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Seto Yuuma (瀬戸 佑真)
CV: 彩和矢


In a neighboring town, you discovered a cafe with a nice atmosphere. A gentle-mannered man called out “Welcome” from behind the counter; he was the manager and owner, Yuuma. Captivated by the deliciousness of the coffee he brewed, you earnestly requested to work at the cafe.

Yuuma kindly guided you through learning to be a barista and, by the time you realized it, you were in love with him. He was gentle to everyone but for some reason he had an atmosphere that drew a line which would not let anyone step deeper into. You were concerned about the occasional distress he showed.

One day after work, when you reached home, you realized you forgot your key and returned to the cafe after it closed only to find Yuuma in pain. “Don’t come close!” He spoke to you in a sharp voice you had never heard but, when you couldn’t leave and supported him as he staggered, he was clearly different from usual…

Thank you to mariezli for this last commission. It has been a marathon of works, haha. R18 warning.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Please don’t come close to me ***

*heroine washing dishes*

Yuuma: *to customer* Thank you very much. We look forward to your patronage again. *customer leaves*

Y: *to heroine* Good work today. You can head home now too. I’ll wash the rest.

Y: Enough, enough. Oh, look, it’s already this late. A girl has to return home before it gets too late, haha.

Y: To be honest, I almost want to walk you back.

Y: Mm, you don’t need to think it would be an imposition. Uh, but a man going to the home of a girl living alone would be a problem in and of itself.

Y: You feel safe if it’s me? Um… that can’t be the case. Erm, anyway, you should head home now.

Y: Mhm. Working together with you really helps me. Let’s see, your next shift is on the weekend, right?

Y: I look forward to working with you next time.

Y: Thank you for your work today. Be careful on your way home. *heroine leaves*

[02:30] *scene skip; heroine searches bag, returns to shop; something shatters; heroine walks over*

Y: Haa… hagh…

Y: Ggh! Who is it?

Y: You…!? W-why…?

Y: You went home earlier…

Y: Ngh… haa… why did you come back?

Y: You forgot something? Take that and leave right away then. Grgh… hagh…

Y: No! Don’t… come any closer than that.

Y: I’m sorry but… mgh, I’m alright. Haah… hah…

Y: Don’t come any closer. Please.

Y: Hurry and run. Haa… hah… nrgh…

Y: I’m really alright, so… gngh, you should go home. Ggh… *he staggers; heroine catches him*

Y: Hah… haa…! I told you… that you can’t come closer to me… mgh…


Y: Aah, jeez…! I told you not to come close many times. Haah… hah…

Y: In this state, if people approach me, you seriously… don’t know what will happen…

Y: Gngh, haa… hah… I’m sorry for this moment. *inhales*

Y: Aah… what an extremely nice smell. It’s sweet and delicious. Hah… hagh… I’m sorry, I’m at my limit. I’m really sorry. Ngh! *bites; heroine struggles*

Y: Mngh, don’t move. *presses heroine down, swallows*

Y: Haah… hah…! It’s scary getting your blood sucked all of a sudden, right?

Y: I’m sorry. It won’t hurt, so just a little more… nngh…

*** TRACK 2: Your blood is extremely sweet and delicious ***

Y: Nngh… ah, I’m sorry for scaring you but I can’t stop. *drinks blood*

Y: Haa… hah…

Y: … You noticed that my eyes changed colors? Uh, this… this was the only thing I didn’t want you to know.

Y: When I have these colored eyes… I’m extremely dangerous. I’m in a state that hungers for blood. Hah… haah…

Y: To be honest, I’m… not a human. You don’t know what I’m saying, since it’s so sudden, right?

Y: Can you see these fangs?

Y: Earlier, just like this… I press my fangs against your neck and tear your skin. Hagh… hah… *drinks blood*


Y: If I don’t drink someone’s blood like this, I can’t live. Haa… hah… you should know what I am with this, right?

Y: Yes. Just like you say, I’m a vampire. I didn’t plan on doing this… but I was suddenly struck with an episode. It’s because your blood is extremely sweet and delicious. I can’t stop wanting more. Hngh… hah…! *drinks blood*

Y: Your body is burning up? That’s nothing strange.

Y: When a vampire drinks your blood, you will feel pleasure. Mngh…

Y: I’m really sorry for doing this all of a sudden. Hah… haa… but, right now, leave your body to me. *drinks blood*

Y: Please don’t be scared… although I suppose it’s impossible even if I say this.

Y: But I absolutely won’t cause you pain. Alright? *kisses ear*


Y: Does your ear feel good? Mn…

Y: Haa… hah…

Y: You’re reacting too, ngh…

Y: Amazing, the vein right behind your ear is throbbing. Look, mm… does this feel good? I won’t stop even if you say no though.

Y: Nrgh, delicious.

Y: It doesn’t hurt, right? Is it pleasurable?

Y: I’m glad. *drinks blood*


Y: I know I shouldn’t go any further than this, but after this attack has calmed down… now I desire you badly. Nngh…

Y: Your breasts are extremely soft. Gngh… haa… hah…

Y: I’m sorry, I can’t hold back anymore. I’m going to remove your clothes.

Y: Ah… you’re so beautiful.

Y: Your heart is racing. It’s scary if I do this abruptly, right? Hah… haah…

Y: This place also looks very tasty. *drinks blood*


Y: I’m sorry, I want to see you clearly now so I’m going to unhook this.

Y: Haa… ah… it’s pink and cute. Nn…

Y: It’s turning a little hard.

Y: This side too.

