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Sagihara Ryouta (鷺原 涼太)
CV: 乃木悠星


“I’m saying I love you… but you don’t believe me at all, huh…”

You entered university, chasing after a senior who you longed for during high school. Although it was great to be in the same club, you couldn’t get close and went through days of suffering…

Then, Sagihara Ryouta, a classmate who repeated a year of school and belonged in the same circle, showed his affection for you. You felt he was a little annoying because he was easygoing and you couldn’t see his true feelings, but you couldn’t respond harshly.

One day, you heard that your senior was in the darkroom, the base of club activities, despite the club being on break and so you headed there immediately only to witness a shocking scene.

“I warned you too. That you shouldn’t go there.”

The person who chased after you when you ran from the spot in shock and became drenched in the rain was—

“You… hate the rain, don’t you?”

Thank you to Lux for the commission! R18 warning.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: The Rain is Always, Always… ***

Ryouta: Morning! We’re the same, starting with first period today.

R: Ahah… you don’t have to look so obvious that you’re annoyed.

R: Huh? Did you change the band you use to tie your hair? It’s different from usual, right?

R: Ooh? It’s cute! I think it suits your hair color right now! Ah, anyhow—eh? Of course I know about that, because I like you.

R: Ahah… I got brushed off again. I’m saying it seriously though…

R: Ah, that reminds me, are you free this evening?

R: Mm, a friend recommended a cafe to me. If you don’t mind, why don’t we go together?

R: Mhm, yep, yep, it has a lot of kinds of sweets. Uh, let’s see… *uses phone* here! It has like this hydrangea-colored parfait, isn’t it pretty?

R: But a guy going to this cafe alone will be laughed at, right? So, I’m saying I’d like you to come with me. It’s a seasonal limited release.

R: It’s the next station over, so it’s not like it’s super far… we can even walk—ah…

R: … Hey, over here. The person talking to you right now is me, right? When you’re talking to someone, it’s not nice to look away. Just kidding.

R: Well, I know who you’re looking at though.


R: Eh? It’s not convenient for you today?

R: The club? I’m pretty sure there’s no activities today…

R: Oh, organizing the photos we took last week? You were asked to help?

R: Hmm? If it’s something you casually heard, I don’t think you need to go though?

R: It’s not like the person themself asked you to help, right?

R: Uh, don’t get in your way…? It’s not like that’s my intention…

R: Hah… whatever. I’ll ask you out to the cafe at another opportunity then. Let’s go together at that time, OK?

R: I’m asking you because I like you. I’m always telling you this, right?

R: Eh? *quiet* It’s not like I’m saying it casually though…

R: Anyway, it’s almost time, so I’ll be going now. See you later.

[03:32] *scene skip*

R: Ah, we meet again!

R: Eh? Aah, right, you said you were helping… was it? I’m saying you don’t have to go though.

R: Oh, I’m just here by chance. There’s a professor’s office back here and I completely forgot to hand in my assignment. I finally handed it over just now and got a lecture while I was at it.

R: Honestly, right? In addition to repeating a year, it’s not like I’m just skipping classes. But if you say that, then I can only work hard. You gotta think positively towards everything.

R: Ah, that reminds me, it’s said to rain in the afternoon today. Even though I just said to be positive, the rainy season is depressing and nasty, huh.

R: Erm… is something wrong?

R: Hm? So long as it’s nothing.

R: So, I don’t think you have to go out of your way to do club activities on a day like this. If I was the club’s representative, I definitely wouldn’t do any activities.

R: Haa… *serious* I think it’s better you don’t open the door. *heroine opens door, closes door*

R: That’s why I told you it’s better not to open it.

R: Come here.


R: If you were at the door like that, they would think they got seen, right?

R: Looks like they’re gone. The person with him was a girl who chose the same lecture, huh. Lately, I was thinking they were close but… if I remember correctly, that girl has a boyfriend.

