Futago no Ouji-sama to Dekiai 3P

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Nero (ネロ)
CV: 鶴見鉄塔

Rene (ルネ)
CV: 鷹取レイジ

3P Doting with Twin Princes

The daughter of a fallen aristocrat, you visited a secondhand dealer to sell your mother’s heirloom pearl necklace for living expenses.

Not realizing he was a corrupt secondhand dealer, you were about to be bargained down to sell the pearl necklace at a low price when you were saved by a young man called Nero.

He said, “Attend the ball at the royal palace in seven days. Yes, the ball to select a princess consort for the crown prince. Wear that pearl necklace, and it doesn’t matter if the dress is dated. —Listen, you better come. It’s a promise.”

Seven days later, as promised, you attended the royal ball and there you reunited with Nero and learned that he was the crown prince of the Anvers Kingdom.

Beside Nero, there was a young man with the same face as Nero who called himself Rene—

Thank you to Lux for the commission! R18 warning.

Note1: The reason why there’s so many names in the tag is because all the side characters are voiced, but I opted out of listing them at the top because they aren’t the two male leads.

*** TRACK 1: Meeting at the Town ***

Secondhand Dealer: Welcome, Miss. Is that necklace what you want to sell?

SD: Hm? A real pearl necklace?

SD: Hmm… it’s quite old. Hrm, let’s see… it’s around 10 silver coins.

SD: Heh, it’s fine if you don’t wish to sell. I purchase things at their market value though. If you take that elsewhere, then I believe it will be worth even less.

SD: Hehe, yes, that’s a good decision. Then, 10 silver coins—

Nero: Excuse me. Miss, you’re being deceived. If those are real pearls, then it should sell for 5 gold coins.

SD: Ggh, who are you!? Please don’t interrupt a transaction. Furthermore, my shop is purchasing things at the lowest price properly.

Nero: Don’t bother with him. Let’s go.

SD: A-ah, wait. Gngh, please wait! 5 gold coins! I’ll buy it for 5 coins!

Nero: Don’t look back. Let’s go now.


Nero: Which young lady are you? You’re not a lady who should be entering that seedy secondhand dealer, right? Even if you wear the clothes of a townsperson, you can’t hide your refinement.

Nero: I see. Summarizing your explanation, you were an aristocratic young lady who lacked for nothing but your father was deceived by a swindler and the more he put in the more he lost until you reached your current state, or something like this?

Nero: Aren’t those pearls precious?

Nero: Your mother’s heirloom? You were going to sell it for living expenses?

Nero: Hold on, that’s not something to sell.

Nero: Here, 5 gold coins. I’ll lend you these, so keep those pearls.

Nero: You don’t need to thank me. I won’t ask for interest either. In exchange, attend the ball at the royal palace in seven days. Yes, the ball to select a princess consort for the crown prince. Wear that pearl necklace, and it doesn’t matter if the dress is dated. —Listen, you better come. It’s a promise.

*** TRACK 2: On the Night of the Ball ***

Woman A: Aah, His Highness, Adel, is as stunning as Helios tonight. I wonder if he will choose me as his dance partner for the next song?

Woman B: No, it’s me! I’m certain the next one chosen will be me!

Elise: You two, step back. The one who suits His Highness is me!

*bell rings*

Rene: Regrettably, it’s the eleven o’clock bell. I shall be excusing myself now. Everyone, please continue to enjoy yourselves without concern for me.

A: Oh…

B: Your Highness!

E: Aah… good grief, it’s because you two were noisy!

*scene skip; door closes*

Rene: I’m back, Nero. Haa… I finally slipped out. Haha, I danced a lot this evening.

Nero: Ah, so? Was there any notable girl?

Rene: Not at all. There wasn’t a single girl I was drawn to. Aah, I’m tired. They were all girls with glaring ambition.

Nero: I see.


Rene: It’s said that the ball this evening is a gathering of all the unmarried girls in the country, but it seems there’s no girl who is suitable for us.

Nero: … Rene, I want to ask you something. Was there a girl with a pearl necklace?

Rene: A pearl necklace? I saw tons of them.

Nero: … I see.

Rene: I’m going to get some air. Oh? There seems to be some trouble.

Nero: What’s wrong?

Rene: Look, over there at the gazebo in the garden. It looks like the ladies are arguing.

*scene skip*

E: Excuse me. Why is a daughter from a poor family like you participating in this ball?

A: Heehee, precisely. Your parentage may be good, but presently you’re a fallen aristocrat, aren’t you? Do you not have any awareness of how unsuitable you are for the royal palace?

B: Plus, what’s with that dress? It looks like a dress from when your mother was young!

E: Don’t tell me, you didn’t have the job to have a new dress tailored and so you wore your mother’s dress?

A: Elise, that is a bit excessive. Someone shameless enough to come to a princess consort selection ball in an old dress… shouldn’t exist in our country.

E: You’re right. Eh? What did you say!? It truly is your mother’s dress!?

B: Gross! I can’t believe it! How pathetic!

E: Oh? And yet only your pearl necklace is splendid. Did you borrow that from somewhere?

A: Elise, you’re being excessive—is what I want to say, but she’s someone who attends a ball in an antiquated dress so she wouldn’t understand.

B: Remove that necklace! Either way, it’s something you stole, right?


Nero: Ladies, what are you doing over there?

B: Y-your Highness, Adel!

A: No way… If I’m seen here by His Highness, then being chosen as his princess consort will be an unrealizable dream!

E: Let’s go, you two! Come on, quick! Run!

