Forelsket ni Oboretara

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Hayama Fumito (羽山 史人)
SNS Nickname: Miyabi (雅)
CV: 三橋様

After Becoming Infatuated In Forelsket

Calling yourself Honey-ko on social media, you had the hobby of buying and reviewing popular sweets, convenience store sweets, and other such things.

It was a small community, but you became friends with a person there.

It was an account that called itself “Miyabi” and its icon was of a cute female character.

Miyabi also reviewed sweets like you.

One day, Miyabi asked “I was invited to an advance experimental session of a sweets buffet, but would you like to go together with me?”.

You were a little uneasy, but you replied with an OK and to meet them on the day.

On the day of the meeting, the person who came to the meeting place was a man who looked exactly like the character “Miyabi-kun” who you used to like in the past!?

Thank you to Adachi Cabbage for this commission! R18 warning and yandere, dark themes. One of my favorites.

Note1: Forelsket is a Danish and Norwegian word meaning “in love, enamored” and basically the euphoria one gets when they fall in love. It’s interesting to see it combined with the Japanese verb for indulging and losing your head in something.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Miyabi-kun ***

Miyabi: U-um… are you Honey-ko-san?

M: Ah, I’m sorry, I surprised you, right? I’m Miyabi. The one you’re planning on going to the sweets buffet with.

M: Yes, the Miyabi from @Miyabi-chan-sweet.

M: Ah, I’m sorry! That reminds me, I never told you, right? I’m a man… I wasn’t trying to trick you but, um, it’s embarrassing to say I’m a man with that frilly account. I thought you wouldn’t believe me.

M: Eh? Why are you bowing your head, Honey-ko-san?

M: No, I’m the one at fault for not saying anything. Ah, but… um… if you don’t want to go to a sweets buffet with an unknown man, then I can just give you the ticket.

M: Eh?

M: Ah, me too. I was also looking forward to meeting you, Honey-ko-san. Ah, that reminds me, let’s see…

M: My name is Hayama Fumito. Ah, I gave you my business card to show you that I’m not a suspicious person, so there’s no strange meaninig behind this. You can call me Miyabi.

M: Ah… that’s a cute name.

M: W-wait, no! You didn’t have to tell me your name so frankly like that. Uh, what should I do? Is it better if I call you Honey-ko-san? Or do you want me to call you by name?

M: That’s true, setting Miyabi aside, Honey-ko is a bit hard to say. It doesn’t feel like a nickname for your real name either, so I’ll be calling you by name then.


M: Eh? Um… is that okay?

M: Then I’ll drop the honorifics.

M: Oh, we should get going soon. Over here, it’s being held on the first floor of that hotel. In reality, it’s going to open next month but today is the unveiling. I’m sure the number of people will be limited and there won’t be a time limit. So, we can take our time in eating.

M: Me too! This business chain in particular is fixated on fresh cream. It’s rich but also refreshing. Ah, there was a review that the mascot cake is delicious for this business chain, so I’m aiming for that today. A round, plump cake of the company mascot… just imagining it makes me happy!

M: Ah… um, sorry for suddenly chattering. That’s embarrassing.

M: You might be right. I’m like this in text too. You?

M: If I remember correctly, you said you liked strawberries, right? Like a single strawberry on a custard. Oh, I remember this place said they could make strawberry chocolate fondues too! I love strawberries too, so I’m looking forward to that.

M: Ah, there’s also tarts! Like fruit tarts, you see—*fade out*

[03:38] *scene skip*

M: Aah, that was delicious. Haha, I’m super satisfied. You can’t say anything but amazing about this chain’s quality. Ah, look!

M: *slides over* I took a pretty picture. The cameras on smartphones these days are amazing, to be able to take such beautiful pictures.

M: I’m not good at having stylish clothes like you, so I like to take pictures like this with contrasting colors and keep them. I’ll put it on my social media later, along with “Today, I’m on a date with Honey-ko-san”.

M: Ah! Sorry! If we were both girls, that’d be allowed but this is sexual harassment. Uh, um, I’m sorry if I hurt you.

M: You’re okay with it being a date…? Um, it’s one thing for me to say this, but aren’t I extremely suspicious?

M: I’m a good person…?

M: Oh. I’m glad if you feel that. Um, if you’re not against it, then I’d be happy if we could eat sweets together again like this.

M: At work and in private, I have a hard time saying I really love sweets, so I don’t have anyone to go with to eat them. I’m not lonely when I go by myself but, just as you’d expect, it’s fun eating together with someone. I felt this all over again today.

M: Ah, I’m so happy! Thank you! My work’s a little busy, so I don’t really check my timeline during the day. If you don’t mind, um, here. It’s my ID for a messenger app.

M: *phone vibrates* Oh, here you are.

M: If there’s anything like this event again, I’ll contact you. Eh?

M: Oh, I have a friend who is in this industry. I’m often invited to these advance experimental sessions. It’s lonely going by myself though. Right?

*** TRACK 2: Encroachment ***

*phone vibrates*

M: *through phone* Ah. Hello? Is now a good time? Somehow, my friend came to me about some vacancies at the hotel with the fairy tale motif sweets buffet that you said you wanted to go to before and asked if I wanted to go… So?

M: I felt that if I didn’t get in contact with you quickly another guest would get in, so I called you…

M: Mm! Let’s see, uh, next week Saturday at 12:00pm or Sunday at 2:30pm. Ah, you have something on Saturday?

M: Then, how about Sunday? Oh, you can go? Let’s do Sunday at 2:30pm then. I’ll send you the details later. Sorry for bothering you. See you later then, next week on Sunday.

*scene skip; heroine typing; phone vibrates*

M: *through phone* Ah, hello? It’s Fumito. Did you get home safely? I was looking at the traffic news after getting home and saw that the train you were on had some trouble, so I wondered if you were okay…

M: Phew, so you were alright. Ah, I just remembered, can I upload today’s stuff again with “Together with Honey-ko-san again”?

M: Mm, thank you.

M: Oh, I heard a yawn. *yawns* Ah, haha, it looks like it’s contagious. Mm, sleepy? Sorry, I’ll end the call then. Good night.

[02:08] *scene skip; heroine cooking; phone vibrates*

*heroine moves phone away, resumes cooking; phone vibrates*

*scene skip; phone vibrates*

M: *through phone* Hello? Ah, thank god, you answered.

M: I have some movie tickets. If you don’t mind, do you want to watch it together?

M: Eh? A-ah, you’re right, I didn’t have to phone you for something like this, but I sent you lots of messages in the afternoon and you didn’t read them so I ended up thinking you might have gotten caught up in something…

M: Ah, sorry, am I bothering you? You also have a private life.

M: So, about the movie, it’s the romance one you said you wanted to see back when we went to that cafe together. Then, after that, why don’t we eat the chocolate parfait in the chocolate store at the front gates of Harajuku? Um, it’s Saturday, are you free?

M: Ah… oh, you’re busy with work. Um… it doesn’t seem like the time for a call, huh. I’ll hang up now. When your work calms down, let’s go eat a parfait, okay?

M: Haha, mm, see you then.

[04:08] *scene skip; phone vibrates*

*scene skip; phone vibrates*

M: *through phone* HELLO!? Oh, thank god, it finally connected. We promised to go see the movies after you ended work on time today, but then at noon you said you couldn’t go so I was wondering what happened. Are you that busy with work? Then you could have just said that.

M: Scary? What is?

M: Um… sorry, but I don’t really have friends of the opposite gender, so I don’t really know how to socialize. It’s the first time I met someone with the same interest as me, so I think I got too ecstatic.

M: If I think about this calmly, it’s scary, huh. Even I might say that in your position too.

M: … Why? Because you weren’t responding to your replies or DMs, even though I’m messaging and calling you like this. I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU!

M: Uh… cool my head…?

M: … Okay. Mm, good night.

*** TRACK 3: Your Ideal Man ***

*doorbell rings; heroine checks intercom*

M: *through intercom* Hello! I came over to play. Your house is here, right?

M: Anyway, could you open up? Hey, you can hear me, right? *knocks on door*

*heroine goes to door; Fumito knocks on door; heroine opens door*

M: Ah, it’s been a long time. Previously, you told me to cool my head so I reflected on myself. I thought about how you must have disliked finally getting a holiday, but spending it with me only made you unable to go out with others. Ah, you’re free today, right? It doesn’t look like you have plans.

M: Can you… remove the chain? I want to talk to you properly.

M: Then, at least, can you take this that I bought at Omotesandou? It’s the strawberry tart you said you wanted to eat. I lined up to buy it.

