Knight of Twins ~ memorandum of their ~

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Fell (フェル)
CV: 聖蹟桜ヶ丘太郎

Phi (ファイ)
CV: 空木あすた

Knight of Twins ~ memorandum of their ~

“You” are the princess of a country and, since you were small, you were raised as siblings with twins, who were the knight attendants of the princess, called Fell and Phi.

These are everyday scenes of spending time closely together as three people.

Thank you to Alma Lin for the commission! R18 warning.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: After the party ~ accompanied with tipsiness and jealousy ~ ***

*door opens*

Fell: Princess, we have arrived at your room. Are you alright?

Phi: “Alright”… No matter how you look at her, she’s not alright. Her face is bright red, her articulation is clumsy, and she’s staggering everywhere. Let’s rest for today. Do you want to go to bed? Okay, then excuse me! *carries heroine* Hold on tightly, Princess. Yep, yep, like that. Now, we’re setting off to the bed!

F: Ah, Phi, hold right there!

P: Okay, we’ve arrived. *sets down heroine*

F: Phi, why are you doing things as you please! I myself wished to carry the princess!

P: Because we both can’t carry her, so I had no choice! You’re so sensitive, Fell. You’re the embodiment of possessiveness.

F: Don’t put my feelings for my princess in that sort of word! I have devoted the rest of my life to the princess—ngh, Princess? N-noisy…? Me? I d-deeply… apologize.

P: What’s wrong, Princess? Do you feel bad? Princess, you were unusually drinking a lot of wine at the party today. Does your head hurt? Fell’s shouts ring in your head, right?


F: That’s a serious problem! I was right to prepare water, thinking you might drink it before sleeping. Princess, can you get up? Ah, please don’t force yourself. I will prepare it now. *pours water, drinks, kisses* Haha, that won’t do, Princess. You have to swallow it properly. Look, you spilled so much.

P: Hey! Fell, you’re being way more unfair. Give me that, I’ll make the princess drink too.

F: Hey now!

P: *drinks, kisses* Mngh… What do you want to do, Princess? Do you still want to drink? You want to drink normally? Nope. You’re drunk, Princess, so you’ll definitely spill it if you hold the glass.

F: Return the glass already, Phi! *drinks, kisses* No, Princess, you have to drink the water neatly, or else who knows what will happen tomorrow.

P: Aah, Princess, because you struggled your dress is wet around the chest. This was newly made, right? Jeez, what a waste. It matched you so well!


F: Yes, it suits you extremely, Princess. Well, it is a pity that we weren’t the only ones who thought so.

P: You’re asking who? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Come on, the person who was always beside you during the party. His name… what was it? I don’t remember.

F: Good grief, I don’t know who he was, but his dirty hands were all over you, Princess. If he had touched you any further, I would have intended to fulfill my duty as the princess’ knight.

P: Hey, Princess, what did you talk to him about? It seemed really lively. It was just small talk… huh. Even so, you seemed to have a lot of fun though?

F: You’re saying we could have joined if that was the case but… we are, to the end, merely knights. Originally, we aren’t even allowed to be in that sort of place. That man too… well, either way, he was a noble from somewhere and so his status was much higher than ours.

P: The status we have is nothing more than you keeping us at hand like this, Princess. Meaning, if you said you wanted to marry him for real, Princess, then we can’t object. Even if you say you wouldn’t do that… Princess, you could. If you tried.

F: You can say anything with your mouth. Of course, we want to believe you too, Princess, but…


P: You’re asking how you can get us to believe you, huh. Let’s see… Hey, Fell, what does the princess need to do so we’ll know she’s serious?

F: For example… let’s see, how about demonstrating it with her body?

P: Then, Princess, do your best so that we will believe you.

F: You’re asking what you should do? I can only say that it would simply be doing whatever you want, Princess. To the end, we only want to know your heart, Princess.

P: That’s the case, so you have to think for yourself, Princess. Well, what are you going to do, Princess? *heroine removes his belt* Ngh, you’re going to lick my dick? Haha, okay. Yep, yep, just like how you usually do it. Mngh… hah… Haha, you’re good, Princess. If you use your hand too, nrgh…

F: Hm. I suppose you’re going for Phi first? However, I apologize but I am not someone with the endurance to look at this appearance of yours while doing nothing, Princess. Excuse me as I go behind you. Aah, your pussy is already this wet. Is it that arousing to taste Phi’s cock? Or is it because of the… wine?


P: Oh? You turn this sexy just when you’re drunk, Princess? Up until now, I thought you didn’t like wine that much, Princess, but now I think I’ll prepare wine in the future too.