Nero: You aren’t hurt, are you?

Nero: I see. I’m glad then.

Nero: You seriously came. However, you went through a terrible experience. I’m sorry.

Nero: I thought I wouldn’t see you again. I’m happy to see you again.

Rene: I see. So that girl is the lady with a pearl necklace.

Nero: Ggh, Rene! You—why did you come?

Rene: Haha, I saw you uncharacteristically getting bothered, so I got curious. Mm, I see. She’s a beautiful girl. Mm, her posture is elegant and she has grace. Mm, sure. I have no problems, if it’s this girl.

Nero: Alright, hurry up and return to the room.

Rene: Ooh, what kind of words are those? It’s as if you’re the dean of the Knight Academy.

Nero: Shut up!

Rene: Haha! I feel like I’m going to get tossed into the disciplining room.


Nero: Yeah, that’s the prince of this country, Adel. He’s also known as Rene. The reason I have the same face as him… It’s going to be a long story. At any rate, come to our room.

*scene skip; door closes*

Rene: Welcome, Miss, to our room.

Nero: As you can see, we have the same appearance. We’re twins.

Rene: Yes, by nature, twins who are born to the royal family are treated as inauspicious and one has the fate of being executed. However, His Majesty, who had a hard time having children, allowed them both to live. But the two would be a single person. That being the case, I handle the politics and social events. Nero does the war council, knight ceremonies, and anything related to the military. Like that, we respectively act as Prince Adel. We display our strengths in each of our skilled areas.

Nero: It is also because of this circumstance, that we have to choose a bride within the country. By nature, it would be of national interest to make a foreign princess the crown princess. But it would be bad if this secret leaked outside of the country.


Rene: That princess consort selection is already over, right? Haha, ah, I’m finally liberated from having to deal with those girls who are like poisonous serpents.

Nero: I’m going to have you be our princess consort. I’m not playing a joke on you. I’m serious.

Rene: Do you hate Nero? You don’t hate him, but rather you like him? Haha, it’s decided then.

Nero: Good. Even if you hated me, you won’t be able to go back anymore. Because you know the secret of the twin princes.

Rene: If you were against this no matter what, then we would have had to imprison you in a convent. I’m so glad you two are in mutual love. Nero is very picky, you see. If we had to have a consort, he had to have a girl he liked.

Nero: I’m going to live together with them, so isn’t that natural? Be aware there’s not many men like you who are fine with them just not being unpleasant.

Rene: I’d like you to call it philanthropy. I will decline ladies who are looking for the blood, prestige, and power that accompanies me. Other than that, I have no problems. The problem was that, up until now, there were only women who aimed for my blood, prestige, and power around me. Tomorrow, I will officially announce that we have decided on our consort. Now then, I should get the ladies at the ball to go home. I’m going to go drink with the guys.

*** TRACK 3: First Night with Nero ***

Nero: I’m really glad you chose me of your own will. *kisses*

N: If you came here and reunited with me, you knew this would happen, didn’t you? You should be prepared. *kisses* Nngh…

N: Could it be this is your first time?

N: Oh, I’m glad all over again that I chose you. There are men in great quantities who would choose a beautiful and clean lady like you. Including trash looking for an affair.

N: I’m glad I found you before you were hurt by those types of bastards.

N: This is an antique dress. The quality is good… and it matches your presence well.

N: Haha, what are you embarrassed about? Because it’s different from what’s in fashion? Compared to the women wearing fashionable dresses, I like you and this dress you’re wearing.

N: Yes, I like you. It’s true.

N: I liked your elegance when we were in town, I like how honest you are in keeping your promise and attending the ball, and I like how even when you were trapped by those fault-finding girls like a small robin you were dignified.


N: There’s the scent of flowers from your chest. Mm? You’re not wearing perfume? Then, is it your scent? Here too. It’s the color of a flower bud. *kisses*

N: Haha, your chest is sensitive. The tips are hard just from a kiss. It looks like you became like this because you want me to touch you. Mngh…

N: Ah, your heartbeat is amazing. I can feel it hammering through your skin. Do you want to touch my chest above my heart too?

N: My heartbeat is loud too, isn’t it? I’m pretty nervous… because I’m so happy. Not just my heart, but try touching other places.

N: I’m hard, aren’t I?

N: Yeah… you can touch me more.

N: There’s no bone inside. When I’m holding the woman I like, I become like this.

N: This is going to go inside you.

N: You’re wet. Are you aroused too?

N: Mm? Being aroused means… When I touch this place, what do you feel? You’re hot, you’re worked up, and you’re disordered. This state, when it all comes rushing into you, is called being aroused.


N: Yeah, then right now, you’re aroused.

N: Relax your body. You can tell my finger is entering you, right?

N: Haha, it’s still one finger but… if I don’t push it in then I can’t go deeper.

N: Ah, don’t cry. If it hurts… I’m sorry. I won’t hurt you any more than this. Really.

N: Uh, it doesn’t hurt? It’s embarrassing…? And that’s why you’re crying?

N: Don’t say cute things like that. It’ll make me want to embarrass you more. Here, I’m going to add another finger.

N: Look, it’s slowly going in. Deep into your embarrassing hole.

N: Haha, it feels good… inside here, right? When my fingers press against this spot, you tremble and rejoice down here.

N: Ah, right now, you’re the cutest. Making those noises and losing yourself… I won’t know what to do with myself.

N: I’m going to pull out my fingers. In exchange, I’m putting this in.

