42Kami No.02 Armonica ~ Kimi ni Uso wo Tsuita ~

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Armonica (アルモニカ)
CV: Suwabe Junichi (諏訪部 順一)

Gatekeeper (門番)
CV: Koyasu Takehito (子安武人)

42Gods No.02 Armonica ~ I Told You a Lie ~

In order to obtain the mysterious power, the “Holy Soul”, the veteran death god, Armonica, was dispatched by the gatekeeper.

Armonica had a mission success rate of 100% when it came to targeting women.

However, all the sweet nothings he whispers are lies.

“There’s no need for truth between a man and woman. Because I don’t believe in something as useless as eternal love.”

In the end, can a truth be whispered from his mouth full of lies…?

Thank you to glubglubglub for the commission! This seems to be an interconnected series by TWOFIVE, which I had no clue about, and it turns out Doropyan translated the first volume eight years ago LOL.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Prelude “Armonica” ***

*classical music playing; Gatekeeper running on treadmill*

Gatekeeper: Hah… hah… hah… ho… hah… ho… hm… hmm… Ah, welcome, welcome, ladies. It has been a long time, but have you been well?

G: Hah… hah… ah, you’ve been very well? That’s good to hear. Being well is the best! *winks* Since a long time ago, it’s said that so long as you are well then you can do anything! Beep! *presses button, treadmill stops*

G: Oh, that’s not good, I’m late in my introduction. I am the gatekeeper of the Country of the End.

G: What was I doing just now? Oh, you don’t know? As you can see, it’s a treadmill.

G: Nice, right? It’s the same as the ones in high class sports clubs on TV. It’d be hard for a dealer to get this. I too only finally obtained it through payment by installments after getting to this position. Amazing, right?

G: It’s been several hundred years since I inherited this position from my predecessor and I also finally built a relationship of trust with God. It was worth persevering and watching over the stupidly boring human world.

G: *opens paper* You see, even today, approval has come down to dispose of one human woman. While exercising, I was reviewing the work of the death gods on the screen installed here. At some point in time, my organization became enormous and there’s a large number of death gods. It’s a pain to distribute jobs.

G: Furthermore, the job this time must not fail. It’s bad if something like what Celesta did happens. Aah… just remembering it makes me shiver… Good grief, how disgusting! Sports are the best to change your mood. Hup! *presses button, treadmill starts* Hah… hah… hah… hm… hm…


G: Hm? This… Let’s see, how do I rewind again? No, first, I’ll stop the treadmill. *presses button, treadmill quickens* Ah… huh… eh… *presses button* Wait… it’s quick… it got quicker…! *presses button* WAIT, STOP, SOMEONE—! *presses button* GYAHHHH!! *flies off, crashes* Owowow…

G: I thought I was going to die… gugh… No, no, that’s not it. The video just now. The video. *presses buttons, screen flickers*

*video plays*

Armonica: Hello, Miss. You’re beautiful today too.

A: It’s not a lie. *leans in* You’re extremely beautiful.

A: First, your eyes… they’re transparent and clear, like jewels.

A: Then, this skin… it’s soft and slides against my finger.

A: Lastly… your heart. *whispers* It’s very pretty.

A: I can’t steal the life of someone as beautiful as you. I’m a failure of a death god.

A: May I… have a kiss?

A: Mm, I want to kiss you no matter what right now. *kisses*

A: Haha, cute. *gun cocks* I love you. *shoots gun, bullet casing drops*

A: … Just kidding. Everything was a lie.

[04:12] *video stops*

G: Ah… who is this… lying death god. *flips page* Um, let’s see… ah, here, it’s this one. Armonica… oh right, there’s a person like this. His strong point, he likes women. His weak point, he likes women. Which one is it?!

G: Hm, but he has a mission success rate of 100% when it comes to women. Mr. Perfect! Those are some amazing results.

G: Alright, I’ve decided. Let’s entrust the job this time to Armonica. The last time, due to Celesta’s idiocy, it was a failure, so this time I cannot fail! Ugh, remembering it again brings back the shivers… I need to hurry.

*scene skip; door opens*

G: Armonica!

G: Armonica? There’s a job… for you?

A: Huh? What? *yawns* Sleepy.

G: Uh, excuse me, it looks like I mistook the room. *closes door* Uh, Armonica’s here, right?

A: *door opens* Gatekeeper, it’s been a while. You got a job?

G: Um, I have business with Armonica…

A: Armonica’s me though?


A: Heh. Even if you have more death gods than you can possibly use, forgetting someone’s face is pretty cruel, isn’t it? Old man.

G: Haha, you’re right, my apologies. Uh, but there’s such a difference between your work mode in a video that I just watched, so…

A: Naturally, haha, what kind of idiot would show their true selves to a woman they were trying to seduce?

G: I think those idiots are all over the place though.


A: There doesn’t need to be truth between a man and woman. Deceiving and being deceived… throwing their own desires at each other while saying they like or love one another, that’s what romance is composed of. Soulmates or eternal love… I don’t believe in such useless things at all.

G: Uh… well, this attitude might make things go well.

A: So? Where’s the job?

G: This one. *hands paper*

A: *takes paper* Hm? She’s pretty cute.

G: I’ll tell you this in advance, but please take care not to do anything that will give you special feelings for her.

A: What are special feelings?

G: I’m saying… things like liking them, loving them, mon amour, or those kind of things.

A: Heh. I told you already that I don’t believe in that. *checks paper* I just have to kill this woman, right?

G: Yes. However, and I believe you know this, please dispose of her in a very natural way. Humans are bothered with trivial details and kick up such a fuss.

A: I got it already! Don’t lump me together with those pushover death gods.

G: I have great expectations.

A: I’m heading off then.

G: Heading off… are you going down on that motorbike?

A: Yep, Vesper. If I ride this, then I could even seduce Audrey Hepburn.

G: That’s only in movies, right? Is it safe? It looks quite dated…

A: I’ll be sure to wear a helmet, so there’s no problem.