R: I didn’t know anything. I’ve been here at this university since last year, right? We’re all in the same club and, after associating for a while, I got a sense of what kind of person he was.

R: Haa… Why do I have to tell you about this?

R: I thought for sure that you vaguely noticed this.

R: Did you want me to tell you? Did you want to hear it from my lips? Even though you know it’ll hurt you?

R: Ah… sorry. I said too much, didn’t I? But I don’t want to see the girl I like hurt, you see. That’s why I thought it’d be the most peaceful if you gave up on him without noticing things… but it didn’t go so well, haha.

R: In the first place, they shouldn’t be using the clubroom for strange things.

R: Um… are you OK?

R: You don’t look OK at all though. *starts raining* Erm… “always”? Uwah, it’s a sudden downpour.

R: Um, do you have an umbrella? You’re going home after this, right?

R: Should I walk you back close to your place?

R: But if you meet someone you know with that expression—*heroine runs* Ah, wait!

*** TRACK 2: “You’re not OK” ***

R: *runs over* Haa… hah… Found you! It’s just like you to choose a place where there’s no life around. You’re also not using an umbrella, so you’ll catch a cold if you stand there.

R: … Do you have an umbrella?

R: I knew it. I’ll walk you back to your place, so let’s go home together.

R: Eh? Haha, at this time, you won’t even let me walk you back home?

R: Ah… mm, my place works too. You don’t want to be alone right now, huh. If I was in your place, then I would want someone to listen. I’d be able to distract myself that way. Let’s go. For now, you need to take a shower. I’ll lend my bathroom to you. It’s not good for a girl’s body to get cold, right?

[01:38] *scene skip*

R: Oh! Did you get warmed up?

R: Hmm, mhm. The color in your face is better than earlier.

R: I put your clothes in the dryer, so wait just a bit more, OK? Oh, that reminds me, I have drinks. There’s coffee and tea, which do you like?

R: What? Is something unusual?

R: Aah, those are all research documents on my desk.

R: Yeah, separate from university assignments. Um, haha, don’t tell me… you thought I had to repeat a year because I’m an idiot?

R: Haha! That look means I’m right on the mark! The reason I repeated a year was because there wasn’t enough team members. The reason there wasn’t enough team members was because I studied abroad for half a year. That’s most of the cause.

R: By chance, a scholar from abroad came to our university and gave me an invitation during a lecture. But that was an invitation made by him without consulting others, so it got treated as studying abroad out of personal circumstances. I couldn’t get exempted from being part of the team.

R: Haa… but I thought it was a good experience, so I agreed to that person’s offer and left Japan. Haha, it was rough because I can’t speak English at all. I was on the other side without any time to even study but, well, eventually I managed somehow.


R: Haha, it’s not like it was something I needed to bring up. You’re not interested in me, right? I thought nothing would be more painful than hearing about someone you’re uninterested in. Especially something like this, which you aren’t familiar with.

R: Haha, but it’s strange, huh. I don’t really think about wanting others to know about me, but when it comes to someone I like I want to know everything.

R: … Are you OK?

R: Haha, say you’re not OK.

R: Because that’s the case, right? You always say you’re OK, even though you aren’t at all.

R: The rain? Ah, you’re right, it doesn’t look like the rain will stop any time soon.

R: Oh. So you did know. He’s always like that, doing various women on rainy days. There must be some reason he gets with girls on rainy days.

R: Mm, he probably sets up a restriction. That it’s limited only to rainy days. That’s why you often see the scene of him with girls on rainy days.


R: Isn’t it alright to hate the rain? I don’t really like it much either. Because I only see the person I like being sad on rainy days.

R: Ah! Um… what’s wrong? You’re hugging me all of a sudden.

R: Uh… do you want to get revenge?