F: That’s a good idea. Then we might as well have some sent over now. This time, the three of us will drink it together, Princess. If it’s in front of us, you can drink as much as you like.

P: Yep, yep, Princess, you get all handsy when you’re drunk, regardless of the person. Honestly, I was on pins and needles today. If it was us, you’d be very welcomed though. Hm? You don’t have to say sorry, it’s past now and… if you’re going to say sorry, then move your tongue more. Haa… hagh… that’s good, Princess, ngh… feels so good…

F: I sincerely apologize, Princess, but I don’t think I can endure it any longer. I’m going to put myself in, alright? Raise your hips more, yes, like that. Now then, excuse me. Nngh! Haa… you’re still a little tight, but you’re completely drenched inside. Hagh… if you squeeze so tightly…

P: Aah, jeez, Fell, you’re so impatient. No, Princess, you can’t stop licking me. Swallow me more firmly? Come on, you can do it, right?


F: Heh, you’ve relaxed more and more inside too. Come now, Princess, I know it feels pleasurable but you need to concentrate properly on Phi too. You’re always doing this extent, so it won’t be a problem, right?

P: Ngh… hagh…! Haha, you fell for that pretty hard. You’re sucking my dick so desperately… haa… So cute, Princess. You’re licking my dick and Fell is thrusting into your pussy, mgh, you’re becoming a mess. Princess, you’re super cute.

F: Gngh, you suddenly clenched down. Haha, were you that happy to be called cute by Phi? That makes me… a little jealous! Mgh, I myself think dearly of the princess to this degree and I love you. Haa… hah… is it being conveyed, Princess? Is it… nrgh, being conveyed?

P: Ungh, wow, the back of her throat tightened. Ngh! Fell… ngh… is really rough, isn’t he? He’s slamming his hips that hard. Mmgh, but you don’t hate that, right, Princess?

F: Haa… haah…! Each time I thrust deep into you, Princess, your juices quickly flow out. Gngh, haha, Princess, you’re moving your hips so seductively. Do you want my cock more? Good gracious, Princess, you’re outrageously wanton. When exactly did you become like this, Princess?


P: Aah! If you suck so hard there… nrgh… You remember the places I like? Aah, I love you… Princess! I love you so much, I really love you! Hngh, if you do that, I’m also going to come!

F: Grgh, your knees are shaking. Princess, are you about to come too? Alright, then I’ll pour all my semen into you like this! Haa… hagh…! *thrusting*

P: Hrgh, Princess, I’m also… going to let it out…! Open your mouth. If you don’t, I’ll… at this rate…! Aah! *he orgasms* Ah, I’m sorry, Princess. I couldn’t make it in time and came in your mouth. Wait, I’ll get a cloth. Er… huh? Y-you’ll swallow it? Uh, you swallowed it, Princess!? That’s… You don’t have to force yourself. Are you okay? It must have been tough, right? Ah, jeez, you’re coughing so hard. Haha, but I’m a little happy. You worked hard, Princess.

F: Haa… hah… do we understand with this now…? Do we believe you? O-oh! You were that concerned over the things we said earlier? Um, no, uh, it wasn’t that we didn’t believe in your words, Princess…


P: Um, sorry, Princess. We just got a little jealous of that guy. Because you looked like you were enjoying yourself a lot when you were talking with him, Princess.

F: And then, um, we were a little mean-spirited. I s-sincerely apologize. I didn’t expect you would receive such a shock, Princess.

P: But now we know that you really, really love us, Princess. I also really love you, Princess. So, after this too, stay with us forever, okay?

F: Yes, I also adore you from the bottom of my heart, Princess. Therefore, please do not drink like that again except for in our presence. You can’t promise that!? P-princess!?

*** TRACK 2: Night ~ together with Phi in the evening room ~ ***

*door knocks*

P: Princess, can I come in? *opens door*

P: You worked hard today too, Princess. Are you done for the day?

P: I’ll make some tea then. You’ll drink it before sleeping, right?

P: Mm? Fell? Fell, you see, got asked to do another job. Apparently, they don’t have enough people so he went there, and I don’t think he’ll be able to come back today.

P: It’s rare, right? Fundamentally, our job is to guard you, Princess, so we don’t get asked to do other things. But, somehow, they seem to be really busy. In other words, you’re alone together with me tonight. Hehe, I’m so happy. I get to have you all to myself today, Princess.

