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Gifu no Kyokon de Ikasareta Watashi… Anata, Gomennasai, Mou Watashi wa O-Gifu-san no Mono nano

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Ryuuji (龍二)
CV: ??? (馬並ペガサス)

Shinji (伸二)
CV: Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか 正之)

The heroine, who married a classmate in the same university, began her married life in her husband’s family house.

One day, the heroine is seen crying alone by her father-in-law, Ryuuji, over a secret she carried and couldn’t tell anyone. As she was comforted, she confessed everything to Ryuuji.

Ryuuji made every effort to resolve the heroine’s problem.

And the heroine began to be drawn to the reliable Ryuuji…

Much thanks for this anonymous commission. No cover art this time because it’s explicit and I’m also going to translate the title below, because I want to keep any R18 language or details under a cut so people aren’t taken by surprise LOL. The romaji title is… well, I’m just assuming people need to take some time to process that in Japanese ;). Interestingly enough, the Japanese DLsite doesn’t give a link to the English DLsite, but you can get this there too.

Ah, never change KZentertainment. This company gives light novel-esque titles to their CDs and it’s always so funny to read them out. Anyway, this is extreme R18 and please note it has themes like past child abuse, past incest, age difference, somewhat adultery, and a really BAD END with drugs and uhh prostitution.

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Shimizu Ao (清水 蒼生)
CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤 まさとも)

Midou Rei (御堂 令)
CV: Makino Hideki (牧野 秀紀)


The heroine, who attended the private Hideyo Academy, used to be in a serious relationship but, against her will, they broke up.

The one who comforted her, as she carried that scar, was her junior in the same club, Shimizu Ao.

“I won’t ever be in love again” is what the heroine vowed in her heart, but under the efforts of a devoted Ao she gradually began to open up again.

And then, after one year passed, the heroine was invited on a date by Ao.

The heroine was uncertain as to whether or not she was able to respond to Ao’s feelings, but she acknowledged that she was conflicted.

She wanted to respond to Ao with feelings of gratitude for always supporting her.


That this small decision would lead to a dramatic conclusion was unexpected by everyone except for Ao…

Huge thank you to anne for the commission, because we get to see another one of my favorite Dusk boys!! First Weiss and now Ao… oh snap, I should really give Touji some love, huh. By the way, unfortunately, this drama is only available on the Japanese DLsite.

As usual, because this is a Dusk CD, there are some warnings like R18 and minor gore (mostly the SFX).

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Houkago no Linaria ~ Juuzoku no Hibi ~

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Tendou Tsubasa (天堂 翼)
CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中 真尋)

After School Linaria ~ The Days of Dependency ~

Here we are with another anonymous commission. Thank you!! This is another one of Dusk’s work and set in their Kankinkon universe, the one that has my eternal love Touji– I mean, you can download it on the English DLsite or the Japanese DLsite. R18 warning again and since it’s Dusk there’s themes like dubcon, etc. Honestly, Tsubasa is super tame compared to the others though.

The heroine, vice-president of the gardening club at Yamana Private Academy, was a devoted and serious student who knew nothing about messing around.

She thought that romance was something far beyond her.

However, one day, Tendou Tsubasa, the ace of the baseball club and the object of every girl’s dreams, happened to walk home together with her in an unexpected turn of events.

The moment they parted ways, the heroine was about to be hit by a car, whose driver had dozed off, and Tsubasa suffered a serious leg injury protecting her.

As a result, Tsubasa recovered to the extent where there was no difficulties in his daily life, but he could never again play baseball.

The heroine felt responsible for destroying Tsubasa’s dreams of going professional.

Tsubasa approached the heroine, saying “If you feel responsible then grant my wish”…

“You’ll listen to anything I say, right? Then strip right now.”

“Those eyes are the best. Look at me, be more scared. Cry, scream, look like you’ve been hurt by me. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, live while thinking about where I am… I’ve always been watching you.”

—After school at Yamana Private Academy, the linarias bloom.

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Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ Cast Talk ~

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The Tale of the Kingdom of Weltalles ~ Weiss ~

Did you think we were going to be out of this world? Surprise, I was also commissioned to do the cast talks so here they are below. They were rewards for hitting download milestones, specifically 200 and 300 downloads (hint hint, wink wink, please help this hit 1500 downloads—). The cast talk for Karasuma is only up until the end of January, so please try to listen to his sweet voice while you have the chance! The rest of the cast had written answers.

