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Shimizu Ao (清水 蒼生)
CV: 佐和真中

Midou Rei (御堂 令)
CV: 三楽章


The heroine, who attended the private Eisei Academy, used to be in a serious relationship but, against her will, they broke up.

The one who comforted her, as she carried that scar, was her junior in the same club, Shimizu Ao.

“I won’t ever be in love again” is what the heroine vowed in her heart, but under the efforts of a devoted Ao she gradually began to open up again.

And then, after one year passed, the heroine was invited on a date by Ao.

The heroine was uncertain as to whether or not she was able to respond to Ao’s feelings, but she acknowledged that she was conflicted.

She wanted to respond to Ao with feelings of gratitude for always supporting her.


That this small decision would lead to a dramatic conclusion was unexpected by everyone except for Ao…

Huge thank you to anne for the commission, because we get to see another one of my favorite Dusk boys!! First Weiss and now Ao… oh snap, I should really give Touji some love, huh. By the way, unfortunately, this drama is only available on the Japanese DLsite.

As usual, because this is a Dusk CD, there are some warnings like R18 and minor gore (mostly the SFX).

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