Y: Delicious. Mngh! *drinks blood*

Y: Your blood is rapidly becoming sweeter. Hah… haah…

Y: The more you feel pleasure the sweeter you become. I’ll lap you lots.


Y: Cute.

Y: Mm, the look of pleasure on your face is also great. If you make that expression, I won’t be able to resist.

Y: Hah… hagh… there are so soft, somehow I feel good too when I touch them. I’ll do this side again. Nngh…

Y: Do you like it when I concentrate on the tip?

Y: Your body is extremely hot. Haa… hah…

Y: Every time I suck on you, you react with trembles. Mmgh…

Y: Haah… you’re adorable. I don’t want to show you to anyone.

Y: Ah… nevermind. *kisses ear*


Y: More… ngh…

Y: Um, may I kiss your lips as well? Wait, it’s mean to ask at this point, right?

Y: Let me touch you here, on your lips. Haa… please… *kisses*

Y: Your face is red, haha. It’s cute how you look like this from a kiss. Mm…

Y: Even though I shouldn’t, when you make that look… ah… I’ll want to touch you here too. Gngh, sorry. *kisses ear; fingers heroine*


Y: You’re wet. When I move my fingers, there’s sounds. Can you hear it too?

Y: Haha. *kisses ear*

Y: It’s not embarrassing, don’t worry. I’m honestly happy if you’re feeling pleasure from me. Nnrgh…

Y: Haa… hagh…! *kisses*

Y: I want to hear your voice more. It’s comfortable to the ears and makes my body hot. Haah… hah…

Y: I’ll lick your breasts too. Mngh…


Y: Here too. Nn…

Y: It’s hard. Mm… haa…

Y: You really are adorable. *kisses*

Y: This place here is also burning hot. Hah… haah…

Y: Mm? You can’t tell yourself?

Y: It’s extremely wet, squeezes down hot and tight, ngh… It’s almost enough to melt my fingers. Haa… it’s truly unbearable. *kisses ear*

Y: Let me drink just a little more. Gngh.

Y: Aah, delicious.

Y: It’s tremendously sweet compared to earlier.

Y: Haah… hah… are you unsatisfied with me simply touching here?

Y: Is it alright if I continue further?

Y: Ngh, I can’t restrain myself anymore. *kisses*

*** TRACK 3: I want to take your everything ***

Y: *kisses* Mngh… ah…

Y: Your lips are also very sweet. Nngh…

Y: Let me continue.

Y: Aah, such a nice smell. The sweet scent is stronger and makes my head dizzy. *inhales* Aah… haa…

Y: I’m sorry, but I can’t restrain myself. Mm…

Y: Do you feel pleasure when I do this on the inside of your foot? *drinks blood*

Y: Mngh, more…

Y: You’re shaking. Is this good?

Y: Haha, your feet are sensitive too. Nngh…


Y: I want to taste this place… although I can’t hold back anymore.

Y: Ah… haha, even your underwear is damp. I’ll remove it now. Raise your hips.

Y: Ngh! Haa… hah… what do I do?

Y: Oh, no, your… uh, there was a sticky thread so, to be honest, that was an intense stimulus to me.

Y: But I’m happy you’re this aroused. Hagh… haa… *gives oral*

Y: Mmgh… this place is as sweet as your blood. Delicious.

Y: Let me taste you lots. Gngh…


Y: You’re extremely wet. Hngh… haa… I want you to be more aroused.

Y: When I move my tongue, there’s such an amazing sound. Listen. Nrgh… mm…

Y: I get turned on when I hear this noise. Mngh…

Y: Does it feel good when I suck on this hard bud? Haa… ngh… more…

Y: Ah! Sorry, my fangs touched you. It didn’t hurt, did it?

Y: … Oh, it felt good just now. Haah… hagh…!

Y: Honestly, I can’t stop. Mrgh!


Y: Your back is curved so much and you’re shaking. Nn…

Y: Haha, a nice voice is coming out.

Y: Eh? I’m doing this on purpose?

Y: Mm? Is that what you think? Haha, that wasn’t my intention so I might be doing this unconsciously.

Y: Because I want to see a cute reaction, haha. Gngh… hah…

Y: I won’t wait, sorry.

Y: Aah… haa… so much is flowing out from inside. Mngh…

Y: Hagh… hah…! *kisses* Cute. Mm!


Y: I want to become one. May I? *removes pants*

Y: Haa… hah… I’m sorry for suddenly doing this. Really. But… it’s impossible to stop. I want to take your everything. *kisses; inserts himself* Nngh!

Y: Ggh, I’m sorry, I can’t stop. I’m sorry. Hagh… haa…!

Y: I also shouldn’t do this, right? I know but… hngh… I want you… I want you unbearably. *kisses*

Y: I want us to feel good together. Haa… haah… *drinks blood*


Y: When I suck your blood, you tighten around me. Hagh… mngh!

Y: It’s so delicious, I’m being filled.

Y: Haa… hah… but it’s still not enough. May I move?

Y: I want… I want to be joined to you deeper. Grgh… ah!

Y: So good… mgh! *kisses; thrusting*

Y: How about you? It doesn’t hurt? Hah… haa… are you alright?


Y: This place is also delicious. Show me your pleasure. Nngh… *drinks blood*

Y: Your voice has grown louder. Wonderful, I want to hear more. Mm!

Y: Haa… hagh… rubbing against you inside, I don’t think I can last very long.

Y: I’m sorry, I’m going to speed up a bit. Gngh… hah…!