R: Do you want to try spending this rainy day together like what he does? *kisses*

R: Um… uh… sorry! In the end, this isn’t good when we’re not dating, huh. Haha. I said something that was for my benefit. Erm… uh… if I could get you not to look at my face… Just now, I wasn’t really like myself so I’m embarrassed. Ah, no, it’s strange as to why I’m embarrassed though. Mmph! *heroine kisses him*

R: Hah… haa… does this mean, uh… that?


R: Ahah, jeez, I’m not cool at all. *kisses*

R: Are you sure? I’m not confident I can stop in the middle.

R: Forget about him just for now then. Honestly, I should be telling you to make me his replacement but my face, body, and voice are different. In the end, if you’re going to sleep with me, I want you to look only at me. *kisses*

R: Nngh… *inhales* you smell like shampoo.


R: Mm? The same smell as me? I can’t tell about myself. Is this what I smell like? Hm, I see. We’re matching then. *kisses*

R: Haha, like I expected, my clothes are a bit large, huh. But it’s cute.

R: Your chest is soft. Can I touch them directly? Raise your back a little then.

R: Eh? I can’t look? That means you’re OK if it’s under the clothes, right? Haha. Are you suddenly shy after coming to this point? Oh well.

R: Nn…

R: Haha, your nipples are getting hard. Does it feel good? Haha, when I flick them with my fingers like this, your face gets redder and redder.


R: I knew it, just touching isn’t enough. Mgh!

R: Mm? I told you, didn’t I? That I wouldn’t stop. Mngh…

R: You’re pale, huh. It’s pretty. I’m going to take off your pants like this.

R: Get on your knees, and spread your legs just a little.

R: Mhm, yes, stay like that. *kisses*


R: You aren’t used to suddenly being touched directly, huh. I’ll touch you from above your panties. Haha, you can get them wet. I’ll be happier that way, because then I’ll know you’re actually feeling good. You’ll never say something like that, right? Haha, because you’re a shy person. With him, you’re always—ah… nevermind. *kisses*

R: Haa… hah… it’s nothing. Concentrate on my fingers. If this place doesn’t get wetter, then I won’t be able to enter. *kisses ear*

R: Haha, so your ears are sensitive. Nngh…


R: Let’s kiss a lot. Mm… *kisses*

R: I like it. Kisses. Ah, I don’t mean that I would do it with anyone. I’m saying I like kissing the girl I like. Nn…

R: Hah… haa… I’m going to touch you directly.

R: Ngh, ah, it feels like you’re a little wet. But it looks like it’ll still be tight if I put in a finger. Spread your legs more. *gives oral*


R: Mgh, hey, you have to stay still! Ah, don’t tell me… it’s your first time being licked here?

R: Oh, I’m happy. So I’m your first… huh. Mngh…

R: Haha, you’re reacting better than when I touched you with my fingers. Your legs are shaking, haha. Cute.

R: Gngh, haha. Your clitoris has gotten large too. It’s red and really sexy. You’re wetter than before, so I’m going to stretch you inside with a finger while licking you.


R: Mm, you’re amazingly tight around my finger. You’ll get wetter if I stroke you like this, right? Nngh… *gives oral*

R: Haah… hah… I can hear squelching noises. Now then, I’ll add one more finger… ngh…

R: Ah, sure enough, two fingers are still a little tough, huh. Um, it doesn’t hurt, does it?

R: Haha, mm, show me more of your pleasure.

R: Nope, I’m watching, while moving my fingers like this. Oh, seeing you hold back from feeling good out of embarrassment is cute. Gngh, you clenched really hard around my fingers just now… Don’t tell me… haha, I found it.

R: Nrgh… hah…


R: Haha, so this is your sensitive spot. Your hips are rising a little. I already memorized where you feel good, so this time feel good with me and not my fingers.

R: Aah, my dick is so excited it’s terrible. It’s reacting and saying it wants to hurry up and be inside you.

R: I’m going to take off your panties and everything.

R: The air should be cold because of the rain, but somehow it’s hot, huh.

R: We’re going to get hotter from here though.

R: Be sure to relax, OK? Mgh…! *inserts himself*

R: Hagh… it’s not all in yet. Ggh…!