M: … Please. I’ll go home after giving this to you. *heroine removes chain*

M: *tackles heroine into room* Mgh! Shut up.

M: Hah… I finally got to see you. It’s been a long time. Like two weeks? You haven’t posted anything at all on your sweets account, to say nothing of any updates on your real account. Your account for gaming also has no entries. I was really worried. So, I came to make sure you were safe at home.


M: Huh? Why are you so shocked? Hm?

M: Haha, oh, you can’t talk since I’m covering your mouth. That’s right… it’ll be annoying if you scream, but we can’t have a conversation if you can’t talk…

M: Alright, I’ll release your mouth but if you scream then I’ll stab you. Haha, I’m not joking. See? It’s a cake knife, but if a male stabs you as hard as he can with this, then you know what will happen, right?

M: Haha, now then, I’m releasing your mouth.

M: There. Sorry for covering it. It hurt, right? So? Go ahead. I’ll answer any questions you have.

M: Haha, I knew it, you didn’t notice at all. You’re so dense.

M: My game account is a Djungarian Hamster with the name Mochimaru and we’re mutuals, aren’t we? Look, I’m the one with a cute icon that looks exactly like the hamster you raised in the past. Did you pass the level you were stuck on some time ago?

M: Oh, also, I’ve always wanted to say this but it’s not good not to lock your real account. It’d still be dangerous even if you did make it private. To talk about real life with a nickname of your real name and without locking yourself… your internet literacy is too low. I found you immediately through a search.

M: In addition, when you’re uploading pictures you need to turn off the GPS function so the location isn’t identified, or else *leans in* your house will be discovered like this. See?

M: *heroine shoves him* Ngh!

M: I told you… not to do this, right!? No screaming! Ggh, hey now, don’t struggle either!


M: Hah… hah… listen to me properly. If you don’t listen to me next time, I’ll really stab you. Hey, do you understand?

M: My goal…?

M: I was lonely not being able to see you and getting ignored, so I came to your house because I wanted to see you. That’s all. Let’s talk about the rest over tea.

M: Here, I’ll get off you, so stand up.

M: … Get up.

M: Turn around.

M: … I don’t like repeating myself.

M: Haha, now then, put your arms behind your back. I’ll tie you up for now, okay?

M: If you’re a good girl until the tea is ready, I’ll untie you so don’t worry. Ah, but I’ll be angry if you untie yourself. Haha, you can relax and wait on that sofa. This is my first time in your house, so I’m sorry if it takes some time for me to find the tableware.

M: Here, you can take a break.

M: Ah, that reminds me, I think you know already but… *low voice* if you do anything strange, I’ll stab you to death.

M: Now then, take it easy! Let’s see… *goes to kitchen* this place is… ah, tableware. Um, cups and… ah, this was the one shown in a picture you uploaded! The real thing looks cuter than the picture. Oops, I suppose I should appreciate it later. Hrm, anyway, this place…


M: Ah, doesn’t seem to be this place. Then, this one?

M: Oh! Tea leaves discovered! Hey, do you have a kettle? Are you listening?

M: Oh, you’re right. *walks over* It’ll take two minutes until it boils, huh. Oh? No, it’s warm… so I guess it’ll boil soon.

M: *humming; preparing tea; comes over* Sorry to keep you waiting.

M: Look, it’s a really bright red tart. Don’t you think it looks tasty?

M: *low voice* Right?

M: Haha, I’m glad. Sorry, I didn’t know where the milk and sugar was, so are you okay with drinking this straight? This tart is probably extremely sweet, so I think having the tea straight would be perfect.

M: Now, because you were a good girl, I’ll untie you. Turn your back this way.


M: … Did you try to untie yourself?

M: The knot I made loose on purpose is coming undone. Hey, did you try to untie yourself? Did you break your promise with me?

M: Oh? I see. It shifted when you sat down. Hm.

M: I see! Haha, it’s my fault for tying it loosely, sorry! Next time, I’ll tie you up properly.

M: Now, let’s have tea. Come on, I said this earlier, but the tart looks tasty, right? When I pressed you down earlier, the box dropped so it looks like the shape got deformed a little. This part here is crushed and its appearance isn’t nice, but the taste won’t change.

M: *sits beside heroine* Well, eat up.

M: Delicious?

M: … Hey, can I ask you questions too?

M: Why did you avoid me?

M: I won’t understand if you’re silent. I have your ideal appearance, right? Same with my height, my hairstyle, my body shape, the way I speak, and my personality. Also, through our interactions, we have some interests in common too. I’m perfect, aren’t I?

M: What wasn’t good?

M: Haha, there’s jam on the corner of your lips. *kisses* Delicious. I think I’ll eat some too.

M: Huh? You’re pale. I wonder why?


M: Miyabi-kun… that’s your ideal man, right? A handsome man in some sort of manga. He’s kind, loves sweet things, is somewhat popular, and looks gentle on the outside, with drooping eyes, and pretty good stature.

M: See? He’s exactly like me right now. *kisses*

M: Your lips taste like strawberries. One more time. *kisses* Nngh…

M: It tastes even more like strawberries inside your mouth. Ah, don’t close your mouth. I want to kiss you more and more. I’ve always wanted to do this.

M: In truth, I planned on being in a proper relationship with you, you know? Because, the moment you saw me, you had a really cute look on your face. Exactly like that of a young girl.

M: But I couldn’t become Miyabi at his core, so I wonder if my grossness seeped out? Haha, I’m sorry. *kisses*

M: Haah… sorry, the tea is getting cold but I can’t stop anymore. Can I make love to you? I can, right?

M: Haha, because originally I planned on being in a relationship with you, so it’s just a question of sooner or later.

M: Haa… ah, I can touch you at last. Look, I’m touching you! You’re soft. Also, your neck is slender and lovely.


M: Ah, you see, I love those eyes. They’re pretty like gems. Also, I love your lips too. They make me want to kiss you… over and over again. *kisses*

M: Your hair slides between my fingers too and it’s beautiful. If I remember correctly, you go to a really fashionable salon once a month, right? I was irritated because the beautician was super handsome, but I’m sure that person is very skilled to make your hair so beautiful.

M: Plus, you said the flirty beautician was scary so, although I was a little worried, I thought it was fine since he wasn’t your type. *inhales* Mm… *kisses*

M: Aah, what a nice smell.

M: You smell like soap bubbles. Is it perfume? Or is it the fabric softener?

M: I want to smell the same.

M: Haha, it’s a nice-smelling fabric softener then. I think I’ll buy some for myself too. Oh, I’m going to strip you now, okay?

M: Ah, it’s pink! Nice! It’s also frilly. Cute! It really feels feminine and turns me on. You’ll be cold if I take everything off, so I’ll just remove your underwear.

M: Aah, such pretty breasts. It’s like they’re begging me to touch them. Just as they wish, I’ll touch them.

M: Ah… hah… soft. Also, they slide against my hand. It feels extremely nice to touch them, like they’re marshmallows. Haha, your nipples are demanding me to touch them too.


M: Does it feel good being touched like this?

M: Is it that nice to have me rub them like this? Your face is as red as a strawberry.

M: Haa… hah… it really turns me on to see you holding back your voice. It’s okay, you know? To let it out a little. Ah… if you bite your lip like that, you’ll bleed. It’ll sting when you eat tasty things, so you can’t do that. Come on, open your mouth?

M: Listen to me, okay?

M: … Do you want to be stabbed to death that much?

M: Aah, look, there’s some blood. I’ll lick it up. *kisses*

M: Mm. The taste of blood isn’t that nice. Not that anything can be done, since it’s the taste of blood after all. But… it turns me on. I’m aroused at the fact that I’m licking your blood.

M: Haah… hey, this time, can I touch you down there too?

M: Haha, sorry for not really listening to your opinions.

M: Ah. You’re a little damp. I wanted you to be a little more drenched though. Oh well, you’ll get wet as I touch you. I’m going to remove your underwear here too, so raise your legs.


M: Honestly, you…

M: You really don’t listen to others, huh. Fine. I’ll cut it then.

M: *slices panties* What a waste since it was such a cute underwear. It’s your fault though.

M: Huh? Oh, you’re that scared of blades? Don’t tell me… you thought I wouldn’t really use it?

M: Haha, ah, it’s scary, isn’t it? Because if you make the slightest mistake then you’ll get hurt. In addition, in the worst case, you might get stabbed to death.