Y: Do you feel pleasure too? *kisses; thrusting*

Y: You’re extremely hot inside, and enveloping me. Hagh… haah…!

Y: I’m so happy being connected like this. *kisses ear; thrusting*


Y: I can’t stop my hips. Ngh… haa…!

Y: Me too… I’m about to come.

Y: Hah… haah…! Look this way. Wrap your tongue around mine more. *kisses; thrusting*

Y: It’s really good. Mgh… hah…!

Y: Let me drink your blood at the very end. Haah… hah… *drinks blood; thrusting*

Y: Hah… thank you. If I take any more, you’re going to collapse. Ggh… hah…


Y: I’m… haa… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Kgh… ngh… I’m going to come… haa… hagh!

Y: I’m coming…! Gngh! Aah…! *he orgasms*

Y: Haah… hah… *kisses*

Y: Hah… haa… ngh… Ah! S-sorry!

Y: Uh, um, I’m really sorry.

Y: I don’t know what to say…

Y: I’m sorry. I want to explain everything properly.

Y: … I’ll be at the counter. Will you come when you’ve composed yourself?

Y: I’ll be waiting.

*** TRACK 4: Not just anyone would do ***

Y: Um… did you calm down?

Y: Erm, I made coffee so please sit there. Wait a moment. *makes drink*

Y: Thank you for waiting.

Y: Uh… um, may I sit over there too? O-of course, I’ll sit at a distance.

Y: Huh? I can sit… beside you?

Y: Um… you aren’t scared of me?

Y: Mm. I see. Then, I’ll sit here.

Y: Erm… I’m deeply sorry for earlier. *bows head* I bit you and scared you. It’s not something that an apology can fix, but I’m really sorry.

Y: Um, you’re right. Where do I start to explain this… Uh, first, and I think this is what you want to ask the most, I’m not a human like I said earlier. I’m a vampire. You may not believe me when I say this out of the blue, but vampires are not creatures in stories or movies and they actually exist. In addition, they normally live the same as humans.


Y: They eat the same as humans and they live without looking any different but… besides that, there’s something imperative to us. We cannot live if we don’t drink the blood of humans.

Y: Um, but we really don’t go around indiscriminately drinking blood. I’m sorry for today.

Y: Erm, usually I drink blood bags and suppress my urge to drink blood… but it looks like today’s blood didn’t suit my palate. You returned when I suddenly had an attack… and then I couldn’t stop my impulse of wanting to drink blood.

Y: Huh? Oh, no, you won’t become a vampire just from being bitten, so don’t worry about that. You’ll be alright for sure.

Y: In movies and such, the person who had their blood sucked will become a vampire but that’s fiction. Real vampires are fine with things like crosses and garlic. The way we live doesn’t differ much from humans, but we live off of drinking blood and our life span is much longer than humans, so I guess these are the decisive differences.

Y: Also, and you saw this earlier, when the urge to drink blood is high our eye color changes and our fangs are sharper than usual.

Y: Erm… even if I say today’s events will never happen again, you’re scared of working together with me, right? I’ll introduce you to a friend’s shop somewhere so you can work there.


Y: … I think I’ll close this shop and move to a distant town.

Y: Ah, no, it’s nothing you need to worry about! I’ve lived like this up until now, you see.

Y: After several years, I would need to leave this town too. I’ll just think of it as happening earlier.

Y: If you’re living in the same town as a man like me, you won’t be able to feel safe either, right? So, I think it’s best that I leave.

Y: … More importantly, I’m sorry for really causing you trouble.

Y: U-um! Saying this won’t be any excuse at this point in time, but the reason my urge to drink blood was so high earlier was because the other person was you.

Y: It was because I like you.

Y: Of course, it was also because an attack happened but wanting to be like that was out of my own will. I only want you to know that it’s not that anyone would have done.

Y: … Erm, sorry, could you forget that just now?

Y: A monster like me saying this will only bring you trouble, right?

Y: Haa… I’m truly sorry for today. Um, I’ll take responsibility and send you the things in the shop that belong to you, so then you can make today the last day of seeing me.

Y: … I’m sorry for not being able to walk you home when it’s this late. Also, for everything else.

Y: Thank you for everything up until now.

Y: Well then, be careful on your way home. Goodbye.

*** TRACK 5: Today is the last time I’ll see you ***

*truck drives away*

Y: Haa… today’s the end. I wanted to be together with her a little longer… *heroine comes over*

Y: Uh, you…! Why?

Y: My coffee?

Y: Erm, but the truck with my shop’s equipment happened to leave just now. So, I won’t be able to make coffee, sorry.

Y: Um, well, I can make some at my place too but… uh, no, that’s…

Y: If it’s my place, we’ll be alone together. You aren’t scared?

Y: Uh, I don’t mind if you’re alright with that…

Y: Could you follow me then?

[01:40] *scene skip*

Y: Hah, that was shocking earlier. The moment I told you to be careful, I didn’t think you would miss your footing. But I’m glad I was able to hold you up.

Y: The stairwell in this apartment is old and slightly dangerous. I’ve also tripped once or twice.

Y: Excuse me, you’re calling me careless? Eh, is that how you see me? *makes drink*

Y: Hm, it might be that, as a trait of vampires, scars and injuries heal easily so I don’t pay a lot of attention.

Y: Now, coffee is done. Here you go.

Y: Delicious? Haha, great. *sits beside heroine*

Y: It’s strange for you to be in my house. Up until now, I’ve never really let anyone into my place so…

Y: Uh, but my room is messy because I’m preparing to move, so I’m sorry for not being more hospitable.