N: No, I won’t let you run. You’re going to become mine. Relax your body. I’m putting it in. Nngh!


N: What is this? Hngh, wow, haha. Mgh, it’s tight but I’m being drawn deep inside.

N: Ngh… hah… it’s hot and deep. Haah… haa…

N: I’ve gone in deep. Hah… hah… look this way. I’m going to kiss you. *kisses*

N: Hagh… haa… I feel like I’m completely connected to you. Mrgh… gngh…

N: You tightened down here. Haha, you’re happy with this too, right? *kisses*

N: Here, I’m going to move. Ngh… hagh… it looks like it doesn’t hurt. Haha, are you already used to my size? Does it feel good? Haha, look, me too. Mmgh… hah…! *thrusting*

N: I… didn’t know, ngh, that joining with the woman you love, mgh, would feel like this. Haa… hagh… I won’t be able to leave you anymore after this. Never.


N: Haah… haa… I love you. Nngh, I… love you. *he orgasms; kisses*

*scene skip*

N: Hey, are women this good?

N: Everyone isn’t as cute as you though. Until I met you, I wasn’t interested in that stuff at all.

N: Mm. The last time I did it… was the first time just now.

N: It’s not because of that though, I’m going to cherish you. You’re above everything else.

N: As long as you wish it, I’ll even capture the land of jewels in the south-east sea and offer up all the jewels to you. I’m serious.

N: Haha. What? You don’t want them? It’s worth capturing places with an objective, but I see… you don’t like conflict. Well, there are ways to make this land plentiful without warring. In the near future, I’ll make you the queen of the most prosperous country. *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: Three People, Together with the Twin Princes ***

Rene: Good morning, my princess. *kisses* Last night, we exchanged our love but I feel you are more beloved than yesterday. Can… we do it once more? My presence is different from yesterday? Haha, naturally, yesterday we were just a man and woman, but today our relationship is deeper. Mm… the scent of your skin, the heat of your breath, I remember it all clearly. *kisses*

Rene: Haha, your lips are sweet. Your skin is as smooth as cream. Your eyes are as clear as jelly. Was this body made out of sweets? This place is like a marshmallow. It’s soft and, when I kiss it, it feels like it’ll melt. *kisses*


Rene: Is it just my imagination? Mm, there seems to be a scent of cream and berries… I need to check this once more. *kisses*

Rene: Haa… you really are adorable. The scent of nectar is coming from below. Show me.

Rene: Aah, you’re sticky with honey. I’ll lick it all up. *gives oral*

Rene: Hah… haa… you became clean, but it’s flowing out from inside again. Haha, if I don’t give you what you want, it looks like this will be useless. I’m going to put it in, relax your body. *kisses*

Rene: Ngh, your honey is wrapping around me and I’m swallowed in easily. It’s hot inside you, mgh, and you’re kissing my length all at once. Gngh, it feels good. Does my length feel good?


Rene: Haha, right? You’re rejoicing down here and wrapping around my member. Mngh… hah… let’s kiss like this. Come now, show me your pleasured face. *kisses*

Nero: Rene, you…

Rene: Oh, you’re back already? Heh, I wanted to pretend to be you a while longer and enjoy this though. *kisses* Nngh…

Nero: Stop it, that’s a disgusting hobby. Don’t pretend to be me and get her approval properly as yourself. *to heroine* Haa… I’m sorry, Rene did something rude.

Rene: You say that but you entered the perfect world of two lovers. Have you thought of my feelings?

Nero: I don’t understand when I do think about it. *to heroine* Yes, you’re the consort of both me and Rene. Rene has the right to sleep with you too, but…

Rene: You’re against me sleeping with her?

Nero: Yeah, I’m at a loss myself.

Rene: Nero, up until now, we’ve shared everything. We created the character of the perfect crown prince, Adel. If she is Adel’s bride, then we just both need to love her. Until her heart and body melts… *kisses*


Nero: Ggh! Look this way. *kisses*

Rene: Haha, I’m jealous. The moment you were kissed by Nero, you clenched down on my member. Do you get excited more from Nero’s kisses than mine?

Nero: *kisses* Why? You’re feeling my kisses, and yet I’m not feeling you there.

Rene: If you’re unhappy, then just have her kiss your length.

Nero: Hah!? What are you saying!? There’s no way I can do that!

Rene: She’s the bride to both of us. So, she needs to be able to satisfy us both at the same time. *to heroine* Hm? Are you aroused imagining this? You tightened around me again.

Nero: This girl isn’t a prostitute! From the start, she was an aristocratic lady. I can’t make her do that.

Rene: That’s what Nero says, but what about you? If it’s Nero’s member, then you think you can love it with your mouth? In that case, try it.

Nero: Ah, wait! Don’t pull down my pants. Ngh… no way… to kiss me there. Mgh! Hagh…

Rene: Ngh, I feel good here too. You love it when you’re kissing Nero’s length, don’t you? Hngh, try licking it next like it’s candy. Put the tip in your mouth and taste it.


Nero: Mgh, asshole, don’t instigate her! This girl will take it seriously. Mrgh, look…! Ungh… hah…

Rene: It looks like it feels good inside your mouth too. One of these days, I’d like you to do the same to me. Nngh… haah… haa… For now, I’ll slowly enjoy myself here. I’m going to go around. Like this, I can thrust deep into your embarrassing hole from behind and you’ll also be able to easily suck Nero’s length.

Nero: Haa… hagh… don’t nod! Are you alright with this? I wanted to bury my member deeper into you and slowly deepen our bond.