P: S-o, I’m going to make the tea today. Don’t worry, I was taught the right way by Fell. Hold on a moment. Let’s see, first, I’ll warm up the cup. Put the tea leaves into the pot. Pour the hot water. Then, let it steam for a while…

P: I think it’s okay now? Mm! I’m done, Princess. *pours tea* Here you go. It’s hot so be careful.


P: How is it? Tasty?

P: Hehe, phew. I’ll have some too then! *pours tea, drinks*

P: Eh—disgusting! W-what is this!? It’s really bad! It’s completely different from Fell’s. These are the s-same tea leaves, right? W-why is it so gross?

P: Wait, are you okay, Princess!?

P: It’s a little more bitter than usual, you think…? It’s disgusting then, right!? You don’t have to force yourself to drink it. Throw it out, throw it out!

P: Jeez, if it’s disgusting, then say it’s disgusting. You don’t have to be stubborn in weird places.

P: It’s because it’s something I worked hard to brew…? That’s why you want to drink it all…?

P: Jeez! Stop saying those kind of cute things! Jeez, Princess, you dummy! If you’re going to say such cute things then—I’m going to kiss you, Princess. *kisses*

P: It’s a little bitter in your mouth, huh. Do you want to drink water to wash away the tea? I’ll bring some over.

P: You don’t need it? Really? You’re okay? You don’t have to be considerate of me going back and forth.

P: Oh, you really don’t need it. Well, if you insist like that, Princess… let’s continue like this then. *kisses*


P: Ah! Oh, right, I can’t do it today. Crap, I completely forgot.

P: Sorry, Princess!

P: Umm, uh, Fell told me I’m not allowed to act secretly behind his back. He lectured me strictly on “Just because I am not there does not mean you can lay hands on the princess by yourself”. Well, it’s not like I don’t understand Fell’s feelings, so I thought I’d be good for today but… I completely forgot.

P: Sorry, Princess, that’s why for today… Aah, jeez, don’t stare at me with such expectant eyes.

P: I’m weak to that look of yours, Princess. You’re not allowed to make cute expressions!

P: It’s not like I want to tease you, Princess, so really—jeez, stop that look!

P: Well, um, I guess it’s inevitable. We usually do it with the three of us at this time, huh. You can’t endure it. We’re the ones who made you like this, so… hm… but Fell, that guy, will definitely get angry later…

P: Ummm… oh! Ah, I know! I thought of something good!


P: It’ll be okay as long as I don’t lay hands on you, Princess, so you can do it yourself. Ah, mm, Princess, you don’t know what to do, huh. We haven’t taught you this even once.

P: So, like what we usually do to you, Princess, you have to use your own hands. Don’t worry, it’s not hard. Princess, you remember what we always do to make you feel good, right? Plus, Princess, you won’t be able to calm down and sleep like this, right?

P: I’ll teach you what to do, alright?

P: Mm, then take off your underwear first.

P: Haha, it looks like your pussy is already wet. Princess, jeez, did you get this turned on just from kisses? Cute. First then, get your fingers covered in your love juices and then try to slowly push it inside. Don’t worry, it’s not scary. Besides, you can’t stop here, right?

P: Your pussy is opening and closing, you know? You want to touch yourself, don’t you? I can’t do it, so you have to do it yourself, Princess, or you won’t be able to feel good.

P: Yep, move your fingers slowly like that.

P: Relax. Mm! Like that… just like that…


P: Ah, it went in. Ehe, you’re making that noise just from one finger… Next, Princess, try moving however you like. The way you want it. You can do it, right? Try rubbing the place we usually touch.

P: Haha, your finger has gone in so deep already.

P: There? Does that spot feel that good?

P: Aah, wow, there’s squelching noises. Princess, you’re that turned on doing it by yourself. Does it feel good?

P: It feels good, doesn’t it? It looks like you can’t stop your finger at all. Haa… hah… it’s so cute seeing your finger go in and out, Princess. Each time you pull out your finger, honey spills out of your pussy. Aah… ngh, nope, I don’t think I can hold on anymore either. *removes belt, masturbates*

P: Look, Princess, after seeing your sexy appearance, my dick is already this hard too. It’s because of you, Princess. It’s because you’re cute, so I can’t hold myself back.

P: Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you, Princess. I’ll just touch myself too. Nngh… hagh…!


P: Haha, I can’t stop my hand either. I’m the same as you, Princess. Because you’re so sexy… and cute… so, I can’t stop, ngh…! Hah! Hagh!

P: Huh? Princess? When did you add another finger? Are you more turned on after seeing me? Haha, Princess… you’re so lewd. But me too… I’m like this… after just looking at you, Princess. Mmgh! Haah… haa…!