Y: Oh, I’m glad to see you so happy with just coffee.

Y: Haha, thank you, that makes me happy. I also really like your smile when you say it’s delicious.

Y: Still, you really love coffee, don’t you? The force with which you came into my shop for the first time was also amazing.

Y: Haha, of course I remember. You had such a contented smile after drinking the coffee that it’s impossible for me to forget.

Y: I was really happy there was someone who enjoyed my coffee that much. So, in spite of myself, I spoke to you. Haha, then you suddenly said, “Please let me work here.” I was a bit surprised.


Y: Um… when you say you wanted to work with me… Erm, I’ll bring another serving of coffee. This is also your last time drinking it so please drink a lot—*heroine grabs him* Uh.

Y: W-what’s wrong?

Y: … Um, even if you say that, I’m moving already and today is the last time I’ll see you. *heroine pulls him* Oof!

Y: W-what’s wrong all of a sudden? Mmph! *heroine kisses him*

Y: What are you suddenly doing? Nngh!

Y: The same…? No, what I did to you and your kiss just now aren’t possibly the same.

Y: … Look, come down from above me. *heroine hugs him* Uh!

Y: No…?

Y: Hey, you aren’t scared when you’re pressed this close to me?

Y: You love me…!?

Y: Are you serious?

Y: Um, when!?

Y: From the start…?


Y: Oh, so that’s how it was. I didn’t notice at all. All this time, I thought I was the only one in love.

Y: I’m sorry for making you say it earlier. Please let me say my feelings properly.

Y: I also love you.

Y: I wondered if it was alright for me to say my feelings as a vampire but… I’m sorry, in the end, if we’re together then I had to tell you.

Y: But I don’t plan on rushing like what happened before. I’ll be sure to wait until you’re no longer scared.

Y: Erm… are you alright if I touch your hair?

Y: Mm. *strokes heroine*

Y: Haha, I also like petting you. Haa…

Y: You’re really adorable.

Y: You’re not scared even if I touch you?

Y: … Then, let’s continue little by little. *kisses*


Y: Erm, are you alright? *kisses* Mngh…

Y: Sweet. Nngh!

Y: Haa… hah… *kisses ear* cute.

Y: I’m happy my feelings are reciprocated with you. I almost feel like this isn’t enough. Mm…

Y: May I take you to the bed? *kisses ear*

*** TRACK 6: I want to taste you to your depths ***

Y: You aren’t scared even if I get on top? Are you alright? *kisses*

Y: There’s an extremely nice smell coming from you. Haa… it’s a sweet smell.

Y: Just as I thought, when we’re like this, my body becomes hot.

Y: May I lap at your skin a little?

Y: Uh, mm, blood is like that too. For vampires, even just licking skin tastes delicious. Especially… when it’s the skin of the girl they love. Mngh…

Y: It tastes extremely sweet. To make it easy to understand, blood is like a meal for humans and licking skin… feels like having a snack?


Y: Haha, you have a really odd look on your face. It doesn’t click even if I say this, I suppose.

Y: To me, your skin is like sweets. Mm, it’s sweet and delicious. *kisses*

Y: I said I would continue slowly, but I’m rushing too much, right? Sorry.

Y: Oh… I can’t help but be worried over whether or not you’re scared. Ah, wait—mmph! *heroine kisses him*

Y: When you kiss me, it feels like you’re accepting me. I’m happy. Thank you. Nn…

Y: I’m going to lick your neck. Mngh…


Y: Ah. You’re trembling? Did you change your mind in the end?

Y: Oh… mm. I feel good too simply when you touch me. Haha. *kisses*

Y: Haa… hah… the room is filled with your scent. My head is spinning and I feel like I’ll go mad.

Y: I made sure to drink a blood bag today and yet I want you. Hagh… hah…

Y: Sorry, hold on.

Y: Don’t worry, I just want to calm down a little.

Y: Um… I don’t really want to show you that my eyes have changed colors. Because it makes me seem like a starved beast. I’m suppressing my urges today and, as long as I control myself, it’ll be alright.

Y: Ggh, you only need to wait a moment.


Y: *heroine pulls him* Ah, wait, what are you doing!? If I feel you this close to me… it’s too stimulating for me right now.

Y: Haah… hah…

Y: I don’t need to hold back…?

Y: No! I’m happy enough just being able to touch you… plus… I don’t want to scare you anymore.

Y: Hah… haa… if I suck your blood, I’ll end up in a state of excitement again and I’ll hurt you. I don’t want that.

Y: Uh… even if you say it’s alright, I still think…

Y: It felt good…?

Y: … Ngh, if you say that… ah, jeez…! If you get scared, tell me right away, alright? *drinks blood*

Y: Hngh… haa… amazing. Mngh. Your blood has already become this sweet. Just from licking at your neck, you felt pleasure too. Nrgh…


Y: Sorry, I’m in the zone now. Gngh…! *kisses*

Y: No, it’s not ticklish, it’s pleasurable, right? Your body is already burning. Mm…

Y: You made me like this, so I’ll return the favor. I want to make you feel a lot of pleasure. Nngh…

Y: The places where I drank your blood are red. Haa… mngh…

Y: It’s making me shiver with excitement. This underwear is extremely cute, but I’m taking it off now. This time, I want to taste your breasts.

Y: Haha, this place also looks very delicious. Ah, don’t be shy. Let me see it clearly.

Y: No? You were showing me this earlier yourself though. Haha.

