About Me

Hiya hey hey! This blog is dedicated to otome games and other things related to a maiden’s heart. As you can see, I mostly translate (or summarize) Japanese otome games; sometimes, I do drama CD translations or other things like podcasts. I try to keep everything on this blog related to otome games though. Basically, this blog is a place to share my hobby with all of you!

Oh, just a note, I do my best to stay neutral when writing my posts but sometimes my opinions slip in, which anyone can feel free to disagree with so long as they remain civil and polite. This is the internet, but let’s stay friendly.

I’m almost always using the name “Ilinox” on the internet, so if you see that name then chances are it’s me! I’m easiest to reach through comments here, Twitter, or Tumblr. Don’t be afraid of striking up a conversation with me!

My Japanese is officially N2 level and so my translations shouldn’t be taken as gospel; the farther back you go in my blog’s past the clearer it is on how bad my Japanese was back then… but I’ve improved tons and I’d say most of my translations are accurate and word for word now.

If you’re curious about the person behind the blog, here are some random facts: I’m 25 years old, female, and I work as a legal assistant for the government (specifically criminal justice, so you can just call me the Defender of Justi– okay, no, sorry). I binge video games all the time and you only need to check my Twitter to see the latest thing I’m into.

I’m constantly updating my list of biases, which keeps track of my favorite characters across fandoms. It’s interesting to see what types of characters I gravitate towards though currently it looks like they’re all men with power because over half of them are kings, princes, or war generals… UHH… I swear I don’t have a megalomaniac fetish.

My favorite gaming platforms are PC and PSP/PSVita. I used to prefer PC otome games because ATLAS and AGTH were extremely helpful but the best way to improve your Japanese is to play without any translating aids and the PSP/PSVita has helped me tremendously here. For other games I almost always prefer the PC version over any consoles because my gaming rig is my child.

Lastly, but most importantly, this blog is a place for me to have fun and to share that with everyone. Therefore, while I’ll be trying my best to fulfill requests and complete any games I’ve started, I don’t want this place to be a chore or a heavy responsibility. What I do promise is that any game I’ve started a post about will eventually be completed; I can’t bear to leave things undone. That’s all and I hope anyone who passes by enjoys my blog! Please feel free to comment on any page no matter how old it is and I promise I’ll make an effort to respond to every comment.


176 thoughts on “About Me

    sugimoto said:
    August 23, 2017 at 15:56

    Hey,nice to meet you. I’m japanese who like otome games. I read your otome game review.
    its brilliant!
    By the way, I write a report about some otome games.
    otomechannel.com(←This is my site)
    if you have time, read my report.




      Ilinox responded:
      August 25, 2017 at 13:01



      I’d love to drop by your site, especially after I get around to playing Kenka Banchou n_n! Thank you for such a lovely comment and I hope all this English text wasn’t too hard to navigate (especially my long loooooong posts, oops).

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