P: Hey, Princess, let’s kiss? It’s okay, it’s just a kiss. I can’t help myself! Because I can’t hold myself back anymore and, Princess, you want to do it too, right?

P: Haha, you’re cute when you’re honest, Princess. Then, stick out your tongue. Mmgh… *kisses; masturbating*

P: Princess, mm, Princess… more… Give me more. *kisses*

P: Haa… I can’t…! I’m at my limit! I’m going to come… Princess, you too? Princess, you’re going to come too? Then, let’s come together like this? Let’s feel good together. Ngh! Haa… hagh…!


P: I’m coming…! I’m…! Hagh! *he orgasms*

P: Haah… hah… I’m sorry, my semen got on you, Princess. Are you okay?

P: I’m glad then. But, mrgh… well, um, Princess… I’m a little, how do I say this, it hasn’t gone down at all, uh… so, let’s keep this a secret from Fell? Princess, let’s do it together like this?

P: Don’t worry! If you don’t say anything, we won’t be found out. Or more like, I don’t care anymore if I’m found out. He can get angry at me later. So… come on?

P: Ah! I see! Mm! Let’s keep this a secret from Fell then! It’s a promise.

P: You touched yourself just now, so I can put it in now, right? Or more like, your pussy is still clenching and unclenching, Princess. Don’t tell me, you also weren’t satisfied, Princess?

P: I see! I’m happy. Me too, Princess. Well then, I can’t hold back anymore either, so I’m going to put it in now. Nngh! Aah…!


P: I went in deep all at once. Haa… hah… Princess, your pussy is hot… and drenched deep inside. Mrgh! Hagh… crap… I just put it in but I’m about to come already, ngh! *thrusting*

P: Crap, I really can’t stop. Gngh… hah…!

P: Hey, Princess, look this way. *kisses; thrusting*

P: Haah… hah… what do I do, Princess? I want you… I can’t stop wanting you, Princess…! Haa…! Princess, more… more…! *kisses*

P: Wow, I even came just earlier ago, ngh… haa… hah… Princess, do you… do you feel good too?

P: Oh! Me too. Much more than when I was touching myself just now… so much… so much better… Princess, you look like you’re feeling much more pleasure than you were before too. Haa… hah…! Cute, Princess. That dazed look… show me more.


P: My dick can reach much… ngh, deeper… than your fingers, right? Princess, this spot, when I thrust into it lots, you love it, right? You can’t feel this good alone, right? Hngh… haha, me too. I like your pussy over my hand, it’s all wet… hot… and surrounds me. I think I can’t be satisfied either without you, Princess.

P: The same goes for you, right, Princess?

P: Haha, we match. Grgh… hagh…!

P: Wait, Princess, if you squeeze down like that, I’m… going to come right away! Hagh… ah…! Princess, are you… are you, mgh, also going to come? Your pussy is convulsing so much, so I can feel it.

P: Sure, Princess, let’s feel good again together like this. Hngh… mgh! *thrusting*

P: It’s releasing…! Hagh… haa…! Agh! *he orgasms*

P: Haa… haah… wow… I just came, and yet I let out so much again. In the end, I guess it’s because you’re cute, Princess. Eheh. *kisses*


P: But, somehow, like I thought, now that I’m calm I think this might have been bad. Fell lectured me strictly… He told me not to lay hands on you, Princess.

P: Haa… I’m not good at lying. I feel like I’ll be found out instantly.

P: Mm, well, I don’t regret it at all. It felt good and you were super cute, Princess.

P: Hm? What? You want to be yelled at together? Haha, thank you. That’s right, if you’re there, Princess, then Fell might not get that angry. But, Princess, if you say that, Fell might punish you hard later.

P: Fell’s a sadist, you see. If we tell him about today, then he’ll definitely say “In that case, please touch yourself in front of me as well” or something like that.

P: Ah… after saying it myself, I can really imagine that.

P: Haha, Princess, you turned pale. Don’t worry, if that happens, I’ll pamper you lots after and comfort you. Okay?

*** TRACK 3: Day ~ together with Fell in the daytime city ~ ***

F: The weather is nice today, isn’t it, Princess?

F: Due to that, it seems like there are more people than usual on the streets.

F: Woah! Are you alright, Princess?

F: Good grief, that man too. He knocked into someone and yet he didn’t apologize. Although you’re disguised so that no one will discover you, I cannot overlook that. I should first chase him down and force him to apologize—

F: It’s not like you were hurt…?