Y: Beautiful. Mmgh…


Y: You’re reacting already. It’s becoming hard on top of my tongue. Nn… hah…

Y: Next… this side looks like it’s enjoying itself too.

Y: Adorable. You’re so delicious I can’t stop. Haa… hah…

Y: But at this rate you won’t be satisfied, right? *kisses*

Y: Hey, you’re very wet. Were you waiting impatiently? Nngh…

Y: It’s going to feel vexing like this, right? *kisses ear*


Y: I also want to taste you already. Mm.

Y: Your underwear almost seems like it’ll become transparent. Aah, the sweet smell here is amazing.

Y: I’m going to remove this, alright?

Y: Ah. Open your legs?

Y: Oh, are you embarrassed?

Y: I see. I want to see your entirety though…

Y: No, no matter what?

Y: Haha, mm, you can do it slowly. Show me.

Y: Ah… before, I didn’t have the leisure to take my time. Aah, you’re so beautiful. *gives oral*


Y: I’ll lap at you lots, so feel as much pleasure as you want. Mrgh…

Y: This place has become extremely sensitive. Nn… haha…

Y: When I lick this place and when I suck on it hard, I see you like them both. Mm…

Y: Oh, that reminds me, you felt a lot of pleasure when I pressed my fangs against you, right? Nngh… ah…

Y: Do you feel good no matter what I do?

Y: Haa… hagh… I really love your sweet voice. You can be honest and feel me more and more, alright? Let me hear you a lot. Mngh…


Y: Does it feel good?

Y: Put this cushion underneath your waist.

Y: Like this, the position of your waist is higher and I can see you clearer than before. Nrgh… mm…

Y: Aah, do you know what you’re like right now?

Y: Your place here is extremely wet and it’s letting off a sweet smell. I feel like I’m going to lose my mind too. Nn… but I want to taste you more. Deeper. Mrgh.

Y: Push your waist against me more. I want to taste you to your depths. Nngh… hah…


Y: No matter how much I lap at you, it keeps on flowing out from inside. Haha, cute.

Y: It’s alright, show me more.

Y: Mngh… mm? Are you about to come already?

Y: Haha, no, endure it for a while longer. I want to taste you more.

Y: You’re shaking. So you really are about to come. I’m glad.

Y: Ngh, I’m going to put my finger in too, alright? Mm!

Y: You’re tight inside.


Y: Mm, delicious. Nrgh… hngh…

Y: Hm? No more? You can’t endure it anymore?

Y: Haa… mgh…! *heroine orgasms*

Y: Ngh… haah… hah…

Y: Hm? Haha. *kisses*

Y: Haha, you came? I told you not to come yet too. Haha. *kisses*


Y: Just kidding. Did you come enjoyably? *kisses ear*

Y: Eh? Really? Was I being a bully? I’m not really conscious of it though.

Y: Uh, maybe when I’m in a state of excitement my personality changes a little. Haha, plus, because I want to see your reaction, I end up wanting to tease you a bit.

Y: Hey, show me more cute sides. This time, let’s feel good together. *kisses*

*** TRACK 7: I look forward to working with you after this too ***

Y: *kisses* Nngh… mm…

Y: Is it alright if I put it in?

Y: If it’s too much for you today… ah, it’s alright? Haha. *kisses*

Y: Eh? Clothes?

Y: Will you take them off for me?

Y: Haha, please then. *heroine removes his clothes*

Y: Haha, that tickles a little. Also, it’s pretty embarrassing when you stare intently at me. *kisses*

Y: Mm? I’m getting in the way? Haha, look, your hands have stopped. Nn…

Y: Haha, thank you very much. *kisses*

Y: Then, lie down here again.

Y: Wait a moment, alright? I’m going to prepare myself now. *grabs condom*


Y: Sorry to keep you waiting. Mm. *kisses*

Y: That waiting look is cute and makes my heart race a lot. Haha.

Y: Hm? What’s wrong?

Y: Eh? My…?

Y: Oh, mm, I’m like this after looking at you. Nngh. *kisses*

Y: It’s embarrassing when it’s like I’m the only one excited.

Y: Um, you also want me quickly?

Y: Aah, cute. If you provoke me like that, I don’t want to be forceful like what happened the other time but… I won’t wait anymore. I’m putting it in, alright? Gngh… hah… *kisses*

Y: Hagh… haa… it’s really good. I feel like coming already just from putting it in. *kisses; thrusting*


Y: Are you alright? It doesn’t hurt?

Y: Ngh, if it hurts then I’ll suck your blood and make you feel pleasure.

Y: Hah… mgh, although that’s an excuse and, in truth, I can’t help but want to suck your blood. Haah… hah…

Y: Ah! If you present it like that… Sorry, I’m biting. Mgh! *drinks blood*

Y: Haa… delicious. Also, you tightened really hard down here. It’s hot… hah…

Y: Let me suck more. Mngh! *drinks blood; thrusting*

Y: Haah… ah… this place, right behind your ear, the smell is strong and it’s nice. Hah… haa… I want to suck on this side too. Nngh!


Y: Delicious. Mm…

Y: Your blood has become extremely sweet. Pleasure spreads from the place I bite, right? Hagh… hah… mm, I can tell. Ngh, you’re hot and wet inside, and you’re squeezing me and won’t let go.

Y: Hah.. haa… the stimulus is strong and it feels really good. Mngh…!

Y: Hey, put your arms around my back.

Y: Hold onto me tightly. I’m going to raise your body.

Y: Haha, sit down on top of my legs like that.