Rene: If it was going to end up like this either way, then the sooner the better. Mgh, here, Nero, take a look. This girl has a look of pleasure. Haa… hah… There’s members thrust into her at the top and below, mgh, and she’s turned on.

Nero: You’re not unhappy doing it with the both of us? It feels strange…? But you don’t hate it. Mgh!

Rene: Nero, she instinctively realizes that we’re two people who have lived as one person. Haha, she’s truly a clever girl.

Nero: Ah, then you really… aren’t unhappy about this deed, right?


Rene: I’m going to move a little. Keep on sucking Nero. *thrusting*

Nero: Gngh! Don’t be reckless. She was a virgin just yesterday.

Rene: Nngh, oh? That’s unexpected. Haa… hagh… she’s this soaked, ngh, so I thought she had been sleeping with you, Nero, since a long time ago.

Nero: Mmgh, haah… is that why you made a move on her?

Rene: That’s why. But, look, she’s squeezing my member so well while having you in her mouth. Nrgh, she’s docile to pleasure. Haa… hagh… come on, be sure to love Nero properly.

Nero: Gngh, hagh… haa…! P-please wait… that’s enough. You don’t have to go that far… ngh!

Rene: Haa… hah… wow, with this body, you’re turning both crown princes of the Anvers Kingdom into your slaves.

Nero: Mmgh… what sort of expression is that? It’s a face that says you’re drowning in pleasure. Are you doing that unconsciously?

Rene: Seducing men with that expression, ngh, what a bad girl. I can’t believe you were a virgin just yesterday. Mmgh… hah… or can you make that look because you were a virgin?


Nero: It should be an obscene expression, but it looks so innocent… Are you, mrgh, a fairy or something?

Rene: Haha, I can’t believe I heard a romantic word like “fairy” from Nero’s mouth. Hagh… haa…

Nero: Stop laughing! That’s how enchanting she is. Nngh! Ah! It’s hot inside your mouth. Gngh… haah… ah… I’m going… to come.

Rene: Me too, the peak is close. Ngh… mgh…!

Nero: Hagh… hah…!

Rene: I’m at my limits…! Gngh! *he orgasms*

Nero: Gngh! *he orgasms*

Rene: Haa… haah… can you tell? That my heat is pouring into you.

Nero: Mgh! I’m sorry, your mouth… Spit it out! You… swallowed it? A-ah, what…

Rene: Haha, good girl. Drinking the seed of the man you love.

Nero: Don’t praise her! A-ah, sorry, it must have been disgusting, right?

Rene: If you don’t like it, then you can’t swallow it even if you’re asked, alright? Haha, how charming. Nero, you really love this girl, don’t you?


Nero: Do you not love her?… In that case, don’t play with her as a joke.

Rene: It’s mean to call this a joke. *to heroine* As the bride of both of us, it’s also your responsibility to sleep with me, right?

Nero: That may be true, but I don’t want to push her.

Rene: I also like her. Because she accepted us both and loved us at the same time.

Nero: Yeah… there’s no other girl like her. Before we got here, I loved her.

Rene: *kisses* Haa… you’ll love us in the future too, right? Yes, thank you.

Nero: If it gets painful doing it with the three of us, then tell me. I’ll deal with it.

Rene: From today, it doesn’t feel like that’s a concern though. Haha.

Nero: Shut up. Take back those words. It’ll make it hard for her to say something.

Rene: Nero, you’re really gentle towards her. If you’re able to turn that gentleness towards other ladies, then social interactions would be simple.

Nero: I hate social events because I can’t do that. It suits me more to fight.

Rene: That’s what’s terrifying. Fighting at the risk of your life, I can’t imagine that.

Nero: That’s why you’re dealing with social events and diplomacy in my stead.


Rene: I’ve given you trouble. *to heroine* Hm? Why are you laughing? We have a good relationship…? Me and Nero? That’s right, since we were born, we lived compensating for each other’s weaknesses. Prince Adel of the Anvers Kingdom can’t exist if he’s missing either Nero or me.

*door knocks*

Lucas: Pardon me, it’s Lucas.

Rene: Ah, you can come in.

Nero: You idiot! We’re still naked! *to heroine* Cover your chest with this!

Rene: What’s the problem? Ah, Lucas is our cousin, three years younger than us, and knows our secret too. He keeps his mouth shut and he’s a diligent child.

*door opens*

L: Prince Rene, it’s time to dress for the morning meeting.

Rene: Oh, got it.

L: Here is a list of names of the participants.

Rene: Hm. It’s the same members as usual.

L: Oh! That beautiful lady over there is…?

Rene: She’s the lady who is to be our bride. Lucas, I would like you to prepare the crown princess room for her immediately and arrange maids for her as well.

L: Oh…! I’m surprised! At last, a princess consort has been decided. Leave everything to me.


Nero: … Lucas, I’m going to have my meal with her here. Please arrange it.

L: Understood.

Rene: I’ll see you later then. *leaves; door closes*

Nero: We’ll be busy until the marriage ceremony, huh. You’re asking whose…? Yours and Adel’s, obviously. Once the ceremony is over, then you’ll officially be the crown princess of this country.

N: You’ll probably be as beautiful as the Goddess of Roses in your wedding clothes. *kisses*

*door knocks*

L: Excuse me, I brought breakfast.

N: Ah, thanks.

*door opens*

L: Coffee with milk to wake you up. Please enjoy.

N: Mm.

L: In addition, I’m screening maids for her. By the time breakfast is finished, a decision will be made so, later on, I will introduce them to you.