M: Come on, calm down! If you’re a good girl and accept me, then I won’t stab you. Come on, take some deep breaths.

M: Mm, looks like you’ve calmed down. Then, lift up one leg.

M: Haha, yes, yes, good girl, good girl. I’m going to put a finger in, so relax your body.

M: Look, it’s inside.

M: Hngh… hah… when I think about how I’ll thrust into this place soon, I feel like I can’t hold back anymore. Haa… hah… but it’ll surely hurt if I put myself in right now and it’s not like I want to do something horrible, so I’ll properly and slowly loosen you until you can accept me here.

M: Go ahead, feel me more. If you aren’t wet, then it’ll hurt later. Hehe.


M: Mm, you’re getting pretty wet so I think I’ll add another finger.

M: I’m putting it in. Mgh… haha, it’s inside.

M: When it’s two fingers, I knew the feeling would be different, right? You clenched harder than before.

M: Haa… hah…

M: Ngh, oh no, I can’t suppress how turned on I am. If you’re this wet, it shouldn’t hurt. So… can I put it in now?

M: Are you embarrassed? Haha. Cute.

M: Well, no matter what you think, I’m going to put it in.

M: *unzips pants* I’m putting it in.

M: Hm? Condom? Ah, right, condoms… mhm, I brought them.

M: See? I’m well-prepared, right? I won’t use them though.

M: You’re asking why? Hm… because I didn’t feel like using them from the start, ngh! *inserts himself*

M: Agh… hagh… I went in deep all at once. How is it? The feeling of being filled raw. I’m feeling really damn good.


M: Ah, haha, I’m sorry, were you that against doing it bareback? But we’re going to be doing it bareback from here on, so you need to get used to this.

M: Plus, down here, it’s saying that you like bareback better. Haa… hah… *thrusting*

M: Haha, come on, there, there. You’re a good girl, so don’t cry. Because crying… *leans in* is already too late for everything. Haha, mgh… ngh!

M: Gngh… hagh…! It feels so good inside you. It feels best pressing against you deep inside.

M: Haa… hah…! Hahaha! Nrgh… mngh!

M: Hah… haah… hey, can I change positions? It’s a little hard to do it.

M: Here, like this…

M: Holding you like this will make it feel better, you know? Aah… ngh, so good. Did you feel good when I grinded circles in you just now? Sure, feel me more. I’ll thrust into you a lot from below. Like this, while we kiss, okay? *kisses; thrusting* Mm! Nngh!


M: Hm? What?

M: Heh… haha! I see. Then, for me… suffer more. *kisses; thrusting*

M: Mngh! Haha… mm…

M: You clench down when we’re kissing, so you like it when it’s painful, right? I’ll make it more and more tough on you. Gngh! Mgh! *kisses; thrusting*

M: Haa… hah…!

M: Aah, haha, jeez, you’re squeezing so hard… gngh! It’s saying you want me, haha! Sure, I’ll thrust into you more and more and MORE! Hah… hagh… grgh!

M: Mm… mgh! Ah, ah, it feels so good. I’m about to release.

M: Huh?


M: Haa… hah… you don’t want me to release inside?

M: Can I ask why?

M: Oh… mm, you’re right.

M: … When you desperately beg me like that, I… *leans in* want to do even more horrible things to you, so I’m going to release inside, okay? Ngh! Ggh!

M: Haha! Hahaha! Stupid! How many times have we had this similar exchange already? Haha, did you think I’d listen to a bit of your opinions after coming this far? Haha. *kisses ear; thrusting*

M: Hngh… hah…! Crap, I’m seriously going to come. Haah… haa…!

M: Take it all. Haa… hah…!

M: Gngh, I’m coming…! Ggh, mrgh…! *he orgasms*


M: Hah… hah… that felt good. Did it feel so good for you too that your mind left your body? I’m glad then. Haha, but I don’t want to pull out yet. Because this is my first time feeling so happy. I want to enjoy it more.

M: Let’s kiss one more time? *kisses*

M: Haha. Mm? Oh, you’re crying again.

M: I know. Right now, even I’m so happy I’m about to cry. *kisses*

M: Even your crying face is cute, that’s not fair. Ah! That reminds me… haha. *takes out phone* Let’s leave this as a commemoration.

M: Hm? You like photos, don’t you? Come on. *takes picture* Hah… hahaha! Sorry, I suck at taking pictures so I couldn’t take a cute one. I think I’ll take one more.


M: Oh, I see. You don’t want this… Right. *takes pictures*

M: Did you think I’d stop? Hahaha! Aah, nice, cry more. It’s your punishment for ignoring me. Ah, I’ll take a picture of this place too. Our coupling. This place where I’m snugly inside you. *takes picture*

M: Aah, this is a super nice picture. I’m almost spellbound. *takes pictures* I’m getting hard again after seeing that. You can tell I’m getting larger inside you, right?

M: Haha, this time, let’s take a video? Your cute appearance and voice, the sight of me inside you, I want to capture it forever. Hahaha!

M: Oh, nice, cry more! Aah, you’re making such a loud noise. Hahaha!

M: Do you think someone’s going to hear?

M: Both of your neighbors are outside, you know? I confirmed that much at least. Also, the person below just went out with her boyfriend and above us is an empty room. It’s empy above, below, and beside us. Hahaha!

M: Huh? The reason I told you earlier not to make any loud noises?

M: Hehehe! That was obviously to threaten you. Haha, because it’s rare to see your frightened face.

M: Now, let’s continue. I’ll start the video too. Heh.


M: Hey, a personal perspective or hidden camera style, which one do you like? I’m fine with either, but I can match your request for this at least.

M: … It’s about time you listen to me! Gngh! Aah… haha… you tightened around me so much. Did it feel good to suddenly be slammed into deeply? Hehe, ah, so you’re a masochist. Haha!

M: Aah, it feels good. If you have no opinion, then I’ll do what I want. I’ll fuck you in a personal perspective.

M: Next time, let’s make it live, okay? *starts video* Hehe. I’m looking forward to that. Come on, look this way. *growls* Look this way!

M: *thrusting* Wow, mgh… ngh…

M: Haha, your breasts bounce every time I move, it’s a super lewd sight. Haa… hah… look, each time I thrust into this deep spot, your voice slips out, doesn’t it? Haha!

M: Do I feel that good? I think you feel really good inside, you know? I almost want to thrust into you forever like this. Haah… haa… *growls* don’t hide your face! Be sure to look this way more!


M: Jeez, you’re such a disobedient girl.

M: Do you want to be punished? Heh.

M: Haa… hah… I want to be deeper in you. I want to fuck your womb too. I want to fuck and break you, until you’re only mine. Hah… hagh…!

M: Mmgh, ah! Are you… convulsing right now? What? Did you come again while being raped? You really are a masochist!

M: Haha! Don’t worry, it’s not like I look down on that. Instead, I’m happy. Haa… hah… because then I can torment you endlessly. *thrusting*

M: Hagh… haah…! Ah…? It feels good rubbing against this spot. I’m about to release again…

M: Can I release all my semen into your womb again?

M: No? Haha, you’re so turned on by me though, so what are you saying no about? Hehehe! Haha!

M: It’s no good feigning ignorance. Come on, look at this. My member is wet and you’re so aroused the sofa is drenched. Each time you sit here, you’ll remember how you were turned on being raped by me.

M: When I think that… haa… I get shivers down my spine. Hngh! You tightened… Ah. Heh.


M: It feels that good to hear dirty talk? Haa… hah… jeez, you’re so cute. I’ll torment you more and more and more! We’ll repeat this every single day, I’ll fuck you, release inside you, and make you pregnant, okay? Hahaha!

M: Ah, how many do you want? I want a lot. You also wrote that you liked children, and I like children too. Haa… hngh…!

M: If you struggle, I’ll press into someplace strange. Don’t do that! It’ll be a waste if I ejaculate anywhere but deep inside where your womb is, right?

M: It’s about time to end this… hah… haa… in reality, I want to fuck you much more but, look, my battery is running out. I want to capture myself releasing inside you. Haah… hah…!

M: Aah, I’m releasing… I can’t anymore… hagh… hngh…!

M: Mngh, I’ll grip your hips and right in this deepest spot…!

M: Huh, what? You’re grabbing my arms. Do you want me to stop that badly?

M: Hm… that’s right… You’re starting to look really miserable. You’ve cried yourself into a mess… Sorry, putting such a look on your face, I’m really… turned on! Hngh, it’s so, so, so good! Haha!