Y: See? In this position, I can embrace you tightly, right?

Y: Also, it’s easier to touch your lips. *kisses* Nn…


Y: I’m going to move. Mgh… hah…

Y: You can move however you like too. Nngh… hagh… *kisses ear; thrusting*

Y: Haha, what a loud sound. The sound of us becoming one. Mmgh… it’s irresistible.

Y: You clenched down again, haha. Did you get turned on hearing these sounds?

Y: Look over here. I want to kiss you. Also… mgh, I want to see your pleasure. *kisses*


Y: Haa… cute. I like you. I love you.

Y: Haha, you don’t have to be embarrassed. I’m the same as you. Nrgh… you’re so cute I can’t stop.

Y: I also like drinking blood from your soft breasts. Mm… *drinks blood; thrusting*

Y: Hagh… haah… I can’t… *puts heroine down*

Y: Sorry, I can’t keep my composure anymore. Gngh! *thrusting; kisses*


Y: So… good, mgh… nrgh!

Y: You can’t say more to me when I’m in this state, jeez. Ggh! Haa… hah…!

Y: I can’t anymore…! Nngh… mm! *kisses; thrusting*

Y: I love you. Haah…. hah…!

Y: I love you. Mngh… haa…!

Y: Kgh, I’m going to come…! You too, together… haa… hagh!


Y: I’m…! Haah… haa…! I’m coming! Ggh! Ngh! *he orgasms*

Y: Hah… hngh… *kisses*

Y: I pushed you pretty hard, didn’t I? I’m sorry. *kisses*

Y: Mm?

Y: Are you alright? *kisses*


Y: Come onto my arm.

Y: Haa… hah… my heart is still racing. Haha, I love you.

Y: I want to say it countlessly and I want to kiss you over and over again. *kisses*

Y: I love you. Mm…

Y: I’d like to hear it from you too.

Y: … Haha, thank you. I love you so much. *kisses*

Y: Hm? After this…?

Y: Ah, that’s right. I sent off everything in the shop. I need to get them back. I’ll also renew the contract for my current shop and I need to prepare to open again. Haha, there’s a lot to do.


Y: Hey, I need people to help so… do you have anyone in mind?

Y: Haha, just kidding. I don’t want anyone… I want you to help.

Y: Will you work together with me at the shop again?

Y: Haha! Mm. I look forward to working with you after this too. *kisses*

Y: Mm? What’s wrong?

Y: Eh? Turn you into a vampire…?

Y: Uh, no, there are ways to turn people into vampires but… erm, I don’t plan on doing that right now. *kisses*

Y: But I don’t want to be separated from you. I want to be together with you forever. *kisses*

Y: Um, can I do it one more time? Let me drink your blood again? *drinks blood*

*** TRACK 8: I’m certain that one day I’ll… ***

Y: Nngh… ah… *stretches*

Y: It’s been a while since we could laze around like this. Come here.

Y: Mm, here. Come between my legs.

Y: I’d like to recharge on you lots today. Erm, we were together at the shop but pressing together like this… *kisses* and kissing couldn’t be done. Or is it alright for me to do that?

Y: Haha, I know. I was joking. Honestly, your reactions are cute and I can’t get tired of them. Rather, seeing so many cute sides steadily makes you more dear than when I first met you. *kisses*

Y: Hey, look over here. Haha. *kisses*

Y: So, isn’t there something you want to talk about?


Y: Haha, we’re always together, so I can tell. Lately, I often see you wanting to ask something but stopping.

Y: So, what’s wrong?

Y: Oh, you want to know about vampires. *moves away*

Y: If we’re pressed against each other, I’ll end up wanting to do things and I need to talk about this properly, right?

Y: Let’s see, a large difference between vampires and humans is probably drinking blood to live. Normally, we don’t drink blood directly from people and we imbibe blood bags that are delivered to us periodically. But if that’s gone or it doesn’t go down well, then attacks happen.

Y: You know about that too.

Y: Another thing is… that our life span is long and our aging happens very slowly. In my case, well, it’s been hundreds of years and my appearance hasn’t changed.

Y: Haha, you look quite surprised.

Y: Eh? My age…?

Y: Uh… how old am I? Actually, I don’t seriously remember. It’s been so long it became bothersome keeping track in the middle, haha.

Y: In that way, we age differently from people and so we can’t stay in one place forever. We live while moving from various places to places. Also, to avoid deep searches, we do our best to avoid connections with people.


Y: That’s why becoming your lover and living together wasn’t something I imagined.

Y: Uh, mm. It’s embarrassing so I didn’t say this but… you’re my first lover.

Y: *hugs heroine* Sorry for being sudden. I was overwhelmed with wanting to hold you. Haha. *kisses*

Y: By the way, lovers are special to vampires. In the case of two vampires being lovers, they drink each other’s blood and exchange vows. When they do that, they can’t live without drinking their partner’s blood.

Y: Haha, is it romantic? But, for example, if the person you exchanged vows with had an affair, what do you think will happen?

Y: Mm. Both of them die.

Y: The vampire’s body only accepts the blood of themselves and their partner. Once they decide on the one, they spend their lives with that person until the very end.

Y: See? So, for vampires, lovers are an extremely special existence.

Y: In a sense, deciding on the one comes with a high risk. Uh, how do I put it, most vampires have uninhibited personalities and so it’s commonplace to not have a lover for their whole lives.


Y: Despite this, why do you think there are still people who exchange vows?

Y: Mhm, in a sense, you can call it… an advantage?