G: No, that’s not it! Well, whatever.

A: *starts bike* See you, old man.


A: Wait for me… Miss. *drives off*

Narration: Death God, No.02, Armonica. I Told You a Lie.

[08:38] *scene skip; horn honks*

A: Ah, I’m sorry, this thing suddenly won’t start up. Hah, that’s weird… Um, this place is far from the station, right? That’s a problem…

A: Oh, my name is Armonica. Armonica Gerald Coroliani, an Italian travel magazine editor. I was collecting data for an article here but, as you can see, my partner’s health is terrible.

A: On this day too, I left my phone back at the hotel. Ugh, what should I do?

A: Huh? Is that alright? But to intrude into your home and borrow your phone… I would feel bad.

A: Really? Haha, thank you! You’re a really kind person. *door opens*

A: Pardon me.

*** TRACK 2: First Contact ***

A: *hangs up phone* Hah… it’s no good. It looks like my guide’s phone is turned off. I’m really sorry, especially when you let me borrow your phone.

A: Ah, you even made tea for me. Thank you. Oh, Japanese tea? Mm, I love it. Thank you. *blows on tea, sips*

A: Mm! Delicious. You’re good at making tea.

A: Wow… this is a large house. Do you live alone? Where are your parents?

A: A-ah, sorry, I pried into something I shouldn’t have.

A: But, oh, you live alone in such a large house.

A: I see. Then, right now, you and I are… alone together, right?

A: Haha. Aren’t you lonely being by yourself?

A: You don’t think about wanting to be with someone?

A: Haha… please don’t say you’re used to it. You don’t have to be used to something like that. It’s okay not to endure it.

A: … Your hand is warm.

A: You see, my mother also had hands like these. Haha, if I say this, you might ridicule me for having a mother complex, huh.


A: It’s okay for me to talk about her?

A: Um, it’s not that interesting, haha.

A: … You really are kind.

A: You see, my mother was also a very kind person like you. In my family, my father left the moment I was born and my mother raised me alone.

A: I never saw her get angry. She was a gentle person.

A: … You might be a little similar.

A: Ah, my mother passed last year. After a cold worsened and she was hospitalized, she fell into critical condition in the blink of an eye. I didn’t see her even at her moment of death.

A: Haha… I’m a terrible son, aren’t I?

A: Eh? Wait? Why are you crying!?

A: Huh, because it’s so sad…? Uh, but this story, it… it’s about me, right?

A: It’s nothing for you to cry about.

A: … Sorry. Please don’t cry anymore. I didn’t mean to make you cry. *hugs heroine*

A: Mm, I know. That you don’t hug others like this in this country. But, you see, in my country… it’s common practice to be tender to crying women. And if you love that person then… hugging them like this isn’t anything strange.

A: *pulls out gun* I’m also… all alone like you. So, it’s been a long time… since someone cried for me. Mm, I’m really happy.

A: To the point where I want to… erase you like this. *cocks gun*

*** TRACK 3: Performance for you! ***

A: *to himself* Nevermind.

A: A-ah, sorry, I was just talking to myself. That reminds me, it’s been a while now and my partner might be feeling better. Thank you for the phone and tea. I-I’m going to check on him. *opens door*

A: *to himself* Hah… what was with her eyes? Messed with my mind. *starts motorbike*

A: *to heroine* The engine started! I’ll head home now.

A: *to himself* I’ll head back for now.

*scene skip; stops motorbike*

A: I’m back. *opens door*

G: What’s wrong, Armonica!? Isn’t it a little early to come back?

A: Nah, I thought I’d take a breather. That girl’s pretty weird.

G: By weird… what do you mean specifically?

A: Urgh, I can’t explain well but… somehow, she looks at me with weird eyes.

G: Seductive eyes?

A: No! How do I put it… she looks at me directly. When I’m looked at by those eyes, I get knocked off my stride.

G: I see. She doesn’t suspect you, right? Even a little?

A: She could have just casually listened to and brushed aside that made-up story…

G: Isn’t that good? While she trusts you, you can just do her in. Mr. Perfect, this isn’t like you.

A: It’s never happened until now… meeting someone like her.

G: Are you saying you can’t do the job then?


A: Heh, as if. My pace got messed up a little, that’s all. I’ll go tomorrow again.

G: That’s good to hear. This is a target that can’t be given up on no matter what this time.

A: Can’t be given up?

G: Yes, I want to invite that lady to our Country of the End no matter what.

A: Why?

G: I can’t tell you that. By the way, Armonica, did you notice anything about her?

A: Hm, no, not really.

G: For example… something like a sweet scent?

A: Who knows, I didn’t notice. Is something wrong?

G: Nope! If you didn’t notice, that’s good then. Now, rest early today for tomorrow. Because I need you to take down that young lady no matter what.

A: Mm… got it.

*scene skip; motorbike honks*

A: Miss! *stops motorbike*

A: Haha, thank you for yesterday. I got home safely thanks to you.

A: Are you going somewhere?

A: Ah, the community centre? Is it just ahead?

A: Huh!? You’re planning on walking all the way there? You don’t have a car? The people around here all get around in cars, don’t they?

A: License… Oh, you don’t have one.

A: Got it, give me a moment then. *grabs something* Here, wear this.

A: Hm? Why are you giving me a strange look? You know how to put on a helmet at least, right?

A: Alright, after you put it on, get on here.

A: Hold onto me tightly. *revs motorbike* Alright, let’s go!


A: Scared?

A: Haha, don’t worry, I’ll drive safely.

A: Woo, the wind’s nice. It really is different from driving in the city. It smells like nature. Like leaves and flowers… they smell like my childhood.

A: Oh, so you love nature. That’s why you’re still in this town despite being alone. Yeah, it’s not bad.

A: Mm, I like nature too. Mm… it reminds me of the past.

