Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari

Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ Weiss 1000 DL ~

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Sirius von Weltalles (ズィーリオス・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: Kuzai Tsubasa (九財 翼)

Thank you to the same anonymous commissioner again. Here is Part 2 of being completely and utterly spoiled by Dusk. I have so many theories on where Löwe’s one is going to go and how it’ll make me bawl my eyes out but I’ll leave that to the end. Please note: the YouTube version will be taken down on June 30th (but it will be added to the DLsite version).

R18 content warning.

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Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ Weiss 500 DL ~

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Grenzen von Weltalles (グレンツェン・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: Andou Yuki (安堂 之)

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner. I CAN’T BELIEVE DUSK SPOILS US SO MUCH. How is this a “short” drama? It expands the world so much and continues this amazing story, plus it’s completely free. Please note: the YouTube version will be taken down on June 30th (but it will be added to the DLsite version).

ALSO! We’re still 300ish DLs away from unlocking the 1500 DL reward which is Löwe’s short drama track, so you know what this means. Gotta advertise this series to everyone you know LOL.

Beep boop R18 warning as usual.

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Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ Cast Talk ~

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The Tale of the Kingdom of Weltalles ~ Weiss ~

Did you think we were going to be out of this world? Surprise, I was also commissioned to do the cast talks so here they are below. They were rewards for hitting download milestones, specifically 200 and 300 downloads (hint hint, wink wink, please help this hit 1500 downloads—). The cast talk for Karasuma is only up until the end of January, so please try to listen to his sweet voice while you have the chance! The rest of the cast had written answers.

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Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ Weiss ~

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Weiss von Weltalles (ヴァイス・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: Karasuma Hazuki (烏丸 葉月)

Grenzen von Weltalles (グレンツェン・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: Andou Yuki (安堂 之)

Sirius von Weltalles (ズィーリオス・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: Kuzai Tsubasa (九財 翼)

Löwe von Weltalles (レーヴェ・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: Balletta Yutaka (バレッタ 裕)

The Tale of the Kingdom of Weltalles ~ Weiss ~

ALRIGHT. CRACKS KNUCKLES. Huge thank you to the confidential person who commissioned me to get off my butt and translate this, especially because we’re both desperate for this work to reach 1500 downloads to unlock all the short stories (DUSK OWNS MY SOUL). I know they count the English side too so come on, everyone, don’t let me down LOL. Look at the work I’m doing to share this with everyone!! PS. The first three names are italicized because those are all their pseudonyms and no one knows who they are.

You can purchase this drama CD on the English side of DLsite HERE or the Japanese side HERE. It’s just $17 or so *waggles eyebrows*. Please do note the warnings though and because this is Dusk it’s not just R18 but really dark, including things like groominggangbang, drugging, overall madness, and minor gore.

There was a country said to have been founded by a great hero, the Kingdom of Weltalles.

However, the current king was amorous to an extent where it was hard to believe he descended from a hero and there were whispers that if there was a woman he was interested in then he would snatch them, be they a noble or a commoner.


That king had five children born of different mothers.

The eldest son, the First Prince and successor to the throne, Weiss von Weltalles, was a man who excelled in both the literary and military arts and was said to be the “reincarnation of the nation founding hero”. The brilliance of his silver hair, beauty, and valor attracted each and every person.

The Second Prince, Grenzen, had profound knowledge with the arts and his talent was such that merchants from distant lands would come to visit, desiring his paintings.

The popular Third Prince, coming level with the Second Prince, possessed excellent business acumen and was said to be able to “turn stones into jewels”.

The Fourth Prince, Löwe, was an exceptional swordsman. Although clumsy, his honest personality made him be loved by the people.

And then there was the youngest child, the heroine, who spent her days isolated in a quiet and detached palace though she was the first princess.

The reason, which was an open secret not only with the royal and titled nobility but even the common people, was that—

The heroine was not the “real child of the king”.

When the current king forced the heroine’s mother, who was just a commoner, into the inner palace she was already carrying her former fiancé’s child.

Those who descended from the blood of the royal family would have a royal mark without fail and, upon finding out that there was no mark on the heroine’s body, the king loathed her even while establishing her as a princess for appearance’s sake.

And then those around were also forbidden to love the princess.


Ten-odd years have passed since then…

The only one who frequently visited the quiet and detached palace was the First Prince Weiss, who obtained great popularity and power.

The other brothers occasionally visited the detached palace but only to scorn the heroine with their words.

The heroine felt sorrow at such a situation, but she was supported by the gentle Weiss and was brought up to be a pure and docile princess.


However, when the balance between two neighboring countries collapsed, that purity gave birth to a tragedy…

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