Y: You see, when you’re doing that the pleasure is even greater.

Y: Haha, but that’s like a bonus. It’s likely… they want to be happy.

Y: Vampires are solitary so desiring the person they chose and being desired… those are things I long for a lot.

Y: Uh, you…?

Y: Ah, mm, I said it before but I don’t plan on making you a vampire. Those feelings haven’t changed even now.

Y: If you were to become a vampire, then you would have to drink blood to live. Can you endure that? Also, you will age slower than humans so eventually you won’t be able to see your friends or family.

Y: A life span equivalent to eternity… You also understand what this means, right?

Y: Like I said just now, if you accept my blood you won’t even be able to love anyone else. You’re still young and I don’t want to do anything that will rob you of your choices.

Y: I don’t want to see your smile clouded because I turned you into a vampire.


Y: After all, it’s this cute. *kisses*

Y: I love the adorable expression you have when I touch you. Mm…

Y: Saying all that, I don’t want to be separated from you. I don’t want to let you go. I’m sorry. I want you to stay with me forever. *kisses ear*

Y: I’m certain that one day I’ll… *kisses*

*** TRACK 9: Live with me for the rest of our lives ***

*heroine repeatedly knocks; enters room*

Y: Eh? What’s wrong?

Y: Ah, sorry, I was absentminded and didn’t hear it. Haha, you don’t have to be so worried. I was just… thinking about some things. See, come here.

Y: Haa… what a nice smell. It’s incredibly calming.

Y: Haha, it feels good to have my hair stroked. It feels like I’m being pampered, and I like it.

Y: Mm? Something I’m troubled over?

Y: Uh… mhm. You see through me. I am… a little. Rather than being something I’ve been troubled over all this time, I was thinking I have something I need to tell you soon.

Y: You see, I’ve been thinking I should leave this town soon. It’s been ten years since I came here and five years since I met you. Naturally, it’s strange that my appearance hasn’t changed so it’s the right time.


Y: You know what the townspeople have started calling me recently, right?

Y: Mm… the Astonishing Man or the Miraculous Manager.

Y: Jeez, it’s not a laughing matter. I’m having a serious conversation.

Y: I like this town a lot and, above all… I don’t want to leave you.

Y: … I’m happy you say that but you’ll be moving to a place where you don’t know anyone. I think about how I can’t cause further trouble to you and yet… I can’t let you go.

Y: Even now, I’m lost on what to do.

Y: Uh, wait, if you become a vampire you won’t be able to turn back.

Y: Ah… I know you’ve thought about it seriously. Ever since we became lovers, I’ve also thought for a long time about what is the best thing for me to do but I couldn’t find the answer. I want to say that I want you beside me forever but… I wonder if it’s alright for me to change your life as I please.

Y: Eh? You feel the same?


Y: Ah… you’re right. The feeling of wanting to be together is not just my selfish request, right?

Y: Haha, it was my intention to understand your emotions but it looks like I thought too hard and lost sight of that.

Y: You really won’t… regret this?

Y: Huh, from that long ago? You already decided since the day you started being with me?

Y: U-um, right now? No, it’s possible but…

Y: Haha. I was the only one running away, you had resolved yourself a long time ago.

Y: I understand. I don’t have anymore hesitation. Live with me for the rest of our lives. *kisses*

Y: In that case, accept my blood. You’ll become a vampire too then.

Y: Wait one moment. *bites self*

Y: Suck my blood from my fingertip.

Y: With this, you’re a vampire just like me but has anything changed?


Y: Haha, you look like you don’t seem to feel it. Why don’t we try it then? *kisses*

Y: Ngh… haa… hah…

Y: This is amazing. Up until now, kissing you has felt extremely nice but… hah… this is incomparable. Mngh! *kisses*

Y: I didn’t know it would feel this good. Haa… I want you. Let me drink your blood. Gngh!

Y: It’s useless… hagh… I can’t contain myself at all. Haa… hah…!

Y: Hold on.

Y: Your blood is more delicious than ever. Nrgh…!


Y: Your back doesn’t hurt, does it? Sorry.

Y: Ah. You also want to drink blood?

Y: Mm, go ahead. Bite me slowly. Mgh… try sucking.

Y: Aah… hah… mm… feels good.

Y: So being drunk from… feels this good. Hngh… hah…

Y: How is it? Your first time drinking blood.

Y: Was it sweet and delicious? Haha. Me too. *kisses*

Y: From now on, we’re going to live only on each other’s blood. Haha, somehow that makes me happy. You can’t drink anyone else’s but mine too. I’ll give you however much you want.

Y: Haha, you want some again? Drink.

Y: Aah… hagh… haa…! It’s unbearable. Are you aroused too? So cute. *kisses*


Y: I’m taking off your clothes.

Y: Me too.

Y: Haa… hah… I want to kiss you. Mm! Nngh…!

Y: Your body is already extremely hot. Mm? Me too?

Y: Haha, we’re the same. Nn…! *kisses*

Y: Haah… haa… touch me.

Y: Aah! Gngh, your hand… feels good. Hagh… hah…!

Y: No, wait a moment. Ggh! Haah… hah… the stimulus was so much I felt like I was going to come.


Y: I’m sorry, it’s early but… I can’t… ngh! *kisses*

Y: Then, I’m going to put it in now. Gngh! Hagh…!

Y: Hot…! Haa… hah… I didn’t touch you at all, mgh, so why are you this soaked?

Y: Nrgh, this… By any chance, did you come? *thrusting* Hah… haa… that’s alright, I’m really happy you’re feeling this.

