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Hello hello! This blog is dedicated to otome games and other things related to a maiden’s heart. As you can see, I mostly translate Japanese otome materials; mostly drama CDs these days, but games and novels are included. I try to keep everything on this blog related to otome games so, basically, this blog is a place to share my hobby with all of you!

I do my best to stay neutral when writing posts but sometimes my opinions slip in, which anyone can feel free to disagree with so long as they remain civil and polite. This is the internet, but let’s try to stay friendly, yeah?

I’m almost always using the name “Ilinox” on the internet, so if you see that name then chances are it’s me! I’m easiest to reach through comments here, Twitter, or Tumblr. Don’t be afraid of striking up a conversation with me!

My Japanese is officially N2 level but never take anyone’s translations as gospel; as you go back in time through my blog you can see the how my Japanese improved, haha… It’s amazing how much I’ve learned without any formal lessons. I’m a native Mandarin speaker and, while my Chinese hasn’t been officially tested, I’m somewhere around HSK 5.

If you’re curious about the person behind the blog, here are some random facts: I’m 28 years old, female, and I work as a legal assistant in criminal law, so you can just call me the Defender of Justi– okay, no, sorry. I’m super chatty on Twitter and you only need to look at that to see the latest thing I’m into.

I keep an updated list of biases, because it’s interesting to see what types of characters I gravitate towards throughout the years. It looks like I really have a thing for morally grey to straight up villains or devoted good boys LOL.

My favorite gaming platforms are PC and PSP/PSVita. I used to prefer PC otome games because ATLAS and AGTH were extremely helpful, but the best way to improve your Japanese is to play without any translating aids and the PSP/PSVita has helped me tremendously here. For other games I almost always prefer the PC version over any consoles because my gaming rig is my child.

Lastly, but most importantly, this blog is a place for me to have fun and to share that with everyone. Therefore, while I’ll be trying my best to complete any games I’ve started, I don’t want this place to be a chore or a heavy responsibility. What I do promise is that any game I’ve started a post about will eventually be completed; I can’t bear to leave things undone. That’s all and I hope anyone who passes by enjoys my blog! Please feel free to comment on any page no matter how old it is and I promise I’ll make an effort to respond to every comment.

198 thoughts on “About Me

    Lauren said:
    June 5, 2021 at 20:15

    Is it ok if we use your translations for analyses? I might refer to your Dear Vocalist translations in the future when analyzing the characters. I’ll be sure to give you credit. It’s ok if you don’t want your translations to be used for that.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 6, 2021 at 14:19

      Of course! Thank you for asking and, rather than credit I’d like it if the attention went more to the fact that translations are being used in the analyses, since those translations would have gone through whatever unconscious biases I had. Good luck in writing those analyses~!

    Bashiek A. said:
    October 16, 2020 at 21:31

    O-hisashiburi desu. I hope you have been well.

    I am sorry I couldn’t reply in the other post, but the comments were closed.

    Thank you so much for your reply. I managed to go through the routes that someone had uploaded of Piofiore’s first game. I couldn’t believe the “Bad End” versions of the characters! Especially Nicola’s and Orlok’s. Dante became such a beast in Orlok’s; it was truly unbelievable! It’s so strange how the characters can become so evil in these versions compared to the princes they are in the other routes.

    I don’t know much about games at all, and I read that this one is NOT the one to go through when you just dive into this world. Too late now, though.

    I managed to also listen to some dramas that are floating around; those were much better. I enjoyed the seiyuu-sans interacting together much better than in the game. I wish it could have been more like that.

    I hope you will be able to go through the new game as well (1926). Also, if you find the lyrics for the song from the latest game (1926), please do let me know. It’s the one played in the PV.

    I am also sorry I couldn’t participate in the game that you held because I was going to be offline for a period of time, and I wouldn’t have been able to keep in touch with you.

    Thanks so much for your time.

    Take care.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 19, 2020 at 00:17

      No worries, I hope you and your family have been managing to stay safe during these times too!

      Oof, I haven’t found time to touch Piofiore myself yet, but I often hear discussions about that. IMO, the characters don’t have any reason to act nice to the heroine when she’s on other routes since she’s, for all intents and purposes, colluding with the enemy. I think it’s neat to see in a game that the heroine doesn’t just have magnetic charm and that it really goes to show how sincerity and trust in their own route builds up this relationship while, in another route, there’s none of this so you can see just how much influence she had on them, etc. It’s also realistic since they’re, well, in rival mafia groups.

      Haha, there’ll always be anniversary giveaways on this blog, so maybe next time!

        Bashiek A. said:
        October 23, 2020 at 19:45

        Thank you very much for the reply.

        I will look forward to that.

        And if you get a chance to look into Piofiore’s song, please do let me know.

        Please keep up the great work.

    Asuka said:
    August 16, 2020 at 13:17

    Hi, I remeber reading this blog years ago when you wrote about DL. I have a question which otome games do you recommend for a Switch?

      Ilinox responded:
      August 17, 2020 at 07:36

      This is a very broad question that depends on what you’re in the mood for or what you want to play, haha. I don’t have a Switch myself, so I actually haven’t been keeping up on Switch exclusives but usually whatever has been ported from Vita to Switch is a decent game! I haven’t heard of any game absolutely crashing or burning lately, so whatever catches your interest is good!