F: No, that’s not the issue! Even though that’s the result, if you had fallen into this crowd, Princess, then you would be far from just injured. That’s—!

F: Ahem, please excuse me. You’re right, Princess. I won’t do anything boorish for today, since I’m out in town with you alone, Princess, at great pains. However, it would be grave if anything were to happen, so you should hold hands with me so that you won’t fall.

F: Now then, your hand please, Princess.

F: Haha, well then, let’s go somewhere. Do you wish to eat anything? Ah, or should we go look at accessories? If I recall correctly, your favorite store—

F: Princess? What’s wrong? You’re looking at me strangely. Did something happen?

F: Oh… it’s unusual for me to take you out of the castle like this?

F: Haha, you’re right. Ordinarily, at this time, you would be practicing dance. However, don’t you slip out of the castle often with Phi to play around? In that case, I don’t believe there’s any difference?


F: It’s strange for me to say this…?

F: Ggh, it’s not like I enjoy being strict with you, Princess. I simply want you to be a splendid woman as the princess of this country.

F: But… it’s not good to persevere too long on something and also… isn’t it unfair for it to always be Phi?

F: Grgh, that being the case, there is a break in your studies and practices only for today!

F: Naturally, I will be having you make efforts the same as usual from tomorrow but, just for the whole of today, allow me to spoil you as well, Princess.

F: Haha, is that agreeable?

F: I’m glad, haha. Well then, let’s set off. Where do you wish to go? Is there anything you want to do?

F: You want to eat the ice cream over there? Understood.

F: *to owner* Excuse me, one ice cream. Thank you.

F: *to heroine* Here, go ahead, Princess.

F: Is it delicious, Princess?

F: I’m glad then. So long as you’re pleased, Princess, then I’m happy too.

F: Oh, my share…? I do not like sweet things that much. But… you’re right, since this is a rare chance, I suppose I’ll have one bite. Mm. *kisses*


F: I knew it, it seems a bit too sweet for me.

F: Oh dear, what’s the matter, Princess? Your face is bright red.

F: Haha, if you make such a cute expression, I’ll end up wanting another bite. *kisses*

F: Ah… Princess, you mustn’t… look up at me with those misty eyes. I’ll want you even more, Princess.

F: People are around? Don’t worry, in such a big crowd, no one is paying attention to us.

F: But, that’s right, if you are so concerned, Princess…

F: Princess, please come with me.

*scene skip*

F: Here, there are no eyes and people will rarely come through.

F: Why did I take you here…? Naturally, in order to continue. As you would expect, I wouldn’t be able to do anything further there. I also don’t wish to show your cute appearance to anyone other than us, Princess. *kisses*

F: Haa… Princess, stick your tongue out more. Haha, don’t worry, no one will come. So, be at ease and how you always are. Alright? *kisses*


F: Haha, there’s still a sweet taste. I don’t like ice cream that much but, with this, I feel as if I can eat any amount of them. *kisses*

F: Mmgh… hah… Haha, your legs are trembling so much. Could it be that you are already aroused just from kisses, Princess?

F: No? Truly? Haha, it will be quicker to confirm it directly, wouldn’t it?

F: Haha, your pussy is wet to an extent where I can tell from above your underwear. You didn’t have to lie. Were you embarrassed? To let me know you were this wet.

F: Haha, Princess, you are truly adorable. But I also love the lewd princess from the bottom of my heart.

F: Princess, can you hold the hem of your skirt? Yes, like that.

F: Haha, what a nice view. It’s as if you are showing me your underwear, Princess.

F: —Oh, Princess, please don’t hide yourself. I won’t be able to do anything like that, right?

F: You’re asking what? Well, we cannot return in this state, right?

F: Don’t worry, I’ll give you comfort immediately.

F: Aah… even when I just touch you above the cloth, you’re reacting like this. Princess, although people do not come through here, this is outside so if you make too loud of a noise then someone might come.


F: Haha, pursing your lips so desperately like that. Now then, you can endure fingers but… what if I taste you? *gives oral*

F: Ngh… hah… Haha, come now, Princess, you cannot do that. Be sure to hold your skirt.

F: Mngh… Haha, you’re naughty, Princess. Even though we’re outside, your pussy is this wet. I have to clean this up neatly, don’t I?

F: Nngh, I should be making you clean and yet… mm… honey steadily flows out from deep inside.

F: Haha, at this rate, you won’t be clean no matter how much time passes. Being outside and getting your pussy eaten by me… nrgh… are you more aroused than usual?