M: Stupid! Of course I’ll release inside you. I told you before, didn’t I? That you trust people too much and so you get taken advantage of. Gngh… hagh…!

M: I’m releasing…! Hrgh… mgh! Like this, I won’t let you do what you want. Haa… haah…!

M: I’m… coming…! Ggh! Kgh! *he orgasms*

M: Hah… haa… ah…

M: If I don’t push myself in deeper, it’ll spill out. Mngh!

M: Mm? You’re crying again. Heh… hehehe! That look only makes me happy. You’re making me feel good even after sex has ended, you’re such a good girl.

M: Ah, I’m so satisfied. I’m going to pull out, okay? Ngh!

M: Look, I’ll take some pictures of the end too. “I got came into”, heh. I guess you don’t have the strength to resist anymore, huh. That’ll make this easier, so that’s nice.

M: Ah. Wow. Your hole is open and twitching. *takes pictures*

M: Aah, I pushed my semen in so deep, but a little has dripped out. Jeez. What a careless hole. You’re such a hopeless girl, haha.


M: You’re careless but because you worked so hard, I need to give you a reward. *gets up to grab something*

M: Ah, here it is.

M: *returns* Look, this is called a chastity belt. *puts it on heroine*

M: What an amazing view. Like this, the semen won’t drip out and your hole is plugged. You can’t be unfaithful either. It’s such a wonderful invention. Hehe. Next is to lock it.

M: You’re a little dumb, aren’t you? You need to try and get it off before it’s locked. Pffhaha.

M: You’re so desperate. What?

M: Hm… mm, that’s true. You can’t wash or go to the toilet. Ah, stop wailing like that.

M: Ah, if you want it off, then come here at night.

M: I sent you the location details just now. I’ll take it off then. Oh, you don’t have to come but, in that case, the chastity belt will be on you like that and you’ll be a celebrity on the internet tomorrow. Heh.

M: Huh? Cruel…? The cruel one is you, isn’t it?

M: My affections… my efforts… you crushed everything about me under your feet.

M: If you had loved the cool Miyabi-kun, then this wouldn’t have happened.

M: Now then, I’ll head out first and wait for you. Well, you can make either choice. Hehehe. *leaves*

*** TRACK 4: Deception ***

*doorbell rings*

M: *through door* Oh, go ahead, it’s not locked. *heroine enters*

M: Come into the room.

M: Good evening. I believed you would come.

M: What do you mean what is this? It’s my house. It’s pretty, right?

M: Hm?

M: Oh, on the desk? It’s our anniversary, so we need to celebrate it, right? I prepared everything you love. You can eat what you like.

M: Jeez, you’re short-tempered. Well, I can take it off since I did promise.

M: Sit on the sofa over there then.

M: *opens drawer, grabs keys, comes over* Your legs… spread them wide open. It’s cute that you’re embarrassed, but I can’t take it off if you don’t spread them.

M: I’m taking it off now.


M: Ah, haha. Wow. All the semen is coming out… in globs. Ah, you’re dirtying my sofa this much. Heh. It matches the one in your house.

M: Ah, but I need to punish you now. Because I told you, didn’t I? That you’re not allowed to spill any.

M: I’m unreasonable? I don’t know about that.

M: Haha. It’s true I removed the chastity belt, but haven’t you completely forgotten about the video and photos? I think those would be a huge problem for you.

M: Haha, you remember now?

M: Hm?

M: Why do I have to erase our memories? I’m obviously against that. The sight of you in pleasure from being plugged up by me is really nice. After I came home, I even jerked myself off twice. Haha.

M: Ah, don’t shout. Your angry face isn’t that cute. I like it when you’re smiling or crying.

M: Hm… alright, let’s do this then. Let me take pictures of you eating the sweets over there, and then I’ll delete what I have.

M: Oh, naturally, I won’t tell you to eat all of them because it’s not like I want to take pictures of a competitive eater. You see, I purely love the sight of you happily eating sweets. So, come on?


M: Ah, I see. You’re suspicious of me. Well, that’s reasonable.

M: Then… I’ll delete what I have first.

M: *uses phone* Hm? Backups? I don’t have any. If you doubt me, you can look at everything in my phone and computer. Actually, you can even break my phone and computer. If it’s physically destroyed, then you’ll be relieved too, right? *throws phone, phone shatters*

M: See? It’s probably broken. Later, we can both check and I’ll destroy my computer too.

M: Come on, sit over there.

M: Mm. Eat up. I’ll take pictures like this.

M: Mhm, it’s the new one on the block. A camera that specializes in taking videos. I bought it just for this. Ah, sorry, I didn’t give you anything to drink. Naturally, it’d be hard to eat those without anything to drink.

M: Haha, what? You’re suspecting me. Do you think I’ll mix drugs into the drink?

M: Is an unopened water bottle okay then? If you don’t want water, I do have tea though.

M: Alright, got it. *goes to get water, humming*


M: Here you go. An unopened bottle of water.

M: See? I didn’t lie, right?

M: Now, eat up. I’ll be the cameraman.

M: Ah, eat it happily, okay? With a smile.

M: Is it delicious?

M: Ah… what a nice look. I feel a little relieved. Haha, cute.

M: Mm, it’s really nice.

M: Oh, how’s the tart over there?

M: Ah, mm, thank god. I made that.

M: In the end, I guess I lose out to high-class sweets. Because, among all these, it’s the worst product, right? I like eating but I’m not very good at making them, haha. It took a lot of effort.

M: Yes, that jam is homemade too!

M: I’m happy to see you eat them all so deliciously. Haha, I’m glad I worked hard.

M: Ah, was it too sweet? I see. I used a lot of sugar. But… I’m happy you ate it. I’m really… happy.

M: Thank you for eating everything. Right now, I feel really blessed. It’s such a happy thing to have someone eat something you made… *heroine drops fork*


M: Hm?

M: Is something wrong?

M: Oh. Your hands are numb?

M: PFF… haha… yes, of course that’d be the case. You ate such a large amount of drugs after all. Haha, isn’t that natural? Hahaha!

M: You’re so stupid. I didn’t expect you to eat everything. I thought you’d stop after one bite. Haha!

M: Oh my? You’re dizzy? Ah, such a stupid girl.

M: Didn’t you think such a sweet jam was strange? Normally, it’d never be that sweet, right? The taste of the drug was a bit strong, so I put in a huge amount of sugar to hide the flavor.

M: Pffhaha, I guess you can’t hear me anymore.

M: Now then, let’s go to the bedroom. Heh… hehe.

*** TRACK 5: Revenge and Brainwashing ***

M: Ah, you’re awake.

M: Good morning. Did you have a nice dream?

M: Hm? I guess you’re still half-dreaming. Haha. *kisses*

M: Sorry, I couldn’t wait for you to wake up.

M: Aah, delicious. *kisses*

M: Hm?

M: If you don’t speak clearly, I won’t understand.

M: Haha. *kisses*

M: You’re slurring and I can’t understand what you’re saying, haha.

M: Eh? What is it? Say it properly. Heh… hehe! *kisses*

M: Come on, don’t run from the pleasure. Accept it all.

M: Haha, it feels good, doesn’t it? The drug’s considerably strong so you might come just from your breasts. Like this, when I squeeze this one and pinch it to the point of hurting, and on this one I’ll bite as hard as I can and suck it.

M: Come on. Mm…!


M: It’s alright, come.

M: Aah. You really came.

M: Haha, you’re opening and closing your mouth like a fish. I’ll cover your mouth. *kisses*

M: Ah, you’re choking. How sad. Heh… hehe. I’m the one making you look miserable though.

M: Hm? Stop…?

M: I can stop but… you’ll be the one in pain, you know?

M: Because your body is desiring pleasure this badly, isn’t it? It’s desiring me. Heh, look, this place is drenched and it’s even dripped to your butt.

M: Like it’s begging to be filled deeply by me over and over again and to have me come a lot into it.

M: Haha, ah, I’ll lick this up so as not to be wasteful. *gives oral* Mm…


M: Does it feel that good to be eaten out here? Every time I touch you with the tip of my tongue, your hips jerk. Nngh…

M: I wonder how many times you can come, haha.

M: Mm?! Haha! You came! What a nice scream. Come more and more. Mmgh…

M: It’s delicious. It’s the most delicious out of everything I’ve put in my mouth up until now. Nn… ah…

M: Hahaha! How many times did you come? I confirmed five times, but maybe it went over that. You can keep on coming more and more until you feel like you’re going to die.

M: Ngh, huh?

M: What?