    Zira Syrreth said:
    June 22, 2020 at 13:26

    I really like your blog! I first found it because I was looking for translation for Amnesia later. I loved your comments in those translations by the way! I read on one of your other posts that your not really into school based games but I would still really recommend, Kamigami No Asobi and La Corda D’ Oro. They are both really brilliant judging from the anime and the stills I’ve seen from both games.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 22, 2020 at 15:46

      Aw, thank you so much! I hear good things about those games, although I think Kamigami had more comedy than I normally enjoy in my games. I might touch them o-one day, but as it stands they’re pretty low on my backlog because Olympia Soiree interests me way more on the mythological front, haha.

      I hope I can get back to blogging about games soon though!! It’s been so long since I did a proper game post… o-oops…

    nakoyashi_ said:
    May 18, 2020 at 09:19

    I’m glad I found your blog, nowadays it’s very hard to find others who are interested in drama CD (இ﹏இ`。)
    Is it okay if I feature your translations on my CD list? I trade with people and it would be nice to add a link to an English translation so it’s easier to enjoy (●´艸`)ヾ
    It will be a direct link to your page! I don’t want to take credit for your hard work (⋟﹏⋞)

      Ilinox responded:
      May 18, 2020 at 14:37

      Hello hello! Thanks for asking and, yeah, I don’t mind link backs! I just hope no one takes these TLs and applies them to illegally uploaded CDs on YT though.

    Mel said:
    August 1, 2019 at 09:18

    Hi! First of all thank you for all your work (especially the DL ones)! Since the translations for some of the HDB routes are missing and all I can do is use Google Translate on the already existing translations (in languages such as Spanish and Portuguese) and your summaries for more accuracy, I was wondering if you’d be okay with me posting the “results” on my tumblr blog and of course, along with the credits, plus the link to your work. I’ll be doing it for free since I already save the result of the translations for myself so the sole purpose of this would be so that other people would have an easy access to them. Of course, the fact that all the texts are translated twice and not directly from the japanese version might result in an inaccurate translation since I don’t know japanese and I can’t compare with the original text, so your summaries really come in handy, besides the translations, especially to those who want to have a better understanding of the context. Thank you and I hope I haven’t offended you with this question!

      Ilinox responded:
      August 1, 2019 at 14:27

      Aw, you’re welcome! I’m surprised people are still looking into this series (is that why Rejet won’t stop porting and making sequels to it x a billion) but, sure, I don’t mind! Thanks for checking with me! Out of curiosity, because I couldn’t quite catch it, are you translating it into Spanish or Portugese or?

        Mel said:
        August 1, 2019 at 15:36

        Yeah, well I guess Rejet struck gold with this series xD I’m fairly new to it, never thought I’d end up playing the games since there are so many characters (and games) and the routes are fairly long. I’m translating them into English since for example, Ayato doesn’t have a complete route translation for HDB, in terms of lines and such. I’m still waiting for the girl who posted the Portuguese translations to respond, tho. I don’t want to go against any of your wills. And it’s only fair that I ask your permission since your work has helped me better understand the results I got from Google Translate xD. And as I said, where I couldn’t find translations, I used that method and saved it all for I guess, later use since I also manage an ask/request blog for DL. Thank you so much for your super fast response!

    kurishiri said:
    June 17, 2018 at 13:12

    Hi,元気ですか!I was wondering if you accept link exchanges so as to we can exchange links? I started translating a little while ago, and you really inspire me. (I’ve been stalking you from the shadows, sorry, not sorry, hahaha.) Of course, you don’t have to exchange, but at the very least I wanted to express my gratitude to you and how much I look up to you everyday for translating so many things. (つ≧▽≦)つ

      Ilinox responded:
      June 17, 2018 at 13:45

      Hullo! fghkjkfjgh ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ aww thank you for saying such kind things and of course we can exchange links!

    Eu said:
    April 18, 2018 at 03:52

    Hi hi! I wonder if it’s okay to exchange links with you? I created a new blog solely for games (I used to post on Bishie Holic) This is the new URL btw, https://visualnovelcafe.com/

      Ilinox responded:
      April 18, 2018 at 10:51

      Of course :D! Added you onto the blogroll~

        Eu said:
        April 18, 2018 at 16:33

        Thanks a bunch! :D

    leohikarusora said:
    April 16, 2018 at 20:15

    Hello, my name is HikaruSora (not the real name), and I like to help you about Kousaka Masanobu’s Awakening, but since I didn’t take any Japanese language class, I’ll give you the screenshots story, it’s that okay for you? If not, I’ll try at least translate it, you can correct the wrong sentence or else. Thank you for your attention…

      Ilinox responded:
      April 17, 2018 at 22:49

      Erm, I don’t take translation requests like these ><! I will be getting to Masanobu's awakening story when I get around to doing Takeda's army story though, so please be patient. Thank you!

        leohikarusora said:
        April 19, 2018 at 21:21

        Ah, don’t worry about that, I just want to help at least… Anyways, I really like your works, and really can’t wait to your next works~! ^_^

    sugimoto said:
    August 23, 2017 at 15:56

    Hey,nice to meet you. I’m japanese who like otome games. I read your otome game review.
    its brilliant!
    By the way, I write a report about some otome games.
    otomechannel.com(←This is my site)
    if you have time, read my report.




      Ilinox responded:
      August 25, 2017 at 13:01



      I’d love to drop by your site, especially after I get around to playing Kenka Banchou n_n! Thank you for such a lovely comment and I hope all this English text wasn’t too hard to navigate (especially my long loooooong posts, oops).

    […] one is a brand new Phone Calls guide from YumeMiruSekai, so check it out! click […]

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