A: Alright, it looks like you’re used to this now, so I’m going to increase the speed a little. Hold on tightly! Here we go!

*scene skip*

G: You won’t get away this time, Holy Soul. I’ll obtain you without fail.

*scene skip*

A: Teacher, is class over?

A: Haha, why are you embarrassed? The kids call you that, right?

A: Haha, alright, I won’t call you that anymore. Sorry for joking around.

A: But, wow, it’s already amazing you can do calligraphy, but for you to be able to teach that too…

A: Oh, you’re a volunteer? You’re a simple—ah, gentle person.


A: The reason I’m waiting… is obviously to send you back, right?

A: I can’t let you walk that distance. I’ll be pitch dark by the time you get home, right?

A: By the way, can’t you just ride that? It’s the bus for picking up and seeing off the children, right? It looks like you could fit in there too.

A: You don’t know whether or not it’s not allowed, right?

A: Trouble? Why would it be troublesome to send you along its way? In the first place, you come here as a volunteer, right? There won’t be compensation or anything if you get into an accident on the way here. So, in that case, it should be alright to presume that little from them.

A: Hey, tell me honestly, I’m not entirely clear on your position. If you’re really against it, then I won’t do anything unnecessary. But if you just find it hard to speak up, then I can ask for you.

A: What do you really want to do?

A: Got it. I’ll go and ask then. Wait here for me.

A: Oh, that reminds me, even if they’ll send you back, that’ll be for next time. Go home together with me today?

A: Mm, haha, I’ll go and ask then.

[07:50] *scene skip; driving motorbike*

A: Great, right? You’ll be able to get dropped off.

A: You don’t need to thank me. I just talked to them, that’s all. Haha, besides, I’m also happy for you to be able to get home safely.

A: Woah! The sunset is gorgeous! Haha, isn’t the sun huge? Was it always this large?

A: Haha, why are you laughing? It’s not funny, is it?

A: Living in the city, there’s tons of buildings so it’s hard to see the sinking sunset like this. Do you also like this sunset?

A: Haha, I see. Me too.

A: *stops motorbike* Hey, do you want to make a small side trip? There’s still some time before it gets dark.

*** TRACK 4: A wish in the setting sun ***

A: Wow, there’s an observation deck here. Ah… the view is great.

A: Seeing it like this, your town really has a lot of greenery. It’s very nice.

A: It feels like you’re living in nature for a little while? And here I thought the relationship between man and nature was meant to be broken.

A: You love the nature, the sunset, and this town.

A: I can understand well why you’d love this place. I think I can use it for my work too.

A: Hey, then, what do you hate? I heard what you love just now, so now I want to know what you don’t like.

A: Eh? Oh… you don’t like liars. Lies aren’t good, huh. Mm, I think so too.

A: You live in a world divorced from lies, don’t you?

A: Mm, I can tell. I can tell by looking into those eyes.

A: But there must have been people who tried to trick you, right?

A: Oh, you were tricked a lot of times…

A: It must have hurt, right?

A: Hey, then… did you ever think about not trusting people? Because… if you don’t trust them, then you won’t be tricked.


A: It hurts more not to trust people?

A: Oh, haha. You’re right.

A: *to himself* If I get in any deeper, it’ll be bad. I need to do it soon.

A: Huh? Oh, it’s nothing, sorry! Hey, can I ask you one more thing?

A: Do you trust… me?

A: I see. So you trust me.

A: Mm, that’s right. I trust you too.

A: Hey, can we meet again tomorrow?

A: Mm, tomorrow is my last day here. So, I want to be together with you.

A: Huh? Really? You’ll stay with me for the whole day tomorrow? Then, I’d like to have a date with you. I want to have you all to myself for the whole day. Can I?

A: Haha, thank you. It’s a promise then. *leans in* See you tomorrow.

*** TRACK 5: Sunny day happiness ***

*motorbike stops; door opens*

G: Welcome home, Armonica! How is the mission going?

A: … Normal. I’ll settle it tomorrow.

G: I see. Just what I expected from Mr. Perfect Armonica. You don’t betray expectations.

A: Yeah, yeah, thank you.

G: But why did you do that?

A: Do that? Do what?

G: Didn’t you arrange for that young lady to be picked up and dropped off?

A: Oh, I did. What about that?

G: Because a human who’s going to be killed doesn’t need that, right?

A: Huh?

G: In several days, you’ll kill her. So why was there a need to arrange for her pick up and drop off?

A: Uh… it’s because of that! I was just currying favor. If you earn points on minor details, then it’ll make the job easier, right?

G: Oh! I see! That’s just like you, Armonica.

A: Heh, it’s nothing. Anyway, I’m going to rest early today.

G: Yes, please work hard tomorrow too.

*Armonica leaves; closes door*

A: … What the old man said was right. What am I doing?

*scene skip; motorbike honks*

A: Morning! Where are you going today?

A: We can go anywhere you like, but if you don’t have a particular request then I’ll decide.

A: Haha, three… two… one… zero! Okay, time’s up.

A: I’ll decide then.

A: Show me around town?

A: Mm, I want to know your history.

A: The weather’s nice today too. I’m sure we can see a sunset like the one we did yesterday. Then I’ll… say that I love you.


A: Haha, it’s an advance notice of my confession.

A: Come on, don’t stand there shocked. Here, put this on your head. *hands helmet* We’ll be driving safely today too. First, I want to go to the place where you played often as a kid.

A: *starts motorbike* Climb on. Now, off we go!

*scene skip*

A: Woah, cold! Haha, did you really go into this river?

A: Oh? It’s not this cold in summer?

A: But I can’t imagine you playing in the river here. Wah! Hold on, what are you doing? Haha, this is payback! *splashes water*

A: Haha! We’re wet. But I guess this’ll dry right away.

A: Ah, you aren’t cold, are you? That’s good then.

A: Just now, I feel like I caught a glimpse of you as a child. Mm, you were cute. Although, you’re cute now too.