R: Haa… hah… for now, let’s stay like this until you get used to me. *kisses*


R: Are you OK?

R: Good. Haa… ngh, we’re connected, huh. We’re having sex.

R: Haha, are you embarrassed?

R: I’m going to move slowly.

R: Eh? But if I suddenly move, the burden on you will be… uh, could it be you’re trying to end this quickly? We can’t do that. If you’re going to say that, then even if you come I won’t stop.

R: Alright? Besides, I want to be gentle for our first time. I don’t want your memories of sex with me to only be painful. Mmgh…! *thrusting*

R: Haah… haa…

R: I’ll make it so you can’t forget this time with me, nrgh…!


R: Gngh, you’re more accustomed than earlier, huh. Mgh… haa…!

R: Then I think I’ll strike your good spot… gngh! *thrusting*

R: Haha, wow, you shake every time I thrust in and you tighten around me. Hagh… hah…!

R: Ngh… I might be the one in trouble like this. Mrgh, no one told me it would feel this good!

R: When I move quickly, I feel like I’ll come all too soon. I want to be connected with you a while longer, so… ngh…!


R: Aah, feels good… I’m sorry, like I thought, it’s impossible. Ggh… hah…!

R: Mrgh, I’m coming… I’m coming…! Nrgh! *pulls out; he orgasms*

R: Haa… hah…!

R: Sorry, I came first. It’s been a while since I did this, so I couldn’t control myself. Honestly, I wanted to come together with you…

R: Oh, right, you haven’t… come yet, right?

R: In that case, let’s continue. *inserts himself; thrusting* Mgh… hah…!


R: Haha, I’m still good to go. Gngh! I’ll move until you come.

R: Haah… hah… ah, but if I come first again then I’m sorry. We’ll need to wash your underwear too. It’s still evening, so it’s alright to stay like this for a while longer, right? *thrusting*

R: Here, look this way. Right now, be aware that I’m making love to you.

R: Don’t forget this, OK? Remember for the rest of your life that you had sex with me on a rainy day. Mmgh!

R: I love you, so I want to cherish you and, in the end, I want your everything.

R: Sorry for being sneaky. I’m going to move. Nrgh… hah…! *thrusting; fade out; rain BGM*

*** TRACK 3: Traces of Words I Wanted to Hear ***

R: Oh, morning. Awake?

R: After everything, you seemed to fall asleep like that so it’s already dark outside. That being said, it’s only been two hours since we did stuff.

R: All the laundry has been dried, so you can change now. Um… I can’t look at you while you change?

R: Eh? Ah, before you change then, I sort of want to do it… one more time?

R: I think it’s impressive enough that I didn’t make moves on you while you were sleeping!

R: Hrm, I won’t put it inside then, but let me hug you. Haha, yay, thank you! Come between my legs then.

R: Haa… you’re warm. Is it because you slept?

R: Mm? Oh, I didn’t sleep. I looked at your sleeping face beside you the entire time.

R: Ah, wait, don’t struggle! Ggh, I knew I shouldn’t have said that. Haha, OK, OK, calm down. If you don’t, I won’t let you go.

R: Huh, I’m pressing against you…? Ah! Uh… that’s, um… sorry. But it’s just a physiological response, and I’m only like this with you…


R: Um, I won’t put it inside, so stay still like this. Mmgh… hah… *rubbing*

R: Mm, I’m aroused. Haha, I’m pretty perverted, huh.

R: I’m pushing myself against you through our clothes and moving my hips. Nrgh… haa…

R: You can’t look over here.

R: Keep looking forward. It’s pretty embarrassing being watched when I’m doing this myself…

R: Hagh… haah…

R: … I love you. I love you. Mm…!


R: Ah, stop! You tried to look over here just now, didn’t you?