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Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ Weiss ~

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Weiss von Weltalles (ヴァイス・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: Karasuma Hazuki (烏丸葉月)

Gretchen von Weltalles (グレンツェン・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: ??? (安堂之)

Sirius von Weltalles (ズィーリオス・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: Kuzai Tsubasa (九財翼)

Löwe von Weltalles (レーヴェ・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: Balletta Yutaka (バレッタ 裕)

The Tale of the Kingdom of Weltalles ~ Weiss ~

ALRIGHT. CRACKS KNUCKLES. Huge thank you to the confidential person who commissioned me to get off my butt and translate this, especially because we’re both desperate for this work to reach 1500 downloads to unlock all the short stories (DUSK OWNS MY SOUL). I know they count the English side too so come on, everyone, don’t let me down LOL. Look at the work I’m doing to share this with everyone!! PS. The first three names are italicized because those are all their pseudonyms and no one knows who they are.

You can purchase this drama CD on the English side of DLsite HERE or the Japanese side HERE. It’s just $17 or so *waggles eyebrows*. Please do note the warnings though and because this is Dusk it’s not just R18 but really dark, including things like groominggangbang, drugging, overall madness, and minor gore.

There was a country said to have been founded by a great hero, the Kingdom of Weltalles.

However, the current king was amorous to an extent where it was hard to believe he descended from a hero and there were whispers that if there was a woman he was interested in then he would snatch them, be they a noble or a commoner.


That king had five children born of different mothers.

The eldest son, the First Prince and successor to the throne, Weiss von Weltalles, was a man who excelled in both the literary and military arts and was said to be the “reincarnation of the nation founding hero”. The brilliance of his silver hair, beauty, and valor attracted each and every person.

The Second Prince, Gretchen, had profound knowledge with the arts and his talent was such that merchants from distant lands would come to visit, desiring his paintings.

The popular Third Prince, coming level with the Second Prince, possessed excellent business acumen and was said to be able to “turn stones into jewels”.

The Fourth Prince, Löwe, was an exceptional swordsman. Although clumsy, his honest personality made him be loved by the people.

And then there was the youngest child, the heroine, who spent her days isolated in a quiet and detached palace though she was the first princess.

The reason, which was an open secret not only with the royal and titled nobility but even the common people, was that—

The heroine was not the “real child of the king”.

When the current king forced the heroine’s mother, who was just a commoner, into the inner palace she was already carrying her former fiancé’s child.

Those who descended from the blood of the royal family would have a royal mark without fail and, upon finding out that there was no mark on the heroine’s body, the king loathed her even while establishing her as a princess for appearance’s sake.

And then those around were also forbidden to love the princess.


Ten-odd years have passed since then…

The only one who frequently visited the quiet and detached palace was the First Prince Weiss, who obtained great popularity and power.

The other brothers occasionally visited the detached palace but only to scorn the heroine with their words.

The heroine felt sorrow at such a situation, but she was supported by the gentle Weiss and was brought up to be a pure and docile princess.


However, when the balance between two neighboring countries collapsed, that purity gave birth to a tragedy…

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Rouge et Noir ~ Eye in the Sky ~

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Suou Eiji (周防 衛士)
CV: Tsuboi Tomohiro (坪井 智浩)

The circulation of the new type of drug, Rouge et Noir, and the battle between the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare and the crime syndicate, House, which was distributing the drugs, continued.

However, the struggle for supremacy began to collapse due to a tear that opened up within House. Suou Eiji, of the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID), saw this as a great opportunity and personally set out on an investigation to destroy House.

As a new narcotics officer belonging to the SCID, you gradually build a relationship of trust with the highhanded Suou while opposing the means of his investigation.

(Thank you so much to Hina for another translation commission!! At this rate, I might end up with a complete collection LOL which is the dream, to be honest. This is the 4th volume in the series.)

“Eye in the sky” isn’t a poker term but it is a casino term! It refers to the security cameras that are set up to monitor the seats, tables, hallways, restaurants, and even elevators. It’s to help the casino catch anyone who is cheating or counting cards (a type of cheating) or committing crimes.

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Rouge et Noir ~ Second Barrel ~

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Makabe Ryo (真壁 亮)
CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中 真尋)

It’s been about one year after the flood of the new strain of drug, Rouge et Noir. The crime syndicate, House, has lost the majority of its active bases as a result of the investigation from the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare, and that series of events is heading to an end.

During this, Makabe Ryo, a narcotics officer belonging to the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID), and you, a narcotics officer in the same division and the “buddy” of Makabe, seize unexpected drugs in a separate investigation. It is a liquid variant of Rouge et Noir, known as Second Barrel.