N: I see. *to heroine* It’d be nice if they were gentle and kindhearted women who would match you.

L: They were selected by the head maid, who has worked here for many years, so I don’t think you need to worry about that.

N: I hope that’s the case. Hey, if a malicious woman was chosen to be your maid, then return her immediately. You’re a person with that standing now.


L: Haha, how pleasant.

N: What? Do you want to say I’m head over heels in love?

L: Ah! Not at all! Even if I thought that, I wouldn’t say such a thing.

N: That’s the same as saying it. *to heroine* Ugh, don’t laugh too. I’m just… worried. In the royal palace, there’ll be people jealous of your position and they’re ambitious. This is that sort of place.

L: With all due respect, so long as you don’t show weakness in the royal palace, then it’s a place you can comfortably live in.

N: … You lived her since you were born, so you don’t feel out of place. But she’s a girl who came from outside the royal palace. She still doesn’t know what will be a weakness. That’s what I’m worried about.

L: Regarding those, she can learn them from the head maid.

N: You’re right. Go and inform the head maid that.

L: Understood.

N: *to heroine* Hear that? The head maid is your ally. If there’s anything you don’t understand, then ask the head maid anything.

L: Prince Nero, may I continue serving breakfast?

N: Yeah.

L: Then, I’ll divide the smoked chicken salad here.

*** TRACK 5: Reunion with Elise ***

Fauna: It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Fauna, the head maid. I will be serving the princess for today. This lady over here is called Elise. She is the daughter of a viscount and a lady with good taste. Hereafter, she will be your maid, Princess. Please make any requests that you wish.

E: It’s a pleasure to meet you…

F: Now then, Elise, please select a dress for the princess’ meal gathering.

E: Understood.

F: I leave it to you. Oh my, has the princess’ tea not arrived yet? I told them to bring it over when she arrived, but I suppose nothing can be done now. Elise, I’m leaving this place to you. *leaves; door closes*

E: U-um! I-I-I… am deeply apologetic! At the ball, I said terribly… mean things to you.

E: Eh? You aren’t bothered? R-really…?

E: You’ll also keep quiet about it to the head maid…?

E: You’re so kind! That’s why you were chosen by Prince Adel, yes?

E: Ehe, thank you so much! From this moment, I’ll change my heart and serve you in all sincerity.

[02:12] *door knock and opens*

F: Phew, I made you wait. They didn’t know the princess’ taste, so they were held up on deciding on one. I told them I would brew the tea and brought the tea set and tea leaves over!

E: Haha!

F: Ohoho! Oh my, the dress prepared for the princess is that one? Isn’t that a wonderful color? You really do have good taste.

E: You flatter me.

F: I’m glad I chose you to be her maid, ehehe. The wedding dress selection will be entrusted to you too.

*** TRACK 6: On a Tranquil Night ***

Rene: Gorgeous… right now, you are entirely deserving of being blessed by the Goddess of Marriage and becoming this country’s crown princess. You may not believe me, but even I like you to a degree that doesn’t lose to Nero. Truly… to an extent that is equal to saying “I love you”.

*bells ring; scene skip*

R: It was a lovely wedding! When our bride’s beauty, which even goddesses would lose to, was revealed on the royal palace’s balcony, the people responded with great cheers.

Nero: Yeah, I heard it even here.

R: Haha, it was because the completely flawless Prince Adel received such a beautiful bride. The people and everyone are dreaming of the glittering future of Anvers Kingdom and cheered for that.

*door knocks and opens*

Lucas: Pardon me, Prince Rene, preparations have been made for the banquet.

R: Got it, I’ll be there soon.

[02:06] *door closes*

N: It was decided that Rene would attend these sort of ceremonies but… this is the only time I’ve been jealous. You and Rene exchanged vows of eternal love in front of the Goddess of Marriage, right? One day, give me your vow of love in front of the goddess together with me too. *kisses*

*scene skip; door opens*

N: Welcome back, my princess. Rene is still at the banquet, right?

N: Yeah, the whole royal palace is giddy at the crown prince’s marriage. It’s going to be noisy for a while. You must be tired already, right?

N: You aren’t? Really? Will you take a stroll with me then?

N: There’s a place I want to go with you. Just the two of us, without telling Lucas or anyone else. Alright?

*scene skip*

N: I wanted to come here together with you. At this time, the cathedral is a quiet place, isn’t it?

N: Yeah, on the night of a marriage, even when there’s no one here, it’s customary to light all the candles in the church. Today, you and Rene swore eternal love here, didn’t you? *kisses*


N: Hey… here, in this place protected by the statue of the Goddess of Marriage and Love, swear love to me too. That, for as long as you live, you will love from the bottom of your heart me, not as Prince Adel but as Nero.

N: Yes, I’ll swear it too. For as long as I live, it’ll only be you. *kisses*

N: I’m so happy to be able to exchange vow of love with you alone together. It doesn’t matter if there aren’t any attendees. If it’s just the two of us, I can have you in your prettiest moment all to myself.

N: Ah… it looks like interruptions came.

Elise: Princess! Why are you in the cathedral at this time? Ah! Prince Adel!? Were you not still at the banquet?

N: I slipped out, that’s all. I’m going to return now. I entrust my wife to you.

E: Understood. Now, let’s return to your room, Princess.

*scene skip*

E: This late at night, it will be bad on your reputation if you are seen. Let’s go that way.

[06:10] *scene skip*

Kidnapper: So that broad is the crown princess, huh.