A: Well then, we should head to the next place.

*scene skip*

A: That’s the school you went to?

A: Haha, did you attend classes like that? What kind of kid were you? Ah, wait a second, I’m going to guess first.

A: Let’s see, you might have been quiet and a kid who didn’t stand out in class, but you would finish your homework without fail and you never skipped out on classroom or cleaning duties.


A: Am I wrong?

A: Haha, I knew it. I’m right? When I look at you, I somehow thought that’d be the case.

A: Hm? Me? I was the opposite. I was a frivolous student. Oh, but I was good at dealing with things so the teachers didn’t get angry at me.

A: Ah, when I say dealing with things, I don’t mean things like tricking people. Ah, mm, right, you wouldn’t think that. Oh, are you hungry? Why don’t we have lunch? Let’s go somewhere to eat a delicious meal. Come on.

*scene skip*

A: Time to eat! Mm… mm… ah, it’s delicious!

A: Haha, I didn’t expect that you would make a lunch box. You must have woken up early, right? Thank you. Mm, I’m really happy.

A: It tastes as kind as my mother’s cooking. Haha, you aren’t told that often?

A: Ah, right, sorry. But hogging all this delicious cooking to yourself makes me jealous. Mhm, I’m really jealous. I don’t tell lies.

A: Now, where should we go next? Today, my partner’s in a good mood too, so we can keep on going.

[06:04] *scene skip*

G: *humming* Hehe, I knew it, whenever possible I should entrust jobs to outstanding death gods. Today, that woman’s disposal will be done. I will have the Holy Soul at last. Hehe. Still, God is something to give permission without looking closely into this. They would never expect that I would betray them, huh.

G: A being in the position of being God is quite careless. Well, it’s too late for them even if they say something now. No matter what happens, I’ll end that woman—*phone rings*

G: What the heck!? So noisy! *answers phone* Hello, this is the gatekeeper for the Country of the End.

G: Aah, God!? It’s a pleasure to hear your voice, how do you do?

G: Eh? Do you mean the woman I got permission for recently? AH, um, excuse me, God, that woman’s disposal has already been shortly arranged and I believe stopping it now will be futile. Eh? I’m mistaken? Uh, what do you mean?

G: I understand. I’ll stop the mission immediately.

*** TRACK 6: I love you ***

A: We came to the observation deck again, haha.

A: Mm, the scenery here really is pretty. Ah, look, the sky is turning orange.

A: Thank you for spending the entire day with me.

A: Mm, it was really fun. How about you?

A: I’m glad then.

A: Hey, do you remember what I said in the morning?

A: Of course I was serious. I told you that I don’t tell lies, right?

A: I love you.

A: Mm, since the day we met, I’ve always liked you.

A: And you?

A: Haha! *hugs heroine* I see. Thank you. It’s my first time meeting a girl like you. To be honest, at the start, I thought you were a strange girl who always chose mistakes.

A: But… that’s not right. You chose a way to keep your heart warm. Even if you would suffer a loss, you choose a way that lets you live with yourself. Even if it’s awry from the answer of society, it’s the right answer in your heart, isn’t it?

A: Maybe the greatest mistake in your life is me.

A: I’m sorry for lying to you. *cocks gun*

A: This is… the real me.

*** TRACK 7: Begin the countdown ***

A: Dying isn’t such a scary thing. So…


A: Uh. Old man?

G: *runs over, panting* Haa… hah… I sincerely apologize when you were at the climax.

A: What are you doing? It’s bad to show your appearance here.

G: Don’t worry, I stopped time.

A: It’s not stopped.

G: No, it’s stopped! For everyone but you and this young lady.

A: Huh? Oh, it’s true. But why her too?

G: I’ll explain later. For now, let’s go home.

A: Uh, but…

G: Miss, this man is just a big liar. Everything he said to you was a lie, such as coming to this town as a magazine editor, his mother passing away one year ago. Everything was a lie! He’s just a death god. A villain aiming for your life. So, please forget everything, including me. If you told others about this, I’m sure they wouldn’t believe you. Now, Armonica, we’re going back.

A: Uh…

G: Armonica?

A: … Sorry. *leaves with gatekeeper*

*scene skip*

A: What was that all about? Interrupting someone’s mission.

G: Yes, yes, that’s why I’m apologizing like this, right? Everything is because of a message from God, so I had no choice.

A: From God?

G: That young lady is to die tomorrow.

A: Huh?… Tomorrow?

G: Yes. There’s no point to killing a person who is to die tomorrow. Furthermore, the measures we deal out are unnatural deaths. If a natural death awaits her, then it’s obvious that should be prioritized. Thus, God put a stop to us.


A: Ngh? Why wasn’t this noticed at the beginning? Isn’t it late at this point?

G: I was told that, in these several days, her fate seemed to have changed. Fate is extremely vague and irresponsible, so it appears God didn’t anticipate this either. Well, nothing can be done now.

A: Ggh…

G: Isn’t this better? I will rate your work for this job very highly. Did you see it? The expression of the young lady when we left. It looks like she didn’t suspect you at all. Just what I expected from Mr. Perfect. How wonderful! This result will be left in part on your record, so don’t worry.

A: ……

G: Armonica? What’s wrong?

A: Um… when you say she’s going to die tomorrow, what are the specifics?

G: *flips paper* Let’s see… ah, an accident. A traffic accident. There’s an accident where a bus and truck crash, so she must be in one of them.

A: Bus…!?

G: Armonica? What’s wrong?

A: That’s… because of me.

G: Because of you?

A: The ride I encouraged her to take… is that bus.

G: Aah, I see. No wonder. I was thinking it was a sudden change of fate too. Now I understand.

A: ……

G: Armonica, it’s nothing to be bothered about. Being killed by a death god or dying in an accident, they’re both the same. In the end, she comes here.

A: Mm… I know.

G: In addition, she isn’t a normal human.

A: She’s not a normal human?