You and Makabe obtain information that the seized Second Barrel is being sold at the headquarters of the Chinese mafia, Xiang Mao, and so you two infiltrate an underground casino in Macau in order to expose this, but–.

(Thank you to kay for the translation commission!! This is the 6th volume in the Rouge et Noir series so we’re going back in time and things are out of order, but shhh. WARNING: This is R18.)

Second Barrel, or more commonly known as Double Barrel, is a bluffing or semi-bluffing move. Sorry, we’re going to have to dive into some more poker knowledge here. There are many variants of poker but a very popular one among casinos is Texas Hold’em (which I’m sure Makabe’s CD is based off of because of the terms), where players are dealt two cards and then there’s 5 community cards face-down on the table. The goal is to create the strongest 5-card hand using your two cards + the 5 on the table. The community cards are revealed after turns in the order of “flop” (3 cards), “turn” (4th card), and “river” (5th and last card).

Now, the game opens when a person makes a bet. Then others can either fold to exit out, call to match that bet, or raise to increase the bet. Now, bear with me, the person who raises in this round is called the “pre-flop raiser” (or original raiser in Arlen’s CD). And then, once the flop happens and 3 cards are revealed, this person bets again to do a “continuation bet”. And then, once the turn happens and the 4th card is revealed, this person bets again to become the “Second Barrel”.

Basically, the whole point of this is to actually bully the other players into folding because they’re scared of how aggressive you are LOL and they think you have a strong hand. But the Second Barrel is doing this regardless of whether they’ve made a hand on the table or not. Hence, a bluffing or semi-bluffing move since you could very well end up with a strong hand.

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Rouge et Noir ~ Maximum Bet ~

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Arlen Clive (アーレン クライヴ)
CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川 真)

It has been about a year since the overflow of the new strain of drug, Rouge et Noir. As that series of events head to an end, due to the weakening of the crime syndicate, House, you spend vexing days just concentrating on treatment from the aftereffects you suffered because of your deep cover operation a year ago, staying in the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID) as a narcotics officer.

But the fugitive, Arlen Clive, a top executive of House, suddenly appears in front of you. You are cautious as Arlen approachs you with a temporary partnership.

Although mutual interests coincide, Arlen’s real intention cannot be seen.
You are at a loss as to whether you should take that extended hand or not, but–.

(First, a huge thank you for the translation commission by Hina. This is the 8th volume in the Rouge et Noir series, so if you’re interested in the others… well ;) there’s a way to get them translated– ahaha, sorry sorry. But seriously, this series is so good when listened to in order. WARNING: This is R18.)

Just to keep things consistent. The title “Maximum Bet” refers to the maximum a person can bet at a gambling table, because sometimes there’s limits. Of course, there’s also a no-limit poker.

04OCT2018: Added Animate/Official tokuten.
Added Mikado-sensei’s teaser letters from Arlen to count down to the release of his CD.

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Dear Vocalist Riot ~ Re-o-do ~

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Re-o-do (レオード)
CV: Masuda Toshiki (増田 俊樹)

(Guess who’s back in town?! The singing boys!! I promised I’d tackle this season because it’s the last one for Ciel (why is he last) and I did enjoy the character development in the others so here we are.)

Story premise this time is that everyone’s last songs sold pretty well but Mr. Panda isn’t impressed yet and so told them to have a live that’s sold out. If the venue isn’t filled then they’ll get the cut! And so once again everybody has to struggle to make their best song (with their girlfriend’s support).

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Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Christmas ~

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And here’s Hotaru’s short story to celebrate the release of his CD. These all have such sad vibes :’)) but at least they have such fateful meetings with their heroines in their CDs. I translated these a little out of order but I feel like there’s more connection and understanding of his character after his main CD. Anyway, this entire series was a fun side project and I hope you all enjoyed it.

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Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Nagumo Hotaru ~

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Nagumo Hotaru (南雲 蛍)
CV: Abe Atsushi (阿部 敦)

Tales From the Meiji Pleasurable Nights

You were married into a distinguished family as the second daughter of a prosperous mercantile house but then arbitrarily divorced by your husband, who was surrounded by mistresses, and so you returned to your parents’ house. What awaited you there were days of rude treatment from your family for being a disgrace.