E: Yes, that’s right.

K: Great, give her here. You did great.

E: Hahaha! Ohoho! Your act of princess consort ends here!

K: Exactly. Come! The royal palace doesn’t suit you. I’m gonna sell you at a brothel in the frontier.

E: Ohoho! That’s good for you! You’re just the daughter of a fallen aristocrat, so to be the crown princess… This is happening to you because you didn’t know your place!

K: Hah? Who am I? It doesn’t matter, does it? There are tons of people in the royal palace who will be inconvenienced if you become queen.

N: I see. Is that how things are?

K: Grk!

E: Ah! Prince Adel!?

N: It looks like the enemies here are just you? *draws sword* Come at me. I’ll bring you down with one hand.

K: Dammit! Don’t look down on me, you spoiled prince! *battling noises*

N: You’re a talkative kidnapper. You won’t be able to kidnap even a puppy like that.

K: Ngh! This guy’s strong…!


E: W-w-what should I do!? Oh, I know! I have to run!

Rene: I won’t let you escape.

E: Hie!? Huh!? There’s another Prince Adel…?

R: I’m a body double. Consequently, I’m extremely skilled at illusions. If you don’t want to die, then you won’t think about running.

E: Ah… no way…

K: Gagh!

N: We’re done here.

K: Ggh…

N: The penalty for touching my wife… pay it with your life. Die now.

R: Nero! You can’t kill him. This villain must have companions. Capture him alive, because we need to get the leader of the plot out of him.

N: Kgh… I see. Hah… you’re right.

R: Nero, I’ll handle the rest. Take our consort and return to our room first. The guards Lucas summoned will be here soon.

N: … Yeah. Let’s go. This way. *heroine stumbles* Are you alright!? You’ve lost strength in your legs and you can’t stand. Hold onto me, I’ll pick you up.

R: I’ll see you two later.

N: Yeah, sorry.

Lucas: Your Highness! I brought the guards over.

R: You’re here. Arrest this villain who tried to kidnap the princess consort, and that woman who was complicit!

*** TRACK 7: Pampered by the Twin Princes ***

Nero: It doesn’t look like you have any external wounds but… it doesn’t hurt anywhere, does it?

N: I see. I’m glad nothing happened to you.

N: I went through my memories, thinking that I ought to have seen that maid’s face before, and felt a shiver when I remembered. From the start, that lady had ill will towards you, didn’t she? It’s impossible for that sort of human to not be jealous of you becoming the crown princess.

N: I never would have expected you to almost be kidnapped.

N: Please don’t apologize. I’m the one who wants to apologize. When it comes to the cause, it’s because I made a pure-hearted girl like you the crown princess. In the future too, as long as you’re the crown princess, there will be many who will be jealous of you.

N: Among them, there might be those who conspire with villains like that stupid lady. However, knowing Adel’s secret, you can’t be released from the royal palace.

N: If Rene hadn’t stopped me, I would have ended that villain.

N: It’s startling… I needed to capture him alive and get him to spit out all the people behind the scenes, or else danger would befall you again. And yet… I didn’t know I could be this rash. When it comes to you, my reason fails to work.

N: I won’t be able to protect you like this…


N: You’re happy? Even though there’s a possibility you’ll be exposed to danger in the future too!? Even then?

N: Yeah, after this, I won’t protect you alone. I won’t be prideful and, even if I have to borrow Rene’s strength—no, even if I have to use all the power of the crown prince, I’ll protect you to the end.

*door opens*

Rene: Is our princess consort unharmed? I’m glad. You look the same as always. You’re lively enough to accompany an expedition, huh.

N: What’s happening with the insurgent?

R: He’s being questioned in the dungeon. We still don’t know the mastermind but, on the whole, it’s probably some aristocrat who wanted his own daughter to be the crown princess, right?

N: Once we’ve identified who and where, we’ll strip them of their position and banish them outside the country, right?

R: Mm, from the start, they might be a foreign aristocrat, you know? If that’s the case, then we’ll have to ask for retribution within our capacity. They raised a hand to our princess consort. I absolutely won’t leave it at this.

N: I’m relieved to hear that.

R: It’s a matter of course. Even I love my wife. *kisses*

N: Will you stay together with us forever?

R: You’ve already decided, right? Thank you for loving us. Did you know? That you have a cute mole behind your right ear. Look, right here. *kisses*


N: There’s nothing at your left ear but… I love the shape of your ears. *kisses* I also love your neck and collarbone.

R: Nngh…

N: Mm…

R: I want to leave kiss marks, but if the both of us do that then you’ll be covered in marks.

N: Yeah, let’s not. In exchange, I’ll kiss her breasts. Your corset is in the way, right? I’m going to remove it. *removes clothes* You’re beautiful naked. I want to suck on these breasts. *kisses*

R: Then I think I’ll taste the other breast. Mn…


N: Nn…

R: You’re aroused, aren’t you? Haha, even without touching below, I can tell by the smell. It’s a fragrance similar to the nectar of a rose.

N: Yeah. the smell of a woman in heat. Spread your legs.

R: Haa… hah… there’s a nice smell coming from here. Nero, have you tasted it with your tongue?

N: Have you?

R: Hehe, just a little before.

N: Heh. I’ll be having it today. *gives oral*

R: I’ll taste your lips. *kisses* Mm…

N: Nrgh…


R: Does it feel good being ravished at the same time? Mngh…

N: Hagh… ngh, your folds are trembling. Did you climax? *gives oral*

R: Mm…

N: Your body is shaking. Hey, how many times did you climax?