G: Yes, that’s right. You saw it too, didn’t you? She was still living in the world where I stopped time. It’s because God’s power, the Holy Soul, remains in her.

A: Holy Soul…? The power given to humans from God when they are born?

G: Exactly! Normally, it’s something that gets lost as they grow up, but sometimes there are humans who live with this deep in their hearts still.

A: You sound pretty happy about that, old man.

G: Well, that’s because it’s a Holy Soul. A Holy Soul! If she dies, then it becomes mine. What I am lacking… is power! I will be able to obtain that power.

A: Heh, I see. I understand now. So, that’s why she was chosen as a target.

G: Precisely! Right now, I desperately want a Holy Soul.

A: Heh. Got it.

G: A-Armonica? Where are you going?

A: I’m going to give Vesper maintenance and then sleep for today. My mission being over means I’m off tomorrow, right?

G: Haha, that’s right, you must be tired too. Please rest well.

A: Yeah. *leaves, door closes*

A: *memories* Can’t you just ride that? It’s the bus for picking up and seeing off the children, right? But if you just find it hard to speak up, then I can ask for you.

A: … Dammit. I feel terrible.

*** TRACK 8: The day you die ***

*motorbike stops*

A: Hello.

A: Uh. Don’t run away! I have something important to talk to you about.

A: I’m sorry for lying. Everything I said was a lie. The face I showed you was also a lie. I’m not that sort of cheery man… and I’m not human. But I want you to listen to just this. You can’t get on the bus to the community centre today! If you ride that, you’ll lose your life! That’s your fate!

A: You can’t believe me? Well, I did tell you all those lies, so it’s not unreasonable. But you can’t get in the vehicle. It’ll be a problem if you lose your life because of me!

A: Ggh, no… For whatever reason, I don’t want you to lose your life. Up until now, I’ve seen all sorts of humans but this is the first time… I’ve seen someone like you. So… I don’t want you to die.

A: I’ll give you this gun. If I don’t have this, then I can’t take yours or anyone else’s life. A death god who can’t take a life has no reason to lie anymore. So… I want you to trust me. *bus arrives*

A: You can’t! You’ll die!

A: Ah… *bus drives away, motorbike won’t start* Grgh, why now!? Ggh!

A: *motorbike starts* Oh! I won’t let her die. I absolutely won’t!

[02:20] *scene skip*

G: Hello there. The last time we saw each other was yesterday, right, Miss?

G: Why are you in a place like this? I thought, at this time, you would be riding the bus… and not just that, but why are the children, who should be riding the bus as well, walking around the back streets today?

G: From what I heard, you made a great fuss and had everyone get off the bus, didn’t you?

G: Everyone thinks it’s strange, you know? That you made a clamor when you’re usually quiet. Did something wicked appear?

G: Or… *leans in* did a wicked death god whisper something to you?

G: Haha! So that was the case. Armonica wasn’t around, so I started wondering. *low voice* That damn death god. When he returns, I’ll bite him to him.

G: Ah, more importantly, it’s a problem if you’re alive. Come now, please die. Promptly and readily.

G: But if I say that, you wouldn’t reply with “Yes, alright” now, would you? That’s natural. Since that’s the case, allow me to help you.

G: *transforms, demon voice* To be bitten to death or ripped into pieces, which one do you want? Well, either way, there is no doubt you will be dead. *motorbike crashes into him* GUAGH!

A: What are you doing, old man.

G: Armonica!?

A: *to heroine* Are you alright? You aren’t hurt? Phew. Yeah, that’s the old man’s true form. The gatekeeper of the Country of the End, Cerberus. With those enormous teeth, he can easily crush a human.

G: I’m disappointed, Armonica. For you to lose your head to a human.


A: I’ve arrived at the truth. Up until now, I’ve always taken lives after piling on lies. I thought it would be a condolence for them to see their dreams before they died. But that was wrong.

G: Armonica…

A: Rather than looking at a dream put together from lies, even if it’s a painful reality, it’s happier to accept the truth and understand each other’s feelings!

G: Heh. It doesn’t matter to me.

A: Hey, old man, can’t you wait a little longer? The life she has left to live will just be a few dozen years, at most. In your perception, it’ll just be an instant. I’d like you to wait until her life span ends.

G: Why do I have to listen to your request?

A: I’m not asking for free. In the other case, I’ll… disappear.

G: What?

A: *to heroine* Hey, you have the gun I gave you earlier, right? Take it out.

G: Armonica! What are you doing!?

A: *to heroine* Yes. Point the gun at me. Haha, it’s okay. In any case, I don’t have a life like you. I’m just an existence that’s allowed to live for missions. I have no regrets even if I disappear here.

G: Stop it, Armonica! Your life—

A: Heh, but I can’t just make a request, right? What I can give… is nothing other than myself.

G: Do you think I’ll keep my promise?

A: I don’t know. But I’ll trust you. Just like how she trusted me.


G: Fool! *heroine shoots him* Gagh!

A: Uh… wah… did you… shoot just now!? But that gun won’t do anything to Cerberus—

G: Ggh… hagh… I hate women who have this much Holy Soul. Dammit!

A: Old man…

G: You’re expulsed! Go and die by the roadside as you please! Ragh! *disappears*

A: Uh… oh… that was your power just now. I’ll explain the details later. First, there’s something I have to tell you. Thank you for trusting me. I’m happy that you’re here. Also, there’s something that wasn’t a lie in yesterday’s words.

A: My feelings for you. When I said I loved you… that wasn’t a lie. The same goes for not wanting to leave you.

A: It really is my first time meeting a girl like you. When I’m with you, my heart is warm… and I feel really relaxed. These feelings are from my heart. Will you trust me?

A: Haha, I’m glad.

A: What should we do now? Uh, you probably shouldn’t relax yet. Cerberus might come and try to take your life again. Ah, so you should hold onto that gun.