R: Gngh… mm…

R: If I see your face… I feel like I’ll make moves on you again. Hah… haa…

R: Hngh, ah…! *he orgasms*

R: Haah… hah… uh, sorry, for doing this all of a sudden.

R: Do you hate me now?

R: Uh, not in particular…? I just masturbated to you, but… you’re alright with that?


R: Eh? Ah, mm, it’s clear outside. Are you going home already?

R: … Got it. Go and change then. While you’re doing that, I’ll get some water and medicine. Haha, cold medicine. Just in case, you see.

R: OK, I’ll set them here.

R: Eh? Uh… is there a reason you’re asking again?

R: I love you. I say it all the time, but you still doubt me?

R: Um, words other than “I love you”? Uh, don’t tell me… no, wait, I know you have someone you like so, you’re right, when I say it again like this… I’m doing something pretty cowardly, huh.

R: I’m sorry for taking advantage of you. Even when I said I love you, you didn’t clearly reject me so I got carried away.

R: … I love you. So, I want you to make me your boyfriend. I want to date you.

R: What you were trying to say was this, right? I didn’t ask you to date me, so you couldn’t trust me?


R: Ahah, you’re right. I’m really sorry about that. I was scared of being turned down. Something like asking when I knew it would be a certain no… later, I’d be really hurt, right?

R: I’m not very manly at times like these, huh. I regret that. But I’ve proven that I really like you with this, so… can I ask you for your answer right now?

R: Haha, um, I got the order really wrong, didn’t I? But I won’t make you cry. You don’t have to like me right now, how about trial dating me? I don’t want to make today’s events a one-time thing.

R: Haha, I love you. Everything about you. *kisses*

R: It’s dark, so can I walk you back to your place?

R: Mm, let’s go then. The umbrella… we don’t need it anymore, huh.

*** TRACK 4: Cast Free Talk ***

Yuusei: Hello, welcome, good morning, good evening. This is Noki Yuusei, the voice actor for Sagihara Ryouta! Clap, clap, clap, dun dun dun, dong! Haha, OK, anyway, thank you very, very much for listening to this work.

Y: Let’s see, anyway, right, this is the free talk! I will be taking us through the free talk so, if you don’t mind, I hope you can listen to the end. OK, I received some simple topics and so I will be going through those.

Y: Right, let’s see, what is this… Here we go, haha. First, “What are your impressions of Ryouta, who you acted?” Good question, well, if I had to give a single word then he’s really simple and, mm, a good person. Haha, that’s what I thought. When I first received the project, I asked what sort of character it was and after viewing everything the part that left the most impression was how he wasn’t to the point of being a player but, well, he was relatively someone who did as he pleased and, uh, towards women he’s pretty aggressive.

Y: I thought he had this sort of feeling, but when I received the script and read through it and, well—I just finished recording right now, haha—while I was acting, my impression changed quite a bit. That was how it felt. Mm, how do I put this, he’s properly sincere…? Also, he acknowledges his own faults in a way like “Oh, you’re right, sorry” without hesitation, and when I say without hesitation I mean he also apologizes properly. But among that, he also easily gets embarrassed, haha. He seems to be the type that gets embarrassed right away. He also has this side, so even though he has the setting of being older than the heroine he also has a bit of cuteness. But, while this is established, he also sort of pulls her along like a senior, and so he also has scenes where he acts older.

Y: Oh right, also, even when they’re doing the deed, he earnestly wants to be gentle and his consideration of not wanting to hurt her or stress her body is also a reliable side of him. He’s completely different from the types with ulterior motives and just want to feel good themselves, haha. This is the character he’s like. How do I say this, in a sense, he’s a character who is really straightforward about his own feelings.


Y: Because of this, when I was acting, I was strangely natural. I didn’t really need to think about needing to act a certain way at certain points and I was in a relatively natural state and quickly got into character. It made me think that I really acted him out.

Y: OK, also… oh right, this was in the middle, but so he repeated a year and, at the beginning, I also thought he repeated a year because he was an idiot, haha. When I was in the middle of reading the script, I had a moment where I was like “Ah, you’re an outstanding person, okay, okay” haha! I’m sorry, haha!

