turn on the speakers.

Y: So? What will you do? Do you accept?


Y: Heh, I hate lies, so if you win then I’ll really release them. Our bet is established then.

Y: Despite being above your suit, I can tell the tips of your breasts are hard. How erotic. *kisses ear*

Y: If your companions, who came here to save you, knew about this then they’ll fly into a rage about being betrayed, won’t they?

Y: I’ll unfasten your chains, so strip yourself. *chains drop*

Y: You don’t have to face me. Take off your clothes… while looking at your companions.

Y: Hah… if you don’t hurry, then the bet will become invalid. Is that alright? *heroine strips*

Y: Mm, nice.

Y: I’m going to touch you. *kisses ear*


Y: Mn, I only pinched you lightly, so why are you making a sound? Although your companions can’t see you, they’re this close and yet you’re being pleasured by my actions as the enemy.

Y: I wonder if Red and Blue know that you’re this wanton?

Y: Heh, even if you say that, this place is hard. *kisses ear*

Y: Mmgh, what a nice voice. Right now, if I switched this window to transparent, then your companions will see you being pleasured by me fondling your chest.

Y: I’m also interested in the despair on the faces of the Zenith Rangers when they see that.

Y: Perhaps that is something to look forward to in the future.

Y: Well? I wonder what you’re like here?

Y: You’re actually wet already, aren’t you?

Y: Did you think I didn’t notice you rubbing your legs together earlier?

Y: I’m going to touch you down here.


Y: Heh. I knew it.

Y: I’m the winner of our bet. As promised, I’m turning the speakers on. *turns switch*

Y: I’m going to continue. *fingers heroine*

Y: Look, they hear your obscene voice. You need to restrain your voice, haha.

Y: Heh, it looks like they discovered I’m here too.

Y: Zenith Rangers, you can tell whose lewd voice this belongs to, right? It’s the voice of Zenith Pink, who you came to save. And what we’re doing right now… you can tell from this voice, right?

Y: Heh, in particular, Zenith Red and Zenith Blue should have heard this somewhere, right?

Y: Hm, if the person herself doesn’t want this, then I can stop. But this lewd Pink seems to want to continue, you see.

Y: *whispers* Right, Pink? Like this, it’s unnecessary for me to use drugs, right? Let your companions hear it… your voice of pleasure. Heh. *kisses ear*


Y: Haha, you’re wetter than before. Like I thought, you’re aroused because you’re being heard? My fingers are drenched in your juices. *Zenith Rangers struggling*

Y: Oh… they know we’re in the room next door. To have the power to make sound reach this room… as expected from the Zenith Rangers.

Y: But no matter how much you strike this, it’s impossible to break this glass window. Don’t interrupt us. *Zenith Rangers struggling*

Y: Hah… so noisy, honestly.

Y: If you men aren’t quiet, then I’ll punish Pink in your steads. *unbuckles pants; thrusting*

Y: Zenith Rangers, you can tell what I’m doing, right? Pink is so wet inside… that she’s firmly taken me in. *Zenith Rangers struggling* Hngh… mm…

Y: I told you, if you aren’t quiet, then I’ll punish Pink even more. Mgh… hagh…

Y: Yes, that’s right, listen to Pink’s nice voice over there. In addition, should I give a live report on Pink’s state?


Y: First, I’ll tell you what Pink looks like right now. Do you want to know?

Y: She’s stark naked. Furthermore, she removed her suit herself earlier.

Y: *to heroine* It wasn’t because of me, right? It’s because you’re wanton, right?

Y: Hey, Zenith Red, Pink has quite the breasts, doesn’t she? But it seems like Zenith Blue has touched them too. Did you know? *loud crash*

Y: Heheh. Oh? Was this a secret? *to heroine* Well, it doesn’t matter that they know at this point, right?

Y: Pink, do you love it when you’re fucked hard from behind? I’ll give it to you more. *thrusting* Hngh… hagh…

Y: Heh, if you make that sort of noise, I told you your companions will hear. Ngh…

Y: Or do you want them to hear?

Y: Haa… hah… Hey, did you know that, right now, Pink is watching you through the window while drowning in pleasure at being pounded into from behind by me?

Y: In truth, I was thinking about giving her a drug that would make her lascivious but, ngh, there’s no need for that at all. Because, from the start, she was lewd.


Y: *whispers* Come on, let your companions hear your voice more. *kisses ear; thrusting*

Y: Ngh, you’re… moving your own hips, aren’t you? Honestly, so lewd. Haa… hagh…

Y: I’ll help you move. Mngh! Hah… haa…!