R: Nero, you’re asking a mean question. There’s no way she can say such an improper thing, right? I’ll tell you. Three times.

N: I didn’t ask you. How did you know?

R: Hehe, it’s easy. The instant she came, her kissing stopped. To stop three times during your kiss with me… you’re a bad girl.

N: Don’t hog all her kisses to yourself. *kisses*

R: Haha, cute. Your hips are moving from Nero’s kiss. How about I touch you to see what you’re like inside? I’m going to put my finger in. How about I put on some secret ointment so that it goes in easier? It’ll make you more sensitive and you’ll be able to accept larger things down here. Look, two fingers went in easily.


N: If it’s easier for her to accept things, then I wonder if my fingers can go in too. It’s tight… but it went in. What’s wrong? Fingers aren’t enough for you?

R: We’ll let you enjoy it lots later. Mine and Nero’s. But before then, I’d like you to love our members with your cute fingers.

N: Ggh, Rene! What are you going to make her do?

R: Haha, literally what I just said. Nngh, yes, grip my length with your right hand. With your left hand, grip Nero’s. Mm, stroke them up and down. Gngh, yes, that’s good.

N: Nngh, you have an innocent look but with both hands you’re… mgh… doing this sort of thing. What are you doing?

R: She’s so cute, she’s something that shouldn’t be seen. Mrgh! Haa… haah… it feels good…

N: It feels good, but… mgh… No! For your untainted palms to do something this debauched to a man’s desire… moreover, with both hands!

R: You’re amazing. Haah… hah… to make both crown princes of Anvers this aroused… ngh…

N: Gugh…! You’re drenched down here too. Hey, can I put myself in? I can, right? Then I’m putting it in. Mmgh! Hagh… haa… it’s hot and tight, ngh! I’m going to be squeezed dry like this, grgh! I’m moving…! *thrusting*


R: Haa… hah… I’d like you to love me with your mouth. Mgh! Your lips don’t lose to the softness in your vagina and it’s burning… hngh… Yes, put the tip inside, mgh. Use your tongue and caress me. Hagh… haah!

N: You’re convulsing inside and wrapping around me…! Ggh!

R: Kgh… hah…! Feels good… right there… the bottom side of my member, mgh!

N: Aah… mgh…! Each time I thrust deep into you, your breasts sway and it’s so erotic. It’s like they’re enticing me to touch them. Here, I’ll fondle your breasts too.

R: Haha, all your sensitive spots are being ravished. Nrgh… hah… Hey, is my member delicious?

N: Haa… hah… no, my length is the one that feels good, right? You love it when this thick thing pounds deep into you like this. Mgh…! You tightened up down here, nrgh! You really are turned on, huh, when you’re in the midst of both of us, when we’re both ravishing you. Haa… hah…!

R: Mrgh, I’m about to release now…! Hagh… hah…!

N: Hey, should we spill both of our semen at the same time inside you?

R: Haa… haah… it’s coming…!

N: Hah… hagh… me too… I’m at my limit!

R: You too, come… together with us… mgh! Hah… haa…! *he orgasms*

N: Kgh! *he orgasms* Haah… hah… *kisses*

R: Hah… haa… *kisses* Mn… nrgh…

N: Nngh… mm…


R: You came together with us, didn’t you?

N: Let’s kiss one more time. *kisses*

R: I just came, but I’m still hard.

N: Hah… and what about that? I don’t plan on giving way to you tonight.

R: I thought so, haha. In that case, I’ll enter inside too.

N: Huh!? What are you thinking!?

R: Turn to your side and lie down. Nero is entering you from the front, so I’ll… enter your secret place from behind.

N: Ngh, stop it. She’s hurting!

R: You say that, but it shouldn’t only be pain. Because I used the secret ointment.

N: You… Did you use the aphrodisiac for this?

R: Yes, as proof that the three of us are married.

N: *to heroine* You aren’t against this, huh.

R: My tip is about to enter entirely. Nngh, so cute. That place is full of members. Gngh, yes, breathe slowly.

N: You’re crying, aren’t you? It feels good…? Really?

R: Look this way. Let’s kiss. *kisses* Haah… you like being ravished in the middle of both of us, right? Your entrance has softened and I think I can go in like this.


N: You’re convulsing and clenching down here, mgh. *kisses* It’s like you’re swallowing our lengths.

R: Haagh… hah… it’s all in. Mine… and Nero’s… haa… they’ve both been swallowed. You’re hot inside and I feel like I’m going to melt together with you.

N: Haa… hah… it really went in? How does it feel? Having these two thick things inside.

R: Nrgh… hagh… does it feel like you have us to yourself? Haha. No? Haha, you actually are monopolizing us though. Haa… hah… our bodies and our hearts.

N: Rene’s right. I love you. I don’t feel this way towards another woman.

R: For me, up until now, I’ve had relationships with many women but… hah… it always felt empty. I didn’t notice that until I slept with you. The feeling of something dear sprouted… after I met you. Haah… haa… *kisses*


N: Mngh… *kisses* I love you. I’ll always protect you, so stay beside me. *thrusting*

R: I’ll use every method I have to make you happy. I promise.

N: I love you.

R: My beloved. *thrusting; kisses*

N: Ngh… hagh… feels good… feels so good… grgh!

R: Haa… hagh… I love you. Mgh… ngh!

N: I want to taste you forever with this tongue. *kisses*

R: Mm… gngh…! I want to wander around forever in this pleasure. Haa… hah…! It’s… coming! Haagh…!