A: Haha, me? I’m fine. I can live without going back to that world. I’m made to be more durable than humans. I’m not the first death god who failed a mission and got abandoned in this world.


A: *gets on motorbike* Hm, I hurled this guy at him but I wonder if it’ll still move. *motorbike starts* Yes! Ooh, looks alright.

A: Well, I’m going—

A: What’s wrong?

A: Uh… is it alright to stay with you? Really?

A: *hugs heroine* Thank you. I’m so happy.

A: I love you. I really love you.

A: I’ll always be at your side. No matter what happens, I won’t leave you.

A: Ah, will you… trust my words?

A: Haha, ah… it’s nice, trusting and being trusted.

A: Well, let’s go then. Huh, you’re wondering where? Haha, to the community centre. Because of me, you didn’t get on the bus, right?

A: Come on, the kids are waiting.

A: Haha, alright, off we go!

A: I love you.

A: I said I really love you!

A: I’ll always be with you. It’s a promise.

*** TRACK 9: Not alone, forever ***

A: Oh, what? Weren’t you sleeping?

A: Me?

A: Ah, a lot of things happened, so I’m not sleepy yet. I was looking at that.

A: Look, the moon.

A: You can see it so clearly in this world. I came to this world many times but, haha, I never noticed. What was I looking at all the time?

A: Ah, are you cold?

A: Then… come here.

A: Is it warm like this? Mm, I’m glad then.

A: … You smell sweet. Is it shampoo…? No, that’s not right. It’s sweeter… like milk.

A: Oh! This is the scent that old man was talking about.

A: I don’t hate it. Rather, I love it. It looks like it’s connected to the Holy Soul that I told you about earlier, but it doesn’t matter to me. Whether you have the Holy Soul or not… because it doesn’t change that I love you.


A: Ah! Haha, are you acting shy?

A: It’s embarrassing? Haha, cute. *kisses*

A: I love you. I really love you.

A: Haha, why are you making such a cute look? I’ll end up loving you even more. Hey… haha, can I? *kisses* Thank you. I love you.

A: A world without lies is nice. The moon and stars are this beautiful too. To think a heart that trusts something… can show you such a beautiful world.

A: I didn’t know. You taught me everything. Ah, if we don’t go to sleep now, we won’t be able to get up tomorrow.

A: Hm. You don’t feel sleepy? Then, why don’t we sleep together?

A: It’s fine. I was also just thinking it’d be lonely for me to sleep alone in this room.

A: You’re not alone anymore. You don’t have to endure anything. Whenever you’re lonely, I’ll always be with you.

A: Haha. *kisses* I love you.

A: Mm, good girl. Come on, let’s sleep.

*** TRACK 10: Finale “Armonica” ***

*motorbike stops*

A: Phew, we arrived before it got dark. Look, the ocean.

A: Haha, so it really is your first time seeing this. I’m glad I brought you here if you’re this happy.

A: The ocean is amazing, isn’t it? Since it connects the world.

A: Hey, if you could go abroad where would you like to go?

A: Italy?

A: Haha, I see. Mm, it’s true I was born in Italy. Just… where I was born, what I was doing, I don’t have memories of that. So, even if we go together, I might not be able to show you around Italy. But if you still don’t mind, then let’s go together?

A: Please… marry me.


A: Haha! Did I surprise you? Sorry, but I thought I’d say it after we got here. Ah, look! The sunset is sinking into the ocean.

A: Mm, it’s beautiful.

A: The world I live in together with you… has a lot of beautiful things. I’m sure it’s because you taught me about the world of truth.

A: Haha, right, it’s not just that. It’s because I’m happy being together with you that the world looks beautiful. Haha, and you? How about you? Is the world together with me pretty?

A: I see, haha. I’m glad. Then, what’s your answer to my proposal?

A: Haha! Mm! Thank you. I’ll definitely make you happy, until your world is dazzlingly bright. I’ll give you happiness. *kisses*

A: I love you.

A: … I love you.

*** TRACK 11: Extra Track ***

G: Aah, it hurts, it hurts but this time I wasn’t wounded gravely like the previous time. The wound isn’t that deep and if I put antiseptic on it and blow on it then it’ll heal immediately. *blows air*

G: Done. Still, that saved me. If I had that small metabolic body from before, then it would have been quite serious. Treadmill, you’re a wonderful and outstanding health tool!

G: Compared to you, why have two of my death gods failed in succession? This time I warned him so much against falling in love! He certainly tried to kill that young lady and then, from the usual steps, he had a change of heart…?

G: In that case, let’s look back on this matter! *hits rewind*

A: Bus…!?

G: Armonica? What’s wrong?

A: That’s… because of me.

G: Because of you?

A: The ride I encouraged her to take… is that bus.

G: Aah, I see. No wonder. I was thinking it was a sudden change of fate too. Now I understand.

G: It’s this. There’s no mistake. This must have been the cause of Armonica’s change of heart. He couldn’t bear the responsibility of having changed her fate and, at the same time, he also noticed the love he felt for her!

G: My goodness! Up to a certain point, the emotion of love can act as a sort of restraint but, upon realizing it, you start behaving recklessly immediately and no one will be able to stop you! I should have known this more than enough, and yet I personally made Armonica realize his love. Gah…


G: If that hadn’t happened, then Armonica wouldn’t have gone off on his own and, just like the fate she was given, the young lady would have met with an accident and lost her life, huh. If that happened, then the procedures afterwards would have been simple.

G: Forcibly dragging her soul to the Country of the End, absorbing the power of the Holy Soul, and then just tossing aside the husk of her body naturally as garbage! Well, it would have been fine if she became the death god’s toy too.


A: Becoming like this… what a sorry state. It’s because you easily trusted people’s words that you became like this.

A: Hehe, what’s with those eyes? Heh, it doesn’t seem like you understand your position. You’re… my toy.

A: The only thing you’re allowed to do… is to entertain me.

A: Should I tell you my mood right now?

A: It’s the worst.