Y: It’s also the first time I’ve felt this much pleasure. Hagh… hah…!

Y: Whenever I move, there’s such a loud sound. Haa… haah…! Somehow, you’re wrapped around me, gngh! Today… ngh, you’re really wet.


Y: You’re enjoying yourself a lot. Mm!

Y: *stops* Do what I want…?

Y: You can’t say that to me right now! Ggh, jeez…! *kisses; thrusting* I’m biting. *drinks blood*

Y: Haa… hagh… amazing… I feel so good I’m already… ngh!

Y: Gngh, so good…!

Y: *stops* Haah… hah… hey, give me your hand. Yes, your ring finger. *bites*

Y: The bite mark is made clearly. Hagh… hah…!

Y: It’s a substitute for a ring for the time being, haha. From now on, we’re going to spend an extraordinary amount of time together. I won’t let you go for the rest of my life. *kisses*


Y: I’m about to come, ngh… I’m sorry for being so quick. Haa… hah…! *thrusting*

Y: Gngh… haa… I’m… going to release inside…!

Y: Hagh… haah… I’m… coming! Kgh! Ngh! *he orgasms; kisses*


Y: Haa… hah… haah…

Y: That was amazing. Hah… hah… *kisses*

Y: Mm, more… nngh…

Y: Haha. I love you. I won’t let you go for the rest of our lives, alright? *kisses*


Y: … Zzz…


Y: Nn… I love you… *kisses*


Y: Mm? *kisses*

Y: … Zzz…

*** TRACK 10: Cast Comment ***

Kazuya: Hello, everyone! Thank you to everyone who purchased this work. I’m talking from very far away, can you hear me?

K: Now, I’m quickly coming over. Haha, what am I doing? I’m Irodori Kazuya, the voice actor for Seto Yuuma. Thank you very much to everyone who purchased this work. Right now, since this is the free talk, I was told to speak freely and so I’ll be talking as I like. In this free talk, I’m also speaking with the dummy head mic so, putting aside whether or not you’re able to hear the distance, please listen to me while searching for where I am. Since I’m moving around bit by bit, I’m sorry if the sound of my clothing gets recorded too. Sorry about that.

K: Okay, that being said, this is the free talk and I think I would like to talk about the work. This time, the work was boldly about vampires. Right. The mental image of a vampire, if I had to say what it’s like for me, they’re extremely sadistic and a bit arrogant.

K: Yuuma-kun though, how do I say this, has a gentle side and that’s how people think of him. But to be thought of as a vampire, when I thought about his personality, I would think of things like the attacks he has or like when he’s excited and I thought it would be nice to express a slightly different Yuuma-kun there. I would be happy if, during those times, you felt that he was excited.


K: Also, there were a lot of blood drinking scenes. Well, I falsified the blood drinking scenes with a kissing noise. *kisses* This sound is the one I used. It’s too bad that I can’t show anyone right now, but my hand is covered in hickeys, haha. That’s how much strength I put into it. For something like drinking blood, it requires a lot of strength and I think it reveals his love and excited state. Please, by all means, listen to those scenes. Please enjoy them fully.

K: Anyway, well, this is my fourth work with Under Rain. I’m deeply grateful for all the roles I got to play. There were various roles, starting with Hero Confinement, Clit Licking Salon, and Pink Confinement. I was able to perform many characters with strong personalities. Honestly, in my career of acting, they are characters who have left deep impressions.

K: Speaking of my job, it was in 2020, I did my first dummy head work, Hero Confinement, which was released in 2020. It was very deeply moving. To be honest, I can still remember how things looked back then and that’s how memorable it was. Uh, you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, but that’s how much I really love doing dummy head mic acting, like this sense of distance, in what place does today’s character desire love from the other person, oh this character says I love you a lot, etc. As I apply these ideas inwardly, I hope I can act out the character through myself and I think this every day while I act.


K: Really, among all the works that have left attachments, Yuuma-kun in this work is a man who says “I love you” a lot. Of course, he does it when he’s excited, but when he becomes unrestrained that’s one of his cute points to me. Also, portruding teeth—portruding teeth?—um, canine teeth—characters who have pointed fangs are ones I purely like, haha, so that also gave him really high points. This is a digression, but I also have sharp canines, but when I look at myself I don’t get excited. Right, anyway, that’s how things are.

K: Let’s see… Seto-kun, how do I say this, during the scene where he expresses his love, the contrast about how, in the end, he’s a monster, was very important to me. I put my utmost effort in acting that out. Please, by all means, listen to this a lot and love Seto-kun a lot. Of course, I would be extremely thankful if you listened to all the various works I acted in as well. It’s honestly thanks to everyone that I’m able to work as a voice actor.

K: Okay, that being said, I mentioned this was the free talk and I spoke a lot about this work, including myself, Irodori Kazuya. Honestly, a lot of things happened in 2020 and a lot of memories were made, but even still being able to stand in front of a mic like this and have my voice reach people is something I’m very grateful for. In the future, I would like to continue working hard. I will go forward step-by-step so that people can love my voice.

K: Thank you very much to everyone and the staff. It’s thanks to everyone that I can have so much fun as a voice actor. Okay, that being said, sorry for talking about so many things but this was the free talk, Irodori Kazuya’s free talk. Um, really—mm, I don’t know if I should say this—but please do your best in taking care of your bodies and I will also take care of mine. I look forward to meeting everyone again. Well then, this was Irodori Kazuya. Bye bye.

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