N: Nrgh… hagh…! *he orgasms*

R: *he orgasms* Haa…. hah… *kisses*

[28:58] *scene skip*

R: The three of us are connected with this.

N: Haa… you’re too forceful.

R: Haha, but doing it with the three of us was pleasurable, right? Oh, to celebrate, why don’t we eat chocolate?

N: You… Huh? You don’t know chocolate?

R: It’s a sweet made by the southern country. It’s sweet and slightly bitter, and it’s also said to be an aphrodisiac. Haha, putting that aside, it’s a great delicacy.

N: You can try it. Chocolate… needs some grape wine too, right?

R: Should I get Lucas to bring some?

N: No! Don’t call a third party in this situation.

R: There’s nothing to hide, right? Lucas knows our relationship.

N: Do you not know the meaning of an afterglow?

R: Eh? Hahahaha! I can’t believe I’m being scolded by you, Nero, about enjoying an afterglow. Haha! Life is full of surprises, haha!

N: Shut up. Ugh, the grape wine is inside that cabinet. There are glasses too.

R: Let’s have some with the chocolate then.

*scene skip; wine poured into glasses*

R: To a night with the three of us. *toasts*

N: Chocolate is eaten by being fed through a kiss.

R: Nero, for you to flirt so sweetly…!

N: Come on, here. Take the chocolate with a kiss. *kisses* Nn…

*** TRACK 8: Tsurumi Tettou’s Free Talk ***

Tettou: Thank you so much for finishing “Doting with Twin Princes”. I’m the voice actor for Nero, Tsurumi Tettou. Erm, we’re at the free talk and, this time, there’s questions. They’re lined up here so I thought I’d go through them.

T: First! Haha, my impression of acting as Nero. Right, well, when I read this at first, how do I put this, I thought he was arrogant and did things his way. I got the impression that he was a proud person. But, after reading the script, I went “Huh? This kid is really pure” and he doesn’t play around at all, I mean, within the story, he’s a virgin. He was a little different from what I imagined and, after doing it, he’s cute, haha. But, during the 3P, his switch gradually gets flipped and, uh, he teases too. He loves with all his heart and I got that through my reading, so it’d be nice if I conveyed that even just a little, haha.

T: Second! If I was a prince myself and I could make one law that I want, then what law would I make? Oh, this is a hard one! Hmm, let’s see… well, generally, I’m a relatively quiet person. Right, hm… well, right, in the end, I think people are working too hard in the world… so working hours! Yeah, I want to make it six hours. Let’s decide it with a law, six working hours. If you work over six hours, then it’s capital punishment. You’ll only be able to work six hours. The maximum would be six hours! Six hours includes overtime! I think that’d be what I would make the world obey, haha.


T: Let’s see, last! No, seriously, thank you so much to the listeners for listening up to here. Um, my partner, Takatori-san, has a wonderful voice, doesn’t he? I hope I worked hard enough not to lose to that. Haha, no, not “I hope” but “I did”. Um, well, I won’t lose! Haha, how do I say this, Takatori-san is extremely good at acting so, yeah, to not be crushed by Takatori-san’s performance I acted with everything that I had. If you enjoyhgjhjgh—if you enjoyed yourself, that’d be everything I could ask for.

T: Anyway, after stuttering, furi talks are honestly—hm? free talk?—mm, I’m not good at them, so stumbling over my words a little and other things, um, yeah, I’m doing my best to talk! Hahaha! Uh, that being said, let’s end things here. I do feel apologetic! Thank you so much for listening to this point. I’d be happy if we could meet somewhere else again. Now then, excuse me! This was Tsurumi Tettou!

*** TRACK 9: Takatori Rage’s Free Talk ***

Rage: Hello, this is Takatori Rage. A free talk was planned too for this work and so I came at their request. I’ll sit over there and proceed with the free talk.

R: First, my impressions of acting as Rene. Let’s see, I personally really liked the setting of twin princes. Together with Nero, the two of them did everything and overcame things. I like that part and how they’re siblings and two halves of a whole and the development that lets you feel the bond of the twins. I think, compared to Nero, Rene seems more flashy and superficial and, well, if I expressed that difference with Nero that’d be nice. I can’t explain it but, at the ball, being able to act as the genuine prince of a kingdom who came out made me personally happy. I wanted to try being a prince, haha.


R: Next, if I was a prince myself and I could make one law that I want, then what law would I make? Ah, this is hard, haha. Erm, this is a really difficult one, haha. Hm, what would I do? Hmm, I’m really torn, but… ah, this might be said as being extremely pointless, but umbrellas… Aren’t there people who shake their umbrellas to the side of them? Well, they might not be able to help themselves because it’s unconscious but, oh man, that… Often, when I go to the station, it’s pretty dangerous. I want to try and ban that a little. That… really is dangerous, haha. I had a dangerous experience with that a little, so I want to prevent that again and I’d make that sort of law, haha. It might be pointless though!

R: Right, lastly, it’s a message to the listeners. Okay, how was it? There might also be listeners who haven’t listened yet and are starting from the free talk though. At any rate, the story this time, was flowery in a word and it’s a meeting and love story with the crown prince—er, prince—of a kingdom—one kingdom. That’s why, in the end, I think it really was magnificent and a beautiful story until the last moment. These are my personal impressions too when I read the scenario and acted. By all means, I would like people to listen to this flowery story and I would like them to enjoy themselves. Okay, let’s meet in another work somewhere. Bye bye.

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