M: Oh, I see. Coming in succession like this hurts, huh. Your senses are sharper many times more than normal, so the slightest stimulation will hurt, right?

M: But, you see… I’m having fun. Seeing your face like that is out of this world for me. Your hand is in the way, so can you cooperate and remove it?

M: Ah, you’re crying. Pff… haha! I knew it, your crying face is the cutest. I’m turned on.

M: I understand. In consideration of your cute face, I’ll stop tasting this place.

M: You worked hard. Good girl, good girl.

M: As a reward for working hard… I’ll pound into you with this part of me that you love, ngh! *thrusts* Ggh… ah…!

M: Just now, you squeezed hard inside. I wonder if the feeling of your orgasms are still lingering? You’re convulsing so much, haha.

M: Aah, ngh, I’m sorry when you’re still coming but… I’m going to move. *thrusting* Haa… mm…

M: When I’m pressed against you like this and moving my hips, I feel really, mgh, good. I feel like I’m going to melt from your body temperature.


M: Ah, you turned your head away. Heh, do you hate this that much?

M: Haa… hah… to be cute even when you’re saying no, what a sinful girl. *kisses ear; thrusting*

M: Haha, are your ears sensitive too? Mm…

M: Hah… haah… every time I stick my tongue into your ear and suck, you clench down on me over and over again. Are you aware of that?

M: Aah, I feel like I’m about to go crazy too.

M: I want to touch you more and more. Even though I’m this glued to you, it’s not enough at all! I want to fuck, not just your body, but your heart too. I want to dirty everything about you to the last drop with myself. What do I have to do… so that you’ll love me? *kisses; thrusting*


M: Haah… hagh… say that you love me. Then I can give you a little break.

M: Aah, ah…! I’m so happy even if it’s a lie. Haha…

M: Right now, it might be a lie but you’ll end up loving me. Because I did anything to get close to you. I worked hard, used whatever I could use, so please… love me. Haa… hah…!

M: Mmgh… haah… huh?

M: Why are you silent?

M: Haha, come on, say it one more time. “Fumito, I love you”.

M: … Heh… hehe. Hahaha…!

M: Ah… *low voice* whatever.

M: Open your eyes.

M: At this rate, I’m sure you won’t love me. But I want your love, and I don’t care what form that comes in. I’ll brainwash you… so that you think the only point in living is to love me and so that you beg for me yourself.


M: *thrusting* The break’s over. Oh? Coming the moment I move, you’re really shameless. Mgh! Gngh! I’ll press deeper into you. Aah… hah…! This spot… when I grind into this spot and move, haha, you’re already screaming.

M: Is it painful? Does it hurt?

M: Every time you say three good things about me, I’ll give you a small break. Haa… hah… if you say a hundred things, then I’ll end this and I’ll neutralize the drug.

M: If you don’t say anything, I’ll continue to fuck you. I’ll come into you over and over and over again, when the drug runs out I’ll add more, and I’ll use you as a toy even when you’re unconscious, pregnant, or my mistress. Heh… hehe. That also seems fun.

M: Come on, you’ll be the one to choose.

M: Right. Haha, that’s right. I worked hard on this face and body. I didn’t do plastic surgery, but I researched how to make my face look handsome.


M: Now, I let you rest so… I’m going to move. Mm, say more. Tell me what you love about me. Haa… hngh… *thrusting*

M: Ah, mm! Hah… haa…

M: Haha, I see. I’m so happy! Nrgh… mgh…

M: Isn’t that natural? Gngh, my fashion sense and hairstyle are all to suit your preferences. But I’m happy, haha.

M: You can pretty much talk now. Are you used to it? Or has the drug faded a little? It doesn’t matter either way.

M: Haa… hah… I feel like coming too. But… but you only said six things so, haha, come on, I have a lot of good points, right? Because I’m exactly like your ideal Miyabi-kun.

M: My voice? Aah, right. That’s true. Because when I insult you with my voice, you get turned on, right? Look… *low voice* Right now, I’ll tell you what you’re like down here in the voice that you love.

M: *kisses ear* Your naughty hole has swallowed my length and is clenching down, begging me to release inside. It’s saying that being like this is happiness. *kisses ear*


M: Haha, do you love it so much when I lick your ear? You squeezed hard again. I’ll lick your ear more. Mm…

M: Come on, you’ve only said seven things now. Say more things you love about me!

M: *flat voice* What’s with that attitude? I’m your ideal Miyabi, aren’t I? Come on, say it.

M: … I see. Was it better if I wasn’t then? Would someone have had 100 good points instead of Miyabi-kun? WOULD YOU HAVE LOVED JUST ANYONE?

M: Let’s do this. You just need to say my name, Fumito, 93 times. I can end things then. See? Easy, right? You just need to say my name, Fumito.

M: Haha, yeah, I promise this time. If I break it then I’ll commit suicide or do anything you want. I’m going to move now. Be sure… to say my name. *thrusting* Mmgh… hah…

M: Ah… yes, more. Do it more properly. Hagh… haa…


M: Wow, I’m so happy. Say it more. Call my name.

M: Mngh… hah…! No, don’t stop saying it. Even if you feel good or you come, be sure to say my name. I love you. I love you. Haha… haha!

M: I’ll make you feel even better. Haah… haa… I’ll rub circles on your clitoris while thrusting into you. Ngh, ah! Does it feel good? Hah… mgh…!

M: I can’t… It feels so good. Hah… hagh… can I release once? Gngh, I’ll come lots inside you while grinding against this spot. Hngh… gngh…!

M: I’m… coming! Ggh! *he orgasms*

M: Haa… haah… oh, hey, why did you stop calling my name? You haven’t even said it 50 times. There’s still half left over, right?


M: Ah, haha, I’m making sure to count.

M: Hm? You can’t?

M: Oh, your throat hurts…

M: *low voice* What are you saying? Even if your throat is dry, or crushed, if you don’t keep calling my name then I won’t end this! Ggh! *thrusting*

M: Come on, if you just moan then it won’t end no matter how much time passes. You have to say Fumito more and more. Nrgh… hah…

M: Aah, yes! It feels so good! Every time you say my name, I feel like I’m going to come. Haah… this is probably what’s called happiness. Hahaha! Come on, do your best. There’s still 30 times left. Hehe.

M: Haha, don’t jerk like that when I just casually thrust into you. If you’re like that, I can’t tell if you’re saying my name or something else. Hah… haa…!


M: Come on, there’s 5 more times left. There’s just 5 more times left. Say “Fumito, I love you”.

M: Ngh! Aah… you said it properly! Haa… hah… so cute. You’re so cute I could die. Come on, more, say it more.

M: Mm…! Hah… haah…! That makes 100. *stops*

M: You did very well. *kisses*

M: Haha, as a reward for your hard work… I’ll come inside you while licking your ear. *thrusting; kisses ear*

M: Ah, haha, I knew it. You really like it when I do this to your ears. *kisses ear; stops* Hey, do you love me?

M: I won’t understand if you just nod. Come on, say “I love you” again.

M: Nngh! Wow. Just now, you clenched down again, didn’t you?

M: You’re desiring me this much because you love me, right? Me too. I also… love you to the point of wanting to kill you. *kisses; thrusting* Nn…


M: Let’s come while kissing. *kisses; thrusting*

M: Mm… ngh… gngh! I’m… haa… mngh…!

M: Mgh! *he orgasms* Haah… hagh…

M: I came a lot again. I’m going to pull out, okay?

M: It’s like you’re saying you don’t want to let go of me. Oh, but if we do any more than this you look like you’re going to die.

M: Hm? Huh, are you sleepy?

M: Sure, let’s take a break. We still have a lot of time.

M: Hm? Oh, our hands?

M: I’m just making sure you can’t run away. I won’t let you go ever again. I won’t let you escape. I don’t have anything but you. So… stay with me forever and ever. I love you.

*** SPECIAL TRACK 1: You Aren’t Miyabi-kun ***

Note: Splits from Track 3.

*doorbell rings; heroine checks intercom*

M: *through intercom* Hello! I came over to play. Your house is here, right?

M: Anyway, could you open up? Hey, you can hear me, right? *knocks on door*

*heroine goes to door; Fumito knocks on door; heroine opens door*

M: Ah, it’s been a long time. Previously, you told me to cool my head so I reflected on myself. I thought about how you must have disliked finally getting a holiday, but spending it with me only made you unable to go out with others. Ah, you’re free today, right? It doesn’t look like you have plans.

M: Can you… remove the chain? I want to talk to you properly.