F: Haha, to think the princess would have this interest. Let’s keep silent about this to Phi. It’s the princess’ secret that only I know. Mgh… hah…


F: Haha, your knees are shaking, Princess. Are you about to come already? Mngh… haa…

F: Go ahead, Princess. Please come like this. Hagh… hngh…

F: Mgh! Haha, you came…? Your pussy is twitching this much too. Can you tell yourself, Princess?

F: Haha, you have such a dazed expression. Moreover, it seems to be one that wants something.

F: Mm? I won’t understand if you just squirm.

F: Princess, what do you wish me to do? If you don’t say it firmly, then I won’t understand.

F: You want it inside…? Where? What should I put in?

F: Princess, you want my cock inside your pussy… is that right? Haha, but is that alright? This isn’t your bed like usual, Princess. You still don’t mind?

F: Haha, good grief, you are lewd, Princess.


F: However, I also do not have much composure left. Even if you told me no, I wouldn’t listen. Can you put your hands on the wall? Yes, like that.

F: Haha, raising your hips like that… You really want my cock, don’t you? *removes belt* Well then, I cannot restrain myself anymore. I’m putting it in, Princess. Nngh!

F: Princess, you’re hot inside… it feels like I’ll melt. Haa… hah… look, the entire thing went in already. Your pussy was this soaked before I entered you… honestly, you’re a hopeless princess. Hagh… mgh! *thrusting*

F: You can’t do that, Princess. Keep your voice down more. If someone came, they would see your cute appearance.

F: If that’s the case, I should be more gentle…? I sincerely apologize, but I don’t think I can do that. When I see your pleasure, Princess, I get completely aroused and I can’t control my hips to stop them. Mgh! Gngh!

F: Haa… hah… Princess, you’re tighter than usual inside. That won’t do, Princess, we’re outside… but I suppose I can’t talk about other people. You’re so cute desperately trying to suppress your voice, Princess, and it makes me want to bully you more.


F: Gngh… hagh… what amazing sounds, Princess. Can you hear this? Such obscene noises are being made. Good grief, you’re a problematic princess.

F: Each time I thrust deeply into you, you convulse inside. Ggh… if you clench down that hard… hah… you’re telling me you won’t let me go… mgh!

F: No, if you do that…! Haa… hagh… it feels too good I don’t think I can endure it. Princess… Princess…! I apologize, but I’m… at my limit! Hagh… hah…!

F: Gngh, Princess, you’re about to come too, right? You’re trembling down here. Haha, I can tell. Let’s go together, nrgh, like this. Haah… haa…!

F: Come on, don’t keep your voice down. It’s fine! If someone comes, let’s just show them that the princess is this lewd and cute, ngh, and belongs to us. It’s fine if we teach them that. Mrgh… hagh…!

F: So, please don’t hold back. Come on, come on, come on! Gngh! I’m releasing… Princess! I’m… coming! I’m going to pour all my semen inside you, Princess. Please take it all! Hngh… gagh…! *he orgasms*

F: Haah… haa… woah, are you alright, Princess? In the end, I pushed you too hard, didn’t I? Can you stand? If we stay here too long, um, people might really come. I’m sorry, I said those things earlier in the moment but, in truth, I don’t wish to show anyone other than us that disheveled appearance of yours, Princess.

F: Let’s go back quickly, Princess. We can continue the rest on the bed, alright?

*** TRACK 4: In the bathroom ~ a sweet moment with 3 people ~ ***

P: Fuwah… the bath in the princess’ room is nice and large. The three of us are inside, but it’s fine even if I stretch out my legs like this. It’s amazing.

F: Hey! Phi! Regardless of how large it is, you still can’t mess around that much. Don’t move around needlessly, the hot water’s splashing around. You’re not a child! Can you not settle down some more?

P: Fell, you’re noisy. Can’t you stop lecturing in baths at least? Because your shouts are echoing.

F: Whose fault is that? Whose!? Hm? Is something the matter, Princess? You’re laughing so hard. Ah… it’s fun? This? Haha, no way, it must be noisy.

P: Oh, I see! The princess is always entering this large bath alone, so entering with the two of us is fun!

F: I see. So that’s the case. Indeed, I also ordinarily finish my baths quickly so if you were to call this novel then that would be true.

P: Yep, yep, Fell, you see, always gets out of baths right away. It’s such a waste, right?

F: Not particularly! If I wash my body in the minimum time needed, then there’s no problem, is there? That being said, you always take a long bath.

P: Mm! I love taking it slow in the bath. Well, the bath in our room is much smaller, so it’s a little cramped. But, if it was with you, Princess, then a small bath might be nice too. Hey, come here, Princess. Between my legs.