Y: Mm? Feels good? Heh, so you like doing it when your voice is heard. Hngh… mgh…!

Y: Look this way. *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Hah… haa… more… *kisses*

Y: Feels good… hagh… nrgh…!

Y: Haah… hagh…! Gngh! You, haha… you came, didn’t you? Oh? So you felt good.

Y: You clenched down hard, didn’t you?


Y: Are you aroused in this situation?

Y: You’re truly perverted. Ngh! Mgh! *thrusting*

Y: Hah? You guys are men too. Haa… hah… so you know there’s no way you could stop in the middle of this, right?

Y: Mngh, hagh… haa…! I’m going to release…

Y: Gngh! I’m… coming…! Kgh! *he orgasms*

Y: Haah… haa…

Y: I released it all out deep inside you. Heh, and yet, Pink, you’re happy down here, aren’t you?

Y: Hey, Zenith Rangers, the Zenith Pink that you knew… no longer exists.

Y: *to heroine* Right? You’re already mine, aren’t you? *kisses*

*** 500 DL Reward: Cast Comment ~ Irodori Kazuya’s Free Talk ~ ***

Kazuya: Pink Confinement. Thank you very much for reaching this point. I’m the voice actor for Dr. Yuri, Irodori Kazuya! Yes, thank you.

K: This is a free talk, so I thought I’d talk about this work a little. Today too, I got to use the dummy head microphone and I think I’ll be wandering around a lot, so please don’t mind that, haha, as you’re listening.

K: Let’s see, this time it was a scientist thing—he’s not a scientist thing, huh, that was an extremely rude way of speaking—a scientist. Yuri is a scientist so his interests are, as you expect, things like research or getting data from something and I’m sure he loves that. The instant this turned to the heroine, that instant where what you consider important has transferred—this feeling of where it goes inside you was what I was thinking about while I acted.

K: Really, Yuri himself said he never felt that up until now, so if everyone can tell the moment he felt that I would be really happy and that’s what I thought about while acting. It really was enjoyable. I thought this critical movement was fun.

K: That being said, um, this is going to be extremely personal but I was born in Kansai, so some of these intonations—haha, it might not have much to do with the work this time—but there are some differences in intonations. When I was practicing at home, reading by myself, there were many parts where I got stuck this time. There was the word “juice [flat intonation]” this time, but for some reason I would read it as “juice [up intonation]”. Haha, I would read it like that and I find it strange myself.


K: So, with that, after Yuri said “Your juices” I would go “Huh? Juice? Your juices” and it became a huge joke to myself. But, how do I put this, it’s interesting, isn’t it? I ended up thinking that I have to fix my intonation as a person from Kansai. I worked hard to fix it, but sometimes it slips out. This time in particular there were difficult words. “Juice” isn’t too difficult, but there was a scene with the word “sensational” and I was always struggling inwardly there.

K: One day, if there’s a kansai-ben role, I think it’d be fun. I’d like to try it once. Kansai-ben. “Erotic…” HAHA I’d like to try saying that once. Please, by all means give me one.

K: Anyway, this time, it was a confinement thing but, after all is said and done, somewhere his feelings turned towards the heroine and I hope you can enjoy that. On the other hand, there is also a scene where his feelings don’t turn towards her, and I’d be happy if you listened to that switch.

K: Also, I haven’t really thought “Wow, that’s a super good voice” to myself about my voice so whenever I receive everyone’s comments and things like that I’m really happy. Really. It makes me glad to be a voice actor and I’m really happy when people listen to these.

K: Um… of course, it’s because the staff and everyone else are present, the people I work with, and the listeners are here that I’m really happy to have become a voice actor. Working as a voice actor like this is also something that makes me happy. I really like the dummy head microphone and listening to my own acting and hoping it got through. I really enjoy acting out various roles, like Yuri, and it makes me happy.

K: Alright, that being said, I talked for a very long time. Thank you very much for listening to this point. I’ll say it again that I had fun acting this, and I’ll appreciate it if you listen to it lots. This was the voice actor for Dr. Yuri, Irodori Kazuya. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

2 thoughts on “Pink Kankin ~ Teki no Kagakusha Kanbu ni Torawareta Sentai Pink ~

    Adachi cabbage said:
    May 8, 2021 at 12:41

    Thanks for the translation this was more vanilla than I thought. I’m surprised but happy.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 9, 2021 at 00:18

      Haha, a lot of Under Rain stuff is just pure nice PWP even if their settings are a bit strange like this. They’re one of my favorite doujin circles along with Dusk!

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