You knocked on the doors to Baroque to fill your loneliness and there you met the male courtesan, Nagumo Hotaru, and the Western doll he was in possession of, named Kosuzu. Although a little confused by Hotaru who declared that while he was a male courtesan there was a line he wouldn’t cross with customers, you chose to spend a night together. As he said, Hotaru serviced you with his hands and lips but would not embrace you in the last step; however, you were healed by the innocent side that Hotaru showed occasionally, and so you went to Baroque many times.

One night, when you asked with slight curiosity as to why he wouldn’t sleep with customers, Hotaru replied with puzzling words that he could only love the doll, Kosuzu. Unable to understand the true meaning behind those words, eventually Hotaru collapsed from an illness–.

(And with this we conclude our Baroque adventure!! For now, maybe? I keep thinking they’ve got a good set up for a manager volume but who knows. R18 WARNING!) Read the rest of this entry »

Meguru Koi wa Renge no Gotoku ~ The Two Who Remember ~

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PRESENT: Higashikuze Junya (東久世 潤也) / PAST: Emperor Aoi (葵月帝)
CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中 真尋)

A Revolving Love is Like a Lotus

Let us go around and around, until the day we love (meet) again…

The one you met when you were reborn was the beloved of your “previous life”…
This is a love story about two sets of memories–

(Someone stop me!! From constantly picking up projects!! No, to be honest though, I’ve been wanting to do this one for a long time because I’m a sucker for these types of stories and this volume struck me so hard in the heart. Normally, I’d provide a synopsis but there’s actually a prologue track that does it at the beginning so yay! R18 WARNING!)

EDIT 2018/08/11: Added the Milky Chain tokuten, thanks to @shngml for providing that one to me ;w;.

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Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Worthy Rival ~

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I realized that Mikado-sensei wrote two short stories for Baroque to celebrate the release of their CDs. Funnily, there’s only one for Mashiro and then one for Hotaru LOL so Kain got left out, although he does feature in this one. Anyway, I figure I’d treat you guys to her prose and translate the short stories since I admire her writing greatly.

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Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Kusakabe Mashiro ~

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Kusakabe Mashiro (日下部 真白)
CV: Shingaki Tarusuke (新垣 樽助)

Tales From the Meiji Pleasurable Nights

An earl’s daughter, you were returning home after slipping out secretly from an evening party but, caught by a sudden downpour of rain, you took shelter under the eaves of Baroque, unbeknownst to you a high-end brothel of the capital.

There you met a male courtesan possessing an uncommon appearance– it was Kusakabe Mashiro, who used to be employed at your mansion in the past. This coincidental reunion brought back to life the love you held towards him, but Mashiro refused you coldly.

Several days later, unable to give up, you visited Baroque once again of your own volition. It was a rule of the male courtesans who worked at Baroque to be unable to refuse the wishes of a customer. Thus, a relationship was tied between you and Mashiro, but even though your bodies were connected your hearts were not, and the days passed repeatedly.

However, on the borders of a certain night, the twisted love Mashiro held towards you awakened. Those feelings, which were suited to be called a mad love, imprisoned you in a secret room of Baroque–

(Even though Furukawa is one of my god tier seiyuu, I’m actually torn between Vol2 and Vol3 of the Baroque series as being my favorites in terms of themes and story. I really like the fairytale-like aspect of Vol2 and catch me always being suckered into stories that revolve around the theme of “white”. R18 WARNING!)

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Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Hiiragi Kain ~

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Hiiragi Kain (柊 加音)
CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川 真)

Tales From the Meiji Pleasurable Nights

You, a noble lady, spent your days in melancholy due to the existence of a fiancé determined by your parents. At that time, you heard rumors about the high-end brothel, Baroque, that existed at the edges of the capital. It was said everyone hid their identity there and freely enjoyed a night of passion.

If you were to marry an unfamiliar partner like this then, at least once, with a person you chose yourself… That thought made you knock on the doors of Baroque.

The one who greeted you was Hiiragi Kain, a male courtesan with a calm atmosphere. You were strongly drawn to the kind Kain and went to Baroque many times; Kain also reached out and established a bond with you.

However, eventually the day you had to meet with your fiancé arrived. The one who awaited you at your fiancé’s mansion was a young man with cold eyes. And his face was exactly alike to Hiiragi Kain.

(Honestly, I’m trying to control the projects I’ve started and I debated hard on whether I wanted to translate this series. But I caved because the writer is godly, okay, and these stories are so evocative and touching, especially Vol2 and Vol3. Mikado Ren is also the scriptwriter who did the Rouge et Noir series which owns my soul. FORGOT TO WARN THIS IS R18!!)

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