F: Ngh!? You!

P: Mm, yep, yep, right there. Then, if I hold you from behind like this… Hehe, being in a bath and snuggled up to you is nice, Princess. Hm? Ah, did that tickle? Sorry, Princess.

F: Y-you…! You’re always doing that to the princess—!

P: What, Fell? If you’re jealous, then just say that honestly. You’re annoyed that I have the princess all to myself, right? If you’re going to hate someone, then hate yourself for not doing this before me. Aah, anyway, you seem to smell nice, Princess. *sniffs* Hm, what is this? The scent of soap? Somehow, it makes me want to stay like this forever.

P: Mm? What, Princess, don’t squirm around so much. Eh? What? It tickles when my breath lands on your neck? Ohh…? So, Princess, you’re sensitive around your neck, huh. *kisses* Haha! You made a loud noise, Princess! Were you that surprised to have your neck suddenly licked like this? Oh? You really are sensitive here. *kisses* Nngh…


P: Mm? Haha, even if you say that, I won’t stop. If you don’t like this, then run away. You can do that at least, right? Hehe. I know that, rather than being ticklish, it feels good, right? Because, since earlier, your voice has been really sexy, Princess. Eheh. *kisses*

P: Haha! Princess, are you sensitive on your back too? You made the most lewdest noise just now. Nope, I won’t stop. Because you’re cute, Princess. *kisses* Ngh! Princess, what? You’re really running? Eh? Ah… if you sit at the other side, then I can’t reach your back anymore? What the heck’s with that? Jeez, Princess, you’re honestly…

F: Haha, oh dear, what’s with that reaction? Is it that surprising to get your back suddenly stroked? It can’t be that you really forgot I was here, right? Yes, I was here. I was always here. Princess, I watched the entire time as Phi touched you.

P: Eheh, in the end, nothing changed, huh. No, instead, it might have had the opposite effect. After all, if you face this way, then I can touch your breasts, Princess. Look, your nipples are this hard already. Hehe, Princess, you really are cute.


F: *kisses* Mm… Haha, Princess, you truly feel pleasure wherever you’re touched, don’t you? Your back, your waist, your thighs… Look, you’re reacting like this just from caresses. Of course… *kisses* we are the ones who made you like this. It’s alright, you’re extremely adorable.

P: *kisses* Nngh… does it feel that good when your nipple is sucked? Your breathing is getting more and more rough. Haha, I’ll be sure to touch your other breast too. Mmgh…

F: Oh my, your hips are trembling, Princess. That’s right, the place you feel the most pleasure at… is not your neck or your back, but this pussy, right? Haha, it’s quite wet but this isn’t just because of the bath, right? Ah, at this rate, it seems like my finger will go in easily. Look, you can tell yourself, right? Just from tracing it like this, my finger is slowly being swallowed inside you, Princess. Look, I’m already this deep inside. Haha, we just touched you and you’re completely soaked inside.


P: Nrgh, your sexy voice is really echoing inside the bathroom, Princess. Keep going, Princess, let me hear your voice more. I’ll make your breasts feel good. Nn… mgh…

F: Every time Phi sucks on your breasts, you contract inside. Hehe, if you squeeze down so much then I won’t be able to move my finger well. Relax more. Come on, look this way, Princess. Stick out your tongue. *kisses* Haha, Princess, you really love kisses, don’t you? The instant we kissed, you trembled down here. Because you love me…? Heh. Princess, you really said a cute thing. Yes, I also love you, Princess. I love you from the bottom of my heart, Princess. *kisses*

P: Hey, I love the princess too! Right, Princess? You love me too, don’t you? Eheh, thank you. Then, as thanks, I’ll make your breasts feel even better. Mm…


F: Oh dear, are you about to come already, Princess? Yes, go ahead. Please come as you want, Princess. *kisses* Haha, come now, your pussy is convulsing this much. Nrgh… come on, please come, Princess. *kisses* Haha, you came? Hehe, you have such a dazed and pleasured look.

P: Mm? What’s wrong, Princess? Uh, something is pressing against your hip? Well, when we see your cute face, Princess, there’s no way we can hold back.

F: You won’t mind if we do it like this, right, Princess? Moreover, you yourself aren’t satisfied with just a finger, right, Princess?

P: Hehe, I knew it! Then, Princess, get up from the water a little. Can you raise your hips a bit? Yeah, like that… let my dick enter… It’s okay to go slow. Drop your hips slowly… hagh… Princess, I can really tell that I’m going inside you. Ah! Ngh! Wow, your pussy is steadily swallowing my dick, Princess. Mgh! Haa… haha, everything’s in now.