Y: Moving to the next question, “Do you have a favorite season or weather?” Mm… good question, well, in the work it was quite rainy and it became a sort of questionable thing. But, well, when it comes to my favorite season… uh, spring… spring… su-summer, maybe? I’m sure there are people who don’t like it because it’s hot, but personally when the temperature is high then I feel active, haha. Yep, yep, even when I’m not moving in my house, I end up being able to think about things. So, with that meaning, up to summer and August—haha, I don’t know if that’s the proper months—when it’s the summer I feel like I become thirty-percent more energetic.

Y: Also, because it’s hot, ice cream! It’s the season where ice cream is delicious. Mm, mm, I think it’s summer, haha. OK, I feel like these because really stupid reasons. Oh, also, my favorite weather is, uh, naturally clear skies! Mhm! If we’re talking about atmosphere though, then I also like rain. Especially when it’s at night and particularly with a season too. The rain at night in winter is somewhat nostalgic or, how do I put this, it feels melancholic and I quite like the atmosphere.


Y: In addition, you might ask why clear weather? I have curly hair, you know? Yes, I have curly hair and my bangs are especially curly, so when it’s the rainy season I can only be in despair, haha. So I like clear weather, where the level of humidity is purely low. Also, when it’s purely nice weather, like blue skies and whatnot, my feelings become refreshed. Mm, maybe it’s just me, haha, I don’t know.

Y: Right, it’s pretty much like that, ah, the next question seems to be the last! This might have felt short, haha. OK, that being said, “Please leave a message for the listeners.” First, let me say again, thank you very, very much for listening to the work. Um, about the drama part this time—if I can call it that, I don’t know, haha—the conversation there, following the story, there is a theme of the rain being questionable and, as it was used well, the heroine’s impression of it, her hatred of it, was changed in a good direction by Ryouta. At the very least, even if she doesn’t like it, she can treat it normally. For me, I got the feeling of impressions being changed in this story, and this sort of consideration towards the person you like is extremely sincere and, well, being able to interact with Ryouta, I think he’s a great man.

Y: Overall, Ryouta’s good points are quite present and he’s inlaid with them, haha. I hope this is a work you can repeat this three times, to say nothing of doing it once. OK, right, naturally, I’d be really happy if you could love Ryouta lots. Right, I think that’s all I have to say at the very end, haha. Also, right, this wasn’t a short message at all. Haha, I’m sorry. Now then, haha, thank you for going along with me to this point. This was Noki Yuusei, the voice actor for Sagihara Ryouta. Bye bye!

4 thoughts on “Shuu

    mamikouga said:
    August 2, 2021 at 00:44

    Okay this one was super cute! I’ve read too many yandere drama CDs so I was waiting for him to reveal his secret creepy side lol, I’m sorry Shuu.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 4, 2021 at 17:38

      Haha, don’t worry, I try to warn if there are any yandere elements in a work I translate because I know some people are sensitive for that! Meanwhile, here I was thinking he was dumb and that’s why he had to repeat a year of school, but that wasn’t the case… oops, teaches me to judge people before knowing everything.

    Lux said:
    August 1, 2021 at 18:25

    Thank you for the commission! Shuu is so sweet! He has an interesting dynamic with the heroine where he knows she likes someone else yet still tries to look out for her so that she won’t get her feelings hurt seeing the guy she’s interested in with other women. I was glad he and the heroine got closer by the end, as it felt messy, natural and romantic in a “could happen in the real world” way.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 4, 2021 at 17:37

      Psst, the character’s name is Ryouta, haha! I have no idea why the work is called Shuu (in English too!) because I can’t think of a word that would make sense here. I liked how down to earth this work was too, and it’s kind of nice to see recognition of how relationships can be formed just from “well, you’re not a bad person” and dating is like the trial phase.

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