M: Then, at least, can you take this that I bought at Omotesandou? It’s the strawberry tart you said you wanted to eat. I lined up to buy it.

M: … Please. I’ll go home after giving this to you. *heroine removes chain*

M: Ah, thank you. Excuse me—URGH! *heroine hits him* What are you—*Fumito is knocked unconscious; heroine drags him in*

[02:04] *scene skip*

M: Ggh… this place…?

M: Huh…?

M: Huh!? Uh… what? Ngh, ow, my head… Huh?

M: Wait a moment, what is this?

M: You… hit me? And with a frying pan?

M: Don’t stab you…? My attitude…? What do you mean?

M: I didn’t stalk you! I just want to be friends with you, so—ow! *heroine slaps him*

M: Don’t just suddenly slap me… *heroine slaps him* Ggh.

M: … It hurts a bit, so stop it.

M: You told me not to get close to you? But… I don’t want that! I… I… love you. I love you, so it’s impossible not to get close to you. If I’m… if I’m reported, then I won’t be able to see you again. I don’t want that! Please, I’ll do anything so don’t abandon me.

M: N… no… *crying* Please…


M: Of course! I’ll listen to anything. I’ll listen to any request you have.

M: Strange actions…? Uh… oh… mm, I won’t carry any blades. Okay. Drugs, chastity belt, and knives, I’ll throw them all away.

M: My acting…? I’m not acting—ngh…

M: But… you like Miyabi-kun… right?

M: Huh?

M: Uh… then… all my efforts…

M: … But my natural self is worthless, and that’s why I approached you as Miyabi-kun. To you though, he’s just a character you like in the end. Ugh, sorry.

M: My natural self? Heh. I’m a hopeless, cowardly, pessimistic, and boring man. No one would love that sort of man. Even you got interested in me because I was similar to Miyabi-kun, right?

M: Look! I knew it. Aah… in the end, someone like me should disappear. I’d rather you just stab and kill me with that knife right now. Hah…


M: … What?

M: Even if I had this appearance, this pessimism is hopeless, right? Hah… in reality, you’re disgusted. Either way, you’re thinking I shouldn’t say pessimistic things with Miyabi’s appearance. Miyabi-kun is cool and sparkling, right? Heh.

M: Aah, it was too much of an act for me. If only, at the very least, you liked a character that was closer to me or something, then I could have done it a little better. Aah…

M: Gagh, I hate everything. I’ll turn myself in already. So, remove this. I’m done. Aah, my life is over. Ugh, I don’t care about anything anymore.

M: Huh?… What?

M: If you look at me like that, I’ll get embarrassed. I’ll get my hopes up, so quit it. Wait, actually, how about you hurry up and report me? Hah…

M: If you don’t report me, a pessmistic and malicious stalker will do something weird to you again.

M: Mgh! Ggh! Stop it!

M: Huh? Eh…? What? Eh? Huh!?


M: Cu… cute? Uh, what? Hold on—mph! *heroine kisses him*

M: Uh…?

M: Um. You… what are you doing?

M: I don’t get it but, wait, give me three seconds to think. Mmph! *heroine kisses him*

M: Hah… haa… why are you kissing me?

M: What do you mean cute? S-stop it. I’m a guy, so I’m not happy to hear that.

M: Ah! What are you doing!? You’ll be able to tell if you take my clothes off, but why!? Hold on, you weren’t that aggressive of a girl, were you!? Ngh!

M: Don’t touch my nipples on purpose—quit it, mgh…! Wait… hah… stop, don’t rub them. Nrgh…

M: Eh? Aah. No. It’s embarrassing, so I want you to stop.

M: Huh? It does feel good but…

M: Let you rape me? Hey, you’re a girl so you shouldn’t say such vulgar things—ow! Ow! It really hurts!


M: You’re… somehow way different from your social media. I monitored all your social media accounts, but you’re completely different! You’re kind of sadist—ow, ow, ow! Don’t pinch me! A man’s nipples aren’t made to feel good from being pinched!

M: … Okay, I’ll shut up.

M: Mgh… hah… are you having fun? Ngh…

M: I’m not having fun.

M: Ggh, that feels weird. If you gently rub them… hah… nrgh…

M: Haa… hagh… if you do that…

M: I can’t believe I’m getting turned on from having a girl play with my nipples… it’s so embarrassing. Ah! I told you it hurts when you do it hard! Gagh, if you suddenly grab that place… ah…

M: To think you’re touching that part of me… it’s like a dream except, hold on, it’s wrong! I wanted to be the one making the moves on you and I never imagined you doing things to me—ngh! Don’t grip it, mgh!


M: *heroine unzips his pants* You just did that suddenly… aren’t you shy at all!?

M: OW! Too hard! It hurts if you grip it that hard, it hurts normally!

M: Mmgh, I’m sorry… but if you aren’t more gentle, then it hurts.

M: I can’t believe you’re stroking me… mm…

M: Huh? What’s wrong? Your hand stopped.

M: Ah, mm, that feels good. Hah… haa…

M: More… mgh…

M: Gugh!? Ah! I don’t need that! Aah… ungh… but it feels good, ngh. Hagh… haah…

M: Feels good… haa… hah…

M: I want to release now… because you’re licking me while stroking me, you know!? It’s something I’ve always longed for! Hagh… so, I’m already really aroused and I can’t help it.


M: No? Please don’t tease me, ngh…

M: I want to come… let me come. Hah… hagh…

M: I can’t… I’m coming…! Sorry! I’m going to…! Haa… haah… ngh! *he orgasms*

M: Hagh… haa…

M: Eh…? Ah, sorry, but it felt so good and I was happy. I’m way too happy at being able to come from your hand.

M: But you’re relatively sadistic, huh. I’m happy to see a surprising side of you.

M: I don’t have any regrets now…

M: You can report me.

M: Eh? Why? I’m a malicious stalker though.

M: You’ll forgive me? But this is unforgivable, right?

M: It’s my happiness to live listening to you though… What should I do?

M: Ggh, you don’t have to go that far in criticizing me. Mgh, alright. First, I’ll return my hairstyle to normal. I’ll also go back to my usual tone… and I’ll change my clothes.


M: But you might be disillusioned. By nature, I have curly hair and a permanent wave. From the start, I also had glasses. My clothes were also lame. My tone is also like this. I talk in a mumble…

M: I’m nowhere near what you like. Plus, I’m pessimistic, hesitant… and you’ll seriously end up hating me.

M: … Really?

M: You won’t hate me?

M: Mgh… then… will you take a look at me even if I’m gloomy?

M: Can I… kiss you? Mmph! *heroine kisses him*

M: It might have been nice if I didn’t use a lie at the very beginning.

M: Ah… I’m free. *hugs heroine*

M: I love you. I love you and how you accepted me. I really love you, so I’m putting someone like me in your care from now on.

*** SPECIAL TRACK 2: Are You My Ideal Miyabi-kun? ***

*door opens*

M: I’m home.

M: Mm? What’s going on?

M: Wah, that’s super cute! What’s with that apron?

M: Ah, now that you mention it, I’ve seen this before. It was the one you were looking at lots on the online shopping site, right?

M: Haha, the image was cute but looking at it in reality it’s super cute. A white lacy apron makes you look like a newlywed.

M: Oh. Now…?

M: Before that, can you listen to a request I have?

M: You’re so cute, I’m hard. Haha, so before you make dinner, let me make love to you.

M: Ah, stop! Nope, nope, we can do it with your apron on. Keep it on, keep it on. Come on, it’s okay, right? From time to time.

M: Ah, wait. Wait! Where are you going?

M: Nope, we’re doing it in the kitchen while you have the apron on.

M: You haven’t prepared anything yet, right? Later, I’ll help with cooking, cleaning, and everything else. Come on?

M: Haha, then… I guess I’ll force you. *kisses*


M: Doesn’t it feel immoral? Doing it in the kitchen with a girl wearing an apron.

M: Haa… hah… *kisses*

M: Are you aroused too? You’re squirming so much.

M: Oh, you jumped. Are my hands cold? Haha, it might be because your body is too hot. *kisses*

M: Ah, your heart is pounding. So you are turned on.

M: *whispers* You’re a pervert just like me.

M: Haha, did you feel that just now? Your face is bright red. Here, I’ll unfasten your bra hook so raise your back a little. Mm, good girl.

M: Okay, done. Next, I’ll raise it up. I can’t see them because of the apron and your clothes, but sometimes it’s nice not seeing them, huh. It makes me really feel immoral.