F: Haha, your butt is clenching eagerly too. Did you want to be touched here that much too? Then, as you wish, I will put my finger inside. Haha, you’re in so much pleasure from just a finger. Just from going in and out and tapping you… Haha, does it feel that good? You’ve been constantly moaning since earlier. Hehe. You truly are adorable, Princess.

P: Haa… hah… ah! Your pussy clenched so hard. It feels that good to have your butt played with by Fell? Ngh, you’re convulsing so much inside. Mgh, if you do that, I’m also going to come right away.

F: Hah, it should be enough for your behind like this. Now then, please excuse me too. Mngh…! Ggh, it’s still a little tight, ngh, but I also do not have any more patience. I’m going to push it in all at once. Nrgh! Haa… hah… it all went in. Haha, I only just put it in, Princess. It’s going to get more intense from here. Haah… hah…! *thrusting*

P: Aah! Hey, Princess, can you hug my neck? Mngh! Yeah, like that. Haha, when we’re like this, I can be pressed against you closer than before, Princess. Haah… haa… hey, let’s kiss, Princess. *kisses; thrusting*


F: Hey! Phi, don’t make such large movements! I’ll slip out from behind. Don’t shake the princess so much.

P: Ah? I’m not moving that much though. Huh? Oh, haha, I see. Hehe, Princess, you’ve been moving your hips yourself since earlier. Hey, does it feel so good it makes you demand it for yourself? Our dicks.

F: Nngh, Princess, I understand your emotions but if you move too much then I also won’t be able to limit myself well.

P: Limit? Fell, were you limiting yourself? Fell, jeez, you’re always devouring her, aren’t you? Right, Princess? Princess, you’re always bullied lots by Fell, right?

F: Shut up, Phi. I can’t move a lot in this position, that’s why—ungh! Princess, if you clench that hard then, ngh, haa… hah…

P: Hagh… hah…! In this position, we’re connected deeply so I love this. Princess, when I grind against you at the back like this, you love it, right? Haha! What a cute voice. This place is that good? Then… I’ll thrust lots against that spot. Look, ngh! Feel tons of pleasure, Princess. Haa… haah…!


F: Haha, I’ll be troubled if you forget this side too, Princess. Be sure to concentrate firmly on your behind. Nngh… haha, being thrust into from the front and back at the same time, it feels good, doesn’t it? Haha, you’re even drooling. That won’t do, Princess, to make such an obscene look. *kisses; thrusting*

P: Nngh… haha, the water has been splashing around crazily since earlier. If we keep on like this, then it might spill but… hngh… well, if there isn’t enough, then we can just pour more in, right? Because, Princess, you can’t hold on any longer either, right? Haa… it’s okay, right now, just think about us. Aah! Hey, so come together with me? Princess, you’re almost at your limit too, right? Hngh, your pussy has been trembling so much since earlier.

F: Hagh… haa… I’m almost at my limit too. Gngh… yes, I’m going to release everything inside. Hehe, Princess, you love it when I release inside, don’t you? I know. Haa… hah…! I’ll be sure to release everything inside. Mmgh! Hah… haah…!


P: Me too, I’m going to let out everything inside you, Princess. Haa… hah… be sure to accept Fell’s and my semen, Princess! Aah… hngh… grgh! *he orgasms*

F: *he orgasms* Haah… hagh… this won’t do. You had just washed your body too, and now you’re dirty again.

P: Huh? Ah, you’re right. We need to clean you again then, Princess.

F: When you ask us what we’re going to do… naturally, it’s cleaning you up. Like this, with my finger. I’m just scraping out the semen I released inside you. Haha, because you just came, you’re still convulsing inside. No, more like, it isn’t because you came… but because you’re aroused again by my finger, right?

P: Then, I’ll use my dick to scrape out my semen over here. Ngh… mgh… Hehe, that’s not good, Princess, you can’t just moan like that. Because this is just making you clean. Or… will you want to do it again from just this, Princess? Hehe, Princess, you really are lewd.

F: Haha, even so, we don’t mind in the least. Now then, why don’t we continue in bed? As you would expect, if we continue to stay in the bath like this, then we’ll start to feel dizzy. Haha, well, it looks like the princess has already caught a fever.

P: Well, same goes for us too. I love you, Princess. I really love you. So, let’s always stay together like this.

F: Yes, I also love you from the bottom of my heart, Princess. Thus, please show me much more of your adorable expressions, Princess.

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