A: I’m bored with my inferior toy. Heh, and I’m currently troubled over what to do with it.

A: Hm? You don’t want to be tossed away, right? Heh, naturally, because you have no one but me right now.

A: Huh? Haha, that expression is nice. Mm, that’s good, just like that… be terrified of my words.

A: You aren’t bad like this. It’s cute.


A: Haha, now that you’re in this situation, you can’t trust anyone anymore, right? Yes, you don’t have to trust them. Don’t think about anything, just… faithfully listen to my orders.

A: Heh, come.

A: That’s right. Good. Mm, good girl.

A: Haha, mm, you’re cute.

A: You were terrified earlier, but you’re pleased with a small praise.

A: Haha, just like an idiot! But it doesn’t matter. The stupider you are, the cuter you are. Mm, if you’re a good girl, I’ll pamper you.

A: You want to be pampered by me, right?

A: Sure. I have nothing better to do… so I’ll pamper you.

*ends imagination*

G: HOOOO! Amazing! Wonderful! Genius! Death gods need to be sadistic! I had thought Armonica’s potential for being a brute was high!!


G: … And yet, in reality right now, he’s all lovey-dovey and kissing his human. Good grief! What’s with that? Haa…

G: *phone rings, answers* Hello, this is the gatekeeper. Ah, God!? Yes, I apologize for this incident. That’s right, her fate just suddenly changed again. I know! Just when I thought we could regulate the number of humans, in the end it’s as if they didn’t decrease at all. Yes, at this rate, it will result in the humans eating a bit of everything on that planet.

G: That’s right, in the end, I believe it would be better if you consider the proposal from a few days ago. Eh? Ah, it’s good? Yes, of course! In order to protect the world, I believe that plan is the best, yes! In that case, I will bring the official document over shortly. Thank you very much. *ends call*

G: Heh… hehe… hehehe…! This has become interesting. Next time… I’ll definitely obtain one.

G: Be a good girl and wait for me.

*** TRACK 12: Encore #1 ***

A: I’m home!

A: Guess what this is?

A: Yup, correct. It’s cake! Haha. While you were out, I went on a short drive to the station and bought it. Do you want to eat it now?

A: Mm, I’ll bring it to the lounge then.

A: Now, which one do you want? Shortcake, huh. The chocolate one? This fruit tart is delicious too. Mm, okay. Here you go.

A: Tasty?

A: Haha, I’m glad then. Apparently, the cake shop in front of the station is popular. There’s people who come from Tokyo to buy them. I got there before they opened the store and there was already a line. It was embarrassing lining up among all the girls.


A: But if it can make you this happy, then I’m happy I bought them.

A: Hm? You’ll give me a bite?

A: Haha, I like cake. Mm, then I’ll have one.

A: Mm! Delicious! Haha, somehow, getting fed like this is embarrassing.

A: You don’t understand? I’ll do it then. Here, give me the fork.

A: Alright, open your mouth.

A: Haha, see? It’s embarrassing, right? But it’s surprisingly fun being the one to do it.

A: Nope, I’m not handing it back yet.

A: Here, one more bite. Open your mouth.

A: Haha! Well done.

*** TRACK 13: Encore #2 ***

A: … Ngh? You didn’t sleep?

A: What time is it now?

A: Oh, not a lot of time passed. Mmgh, I had a dream so I thought a lot of time passed.

A: Mm? The dream I had?

A: Haha, it’s a secret.

A: How come you can’t sleep?

A: Coffee? Haha, ah, sorry. It was an unexpectedly childlike reason, so it made me laugh. I’m not making fun of you. I thought it was cute.

A: Mhm. Ah, I know, I know. When you wake up alone at night, you start remembering scary stories. Then, only at times like these, strange noises happen. Haha.


A: When I didn’t have missions, I was always alone in my room in the Country of the End.

A: Then, until you’re sleepy, I’ll stay awake too.

A: Haa… what should we do? A lively game is out of the question, huh. It’ll make us even more awake. That being said, a game that isn’t lively won’t be interesting… haha, we can’t do things that’ll move our bodies either, right?

A: Singing a song wouldn’t be good too. Hm… what’s something that’ll make you sleepy? I get sleepy when I solve factorization questions, but that’s not the case for you, huh.

A: Other things would be like talking about physics… Huh? Oh, are you asleep?

A: Haha, I’m glad.

A: Good night and sweet dreams.

*** TRACK 14: Encore #3 ***

A: Such beautiful hair.

A: Mm, it’s a very beautiful color. Japanese hair is nice. Even when inside, your hair looks especially pretty.

A: Ah, sorry, it got caught, right? Hold on, I’ll get it.

A: Haha, don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. It won’t hurt.

A: Mm, there we go. Done. It didn’t hurt, right?

A: Give me a moment, I’ll tie it up right now.

A: Okay, done!

A: Mm, cute. You’re cute when your hair is down, but you’re also cute when it’s tied up.


A: Do you want to try putting your bangs up?

A: Look, when your forehead is showing, you look refreshingly cute.

A: Haha, what are you embarrassed about? It’s cute. But, oh well, it means I’m the only one who knows about your cute forehead. *kisses*

A: Haha, a mark that it belongs to me.

A: Please don’t look so cute. Heh, it’ll make me want to do much more other things.

A: Aah, but we can’t, you have to leave soon or you’ll be late.

A: Let’s continue… after you come back. Haha! See you later.

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Free Talk (Suwabe Junichi) ***

Junichi: Do you know love? Do you have an opinion? This is the voice actor for Armonica, Suwabe Junichi. Yes, I acted as the death god, Armonica. His human name seems to be Armonica Gerald Coroliani. It’s extremely hard to say, isn’t it? That being said, a death god born in Italy is a bit of a strange setting, but I enjoyed myself to the end and this time we used the dummy head microphone, this binaural recording.