M: Like this, when my hands are crawling around underneath your clothes and I think about how I’m ravishing your body… it feels erotic.

M: Haha, do you feel naughty too? Your nipples are this hard. Honestly, so lewd.

M: If I remember correctly, you love it when I pinch them hard enough to hurt just a little, right? Look, I’m squeezing them. Haha, it feels good, doesn’t it? *kisses ear*


M: Hah… haa… your breathing has grown rough too. *kisses*

M: If you’re feeling it this much, you must be soaked down here too, right?

M: Come on, don’t close your legs. Open them properly and show me.

M: Haah… hah…

M: I’m just stroking your thighs and you’re making such nice sounds. Do you want me to hurry up and touch you?

M: Haha, so you want me to touch you. But then you should use your words. Right?

M: Hm? Mm? Where? What? You need to say it properly.

M: Haha, I don’t understand “that”. *kisses ear*

M: Come on, say it.

M: Or I won’t touch you, you know? *kisses ear*

M: Well said.

M: Haha, you’re drenched. Was it that good? I’ll put in two fingers all at once.


M: Nice… that voice gives me shivers. You can make more and more sounds. Haa… hah…

M: Haha, I can’t see anything when you’re wearing this much but it’s erotic because I can’t see anything, right? Well, even without looking I know where you’re sensitive.

M: Here, right? Haha, I knew it was this place.

M: Does it feel good? Haha, I’m glad then. I’ll play with this spot more.

M: Haa… hagh…

M: Haha, mm. *kisses* You’re going to come already? Honestly, you’re feeling it too much. But, alright, come. Come with my fingers making a mess inside you.

M: Aah… hah… you came cutely. Now, next… hm… can you put your hands on the counter there? Let’s do it from the back today?


M: I’ll take off your pants so lift your legs a little.

M: Now, I’ll put it in. Mgh! Gngh… hagh…

M: Wow, so tight. Haa… hah… does it feel that good doing this while wearing clothes? Haha, or… is the situation nice? Being ravished under an impulse in the kitchen while wearing an apron by your boyfriend right after he returned home?

M: Ah, you clenched down just now. So you like these sort of forceful situations… because you’re a masochist, haha.

M: Here, I’ll move. *thrusting* Ngh… hah…

M: Feels good… I feel like you’re hotter than normal.

M: Do you like doing it from behind? I like it, you know? It’s a shame not to see your face, but I can tell you’re enjoying yourself and I like that.

M: Every time you stand here with that apron, you’ll probably remember having sex with me, huh. Every time you cut vegetables, you’ll vividly remember being ravished from behind.

M: Haha, and then… you’ll get wet, right? Haha, look, you squeezed down again. Liking it when I talk dirty too… jeez, you’re such a masochist.


M: Next time we do this, why don’t we do naked apron? Don’t you think that’ll also be naughty and hot? Mgh… hah… haah…

M: Deeper… ngh… hah…! Wow, it feels so good.

M: Nrgh… mgh! Ah, that reminds me, I’m not wearing a condom.

M: But…! Uh… ah… alright. Haa… hagh… *thrusting*

M: Hngh… haah… are you about to come?

M: Hey, where do you want me to release? Your thighs? Or should I get it on the apron?

M: Inside, huh. Uh… inside?

M: Uhm… are you serious?

M: If I come inside, you might get pregnant. I feel like it’s a bit early still… we’ve only been dating for a year. I haven’t even met your parents yet.

M: … I’ll really release, you know? It’s okay, right?


M: I want to face you for the end. I’m changing the position.

M: Mm, I like this better. You feel more pleasure from behind, but in the end I like doing it while seeing your face. *kisses*

M: I’m going to move. *kisses; thrusting*

M: Nngh… mgh! Haa… haah…!

M: I like you. I love you. I love you the most in this world. Hagh… hah…!

M: I’m coming…! Hah… haa… I’m going to come inside, okay? Gngh… haa… hah…! I’m coming… I’m coming… kgh! *he orgasms*


M: Haah… haa… I love you. *kisses*

M: What are you going to do if you get pregnant?

M: Ah, mm, you’re right. It’s unfair to ask you. In the near future, I’ll come with an engagement notice. Then, I’ll meet your parents and buy a ring after that and then let’s get married?

M: Urk, but that’s how this conversation was going, right!? Well, um… it’s not romantic at all to propose while we’re joined but…

M: Aah, let me do it again later. I’ll reserve a place at a restaurant where you can see the night view…

M: Jeez, you don’t have to laugh.

M: Nope, I’m not returning this. Haha, this is also erotic and nice. Plus, I think it’s really nice to see you cooking without any pants.

M: Hey, take off your clothes.

M: Nope, I’m not in the mood for dinner at all. I want to indulge in you more. We can have a meal later.

M: Haha, come on. I’ve caught you. Now, let’s do more and more pleasurable things together?

*** SPECIAL TRACK 0: Free Talk ***

Mitsuhashi: Right, um… this is the free talk. This recording was made available only after reaching 100 downloads, so I’m sure it’s going to be listened to after some space between the main volume and so it’s been recorded with extremely even emotions.

M: The main volume was recorded with the binaural mic, but this one is a normal mic. So, when I approach like this and go… how is this? I can’t do anything like that. Too bad. Haha, that being said, I’d like to talk about various things and especially after getting this time and topic.

M: Oops, I suddenly just started talking but I think it’ll end up with people wondering who I am, so I’d like to take some time to introduce myself.

M: I’m Mitsuhashi Wataru, the voice actor for Miyabi-kun and Fumito-kun, and someone Parasite Garden approached for the first time. Yup, I’m Mitsuhashi Wataru. I’m someone who acts with my voice. Mm. Erm, although I think people who listened to this would know this. Yes, I’m someone who acts with their voice.

M: Let’s see, what else is there in an introduction? Ah, since we’re on this topic, I’d like to talk about something I’m into lately, or can I talk about that? It’s only something I recently got into though. My current obsession has been making curry often these days. In that past, I used to make curry that used roux a lot but now I make ones that start with spice.

M: That being said, the internet has been convenient recently, and when I search this up there are extremely delicious and serious recipes that come up and I just kind of go “I see, I see”, look at them, just get right into making them, and then eat them. That’s what I’ve been playing around with.

M: It’s amazing, isn’t it? Genuine curry. Maybe because there’s various spices inside but when you eat it, bite by bite, sometimes the flavor is slightly different because of the spice left on your spoon. It makes you wonder if it tastes like that because this spice was placed inside. It has a very complicated flavor, bite by bite, and I find that amazingly fun. I end up making it a lot. Whenever I have time, making curry has become my daily routine these days.


M: Oh, also, this also applies to egg mixed with rice. I eat it without mixing it too nicely, haha, or that’s one way of doing it. What I mean by not mixing it too nicely is, um… First, you have the rice in the bowl, right? Then you crack an egg on top. I think most people then mix it evenly together but I don’t do that and, secretly, I delicately mix it—delicately is a weird word—I messily mix it. Then I also add soy sauce, but I make sure they’re not too mixed. When you eat it with the whole thing not equally mixed, the flavor of the rice, egg, and soy sauce are all separate and, depending on your bite, there’s a change in flavor. I love this. Mhm.

M: I guess I like these sorts of food that have all sorts of flavors when you eat them, and this has become my recent hobby. Huh? Why am I suddenly talking about food? Erm, oops, I started talking about things completely unrelated to the main volume. I’m sorry.

M: Let’s see, I’ve received several topics so I’d like to go through them in order. First, “Acting like Miyabi-kun and Hayama Fumito”. Hm, acting like Miyabi-kun… hm, right.

M: At the beginning, when I receive the script, I normally read it evenly. After reading it evenly, then I read it while imagining what sort of character they are. I read it while wondering what commonalities I had with Hayama Fumito-kun and Miyabi-kun, but I found a common point right away. Um… the fact that we love sweets, haha. Me too. I love sweet things. I’m the type of person who will end up ordering a parfait if it’s on the menu. Chocolate parfaits and strawberry parfaits are delicious, huh.

M: But I definitely don’t have the courage to go alone to a cake shop and buy a cake, so I don’t really have the opportunity to eat them daily but the sweets I love most are the simple shortcakes. Ah, seriously, when I eat those delicious shortcakes I feel really happy. You just end up thinking “Ah, it’s so tasty”, right? These emotions of loving sweets is something I completely sympathize with, haha. I understand Miyabi-kun. Sweets are great, they’re delicious, right? Understanding that is one of our commonalities. Haha, somehow I just ended up talking about curry, food, and sweets.