J: This time, the dummy head microphone has the face of a grim old man. Yes, aiming at this old man’s face and whispering required some difficult mental imagery, but here I had to harden my heart—no, I had to deaden my heart and the hard work depended on that. I hope that you enjoyed everything.

J: Um, what do I say, this binaural recording, this dummy head microphone recorded everything as I went around it. It just so happens that the recording this time has a mixer separated by a glass barrier and this side can be called the playzone, for me. I wander around the microphone, the microphone with the face of an old man, and do actions like kissing and it’s all in plain view of the staff. The view this time was shame play.

J: Well, personally, if I had to say, I’m more sadistic so I’m not good with shame play. Yes, again, if this is something that you find enjoyable, then I’ll resign myself to this fate. That being said, I did my best and I hope everyone can listen to it to their heart’s content.

J: There are many binaural situations in here, like in the latter half, but personally, well, there’s a scene where they’re sleeping—where they seem to be sleeping in a bed, and I like to think I did that part really naturally.


J: Now, I’ll end my impressions of the recording here and we’ll be entering a topic discussion. Death gods are a different kind of god, so what would you entreat to them? Also, have you made requests in the past? This sort of rough idea.

J: Right, well, I’m the type of human who doesn’t do much divination or entreats gods but, well, even someone like me, I make some during the first shrine visit of the New Year and stuff. On those occasions, I’ll write things every year like being healthy for this year and doing well at work. Yes, every year I pray for these.

J: But, well, I do get small illnesses that make me wonder whether these prayers reach anything, but the beginning—no, half of this year has past without any big troubles. Yes, I did my best to reach this point and will continue doing that. I sure hope to be able to stand firm and healthy in front of everyone, not just with the power of God but also my own personal care.

J: Those are my feelings, but I see that there’s still time so I’ll talk more about other entreaties to god. But what do I talk about, this is difficult. Oh, there is one more thing, but I’m terribly sorry to say this. It counts as a wish too though, right?

J: So, occasionally, I do accept protection charms and talismans, but then I always end up feeling extremely troubled after and, if possible, I think it would be best if people refrained from sending them to me. That being said, it happens quite often in my line of work.

J: Well, I’m extremely grateful that they want me to be protected, but sometimes I wonder if it’s not more auspicious to avoid things like protection charms and talismans. Ah, but I do really like fortune slips. There wasn’t anything grand about this year’s New Year, but on the first shrine visit of the next New Year I would like to pull a better fortune slip and then spend an even better year.

J: Above all, as someone who acted as something similar to a god, well, a death god, this is to you listeners and I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you can have days filled with happiness. Yes, it’ll be okay, I’m sure you’ll have a nice life. Let’s do our best to live. Let’s make a brighter Japan.

J: Now, it’s time to close this and so I’d like to say my goodbyes here. I look forward to the day where you can hear me again. Goodbye. This was the voice actor for Armonica, Suwabe Junichi. Until next time.

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Free Talk (Koyasu Takehito) ***

Takehito: I am the voice actor for the gatekeeper, Cerberus… the minion, Koyasu Takehito. Hello everyone. The recording is done. So now, I’ll give some simple impressions.

T: This time, you see, we received Suwabe’s character, the death god called Armonica and who has a role of an extreme womanizer. He whispers a lot of sweet nothings into the dummy head microphone, haha. It suits Suwabe completely, right? I’m jealous.

T: I am the gatekeeper, but I felt like he wasn’t based on the previous gatekeeper at all. Yes, somehow, only an image of him remains, like how he’s a smooth talker and how he’s someone with highs and lows. It’s like anything goes for him. That’s the only image that remains. I don’t know the base of his character anymore.

T: Maybe, as this series continues, you really won’t understand anything about him and, ultimately, I wonder if you’ll feel “isn’t that fine?” like a feeling of “just do whatever you like”. Right, well, so far as it goes, I am acting with a plan inside of me, but I think you might not hear that and it’s fine. Yes, it’s really enjoyable.

T: Now, this time, there’s a topic! Ah, there was one last time too, right? There was one last time. There’s one this time too. Death gods are a different kind of god, so what would you entreat to them? In addition, talk about a past request you made. That’s the topic.

T: Hm, let’s see, death gods are a different kind of god, yes, that’s right. Well, gods… right, well, there are some baddish gods out there too. Entreating them… well, you normally do that, right? I think everyone’s the same. I feel like I entreat the gods a little too much in daily life, like whatever happens I’ll say “please” inside in my heart. Even for really small things, I’ll think things like “I hope it goes well this time”. Even if I think, “I hope it goes well this time”, the topic is asking who I’m saying that to, right? It’s probably God.


T: This sort of thing happens a lot in daily life and I feel like it’s almost thoughtless. When it’s the first three days of New Year or like when I go to the first shrine visit of New Year, I’ll entreat God and wish to do my best for the whole year and that I will have lots of job opportunities and a lot of other things. But it’s not just that, like every day, I’ll think about how it would be nice if the work I’m about to do goes well… and things like “please lend me strength”, haha. Or I’ll do things like “I hope I can make today’s meal delicious”. I do it everywhere… my requests to God.

T: It’s more or less that. Well, for people like us, we’ll wish for more jobs. That’s the primary thing. For the rest, depending on the person, there’ll be wishes for lots of money. But, as expected for that request, if you don’t work then you won’t get money, haha. Well, having money is better than not having any and having a lot is better than having a little.

T: The wish “give me lots of money” is the only one I don’t really do. I think about wanting to have a lot of enjoyable jobs, but I don’t really ask God for lots of money… *quiet* Talking alone is really hard, haha… ah, is this good enough?

T: Ah, next time, I wonder what death god will appear? Oh right! Death gods are a different kind of god and so there are lots of death gods, right? This sounds like a dangerous topic. Right, for example, if we talk about the God of Alcohol… there is one, right? If you call out to the God of Alcohol then a god might appear, but if a death god appears then GAHHHH!!

T: … Death gods are strong. Well then, see you next time.

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