M: Um, what were we talking about? Oh right, we were talking about getting into character. Hm… I might be getting onto a serious topic, but I think the word “stalker” is a very evocative word. Certainly, what Miyabi-kun did was pretty terrible but when I imagine the emotions behind his actions there is a part that I can sympathize with inside me.

M: For example, his lack of self-confidence. It’s likely that Miyabi-kun feels as if he’s worthless, and he’s a man whose thoughts are terribly negative. I think that part can be pretty sympathetic. I can imagine that, during school, he was more on the quiet side and didn’t actively get involved with people, like not doing clubs.

M: Me too, before I started acting, I also had that sort of… how do I put this… I didn’t really have that experience of working hard. During high school, I was one of those people who went straight home. Everyone who entered clubs was all sparkling and, while looking at them out of the corner of my eye playing soccer on the school grounds saying “Great! Let’s get the ball in next time!”, I would think “Wow, they’re really bright” and how that might be something unrelated to me. I looked at them as if they were people in a distant world.

M: It’s likely that Miyabi-kun is someone with that mindset. Meanwhile, by chance, I encountered acting and I really threw myself into it—haha, the word throwing myself into it sounds really cool—and “Acting, great! Acting, acting!” and I ended up being an acting nerd.

M: But that didn’t happen to him and he’s lived with the feeling of the world moving in a different place from him. There were also probably a lot of things that didn’t go well, since he doesn’t seem the skillful type. So, among this, his daily life didn’t seem to have anything. In that environment, where time just felt like it was passing above him, he just lived and then, in all of this, he met the heroine-chan and, for the first time in his life, he had a feeling that if he was together with her then he could be happy.


M: Of course, in the end, things didn’t go well but Miyabi-kun, in order to get the heroine-chan to like him, researched her likes crazily. “She likes the character, Miyabi-kun, so what should I do to become Miyabi-kun?” It’s probably something he’s never done before in his life and he’s not skilled at it, but he tried to change himself like taking care of his hairstyle and he put in efforts to become what the heroine liked.

M: I think that’s amazing. If I was asked if I could ever go that far to get someone to like me, then I think I probably couldn’t. It’s amazing. Sometimes, when I start acting and go “Wah, alright, it’s acting time!”, in the same way Miyabi-kun met the heroine, went “What do I do? What do I do? What should I do to get her to like me?”, and worked hard. In this sense, mm, in some slightly off way I could become Miyabi-kun.

M: Haha, saying that is something but those emotions were present too. Thinking about it like this, Miyabi-kun is really… saying this sounds weird, but he was cute to me. From there, I felt like the emotions needed went smoothly. Mm. But, well, in the end, Miyabi-kun—and he’s like this in the main volume—overdid it, haha. Calling that “overdoing it” is questionable.

M: If he could think about the heroine-chan’s feelings properly and then act, then I’m sure things would have been different. But, it’s with all that included, that Miyabi-kun is a straightforward person and of course he may not have had any composure but he was someone who did things with all that he had, right? How do I say this, he didn’t have any experiences, had no calm when it came to his emotions for the heroine-chan.

M: But if he did have that and, when I think about how he could have possibly become the heroine-chan’s boyfriend easily, I think about how things don’t always turn out the way we wish. I really felt about how people have these weaknesses and things don’t always go well. There were also feelings of helplessness.


M: Because of this, I thought the story was very dramatic. Stories where you can, like, see human weakness are things I personally really like, so I enjoyed doing this.

M: Well, that being said about human weakness, I don’t think that was the main point of this story, so I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to express that strongly. In a way, I just thought “Oh, this might be the case” but I wasn’t particularly conscious of it. But I just feel that, for me, these sort of human weaknesses catch my interest pretty heavily.

M: So, um, in truth, I wanted to tie the talk at the very beginning about curry and egg on rice having various flavors to this current conversation, like how humans also have various lives that taste different, and I wanted to neatly summarize them, but I kind of failed, haha. I’m sorry.

M: Honestly, I wanted to tie it up neatly. Mm. I didn’t just suddenly talk about curry without thinking about anything, okay! That’s what I wanted to express, haha. Ah, I’m sorry, I ended up dropping the ball.

M: Okay, continuing on with the topics. It’s a question about my impression after using the dummy head mic for the first time. Look, it was fun. Yes. I do think I should talk about it more instead of ending it on the single word “fun” but the people who have looked at my twitter may have already caught a glance about this.

M: First, you see, the dummy head mic recording… has a face. I’m talking about the mic, haha. The dummy head mic has a face just right there. It’s pretty, um, how do I say this, emphasized, if that’s the word. Mics are generally a single standing stick, right? But for things that have a human face, they have a really strong sense of presence. It had an impact on me, mhm.

M: Because there was a face there, I had to work with feelings of looking at a face and speaking to it. Normally, I face a mic and, at the same time as I’m speaking, I wonder about things like what sort of face the person has, what expressions do they have, how large is the room, and is it hot or cold. All these various things vaguely come to mind and then… I just blurt things out. Haha, it’s rude to say I just blurt things out. I speak while imagining all sorts of things.

M: But, with the dummy head-san here, I naturally end up working with feelings of “Ah, there’s a face there so I need to speak to it”. It was a very novel experience. Mhm. It was very interesting.


M: Also, right, I did quite a lot of movements. Not just speaking directly opposite but like, for example, fwip, looking to the side and talking or, like this, lowering your head and raising your eyes to look at the other person or speaking while looking down from a position above. I did all of those.

M: With this—oh, how was it? I wonder how much this current mic conveyed those sounds—I did a lot of detailed work in succession, but I was extremely nervous about how it would all turn out at the end. I recorded it all while hoping that everything could be heard.

M: Um, honestly, I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but because it was my first time with the dummy head mic there are parts where I did it through trial and error. So, after it was released, I was also really looking forward to listening to it. If I know “Oh, this is what was heard” then I could express it a little differently in the future.

M: Well, including this knowledge that it was completely my first time, I’d be very happy if you could listen to it warmly and think “Ah, he really did a lot”.

M: So, because of all these parts where there were detailed movements, when I sent the recording to Parasite Garden-sama they accepted it extremely warmly. I was really grateful for that. I’d like to express my thanks again. Thank you so much!

M: Now then, lastly, “Please give a message to the listeners”. Um… thank you very much for listening. Haha, I’m a little embarrassed. It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? I’d be really happy if you enjoyed yourself. I had a lot of fun.

M: I mentioned it earlier too but, while Miyabi-kun has a side that’s too serious, does things with too much might, and is hopeless, if you look at him closely I think he has a lot of cute parts and so, if you’d like, please give him affection. In the main volume, I don’t think there’s any scenes that lets you understand his cuteness, at least to me personally.

M: But, just like this free talk, which I believe was released after getting 100 downloads, there will be bonus tracks released after 300 downloads. There might be a track where it’s easier to hear that side of Miyabi-kun, haha, so if you’d like then, by all means, I’d be happy if you could listen to that.

M: Um… haha, that being said, how was this? I honestly spoke a lot about pointless things, but I’d be really happy if you found it enjoyable. Okay, now then, um, I think I’ll stop around here. Your speaker was Mitsuhashi Wataru. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

Note2: Just an interesting thing I noticed (and got stuck on), but in Track 3 Fumito says “Then, for me… suffer more”. It’s a double entendre line because he uses the adjective 苦しい (kurushii; painful, distressing, tough) and it’s because he’s kissing the heroine and she probably finds it “tough” to breathe. But you can hear this as him talking about the general situation too and wanting to punish her for rejecting him LOL.

3 thoughts on “Forelsket ni Oboretara

    It me said:
    June 13, 2021 at 23:24

    I demand more personality flip girlfriend albums! Mad Scientist wants to do freaky mad science on you? You are his research supervisor from the Mad Science Research Board. He didn’t submit his brainwashing research proposal…so he is gonna have to submit in other ways.

    Sketchy count imprisons you in his house? Nice. You were there to rob him anyway.

    Dude is into getting down while you are asleep? You knew. You are just very, very lazy.

      Gororo said:
      June 14, 2021 at 01:33

      Omg you are a genius…the shift in power dynamic would be very interesting indeed…

      Ilinox responded:
      June 14, 2021 at 09:15

      HAHA, okay, there’s actually a series about the last one. I don’t think they’re yanderes but just relationships where the heroine feels like she needs to pretend to be asleep while the guy may or may not know she’s pretending and does their things because of the relationship. First one is an older brother while the second one, which I listened to, is a tutor.

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